The Living Statues - Natalie Volunteers

by Q
(edited by Dmuk)

Natalie dropped her kit case on the floor of her small apartment, ran to the bedroom, and jumped on her bed. She cried face down, buried in the fluffy comforter, as she hit the bed with both her hands. It was so unfair! Life was unfair. She struck the bed again; it did not hit back. Not since her mother had told her three years ago not to come home had she felt so alone. It was good thing no roommate was around to see her life in such a mess.

Big Tony was not happy when Nat, his best dancer, refused to sleep with him. He was making her life a living hell.

She glanced up from her misery to see one of her one-sheets taped to the dresser mirror where smiling back at her was someone from better times. Five small photos and a data panel that seemed to trivialize her life: Asian extraction, born 11-November-1977, 5'4" with a 34C-22-34 figure, displaying firm breasts and a model's slim body, dress size 4, shoe size 6. It said nothing about her childhood, growing up in a mixed family in the deep South, her passion to dance, nor her struggle with an overbearing parent after her father's divorce. All it showed was a beautiful young woman; one of thousands hoping for a break in the big city and destined it seemed for disappointment.

After finding out in her teens she had the 'wrong shape' for the career in ballet that she had studied for most of her childhood, Nat followed one of a series of bad male influences and ended up expressing herself by dancing in a New Orleans men's club instead of holding down the local after school job that everyone expected, especially her family. The deception succeeded for almost four months; when things fell apart at home she had saved enough money to bid Cocodrie, Louisiana farewell and seek her fortunes northward. Another 'friend' had steered her in the direction of a Jersey strip joint and Big Tony Lamondo.

Nat and her exotic moves earned a fair bit of money and had lot of men wanting her. Big Tony had given her a lot of money as well and had given her other nice things too. When he said that had 'bought' him the right to sleep with her, Nat refused him cold; letting her temper and her acid sharp tongue get out of control. His ego couldn't take being denied. He immediately fired her from his club, threw her dresses and things out into the street, and coerced all the club owners in town to blacklist her as a dancer, or as anything else for that matter. She couldn't even find a job as a cigarette girl.

Nat didn't think Big Tony had a lot of power, a major miscalculation. But Tony's mob friends had everybody scared to hire Nat. Every place had said 'no' and Tony's pressure tactics and intimidation had caused Nat to lose all her friends as well. There was nobody that wanted her to work for them, nobody would be friends with her either. She realized she would have to leave town if everybody still kept cutting her off. It was so unfair, she sobbed into her pillow, being frozen out of her life just because she wouldn't shag her boss.

She cried some more, then went into the shower, trying to lose herself in the sensations of the steamy deluge of water. As many times before, she allowed her hand to stray, as if on its own, down between her legs. Closing her eyes, she imagined a tender lover caressing that same place with her hands and tongue. For minutes Natalie finally forgot the unjust world outside and focused on bringing herself pure pleasure.

After finishing the shower she gazed at her naked, glistening, body in her full-length mirror while toweling off. She knew was in good shape, maybe even the great shape she could turn into being a full-time model. Big Tony had wanted her to 'model' for him, of course, for a private series of Polaroid's in the back room of the club but Nat knew he was saying that only to sleep with her, which she wanted no part of. But he had contacts and connections; she had no contacts to get into modeling. One of the schools in town had already rejected her, saying something about her 'not being the type', whatever that meant. Nat figured they had been gotten to. She could do porn or strip, but Tony might block her in those jobs, too. There was one way he had given her to make things back the way they had been; Natalie had told him to screw himself. Not the wisest choice of words, she reflected later.

Her eyes strayed back to that one-sheet with the smiling young woman and focused on the photographer's name listed at the bottom: M. Kirkland.

She still had one friend who was in the modeling field. Mitch was a fashion and catalog photographer who lived out of town but Nat had modeled for him a few years ago and they had hit it off when he did a shoot for her portfolio. They had even gone on a couple casual dates before losing touch. He was a friend, though, and better yet Tony didn't know about him. Wrapping the towel sarong-style around her curvy figure, she barefooted it into her living room, poured herself a tumbler of ice-cold mint vodka from her freezer, and sipped for a few minutes, letting herself relax. There was no point in calling him and being on edge. Convincing herself there was a new life waiting if she could model for him tomorrow, Nat didn't waste any time in finding his number in her little pink book. She drained the glass as she dialed the phone, thinking about how she was going to handle Mitch's questions and see what he had to offer.

Mitch had a good-sized house in the country, on a large lot. He was repairing it little by little because it had not been in good shape when he bought it, though he saw the potential in the place. Finishing up on 'mudding' some drywall, he was spattered in plaster gobs; making images was the last thing from his mind when the phone interrupted him. Two rings, then three. Mitch thought about letting the answering gizmo pick it up and then changed his mind. He was glad he did. It was nice to hear from Natalie after all these months, though she sounded a little tipsy as they caught each other up on events. Nonchalantly, she brought up modeling and wondered if he had any shoots coming up soon because she rambled on about how much she liked posing and really would like to do more for him. Like tomorrow, she asked, a plaintive tone of urgency in her simple request. Mitch was on the verge of telling her he was busy when he agreed and they set a time. Nat would be his first chance in two weeks for a photo shoot and he liked the idea of not working on his house for a time. Just now, he had no idea what sort of theme they would try but from her deliberate conversation he was sure she had something in mind. There was always his new toy, too.

He looked at the stereo-sized cabinet of electronics that had gained him so much success in recent times. He still couldn't believe the Immobilizer was his. It was a machine, a capability, he had long dreamed about before even knowing that such a thing could really exist. Ever since his star model, Jeannie, left he had found no other model who hold a pose stock-still for as long a time. That was his technique; he posed the model in a setting, lighted her, and then treated her objectively as if she were a sculpture or painting. His nude studies had gotten critical acclaim and high fashion had always tried to idealize the models. For catalog work it was necessary to have the subject repeat the same pose over and over wearing different variations or colors of garment. His quest for the perfect image bordered on obsession at times, and Jeannie had been the only model he really trusted to pose motionless the way he wanted. Then she had struck out on her own and he had struggled to find a model with the same talent for being, in effect, a living statue.

Now with the device he could do it for himself, with almost any model. And the girls who used the Immobilizer for him loved it too, for the most part. That very unique piece of technology had come into his possession after his friend Allen introduced him to a very unusual foreign gentleman with some even more unusual wares and, after a brief demonstration, funds were exchanged.

Of all his models, only Karen was here now. After his fight with Joy, he had let her leave and given all the other girls time off. He needed some time apart from dealing with models since Joy's departure had been a difficult thing to handle (Leaving her out in the rain had been a really bad idea, Mitch reflected) especially since she was such a lovely figure model. Only Karen had wanted to stay; Mitch agreed to let her remain but only if frozen for the entire time. He wanted some time alone, so he had spent the last few days playing contractor and working on the house, while Karen played at being a motionless statue. With the Immobilizer's help, she was extremely good at it.

Now he was thinking about shooting photos again 'on spec' for what might work in a swimsuit ad. Karen was not going to be in them; she didn't have the right svelte physique for those kinds of garments and while Mitch liked her a lot, she was not the one for this gig. Besides, it had mostly been Natalie's idea and Mitch wasn't sure how she would react to working with another model. Certainly, seeing Karen frozen would be freaky.

Karen was in storage mode (arms straight down beside her body, legs straight together, eyes staring at infinity) as he called it after seeing a scf-fi movie about robot women. She was standing alongside the 'wild' wall of his studio, as stiff as a mannequin. Seeing her there, he realized too late that she should have been covered up like the rest of the equipment for now she had a fine coating of gypsum and plaster dust coating her voluptuous figure. She looked almost carved from stone. Inspiration struck; Mitch pulled out a camera, uncovered some strobe umbrellas, and squeezed off almost a full roll of her statuesque curves from various angles and distances. He couldn't take all day, though; he had to get ready for the session tomorrow. Because Nat didn't know about Immobilizer, he moved Karen into a storage closet and covered her over with a plastic tarp like some posing dummy. He had wanted some time alone from the Immobilizer too but that's not how the Fates had decided things...

The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up the studio and getting things prepared. After mopping the floor to pick up the last of the dust, he took an early dinner and decided to get some rest. While he slept, his imagination kept his dreams playful, and very very intense. Nat was a good model and a friend. She had a figure most men dreamed for and Mitch loved her look for underwear and swimsuit shots. She could be a full-time model if she had a little luck and a break or two. But she seemed not to have any luck at all working as an exotic dancer. And the men she stayed around turned out to be bad luck indeed. In the dreams, all the past was swept away and he saw her as she should have been, as an international star with magazine covers and movie offers coming at her from every direction. Yet she chose to stay with a simple photographer and give him the best of her amazing talent.

Morning came in what seemed an instant, leaving Mitch with warm memories and a dampened pair of pajamas. It had been some time since he'd had that kind of dream! Especially unlikely, he mused while fixing breakfast, that it would involve her; but that was a nice fantasy.

She arrived a little late, not unusual for her, toting her satchel of makeup items and clothes along with a disturbing attitude. Something bad must have happened since this was not the upbeat Nat he remembered from their previous shoot. This wasn't normal. Today she was very quiet and looking slightly tired, the effects of which she covered up with makeup. But she could not cover up her emotions. Something surely was going on and Mitch waited for Nat to tell him.

They done about half the shoot when they took a break. Natalie walked around, stretching, and she had the top of her bikini off since she was always casual around Mitch. They had done some nude shots before but for fun, not for any assignment. He fetched her a glass of that vile rose-zinfandel wine she always liked, which earned him the first genuine smile of the day. They talked about nothing in particular while sitting together on the sofa and then Nat turned to him and then, tearing up, told Mitch everything. She had cried some, smearing her mascara, and eventually said she just had to get away from everything; away from life for a while. It was a wish he could grant.

Mitch was not in the mood to try a sales pitch to get Nat immobilized, even though the idea had crossed his mind while she was talking. He wanted time away from it. But after Nat concluded her sad story and went to the bathroom to freshen up, Mitch opened the closet and looked at the frozen figure of Karen, leaned up against the wall and staring blankly from under her plastic wrapping. She too had wanted to get away from life for a while and she now thought using the Immobilizer was the best thing ever to happen to her. Nat said she was looking for some sort of escape. Mitch had not been really thinking of it seriously before. But Nat sounded like she needed some time on the Immobilizer.

He had the earpiece unit ready and controls preset when Nat came back the from bathroom in a two-piece string bikini that hid nothing about her spectacular body. She was a very good figure model and Mitch always thought she would be an lovely person to still model for him, but the opportunity had never happened. Now he had the chance.

"I want you to try something new, Nat," Mitch suggested as he offered her the earpiece. "Want to try some still poses? You pick a pose and hold it for a while and I'll shoot you from all angles. I can also try some different lighting setups."

"Sounds boring." Nat laughed. "What's this?" She turned the earpiece around in her manicured fingers, curious. It looked a little like an earphone, but there was no wire coming out of it, just a tiny sliding on-off switch. It felt heavier too than just a little speaker.

"Something that helps you hold the pose. And it's something different I've been using recently. You might like it..." Mitch said vaguely. He knew what other models felt when they were first frozen. She said OK and placed the device in her right ear, covering it over with the sweep of her dark short-cut hair. Stepping up onto a low pedestal he had suggested, she took her first stance.

They start to shoot photos again and this time Nat stayed in her poses for a longer time at his urging while Mitch shot more photos from all around her. She even let him repose her with his hands without moving or flinching. It was something a little strange yet she got to liking it after a while. Then after one shot Mitch walked over to some stereo equipment. She thought he might be changing the music.

"Just stay in the pose, okay Nat? You're looking great. I want to get another camera." He saw Nat nod briefly in her pose with one leg forward and both hands on her hips. He made sure she was still looking ahead and then spun a dial.

Natalie felt a strange tingling in her body. It was a new thing she had not felt before and there was a sudden sexual like rush as the tingle passed briefly through her body. It was enough arousal to stimulate her to want to reach down and play with herself, and she would have in an instant normally. But she stayed in the pose since she had gotten the hang of being still and didn't want to shock Mitch. She was so good she didn't even blink.

Then she realized she didn't move because she couldn't! She couldn't speak or breathe or feel her heart beating! Something was wrong! This had never happened before! She wondered if she was going to die. What did Mitch do? Her mind was as frantic as her body was still.

But the moment of terror passed; she felt more and more sexual desire sweep over her rigid body. Her panic and annoyance were dissolved by an erotic energy that seemed to build with every passing moment. This is great! she thought as her body tingled with a demanding sexual urge. With the sexual feeling came a soft sleepy warmth. It was a powerful feeling that overcame her like a sensual haze and she soon fell asleep feeling delightfully aroused. Any thoughts of dying vanished into lasting ecstasy. Her first dream asleep was a fantasy of making love to Mitch.

Mitch looked over at Nat's face and saw a little smile captured on her frozen features as she stood there totally motionless. It was something, a sign, that said she was enjoying it. He didn't like to introduce the Immobilizer in this way, as a surprise, but he had understood that Nat needed something like this. She needed a change; she asked him for an escape, almost pleaded with him. Only thing is, she probably wouldn't have agreed to using it if he'd asked beforehand. And with a little luck, she would be wanting more, he mused. Reaching up to the immobilized model, he kissed her lightly on her frozen lips. "Sorry, Nat," he apologized, though she could not hear him. She also did not feel his hands as they undid her bikini straps and pulled the brief swimsuit away, leaving her spectacular body completely nude in front of the hungry camera lens and Mitch's appreciative gaze.

Two hours later Mitch turned the dial on the Immobilizer controls in the other direction to awaken Nat. She woke after a few seconds and found her muscles felt stiff, like she had been working out a little. But otherwise she was fine and never felt better as she drew her first breaths in a long time. Gradually she knew that she no longer had to hold the pose, but it felt good to do so even now, and remember.

When she finally moved, Nat slowly stepped off the pedestal for bit and stopped in front of him. Her mind was flying; she was thinking of everything she had felt and needed time to fully appreciate it. "That was - something - I never felt before," she said eventually. "Wow!"

"I'll bet." Mitch said. Nat looked funny, like she was excited or something. Like the cat that ate the canary, too, in a way. "Uh, you want something to drink?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure, and a bathroom. I need to go to the bathroom." Mitch nodded and went to the kitchen.

Nat stood in the bathroom, eyes closed, letting the emotions wash over her. She had felt fantastic being frozen. It was most exciting thing she had ever experienced. She wanted, no, she needed to be frozen again. The craving was almost painful. It was a rush that nothing else could give her. Touching her crotch, she felt how damp she was, without thinking her hand slipped under her bikini bottom and she fingered her moist sex. The orgasm came nearly instantaneously, so intensely her knees almost buckled. Letting out a little shuddering "OOHHhhhh!" she climaxed again in the space of seconds. It took more than a couple of minutes to regain her composure and wash up before leaving.

Mitch had an orange juice for Nat sitting by the sofa. She took it, drained nearly half in one gulp, then looked around. She still looked charged with some kind of electricity as she paced around, taking another sip. "Had to have a bathroom break," she demurred.

"No problem. Believe me." Mitch waited for Nat to sit down and drink the juice, which she eventually did.

Turning to him, placing a warm hand on his knee, she gasped, "What is that thing?"

He started from the beginning to tell her how he got the Immobilizer and all he knew about how it worked and what the effects were. Of course he left out the details of the first time it was demonstrated to him, and the name of his chum Allen in the government service. They went into the storage closet and brought Karen back into the studio, then Mitch talked about how that model had chosen to be left frozen. Nat took it all in, nodding at the right places, but remained excited. There seemed to be something she wanted to say, but was holding off.

Then he asked, "So, Natalie. You want to do this still life modeling full-time for me? I've got a contract for you if you'd like to think it over."

Nat didn't wait. She knew right away she wanted to feel being frozen again. Before she looked into Karen's frozen face and saw the joy and excitement the other model had about being frozen, before she heard from Susan about how she loved being immobilized in the middle of sex, she knew. "I'll do it," she giggled, scrawling her name on the line. "Can you give me another sample? I want you to freeze me right now!"

A few days later Natalie knocked on Mitch's door. She had dealt with everything in her life she had to; this turned out to be not that much after all. Telling off Tony had been worth it. All her remaining stuff was in the two rollie-bags she had with her. It felt good to have new start. She felt better then she had for long time. There was a happy smile on her face once more as her cares had been washed away.

"Hi Nat," Mitch said opening the door. He had wondered if she'd come back, or if she would let the rest of her life overtake her desires. With Nat staying, now he was the one getting excited; he couldn't wait to see her once more a living statue. He gave her the earpiece and Nat put it on, barely before closing the door. "You can dump your stuff in that left bedroom in back and the bathroom is in the hall, of course. I'll be in the wardrobe when you finish cleaning up."

"Thanks Mitch." Nat thought for moment that Mitch might freeze her while she put her stuff away, undressed, and went to the bathroom. But the tingle never came even when she showered and got herself ready for her new life - as a living statue.

There was a nice selection of clothes laid out in the back room when Nat finally got out of the bathroom. She looked at them briefly and almost chose a silvery miniskirted tunic, but then she got an idea. For her first pose she wanted to really excite Mitch and she knew exactly how. So she wore just her bathrobe and a smile, though a pair of cream-colored high heeled pumps felt right to her as an accessory.

Mitch heard Nat coming in to the room but he ignored her as he fiddled with his equipment, not seeing what she was wearing. "Just stand on that tape mark on the floor," he called. "I have to finish this." He was fixing the camera when he heard something. She cleared her throat, then he looked up and saw Nat had taken off her robe and had on nothing underneath.

"You wanted a good pose, right?" Nat asked with a chuckle at Mitch as he gazed at her beauty. She was standing happily at attention. "This is the best way to get the one I think you want."

Mitch was speechless. "I think you should do your own pose Nat, not one that might please me." The girl was clearly in a hurry. Like Susan and Karen before her. Rushing headlong to become motionless.

For her first pose as one of Mitch's Living Statues, Nat decided to literally stretch herself. She slipped off the shoes before Mitch asked her, turned and stood with her feet wide apart and looking straight ahead. She raised her arms completely straight out in a T and then back, clasping her hands together to form a triangle behind her back. Then she took deep breath, closed her eyes and bent her upper body backward. She kept her legs and arms straight. Her torso was jutting forward little at the waist for balance then bent backward much more deeply above the waist. Her back and spine were curved into a very deep bend, an S profile that cupped round her firm derriere at the bottom of the curve. Her head was behind her back now and her ample chest was in right position, with her breasts at the crest of the arch of her body. It was a very sexy pose from any angle of view; Mitch wasted no time in spinning the dial and turning Nat into a statue as she posed there. He heard her brief gasp, then silence as her body stiffened in position.

Nat, holding her strenuous pose, waited for what seemed to her forever for the tingle. She wondered briefly if he was playing some kind of trick on her. The immobilizing wave finally came and she soon was unable to move herself, but the onset had surprised her with how good it felt. There was a bigger tingle of pleasure as the sexual waves swept through her and she surrendered herself fully to the growing ecstasy. She would have to thank Mitch in a very special way when she was awakened next. It would have to be very special, for her; too; she had an idea but as she was thinking of it, she got exceedingly sleepy and soon fell into a deep sleep with very sexual dreams filling her mind.

Mitch took a long appreciative look at Nat and snapped some pictures of her frozen figure. It was a wonderful pose she was in, displaying her best assets - and front-sets. He would have to keep her in that pose for some time to come, something he was absolutely certain she would not object to. He moved her on a hand cart to the bay window as the sun broke through the clouds. Her sinuous shadow spilling across the wood flooring was a delightful meander that begged to be captured on film. Giving Nat a quick kiss on her frozen mouth, he ran a hand over her firm rounded breasts. There was an excellent reason his house was out in the middle of the country.

"Welcome to the club, Nat. You are a very welcome addition to the gallery."

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