An Animated Wish

by Johnsan


I watched as Jeannie walked into the room. She was dressed in a costume that I recognized. She was wearing a long sparkly reddish gown and long black gloves. A pair of red stiletto heels and a microphone completed her outfit. Jeannie was dressed like Jessica Rabbit and being as sexy as she could be. She purred at me “Do you like me honey?” and brought her ample bosoms close to me so they filled up my view of her.

“Of course! I’ve always wanted and desired you Jeannie!” I smiled as my lips wanted to wrap around those tightly held breasts.

“You know I’m not a bad girl. I’m just drawn that way!” she giggled and rubbed herself against me then sat in my lap. I smelled her perfume and felt her warmth against me and felt my desire rising. She put her arms around me and smiled “I’ll perform for you and see if I can get a rise out of you sweetie!” she winked and grinned. She then stood up and began to sing to the song she turned on .

It was sultry and sexy like Jeannie. She was moving and sliding her gloved hands on me in synch with the music. Each caress so sensual that my body was responding. My breathing was growing more rapid as my skin was becoming more flushed. The tightness in my crotch was growing more and more uncomfortable. My desire wanted out and it wanted my sexy singing animated siren.

I could see Jeannie’s smile grow wider as she saw my growing mound. She didn’t stop singing but licked her lips and ran her gloved fingertips over the tented denim of my jeans. She then sat gently in my lap her hands still on her microphone and ground her behind against me. Jeannie then leaned down and paused her song to kiss me our tongues meeting and tasting each others desire.

She then stood up and continued singing. With each step and caress her dress seemed to slip lower and lower. When her breasts were uncovered she put them in my face. My lips touched her full erect nipples. The dress had a long slit so I could see her long firm athletic leg. It also allowed her to sit on my lap again rubbing her behind against my obvious chubby but this time facing me her legs astride me. My smiling vamp again pushed her lovely big breasts into my face her left arm around my shoulder and her right arm holding her microphone.

I let my hands rub against her legs and then held her waist. I used my mouth, lips and tongue on her nipples and breasts. Jeannie ended her song as my lips began touching her but she still held the microphone and moaned softly as I made love to her bosoms. She then used her left hand to unzip my jeans. Jeannie continued to wriggle against me as I kissed and sucked on her breasts. Her gloved left hand then grasped my rod and she squeezed it and smiled at me. “Oh you do love me don’t you?!” . I felt her lips press against mine again. She then stood up and began to hum as she danced in her red heels.

Jeannie did a slow strip tease as she wriggled out of her dress. It slowly fell down about her long firm legs and pooled at her feet. She gently nudged it aside and I could see her naked breasts and long legs. Jeannie wore nothing but a black thong and those long black opera gloves. “Your turn master honey!” she giggled. I grinned at that we would pretend that I found her in a bottle and she was my genie. Jeannie pushing her naked boobs against me slowly began to remove my clothing as I sat in the chair. “It’s only fair after all honey!” she grinned.

Soon I was naked and sitting as Jeannie continued to dance about me getting me even more aroused. She then got down on her knees and pressed her full red lips on the tip of my erection. She kissed the head and then the shaft with a sexy smile on her face looking up at me from time to time. “Mmm Master has a present for me!” she grinned and then took me in.

I watched as my sexy Jessica Rabbit double kissed and sucked my hard rod. I was in heaven as she went to work on me. Her lips and tongue not to mention her mouth were expert in giving me pleasure. It was like my manhood was a Popsicle and it was a hot day.

I moaned in enjoyment and Jeannie moaned as well almost as an accompaniment to my utterances of pleasure.

But just before I climaxed she got up and began to dance again. Jeannie smiled as she moved around me and hummed a tune she’d sung earlier. This time she ran a finger around the waistband of her black thong. She let it snap back and smiled then slowly began to pull it down. Soon it was around her ankles and Jeannie picked it up and used it to dangle over my stiff erection using it like floss on me.

Jeannie then tossed it aside and again straddled me this time letting me enter into her womanhood. My arms grasped her waist as her hands rubbed her breasts and squeezed them as she and I moved up and down in a harmonious manner that brought joy to us both. Up and down we both thrust as my tongue reached out to caress her nipples. Jeannie moaned even louder this time and so did I. “Oh master!! Ohhhhmmmmmm!!!!” she hissed as we thrust together.

Together we moved in unison up and down , up and down over and over. Our moans and breathing becoming more rapid for the latter and louder for the former. “Oh master oh master love me master love your genie master! Make a wish and I’ll grant it master!!!” she moaned with her eyes closed as we both finally climaxed together.

With a grin I said “Be my Jeannie Rabbit doll forever!!”

Jeannie giggled and moaned as I slowly moved upwards with my hip pushing my stiff rod into her oh so sensitive hole. Jeannie then looked at me and kissed me wetly then like in the television series folded her arms and blinked.

It was with a great deal of shock I saw her disappear in a flash.


On the floor as I looked around for her in a panic I saw a small doll with red hair and wearing that Jessica Rabbit outfit just like the one Jeannie had worn.


I gently picked up the doll. Her eyes sparkled and from somewhere I heard Jeannie’s voice.

“Your wish has been granted master!”

I couldn’t believe it but somehow it was true! Jeannie had changed into a doll.









It was later that night that Jeannie gave me another surprise ...


“Oh master! I can be another kind of Jeannie Rabbit doll as well!” and to my astonishment the little doll blinked again.

The tiny doll disappeared and a life-sized silicone version of Jeannie appeared next to me.


“See, master, I might be a doll forever but your genie doll can still use her powers to make you very happy!!”




Jeannie now my actual genie and my doll was right that night and every day since!!






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