Living Statues - A Special Freeze

by Q (edits by dmuk)

This part is supposed to take place after the Revenge series. I do want a few new girls involved but don't have much to work on yet, except Carmena (name not fully defined), a tall slender like Penelope Cruz-type.

Mitch frowned as he looked through the viewfinder. After all the poses he had put Nat and Kristen in this session, he couldn't find one he liked. "How do sculptors do it?" he wondered. He usually could come up with a pose that worked but today his mind was empty of a vision that looked classical and elegant. All he had managed so far were poses that seemed stale, trite, and contrived.

"Any ideas, ladies?" he asked his models. Neither answered, nor could they, since both had been immobilized for the past few minutes as Mitch fiddled with lighting and camera placement. This was his technique, perfected with the aid of a mysterious electronic widget that could turn living models into motionless living statues with the twist of a knob. Silent and rigid, Kristen and Natalie stared into each other's eyes in what was supposed to be a seductive dance but so far was looking more like a cover picture of a cheap adult video.

He put down the camera and grabbed one of the photo artbooks while walking to his chair. He sat down and flipped through the book to try and get more inspiration while sipping the open drink on his new side table/reading lamp. It was a replacement for the coffee table that Mitch used to have and was made of the same material. Namely, Cindy. On the run from her ex-boyfriend Dan for the past couple of years, she now stood with both legs together and knees bent. Her torso was bent forward and it pushed out her butt, while her left arm extended forward, palm up, holding a flat, round, plastic serving tray where Mitch had placed his drink. The other arm extended above her head, holding a light fashioned to look like a torch. The power cord ran down her arm, snaked over her back and right leg to the floor. Cindy's eyes were closed but her lips were pursed like she was about to give a kiss, with her head leaning forward as well.

Before Mitch had frozen the model to 60% and reposed her (the Immobilizer could be set to different levels; 60% meant the subject was awake, semi-rigid, and could be posed by other people but couldn't move by herself), she had been dressed in a tight push-up corset that slimmed her torso and pushed out her breasts, as in a cheesecake pose. Once she had been frozen completely at 100%, Mitch had removed the corset before giving her stiffened figure a coating of polished black lacquer. Once again Cindy had been turned into a sexy piece of furniture. This time she displayed her best assets and the black finish worked with her styled short hair to make her virtually unrecognizable. Cindy would probably remain that way for another few months before he released her for a different pose.

Mitch's gallery, too, had changed. After the unfortunate experience of the freezing game with the Immobilizer, Jen, Karen, and Susan had left. Amy had departed also at the same time, for different reasons; though she was welcome to come back to visit once in a while. Apparently, like Jeannie, she wanted to freeze occasionally; just not all the time anymore. Mitch was happy to do so and he looked forward to their next visits. However, some new models had also joined the Gallery and the Immobilizer was at near capacity once again, at least until Mitch's tech friend Gary came around with the new thing he was working on.

After Carmela and Pratma had joined recently, only two spots were left empty for now so that if Amy or Jeannie or anybody else wanted to, they could come by and do a temp freeze. There were always possibilities.

Mitch thought about the first of his new models. Carmela was a tall, slender, statuesque beauty who had found that even with killer looks it was hard breaking into professional modeling. Her Latin features displayed sensuousness and playfulness at the same time. Her body look like it been carved by a master artisan, with long, smooth, sculpted legs, firm abs, and breasts that weren’t overly large but pleasing still. Her dark hair been cut short and allowed her graceful neck to be seen by everyone. Even when immobilized as she was now, her eyes held an inviting light along with a warm smile. She look like an advertisement that could convince girls to become frozen.

Carmela had met Mitch as she tried to break into the industry, at a photo-shoot exchange done by one of the modeling agencies. Mitch had done some test shots of her that editors had like better than her other portfolio images and she had turned to him when her latest modeling job in Europe had been canned at last moment. Eager at first for escape from the endless grind of trying to break through,
Carmela had happily accepted being frozen after she had a taste of being a living statue – like almost all Mitch’s girls. That had been a while ago now and Carmela didn’t seem like she ever wanted to leave.

She had been utilized often with Mitch’s other models in his photo shoots for catalogs and regular fashion photography. Though she was less ‘experienced’ at being frozen than Nat or Kristen, she was a trained model and almost always got the correct pose even without Mitch freezing her partly and 'fine tuning' her pose himself. When not frozen, she also could do things to kept the shoot running and help Mitch with make-up and little stuff that Mitch had previously depended on Jeannie to do in the past, and still did when she visited. Mitch could do everything himself but that took more time and help was always welcomed, especially with a couple new girls at once. “And having a tall girl like Carmela to replace Susan is a good thing,” Mitch thought.

Pratma was another new model that Mitch used, naked in storage mode just like the frozen Carmela she stood next to (Except for the heels on the latin beauty). He had met her at the city gym when he exercised once in a while. Of east Indian descent, from Britain, she spoke with an accent as exotic and lovely as she looked, with her dark complexion and hair, oval eyes, and physical grace like a cat.

She also was probably the fittest and in the best shape of all the girls who made up his gallery of living statuary. A aerobic instructor and athlete (like everybody who watched movies in the USA thought, she played soccer, or “football”, she called it), swimming, running, and some sports Mitch never knew of. She was the same height as Kristen but her body was more sculpted by exercise and hard work, with muscles chiseled in her legs, abs and arms, along with firm breasts that were well proportioned to her lean and taut body.

She crouched in one corner of the studio, posed like she was about to take a dive into pool, which she had been when Mitch froze her. The way her arms were held high overhead and the musculature in her legs defined by her pose, gave the appearance of still being active even though she had been a motionless still-life for almost a week.

Unlike other girls, Pratma became a model because her new experiences with the Immobilizer interested her, not because she had thought about posing before. After Mitch convinced her to use the Immobilizer on one photo shoot, she fell into being a statue as natually as breathing. Now she was a full-time model and gallery figure for Mitch, where her physique stayed the same between the (few) times she was unfrozen and could exercise.

It was quiet in the house; too quiet as night fell. The jazzy music he had put on for inspiration had ended and the only sound was the faint whir of muffin fans on the electronics and the Immobilizer. After a few minutes of sitting in the darkening room, Mitch got up to change the CD but his mind was still back in the studio where Natalie and Kristen waited in statuesque solitude. He almost walked into one of his newest models before catching himself at the last second. Not that she would have minded; Angela was as stiff and unmoving as the other living statues and by now she was completely unconscious as well.

"Sorry, Angie," he muttered, despite knowing the 100% frozen girl could never hear him. "I'd lose my own head if it weren't tacked on. He looked down at her crouching recline and noted the way her nicely shaped backside seemed to form a curve almost like foothills before merging into her long legs. If her ass was a foothill, the mountains were on her other side where her bounteous breasts formed a boulder field with impressive cleavage between the two massifs. Long platinum blonde hair cascaded down from the crown of her head almost to the floor as she gazed out blankly from her frozen pose. It was too bad, Mitch reflected, that the inside of her head was as vacant as her eyes.

She had answered one of the few adverts he had ever placed, soon after the blowup with Jen, and he knew at the time he wasn't thinking very clearly. Of all the models he had immobilized and photographed, Angela was the closest one any of them came to fitting the stereotype of a 'bimbo' and he had known it even before she opened her mouth. Listening to his explanation of the device, what effect it would have on her, and the earpiece she had to wear, Angie just kept nodding and saying "Uhh Huh" like some sexy bobble-head doll. "So, uh, what do ya want me to put on?" was her only question after she had signed the release.

There was no doubt she looked good wearing the low-cut skin-tight black catsuit with silvery highlights he had given her and she was impressively tall in the metallic heels that matched the outfit, but she clearly had no experience in any modeling beyond appearing in the few adult entertainment videos she showed on her resume. Being a booth bunny wasn't exactly an acting credential, either.

Despite all that, she did look sexy and photographed well, though it had taken him literally hours to find the pose she was now frozen in after he had exhausted his suggestions for standing or sitting poses. There was something about her stance or face that wasn't quite what he was looking for; a spark that just wasn't there. Finally he had spun the dial on the immobilizer without saying anything and her slightly surprised, open-mouthed expression was better than everything he had tried to coax out of her. And, he didn't have to hear her nasal voice asking him "What kinda photographa are ya, anyways?" Now she was a statue, and seemed much improved by the change into immobility.

Absently, he dripped some of the amber liquid from his glass on her frozen body and watched as it flowed down to pool in the small of her back, then continued between the foothills of her butt. Eventually it dripped slowly onto the floor, breaking the gloomy silence and reminding him of why he had come this way to begin with. To change the music.

To the pure melody of the piano solo, Mitch circled the tableaux of his two main models and thought about how he could pose them in a different way, a better pose. Both Kristen and Nat were aware since he had set their immobilizers at 65% but were not able to move in the slightest way. He had been trying for an arrangement that looked like two nymphs dancing in the woods but seemed to bring to mind a pair of mannequins in a store window. Both were nude; all of his models knew they might be appearing sans any kind of costume at all and some, like Nat, preferred to pose in the buff. Kristen was coming along, after starting out very self-conscious (for no good reason; she had an excellent figure) and gradually getting used to it. Oddly, she had enjoyed her being immobilized almost instantly after meeting Mitch and agreeing to become a living statue. She seemed sometimes to almost crave being frozen now.

He recalled how excited she had been, and how desirable that had made her to him. Despite an unwritten rule to not get involved with his models, Mitch fell for her not long afterward; they had been lovers ever since.

That wasn't helping his concentration either. Maybe a change of scenery would give him some ideas, he decided. A quick spin of the immobilizer dial later and Kristen woke up, blinking away the effects of motionlessness. Slightly disoriented, she smiled when Mitch came up, holding a glass of water for her along with her satin dressing gown.

"Hiya, Kris," he grunted. "I wasn't getting anywhere, so I'm going out for a bit. You might want to take a shower or something and get ready to pose again when I get back. Leave Nat there, or put her in storage." Of all the models, Kristen was the only one — besides Jeannie of course — he trusted to use the Immobilizer without his supervision. Even so, he had installed a safeguard. "Remember the auto-timer if you want to chill out, too."

"Oh, I will; worrywart!" She giggled, shrugging into the shimmery robe that only emphasized her figure while giving her confidence that she wasn't completely unclothed, though she just as well could have been with how much of her showed through. A win-win situation. "You just take the time you need and I'll see you later. I'll be fine. Bye."

"Bye, kiddo," he replied, with a quick peck on her lips before he turned and left. A brief blast of chilly air followed the opening and closing of the door.

The first few hours passed by quickly as Kristen took a long hot shower, picked at the plate of fruit that always seemed to be around, and watched the news for a while before noticing it was pretty much the same as when she last viewed it, months ago. Another fraction of an hour she spent examining Cindy's new pose in detail. As before, Kristen had been frozen while the camoflaged girl was being prepared so they had never had any opportunity for conversation. She secretly wished that Mitch would paint her frozen body some day, perhaps as part of a photo series. While the polished obsidian black of Cindy's current 'costume' was gorgeous, Kristen would have preferred something more metallic for herself; gold seemed about right, she thought. Yes, definitely a gilded look.

Sitting crosswise in Mitch's chair, legs draped over one side, she browsed through the same photo book he had looked at earlier. One of the poses seemed like it might be fun to try, so she scribbled a quick happy face on a sticky note and tabbed the page where he would find it later.

After wandering back into the studio, Kristen looked thoughtfully at Natalie’s frozen form. “Oh, Nat. You should go into your special storage mode, not the one all of us usually get placed in.”

Dragging the frozen woman over to stand next to the controls, Kristen then got the last thing she needed. Turning Nat’s Immobilizer to 60% Kristin ran her hands over Nat’s firm breasts. “Here’s something to start with before you really freeze!”

To repose her, Kristen moved both Nat’s arms to behind the other model’s back. Then she bent Nat's arms at the elbows to something like right angles and moved her arms until they were flat behind Nat’s upper body as much as possible. Finally Kristen nested Nat’s open hands, palms facing out and one covering the other, flat in the small of the model’s back and little below her
neck. Nat’s upper body and best features were pushed out from straight line her legs, back, and head formed.

After seeing Nat’s legs were straight and together, Kristen put her own hands on the front and back of Nat’s abs and made sure Nat’s stomach smoothly curved up and forward to where Nat’s breasts were pushed out. Then Kristen tried to pose Nat’s neck and head so it curved back into a straight line with the model’s legs.

“This is fun!” Kristen thought. She knew how Mitch must feel, being able to pose beautiful women like dolls or mannequins into anything he wanted. Especially someone as good-looking as Nat – Kristen could see why Susan had been attracted to the frozen model.

Inside her stiffened body, Natalie was in heaven as the normal sexual excitement from being frozen and not being able to move herself added together with being posed by someone else. She was used to Kristen moving her body by now and the feeling was almost as good as being touched by Susan or Mitch. “Wonder if I can get Kristen and Mitch together to have a session with me when I freeze into a statue again?” Nat giggled as she thought it. “Could have different pose but, hell, I can keep this pose all day. Not like I can change it now!” As always, her outer pose and expression did not change as her body settled into being a frozen artwork.

“Almost finished. One more thing I almost forgot,” Kristen said as she disappeared from view of Nat’s frozen eyes and reappeared holding a vibrator. Nat knew what was going happen next but she was helpless to stop it, even if she wanted to. Which she did not.

Kristen switched on the vibrator and thumbed it to the highest setting. Then she touched Nat with the vibrator between her breasts and circled each aureole and teased each nipple until they were more erect then normally possible. Kristen then slowly moved the vibrator down across the frozen girl's firm, defined, torso until she reached into Nat’s smooth, hairless nether regions. Kristen smiled as she pushed the vibrator into the immobilized model's sex.

Natalie wanted to gasp but couldn’t move a muscle when the vibrator entered her. The highest setting instantly pushed her already excited mind and body into a massive orgasm. The sexual feelings she had while frozen suddenly exploded into a bright white light that took away all thoughts, all feelings. Her mind was overwhelmed by the climax and it dissolved into a great orgasmic wave of pleasure that never seemed to end. For good reason - it hadn't.

Kristen was ready and had totally frozen Nat at 100% just when the motionless, aroused, model hit her climax. “I think you’ll like being left that way until you wake up next,” Kristen said knowingly as she turned off the vibrator and took it away. Natalie didn't react at all as, trapped in the ecstasy of her endless climax, she slipped into a fantastic dream.

A minute or so later, when she was sure Nat was out, Kristen lifted the frozen woman to the other wall, placing her in an open area and patted Nat lightly on the face before leaving one satisfied living statue to pass her storage time in absolute bliss.


Kristen then dropped the robe and decided how she would spend the rest of the time until Mitch returned. Spinning the dial on her own Immobilizer to 40%, she felt her body getting stiff and sluggish and knew she only had a few minutes to pose herself in slow motion before the auto-timer kicked in, changed the setting to the full 100%, and she would become a living statue once more.


The End? ?

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