by go-gofan [M.P.]

The chief scientists at the Facility never totally realized what an amazing accomplishment they had achieved when Jenny was completed. At five foot three, with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, Jenny would have been the perfect spokesmodel for anything from cosmetics to the most mundane of advertisement. Her soft curves were in perfect symmetry at 36 23 36 and her smooth rounded body was a pale shade of luminous white.

But to Ben Anronld Jenny meant something even more. He had seen her since the first parts were assembled and was there when she spoke her first words. They had all laughed at the childish baby like talk but Ben knew from that instant that he had seen the girl of his dreams. Even though she wasn't human it did not matter to him one iota.

Later that week he punched out on his time card for the last time and hid in the company storage shed. He knew from the years that he had worked there that the storage area was the least protected by security and it would be from here that he and Jenny would make their escape to a new life.

As the sun got lower in the western sky Ben could see the shadows of the light creep away from the shed doorway. He listened for a few seconds to make sure that the sounds of the night cleaning crew faded. Sure now that he was alone, he opened the door. The Facility was an eerie place at night. The machinery cast elongated shadows over the floor in the encroaching moonlight and from where Ben stood he could hear the sounds of the crickets echoing off the walls from their hiding places. He made his way down a passage to the main testing room where his love awaited him.

The testing room was a spacious area made up of several work shops and various work tables. But the object of his devotion stood in one corner bathed under a fine blue light. Jenny was dressed in a gossamer thin gown of iridescent blue that sparkled with little bangles of silver and black.

He started to reach out to caress her angelic face but quickly stopped himself, remembering the alarm. He had remembered when the Scientists installed the "protector" as they called it. Anything that broke the mist surrounding Jenny would activate an alarm that would release a deadly gas killing the thief instantly. It was only disarmed during the day or by whoever had the security code. And naturally Ben had generously bribed one of the ex-security men to divulge the code to him.

Ben gently blew his beautiful Jenny a kiss and said to her "Only a few more minutes, my love." Then he set to work unarming the alarm. He turned on the computer consoles and typed in the bypass code and in seconds the fine mist dissolved into nothingness.

Then like a child in a fine toy shop he walked over to the inert form of Jenny and, carefully grasping her around the waist, picked her up like a life size wind up doll. She was incredibly light for her size yet built solidly. The scientists had constructed her of the finest titanium so she was almost indestructible. Yet on her outside surfaces they had used a revolutionary new polymer solution that when sprayed over her outer casing gave the impression of taught smooth skin. He went to the work table and picked up what appeared to be a large remote control device. He pointed it at the still, doll-like angel before him and with a click of the button she sprang to life.

"Hello Jenny." Said Ben. "I am going to take you on a little journey tonight and then you and I are going to live happily ever after together."

Then taking her little hand in his he helped her down from the pedestal and they made their way into the hallways of the Facility.

To Be Continued...

Note: Hope you all enjoyed this short story start. I haven't written in a while but I will try to give all of you a conclusion to this story. Later, M.P.3/30/2000

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