Jealousy is such a Hassel-hoff

by BigBird
Manip by MadBird


Jennifer stood in the shower with piping hot water running down her supple body. The steam completely fogged up the door obscuring any view into from the locker room, not that it mattered since she was still wearing her swimsuit. Now that she was done with work, she just wanted to quickly rinse the salt water off before heading home. She had big plans tonight. She was going to meet up with him, *sigh* with Mitch.

She let her mind drift off as the relaxing water softly pelted down on her. *Sigh* Mitch was so handsome. And so caring. And so wonderful. And..."Hmmm, I must have been sitting in that lifeguard house for too long, my muscles are all stiff," Jennifer interrupted her own train of thought. But she slid back into her daydream soon enough.

"Oh Mitch is just so cool," she idly drifted off again. "He's even got a cool car. It talks to him and everything. But it does call him 'Michael' which is odd, but it doesn't matter, it's still totally awesome." Her daydreaming was broken again as she became conscious over her slowed movements. "Gah, why am I having such a hard time moving? And my skin, it feels... taut. But I'm washing the salt OFF; this isn't right! What is in this water?" She thought, distressed. She decided that she'd been in the shower long enough and reached forward to turn off the tap. This was strange. The familiar sound of water splashing on her skin was gone, replaced by sounds like the drumming of raindrops on a hollow plastic container. Finally she succeeded in turning off the tap, but her arm moved so slowly! And the skin at her wrist was folding in on itself, leaving a line around the base of her palm. She felt so stiff; her very muscles seemed to be resisting her commands to move. Her already hairless legs were taking on a glossy sheen, and the same slight folding of the skin was happening at her ankles and midway along her thigh! What was going on?

"Is that you in there, Jennifer?" came Gina's voice from the locker room. Jennifer turned with agonizingly slow speed from the showerhead to face the door. "Gina? Yes...I'm..." she tried to say but froze completely mid-sentence. She was locked that final position, slightly turned towards the door.

Gina casually opened the door to Jennifer's shower and poked her head in.

"Help me Gina, I can't move!" Jennifer wanted to call out, but no sound came.

"Ah, I see you've found the special soap I left for you," Gina said with a smile. "You see, Mitch is my Mitch. And I can't have you chasing after him and tempting him away from me, like you've been doing."

"What are you talking about?" Jennifer thought. "Are you responsible for this? For freezing me? All because Mitch asked me out? And you blame me for his actions?"

"So," Gina's voice dropped to a very low tone, "I've taken steps to ensure that you don't meddle in my love life any more." She picked up Jennifer's impossibly light body and removed her from the shower. "It's nothing too drastic. Well, nothing I can't live with at least. You're a pretty girl, and you like to show off your body, so I've found a new occupation for you which will still let you do just that. Heck, you'll still be able to save people from drowning, assuming someone uses your hollow plastic body as a flotation device! Ha ha ha!"

"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE, GINA?" Jennifer screamed and struggled to no avail.

She couldn't move in the slightest way. She was utterly helpless as Gina circled her rigid body, feeling her up and obviously enjoying every minute of this torture.

Gina, standing behind Jennifer so she could better cup her breasts, purposely leaned her head forward over Jennifer's shoulder. Jennifer's immobile face stared up at Gina's, as the vile woman domineered over the still mannequin.

The look of abject fear on Jen's face, frozen there 30 seconds earlier, still accurately conveyed her emotions. She remained terrified.

"You're going to be a mannequin now, Jennifer. I'm afraid I won't be able to sell you to a store near the beach, since I never want anyone to recognize you. But, wherever you end up, I'm sure you'll get to show off the swim wear you love so much," Gina said plainly. "Now, let's get you out of that uniform. I simply can't have anyone recognize you from that either," she began to strip Jennifer of her last shreds of dignity.

"NOOOOO!!! You can't do this to me! I'm not responsible for you're ruined love life. Hell, you're a total bitch. Clue in girl, you're turning me into a mannequin - why do you think people don't like you!"

Jennifer inwardly shuddered as Gina's hands cupped her breasts as she continued to remove her swimsuit "Please, Gina, turn me back. We'll talk this over. How long are you going to keep me like this? Tell me it isn't permanent!"

Gina couldn't hear Jennifer, or chose not to, as she completed stripping the plasticized lifeguard.

Jennifer started to panic. "GINA, HOW LONG? What did you say; 'sell' and not 'rent'. Gina? Why did you say 'never want anyone to recognize you'? HOW LONG IS THIS PUNISHMENT?"





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