It’s a Job

by Muscleborg

   One day I was reading my magazine when I spotted an ad:

“WANTED. Young Men for a sex cyborg purpose! Call 1-800-465-7700 to schedule a meeting.”

   “Hmm….” I thought to myself as I read the article to myself a few more times. Deciding to check it out, I picked up the phone and dialed the number.   

   “Hello?” a female voice said from the other end.

   “Yeah, um, I just saw your ad and I was interested. Could you schedule me an appointment for Joshua Cages?”

   “Yes,” she said, “You will have an appointment with Dr. Togan at 3:43 p.m. Please come to the Windalare skyscraper downtown. Thank you," she said as she hung up on me.

   “That’s a weird time to have a meeting,” I thought to myself as I got into the car and headed downtown.

            As I parked outside the skyscraper, I looked up at it in amazement. It was the tallest skyscraper in the entire city. It had a futuristic look to it as I walked to the front doors, seeing them automatically slide open. I walked inside to see a huge foyer that had several couches with men and women sitting on them. At the far end of the foyer there was a receptionist desk between two doors. One door had men walking in while another had men walking out. All of the men exiting wore the same thing: A pair of leather pants with black boots and an open leather jacket that revealed parts of their bare chests. I walked up to the receptionist’s desk and saw that she was expecting me.

            “You're Joshua Cages, who has the appointment with Dr. Togan?” she asked me. 

            “Uh…Yeah. That’s me.” I stammered out. She remained expressionless.

            “Right this way.” She said as she got up and walked to the side of the foyer with me following. She finally reached the wall and I saw there was a hidden door when she slid it open to reveal a small office with a desk and a chair and table in front of it.

            “Wait here for Dr. Togan.” She finally said as she closed the door to leave me alone in the office. I sat down in the chair and waited. A few minutes later, a small middle-aged man walked in through a door on the side and sat down in the desk’s chair.

            “Hello. I’m Dr. Togan. And you are Joshua, correct?” he asked me while taking a few papers out of his desk drawer.

            “Yep, that’s me. So what is this place anyway?” I asked him as he finally got all of his papers together. 

            “This is Malecorp. We take willing men and transform them into tall and buff sex cyborgs that women can rent. Here is the catalog we use for them to select from as he handed me a thin glossy bound document. I flipped through the magazine to see men all dressed in the same outfit I had seen in the foyer earlier. I also saw that they were all the same size and I looked at the names of a few. There was Ant300 or “Antonio”, Mrk 250 or “Mark”, and Crg500 or “Craig”.

            “This is the same catalog with the same cyborgs only the adult version.” He continued handing me another thicker catalog. I flipped through it and saw the same men, only naked. They all had large muscles and pecs, and rock hard abs. they also all had large, hairless cocks, which was probably why they were rented so often. They all had different skin tones, faces, and hair, but their body sizes were all the same. 

            “So,” he said as he started talking again, “are you still interested?”

            “You Bet!” I said excitedly, wondering what would happen next.

            “Good, now before we begin, I need you to sign this contract,” He said as he handed me the contract and a pen. I quickly signed it, so excited I thought I was going to explode.  

            “Just tell me what happens now!"

            “Good,” he said as he slid the contract in his lab coat, “Now follow me this way so we can begins," he said as he opened the door he came through. The other end was so bright that you couldn’t see what was on the other side. I followed in after him, excited that I was going to become a sexborg. We walked down a long hall way until we finally reached a large laboratory. There were computers lining the walls and a small one right in front of a giant cylinder-like pod. It was 8 feet tall and pretty big, having wires and other technology protruding from it and plugged in to other computers.

            “This is our transformation pod. If you would please strip and step inside, we can begin.” He said. I took of my clothes rather quickly and stepped inside the pod. A glass door shut me in and I could hear Dr. Togan’s voice over the speaker.  

            “I’ll need you to stand up straight and be still. In a moment your mind will go to sleep while your body stays in that position during the process. I’ll wake you up when it’s done.” He finished. I obliged and stood up straight. I kept my naked body still and felt as it locked itself into place. I felt a sensation come up my body and I quickly fell asleep… 


           Dr. Togan entered a final sequence into the computer as he looked at the frozen naked body in the pod. On the inside of the pod, a giant needle same out of the ceiling and injected its contents on the center of Joshua’s chest. The needle injected millions of nanites in his body so they could do their work. They worked for hours on the inside of his body, changing him into a cyborg. The results wouldn’t be visible until the very end, but doctor Togan could wait. Finally the computer asked him INTERIO WORK COMPLETE. BEGIN EXTERIOR? The doctor typed in YES and walked up to see the final transformation. First, all of the hair on his body fell of. His body was left completely bald until synthetic fibers grew on his head and took the shape of his haircut before. But the rest of the body was left bald. Then, his two nipples on his chest were changed by the nanites into two USB ports. And on his back at his waist, another one formed in his skin right above his crack. Also on his upper back, two robotic arms placed a control panel and it fused into his back and covered it with synthetic skin. The nanites then released the small amount of a steroid like chemical into his bloodstream before exiting out his anus and into the drain. Togan saw how Joshua increased in height and began getting enhanced muscle. His pectoral muscles bulged as ripples started appearing on his abdomen, leaving his torso very muscular. Hi biceps and triceps grew, but not to where they were huge. Once all of his muscles were enhanced and fat disintegrated, the computer asked AWAKEN SPECIMEN? YES Togan typed as he saw Joshua waking up.

            I woke up to find that I could move my body again. Then I heard Dr. Togan’s voice over the speaker.

            “I just finished the transformation. I’m going to switch the pod to mirror mode so you can look at your new body, Then we have more work to do.” He finally finished before switching the pod to mirror mode. I saw that all of the sides of the pod suddenly turned to mirrors and I took a first new look at my new body. I felt taller and more buff as I looked at my sexy body. Then I noticed that I had no nipples, but strange USB ports where my nipples used to be. As I reached down to feel them some kind of covers slid over them, giving my chest a natural appearance.

            “Those are USB ports on your chest and you’ll find out what those are for later. But the rest of the time you have nipple covers to make it look human. You also have one on your lower back above your anus.” He continued, I saw and felt that he was right. There was another USB port right there except this one remained unconcealed. Then I saw that my entire body was naked except for my head, which had some kind of fake hair replacing my old hair. My penis and balls were slightly larger, but for some reason, I wouldn’t stiffen. Then I noticed that on my upper back there was some flesh colored cover level with my skin. I was about to try to remove it when I was interrupted.

            That’s for your ladies to touch when you are rented. Now come on, I need to get you ready.” He said as the mirrors disappeared and the pod’s door opened. I stepped out still completely naked and followed Dr. Togan through another door. We came into a humongous warehouse that had tons of human sized pods racked up many levels high like at the dry cleaners.

            “From now on, you’ll be JSH349 or “Joshua” he said to me as he typed in my new code number into the computer. The pods on the racks started moving at fast speeds until an empty one stopped directly in front of us. Its glass door opened up to reveal a cushioned back and I laid inside of it. I felt something come out of the back and plug into the USB at my back. I felt though like I was being charged and then the doctor said,

            “You’ll enter sleep mode in a minute. When you are rented, you exit sleep mode and the pod opens. We normally have many rented, so just follow another droid and watch what he does, understood?”

            “Yeah.” I said as I saw the glass close and myself suddenly asleep


           The feeling of just waking up returned to me as the door to my pod opened and I stepped out, still completely naked. I looked at my pod and saw I was only asleep for a day or so, it was 2 in the afternoon, and I didn’t know what to do next. Then I saw another guy awaken and step out of his pod. He was African American and bald, but the rest of his features were the same to mine. He walked over to the other side of the room and went through a door marked “CHANGEROOM.”

           I followed him inside and was amazed of what I saw. It was a long room with rows of lockers extending all the way to the end. The lockers were on the right side, but the man was walking to the left. I followed him to find a row of clear shower- like units all along the left wall. I saw him step in front of one and say “SCAN.” Immediately a scanner came out of the floor in front of the showers. It was and open ended box on a stick, that’s inside walls were glowing. To my surprise, he stuck his penis in it and the box scanned his penis. Then it replied “Accepted Jhn 456.” Then the shower door opened and he stepped inside with the door closing on him.

           I went to the shower next to him and said in an unsure voice “SCAN” A small scanner bow just like the other on came out of the floor and was level with my crotch. I walked forward and slid my cock in and it started scanning. It felt warm and good but then stopped and replied “accepted JSH349.” The shower door opened up and I stepped inside to see the door close behind me and the shower automatically start. The water was the perfect temperature and felt good on my naked muscular body. The shower was a large cube and I saw that the walls between the shower were clear.

           I saw that Jhn 456 was already wet and held his hand out under another little nozzle in the wall. A gooey substance came out and landed in his hand and he rubbed it all over his body. I did the same and soon I had the same gooey substance. I rubbed in my hair fist and felt the goop’s warmness on my head. I them did the rest of my body and muscles, and soon I was rubbing it all over my penis and balls. After I was completely covered, the shower washed It all of and strange dryers came out of the backside of the shower. They started blowing warm air on my body and I saw that the same thing was happening in the other shower. Once we were both dry, the shower doors opened and we both stepped out simultaneously. I then followed him down the side looking at the edges of the locker rows. The lockers were in alphabetical order and soon we came to the “J” row. 

           In the middle of the row between the lockers were ten sinks, 5 pairs back to back. Each sink had a mirror and under all of them was a long metal tub extending all through out  the row. The tub had a drain in the center, but I ignored that. I walked reading the lockers and soon found mine that was labeled “JSH349” I stepped up to it and saw that it required the same type of identification scan as the showers. It scanned my penis and the locker opened up to reveal its contents. It had a leather jacket and leather pants hanging from the rail and boots and a small package at the bottom. I also saw that on a little shelf on the inside door was a small towel and some kind of shaving cream. There was also a razor.

          I looked at “John” and saw him grab the items on the shelf and walk over to one of the sinks. I grabbed my stuff and went to the sink next to him. He got his face wet and began to shave. I was also surprised that at the same time he was shaving, he was also urinating into the tub under the sinks. I looked in my mirror and saw that I had a 5 o’clock shadow, so I started shaving. I saw that as soon as I started shaving, I unintentionally started peeing. Once I was done shaving and peeing, I walked back to my locker. I went ahead and looked to see what “John” was doing. He had just grabbed the small package and was tearing it open. I saw that is was a red athletic jockstrap. I looked at “John” and he was slipping them on. I pulled mine on and they were tight but not too tight. Once I got them on, I looked in the mirror. It covered the front between the legs but in the back it just had two supporters running down the side to meet in between my legs. The rest of my anus was uncovered and, I had noticed it was bald. Then I looked at “John” who was still just in underwear, and saw a large lump in between his legs. I looked down and saw that I had a large lump, bigger than it was before, just like his. And neither of us had stiffened.

          I pulled on the black leather pants and saw that they had a small logo in the thigh that said “MALECORP” in white letters. My bulge was partly hidden by the pants, but you could still see it was large. I put on the boots and tied them then finally put on my leather jacket. I left it open like the droids I saw earlier, so my bare muscular chest was visible. I closed my locker right with “John” and followed him to the other side of the room next to the door that led into the lobby.

         There was a small flat screen panel on the right side and “JOHN” walked up to it and pulled his jacket open even farther. Then his nipple covers receded, and I saw that they were USB ports. Then, to my shock, two USB metal connecters slid out of the wall and right into his corresponding ports! Data began to flash on the screen and he stood perfectly still. Finally, a women’s picture appeared on the screen along with things about her. He nodded, disconnected with the computer and his nipples slid back, and he walked out the door, leaving me alone.

          I walked up to the monitor, pulled back my jacket, and saw it happen again. The covers to my ports opened and the connectors plugged right in. The sensation felt like someone shoved metal poles into my chest and paralyzed me. I saw data flowing through the screen and into my brain. Finally it stopped, and a red headed women’s face appeared on the screen.     





            The computer asked me if I had received all the data and I nodded “YES” The connectors receded and my nipple covers came back down. I let my jacket down and walked out the door back into the foyer. It was five, so it would be getting dark soon. I walked up to the same receptionist's desk I had seen when I first came her and said. “I’m here for Sarah Baker.”   

            “Right, she replied and picked up her microphone and said. “Sarah Baker, please come to pick up JSH349.” She finished. I saw that the foyer was still just as busy and I saw a red headed girl make her way to the front. “Here I am!” she said, short of breath.

            “Mrs. Baker, he due back at noon tomorrow, understood?”

            “Yes, I know” she said, and grabbed me by the arm. “Hi! I’m Sarah, and while I’m renting you, I’ll call you Josh, ok?” 

            “Okay Sarah.” I said and we walked out of the building. This was the first time in two say I had been outside, and it felt good. We came to her car, which was an old mustang, and hopped in. I rode in the passenger seat as we drove to the suburbs outside the city. We finally made it to her house, and parked the car. We went to the door and she jumbled the keys trying to unlock the door. We walked in and I saw her living room.

            “Just look around for a couple of minutes, while I get ready.” she said as she walked through a door in the back of the living room. I saw that she had no pictures of anyone in her home, so she must have been lonely. After a few minutes I heard:

            “Okay, you can come back now” she said in a sweet voice. I went through the door in a hall way till I made it at the end which had a door ajar. I walked in a bedroom with a king-sized bed, with her on her side laying on it. Naked. 

            “Come on, I only have till noon tomorrow, and I don’t want to waste any time. She said as she beckoned me onto the bed. I threw off my boots and jackets and they landed on the floor, soon joined by my pants and underwear. We both layed naked on the bed and finally she said:

            “O.K., now sit up. I sat up on the edge on the bed and she was playing with my control panel cover when she said,

            “Wait, I heard you’re new, so you’ve never seen your control panel before, right?”

            “Uh yeah,” I said, wondering what she would do next.

            “Well, come look at it so you’ll know it’s there.” She said as she dragged me into the bathroom. It was small, and the fact that there was a 6’3” tall guy and a 5’7” girl who were both naked didn’t help much. She turned me around so my back was facing the mirror and gave me a small mirror to use. I saw her take of the cover on my pack and it revealed a black control panel with several black knobs. One was an on/off switch and the rest were level settings, one through ten. She started reading what the switches said:

            “This on/off one says erection,” and she flipped it on. Suddenly my penis erected to an amazing 8” length! She looked at it, and then continued on:

            “Most of these level switches are under a label “Hair” There’s “FACIAL” and she turned it and I felt hair growing on my face. “Chest” she continued,” and my chest got some hair. “Arms” and my arms got hairy like they used to be. “Legs” and my legs also got hairier. “Trunk” and I felt little hairs growing on my anus. “And Crotch” she finished as she turned it, having hair grow around my penis and balls. Then she played around for a few more minutes until she was satisfied. I had hairy arms and legs, and a pretty hairy crotch. The rest was left bald. Then she continued:

            “This last switch says “Arousal”. OOOOOh…” she sighed “Let’s make that a level eight.” as she turned the knob to the right. I suddenly felt extremely aroused and knew what to do. I picked her up and carried her into the bed, and we got started. I was having sex for the first time as a robot. I was really sad when we had to stop……..

           It was 11:45 and we were in the car on our way back to Malecorp. It was silence until she spoke.

            That was fun last night, when we had sex,” she said and continued, “I think next time I’ll rent you again.”

            “That would be nice.” I replied as we parked in the Malecorp parking lot. We walked in together and parted our separate ways. She went to the desk to check me in as I followed the other men through the door on the right side of the desk. I walked through the doors and saw I was in the storage room. The other guys had stripped right there and thrown their clothes down a chute so they could be cleaned. I did the same and walked up to the computer and typed in my model number. The pods of sleeping male cyborgs moved around as mine came to a stop in front of me. I stepped into mine and felt the charging plug insert and was falling asleep when I thought:

            “I can’t believe I get to do this for the rest of my life! I can’t believe it’s a job!” I thought as I fell into a deep dreamless sleep……………


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