Just Another Day

by Zero and Susie

Phi Sigma Delta Sorority, Decker State College

            "Okay, bigger smile," Susie Kim told Jaki Newborn, who was sitting on the former's bed. It was early in November, though the days had passed to the point that one could call it the middle of November, but Susie was just finishing her final big project. With midterms done, major projects were Susie's big task at the moment. After that she would pretty much have only two weeks before she needed to really start studying for finals in December. The project Susie had been given was to make felt hats that would go with denim; it also required that something be done with the denim, though that was a bit more open, the point just being to really try and use a lot of the supplied material. Susie had made two cowboy hats, one pink and one white, and then made jeans and vests for the two immobilized girls who were currently modeling for her, due to the power of SusieÕs Royal Momju necklace.

            Jaki had her hands clasped together between her legs and was leaning slightly forward, a big, cute smile on her face with a white hat on her head. Besides the denim vest and pants, Jaki was wearing big golden hoop earrings and a purple short-sleeved blouse. To Jaki's left, posed with an arm around the redhead's shoulder was Leslie Chun, who was wearing the pink hat and had a red long-sleeved blouse on. Like Jaki, Leslie's hair was loose and hanging mostly behind her back; she had a toothless smile on her own face though her cheek was pressed against Jaki's. "Okay, I think that will work," nodded Susie, taking a few photos of her unmoving models. That done Susie would just need to submit the items and photos on Monday and be golden.

            "Ah... wait, didn't I send you to make lunch?" commented Susie, leaning back in her desk chair before noticing that Beatrice Weiner was still in the room, standing like a super-heroine with her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide, dressed only in a tight black thong and wrap-around bra. The housemother was over forty but aside from sagging breasts was pretty good to look at; it seemed the bra was doing wonders. The issue was Susie could have sworn she'd commanded the woman, who was more of a puppet thanks to the ring she wore than anyone else in the house, to go and make her something to eat for lunch. Seeing Beatrice wander the halls of the sorority house dressed as she was would be odd if not for the fact that all of the sisters were made to not even perceive her.

            "I will go make you lunch," declared Beatrice, her face remaining blank as she spoke. The spellbound housemother had just started to pull her hands away from her hips when Susie decided to just freeze the woman instead.  In an instant she had stopped in mid-motion and remained that way like a waxwork statue.

            "No, you know what, I'll make my own food for a change," declared Susie, standing up after making sure Jaki and Leslie were both going to stay as they were. "I'm thinking maybe an omelet... or even just a BLT. Nah I want to celebrate; might do some homemade fries and a nice chicken Caesar salad..." Excited, Susie left her room as she continued to think about possible lunches. Instead of heading straight for the kitchen, Susie decided to head upstairs first and see if anyone else was eager to get in on lunch.

            It was a typical Friday so a few of the girls were out of the house at classes, practices or just dealing with other engagements. In spite of so many being occupied, Susie was surprised to hear arguing coming from inside Phoebe and Nina's room. "We still have space, why aren't you taking more pledges?!" shouted Nina as Susie decided to stop and listen, leaning against the wall outside of the room and crossing her arms.

            "We need to be selective, and we've still had a lot of growth!" fired back a voice Susie pegged as belonging to the sorority's president, Amber Prescott. The argument seemed to be over the sorority's direction; one of many disagreements Nina and Amber had already had in the past week or two. After ÔrecruitingÕ a few more girls after Nina under her spell, Susie felt Phi Sigma Delta was big enough for now, plus she was still struggling to get used to controlling so many people who had been ringed. All in all, Susie was currently in control of no less than eighteen girls, plus Weiner, though she was certain she'd soon get the hang of it and consider expanding again. Given her feelings of being overwhelmed, Susie had willed Amber via her ring to stop taking pledges, which had helped cause the current friction between Nina and Amber.

            "Why do we need to be selective?!" Nina practically screamed; Susie didnÕt need her necklace to get the idea that Nina was tossing her hands up in frustration. "This sorority's utterly social, just an excuse to get a fancy chapter house and have guaranteed friends! Why can't we work on community or scholastic aide, like some other sororities do?!"

            As Susie listened she let her mind drift, sensing the pair in the room as well as a third, silent person. The third was Phoebe, Nina's roommate, who was just sitting on the bed. Deciding to get a first-person view, Susie allowed her mind to drift and moments later rather than looking down the hallway as she leaned against the wall, Susie found herself looking at Nina and Amber from inside the room. Nina was in a midriff-exposing purple tank top and jeans that stopped well between her knees and feet, her hair was loose though tucked behind her ears. Amber meanwhile was wearing a teal spaghetti-strap top and a blue-plaid skirt that stopped maybe a third of the way down her thighs. Amber's blonde hair had the usual bit of a curl in it and was only behind her left ear, it covering her right completely. Neither girl was wearing shoes but that was very common when the girls weren't about to go out, though Nina was wearing white socks with black stars on them while Amber was displaying her toe-nails painted ruby red, matching her lips and fingernails.

            Nina and Amber continued to argue about the direction of Phi Sigma Delta while Susie took a moment to look through PhoebeÕs eyes at herself in the mirror. Phoebe's red hair was long and straight, combed to have some in front and some in back. The sorority vice-president had been dressed in black jeans, a blue tube top and a white vest, with a silver chain around her neck.

            "This is all just some attempt to recapture your glory days of high school!" shouted Nina, breaking Susie away from gazing at the mirror as the argument with Amber got more heated.

            "Okay, stop right there," cut in Susie, touching her temples in annoyance.  Immediately, both Nina and Amber suddenly froze in place, suspended by the power of the rings on their fingers. Nina was bent over at the hip, her arms held up in exasperation with her lips parted; her eyes however looked normal with no visible hint of anger or anything. Amber, meanwhile, had her right hand raised up to head level and was gesturing with her index finger, her left hand cupped up at her side. Amber's face held a frown on her lips and eyes with her lips parted very slightly to allow for a breath.

            "Ugh, how can I play the role of Phoebe if you two are just going to bicker all day?" grumbled Susie, trying to sound like the vice-president as she got off of the bed and stood just to the side of the frozen girls. "Nina, you've got a point, but you're taking away from the fun of being in a sorority."

            "I've got a point, but I care more about being a good person than having fun at college," mouthed Nina, almost like a robot, before her lips returned to the position they'd been frozen in.

            "Amber, don't you want to help this chapter live up to the sorority's name?" Susie then asked the president, now started to affect Phoebe's voice.

            "I want to make this the best sorority in Malibu, not just the college," droned Amber, echoing Susie's remarks like Nina had.

            "Good, so why don't you two kiss and make up?" suggested Susie. Sure enough Nina and Amber suddenly moved, wrapping their arms around once another and beginning to kiss passionately.

            "Nina, I'm sorry," muttered the sorority president in between kisses.

            "I'm sorrier," offered Nina in reply, the two girls then began pulling off each others' tops, their bras not far behind.

            "Wow, that got naked fast," commented Susie in her normal voice, deciding to freeze Nina and Amber again as they held each other whilst being topless, their lips inches apart. Neither girl had their eyes completely closed but they were effectively squinting, looking almost dream-like as they considered one another. Nina was holding Amber's neck and cheeks while Amber held Nina's shoulders, their breasts just barely touching at the nipple level. Given the women had roughly the same breast size it created almost a sort of symmetry; Nina was two inches taller but a brunette with nipples in slightly better proportion while Amber was a blonde and her pinker nipples looked perhaps slightly too small for the globes they were attached to.

            "And... photo," giggled Susie, using Phoebe's phone to take a quick picture before deciding to leave the pair as they were, finding it cute. In fact Susie realized it had been a while since she'd frozen the whole house so she thought about doing that for a little afternoon game as she exited the room.

            "Hello me," whispered Susie upon leaving the room, seeing herself. Susie's body was leaning against the wall just outside the room, her arms crossed and her eyes closed with a relaxed smile on her lips. Susie had pulled her hair back into a high ponytail and she was currently wearing a knee-length white skirt with a matching white sleeveless turtleneck. Like many other girls when at home Susie was barefoot.

            "Oh you just look cute like that!" exclaimed Susie in Phoebe's voice, giving herself a peck on the cheek before moving on. Typically Susie would make sure her body was somewhere secure but given she was at the house and everyone in it was wearing a ring she didn't see the problem.

            Susie, still in Phoebe's body, headed downstairs and entered the kitchen, finding a couple of girls already in the middle of making lunch. Both girls were more recent additions to the house, being members of a group of five that had joined roughly two weeks ago. Mercela Brennan was one of the girls, a geology-focused science student in her second year that had a small and cutely round body as well as green eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. The second girl was Umiko Pine, a Japanese immigrant who spoke perfect English and was a second-year history student, though she hadn't gone straight into college after finishing school. Umiko also had a part-time job at a store in LA called, appropriately, Otaku LA. Susie had never been to the store but from what she'd picked up from Umiko's mind it sounded like a fun place to work, though she seemed to be mixed on the management.

            Mercela had just made a sandwich in her press and was placing it on a plate while Umiko was pouring a couple of glasses of lemonade. The blonde girl was in a white T-shirt with a green ivy pattern on it and black pants while Umiko was wearing a denim shirt and pants, her hair up and held with chopsticks. "Oh, afternoon Phoebe," greeted Mercela as she scraped at the warm sandwich press with a plastic spatula, removing and bits that had gotten stuck to it. "Want a toasted Ham and Swiss? Still plenty of ingredients left."

            "That sounds good," nodded Susie, making sure her voice sounded like PhoebeÕs. It was then Susie realized it was her own body that was hungry, not Phoebe's, but figured she could just swap back to her own when Mercela was done.

            "Hannah and Jasmine are doing a Savior marathon if you want to hang out," mentioned Umiko, putting down the jug of lemonade that, as Susie noted, did contain bits of real lemon.

            "I still can't believe that show managed to get a third season," commented Susie, having seen the show a few times. "When I first saw it, it looked like some kind of Superman/Wonder Woman spoof."

            "Built its own mythology, caters to a bunch of guys, plus the heroine is pretty awesome," pointed out Mercela, assembling a sandwich for Phoebe. "So are Nina and Amber still fighting? Haven't heard them for a few minutes now."

            "Once heard them from our room downstairs," added Umiko, referring to the fact that she shared a room with Umiko in the basement while most of the girls had rooms up on the second floor.

            "No, I think they've called a truce," Susie quickly remarked, then realizing her tone had slipped a bit and she'd sounded more like herself than Phoebe.

            "You should drink some tea or something, sounds like your throat's sore," commented Umiko as she picked up a glass of lemonade. Susie, however, had panicked and immediately frozen the pair, leaving Umiko holding the lemonade to her lips with her right hand while her left rested on the kitchen's island counter. Mercela meanwhile was just about to lower the top bread to Susie/Phoebe's sandwich onto the rest of it and was looking down, a smile on her lips.

            "Guess I overreacted, but I was planning on a little freeze play anyhow," remarked Susie, feeling a bit guilty to shut the pair down after being so nice as to make her a sandwich. However, Susie did realize Phoebe's throat was a bit parched so she walked over and pried the glass from Umiko's stiff hand, drinking half of the lemonade before returning it to the Japanese girl's grip.

            "You are a sweet little sandwich maker," commented Susie, moving over to Mercela and putting her arms around the frozen girl's waist. "You know I haven't probed into your family life... how many siblings have you got?" Rather than just getting Mercela to answer, Susie started to read Mercela's mind, closing her eyes as she thought hard and examined the girl's memories. Susie ended up discovering that Mercela had a much older sister, a dirty blonde with blue eyes named Regina. Digging deeper, Susie learned Regina was indeed a biological sibling but the age gap did make their relationship a bit different than that of typical siblings, helped in no part either by Regina being a police officer or that thanks to their abusive father Regina had pretty much raised Mercela. Susie even noted that the girls were about the same height but Regina was thinner and had gotten most of her genetic traits from their father while Mercela had received hers from their mother's.

            "Guess that's why she hasn't come to visit yet," noted Susie after finishing her little exploration into Mercela's memories, giving the girl a kiss on the cheek afterward even though she was unaware of what had just been revealed. "Okay, I'll leave you two to go deal with the others but then we'll get to that sandwich." Patting Mercela on the shoulder, Susie/Phoebe slipped away, headed back to the lobby before planning to head to the basement.

            "Oh, Phoebe!" called a voice as Susie headed for the basement stairs. Coming down from the second floor was Brandy Graves, another new pledge. Brandy was from Portland and a theater student, being Susie's age and also possessing some very interesting physical attributes. The Portland girl's eyes were a rich blue and she was in pretty good shape, also possessing curly blonde hair, but Susie's favorite features were that her head was a bit more round than one would expect from a slender person and that she had a mole just above the right corner of her mouth. Today the blonde was wearing a white with pink sleeves T-shirt and denim shorts, blue sandals on her feet. The shorts surprised Susie a bit since the weather was still decently warm but not exactly ideal for summer clothing, though Susie then had to admit that they were probably about as warm as some of the skirts people were wearing.

            "What's going on, Brandy?" asked Susie/Phoebe, a bit annoyed since she'd had her mind set to visit Jasmine and Hannah next.

            "Weird, you just sounded like Susie a bit," muttered Brandy, stopping near the bottom of the stairs. "Elise and I, we-"

            "You know what, it can wait," Susie told Brandy; the blonde was instantly cut off from finishing her sentence as she was now frozen stiff. Brandy's left hand rested on the banister while her right was raised, her index finger pointing up with her lips pursed, her eyes blank but her brows slightly furrowed.

            Dismissing Brandy from her thoughts, Susie took Phoebe's body downstairs to find the pair that were doing their TV marathon. Hannah Kai and new pledge Jasmine Alverez were indeed seated in front of the big TV in the entertainment room, sharing a couch with a bowl of popcorn between them. Both girls were extremely dressed down; Hannah's hair was a frizzy mess pulled back into a loose bun and both were in pajamas. Hannah had her feet up on a coffee table and was wearing fuzzy teal slippers, pink plaid pants on her legs while up top she was wearing a red T-shirt with the picture of the Mona Lisa on it. Jasmine meanwhile, who was half-Filipino and a quarter-Chinese, was dressed in a brown tank top and yellow and black-checkered pajama bottoms. Unlike Hannah, Jasmine's hair looked at least clean, being a straight fall with the bottom resting just below the front side of her shoulders. "Hey girls, can I join you?" asked Susie, putting on her best Phoebe voice.

            "Sure, we're just finishing up the sixth episode of season two," explained Hannah as Susie moved to sit Phoebe's body down on the second couch. "Already had our freeze of the episode... this time Brianna had to save both Savior and Jennifer. I am impressed they manage to have the characters repeatedly fall into traps that involve them being frozen by stasis fields and it doesn't seem to get old."

            "Some shows work well with a basic formula to each episode," pointed out Jasmine, eating some popcorn. "You know what will happen, you just need to see how it'll happen. I mean, itÕs assumed that pretty much every week your typical cops on a cop show will catch their guy, right?"

            "More often than not," confirmed Hannah.

            "Right, so itÕs not necessarily the formula, just the execution," stated Jasmine as, on the TV, the credits began to roll. "Okay, which episode is next?"

            "Let me check," offered Susie, picking up the nearby DVD case. "Episode seven... 'Maximilian Prophet wants to kidnap international singing sensation Brittany Spikes! Can our heroine prevent the music industry from suffering a tragic loss? Special Guest Star Lindsay Yari.'"

            "Alright, I've been waiting for this one!" exclaimed Hannah, but Jasmine groaned, causing the girl who'd just spoken to raise an eyebrow. "What, you not a fan of Lindsay Yari?"

            "No I am, just..." began Jasmine, trailing off.

            "What?" asked Susie, now interested. Before Jasmine had said anything Susie was ready to just freeze the pair and move on, knowing that Angel and Elise were still in the house. Suddenly Jasmine was reluctant to share something and Susie had yet to explore the girl's secrets.

            "I have my reasons," insisted Jasmine crossing her arms. "Lets just watch."

            Hannah, however, stopped the DVD, looking at Jasmine seriously. "We're gonna watch the episode so you might as well tell us now," insisted the Chinese girl, nudging Jasmine's leg. "Come on, what? Did she spite you or something at a fan greeting?"

            "No..." mumbled Jasmine, seeming to clam up. Susie, however, wasn't about to allow that to happen, so she decided to give the girl a mental nudge, though she avoided finding out what she was hiding through a mind-read. "Ugh... she's my sister!" exclaimed Jasmine, causing Susie and Hannah to both widen their eyes in surprise.

            "Seriously?!" exclaimed Susie, forgetting she was supposed to be Phoebe, demonstrating such poor control just due to her never having met a big celebrity's relative before. Hannah and Jasmine both seemed to notice the voice change and looked at Susie/Phoebe in puzzlement, Hannah having found the time to pick up some popcorn. "Whoops, you two had better freeze," chuckled Susie, turning her companions into instant mannequins even as she spoke. Hannah sat with her legs crossed on the couch, her body angled to point over towards Susie with her left arm in her lap while her right held a piece of popcorn aloft between her index finger and thumb. Hannah's eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open. Jasmine meanwhile was red in the face and frowning, her eyes also wide however as her head was turned to her left to look at Susie. Jasmine's hands were clenched into fists while pressed against her legs.

            "Ah, much better," breathed Susie, chuckling again as it was usually that action that forced her to scramble memories, her chuckle really being her own signature thing. Getting up, Susie smirked and leaned over, eating the piece of popcorn out of Hannah's hand before standing back up to look at the statue-still pair.

            "Lindsay Yari's sister... I need to remember that one," remarked Susie, looking over Jasmine. "Still, I don't think I see it. Hannah, help me out." Bowing to the silent wishes of Susie's mind, first Jasmine stood up and raised her arms up so her hands were held around head level, with her legs spread shoulder-distance apart. Jasmine's face also morphed from surprised and embarrassed frown to a soft smile while Hannah casually got up next to her. HannahÕs face was frozen in a bright smile of her own, remaining that way as Hannah casually pulled off Jasmine's top, revealing she hadn't been wearing a bra, and then proceeding to start pulling down her pants.

            "Hmm... in the chest area you two aren't bad; I think your famous sister maybe has one extra cup-size on you," remarked Susie, getting a look at Jasmine's exposed breasts. "Still she's got green eyes and black hair... but hey, genetics aren't always fair. It does looks like some of the facial structure is the same..." Susie put her right hand on her hip, putting her left hand's index and middle fingers to just below her lips as she thought hard, recalling what she could about Lindsay Yari from memory and hoping someday to do a proper comparison. Hannah, having pulled down Jasmine's pants to her ankles, stood back up, let down her long hair and posed, the big smile still on her face as she spread her legs and held her right elbow with her left arm at her right side. Jasmine meanwhile lowered her arms to rest on her hips, looking extremely cute.

            "I think in this contest your sister is hotter but you're cuter," offered Susie, then realizing she should probably stop fooling around before Elise found anyone Susie had already frozen, specifically Brandy, since she was her roommate. Angel was no threat as she was first of all now a much nicer person thanks to some mind alteration and second of all convinced that a couple of weeks ago she'd hypnotized all of the girls to have freeze triggers in their minds, thus allowing them to turn each other into statues on a whim. Elise had heard the story but not witnessed it and while Susie could just adjust her mind later it was important to nip problems in the bud.

            Freezing Phoebe's body as she stood Susie's mind drifted, reaching out to Elise. An art student who also worked at the Fetishist Wax Museum as a sculptor, Elise seemed a bit odd to the other girls but not like Angel had been before her mind alterations. Peering into Elise's mind, it took all of Susie's restraint to not immediately interfere as, to her horror, Elise had apparently found her – SusieÕs – motionless body in the hallway. Looking through Elise's eyes without possessing the girl, Susie saw herself now posed between two chairs in Elise and Brandy's room, completely naked with her arms still crossed in front of her chest though not in the same was as when she'd first jumped into Phoebe's body. "So that's how stiff she is," remarked Elise, chuckling to herself.

            As Susie watched Elise move closer to her body and carefully lift her up a plan formulated in her mind. Susie could just freeze Elise or something to get her to stop, but there was an alternative that would be a bit more fun than just flipping a switch inside someone's head. Susie did have great power over the people that wore her rings, but it wasn't fun to abuse it constantly so she liked finding more interesting alternatives if she could. Angel's attitude adjustment had been due to some serious issues. Luckily Angel was also the solution Susie needed.

            As Elise stood her body back up Susie's mind returned to her body, getting her a good look at the art student. Elise was wearing a black T-shirt with her museum's name on it in big white letters, torn jeans on her legs with her wispy hair in pigtails that had red ribbons instead of bows. Susie could see her own discarded clothes by Elise's bed but kept herself totally rigid and immobile, having a great deal of control thanks to her necklace. As Elise touched Susie's crossed arms, the door to the room suddenly opened and in walked Angel Matthews.

            "Okay, I know you're new, but that's just a bad idea," Angel told Elise, crossing her own arms and flashing a cocky smile. Angel was wearing what looked like a dark gray soccer jersey that had a Chinese dragon in white outlined on it and a number five also around the left lapel, which served as a reference to the Chinese zodiac. Angel's hair was slicked back up top, giving her the look of someone with a half-ponytail but without actually having one. A dark red skirt that was longer on the left side than the right side covered Angel's thighs, the left going past the knee to reach a small way down the calf. A silver Wicca medallion could be seen hanging around her neck. Originally one of the most hated girls in the house, Angel had been altered through the necklace to be more or less the perfect friend to the rest but to Susie in particular, only retaining some traces of her original dour demeanor. Angel also was a handy sort of scapegoat, her supposed hypnotism stunt thus making her look like she was the person secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes of the house when in fact it was Susie, though Amber was still the acknowledged president.

            "You can knock," fired back Elise, putting her hands on her hips as she looked at Angel. "So what, is she hypnotized? I've heard you're good at that."

            "Good, I've hypnotized all of you," claimed Angel, chuckling very similarly to how Susie did, but still different thanks to how carefully the habit had been planted in her mind. "Even you, wax girl. With one word I can turn you into a statue, just like I did to my BFF over there."

            "Yeah, I'm sure you-" began Elise, scoffing and shaking her head.

            "Freeze," ordered Angel, and, thanks to Susie's own mental commands through the necklace, Elise did just that. The art student was standing with her arms more or less crossed, her left arm just gesturing slightly away from her chest, her index finger nearly extended with the rest curled only up about halfway. Elise had been looking to her left with an amused sneer on her lips while her mouth was open, with her gleaming teeth visible and parted.

            "Looks like I can," mocked Angel, patting Elise's hips to prove her point before moving over to Susie. Continuing to pretend to be frozen, Susie figured Angel would just unfreeze her. Surprisingly, instead of just reviving Susie, Angel instead began to touch her naked body, moving her hands up and down her curves. "You are such a cutie, Susie," commented Angel, then chuckling.

            "What's that?" Angel suddenly said, standing in front of the Korean girl and looking puzzled for a moment. Susie actually thought she'd made a sound at first before Angel made it clear what was really going on. Leaning in with her head turned, Angel seemed to want to listen before purposely leaning in close enough to make contact, her right cheek meeting Susie's lips.

            "Oh!" exclaimed Angel, moving back with a grin as she feigned being startled. "Come on Susie, we're friends. Not really appropriate..." Angel then let out a sigh, her big grin turning into a relaxed smile. "Okay... unfreeze."

            "Huh?" remarked Susie, playing along as she pretended to have just been unfrozen. "Angel, what... why do I feel a draft?" Looking down, Susie let out a small girly shriek, one luckily no one else would hear since they were the only two in the house not currently frozen.

            "It's okay, just us girls, no need to be shy, though you should probably still cover up," offered Angel, having picked up some of Susie's earlier discarded clothing. Snatching a few items from Angel's hands, Susie spun around and quickly began putting on her bra and underwear.

            "Was this because of that hypnosis spell thing you did that time?" asked Susie, backing up Angel's belief that she was why people could wind up frozen like they were.

            "Yeah, sorry to say Elise tried to take advantage of it," sighed Angel, who Susie could practically feel looking through her as she dressed. "The rest of the girls are taking a little time out too, though, so we're fine." As Angel spoke Susie recalled Brandy had tried to tell her something earlier and even referenced Phoebe, at the time possessed by Susie, sounding like someone else. Upon reflection Susie realized Brandy was probably talking about herself, and upon thinking about Brandy Susie also got an idea of what to do with Elise.

            "Well, I think we need some payback," declared Susie. "Can you grab Brandy and bring her here?"

            "Yeah, I saw her on the stairs," confirmed Angel, heading out of the room. Susie didn't need to have Angel do anything as she could just summon Brandy through the necklace but wanted to continue the illusion, hating having to make people forget unless she was required to out of necessity.

            It took Angel just over a minute to come wandering back into the room backwards, dragging Brandy on her heels with her arms hooked underneath the stiffened blonde's shoulders. Susie was now dressed again so she helped Angel move the curly-haired girl the last of the distance so she was next to her equally frozen roommate. "I tell you, Wicca hypnosis is the best kind, you don't just poke someone and they come out of it," commented Angel as she squeezed Brandy's breasts. "So what's your plan?"

            "Well Elise stripped me, I think it only fair we do the same to her," announced Susie, getting started by pulling one of the ribbons out of the art student's hair. Angel mirrored the action and together the pair made quick work of Elise's clothing, leaving her naked with her pants and panties on the floor around her feet, even her pigtails undone.

            "Want me to lower her arms?" asked Angel, indicating that they'd had to raise the girlsÕ arms out in front of her to get her top off.

            "Check out her navel," remarked Susie instead, indicating Elise's belly button. Curious, Angel started to bend over to look but Susie then quickly froze her friend, who had her hands on her hips while bent over at roughly forty-five degrees, a neutral look on her face.

            "You know if you had pinker skin and different hair, people might think you look like Christine Huart?" noted Susie, moving in between Angel and Elise after lowering the latter's arms. Susie began touching Angel's face, feeling her soft cheeks and she looked blankly ahead. "This is how you kiss a frozen person," Susie told Angel, having their lips then meet and not letting them part for a while.

            "Okay, now for a little necklace magic," Susie announced upon breaking the kiss, moving around behind Angel. As Susie stood Angel upright and began to walk her backwards, taking advantage of the fact the she could manipulate Angel's body with her thoughts, Brandy also started moving. Brandy made sure Elise was standing perfectly at attention, though the amused look was still on her face, and then proceeded to put her across the two chairs Susie had been on earlier. With that done Susie watched as Brandy then got down on her knees and rested her right arm across Elise's chest, her left hand brushing through the art student's hair before he lips came down to connect with the other girl's own.

            "And scene," chuckled Susie as Brandy froze, deciding it was a good way to leave the two for now. Satisfied with her revenge on Elise, Susie refocused on Angel and, still behind her, walked her to Elise's bed, sat down, and sat Angel on top like Susie was some sort of chair.

            "Wow," remarked Angel as Susie unfroze her, letting her get a good look at the unmoving scene that had been created. "Now I sure am comfortable, who could that be?" Angel looked behind her to see Susie's grinning face and the friends shared a chuckle before separating, Angel moving to sit next to the Korean girl.

            "I'd say your revenge is complete," noted Angel, leaning back on her hands. "So what now?"

            "You feel like lunch?" asked Susie, feeling her stomach rumble as she brought up the notion.

            "Yeah, that sounds good, lets hit the kitchen," agreed Angel, only then stopping to look around as a bell could be heard.

            "The doorbell," realized Susie, curious as to whom it might be. Angel seemed about to ask but Susie willed her friend to be silent, the black-haired girl instead falling backwards with her eyes shut as she took an unexpected nap. Sleep wasn't Susie's usual go-to move for getting people out of her way when they had rings on but she didn't just want to freeze Angel again when it looked like she actually needed a little extra rest that day.

            Crossing her legs on the bed, Susie closed her eyes and her mind drifted to Amber, who was still standing topless while about to kiss Nina again. Examining the president's memories, Susie saw that a new pledge and her special aide were both due to arrive within the hour, though Susie didn't bother gleaming more than that before properly possessing the blonde's body. "We'll continue this later," Susie told Nina in her best Amber voice as the brunette remained silent and still frozen as Susie looked for Amber's top. As she got dressed, Susie also awakened Beatrice downstairs, having her retrieve two rings from her collection and bring them to Amber. Susie didn't really understand the special aide that the new pledge had brought, but just in case that was why one room upstairs was entirely empty and she figured two rings were necessary.

            Hurrying downstairs as the doorbell rang a second time, Susie was glad she'd had Brandy moved away already as it was one less thing to worry about. The kitchen was nearby but not directly visible from the lobby so unless the pledge and aide wandered around before taking the rings Susie didn't see an issue. As Amber's feet reached the bottom of the stairs Beatrice arrived with the ring boxes, handing them to Susie/Amber before promptly heading back to where she'd come from. All set, Susie moved to open the door.

            "Hello, welcome to Phi Sigma Delta, I'm Amber Prescott!" exclaimed Susie in Amber's voice, now glad she'd broken her discipline earlier after finding out who Jasmine's sister was.  She was in for another shock right then and there. Susie didn't really keep up with politics but she did follow fashion and at a big show in Mexico earlier in the year the young woman that now stood before her had been an attraction, being a surprise model. The woman was five and a half feet tall, had dark brown hair that looked black from far away and equally dark brown eyes. The woman was Lola Guzman, the First Daughter of Mexico.

            "Thank you," offered Lola, her kissable lips smiling as she also offered what seemed like a small bow more than a nod. Susie noted the First Daughter seemed to be dressed more like a detective or something than a college student, wearing a black business outfit with a teal blouse, only her tan stiletto heels showing any sign that she wasn't all business. Susie also noted only two bags behind the girl, both sizable suitcases with handles and wheels, but there was also a serious-looking woman with the new pledge.

            "As you're most probably aware, I'm Lola Guzman, and this is Chata de la Toro, my..." began Lola, indicating the woman with her.

            "I'm her bodyguard," finished Chata, who Susie also got a good look at. The woman appeared close to forty; if not that than at least older than thirty-five. The bodyguard, even with her own black stiletto shoes, actually looked about an inch shorter than Lola but was quite attractive in spite of how she was dressed. The bodyguard's lips were but looked suitable to her face and her body seemed toned yet she had some decent curves around her chest and hips, also possessing a frame that made Susie more surprised she wasn't taller, though she certainly didn't look stocky. Chata had sunglasses over her eyes but her lips were colored a sharp red and her black hair was in a low ponytail, her outfit similar to Lola's, only with a red blouse. Susie couldn't see where the gun was but figured Chata was carrying one somewhere on her person.

            "Of course," nodded Susie, opening up the door wider for the pair to enter. "Please, come in, and welcome again."

            "You're too kind," offered Lola, actually sounding a bit shy or possibly even embarrassed as she walked in, with Chata pulling the suitcases behind them. "I only brought a few things today. The rest of my things will arrive tomorrow."

            "That's fine; easier to move in properly then, plus more of the girls should be around to help if that's needed," commented Susie, working extra hard to keep Amber's voice consistent as to not alert the most-likely armed woman with Lola.

            "We have movers, that won't be necessary," cut in Chata, turning her head to look around the lobby. "This seems nicer than the pictures we were shown. This is good."

            "Right..." muttered Susie, not sure how to respond. Lola and Chata both had accents but Chata's seemed more pronounced. "Well, as members of the house we have these rings I'd like to offer you both..." announced Susie, pulling out the ring boxes.

            "I don't need one," insisted Chata while Lola seemed quite happy to take her box.

            "You may not be a student but you are a member of this sorority, technically," pointed out Susie, now a bit worried. Susie couldn't have anyone in the house not be ringed, and it would be especially bad if Chata didn't put hers on but Lola did.

            "It also should help people understand why you're even around on campus," added Lola, nudging Chata in the side. "Come on, take it. You could use a ring on your finger, and I would appreciate it if you played along."

            "Very well, I serve at your pleasure," agreed Chata, Susie not picking up any disdain in her voice as the bodyguard took her own ring box.

            "Wow, it looks just my size!" exclaimed Lola as she began to slide the ring on. "How'd you manage that?"

            "A little ancient sorority secret," grinned Susie as, much to her barely contained glee, both Chata and Lola finished putting their rings on. Lola was looking down at her right hand with a big toothless smile on her face, her hand palm-down with its fingers spread wide, her left hand resting on her right hand's wrist. Chata meanwhile had moved her left ringed finger to her hip while her right rested at her side, her mouth was even partially open as if about to say something. Neither person moved, a sure sign that they'd accepted the rings and were now under Susie's control.

            "Awesome!" exclaimed Susie jumping up and down before realizing she was still in Amber's body. "Oh right," muttered Susie, looking at her hands and outfit.

            Moments later Susie opened her eyes, back in her own body. Amber had been willed to go back upstairs and rejoin Nina as she'd been before the requirement to answer the door. Susie uncrossed her legs and hopped off the bed, mentally waking up Angel as she did. "Come on, letÕs go meet the new girls," Susie told Angel.

            "Sounds like fun!" exclaimed Angel as she hopped up, not really in control as Susie was eager to really check out the new arrivals without much distraction. "I'll go get my camera," Angel said as she and Susie exited the together, but after that Angel headed for her own room to retrieve her digital camera while Susie headed downstairs. Susie passed Amber in the hallway; the president's face was blank as she walked by. As she went down the steps, Susie made a note that she'd need to make absolutely sure no one, even another First Daughter, moved in for now as Susie was still learning about the other new pledges and now had two more to deal with, putting a bit of a strain on her mental discipline.

            "Okay, lets get you both sorted out," remarked Susie, coming up on the newly-ringed pair. Looking at Chata, Susie decided to remove her glasses first, revealing brown eyes that looked very glazed since the woman was frozen. Slipping the sunglasses into Chata's pocket, Susie willed the woman to start moving, which she did. Without a word Chata collected the two suitcases and started to drag them up the stairs, while Angel casually walked past the bodyguard at the same time. Chata had been commanded to go into the empty room, whose keys were inside according to what little Susie had gotten from Amber's mind, and would then start unpacking.

            "Lets get some photos!" exclaimed Angel, in a bit of a stupor now.

            "Nice to meet you Lola, I'm Susie Kim," offered Susie, holding out a hand to the still-frozen Lola. "Do you think we could take some photos together and maybe become friends?"

            "Absolutely!" exclaimed Lola, suddenly coming to life and hugging Susie rather than shaking her hand. The two girls then proceeded to stand shoulder to shoulder with their arms around each other and smiles on their faces as Angel took a photo.

            "Oh, so cute!" exclaimed Angel, looking at the rendered photo on her camera. "Why don't we take a few more...?"

* * *

            It was four in the afternoon and Susie was finally having lunch, now sitting in the dining hall. To Susie's left was Angel, who was also waiting for lunch to be served. Seated around the table with the duo were eleven other members of the house, though all of them were frozen like mannequins. The table was able to seat up to twenty with another one in the room with it so it was only near the ends that no one had been placed. The main person missing was Elise, who was standing at attention in Susie's room whilst still in the buff, ready to receive more punishment later on.

            To Angel's left was Hannah, who continued to have a big grin on her face while seated with her hands clasped in front of her on the table. Next to Hannah was Jasmine, who was clothed again and posed with holding her cellphone to her left ear, her right resting on the table while her lips were parted and she looked up and to the left. Across from Jasmine, Amber and Nina were huddled together with their tops back on, their arms on each-othersÕ shoulders while holding water glasses to each-others lips, looking almost longingly into one another's eyes. Across from Hannah was Phoebe, still posed as if deep in thought but with the arm that had been on her hip now resting on the table. Across from Angel was Jaki, minus her hat and resting her arms on the table; her lips were parted as she looked right at the would-be witch. Across from Susie was Leslie, also minus a hat, who rested curled fingers under her chin as she seemed deep in thought like Phoebe, though her left hand was below the table and her gaze went off into the distance. Next to Leslie was Umiko, posed like before holding a lemonade glass to her lips. Next to Umiko was Mercela, who sat with a sandwich from earlier held up to her open mouth, her eyes looking down at the most-likely stale sandwich with wide eyes. Across from Mercela was Brandy, who had an open book in her hands that happened to be Elise's diary, found in her nightstand drawer. Finally next to Susie was Lola, who gazed at the necklace-wearing girl with her right hand raised, the index finger extended as if to make a point. Lola's right elbow leaned against the side of the table while her left hand was on her hip, an odd pose for the table but then her mouth wasn't parted either, just a small smile around the corners of her lips.

            "Lola's got a nice mix of cute and hot don't you think?" Susie asked Angel.

            "Yeah, though Leslie and Jaki really do too," confirmed Angel, indicating the girls across from them. "I love the way we put Nina and Amber... you think they'll ever stop fighting about everything the sorority does?"

            "Doubt it, I think Nina's out to dethrone her, though at least with noble if perhaps self-righteous reasons behind it," commented Susie, shaking her head. "Poor Phoebe is right in the middle... Wonder who Kelsey and Jaki will side with."

            "No idea, be nice to know what exactly Nina wants to do before we get down to the sides thing," shrugged Angel. "So what's your plan for Elise? If I knew how I'd probably drop her off at the museum to be a wax figure for a few hours or something but don't know if we could do that..."

            "I'll figure something out," Susie assured Angel as footsteps approached. Looking over at the entrance to the kitchen, Susie saw Beatrice and Chata, both dressed only in underwear, approaching with pitchers of lemonade and plates. Beatrice's undergarments were the same as before while Chata sported a red thong and sports bra, both hugging tightly against her firm body but not looking at all constrictive. Susie and Angel already had cutlery and empty glasses so the food was a welcome sight, especially when the plates were put down in front of them. Following Susie's earlier cravings, the older women had made the girls each half a BLT, a simple Swiss and mushroom omelet, some homemade fries and a small chicken Caesar salad. The lemonade glasses were promptly filled up before the women stepped back to being still, idling as statues while holding their pitchers in case either Susie or Angel needed a refill.

            "A toast!" exclaimed Angel, raising her glass. "To hypnosis, for making things a lot more fun around here!"

            "And to just being friends!" replied Susie, clinking her glass against Angel's.

            "Best friends forever," corrected Angel after a quick sip. "Seriously, we need to figure out just what to do with Elise... I think we can do more than just plank her and then pose her roommate to be kissing her."

            Susie was going to reply to Angel when there were more footsteps and, through another entrance, came Kalania, Angel's roommate who'd used to bunk with Susie. The tall, slim, blonde former model was wearing a white trench coat that hid a dark blue sun dress underneath, her hair up in a curled bun; she wore red heels on her feet. "Girls, what's going on?" asked the Russian, looking around at the motionless scene in rapt curiosity.

            "Just another day," replied Susie, shrugging. "Freeze."

The End


Susie Kim - Kim Hyuna
Jaki Newborn
- Emma Stone
Leslie Chun
- Shay Mitchell
Beatrice Weiner
- Peta Wilson
Nina Nichols
- Sasha Gray
Amber Prescott
- Brittany Snow
Phoebe Monroe
- Lindsey Lohan
Mercela Brennan
- Alexandra Dreyfus
Umiko Pine
- Maki Horikita
Brandy Graves
- Aly Michalka
Hannah Kai
- Brenda Song
Jasmine Alvarez
- Eileen Boylan
Elise Alexander
- Italia Ricci
Angel Mathews
- Kristen Stewart
Lola Guzman
- Natalie Martinez
Chata De La Toro
- Tia Texada
Kalania Scholvo
- Doutzen Kroes

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