Interview with a Doll

by Shadedsun


            Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Tessa Inhyeong, a member of the Living Doll product line made by Loving Toys Inc. For those of you unfamiliar with this line of dolls, allow me to give a quick rundown of how they're made: One of three women: Lin Inhyeong (the founder of the company); Ingrid Docka; or Dianne Putula; is impregnated by a male silicone love doll that was, at one point, a living person (Don't worry folks, the change was voluntary). Once the woman becomes pregnant she goes through an accelerated pregnancy taking only three months and gives birth to – by all appearances – a normal baby girl. This girl then grows up at a normal rate, though with a rather different metabolism than a normal girl; one that ensures a gorgeous body. Once the doll turns twenty she has matured to the proper age, and her body changes from flesh to silicone-rubber; at that point she's usually already been sold, so she's boxed up and shipped off the same day. There's more to it, but that's enough of a description to understand the interview.

* * *

            So Tessa, when I told my readers I'd be getting the chance to interview a Living Doll, I received an overwhelming amount of mail asking me to ask you if you're happy with your lot in life, or if you wish you were a normal young woman.

            Haha, I get that question on my blog all the time, so my long-term fans know how I feel already: I'm perfectly content with what I am, just as all of us living dolls are. People have to remember we may look like normal women, for a little while anyway, but we're just as much doll as human, if not more so. Why reject that part of ourselves?

            So no doll has ever decided she wanted to stay human? If you're part doll and part woman, are you not rebelling against your human side by accepting your fate as a doll?

            None of my sisters has ever decided to stay human; not that we'd be able to anyway. Becoming silicone is part of our genetic makeup, part of who we are. We can't go against it, so why fight it? And we accept both sides of ourselves, or else why would we bother leading normal lives as living women before we change?

            You said you can't remain human, but I know your “fathers” can be changed back into normal men. I've actually interviewed one of the volunteers. Can the same not be done for one of you girls?

            Our fathers were men to begin with, so the formula works on them. It has been tested on one of my sisters, but had no effect. Just another sign that we're meant to be dolls.

            Alright then, I guess that answers the initial question rather thoroughly. Let’s move on to something I've been wanting to ask: Why? Your mother's company creates some very realistic love dolls from normal raw materials. There's even the line of voluntarily converted women that offer the same ability to move during sex as Living Dolls. Why make Living Dolls? What makes you and your sisters so much better?

            Hmm... Over the Raw Doll line, our advantage is very clear: besides the mobility feature, there's the knowledge that the “thing” you're having sex with was once a living, breathing woman. As for the Secret Doll line... I think maybe the fact that we were always meant to be dolls helps. We're products from the moment we're born; starting at 16 people can track us on our blogs, and follow our lives with us right up until we change. We make connections with people, both in our lives as women, and through our blog that promotes us as toys. While it doesn't happen every time, a doll is usually bought by a long-time fan of theirs looking to own the literal object of their affection. I suppose that people who knew the Secret Doll before she was converted could have the same connection, but most come here secretly, hence the name. Heck, some even ask to be sold as Raw Dolls, giving up the ability to move – permanently – to have true anonymity as a doll. As to why we're made it's so simple you'll smack yourself for not seeing it: Profit.


            Yes. You can't honestly find that surprising.

            Forgive me, but I do. Your mother goes through all the trouble of finding a way to make literal living-dolls, and it's all in the name of money?

            Of course! Did you think she was trying to make the world a happier place by giving lonely, horny, fetishist, or any combination thereof, people a toy that is capable of loving them back? It – might – be a fringe goal, but really we're products, and we exist to make the company money through our sale. You know it's possible to buy us before we change starting at eighteen, right? It just costs more the further we are from our twentieth birthday. It's even possible to have us transformed and shipped off early, but that can nearly double our price, and we're expensive as it is so it doesn't happen that often.

            If you exist for profit, wouldn't it make more sense to change you early? Feeding and clothing offspring for twenty years can be pricey.

            Oh, the company takes care of us when we're children, but eventually we all go out and get jobs to help support ourselves. A lot of us choose waitress jobs, it's easy to make lots of tips with bodies like ours. Some of us go out and become masseuses, it's a handy skill to have as a mobile doll, though it can be a bit awkward trying to give a massage and have sex at the same time. And we take surprisingly little to feed, unless we're trying to enhance our measurements a bit.

            Yes, the famous Living Doll metabolism. It must be a pain in your lower back to have your breasts change size so easily.

            Haha. It would be if our back wasn't reinforced by the process. That extra reinforcement moves to our breasts when we change, by the way. Speaking of change... I think you've got time for one last question; two if they're short.

            Oh, very well then: Have you ever fallen in love?

            ... That's a mean question to ask a doll.

            I'm sorry, but it's what came to mind, I can ask something else if you'd like.

            No, no, it's fine. The answer to that is... Yes.

            Do you care to elaborate?

            Maybe some other time. We're done heeeeeere...

mannequin girl


            And that was the last thing Tessa said before she changed. Watching the process was fascinating: starting from her feet, her flesh became paler and shinier, even somewhat translucent around her toes, and the wave spread upward from there.


            As the wave went up her legs, it toned them even more than they already were, pushing a small bit of weight around and depositing it into her heart-shaped ass as it passed by. The same thing was done for her stomach, and I guess her lower back as well since her breasts jumped a cup-size when they changed. The wave hit her arms and head last, converting these without changing anything about them. So I was left in the room alone with a flawless silicone doll who had just come into her own; I wasn't sure what to do, when my cell phone rang.


            I answered it and was told that the Tessa-doll was available for sale, at only $5000. You may scoff at $5000 being an “only” but considering the much higher normal prices for a Living Doll, I snapped her up right away. Curious about the deep discount, I queried the person on the phone, and this was the answer I received:

“My daughter met her favourite author about seven years ago, and I'm afraid she became a little infatuated with him, as teenagers are wont to do with their idols. She swore then and there that she'd eventually become the inspiration for one of his stories or – failing that – keep him company after she changed. When that same man asked for an interview with a Living Doll last week, she begged me to make her dream come true. Treat her well, Mr. Roman. One of her sisters will be there to package her in a moment. She does not know I've done this and you've said nothing that I heard that would alert her. If you would do me one favour, please leave her here and allow her to be shipped to you. I want who her buyer is to be a surprise for her when her box is opened.”

            I agreed and she hung up. I stuck around as another gorgeous Living Doll came into the room, picked up her transformed sister, and placed her into a form-fitting foam case, which was then placed into a wooden box affixed with a shipping label made out to my adress. I knew then and there that it was going to be a long wait for that box to arrive.





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