Incredible Impromptu Mannequins - Houston Texas; Part 1

by Zapped!

  Note: the following tale was mostly inspired by the “Incredible Impromptu Mannequins” story that was created by Dmuk. It could be an individual tale, or it could be part of an eventual series some day, (hint-hint, wink-wink, nudge-nudge . . . I can only hope!)

  Regardless, this account would have taken place sometime after the original Incredible Impromptu Mannequins story, which you may want to review.

  There is also a Character List to help keep all the players straight.


   Nine years of commitment to his craft. Nine years of living in motel rooms; driving to shopping malls and roadside dives in whatever town that came up next on his mostly open schedule. The hypnotist couldn’t even recall how many times he set up his gear for an audience that was far more interested in their “daily special” dinners, the football game on the tube or their drink of choice. He was nothing more than the guy in the corner, just trying to earn a buck.

   Darren Le Braun is far from a “Hollywood heavy hitter” like Paul McKenna or Kevin Stone. It’s true; he’s had some cool opportunities over the years. Opportunities that many thought would have landed him a “big break.” But for whatever reason, they turned out to be “great opportunities” and nothing more. Despite all of the disappointments and setbacks, Darren was committed to honing his craft until he reached his lifelong dream: To be a successful Master Hypnotist!

  When he first decided to turn his persuasive talents into a career, he’d had no idea it would take so long to become “an overnight success.”  Starting out at improv nights and college parties, he gradually improved his powers of suggestion to the point where he could almost ask someone on the street to had over their wallet to him and they would without a moment’s hesitation.  This ability turned out to have some unexpected benefits: for an average-looking, almost nebbishy, kind of guy Darren never had any difficulty getting even the hottest girl in the room to have sex with him when he wanted it.

   Recently he’d chanced upon doing what he liked to call his “Incredible Impromptu Mannequin” show as a promotion for malls, bridal stores, and fashion boutiques.  There was something about seeing a beautiful woman held absolutely still he found strangely appealing; with his hypnotic talents convincing his unwitting subjects that they could not, or did not want to, move a muscle was almost child’s play for him.  At the same time, he could ‘recruit’ good subjects for his stage act and other pursuits.

   Inspired by a retrospective on hyper-realistic sculptors, he had recently begun hypnotizing his lovely “volunteers” into posing as immobile artworks dressed in everyday attire, appearing on their pedestals like frozen moments of time.  After a local TV station had run a story on his whimsical exhibition of showgirls, ballerinas, cheerleaders, serving maids, businesswomen, and housewives, people had started to pay attention to his abilities.  Gigs had recently been booking more frequently but he wasn’t really famous.  Yet.

   The performance artist had gotten excited about a recent contract for a signature show at the famous ‘Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum’ in Las Vegas. Le Braun was hoping that performance might bring him the “big break” he’d been looking for, but alas; that was many months and several acquisitions away. 

   Darren had just sat down in a roadside bar just outside of Houston. The performance artist had driven in non-stop from Phoenix Arizona, and then spent the last three hours setting up a display stage at the Riverhead Mall. He had gotten into a huge argument with his latest girlfriend earlier in the day, and she broke-up with him over the phone. True, he was unfaithful and deserved to get dumped. But traveling on the “circuit” wasn’t easy. He had gotten the last word with her, though, and she would be spending the next several hours standing naked and stiff as a statue in the fountain outside her condo.  It was just too bad he wasn’t there to see the spectacle; he’d have to look for pictures on the ‘net later.  Life on the road was a lonely place, and there were always temptations along the way. Right now Darren just wanted to get a good buzz on to make all of his misery go away . . .

Longhorn Bar and Grill, 9:30pm:

   “So, what'll ya’ll have?” asks the female bartender now looking at the rumpled, travel-weary, man and waiting for a response.

   The stranger requests, “How about an Alabama Slammer there, precious?”

   The attractive girl replies, “Ya’ got it cutie,” exuding some of her Texan charm.

   The bartender filled up a highball glass as she chomped on her gum, and then slid it to Darren. The man looked at the drink in front of him and was tempted to just slam it down all at once. But he chose to fight that urge and slowly drank from his glass instead.

   Looking around, the stranger noticed that the bar was pretty vacant for the middle evening; a group of rowdy guys watched the game under a TV in one corner. There were a handful of groupings here and there, but no babes that looked worth the hassle. But Darren didn’t care; he wasn’t drunk enough to stop dwelling over his latest girlfriend. That’s when the bartender spoke out to him . . .

   “Ya’ll aren’t from around here are ya’?” observed the young lady, in her thick Texan accent.

   “Mmm, why do you ask, pretty lady?” Darren asks glibly.

   The bartender giggles a little bit, before advising, “Because ya’ll talk funny!”

   Darren laughs at her comment and replies, “Well, I suppose that just depends on what part of the country you’re standing in.  I could say the same thing about you, and you’d have to agree.”

   “I ‘magine ah would . . . Just passin’ through?” she continues making conversation and skates a dish of salty peanuts his way.

   “Actually, I have a performance at the Riverhead Mall this weekend,” he reveals.

   “Are ya’ll a musician or something?”  she asks, curious about his scruffy appearance.

   “Well actually; I’m a hypnotist.”

   The girl narrows her eyes in a doubtful manner and states, “Hmm, a hypnotist huh? Well, I don’t believe in any of that mystic mumbo-jumbo, but I suppose everybody has to make a livin’!”

   Darren reveals, “You understand, hypnosis is less mysticism and more simply knowing how to say things, such as you feel sorry for me and want to give me a free drink. Unfortunately, my girlfriend didn’t think so and she dumped me.”

   “Oh, ya poor baby,” sympathizes the woman. “How bout another one? . . . It’s on me.”   

  “Why, thank you, gorgeous!” says the man with a smile. “ You’re truly a wonderful person.”

   As the next couple of hours passed, Darren eventually befriended the bartender, all the while playfully inducing the young woman into a light hypnotic trance without her knowing. He found out that her name was Kari and she was a student at the nearby University of Houston. She had been married at a young age and gotten divorced two years ago. At the ripe old age of twenty-five, she had decided to get her act together and went back to school to study sociology. Well she’s in the perfect environment for that, thought Darren to himself . . .

   “Kari, you are a very good listener, and you find yourself paying attention to every word that I say; it feels good for you to do whatever I ask you.  Isn’t that so?”

   “Um, yes, though y’all still talk weird,” she chuckled.

  “Let me ask you something:  When I snap my fingers, you’ll freeze in place, stiff as a statue, not able to move a muscle; your mind will switch off too, until I snap my fingers again.  This won’t be frightening at all for you and you’ll enjoy that switched-off time but will not remember it afterward.  Doesn’t that sound like a fun thing you want to do for me?”

   “Well, sure, mister but…”

   He snapped his fingers and Kari stopped in mid-word, her mouth held open, staring blankly at – or rather, through – where he sat.   Seconds passed, and she remained still and unblinking.

   The more the man observed the girl, the hotter she looked. It was sort of dark in the bar, so the performer couldn’t make out all of the details. But the first thing he noticed was she had a very pretty face with large black eyes, long eyelashes, and a finely shaped nose that was slightly pinched at the nostrils. Kari wore a tight, low-cut tank top that was pink in color and revealed a good amount of cleavage from her bountiful breasts. She was also fairly thin, despite the size of her chest. A faded pair of tight Levi’s molded the perfect curves of the bartender’s tush. When the dark haired cutie stood at a certain angle under the bar lights, Darren could make out the impression of her nipples beneath at her top!

   He snapped his fingers again.

   “…but …  aw, shoot;  I lost my train of thought.    . . . Hey, what just happened?”

   “Nothing.  I said you have a very nice figure,” he complimented, (it was easy since it was the plain truth!)

   No bra and without the slightest hint of sag . . . Nice! Thinks Darren to himself. He cracks a slight smile, before raising his glass to finish it off. When he places the empty glass back on the bar, the performer finds that Kari must have read his mind . . .

   “Yeah I know; no bra. But sometimes it can get so hot in here and I feel so restricted when I wear one,” reveals the bartender. “Besides, it gets me better tips and believe me; college tuitions aren’t that cheap." Kari pours another Alabama Slammer and sets it in front of Darren, giving him a full view of her rounded rack. She then leans in to whisper in his ear, “If you stick around long enough, you might just get to meet them in person.”

. . . Kari kisses the man lightly on the cheek and pulls back with a seductive smile, before returning to her work; leaving the guy with a raging hard-on. 

Even though he was a little drunk, Darren was still surprised by the young woman’s aggressive nature. He didn't think it was going to be this easy to find a one-night stand. In fact: he wasn’t even looking for one!

Ahh, sometimes all you have to do is say the right things . . . he thought to himself.

   It was a short while later that the bartender girl clocked out and then returned to ask, “So, do you think you might want to stop by my place tonight, or what?"

   Still looking shocked by the woman’s abruptness, Darren shrugs his shoulders and manages to reply with an uncertain, “Uh . . . I don’t know . . . I have to get up early for the mall thing and I just broke up with my girlfriend literally hours ago.”

   The determined young lady refuses to give up that easily. “Come on, you need a place to sleep tonight don’t you?  Lemme help ya out…”

   Before Darren could think up any more excuses to refuse the offer, he gets pulled off his chair and led out into the parking lot!


The Girls of Sigma Delta

   The ride over to Kari’s place was a short one. As Darren followed the sophomore into her driveway, he’s surprised to see that the building is a sorority house! Minutes later, the guy is handing a duffle bag to his cute host and unloads several hard-shell storage cases besides.

Darren:  “Not that I’m complaining, but aren’t you a bit beyond the sorority girl era?”

Kari:  “Well I was a Sigma when I first started college at eighteen, so I was an automatic shoe-in. It’s a lot cheaper than renting a place – especially in the Houston area. Besides; the girls all look up to me like I’m their big sister, so it’s actually kind of nice.”

   Darren nods his head, before considering, “That’s fair enough.” 

   Noticing the big and awkward storage cases, Kari asks, “You don’t have to bring in allof that stuff, do you?”

   Darren reveals, “Well my equipment is actually pretty expensive. I’d be totally devastated if it was ever stolen!”

   “That’s understandable, but I’d be more concerned with my roommates breaking something! . . . It’s up to you,” offers the girl while shrugging her shoulders.

   Darren disputes, “I’d still rather take my chances and keep the stuff indoors, if that’s ok with you.”

   “Hey, whatever works,” answers the sophomore. She turns to head up the walkway and eventually invites her guest through the front door. The pair passes by several girls that are lounging around in their pajamas and watching a movie in the semi-darkness, before heading toward a spiral staircase . .

    Now following her up the steps, Darren couldn’t believe how incredibly perfect Kari’s ass was! Even in his drunken state, the guy secretly considers; All of this and roommates too! This is turning out to be a night to remember!

   The pair reaches the second floor and the twenty five year old leads her guest in the direction of her room. Even out here in the hallway, the couple could hear the steady beat of club music. “I guess it’s safe to say they aren’t in bed yet!” warns the sophomore with a chuckle. Kari twists the knob within her hand, and as she opens the door; a wave of drunken laughter and loud music is expelled from the room . . .

   Darren follows his friend through the door rather bashfully and is surprised to see Kari’s roommates, right there on the floor and seated Indian-style, wearing nothing more than their sleepwear!

   Kari tosses Darren’s duffle bag towards the couch, before introducing her newfound friend. “Girls, this is Darren; a guy I met over at the bar tonight.”

. . . The guy waves rather shyly as the sophomore’s roommates look up from the floor.

   Kari then points out, “This girl right here is Becky and the crazy Italian next to her is Fairlene.”

   The first girl was a natural beauty that appeared to be Mexican. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she was wearing a flannel sleep-shirt that hung at mid thigh. Becky appeared to be a bit on the chubby side and wore these nerdy looking, horn-rimmed glasses, but her face definitely held a distinct natural beauty. The girl also had this endearing smile that showed off her straight white teeth. She simply beams at their guest before greeting, “Heeey!”

   The second girl was a dark Italian beauty with exotic looks. She was wearing a cut off yellow T-shirt that clung to her breasts, along with a matching pair of “cheeky” boy-shorts. Fairlene’s hair was jet-black and lustrous; with her ribbon-like tresses falling in generous curls at her shoulders. She had these dark piercing eyes that were full of mystery and  fringed with glamorously thick lashes. Her skin held a rich tan coloring that brought out the light sprinkling of freckles, which spread across her upper cheeks. The nineteen year olds smile was pristine and beautiful, just like the rest of her!

   Fairlene raises a half empty wineglass and apologizes, “Don’t mind us; we’re just bored and getting blitzed in our underwear!”

“Hey, no problem!” assures Darren with a laugh . . . (Secretly the man couldn’t help but notice that this second girl had a deep smoky voice, that made her sound just as sensual as she looked!)    

   Kari continues to point out, “. . . And the conservative looking one over there in the kitchen is Lisa.” (A rather chesty-looking girl waves briefly, before she returns to opening a wine bottle). Lisa was a very attractive girl, with pretty facial features and dirty blonde hair that hung down past her shoulders. Unfortunately, she hid herself behind a full-length terry cloth robe.

   Darren waves back, before setting his heavy storage cases down on the floor. “Girls, just go on having fun and imagine that I don’t even exist if that helps you feel comfortable.  You should think of me as a ghost …”

   Kari casually advises, “There’s beer in the fridge and as you can see; they’ve already got the wine out. I have to use the bathroom, but feel free to help yourself to whatever you want in the kitchen.”

   As his friend turns to leave the living room, Darren answers, “Don’t mind if I do.” The guy then watchfully steps through bowls of popcorn, an opened bag of Doritos, two glasses of red wine, and an empty screw-top bottle of Manischewitz, before making his way into the kitchen area.

   The girl named Lisa passes him by; almost walking into him with a fresh bottle of wine . . .

   Darren says, “Excuse me miss.”

. . . Startled at the man’s unexpected presence, Lisa jumps a bit. She quickly apologizes, “ . . . Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t even see you there!”

   “Yep, no problem,” assures the man. The hypnotist continues on to the kitchen with a knowing smile . . . If the ghost suggestion worked, I wonder what other shenanigans I’ll get to witness!      

    As Lisa returns to her empty spot on the floor, she cracks open a brace covered smile and says, “It’s time for refills ladies!” . . . (The blonde passes the bottle on, while rocking her butt back and forth to get comfy). Once satisfied with her position, the girl asks, “So whose turn is it?”

    “It’s your turn,” Fairlene said, still a bit embarrassed from the conversation that ensued from the last bit of truth she’d had to reveal. “Truth or Dare?”

   Lisa ran her fingers through her dirty blonde locks and let out a sigh, before she chose, “Dare.”

   Fairlene swallows the rest of her wine, and then cracks a devilish smile. “Lisa Kent, I dare you to lean over and kiss Becky on the lips for a full twenty seconds!"

   A nervous Lisa swallows deep in her throat and fearfully asks, “Open mouthed?”

   “Open mouthed and full Frenchy! . . . Come on let’s go!” orders Fairlene, now smacking her hands together like she means it. 

   Lisa was usually the most conservative of the four roommates, and considers her directions for a moment. She then flips her long, dirty blonde hair out over her shoulder and mumbles, “Ok fine . . . lets get it over with,” before she leans toward Becky to the left of her. The two coeds moved in with awkwardness, before locking lips with each other. Their tongues begin to dart and tangle around rather clumsily, until they slowly settle into a pleasing, more rhythmic pattern . . .

   Fairlene places her fingers in her mouth to create a high pitched whistle, and then starts to clap her hands in encouragement as Lisa and Becky continued to kiss each other with a noticed hunger! Fair raises her hand and counts down: five; four; three; two; one - alright time . . . time . . . I said TIME!”

   The two girls finally break away from their kiss and simultaneously roll backwards on the floor with laughter!

   Fairlene observes, “My God! I think you guy’s enjoyed that dare a little too much!”

    Darren cracks open a beer and grins. From his standing position, the guy can see out over the island of cabinets that separate the kitchen from the living room. From there, he had a clear view of the hot young coeds and their drunken activity!

   As Kari returns to the living room a few minutes later, she says, “Oh no; not Truth or Dare again!”

   Fairlene orders, “You’re getting in on this too!”

   Kari replies, “Nope, not tonight!” before motioning to Darren to join her on the couch.

   As the girls lean back to allow the guy to step through their seated circle, they plead, “Oh come on Kari!” 

   The sophomore replies, “No way. I got my man right here and he has to get up early in the morning, so we’re going to call it a night soon.”

      As Darren parks himself on the couch, he notices that Kari has changed into a short silk camisole. The slippery undergarment was metallic dark green in color and hugged the girl’s racy curves. She was seated at an angle towards her guest, with her long toned legs tucked underneath her rear.

   Kari leans over and smooches Darren on the lips, before playfully caressing his thigh. She advises, “I already put your duffle bag in my room and plugged in your alarm clock for you, ok baby?”

   “Yeah that’s cool,” replies Darren. “It should already be pre-set from this morning, for 6 am.”

   From her seated position on the floor, Fairlene looks up at Darren with her big dark eyes. In her smoky low voice, the girl asks, “So where do you have to be in the morning that’s so important?”

   Darren could already tell this girl was a practiced flirt and that she didn’t mind trying to work her spell on an older man . . . That’s alright; I’ll play along with her!

 . . .“I have a performance over at the Riverhead Mall and still have some gear to set up,” Le Braun replies. (His eyes can’t help but glance down at the incredible humps of Fairlene’s tush and the way it arches against the floor!)

   Fair cracks her precious smile, knowing that she has the man’s full attention. “What kind of performance?” she asks.

   Darren replies, “Well actually, I hypnotize mall goers into believing that they are living statues and then display them at clothing stores.”

   “Is that legal?” asks Becky, now getting involved with the conversation.

   The hypnotist reveals, “Well . . . If they agree to do it, then I suppose it is.”

   Lisa picks up on an underlying sense of trickery in the stranger’s reply. “It doesn’t sound very legal to me.”

   Darren flashes a sharp look at the blonde, before reminding, “Well if it was illegal, then why am I getting booked all over the country?” (The performer’s point was a good one, if not entirely true . . . but what would they know?)  Le Braun goes on to suggest, “You don’t really think I’m doing something wrong.”

   Lisa suddenly gets a confused look. She pauses in thought for a moment and finds herself wondering; . . . Wait; what did I just say? . . . Is this guy changing my words around or something?

 . . . The blonde shrugs her shoulders a moment later, concluding . . . It must be the wine!

   “Hypnosis isn’t real,” criticizes Becky. “People who are under a so-called ‘hypnotic state’ are just people who are easily fooled, or playing along to get a laugh.  Nobody really does that kinda stuff.”

   In defense of his craft, Darren warns, “I’m sorry Becky, but there are people that have been induced by me that might strongly disagree with you.”

   Even Kari sides with her roommates when she comments, “Yeah I don’t know Darren; it all sounds pretty hokey to me.”

   He was tempted to snap his fingers again and show Kari, or at least her roommates, that hypnosis wasn’t a bunch of malarkey.  They’d have to believe when the pretty bartender instantly turned into a frozen statue.  Then the events overtook his notion of a quick demonstration.

   Fairlene suggests, “Why don’t you prove it by trying to hypnotize us?”

   Darren states, “Well, I do have my equipment here, or . . .”

   Kari reaches over and playfully rubs the man’s chest before encouraging, “Go ahead baby; we could all use a good laugh!”

   Darren shrugs his shoulders and says, “I suppose I could, but for hypnotism to work the subject has to be completely focused. I seriously doubt that will happen, with them being fired up like they are.”

   Kari looks over at her drunken roommates; . . . Lisa and Becky had just gotten up to dance to the hit “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé, with their glasses of wine swirling dangerously around in hand. (Becky’s plaid print sleep-shirt was getting dangerously close to revealing her bubble butt and red cotton panties, every time she raised her glass in cheer!)  Fairlene was still seated on the floor and swaying her arms above her head, as she continuously hooted and hollered, “You go girls, shake them booties!”

   Darren observes, “I guess it really couldn’t hurt at this point, eh?”


A Total Waste of Time

   After all the trouble Darren had gone through to set up his gear, including unfolding and setting up the tubular stand for his multi-colored light, mounting the high-powered pinwheel lamp itself and then unrolling the extension cord - the partying girls had lost all interest in being hypnotized.

   But at least the girls enjoyed the multi-colored beams of “disco” lighting (as they called it) that they were all dancing in. In fact; they even chose to leave the funky light on for mood, as they eventually sat back in a circle to resume their game of truth or dare . . .

   From her position on the couch, Kari shrugs her shoulders and says, “What can I say; girls will be girls!”

   Darren just shakes his head, and walks over to slip a copy of his “motivational CD” that he used for his shows, into the carousel of the player.

   Fairlene complains, “Hey, what happened to my home-girl Beyoncé?”

   The man apologizes, “Sorry, but I can only take so much club music in one day.  I wanted to have you listen to the audio part of my show; perhaps then you’ll understand that hypnosis is quite real.”

   “Great, we can hardly wait,” says Fair in a cheerful, yet sarcastic voice.

   Before long, Le Braun’s soothing voice emits from the speakers . . .

 “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Incredible Volunteer Mannequin Show . . .”

   Darren glances over at Kari, who immediately rolls her eyes . . .

“As you gaze at the mannequin and listen to the sound of my voice in your head, you can see how peaceful she looks standing there stuck in place and how easy it would be for you to also feel that same comfortable serenity . . .”

   Becky lets out a giggle. She’s not sure if it’s from the wine, or the cheesy words coming out of the stereo . . . but something seemed funny!

   Lisa refills her roommate’s glasses with another round of wine, and then sets the bottle down on the floor beside her. She lets out an outrageously loud burp and quickly blushes in embarrassment. The other girls laugh at Lisa’s unexpected faux pas, before she fires in a slurred voice, “Ok, so I burped! (giggles) . . . Iz that such a big fucking deal?”

   “When it’s coming out of you it is!” says Fairlene, before letting out her cackling laugh. “I always love it when you get drunk, Lisa Kent!”

   Kari leans in towards Darren and mumbles under her breath, “When Lisa starts burping and swearing, you know she’s drunk.”

. . . Darren was a little too caught up in watching for the CD’s effect on the girls, to reply to Kari. Unfortunately; her roommates weren’t paying enough attention to be affected by it. The guest eventually nods his head in recognition and replies, “I think it’s safe to say that they’re all fairly drunk at this point.”

   “Ok, . . . So I’m a lil’ drunk,” slurs Lisa. “Whose turn izzzit anyway?”

 Becky speaks up, “Waaait, it’s my turn to go!” (The Latina slightly sways in place, even though she’s seated on the floor). The girl in the glasses laughs at the thought in her head, before she asks, “Fairlene: . . . Truth or Dare?”

   Fair cracks her big gorgeous smile and returns in her deep throaty voice, “Dare me sweetie!”

   Becky buries her pretty face in her hands out of embarrassment, before she finally gets up the courage to say, “Fairlene, I dare you to perform . . . fellatio on a cucumber!”

   The Italian raises her glass of wine up just beyond the reach of her supple lips and pauses, before asking, “. . . For how long?”

   Becky orders, “Ten seconds.”

. . . From beside her, Lisa fires back, “Fuck that; make her do it for twenty like we had to!”

   “No, don’t encourage her,” warns Kari, before reminding, “We do have company.”

    “Huh? . . . So whaa!”  Becky slurs.

       Fairlene slams the rest of her wine down, cranes her neck, and then let’s go of an even louder belch than Lisa did! She then turns to look at Darren and winks, before getting up to head into the kitchen . . .

   As Fairlene saunters over to the fridge to retrieve a cucumber, Darren couldn’t help but watch her little ass jiggle in her “Cheeky” boy-shorts. (The sporty underwear was cut low on the hips and high on the butt, leaving very little to the imagination!)

   The Italian takes a cucumber from the fridge, and calmly heads back towards her friends, while whistling out a little tune. (She’s holding the fruit out and pinching it between two fingers, as if carrying a stinky diaper).

   Darren notices that the view of Fairlene coming is just as good as it is when going! The cut-off T-shirt she was wearing not only showed off her toned stomach, but it just barely covered her bra-less and jiggling rack! Looking further downward, Le Braun could easily make out the imprint of the Italian girl’s cooter, from the way her underwear stretched tightly across her mound. (When the brazen young lady approaches the couch, Darren actually catches a glimpse of the lower halves of her boobs peeking out, just before she sits down!)

   The sassy Italian (now seated in Indian-style once again) places the sizeable cucumber on her thigh for the moment. Fair then clears her throat and rubs her palms together in a vigorous fashion, to make sure she has everyone’s full attention . . .

   Lisa whispers, “Oh my gosh; she’s really going to do it!”

   Becky raises a finger to her lips and warns with a “SHHHH!”

   With practiced precision, Fairlene grips both hands at the opposite end of the cucumber, raises it to her parted lips and playfully licks at the tip. (The girl resembles a snake that’s flickering its tongue out at the cool air).      

   Lisa cringes and lets out an, “Ewww!”

   “Go for it for it!” encourages Darren out loud, as he watches Fairlene slide the thick cucumber through her supple lips and into her mouth. The coed’s oral expertise had somewhat surprised him; she obviously was no beginner! When she drew upwards on the shaft, her tongue did the most amazing things to the underside of that lucky piece of fruit, with her lips rolling back and forth over its length in a most sensual manner. Now craning her neck back to straighten her throat, Darren watched her skin expand to accommodate the girth of the object . . . Fair closes her eyes, as the entire seven inches of length disappears up to her fingers! Without the slightest hint of discomfort, the Italian draws the slick cucumber back out of her throat and then raises it high above her head in pride!

. . . The room breaks out into a commotion of shouts, whistles and laughter, as Fairlene rubs away some light tears from her eyes.

   “Whooohooo!” howl Becky and Lisa in unison, before they lean over to high five their talented roommate.

   “That’s a little sick,” observes Kari.

   “I’ll rate you at a ten for the lack of a gag reflex!” shouts Darren.

   Kari throws a pillow at her guest and complains, “You would, you pervert!” She then glances down to notice the raging peak in Darren’s pants. “. . . And ya’ll got hard off of that besides?” (She picks up a second pillow and starts playfully beating on him with it!)

   Fairlene notices the erection too, and tosses the slimy cucumber at Darren, before offering, “There’s a memento for ya buddy!”

   The sight of Darren’s arousal had turned Kari on. She had been waiting patiently to hook up with the man, since she first set eyes on him at the bar. The twenty five year old could wait no more . . .

   “Come on,” urges Kari, before drawing Darren up from the couch to lead him to the bedroom.

   As the couple pass by the circle of seated coed’s, Darren leans down to hand the cucumber back to Fairlene and comments, “. . . Just in case you need it by the end of the night!”

   The insulted Italian looks up and makes an ugly face at the man and says, “Whatever, asshole!” She then sarcastically adds, “. . . And nice CD by the way – loser.”

   Le Braun shakes his head, before squatting down to Fairlene’s level. The man challenges, “What do you say:  Truth or dare?”

   “I don’t want to play truth or dare with you!” announces the girl.

   “Come on; I’m being serious,” assures the man, before repeating, “Truth . . . or dare?”

. . . For a brief moment, Fair looks into Darren’s dark eyes . . . I mean right into them. A slight chill runs up her spine and goose bumps form on her arms. The Italian cocks her head in wonder, before a frown emerges from the corner of her mouth.

   In a changed voice that now sounds like an innocent little girl, Fairlene answers, “Dare.”

   “I dare you, to listen to that CD . . . And I mean actually listento what it has to say,” challenges Le Braun, before promising, “I think you might just be surprised.”

   Fair furrows her perfectly formed eyebrows in curiosity, before ordering, “Dude; get the fuck outta my face . . . Your seriously starting to weird me out with this shit already!”

   A moment later, Kari returns to the living room. She asks with an annoyed tone, “Are ya’ll comin’ to bed or what?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” assures Darren. As he straightens his back, he points to his ears and reminds, “Just listen Fair . . . That’s all you have to do.”

   Kari rolls her eyes and pushes Darren inside, before shutting the bedroom door behind her.

   In the background, the voice from the stereo suggests:

 “You are feeling what it might be like, rooted to the floor, stuck there in a mannequin's pose; your whole body becoming stiff and motionless and you find that sensation very enjoyable and comfortable to you . . .”

   Fairlene raises a wineglass to her lips. Before downing her drink, she yells out at the stereo, “Shut up! . . . you stupid little boy.”

* * * * * *

    Kari locks her bedroom door and then approaches Darren, who is already halfway out of his clothes.

   “Why did you lock the door?” inquires the guy (almost laughing to himself).

   “I don’t think we need an audience,” replies the girl.

. . . Darren thought the comment was rather odd, considering the noticeable gap beneath the bedroom door and the fact that he could clearly hear the girls chattering back and forth. In fact; it was almost as if they were right there in the room with the couple.

   As Darren was stripping down, Kari had been lighting a handful of candles about the room. When her guest finally tossed his boxers to the floor, the woman turns off the light and slides off her panties.

   Kari took Darren’s hands and pulled him down onto the mattress. Guiding him to the center, she told him to lie on his back. Now straddling one of his knees, the girl reaches down and pulls her satin camisole off to release her awesome breasts. She jiggles them up and down a couple times before grasping them within her hands and asking, “Well, what do you think?”

   Darren looks up at the girl, now aglow within the candlelight, in all her glory. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!” complements the man.

   Kari cracks an appreciative smile and stretches her leg out to straddle Darren’s waist. She placed her pussy lips against his hard member, and slowly slid herself up and down the length of it.

   Darren could feel himself parting Kari’s lips, but he didn’t penetrate her. He massaged her bountiful breasts – occasionally tweaking her aroused nipples; as her crotch grew increasingly damp.

   Kari finally sits upright and raises her torso up with the power in her thighs, before reaching around her back. The lovers both emit a gasp, as Kari clamps onto his member and works it into her vagina. The erect shaft binds up at first, but then slides in easily as Kari shimmies her hips.

   With Kari slowly hopping up and down on his dick, and her boobs jiggling around on her frame, Darren can’t help but crack a smile from his prone position.

   As the couple’s passion builds, they have all they can do to keep their gasping moans to a minimum. All the while, Darren’s recorded voice continues to compete with the giggly exchanges that can be heard coming from beneath the door. At one point, the couple manages to overhear, “You do know this stuff is totally fake, right?”

   “Oh come on girls,” calls out another voice that’s unmistakable as Fairlene’s. “Just try it for a minute with me!”


6 a.m. Saturday Morning:


. . . Darren Le Braun reaches out from the warm bedcovers; groggily feeling around for the snooze button in the general area where his alarm clock should be.  


   The man cranes his head back, blinking his weary eyes in the direction of the noise to find a series of bright digital numbers that glow in the distance . . .

“What . . . the fuck?”

    Darren rolls out from beneath the sheets and creeps through the darkness. He feels around the surface of the clock, until finally pressing the snooze button.

There was silence at last.

   Darren stumbles his way back to the cozy bed still in a daze. The man was already drifting off, as he wrestled with the sheets and pillow; trying to recreate the exact same position he was in, but it was no use. The sudden pounding in his head wouldn’t let up. The guy rolls over from his side to stare up at the ceiling . . .

“Why the hell is my alarm going off at six in the morning?” he growls. “Especially on a Saturday?”

   And then it hits him: Saturday morning; 7 am sharp; ‘Janine’s Intimate Apparel’ at the Riverhead Mall; and don’t be late because she’s a pain in the ass . . .

   “Shit,” mumbles Darren, before pulling himself out of bed. He manages to find his clothes in a heap on the floor, just beneath a lone, flickering candle. A series of lights that interweave in multiple colors, flash from beneath the closed bedroom door, but offer little help. The guy fumbles with a pair of boxers; attempting to pull them up his legs in the near darkness, while his head continues to strain with the familiar pounding of a hangover. As he’s pulling up a pair of dress pants, Darren sizes up the room until he recalls the night before . . .

   Kari . . . Her name was Kari and she lived in a sorority house, recalls the man. (The vision of her candlelit body bouncing away before him soon comes to mind). Darren glances over at the bed to find Kari sleeping soundly, just beneath the covers . . .

   As Darren is gathering up his clothes and stuffing them into a duffle bag, he notices the familiar sound of his own voice coming from beneath the door; it was quietly speaking in a pleasant tone. He wonders;  Did I put the CD in last night?

   Darren narrows his eyes and scratches his stubble, as he walks toward the source of light in the pitch-black room . . .

   Was there a reason that I put it in? Darren couldn’t recall off hand, maybe those girls were messing around with it . . . Or did I simply forget to turn it off? . . . That could very well be . . .

   The man opens the door carefully, as not to awake his lover. He squeezes his body through the opening, trying not to allow the bright lights to illuminate the bedroom . . .

   As the door clicks shut, Darren turns around only to nearly bump into the silent figure of a young woman that stood before him. The man gasps and quickly reaches out to brace her in reaction.

. . . It was Becky.

   Lisa and Fairlene were there too. All three coed’s stood posed in different positions; their eyes were glazed over and staring. The trio had been transfixed by the same mixture of lights that illuminated their expressionless faces and the enticing instructions that repeated in their minds. . .

   “Holy shit!” exclaims Darren under his breath.

   As the hypnotist walks the 360-degree parameter around the stilled beauties, he looks on speechless. There was Becky; standing with her hip cocked to one side and her opposite arm raised and pointed in the air. In her drunken silliness, the cute Mexican girl was apparently trying to recreate the John Travolta pose from Saturday Night Fever. Lisa was confidently posed beside her; with her left arm held behind her back and her legs criss-crossed over. The blonde’s right arm was angled out from her side and bent upward at the elbow, as if she were transporting a dry-cleaned suit within her hand.

. . . And then of course, there was Fairlene. The sassy Italian had struck a pose with her hands raised and teasing up her raven locks. The girl had arched her back slightly and forced her upper weight on her right heel, causing her hips to thrust outward at the waist. The sexy pose not only showed off the muscle tone in her flat stomach, but it also caused her chest to thrust further outward. (Evidently, Fair knew how this emphasized her perky breasts and trim torso; that was the whole idea!)

. . . Darren was still admiring the sassy Italian, when he wholly realized what had sealed the girls’ frozen fates. The man recalled hearing a voice speak out from beneath the door, just as things were getting hot-n-heavy with Kari. Someone had requested, “Just try it for a minute with me!” and that voice was unmistakably Fairlene’s.

   From the looks of things; Fair had teasingly invited her friends to pose like a mannequin with her, as Darren’s recorded voice on the CD kept suggesting persistently. Between Le Braun’s soothing words and the captivatingly colored lights, what had undoubtedly started as an innocent stunt by three drunken girls, had turned into a night-long session with them as a trio of living mannequins!

   An offhand comment that Kari had made, “Girls will be girls!” soon comes to Darren’s mind.    

   Satisfied with his subject’s poses, Le Braun compliments in a lowered voice, “Very nice work ladies; you should all be very proud of yourselves.”

   Knowing that the entranced coeds were still open to suggestion (even after all of these hours), the hypnotist addresses his enthralled harem, while stepping in Becky’s direction. “But none of you shall care as you remain totally motionless, while I make a few minor adjustments . . .”

   Darren glances down at the sight of Becky’s tightly clad chest, as it slowly rises within in her flannel sleep-shirt. Her breasts pressed up against the heavy material causing the buttons to strain against the fabric with each breath. The man dug the buttons out one-by-one, before drawing her shirt back to reveal her goods. The girl wore a pair of red cotton panties, but no bra. Le Braun tugs the flannel further out over her one shoulder for a better look . . .

   Some would call it baby fat, but most would agree that Becky was a bit chubby. From Darren’s observations, the girl was indeed a little “soft,” but her proportions more than made up for that. She had a voluptuous hourglass figure with wide hips that rounded into a full, but solid backside. The Latina’s C-cup breasts were perky and round, with big dark areolas at their outer edges.

   As curvaceous as her body was, it was actually Becky’s adorable mug that kept his attention. The twenty year old’s face had perfect symmetry, with such notable features as: rounded cheeks that flowed into a narrow chin; full rosy lips; and flawlessly formed eyebrows that arched over her rich brown eyes. She lacked any make-up, and the only unnatural thing about her was the small diamond stud in her nose and her somewhat out-of-fashion eyeglasses.

   Darren removes the girl’s glasses and sets them down on a nearby end table; she looks much prettier without them. The hypnotist recalls Becky’s flawless grin from when they were first introduced, and decides to change her neutral expression. With some careful manipulation, the man rearranges the girl’s supple lips so that they frame an impeccable smile. “There you go!” whispers Le Braun with approval. He pinches the girl’s chubby cheek like an aunt would, before quietly suggesting, “Now, continue to be very still . . .”  Becky remains a perfect statue as he moves away.

   As Le Braun approached the most conservative of the threesome, he was surprised that such a beautiful girl would dress so frumpily. “What a lovely mannequin you are, my dear, gorgeous and still, enjoying your motionless pose.  You won’t mind as I adjust your clothes?” asks the hypnotist, before reaching down to untie the sash of Lisa’s terrycloth  bathrobe. The man allows the two halves of ribbon to drop, before pulling the sleeves out, over her arms, and away from her body. (Lisa slightly wobbles in place as she’s being undressed, but manages to retain her pose). Darren tosses the gray-colored robe to the floor, before turning back to look the girl over . . . He’s fairly amazed with what he sees!

   Surprisingly, Lisa’s bathrobe not only concealed some flashy underwear; it had been hiding an incredible body beneath it as well! Darren puts his hands on his waist and jokingly asks, “You didn’t really think you were going to be able to hide all of this from me?” (The man waits for a response, before reaching around to unhook her strapless bra). As the clasp popped open at the back, her sheer bra falls away allowing her awe-inspiring  breasts to swing outward . . .


   Lisa’s D-cups looked like two weighty grapefruits hanging on her slender torso. At their center, the reddish-pink color of her nipples stood out from the whiteness of her globes. (Standing this close, Darren could even make out the faint blue veins beneath her pale skin, only further adding to the erotic sight!)

   Unable to stop himself, Darren began kneading Lisa’s breasts as she stood there hypnotized and unaware; feeling their warmth within his hands, noticing their weight, reveling at their size and firmness, while also enjoying their spectacular view. The man began toying around with her flaccid nips; at first pinching and pulling at them with his curious fingers, and then lightly biting them for good measure. A second later, he releases the globes, allowing them to jiggle to a stop upon Lisa’s chest. Her nipples were now erect; appearing like a pair of ripe raspberries that had been recently plucked!

 “As a mannequin figure, you always enjoy the touching and attention you get; now you’re starting to feel aroused but you hold yourself absolutely still since mannequins don’t ever react to being handled and you know you are a perfect mannequin,” Darren says, thinking Hmm, now only one thing left in the way (now looking down at Lisa’s waist). Not wanting to disrupt her pose, Darren stuck his fingers in the lacy waistband of Lisa’s silk “French-cut” panties and peeled them downward, until they finally bunched up where her legs were crossed. The young woman’s pubic hair had been trimmed into a small blonde triangle, just above her slit.

   By now, Lisa Kent’s chest was noticeably rising and falling. Her suggestible mind was telling her to remain frozen (that damned CD was too!), but the nerve endings in her body thought otherwise. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been with a man, but she knew for sure that she yearned to be touched and caressed . . .

“. . . Staying still is bringing you such calmness that you are not able to change your position even in the slightest way as you continue to gaze at the peaceful, beautiful mannequins standing there. You want to remain here too as one of them, mind switched off, in that restful, tranquil, beautiful, timeless immobility you enjoy more and more with every passing second . . .”

. . . The intensity of those words still drumming in her ears was the exact reason the fine hair on the back of her neck had been standing on end. Yet the nipples on her breasts were rigid and inflamed with desire; she could feel them pinging away too in a steady rhythm with her heartbeats. Deep down in her sub-consciousness, Lisa somehow sensed this was wrong, and that she shouldn’t have been enjoying the stranger’s advances. She knew she should have tried to stop him, but also that she had become a mannequin and that mannequins never, ever, moved on their own. The entranced girl knew a lot of things; including the fact that her body wanted desperately to be able to drag somebody down with her to fuck. Unfortunately; that was something that Lisa’s switched-off mind was currently incapable of doing . . .

   All the while, the hypnotist had been watching the girl’s silent struggle to keep still. Her body was nervously wavering upon her feet, looking as if she might eventually topple over! Darren leans in close to Lisa’s cute face and looked into her glazed eyes, but his right hand had already found what he was searching for. His fingers began to work their magic; pawing at the folds of the girl’s vagina. (This was no easy task mind you, since her legs were crossed!) . . . The tall blonde was already dripping wet with desire.

. . . Lisa’s emerald green eyes began to widen reflexively as she let’s out a brief appreciative gasp from her lips . . . And yet her desperate struggle to stay still continued.  Those fucking words were so damned powerful . . .

   Amused at the girl’s resolve, Darren says to her, “As you stand there frozen, you find you can answer my questions as your body remains otherwise totally rigid and still.  Do you enjoy posing as a mannequin?”

   “Yesss . . ,” the girl purred.

   Darren quizzes, “You know the most important part of being a living mannequin is actually being able to stay completely still?”

   Lisa struggles to whisper, “Yesss . . . it’s . . . very . . . im-por-tant."

   The hypnotist offers, “Would you like to stop being still?”

. . . There is a brief pause, as Lisa’s eyes grow just a tad wider. She tries to nod her head to signal, then realizes she cannot budge. “No,” she whispers.

   Le Braun places his hand in between Lisa’s breasts, as they continues to rise and fall with each breath. Not only could he feel the girl’s heart pounding in his hand, he could clearly hear it over his own voice that’s speaking in the background! “Lisa, as you listen to the sound of my voice counting backwards from ten, you feel yourself slipping ever deeper into immobility; your body becoming stiffer and harder with every count, your mind becoming peaceful and content with being a beautiful living statue and not wanting to move; you find pleasure simply in remaining still.  I’m going to count now; 10—9—8— you’re feeling very your muscles lock in place, 7—6—5— your thoughts are slowing down, but you don’t worry at all, this is a very pleasant way to stay, 4—3— your breathing is becoming very slow and shallow, 2— your body is now as solid as stone, 1— you feel peace and joy as long as you remain absolutely motionless and quiet and you want to stay that way for as long as possible; zero . . . be still; be utterly still.”

   The blonde’s heartbeat slows and her breaths begin to regress, until she ceases to move entirely . . .

   “See, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?  You don’t have to reply and simply can stay quiet and firm, enjoying your life as a mannequin,” comments Le Braun, before leaving the girl to stand in rigid silence.

    Darren finally approaches Fairlene. The hypnotist stops to study the rise of the Italian’s chest, as she tries to control her heightened breathing. “And what can I do for you, deep throat?”

. . . Fairlene stares ahead in silence, as mannequins aren’t supposed to talk.

   Darren walks around the gorgeous girl who stands before him, in all her frozen splendor. The man looks like an art connoisseur inspecting a priceless work, as his eyes hungrily glide over every inch of Fair’s suspended body. Clad in her little booty shorts and an undersized top that left her muscular abdomen bare, the Italian looked like the ultimate silhouette from a Bond film. The woman’s jet-black locks were constantly changing hues, as the colorful range of lights highlighted her ribbons of hair. The girl remained teasing her tresses within her frozen pose, as her chest and stomach continued with their shallow rise. She continued to listen carefully in her enthralled state, as those beautiful and yet elusive words continued to emit from the stereo . . .

“. . . stuck there in a mannequin's pose; your whole body becoming stiff and motionless and you find that sensation very enjoyable and comfortable to you.”

. . . But other than that; the Italian didn’t budge. She just continued to stare off in space with her dark glittering eyes, and with the slightest hint of a mischievous smile etched upon her lovely face.

   Fairlene did her best to keep her focus on the lights and his words, knowing she had been instructed not to complain or speak, trying not to follow the movement of his hands as they glided across her stiff body. She envisioned herself being that mannequin that stood posed for all to see. She kept reminding herself that she was here to prove something; that she could indeed hold still for hours on end – wallowing in the fascination of simply, purely, being still.

   Darren continued his inspection; never once taking his eyes off of her. The man checks out Fair’s backside, which is ensnared in a pair of tiny yellow “booty briefs;” the Italian beauty’s tanned, yet peachy flesh is gorgeously curved and deeply puckered in at its lower creases. Darren considers, . . . This is possibly one of the finest posteriors I’ve ever seen! . . . The hypnotist reaches down to caress the globes of Fairlene’s ass and he feels the muscles nervously clench at his unexpected touch. A knowing smile spreads across in his face . . .

   “Fairlene,” Darren softly spoke, “You are doing an excellent job, posing for me as an exquisite mannequin figure. You picked up on the breathing through the nose thing all on your own, and I’m certainly impressed by just that detail alone.  You find it very easy to stay unchanging, just as you are now, not moving at all.”

. . . Fair wanted to nod her head, but had simply forgotten how. (Besides that; the voice from the CD had never told her she could). Feeling embarrassed, and yet strangely comfortable, the semi-conscious mesmerized girl continues to stare ahead in silence . . .

   “I was always a sucker for freckles, dark sparkling eyes and big long lashes,” reveals the hypnotist, (noting the darker hue of her skin, her bold lashes and the ever widening pupils of her eyes). Darren glanced downward, studying the way the coed’s pert, rounded breasts pressed against the thin material of her yellow cut-off shirt . . .

   Fairlene watched through glazed eyes in frozen embarrassment as the guy casually peeled her shirt up over her chest. She felt her breasts flex upward, as the pink tip of each nipple popped free of the restraining fabric . . .

   Darren stood there, reveling in his discovery. The coed had these breasts that were a perfect handful; they were the size of oranges and had such a smooth and perfect slope that they looked like they could have been made of hand-blown glass! The man gives an appreciative nod, before looking back up at her pretty face. The young woman still appeared oblivious to his presence, as Le Braun stared into her glazed, empty eyes. (There was a reflection of changing colors that glowed within them, as Fair continued to stare into the brightly colored lights).

. . . Fairlene could feel the warmth of his breath on her face, as his stunningly dark eyes smoldered into hers. Up close, they glittered like jewels; twin black onyx with a hidden fire in their depths. Sexual energy rolled off of him like a wave and engulfed her in its heat. The Italian unexpectedly swallows with a dry throat that suddenly feels constricted, before she drew a single jerky breath, (it was first one she’d taken through her mouth in hours!) . . . Fair wasn’t sure if she was up for this, yet her body still refused to move!

   Although she was still clothed in her skimpy sleepwear, Darren’s fingers followed every curve, every hollow, and every contour that they encountered on Fairlene’s body. By now, the Italian’s nipples had grown to the size of pencil erasers, and they were poking at the man with his every move. The pliant beads looked so perfect and inviting, that Le Braun could hardly resist when he finally leaned forward to suck at them. The man licked and nibbled at each one; occasionally nicking her areolas with his front teeth! It wasn’t long before the hypnotist began pressing his waist up between her thighs; grinding his hardened unit as deeply into her pelvis as he could!

   In her still suspended, but semi-conscious state, Fairlene could feel the pressure of Darren’s lips against hers. His hands were cradling her face, and she could feel the scratching of his early morning stubble against her own smooth skin. The coed was trying to focus on the white noise of Le Braun’s recorded voice, when the “live” version began to quietly murmur her name in between moans and gasps. The strange man was switching off between kneading her crotch with his hand, and rubbing himself up against it. For some unexplainable reason, the Italian actually found it invigorating! (Well, for a gal who was supposed to be acting like a frozen mannequin anyway).

   Meanwhile, Darren had been trying to thread his tongue through Fair’s locked teeth. This wasn’t working, so the man pried her jaws open with his fingers, before exploring her cavern-like mouth with his curious tongue! . . . Through all of this, the Italian just simply stared through Le Braun; her chest continually rising and falling, her lips sloppy with saliva, and her hair tousled by his hands, (as well as her own frozen ones!)

   Finally needing a break, Le Braun pulls back desperately searching for air! The man pauses from his reckless escapades for a moment, to catch his breath and consider the situation. Kari was still sleeping like a log in the bedroom; obviously he didn’t to keep the noise down on her account, but he had no idea how many other girls lived there or when one might appear. With the stance that she was frozen in, Fairlene was just a tad too short and the hypnotist was a bit too tall to align together properly. Darren takes a step back and sizes up the girl’s pose once again for good measure, before concluding; You just can't mess with that kind of perfection!

   Le Braun stirs about the room – even considering Becky or Lisa at one point, but alas, Fairlene was undoubtedly the grand prize. By now, Darren’s dick was starting to ache from being stiff for so long!

   The man picks the mesmerized coed up beneath the armpits, and carries her rigid body over to a nearby couch, before setting her down. Darren orders, “Alright, let’s get you turned around,” in a stern but anxious tone, before picking the girl up at the waist, and rotating her body to face the couch. The man starts to pull Fairlene’s tight panties down, but the span between her spread legs is far too wide to do so!

   “Dammit!” Le Braun expelled beneath his breath, “Will I ever catch a break?”

   The tip of the man’s tongue poked deviously out of the corner of his mouth, as he pressed Fairlene’s legs closer together. He quickly yanks her booty shorts the rest of the way down; lifting one leg to carefully remove the panties from that side, and then leaving them to rest around her other ankle. Darren quickly looks over her crotch area, (which was shaved barren), and runs his hand over her exposed cookie . . . “Mmm; depilatory cream . . . Nice work!” the man confirms in a whisper, before smacking her butt lightly in approval . . .

   Now moving into the Heimlich maneuver position, Darren braces his left arm around and up tight to the coed’s stomach. With his right hand pressed flat against Fair’s back, the guy manipulates her body forward at a near perfect angle. The foxy Italian was now face-forward, her stomach leaning against the armrest of the couch, with her ass sticking up in the air. (Fair remained frozen in her hair teasing / limbs spread pose, with her stiff legs creating a ramp-like angle with the side of the couch).

   Darren stared at Fairlene’s backside; so round, so firm, so fully packed! He reached out with his opened palms and gently caressed the smooth curves of her ass. The coed’s rump feels pleasantly warm to his touch, as the hypnotist’s hands glide over its surface. A line of nervous perspiration forms upon Darren’s brow, as the man quickly pulls off his pants and boxers in anticipation!

. . . Hurry up and get on with it, before something happens, Le Braun reminds himself, before glancing down at his straining shaft . . .We got a serious case of blue balls going on here!

   Seeing Fairlene bent over with her curvy humps arched up in the air like that, made Darren’s stiffened member only ache even more . . . (Fair wouldn’t know it, but she was about to get a little more than she bargained for!) The man pulled the girl’s legs back apart about twelve inches away from each other and braced them at the floor. (This was no easy task, as Fairlene was still determined in her mind to keep her pose!) The guy moved his rock-hard unit so that it was lined up with the coed’s crack, and then parted her cheeks. With Fair’s pussy lips now exposed, Darren mounted that precious little tush; clamping both of his hands around the Italian’s narrow waist for stability. With his legs braced apart, Le Braun pushed his unit forward into the woman’s warmth – trying to burrow himself in as far as possible.

. . . Within seconds, Darren was humping that fine backside like there was no tomorrow!

   In her dazed and semi-conscious state, Fairlene could detect the stranger pounding away at her backside almost as if it was happening to someone else. She sensed her breasts jiggling about on her frame, as her body was rocked forward and back, even though she knew she had to remain totally still to be a good mannequin. (Fair also recognized the little contractions starting within her pussy!) The Italian could hear the man panting desperately behind her, but the droning recorded voice that was coming out of that damned stereo was still so overpowering!

“. . . You may worry that you might fall over, but you don’t as you remain absolutely still and at rest.”

. . . Fairlene reflected, Yes . . . I must remain absolutely still at rest!

“. . . So comfortable that if you find yourself trying to move, in vain, you find that you cannot so much as lift a finger as you become even more motionless and rigid.”

. . . The helpless coed recounted, Oh God yes! . . . I must become even more motionless and rigid!

   As Le Braun continued pumping away at the Italian’s curvaceous backside, he watched Fairlene with great curiosity and amusement. The poor girl was still trying to retain her “hair teasing” pose, even as her body was being harshly jerked back and forth! As the man let out a devious chuckle at her predicament, he found himself wondering if Fair had even felt the intrusion of his erection. In the back of his mind, Darren knew what he was doing was wrong, but like so many times before, his flesh was overpowering what little morals he had left, (If any!) . . . The hypnotist began to pump her hips even harder.

. . . Fairlene’s hands began to inch their way out from her pretty little head, but retained their cupped position. The Italian’s hair was now flipping about her face, as her engorged nipples swirled around on her jiggling titties! Her eyes continued to stare forward blindly; unblinking and unknowing . . . 

   Between the sound of Fairlene’s ass smacking up against him, and the juicy “slurching” noise that their joined organs were making together, Darren didn’t think he could hold back his load much longer. Knowing that he could blow at any moment, the man groaned in appreciation and with mounting fervor, as he pounded the coed’s apple-shaped ass with everything he had!

   Darren proclaimed, “Fa-Fa-Fa-Fair, yo-yo-yo-your so-so-so fu-fu-fu-fucking hot!” As he did so, the man felt Farilene’s hot snatch clamp down on him . . . The Italian reflexively arched her back even deeper, and the guy felt her body flex and turn even more taut than it was before!

. . . Was it possible that she was about to come herself?

   “Ughgghh . . . Ohhhh . . . Uggggh!” . . . urged Darren, (now bending his neck back to the near breaking point) . . .The guy quickly pulled out at the last second; letting out a passionate gasp in climax, as he launched his Jimmy-Jam clear across Fairlene’s back! “Ugh . . . MMMM . . . Ohhh . . . SSSS . . . Ahhh!” moaned the man uncontrollably in a high-pitched nasal voice. Darren caught himself, and then held his voice in, hoping that he didn’t awake anyone in the house!

. . . Fairlene still stared blindly ahead in silence; her breathing heavy, her ass and pussy still hopelessly twitching in climax. Her posed body was slightly wavering on her feet at this point; the uncontrollable contractions trying to betray her state of mind . . .

   Darren was still quivering from his climax just behind the girl. (The guy was smacking his dick against Fairlene’s butt cheek and trying to wipe his cum off on her tight skin!) It wasn’t long before the hypnotist had a moment of clarity and realized what had just taken place . . . That’s when the panic began set in.

   In blundering fear, Darren thought, I must be out my fucking mind! . . .The man’s cum was now dripping down Fair’s ass and legs, while a pool of it had formed in the small of her bent back . . . Even the coed’s own juices were now oozing out of her, as she remained face planted down into the couch cushion!

   Exhausted, drained, and leaning against the couch beside Fairlene’s bent and frozen body (well, aside from her heavy breathing anyway) the man tried to get his bearings back. Darren’s breathing was still abnormal and he was seeing stars in his vision, when he finally looked around to make sense of his surroundings. That’s when he wiped his brow with his wrist and scraped his watch across his forehead . . .

   “Ouch!” he yelled out, before covering his loud mouth with his hand. Darren mumbles an, “Oops,” before glancing down at his watch . . . “Holy shit; . . . It’s ten after seven?”

   Now in total panic, Darren quickly ran around the room; at first grabbing his clothes, and then realizing he hadn’t cleaned his junk off. The man darts his head back and forth; Come on; a washrag, paper towels - anything! . . . The man spots Lisa’s terrycloth robe and scoops it up off the floor to wipe himself off with! He dabbles it over his wilting package, before dragging the robe down his hairy thighs – then tosses it back to the floor.  Becky, Lisa, and Fair remained as unmoving mannequins the entire time.

   As he’s pulling up his boxers and pants, Darren considers; Getting up late for work was bad enough, showing up late for this mall gig would be a total disaster!

. . . Within ten minutes, the hypnotist has gathered up all of his belongings (including his entrancement equipment) and he’s anxious to get the hell out of the sorority house. Darren bids farewell to Lisa and Becky, who remain frozen in place. Now making his way past Fairlene, he pauses for a moment in thought, before praising, “God, you look so sexy bent over the couch like that!”  As a mannequin, she was ready for display in the window of a sex-toys shop.

. . . Darren sets his clamshell storage cases down, along with his duffle bag. *Sigh* . . . The man then grabs Fairlene’s briefs; wiping off her tight little tush and the backs of her thighs, before reaching through her legs and giving her a good swipe. Moments later, the Italian’s wet undies are back in place and her half shirt has been pulled back down over her rising and falling chest. Le Braun tucks a business card into the waistband of the girl’s yellow briefs, before looking into the black holes of her eyes . . .

   Darren starts, “I know you enjoyed our little game, freckles . . . You’re such a natural, that I can’t help but wonder if you’ve done this type of posing before . . . Did you do a little freeze modeling for a fund raiser back in junior high? . . . Or even part-time posing for a department store, just to get a little extra spending money in high school perhaps?”

. . . Fairlene’s breasts continued to rise and fall provocatively under her tight shirt. She stared off dreamily into space, without a single sign of  emotion.

. . . “What’s that?” asks Darren, (now leaning in towards Fair’s mouth, as if she were speaking). “Ohhhh, you’ve been waiting? . . . Well why didn’t you just ask me that before? . . . We wouldn’t have had to go through all of that messy trouble!”

   Darren pokes the girl playfully in the side, before cracking a deliciously evil smile. The man then places his hand upon the Italian’s shoulder and in an enchantingly gentle voice, the hypnotist whispers in her ear, “Be still my darling, and bask in your frozen bliss . . .”  He repeats the same deep-induction technique he had used on Lisa and watched the reaction.

. . . Fairlene’s chest freezes in place. Her mind would soon freeze in place too; settling into a near-comatose state and only being faintly aware of her previous existence. In her hypnotically altered state of consciousness, the Italian would not only find total acceptance in being turned into a living mannequin, she would now often prefer it! . . . She couldn’t so much as twitch a nerve ending. Even if Darren had chosen to manipulate the coed’s pose, he wouldn’t be able to at this point. From experience, he knew these deep trances could last up to twelve hours – sometimes even more, depending on the will of the subject.   This petite cutie seemed to have a very strong will…

   Darren finally puts his handiwork to the test, when he tries to bend his subject’s arm back to her side. The Italian’s arm wouldn’t budge; it was as if her forearm was made of steel. Fairlene had given in at last; allowing herself to sink into a blackened, dreamlike state of stasis, where she would remain comfortably numb . . .

   The hypnotist was just about to lean down to pick up his gear when he noticed movement in the corner of his eye . . .

     “Huh?” came a voice from the other side of the room.  Kari had stepped through her bedroom door; still sleepy and dressed only in a sheer nightie, with her hair still tousled from their lovemaking the night before.   “What’s going…”

* SNAP! *

. . . A quick-thinking Darren had snapped his fingers , causing Kari to freeze instantly in place! Still in her active hypnotic-suggestive state from back at the bar, the poor bartender had been unknowingly turned into a very stunning living sculpture once more.  Her rigidly held position reminded him of one of John D’Andrea’s works of art, a standing nude, he’d seen in a retrospective.

   Approaching Kari, Darren quickly decides what to do with her before she sees her roommates’ compromising positions!  “Kari, as you stand there, mind switched off, unable to move, you feel how pleasant it is to remain that way without worry or question as you listen to my voice you’ll fall ever deeper into a hypnotic trance and remain completely comfortable as you continue to do so.  Eventually, when I leave this house, you will go back to bed and drift off into a deep sleep, awakening as refreshed as if you’ve had a full quiet night’s rest . . .You will then forget my hypnotic suggestions to you but can and will remember our night together fondly and will even go so far as to call me when you have the chance.  Whenever you see a mannequin on display,  you take the time to appreciate their beauty and poise and desire to improve your lovely appearance whenever you can to better resemble that perfection; this will also bring you ongoing happiness and satisfaction.  If you understand me, blink once…”

  Kari seemed to hesitate before completing that tiny movement and becoming still once more.

  “Rest now; relax in being a beautiful statue as you are not surprised by anything you may see while standing there pleasantly and lastingly frozen, mind in limbo, unable to move in the slightest way.”  Kari did not react at all, but he knew she had heard him and would obey.   He approached the other three roommates, who were equally immobile, and remained posed like very provocative waxwork figures . . .

   Darren repeated a similar suggestion to all three of them as well; ordering them to finally go to bed within time, long after he had left the scene. Once in bed, they would immediately fall into a restful sleep, after which they would not be able to recall his ever being here. Any possible recollections would surely be a result of vivid erotic dreams.  

. . . It wouldn’t be 100% foolproof, but it would cover his tracks.

   Darren says, “Good bye ladies, and thanks for your hospitality!” As the man reaches toward the door to set his baggage and equipment outside in the hall, he can’t help but notice something interesting. The light of the early morning, was now creeping through the window blinds. The sun’s warm rays were creating three sexy silhouettes on the wall before the man, while Kari stood posed to one side, silently watching them! Le Braun couldn’t quite decide if they looked more like Bond girls, or even that sexy icon for Charlie’s Angels! . . . Ah, but if I only had the time!

   With his belongings now in the hallway, Darren takes one last look at the frozen tableau, before blowing off a kiss to each of them. He digs back into his French heritage and looks at Fairlene to say, “Adieu, mon gelé les beautés!”

. . . The door quietly clicks shut behind him.


Janine’s Intimate Apparel, Riverhead Shopping Mall, 6 am:

   It was just past 6:00 am, when Janine Dickinson opened the roll-up openwork steel gate to her newest lingerie store. “Janine’s Intimate Apparel” was located at the Riverhead Shopping Mall in Houston, and it was one of five such shops that she had recently opened in Texas. The supermodel-turned-entrepreneur also owned the successful “Bikini Shack” franchise, which had stores sprouting up throughout the entire southwest. (It was no coincidence that her Houston “Bikini Shack” was located conveniently right next door).

   Janine was a frugal businesswoman, who had built her franchises from the bottom up. She had also built up a reputation for being a royal bitch, and to work for her was likened to being strapped in the front car of a train-wreck!    . . . Working for Janine was never dull, and employees often considered the woman to be hyper, grouchy and an uptight perfectionist! . . . Everything had to be exactly her way, which was exactly right, or you heard about it rather loudly. On more than one occasion, she had yelled at her unfortunate female employees just long enough to bring them to tears.

   But Janine knew her stuff. She had gotten her start as a young bikini model in the seventies and managed to adopt an ambitious attitude at an early age. By the eighties she had frequently appeared on numerous magazine covers including vogue, and even did a photo spread for playboy. By the time the nineties rolled around, she had already retired from modeling and invested her hard-earned money into her very first “Bikini Shack” on Van Nuys Boulevard in Los Angeles.

   Even though her bikini modeling days were well past her, Ms. Dickinson kept her looks as well as her tall, slim, physique and was still a very sexy older woman that was often the target of many younger men’s affections. She might have been 52 now, but thanks to some good connections back in L.A. and a shelf-full of lotions, creams, powders, and pills she kept her body looking as young as surgically or chemically possible. Janine had long black hair with a few silvery strands, pulled back into a tight bun and clipped together by a pricey designer clip for today’s event. She also had these cold, almond shaped dark eyes, which caught your attention just as quickly as her enhanced figure.

   Today was the grand opening of Janine’s Intimate Apparel – Houston location, and the owner had handpicked her four best employees for the important day. (Unfortunately, she was already down one; as her leading salesgirl had broken her ankle in a foolish surfing accident out on the coast, just two days ago!) She had also hired an up-and-coming performance artist by the name of Darren Le Braun. The man was highly recommended by one of Janine’s old modeling friends, who had hired his act as a sales gimmick for a boutique in the Raleigh North Carolina area.

   Janine looked with narrowed eyes over a low lying stage and a backdrop sign that proclaimed ‘The Incredible Volunteer Mannequin Show’ at the front entrance of her store (the store owner had just missed meeting the artist when he first set up the platform the evening before.) The critical ex-model held a sour look on her face as she studied the cheap-looking setup and mumbles, “I hope this schmuck’s performance isn’t as tacky as his queer little stage.” The haughty woman shook her head (to no-one in particular, just in disbelief that she would hire such a person) and then returns inside to do some last minute straightening up . . .

* * * * * *

A Cold Welcome

  Darren Le Braun quickly unloaded the remainder of his gear from a plain white minivan and rolled it through one of the side entrances at the Riverhead Shopping Mall. He had called ten minutes earlier to say that he was running late . . . Better make that way late! The cranky business owner, a “Ms. Dickinson,”  didn’t sound very pleased by the news. * Sigh* . . . It didn’t come as much of a surprise; the guy had been warned that the woman was a total shrew even before he agreed to take the two-day exhibition job. Darren had purposely setup his platform yesterday evening, well before her flight was scheduled to land, just so he wouldn’t have her lurking over his shoulder the entire time this morning. As Darren came upon the shop, he heard the voice of a woman whom he assumed was the owner, yelling from inside . . .

   Ms. Dickinson was in the middle of barking orders at one of her cringing female employees, when she noticed a young man; he was wheeling up a stack of clamshell storage cases to the front of her store. He looked like he’d slept on a park bench; his hair was matted and he was noticeably unshaven, while dressed in wrinkled business suit. *Sigh* . . . What a waste of a good Armani, the woman thinks to herself . . .

   From the corner of his eye, Darren noticed the tall, rather shapely woman in a fitted designer suit and business pumps approaching. She was heavily perfumed and walked with a sense of purpose . . .      

   “May I help you?” she asked, in a rather snippy tone.

   “Yeah; Darren Le Braun – you’re Ms. Dickinson, right? . . . You hired me for the grand opening,” he introduced himself, before offering a handshake. (The woman quickly crosses her arms over her ample chest as an obvious snub at the gesture).

   “You’re Darren Le Braun?” the woman asked with a sour look, as if he smelled of dead fish. “I thought you were supposed to be a professional?  You look like a bum!”

   The performer starts to quickly unload his gear just to avoid a confrontation as the owner kept on nagging at him . . .

   “It’s funny; I would think that someone calling himself a professional – and charging like one, I might add – would have a clean shaven appearance and would be impeccably dressed,” scolds the woman, before adding, “They would also arrive on time.  Or even early.   Not arriving late, and setting up their gear less than an hour before a grand opening!”

   As Darren flips open the storage cases he laughs and confesses, “Well, you should remember, I did call to tell you that I was running late due to something coming up unexpectedly and that, as a reasonable business person, as well as quite beautiful I might add, you would understand and be able to respect my circumstances. After all; I didn’t want you to think I was going to be a no-show.”

   Ms. Dickinson fails to see any humor in the situation and warns, “I’m already dissatisfied with your disheveled appearance, Mr. Le Braun. And I’m not a woman that takes kindly to any sort of disappointment.  Nor do I appreciate inept lackeys who try to blow sunshine up my ass.”

   Still hoping to avoid an argument, Darren goes about methodically lifting his special equipment out of the containers and setting it up on the shop floor in silence . . .

   The arrogant woman steps forward and looks both ways out into the vast walkway outside her shop before questioning, “You said that you were supplying the models as well, Mr. Le Braun. Are they going to be late as well, or perhaps they’re just invisible?”

   Now turning noticeably red with anguish and frustration, the man grits his teeth for a moment before he replies, “I can assure you that they will be here soon!”

   “Well I certainly hope so,” fires back the owner. “I also hope they look more presentable than you, Mr. Le Braun.  My wares are not going to be displayed by scruffy vagrants.”

   The snooty woman turns and struts off in a huff, leaving Darren to piece together the rest of his equipment in red-faced silence . . .

   It was several minutes later, when a friendly young lady approached Darren. The girl was quite cute – almost on the verge of looking cartoonish in fact – with her big brown wide-set marble-like eyes and bright crimson lipstick on her exaggerated lips.  She was wearing a short black cocktail dress that was ribbed at the sides and firm across the bodice, flattering her trim body overall. The appealing brunette carried a light scent that brought to mind a bouquet of fresh flowers.

   Darren glances at the female’s strapped heels, before his eyes casually skim up her long-stemmed, lightly-tinted, black hosiery-sheathed legs. The classic “little black dress” clings to her body at mid thigh, and from the position that he’s in; Mr. Le Braun likes what he sees . . .

   “Do you need any help with that stuff?” asks the attractive sales girl in a perky tone, flashing a megawatt-bright smile.

   Darren continues to fumble with a multi-colored pinwheel on the heavy light in his hands. “Ah, nah I’m all set,” he mumbles as he snaps a final piece together, then stands on tip-toe  to place the light on top of a tripod stand.  “. . . but thanks for the offer. By the way, I’m Darren.”

   The sales girl reaches out to greet the man with a delicate hand, “Hi, I’m Dianne Hawthorne . . . most people call me ‘Anne.”

   “Well it’s truly a pleasure to meet you Anne,” replies the performer, while looking into the twenty six year olds sparkling brown eyes. “You’re a very pretty young lady.”

   The girl bows her head rather shyly, before brushing a stray lock of hair back over her ear. She cracks another dazzling warm smile and purrs, “Well thank you Mr. Le Braun.”

   Darren observes, “I can tell from your accent that you’re not from around here, are you?”

   “No, I’m from Los Angeles,” replies the young lady, before she pauses for a moment to correct herself. “ . . . Well actually, I’m originally from Brooklyn. I moved out to California in hopes of starting an acting career and wound up being a bikini model-slash-salesgirl for Ms. Dickinson.”

   “Mmm, I feel for you there,” jokes Darren, before admitting, “It’s funny though; you don’t really strike me as the L.A. type. You seem more genuine than most of the artificially enhanced beauties from out that way.”

   Before ‘Anne gets a chance to reply, an unexpected yell from her boss makes her flinch in place…

   “Miss Hawthorne; I didn’t take a chance and fly you all the way out here to flirt with the hired help,” reminds Ms. Dickinson in a harsh tone. “Now get your sweet little tushy over here and do the job that you’re being paid for – PRONTO!”

   Dianne produces a scolded frown and shrugs her shoulders, before mumbling a quiet, “Whoops!” beneath her breath. “ . . . I guess I better get going!”

. . . As Darren watches the beautiful girl walk away, the lower curls of her long chestnut brown hair bounce playfully across her back.

   When her trusty employee returns, Ms. Dickinson warns, “Miss Hawthorne; I don’t want to see you conversing with that wretched slob again!"

   The new salesgirl starts, “But-”

   “No buts about it, young lady! He’s sloppy, totally unprofessional, and quite frankly I would just as soon send him back to whatever sleazy dive he was previously working at,” judges the older woman. “Besides, with Pamela breaking her stupid ankle and landing herself in the hospital, you’re going to be covering for the both of you until I have time to hire someone locally.  You’d think it would be fairly easy to find a pretty girl to hire, but then again; they all look so . . . well . . . local!” 

   ‘Anne swallows hard in her throat and manages an obedient, “Yes ma’m.”

* * * * * *

Test and Tune

   By now, Darren had opened the case that contained what he sometimes jokingly referred to as his “motivational CD’s.” The performer cautiously approached Ms. Dickinson, who was setting up the registers and continuously asking Dianne were the rest of her “idiot” employees were.

   Darren begins, “Ah . . . Excuse me; Ms. Dickinson?”

   The older woman ignores his presence, preferring to concentrate on placing a stack of business cards with her information in a clear plastic holder.

   Darren continues, “Ah, I was wondering if I could get access to your music system for the store? You see; I need to-”

   Janine lets out an exaggerated *Sigh* and rolls her eyes in a dramatic fashion. “Do you take any pride in yourself at all, Mr. Le Braun?”

   Darren winces and replies, “I was just asking if I could-”

   Ms. Dickinson cuts him off in mid sentence. “You know; one of the responsibilities of owning and operating your own business is providing your own equipment! I highly suggest you take the outrageous fee that you’re charging me and reinvest it into your livelihood . . . And while you’re at it, pay a visit to the drycleaners and a barber! I’m sure you could find them in just about any strip mall around here.”

   The snooty woman charges off into a back room, while ‘Anne shrugs her shoulders. The girl invites Darren behind the sales counter, and in a lowered voice points out, “The stereo system is right here: this is the power button; volume; shuffle; here is the remote; you just load the disc into the carousel right here and-”

   Darren places his hand at the small of  ‘Anne’s back in a flirty way, before confirming, “I think I’ve got it, love. And thanks for the help, by the way.”

   Dianne politely smiles and curtsies in a playful manner, before walking off again to hang some teddies on a nearby rack . . .

   Darren loads a CD inside, hits the play button and then adjusts the volume. His soothing voice soon begins to issue from the speakers . . .

   “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Incredible Volunteer Mannequin Show . . .”

   From her position at one of the clothing racks, ‘Anne lets out a giggle that leads to a hearty laugh, as the soothing voice continues to talk from the speakers. “Is that you?” the girl asks in a playful tone.

   Slightly embarrassed by the girls reaction, Darren admits, “Yeah, yeah I know; it may sound cheesy at first but I put a lot of time into that CD!  Give it time…”

   Anne rolls her expressive eyes and replies, “Whaaateeeveeer!” before flashing her brilliant smile.

   Darren shakes his head in humiliation, before saying “Alright . . . Well anyway, I have to go move the van before it gets towed.”

   Ms. Dickinson had re-entered the room just behind him and sarcastically suggests, “Good; maybe the fire inspector will show up and condemn that tacky stage while you’re gone.”

   Trying to ignore Janine’s comment, (and half-inclined to just pack up his gear and say “screw it”), Darren makes his way to the front of the store. As he’s about to exit, a tall wiry fellow rushes in and blocks the aisle way . . .

   The young guy was dressed in a tight black satin shirt, vintage Guess? Jeans and wore highly polished shoes. His dark hair was buzzed down to merely a skullcap and he had a spray-on tan. The fellow was quite handsome, even by Darren’s own admission, (possibly too handsome). But as soon as the male spoke, the hypnotist’s secret suspicion proved correct . . .

   The pretty boy spoke out in a feminine vocal register, “Well, just look at yooou!”

   Le Braun smiles and greets the gay male with, “Ah . . . Hey, what’s going on there. I’m Darren,” before offering to shake his hand.

   The guy returns the greeting with a delicate handshake and reveals in a rather uppity tone, “Philip is very glad to meet you too!” He then strikes a limp-wristed pose and points at the multi-colored pinwheel light. “And what in the hell is that funky-looking gadget?”

   “That’s actually part of my presentation,” explains Darren, before turning the equipment on. A series of brightly colored lights begin spiraling around from behind an optic lens, creating oddly shaped patterns on the background above his stage and on the walls beyond.

   “Whoa, disco night!” jokes Philip, before gazing into the light’s fascinating beams. He only lasts for a few seconds, before blinking wildly and rubbing his eyes. “Good heavens, those are powerful!”

. . . Just then, Janine Dickinson yells out from the back of the store, “Philip, where in God’s name have you been? Do you know I have been calling you since 6:00 am this morning? And do any of you slackers know what’s up with Heidi?  This day is turning into an absolute train wreck!”

   Philip sees spots in his vision after looking away from the colored lights and continues to blink as he informs his boss, “Oh. Heidi should be here any minute now. She missed her flight out of Oakland last night and had to catch the early shuttle; didn’t anybody tell you?”

   Ms. Dickinson’s jaw immediately drops. “WHAT? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? . . . What the hell is wrong with you people? First Pamela breaks her leg and now this?”

   As Janine continues to blow up in a tirade, Darren thinks to himself, this looks like a good a time as any to move the van! . . . (Even as he heads further down through the mall, the hypnotist can still hear her whiny voice echoing down through the walkway!)

* * * * *

. . . Within a few minutes and her second scotch-on-the-rocks, Ms. Dickinson returns from the back room once again. At this point, Janine has managed to calm herself down just enough to brief her employees on their duties. As Anne and Philip finish activating the two new registers, (which Janine had thoroughly botched), Darren’s nearly forgotten almost-subliminal induction CD continues to play quietly in the background . . .

“. . . You may worry that you might fall over, but you don't as you remain absolutely still and at rest.”

   Ms. Dickinson explains, “Now Philip; you and Anne will work the registers. Whenever she finally gets here, I want Heidi out on the floor with me to work the customers. If this idiot Darren’s models ever show up, I already have some garments set aside for them to wear, but Heidi will have to be the main eye candy for now. I also want you to push those gift cards and don’t . . .”

. . . The aggressive business owner stops in mid sentence, to finally listen to the voice that’s emanating from her speakers.

“. . .  gaze at the mannequin and listen to the sound of my voice in your head, you can see how peaceful she looks standing there stuck in place and how easy it would be for you also to feel the same comfortable serenity.”

   Ms. Dickinson narrows her eyes, as the voice continues talking. “What is this crap, anyway?”

   Anne laughs and replies, “I’m not exactly sure; that Darren guy slipped it in the CD player.  He said it was part of his performance.”

   Philip listens closely to the words himself . . .

“. . .You are feeling what it might be like, rooted to the floor, stuck there in a mannequin's pose; your whole body becoming stiff and motionless and you find that sensation very enjoyable and comfortable to you . . .”

   “I don’t know what it is, but my Tantric Yoga class would absolutely luuuuv this!” concludes the young man.

   “Well he’s certainly not going to be playing this in my store when customers are around,” decides the shop owner.

   Anne offers, “Well I don’t know, I thought it was part of his act.  You know, ‘The Incredible Impromptu’…”

   Janice states, “Forget it; I want to bring people into my store so they can buy things, not send them off to a mental institution!”

. . . When her two employees crack up in laughter, Ms. Dickinson warns, “Shut up! I wasn’t trying to be funny; this guy is a total creep as far as I’m concerned.”

   “So what kind of performance art does this guy do anyway?” asks Philip. “Does it involve him stripping down to a G-string and covering himself in corn oil?” (He let’s out a flaming laugh).

   Ms. Dickinson winces at the thought, before she turns to Anne and reveals in a serious tone, “It doesn’t matter if they eat pussy or suck a cock; all men are dirty pigs. Always keep that truth in your pretty little head darling, and you’ll go far in life.”

   Anne blushes slightly with embarrassment at her boss’s crass comment, offering no response . . .

   Meanwhile, Darren has already parked the van elsewhere and is just lighting a much-needed cigarette just outside a mall entrance. As he expels his first cloud of smoke, he notices that the outer edges of the vast parking lot are starting to fill with mall employees’ cars. Several delivery vans dart back and forth between loading bays, making their early morning distributions. The performance artist had just glanced down towards his watch, wondering about his own models, when the sound of squealing tires catches his attention . . .

   Just seconds later, a yellow cab cuts across the parking lot and eventually screeches to a halt at the curb in front of him. The rear door swings open, and a pair of long sexy legs step out from the back seat. An audible “gulp” noise emits from Darren’s throat, as the tall blonde woman the legs are attached to tosses loose bills through the lowered front window. The confident looking female then turns away from the cab, to fumble around with the buttons on her burgundy colored top. (As the woman’s pumps begin to click-clack across the concrete, her steps are so quick and forceful, that they make her generous rack jiggle noticeably beneath the satin material of her blouse!)

   Stopping directly in front of Darren, the woman hands a plastic covered suit jacket to the man and requests, “Hold onto this for a sec, will ya? . . . (Then hands him an expensive hand bag) . . . And this too please?”

   “Suuure,” replies Darren, now looking like the bored husband stuck on a shopping trip.

   The woman’s golden blonde hair was cut perfectly even across her brow, and wafted around her face lightly in the early morning breeze. She winks at Darren, before stealing the cigarette from his lips to take a couple of long hard drags. The sassy female blows a hazy cloud off into the air and carefully plugs the cigarette back into the guy’s lips! She teases the stranger by roughing up his hair with her fingers and flashing her beautiful smile.

   Standing this closely, Darren couldn’t help but notice that she smelled like Cherry Bubble gum! . . . It’s funny how sales girls perfume always smelled so good – especially in a lingerie store, considers the man . . . Even that Anne girl had her own unique scent!

   As the woman slides her suit jacket out of its plastic cover and pulls it up over her shoulders, Darren gets a glance at her nametag. The tag was pink in color, engraved with black script that read:

                                             Janine’s Intimate Apparel


                                                  Your #1 Fantasy source! 

   The blonde reached to take her large bag from the stranger’s hands and says, “Thanks sweetie!” Heidi blows him a playful kiss before disappearing through the entrance doors to the mall.

   As his eyes follow the movement of Heidi’s shapely and  tightly encased ass, Le Braun thinks to himself; well this should certainly be interesting! Just a moment later, Darren’s butt burns into his fingers. The man quickly flicks away the cigarette with a curse and reaches deep into his suit pocket for his smokes. In a slightly raspy voice, he mumbles, “This might just require one more!”

* * * * * *

  An Honest Mistake   

   About ten minutes later, Mr. Le Braun decides to head back to Janine’s Intimate Apparel. As he re-enters the store, Darren walks past the rotating light mechanism (which continues to illuminate the stage, as well as a portion of the front entrance). The performance artist has hopes of getting Ms. Dickinson’s permission to move her speakers out into the exhibition area for better coverage. As he walks up an aisle way, he notices Anne out of the corner of his eye.

   Darren asks, “Well did you miss me?” when passing her, but the occupied girl doesn’t respond. He then considers; hmm . . . she does have her back turned to me, so maybe she didn’t hear . . .

   The man walks right up beside the pretty salesgirl, but she remains so engrossed in her work that she doesn’t even react to his presence. Darren repeats, “So, did you miss me?”

. . . Anne continues to stare at the tag of the lacy negligee within her hands, in total silence.

   “What are you afraid of, your boss catching you?” jokes the young man, before letting out a chuckle.

. . . His comment falls on deaf ears.

   Wait a minute . . . observes Darren, before he waves a hand in front of Anne’s blankly staring face. Again she fails to respond to the man’s actions. As the hypnotist’s voice continues to play on in the background, it all starts to sink in. Darren gets an astonished look on his face as he comes to realize what his induction CD has done (yet again!)

   Le Braun laughs at the girl’s unfortunate predicament, before saying, “Oh you poor thing!”

   Dianne had apparently been listening to the enchanting words of the hypnotist’s CD a little too closely (out of simple boredom perhaps?) Between Darren’s soothing voice and the hypnotic lights that continued to rotate at the front of the store, the unsuspecting girl eventually became entranced!

With her head staring forward and down at the item in her hands, Le Braun places a thumb and fore finger beneath the salesgirl’s chin, and then slowly turns her head so that she’s looking directly at him (she moves rather stiffly and almost robotic-like). Anne's big dark eyes looked empty and mindless. She didn’t even blink when he leaned in to steal a kiss from her bright red and pursed lips! Now averting his eyes downward away from her blank stare, Darren tugs at the elastic neckline of Anne’s black dress, pulling it slightly outward from her body. The man discovers a bountiful set of globes; each tucked side-by-side and shaped within a lacy beige bra.

   “Very nice!” complements the hypnotist, before he lets the stretchy hem retract back in place. “Maybe I’ll have to do some further exploration when time allows, eh?”

   Anne remains staring forward without blinking; totally oblivious to her admirer’s advances, while those strange suggestions continue to loop around in her head:

“. . . Eyes open, not wanting to move, letting yourself become stuck with your mind switching off, enjoying the peaceful moment as time stretches out . . .”

   Darren then moves away from Anne and makes his way towards the main counter. He finds the other three people here, including Heidi, the fine young blonde that he met outside just fifteen minutes ago! Each stands silent and unmoving as if frozen in time, with their glazed eyes staring fixedly ahead. Heidi had her hands posed in front of her in response to the induction and looked almost doll-like.  Darren’s act had managed to enthrall the entire staff at Janine’s Intimate Apparel!

    “Wow!” exclaims the astonished hypnotist, before revealing, “And I didn’t even adjust the optical brighteners yet!”   Belatedly, he now understood why Janine hadn’t yelled at him in the last few minutes.

   Ms. Dickinson stands in silence behind the counter. The shapely business owner was not only drawn in and immobilized by Le Braun’s suggestive words, but she had already started to move her limbs into a mannequin-like pose! Taking a cue from her swimwear modeling days, Janice soon stood with the left hand clamped to the curve of her hip. The right hand was slightly upraised and limp at the wrist, while her left was in an open position. Her expression remained neutral, as she stared blindly at the stilled form of Heidi before her!

    The hypnotist apologizes, “Sorry guys; you weren’t the ones that were supposed to be hypnotized and acting as mannequins,” before adding, “But maybe it is for the best!”   At least there won’t be any more arguments this way . . .

   Darren glances down at his watch; it was already 7:45 a.m. The Riverhead mall would be opening in less than a quarter-hour, and the performance artist had many preparations to make yet, but all the help had been turned into living statues.  Returning to Anne, he reached underneath the mannequin-still salesgirl’s armpits, wrapped his arms around her chest and then leaned her rigid body back (the bewitched young woman now stared blindly at the ceiling of the store.) Darren then pulled her back to the register area, with heels dragging (it was much easier than giving the deeply mesmerized girl instructions to walk back) and placed her with the others.

   Knowing that they would be fully open to suggestion, Darren addressed the frozen crew of Janine’s Intimate Apparel, who all stood blank-faced around the register counter. “You will listen to my instructions carefully and follow my directions without hesitation so your store will operate in a completely efficient manner. It is absolutely necessary for you to understand and obey my orders, do you understand?  You may reply vocally, but otherwise remain completely still.”

   There is a slight pause, as Le Braun’s words register within his subjects’ already controlled consciousnesses. The foursome sound like a church congregation when they all reply, “Yes, we understand.”

   Darren continues, “When the weekend’s festivities are over with, you will only recall what I tell you to recall, and nothing more. Do you understand?”

   His subjects reply in unison, “Yes, we understand.”

   “While on the shop floor, you are to refer to me as ‘Master’ and nothing more, do you understand?” presses the hypnotist.

   With glazed eyes and neutral expressions, all four reply with a flat-toned, “Yes Master.”

   Le Braun then goes on and explains, “Philip will work the register. Anne and Heidi will have to pose as my first living mannequins, until I can build up my stock. Janine; you will redress the incoming models accordingly . . . And remember: the sexier they appear, the more attention you’ll draw to the store. In the meantime; I want you to get these plastic mannequins and torso forms out of the display windows and off of the shop floor, we’re going to need some room! I’ll also need some scented candles or burning incense; preferably apple or cinnamon . . . Janine, Philip: you can begin immediately and are free to move until I command you differently.”

   “Yes, Master!”

   In an instant, Darren’s servants broke out of their frozen poses. Philip and Janine leave to carry out their instructions, while Anne and Heidi wait behind mindlessly for preparation . . .

* * * * * *

   With Janine’s assistance, Darren Le Braun prepared the first two of his living mannequins for display. It was during this preparation within the back room of the store, that the hypnotist came across an opened box full of wireless radio headsets. (Ms. Dickinson had purchased the sleek looking items so that she could have constant communication with her employees).

   Now holding one of the headsets within his hand, Darren studies the radio’s construction and features. The headset itself was a thin, tubular strip that adjusted over the head. There was a small hearing device at one end of the strap, while a small, bulbous microphone wrapped around at the wearer’s cheek . . . The hypnotist soon considers; If these are used to communicate between employees . . . Then they could be used to give commands as well, right?

   A smile soon comes to Darren Le Braun’s face.

. . . By the time the store opens, both Janine and Philip would be fitted with the wireless devices . . . Before long Anne, Heidi, and the three female employees at the ‘Bikini Shack’ next door would eventually be fitted and get their own headsets as well.


Continued in Part 2 of Impromptu Mannequins – Houston, Texas

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