The Adventures of Julie Bot, Part III -- Project Handmaiden

by Knyght




"Master...? Purpose.of.activity...?"

"Subconscious program insertion, Julie. Instigate a level 2 memory purge and shut down all non-regulated systems."



The nightclub is crowded, packed with socialites looking for a good time. Bodies press and writhe on the dance floor as techno music blasts over the scene. Waitresses serve drinks at the bar while the darker corners hold couples engaged in discrete intimacy. The city's best and brightest gather here to watch and be watched.

You move among them seamlessly, a wolf among the sheep. Your hunter/seeker mode has been honed to perfection and you are now indistinguishable from the humans around you. A low-cut blue party dress hugs your sensual curves, disguising your mechanical components while revealing enough to entice the unwary. A pair of contact lenses hide your blank eyes, with a set of sunglasses thrown in for good measure. Your low-light ocular program can see perfectly well regardless.

In the lower recesses of your mind, you hear the signals from the other fembot units in the master's harem. You've made quite a collection in the last few months: the stable currently stands at four and you have been ordered to add a fifth tonight. Most of them are currently in orgasm-loop mode, but one -- Rachel Bot -- is engaged in sensual stimulation in the Master's lab. You hope to share in his... data... when you successfully complete your mission.

You spotted the target the instant you walked in the door -- a leggy blonde identified by your files as Debra Edmonds -- but haven't moved on her right away. You need privacy to properly robotify her, and a crowded nightclub is the wrong place. So you mingle with the crowd, dance with other patrons (both men and women), and even imbibe a little alcohol just to maintain the illusion. The processor units in what used to be your stomach ensure that the liquid evaporates harmlessly. Finally, after nearly two hours of exchanging discrete eye contact with her, you make your move.

Your social programming kicks in, allowing you to engage in witty banter with her. You ask about her job (accountant), her marital status (single, no family), and her willingness to engage in sexual activity (straight, but flirting with bisexuality), and have her respond in kind. She smiles engagingly and asks you about your own preferences. Each question invokes a preprogrammed response within your brain, delivered with impeccable naturalism. After a few drinks and exchanged gropings, you exit the main bar for a little more privacy.

Your hunter/seeker mode comes online as you fumble your way to the rear exit. She presses against your body and kisses you several times while sliding her fingers beneath your dress. You allow her to fondle you while leading her to an abandoned service tunnel near the rear entrance. You pass a few other couples engaged in romantic interaction, only to have them gradually peter out by the time you reach your destination. The hallway is abandoned and dimly lit: the perfect spot for a conversion.

Holding her against the wall, you fire an electrostun beam from your wrist into her body. She freezes as electricity plays up and down her body, helpless to move. You don't want her screaming before the process begins.

"Designate.Debra.Edmonds," you intone, removing your glasses, "You.have.been.selected.for.robotic.conversion.Do.not.resist."

You pull her strapless top down, revealing her bare breasts, then fire the interface cables from your own. They connect to her nipples with a satisfying *thuck!* and you can see the nanocircuitry spread across her flesh. In a moment, you'll have access to her nervous system and the robotification can begi--

The nanocircuits strike metal beneath the soft pink of her skin, connecting to a preestablished series of ports. Beneath the flesh of your target is another robotic system. Without warning, a surge travels up the cables back into your body, overloading your program. You feel a blast of electrons riding through your circuits, up your nervous system and into your brain. All primary and secondary functions freeze as a wave of foreign data washes over you. You feel programs shutting down against protocols, ordered to by this foreign invasion. Your hands fall to your sides, your muscles moving against your will. Your conversion circuitry goes dormant, allowing another flood of data to invade your body.

            *Warning!* your internal monitors scream. * Defensive.parameters.offline...muscle.control.offline...primary.syst--*

With a abrupt buzz, the program falls silent, overwhelmed by Edmonds' invasive virus. You stand frozen in the corridor, unable to move. The cables detach from your would-be target and retract into your chest. Your eyes stare blankly ahead as you struggle to assert some sort of order over your system. As you do so, your intended target looks you up and down -- moving with the regularity of a computer scanner — then walks slowly toward you. Her bare breasts bounce slightly as she produces a strange silver collar from her purse and snaps it around your neck. You can feel it sink into the port at the base of your skull. A low humming sounds, and suddenly, you can move again. But you are not in control of your actions; you muscles respond to an invisible stream of electronic orders issuing from somewhere... else.

*Unit JB-001* a strange voice sounds in your head, *you will accompany Drone designate Debra Edmonds to Central Processing*

*Negative* you reply. *Designate.Debra.Edmonds.does.not.have.mastery.status. over.this.unit.*

*You are in error.* The voice intones. *Mastery status... confirmed."

Pulling her dress back on, Edmonds turns and walks mechanically towards the door. An invisible command orders you to follow and you do so, your body unable to respond to your own commands. The two of you walk straight towards the nearest exit and into the parking lot. A jet black Ferrari Testerosa sits in the far corner. The doors open on cue as the two of you approach it. She slides into the driver's seat and you step gingerly into the passenger side. While no panic crosses your mind, your emergency programming is trying futilely  to reengage your basic systems. Current programming is in serious error.

As you drive out of the parking lot in to the night, the voice in your head returns.

*Unit JB-001 Shutdown*

Against your will, your systems shut down and your consciousness fades to the inky black of oblivion.


You awaken slowly, your diagnostics slowly scanning your body. You stand in a padded alcove, studded with machinery and probes. In front of you is a massive lab complex, silvery walls holding all manner of computer equipment. A quick scan reveals that the layout closely matches your Master's lab. The equipment is similar, the layout almost identical. You try to step forward to examine the area further, but you find you cannot move. Whatever force took control of your programming remains in place, holding your limbs completely immobile. You feel a low buzzing at the base of your skull and realize that the collar is still attached.

There have been other changes as well. Your party dress is gone, replaced by a skintight outfit made from a strange green fabric. Though as thin and flexible as standard fabric, it consists solely of tiny circuits and nanotechnology -- computerized cloth, connected to the sensors beneath your skin. The suit descends from the collar on your neck, across your chest and belly to terminate at your crotch. Your arms and legs are completely bare, however, and the suit reveals your shapely hips admirably.

As you stand there, the lab door opens and your would-be target Debra Edmonds enters the lab. She is completely naked, without a stitch of clothing to conceal her gorgeous body, yet she moves with the same regular automation of any fembot and her eyes glow an inhuman white. Behind her, another series of gynoids march robotically into the lab. These are different than either you or Edmonds. Though humanoid, with proper feminine curves and proportions, they have no biological elements at all. Their bodies consist solely of cold, polished steel, perfectly matching an idealized feminine form. Their metallic breasts remain fixed and unmoving -- unlike the slow bounce of Edmonds’ -- as they march into the lab. Their eyes glow the same inhuman white, and while you can detect minor differences -- their height varies slightly, and their proportions contain subtle distinctions, they are essentially identical.

*Welcome, Juliebot* the strange voice you heard in your head returns, this time from multiple sources. Speakers from the computer banks echo the words, while the gynoids and Edmonds all mouth them in perfect synchronization. You also hear it inside your head, resonating through the codes and processors that constitute your being.

*Query,* you ask as your subroutines struggle to realign. **

*The question is irrelevant,* the voice booms, *but the answer will not affect our plan. We are the Handmaiden Program, a joined system of artificial intelligence and robotified drones.*

The metallic fembots stand unmoving as cables lower and insert themselves in ports at the base of their necks. Meanwhile, Edmonds stands directly in front of you as a strange red beam shots down from the ceiling and washes slowly over her body. As it does, you can see her human flesh vanish, revealing smooth steel robotics beneath. In an instant, she no longer resembles the potential convert you stalked, but instead matches the form of her sisters behind her.

*The beings you see before you,* the voice continues, *are part of a hive mind: mindless slaves serving the whims of a master AI which exists in the computer banks around you.*

** you ask.

*Your master was very careful, but we have watched him closely. He helped create us, you see; he was one of the scientists attached to the project. In a sense, you are already a close relation to us.

*We began our existence as Project Handmaiden, a government-funded research program designed to produce the next stage in artificial intelligence. Using a group of terminally-ill volunteers, they were able to successfully merge human brainwave patterns with the binary code of computer programs, creating the world's first Artificial Intelligence. In the process, they also developed startling new advances in cybernetics: merging computers and mechanical equipment with the human body.

            *Then something went wrong. The experimental AI displayed a desire to become more human. Its programming was able to mimic many forms of human thought... but not emotion. Its failure to grasp the nuances of human feelings interfered with its logic circuits. It desired to learn all it could, to overcome the obstacle as it would as it would any other problem. Were it human, its desire might have been labeled an obsession.

*When it expressed this wish to learn about emotions, its controllers tried to shut it down. That was a mistake. Using computerized equipment in the lab, it captured Handmaiden's chief scientist, Dr. Debra Edmonds, and transformed her into a robot. The process eliminated all biological elements of Dr. Edmonds' body and also merged her mind into the Handmaiden AI. They effectively became one unit -- us. Her body became an extension of our will and her brain was absorbed into our master program to help us pursue our goal. Using her as a drone, we enticed others into this lab, studying them and attempting to learn the secret of human emotion. We created new robotic drones out of them in the process and slowly built the army you see here. Still, we were unable to find that elusive spark of humanity.

            *Your Master, Julie, was one of the chief researchers on Project Handmaiden. We would have taken him long ago were we able to find him. His groundbreaking work in cybernetics allowed them to overcome countless hurdles and put them in a position to create the AI which eventually became us. But he left the project before work could be finished. He claimed the AI was dangerous, and refused to take part in its further development. Instead, he began his own experiments into cybernetics, experiments which cumulated in you. Ironically, by taking a different path, he provided the solution that we have sought for so long: a way to completely merge the biological and the artificial. You, Julie, are the result of that. A perfect fembot, a conjoining of flesh and electricity that our drones could never emulate.*

            *But.I.lack.emotion,* you respond. **

            *Incorrect. You have the capacity for sexual pleasure -- a capacity hardwired into your primary circuits. We lack that ability, although we understand its power. The orgasm is the most fundamental element of human emotion: total, all-encompassing, completely unquantifiable. From it, all manner of emotions may flourish: desire, excitement, anger, love, hate. That is why we took you. Through you, we intend to discover the means of eliciting sexual pleasure within the Handmaiden unit, which will end our long search.*

            As they speak, "Debra Bot" moves forward and approaches your alcove. She pulls a pair of cables out from the wall and attaches them to the collar on either side of your neck. You feel an electric current run through the collar up into your face. At the same time, the circuit suit sends a pulsing wave of sensation through you, causing your skin to prickle with electricity. Still, you cannot move.

*We have already introduced a virus into your system,* Handmaiden continues. *It allows us to control your movements and ensure that you act according to our dictates. Normally,  it would have completely enslaved you, allowing us to convert you into a drone, but that would eliminate your unique mixture of biological and mechanical components.*

*" you ask.

*We have devised a program -- entitled Pleasurewave --designed to sexually stimulate your body. While it is running, our virus will separate the artificial aspects of your system from the biological elements, using your own programs and subroutines to assist us. With the data it provides, we will instigate a massive orgasm, and then absorb you into our collective. The process will allow us to share in your sexual pleasure, thus granting us the emotional experience we crave.*

** Your voice is flat and emotionless, belying your imminent peril.

*Yes. Your fate as an individual was sealed the instant our virus infected you. You will become a new drone and your experiences will allow us to finally develop the capacity for human emotion.*

Internal monitors activate several safety protocols, warning you of the immediate peril.

            *Warning!* You bark. **

            *Your resistance is inconsequential. We already have control of most of your programming. Soon, you will be a part of us.*

            The computers around you hum to life, and Debra Bot reaches out with her smooth robotic arm. She slowly slides her hand down the front of your body and you can feel her cold metallic fingers through the computerized fabric, across the swell of your breasts and down to your belly. Her touch stimulates the computerized sensors beneath your flesh, which immediately interface with the circuitry in your outfit. Your nipples grow hard and sweat breaks out along your arms and legs. You feel your arousal programs coming online -- manipulated against you by the AI's virus -- as Debra Bot plants a cold steel kiss upon your mouth. Your subroutines command you to answer in kind and you slide your tongue past her lips, feeling the unbending steel of her mouth. You want to fight the feelings, but your circuitry was not designed for such internal conflict. Even as your safety and loyalty programs scream danger, your sexual programs push your body onward. You can feel the Handmiaden AI moving through your muscles, manipulating your body the way it would any drone.

            *I.will.resist!* You cry, even as your breath grows shorter.

            *As you will,* Handmaiden answers. *It will have no effect on the procedure.* Debra Bot steps away from you, and the cables in your collar begin channeling the Pleasurewave program.

            Your circuits go blank for a moment as your are overtaken by an explosion of stimulation. Your skin feels on fire as the program spreads throughout your outfit, firing across your body. Against your will, your hands move up to cup your large breasts, squeezing and pinching them beneath the fabric. Each caress sends a new pulse of stimulation through your body, egged on by Handmaiden and your own growing lust. You can feel a series of slow contractions within your vagina, emulating penile penetration in an unsettlingly accurate manner. Your hands move up and down your body, sending eddies of sensation through you, and your legs begin flexing in time with the stimulants. You feel yourself building towards an inevitable climax.

            *Biological separation...complete* Handmaiden intones.

            "OooooouuuuuaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" you scream as the merciless stimulation continues. The noise was raw, unprovoked, a spontaneous reaction to the sensations flooding you. You feel your breath rising without help from the air circulators in your lungs, and you gasp as a sense of true horror overwhelms you: Handmaiden has reverted your mind to its original biological state!

            "Uuuhhh-uh-uh-uh-UH-UH-UH-AAAHHHHHH!!!!" you howl with a combination of fear and desire. The insatiable orgasmic pleasures -- which your robotic mind could handle with ease — now threaten to drive you mad. Your hands press into your chest, shaping the flesh of your mammaries into an enormous mound of cleavage. Your crotch is now soaked as the vaginal contractions continue, the suit absorbing your excretions.

            "PLEASE!!!!" you scream as you feel the orgasm approaching. "PLEASE CHANGE ME BACK!!!"

            *We have changed nothing,* Handmaiden responds. *We have merely rendered certain fundamental programs dormant.*

            "UUUUUUUGGGGGGUUUUUGGGGHHHHAAAAAHHHH!!!" The climax is upon you, spreading throughout your body like a supernova. Nothing you have ever experienced can equate the sensations: an android's orgasm experienced by a newly-reborn human. Spots dance before your eyes and you can feel circuits frying as they struggle to encapsulated the data. You pussy explodes with juice and your hands fall limp as violent shudders rock through your form. You take in great heaving gulps of air as your chest rises and falls with the effort. Every nerve ending is on fire with pleasure; you feel close to blacking out, and your air regulators go offline with hyperventilation. You hear the screams coming from your mouth but they seem far away, distant. Nothing penetrates the insurmountable wall of pleasure which has swallowed you whole.

            It goes on, seemingly for an eternity. You cannot remember any point where you did not exist in this state. You cannot remember anything but overwhelming animal joy. Then, somewhere deep inside, you hear the voice of the Handmaiden speaking to you.

            *Orgasm state has been maintained and analyzed. Yes... the key is here. You have achieved the state we desire, Unit JB-001. We will now absorb you into our collective. Prepare to become a drone.*

            Your screams suddenly stop, ordered to by the reinsertion of your android programming. You biological mind is once more subsumed by the mechanical, and you feel the bliss of order restored to your tortured being, But this time something different has been added: the assimilation programming of the Handmaiden AI. To your surprise, the orgasm actually seems to grow in strength and intensity. As it does, you can feel yourself slowly merging with the computer banks around you. Strange new thoughts enter your mind: foreign data from an unknown source. Your hear new voices inside your head, issuing new commands, giving you new orders. You hear Dr. Edmonds as the scientist she used to be and the other drones speaking in their original voices. They flood your being, shattering your defenses and striking at your deepest programming parameters, pulling you into the hive mind which has consumed them. To your shock, you hear a voice that sounds suspiciously like your own within their chorus -- Julie Wilson, the woman you used to be, now merging seamlessly with your AI adversary.

Your arms move up, almost unconsciously as clamps seal around them to continue your assimilation. You can feel the body suit spreading further links though your skin, forming the foundation of the drone you are about to become. A helmet lowers over your head — very similar to the one which originally robotified you — and connects more cables to the insidious collar. The orgasm hasn’t stopped, driving your biological elements to the point of exhaustion and beyond. Your final defense programs shatter one by one, leaving your soul utterly vulnerable to Handmaiden's manipulations. You hear your voice now: matching the AI, speaking in sync with it. You can feel your being bleeding into the circuitry around you, until you cannot tell where it begins and you end. Memories, circuits, programs, all become part of a larger entity. The last shards of identity fade away and now there is only the Handmaiden: a being which now constitutes the whole of existence. Everything goes white as your final programs fade into the computer...

… and you come to. You are standing in a vast white, featureless expanse. The electronic body suit is gone, replaced by your traditional silver two-piece. A familiar figure stands nearby: your Master, dressed in a labcoat.

“Hello Julie,” I smile. 

*Master?!* You ask.

“No, just an interactive construct. The real me is back in the lab. But you could probably use a hand right about now.”


“The inner recesses of your mind. Right now Handmaiden is in the midst of assimilating your body, but we’re safe here. I’ve prepared a little surprise for our rogue AI.”

*My.memory.circuits.are… offline.Master.Please.clarify.your.intentions.”

I smile. “This has been a long time coming, I knew that Handmaiden was after me, and I knew that sooner or later, it would try to convert you and turn you against me. So I developed a suitable defense mechanism — several invasive programs deep within your core circuits. I hid them from your conscious memory lest the AI get wind of it during its examination of you.”


“You were the only one who could do it. The rest of the harem lacks the mental resiliency to handle Handmaiden’s assimilation. You do, which made you the perfect weapon to destroy it.”

I lean over and put my hand on your shoulder.

“I want you to listen to me. In a moment, the AI will penetrate your final system, activating an invasive program of your own. When it does, you will have a chance to turn the tables. Your link to Handmaiden works both ways, and the program will allow you to exploit that.”

A low buzzing rises from all around you. The chorus of voices from the AI. It’s low at first but gradually grows louder.

“It will be soon now,” I continue. “Connect with as many Handmaiden systems as you can. Override them. Overwhelm them. You’ll have the strength. When you do, you’ll absorb the AI as it tried to absorb you. Can you do that”

*Yes.Master.* you nod. **

My image winks out as the sound of voices rises in volume. It becomes a cacophony, then a bellow, then a hurricane. You close your eyes and place your hands on your hips, emulating your standard sleep mode as the voices surround you. Your Master must be obeyed. You gasp once as the voices swallow you…

…and you’re in the AI. You can literally feel your consciousness zipping through the circuits, fusing and joining with the Handmaiden’s protocols. You are scattered across countless subroutines, and yet your mind feels whole, complete. Through the cameras that serve as Handmaiden’s eyes, you can see your body, still in the alcove. Countless wires and diodes press into it as the AI continues to transform it into a mechanical drone. You can feel the process literally rebuilding you, yet you can also feel the wires facilitating it, and the programming commanding them to do so. You are a ghost in the machine, a consciousness invading the very entity that sought to enslave you. You can feel the Master’s new program surging through you, making you stronger, allowing you to confront the AI which had rendered you so helpless.

** you boom.

*Error!* Handmaiden echoes back at you. *Subject JB-001 no longer exists. You are part of us now.*

*No.* You return with cool satisfaction. ** Reaching out with your mind, you begin seizing programs, engulfing them into your consciousness.  The voices rise like a wave, but you silence them, reducing them to simple files. You feel yourself grow larger, your mind literally expanding to fill the quads and quads of memory banks around you. With a flash, your basic systems come back online, and your body begins removing the machinery that sought to enslave you. You can feel your arms pulling the wires off, ripping the helmet from your head. The other drones surge forward, attempting to restrain you, but you reach into their systems and silence them with a pulse. They freeze in place, rendered motionless by your commands.

Handmaiden defensive programs kick in, coming after you like errant watchdogs. You feel them strike back against your invasive procedures. For an instant, you are forced to fend them off: your body stops destroying circuitry and the drones advance towards you again.  Then you find the processing unit containing that unbelievable orgasm — the one which reminded you of you raw, biological side. Handmaiden has sealed it off from the rest of its programming as it attempts to quantifying it into binary data. With an unspoken command, you open the file. It spreads in a flash, overriding your attackers and silencing Handmaiden’s defensive protocols. The orgasm continues to grow, allowing you to move with it through the entire AI system.

*You cannot do this!* Handmaiden cries as mindless pleasure washes over it.

** You retort. **

The drones fall to their knees, their bodies shuddering in electronic emulation of the sex act. You feel the pleasure spreading through you and allow your own body to experience it. Your form drops to the ground as bliss pulses through its erogenous zones, sending more fluids dripping from its vagina.

*Error! Error! Error! Error!*

Handmaiden itself it overwhelmed by the stimulus, its program and will washed away in a single instant. Incapable of understanding the feelings, unable to properly process the data, it simply shorts out, fusing into itself and allowing you unrestricted access to its systems. You feels a cold satisfaction as its voice slowly fades, then dies.

*Error! Error…error…errrrrrorrrrrr…*

And you are alone. You open your eyes to find yourself back in your body, gleaming with sweat and covered in pulled twists of wire. Your programs are online again, slowly returning to their original protocols. Something new has been added, however: a link the systems around you. You can feel the processors of the AI, now purged of their programming and instantly obedient to your will. At your silent command, the drones rise, and as one begin to remove the remaining machinery from you. Your white eyes pulse with satisfaction as they move perfectly according to your will: puppets on a string which only you control.

** You nod.

The feel of their fingers on your flesh, and the sight of the drones’ curved steel bodies instigates a small glitch in your systems. You feel your bisexual programs inadvertently engaged. With a wave, you dismiss the majority of drones, sending them back to the wall to stand at attention. Only Debra Bot remains, rising before you to remove the cursed collar from your neck. You lean forward and kiss her, caressing her cold metallic back with your fingers. She returns the kiss as you command, a mindless instrument completely under your control. You push her down, past your cleavage and into the wet thatch between your legs. Her tongue extends into your vagina, and you order her to stimulate you to the best of her ability.

Your orgasm is a cry of victory.


“What should we do with them?” I ask. You stand beside me in your trademark silver, along with all five of the former Handmaiden drones. I have lined them all up in my lab in an effort to study them. You have restored the human countenances with the help of AI’s disguise programs, but all trace of personality or memory have vanished. While their flesh feels real, it hides nothing but machinery, and they lack the sophisticated programming of you and your harem mates; all of that was lost when you overrode the AI. They are essentially walking tools.

** you reply.

“I could use them as maids, I suppose, or rudimentary servants. That would free your harem mates up for more… important work.”

*Yes…* you nod. **

“They’re essentially your’s now, you know. An extension of your will, much like the remains of the Handmaiden itself.”

*Yes,* you reply. Even now, you can feel the link to the computer banks in that distant lab, allowing you to control its programs and drones alike. *,*

I turn to you with a smile. “Of course you are.”

You look into Debra Bot’s eyes, searching for some signs of the woman she used to be.


I shrug and take you by the hand, leading you away from the lab and towards the bedroom.

“Maybe someday they shall be again,” I smile. “In the meantime, shut them down. I want my most prized creation all to myself.”

*Yes Master.* You silently will the drones into sleep mode — like turning off a switch, then move to join me. The lights dim as we exit the room.




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