Living Statues: Pawns of the State - 2a

by Q (edited by D.Muk)

Here's the first part of part 2 of LS Pawns of the State. Read part 1 by clicking here. More is in store for this tale, you may be sure of that.


"Group Three to see you, Comrade General."

"Ah, perfect! Show them in, Boris." The KGB General pushed all his papers into a locking drawer. Group Three could see a lot of things but not the highest secrets of Mother Russia. He locked the drawer and stood up when Group Three came in office. There were four in group and they saluted when the General's secretary close the door.

The group leader said "Group Three reporting as ordered, Comrade General."

"Very good. You may sit down, comrades." The General poined at the chairs and Group Three sat down with him. He opened a scarlet-trimmed folder and looked at it, looked closely at them, then looked at the folder again. They would do, splendidly.

Group Three had four members, like all KGB special teams using the Suspensor. As with such suspensor teams, these were all female agents with beauty and experience. They were thinner and taller than average Russian women but Westerners liked them that slim and classic sculptures did not look like average Russian women. The women had all trained and were experienced in special ways of getting intelligence but the Suspensor had made them some of the most stealthy agents in the directorate.

"Comrade Major, I have another mission for your group." The General said at last to group leader Tatiana.

"We are ready Comrade General. What is the mission?" Beside dark-haired Tatiana, fair-haired Valentina - the lock-picking expert in the team - crossed her slender legs, causing her skirt to ride up on her firm thighs. The General prefer seeing the groups when they did not have anything on, or in Western clothing, but the issue uniforms still showed their figures wonderfully. They were perfect for this upcoming mission.

"There will be major Western treaty organization conference in Greece in under a week. The Americans and their lackeys will be holding meetings for military and civilian leaders at their embassy in Athens. Our sources have reported that they will be discussing the latest IRB missiles to be used in Europe, and also where they'll be deploying their latest carrier ship to."

Tall, statuesque, Olga nodded. She was trained in deciding what information was worth taking, and how. A master spy, in other words. She looked, on the other hand, like a supermodel.

"It's similar to the meeting in London you successful penetrated earlier this year. The amount of information you obtained there was very useful; we expect there will be an equal amount presented at the Athens meeting. Because you have the most recent experience in defeating Western security and getting access to their secret papers, I feel you should take the mission. This will be something you are very good at. You will get more detail at a briefing later, but that covers everything important."

Tatiana nodded. "How will we get in?"

"The same as previously. We want you suspended in these poses." The General reached into the folder and passed several photos of Greek statues to the women of Group Three.

Katrina raised an eyebrow as she and the group examined the photos. They were of carved nudes in beautiful poses with nothing left to imagination regarding the shape of female body. There were four of the statues; she had no doubt what role her team would be playing at insertion.

The General continued, "You will be prepared to appear as marble beforehand and then transported by aircraft from Kiev to Turkey to Athens. There a KGB team will be met to move you into the embassy as decorative sculpture, replacing the ones whose pictures you now hold. The details of that operation will come later. You will remain there for five days where you will monitor the proceedings, then the team will move you out to where you can be unfrozen for travel across the border to Yugoslavia and then back here to Moscow Center. While you are in the American embassy you will have the regular timetable to work from." He passed out another typed sheet to the team.

The girls agreed. The regular timetable said their first and last days would pass with the four completely frozen; for a couple of hours of the days in middle they would be partially unfrozen to spy on the meeting, while during the next-to-last night there would be time for them to move around and examine papers and charts in the locked meeting room before returning to mimic the statues again before the morning convocation. The timers in their pedestals would do the rest, waking and freezing them on schedule. It was a good plan, and very similar to their previous assignment.

"What should we look for?" Tatiana asked.

"We will provide a complete list of what we are seeking. But if you find anything about the new missiles, the Director will be extremely pleased. Who knows? Possibly, you might even become Heroes of the Soviet Union." The General smiled as he saw the pleasure his words brought to the four lovely young women. Even KGB agents wanted to receive the highest medal the USSR could award. "Report here at 0800 tomorrow to commence your mission. That will be all."

The group saluted, rose, and departed, leaving the General to think of how they would soon look, frozen by the Suspensor into so many beautiful poses. He unlocked his desk and pulled out additional images of the four statues and gazed at them longingly. The team had not been told the whole truth about the mission. Soon he would get his own gallery. The General was sure of it.



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