Invasion of the Mannequin Snatchers

by The Sculptor

Produced by Magnus

 Author's Note: This is the ending to a story idea Magnus gave me a few years back.  The idea is an alien turning some women in an aerobics class into mannequins.  Unfortunately, this is the only thing that I felt was really good and I feel like that it stands on it's own real well.

When I got to the address of the party I noticed several of the women from class were already there waiting outside.  The invitation did say the doors would open at 7:30 p.m. and not a moment before.  I was there fifteen minutes early and started talking with my fellow classmates.  We were all dressed in sexy, shapely outfits and from what I could tell, we all wore pantyhose.  I was dressed like a superhero.  My outfit consisted of a collared long sleeve black leotard with a white stripe running down the middle of the front and back meeting at my crotch, a pair of yellow fingerless gloves, and a pair of black ankle high boots.  I tied my blonde hair into pigtails as well.  I also noticed that the women looked just like me with the smooth plastic-looking skin.  I bet they are sexless like me, I thought.

            “What kind of food do you think this party will have?” asked Betty who was dressed as a Playboy Bunny.

            “Who cares about the food.  Are there going to be any men at the party?” replied a redhead named Rose, dressed as a flower.

            “If there are I don’t know where they are going to put it.  I have been sexless for a couple of weeks now,” said Bridgett dressed as a magician.

            “Oh my god.  Me too,” several of us replied.

            “Have any of you also noticed your skin becoming more plastic like?” a blonde Hooters waitress asked.

            This got several more positive replies.

            “You want to know something weird,” I said, “for the past few weeks I have been dreaming about becoming a mannequin.”

            “Let me tell you something weird, Haley,” said a ballerina, “just last week during my lunch break, at the clothing store I work at, I went to the mannequin store room and took all my clothes off and posed with the mannequins.  I am not exactly sure how long I was in there, probably a couple of hours before they found me.  I was told later on that before they found me they went into the storeroom twice and could not find me both times.”

            “That sounds a lot more risqué than what I do.  When I go into a department store, I will sometimes pose along side with the mannequins before a sales clerk approaches me.  In fact, two weeks ago I bought a mannequin for my own “personal” use.  I mean this is so weird.  A few weeks ago, I would never have given a mannequin a second look now I am dreaming about them and I have even bought one.  I have no idea what has happened to me but I can say that whatever did happen I like it.”

            By that time seven-thirty rolled around and the doors opened reveling our host.  It was our fitness instructor Gypsy.

            “Good evening ladies,” she announced with a smile on her face, “I am so glad all of you could come tonight.”  This caught me by surprise because there were only ten of us present.  I had expected more people.

            Gypsy continued, “I have invited you ten because you have made the most progress in class.  There is plenty of refreshments and a wonderful surprise for you at the end of the evening.  Now as the saying goes ‘Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you die’.”

            At that we followed Gypsy into her house.  All of us were wondering what this surprise will be.  The house was very spacious.  As soon as you walk in there is a staircase leading to the second-floor.  A table was setup next to the stairs with all kinds of food and drink and a section of the living room was cleared to make room for dancing.

            We all broke into smaller groups.  Some of us headed to the dance floor and others to the food.  I was watching an angel and a devil doing a seductive bump and grind when Gypsy approached me.

            “Hello, Haley.  I am so glad you came.”

            “Yeah.  Thanks for inviting me.”

            “I like your superhero costume.”

            “Thank you.  It is just something I came up with.”

            “You have been my favorite student in class and I’m sure you will like the surprise the most.”  When she said that she began to rub her hand against my crotch.  Even though my sex has become smooth, the sensations have multiplied.  All I could do was just stare into her icy blue eyes.  Eyes that would make me want to do anything she said.

            I could feel myself building up to an orgasm that I wanted the world to hear.  When I started to moan Gypsy hushed me.

            “No, no,” Gypsy said, “just relax and enjoy the pleasure coursing over you.”

            When Gypsy was done, I was so weak legged that I collapsed at her feet.

            Helping me up Gypsy commented, “I know you will enjoy the surprise.”

For the next four hours the evening went on like that.  Eating, dancing, and orgasms.  Sometime later Gypsy made her announcement.

            “All right ladies it is that time of the evening to revel the surprise.  It is in the basement if you will just follow me down there.”

            We then eagerly followed Gypsy into the basement wondering what the surprise is.  When we got into the basement Gypsy went over to a bare wall and pushed a brick in revealing a mirrored secret room containing twenty mannequins in various poses and all nude.  One of the mannequins looked like the fitness instructor that Gypsy replaced.  In addition to the mannequins were ten rod stands with vibrators on top and at the base of each stand was a green pod like the types in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

            “This is my mannequin collection,” Gypsy announced rather proudly, “Over the years I have been collecting and tonight I would like to add ten more mannequins.  Go ahead and take a look at my mannequins admire their beauty.”

            At Gypsy’s command we walked over to the mannequins and began running our hands over their cool plastic bodies.  It was making me hot feeling the mannequins.  I was wondering what it must be like for the mannequins to be feeling so many hands running over your most intimate areas.

            “Gypsy, what are these ten rod stands for?” the devil asked.

            “Ah that is the surprise.  Those rod stands are for you ladies.  I want you to mount them and to join my mannequin collection.”

            “Are you saying what I think you are saying,” another woman, dressed like a nurse, asked, “You want us to become mannequins.”

            “That is exactly what I want.  You are all so lovely and your beauty must be preserved for all time.”

            Oh my god, I thought, it’s true.  It’s really true.  All the weeks of dreaming and desiring is going to come true.  I am going to become a mannequin.  This is great.  This is wonderful.  This is heaven.

            “Gypsy, I think I speak for all the women here when I say this we will become your newest mannequins.  When do we start?” I said.

            “Right now.  Strip for me and mount your stands.”

            Soon we were all out of our costumes and were heading over to the rod stands to begin our new lives.  Looking at all of us in the mirrors I could not help but think that we look almost perfect with our semi-plastic skin, but soon that will change once we mount the stands.  Soon we will become plastic and give up all our cares of the world.  I just wish that Erica could be here to enjoy this with me.

We were then mounted on our stands and posed waiting for our dreams to be fulfilled.  The feelings of the stand sliding up my pussy were and are indescribable.

            “Thank you for everything Gypsy,” I said.

            “Don’t worry ladies.  You will remain conscious and continue to feel.  That is why I topped the rod stands with vibrators.  Therefore, you can feel pleasure like you have never felt before for all eternity.  Plus it help speeds up the final changes.”  Gypsy then activated the vibrators.

            I could feel waves of pleasure starting in my pelvis and course through my body.  Each wave kept getting stronger than the last.  In the mirror, I could see separation lines forming on my body.  Through the orgasmic haze, I could feel my body’s function slow down at first and then stop.  I could also feel my skin becoming harder and more plastic like with each passing wave.

            Yes, yes, yes.  It is finally happening.  Oh, god I look so good.  We all look so good.  We are perfect.  We are immortal.  We are mannequins.  I don’t want this to ever end.  I don’t want to turn back.  I want to stay this way forever.  Some of the other have finally crossed over.  When I am going to cross over.  Is that what I think it is.  It is separation lines are beginning to form over my body.  Those other mannequins, I bet they also enjoy what Gypsy has done to them.  Wish I could talk to them though.  Oh well.  Oh god.  It is finally happening.  I am going to be crossing over soon.  Oh, god it feels so good.  I am plastic.  I am eternal beauty.  I am immortal.  I am a mannequin.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  YEEEEESSSSSSSS.

            With my last moments as a human I managed to stammer out, “G-g-g-ood B-b-bye, G-g-g-ypsy.  T-t-t-hank y-y-y-ou.”  I then put a sexy smile on my face letting the world know that I was enjoying this.  After giving up my humanity the orgasms definitely did begin to get better, since I am now hollow plastic.

            All women should become like this, I thought before the orgasms caused me to black out.

            I gained consciousness a short time later.  When I came to I realized I was in a small dark space.

            What is going on?  Where am I?  Why can I move, I thought.  Suddenly light began to fill the space I was in and that was when I noticed I was in one of the pods at the base of the rod stands that I saw when I entered the basement.  I climbed out of my pod along with the other women who were invited to the party.

            I gasped when I saw myself in the mirror.  Me and the other women were no longer mannequins or even mannequin looking.  We were restored to full humanity.  Our sexes, pubic, and body hair has all been restored.  What just happened to us?  Was it all just a wonderful erotic dream?  I then noticed an object in the mirror behind me.  I turned around to look at and found myself staring into the face of not just a mannequin but a mannequin that looks just like and having the same pose I had assumed moments ago.  I also noticed the other women examining the other mannequins that looked just like them.

            “Gypsy, what is going on here?  I thought we just joined your collection of perfect body mannequins,” I asked completely stunned at what was happening.

            “You did join the collection in a way.  Let me explain what has happened.  The birthing process is always a bit confusing for the doubles.”  Doubles, what does she mean by doubles.

            “Ladies in a way you have just become mannequins.  You see those mannequins are the women you have been created to replace.  You are endowed with all their memories and personalities including their most recent memories of becoming mannequins.  They think I was being very generous in granting their desires to become mannequins.  When in fact I have been using them making them think that they want to become mannequins.  If they knew they that this is all part of my plan to conquer this planet I bet none of them would have been so “willing” to go along with it,” Gypsy explained to us as she was caressing each of her newest mannequins.  She spent a little bit more time on a mannequin that according to my memories I knew was me but was really some woman named Haley that had no idea what she was getting herself into.

            It’s true, I thought, I know it sounds crazy but deep down inside I know it to be true.  And these women have no idea what they have helped just unleash on their planet.

            “Now ladies get dressed, say goodbye to yourselves, and follow me to the study where I shall explain the plan to you,” Gypsy said.

            “So long, Haley.  I will watch out for Erica and maybe sometime soon you will get to see her again.  Of course that might be when she mounts a rod stand of her own.”

            Just before leaving the basement, Gypsy turned the rod stand vibrators off and closed the secret room leaving her ten newest mannequins to think about what she said if any of them were conscious during the speech.

            While leaving the basement, I was thinking, with Haley’s personality and memories, that even if she knew the truth of the whole situation she would be an unwilling participant but would have enjoyed the orgasmic ride.


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