Living Statues, The Revenge - Part 1

From: MRC

I have written a new episode one of my favorite ongoing sagas, that of the Living Statues. This idea came to me via the alleged original author before he left for the second time. I took his idea and expanded on it.
I hope everybody likes it!

Jennifer was deep in her dreams. She dreamt of the time she spent in college, the short career she had as a waitress, some of the old boyfriends she had been with, and some of the sports she had played years ago. Her mind raced, filled with all sorts of activity, which was in sharp contrast with the rest of her body, which was totally stiff and inert, devoid of any activity of any kind. Jennifer was a LivingStatue, one of a group of up to eight volunteers who spent a great portion of their time as, well, just that - Living Statues. With the use of a device placed behind the ear, Mitch, the photographer who owned the house where the Living Statues spent their time, could keep anyone in stasis for an indefinite period of time.

The girls (there were currently seven of them there) were all volunteers. Nobody was there if they didn't want to be. While they were in

this frozen mannequin-like state, he took pictures of them. After all, he was a fashion photographer. They all knew it. They also all knew that he dressed them in frilly lingerie or, even more likely, stripped them nude. Mitch never really physically interacted with his frozen beauties. Sure, they aroused him - how could gorgeous nude mannequins posed from life not arouse him? - but he knew there had to be some limitations. Besides, each one gave off a very mild tingle when touched, a small side effect of the Immobilizer device. Not enoughto cause him discomfort, but definitely annoying for any length of time.

Jennifer was, shall we say, not the most attractive of the ladies there. Not to say that she wasn't a pretty woman. But if you have a Honda Accord, certainly a fine car, lined up with some sports cars, you don't devote as much of your attention to it. She is in what is known as "storage mode" - standing up straight, arms held straight down at her sides, her vacant eyes staring straight ahead to infinity. She wears not a stitch of clothing. She has been frozen rigidly like this for almost six weeks. Nude, immobilized, and asleep, she dreams, patiently waiting for Mitch to reanimate her. It is here our story begins. . .


Mitch was very tired. He sat down on the couch in his studio and popped open a beer. The latest shoot for the Frederick's catalog had taken a lot more time than he had expected. Not that he minded too terribly, of course. Natalie, Susan, and Kristen enjoyed posing as statues for him almost as much as he enjoyed turning them into statues. So he had to spend an extra day freezing them, dressing (or undressing) them, taking photographs, and then reanimating them, so what. "There are worse ways to make a living," he thought to himself. He stopped for a moment to reflect on what he had just said. Here, in his not-terribly-big but still nice enough country house, women came to him and allowed themselves to be turned into living mannequins for him. He then got to dress and undress them as he pleased, take pictures of them, and sell those pictures. "What a racket!" was all he could think of. But it did take it's toll every now and then. When was the last time he had taken a vacation? He couldn't remember. He decided right then and there that a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. "The beach," he said out loud. "I'll pack in the morning." With newfound energy the downed the rest of the beer and went to bed.

The next morning came a bit more quickly than he would have liked, but that was OK. He was about to go to the beach, which more than made up for the perceived lack of sleep. After packing, he went around the house to make sure everything would be OK while he was gone. In the back yard he had installed a generator to make sure that the house (and the Immobilizer controls in particular) maintained electrical power. That looked fine. He went around and checked all the doors and windows and the security sensors on them. They looked fine. Finally he went into his studio to check on his ladies. Boy, did they ever look fine. He took a quick survey of his seven living statues. Cindy, on the run from her boyfriend, was nearly unrecognizable as a stand for his studio coffee table. The oval glass rested upon her chest and knees and she had been made up to look like a wooden sculpture. Convincingly. He was quite proud of the work he had done on her, assisted of course by Amy who sat on the couch next to that table. She wore a frilly white lace bra and panty set and long white over-the-knee stockings. Her face had the look of someone about to say something important, but Mitch had done a sudden freeze on her and she had been immobilized before she could utter whatever it was she was going to say ("It'll keep" was how Mitch rationalized that...) Her stockings had been splattered a bit from some spilled coffee from her latest reanimation, when she was posed in the kitchen refilling a coffee cup held by Karen. Karen was still in the kitchen, still raising the coffee to her slightly parted lips. She had been frozen in that position for some time now. She wore her French maid outfit, the one Mitch had her model for a month in the main studio. She looked contented and peaceful, as his ladies tended to when they were suddenly frozen without warning. Back in the studio, Natalie had been placed into storage mode. She was modeling the swimsuits for the latest catalog and had her shots finished before Susan and Kristen so Mitch told her that he was just going to freeze her in storage. The last outfit she had modeled for the shoot was a black snakeskin-textured bikini, which Mitch thought went very well with her naturally dark skin. The top tied in the front, but after she had been frozen Mitch untied it and let the fabric fall, exposing her nearly perfect breasts. He had also pulled the bottoms down to just above her knees, exposing her ass and bush. Exposed like this, she was a vision in beautiful, vulnerable, naked stillness. Susan, the tall athletic blonde, was laying on her side on the floor, head resting on her right arm. She wore a pink teddy with a thong- back. Her blonde hair fell just to the floor. Her left leg, resting on top of her right, was bent at a slight angle and she wore a smile that shouted "I love being a statue!" Kristen, Mitch's newest prize, was standing with her arms above her head, fingers spread out. She had a sort of playful scream frozen on her face and she looked very excited - as excitied as a petrified mannequin can look. She wore a sheer black body stocking which hid none of her gorgeous attributes. Her nipples poked out at the clingy material and her neatly groomed pubic hair was plainly visible through the fabric. She had been the last to finish this particular photo session, her first, and had been frozen by Mitch in that position for only a couple of hours. And then there was Jennifer. Jen had been one of the first of the volunteers to come try out Mitch's statue machine. She had done a near-legendary pose, several pictures of which Mitch required the other girls to look at, and had been kept that way for over a month. But now she was not quite the looker she used to be. That didn't bother Mitch - he still loved having her nude form grace his studio. She stood patiently in storage mode.

She had been in storage for about a month and a half now, and Mitch felt that it was time for a change. Before leaving on his little jaunt to the ocean, he decided to release Jen and let her be active the whole time he was gone. He walked over to his control panel, selected "Jennifer" and spun the dial. Jennifer blinked, blinked again, then began to stretch out her arms, which had been hanging stiffly at her side for the last six weeks. She turned her head left and right, stretching out her neck muscles, then began bending her knees to stretch them out. Mitch walked over with the obligatory terry robe. "Morning Jen - how d'you feel?" "Jeez, Mitch, what is today?" He told her. "You've been in storage mode for about six weeks now." "Six weeks?! You kept me here naked and in storage for six weeks?" "Well, yeah. Anything wrong with that?" "Yeah, I think it's kinda unfair! I mean, look at them -" she pointed to the rest of the immobilized gang - "they all have moved around. And who the hell is she?!" - pointing to Kristen. "And where did that table come from?" She continued on ranting while Mitch slowly walked back over to the control panel. But Jen had seniority here - she knew what he was about to do. "No wait, don't freeze me again! Don't freeze me! Please don't fr-. . ." ZAP! She was a statue once again. "Now look, this was the only way I could think of to shut you up for a minute. I'm sorry you were frozen for so long in such a boring pose. Really I am." He walked over to her immobilized form and stared right into her glassy vacant eyes. "But I'm going to make that up to you now. I'm going to the beach for the next couple of days and I'm going to keep you active for the whole time. You can stay here, you can go out, do whatever you want. And I won't be here to freeze you. You know how long it's been since I let somebody have four days at a time active?" If she could have, she would have answered 'no.' He took her forced immobility as an answer. "I don't know either, but it's been a while." Turning around, he strolled back to the panel, continuing to speak to his captive audience. "I'm going to let you go now. . ." -spin- ". . .but please calm down, OK?" "Sorry Mitch. I don't know what came over me."

"Well, I'm off now. Please be good and stay out of trouble and I'll beback by the end of the week." Concepts like 'week' and 'time' had sort of lost their meaning for Jennifer, having spent all but maybe two.weeks of the last year as an immobilized living mannequin, but she nodded her head in agreement and waved a big goodbye as he drove off. Free at last, for the next four days. Free to move around. To go out. To do whatever she wanted. She sat down at the kitchen table next to Karen and opened up the newspaper. "Unrest in the Middle East," "Politician Caught in Scandal," "Congress Debates Abortion," "Interest Rates Up" - man, she thought, I thought it was only around here that things never changed.

Since she spent most of her time doing literally nothing, Jen got bored easily. She strolled around the house, looking at the other girls. She got a little bit jealous. Look at them, they're gorgeous, she thought. And he kept me standing at attention for a month and a half. "Get used to it, honey" she said to Natalie, immobilized in the same storage mode position that Jen herself had been in. Feeling empowered by the fact that Nat was a statue and she wasn't, and that Mitch wasn't here, she pulled Nat's bikini bottoms off completely, leaving her with only an untied top held by her arms pressed against her sides. Wow, this is fun - what else can I do? She rolled Susan onto her back, leaving her staring up at the ceiling. Look at her - she turned to Kristen - Miss New-Girl-I-Think-I'm-So-Cute. She stuffed Nat's bikini bottoms into Kristen's open mouth. Then she did something she had never dared to do. She took off her Immobilizer. What a feeling! Freedom! She jumped around the house, then went outside and jumped around some more. It wasn't that she disliked being a statue - as all the girls found out, there was a very pleasant physical feeling as well as the intense psychological reactions that went along with another person immobilizing you, stripping you nude, and putting you on display. But after spending six weeks frozen in storage, she was feeling a bit upset. Upset enough to hatch a little scheme. . .

The next day, she decided to let the other girls in on her little plan. Before she could release them, she put them all back the way they were. She even retied Natalie's bikini top and put her bottoms back on. Then she walked over to the control panel and did something she had never done before - used the controls. After looking through some of Mitch's picture books, she had figured out that the new table was in fact Cindy and decided against reanimating her. Too much trouble. She took a deep breath and selected Natalie. Jen spun the knob and Natalie woke up. "Hey Nat, just chill for a minute while I wake everybody else up. Mitch is gone for a couple more days, but I'll fill you in on why I revived you in just a second." Natalie nodded and continued to stretch. One by one, Jennifer brought all the living statues to life. The reclining Susan, the outstretched Kristen, Amy on the couch in the studio and Karen in the kitchen. The now no-longer-frozen Karen took one sip of her two week old coffee and spit it out. Yecch! Then she looked down and wondered how she had gotten into this lingerie. She remembered being frozen here at the table, but couldn't figure out how. . .ahh, who cares? It wasn't the first time this had happened - and it wouldn't be the last.

Jen let all the girls move around and go to the bathroom and get a drink and do whatever else they wanted to do for about an hour. Then called them all into the studio for a little meeting. "Ladies, I know that it is unusual for you all to see me moving around. Most of you probably got used to seeing me over there -" she pointed to her resting place for the last six weeks " - nude and in storage. Hell, I don't really care about you all seeing me nude. We've all seen each other and lots of other people have too." Many of them involuntarily blushed at that idea. "Mitch has gone away for a couple of days and left us all here. You all would have never even known about his little trip if I hadn't awakened you." Nods of agreement. "I propose," she got kind of a mischevious tone in her voice, "that we give him a little surprise when he gets back." "What kind of surprise?" asked Amy, a bit concerned. She was the only one who was older than Mitch - the oldest one of all the people there in fact - and felt a little motherly sometimes. "Well," Jen continued, "let's turn the tables on him. Let's turn him into a living statue." Gasps mixed with giggles. "Sounds like fun!" snickered Kristen. Jen silently apologized for sticking Natalie's bikini bottoms in her mouth earlier. "Mitch isn't going to get mad at us, will he? I mean, we're not going to get in big trouble for this or anything. Right?" asked Karen, concerned most of all of the possibility of never experiencing the tranquil stillness of being a statue again. All eventually went for the idea, all except for Amy. After a some coaxing, especially from Jen, she eventually cracked and smiled, "Ok, let's give it a shot." Jen went into her plan. It involved altering the settings on their Immobilizers a bit. All of their Immobilizers had been programmed with the girls' individual weights. That was how the machine was able to produce the exact same effect with different sized subjects. Over the next day or two, until Mitch came back, they, mostly Jen, had to experiment with the other girls and see what settings produced what results. And what fun they had doing those experiments. No shortage of volunteers!

After the better part of a day, they determined that by altering the weight setting of their individual Immobilizers down to about 80 percent of their actual weight, they could be placed into their frozen state and remain at full consciousness. Amy had reported that result and the other girls had tried that and found that they too experienced total consciousness with absolute immobility. Jen, not wanting to hear any more negative ideas or concerns, let Amy try out that setting for the rest of the day. From her frozen position, Amy watched the rest of the girls go through the experiments for the other settings. She remained fully conscious and aware, but unable to move, or be moved, the slightest bit. At a setting of about 60 percent of their real weight, the girls would be fully conscious and remain flexible. That is, the field around them never solidified and they could be infinitely repositioned. After trying this out to make sure everybody had the same effect for 60 percent, Karen was selected to maintain that setting for the rest of the day. While continuing the experiments, the other girls occasionally rearranged Karen's pose, usually into something embarrassing. She was stripped and made to look like she was masturbating. Then they put her panties on her head, crotch over her nose, like some kinky mask. Bored with that, they stuffed her panties in her mouth, and made her hold the rest of her clothes in her outstretched arms. Powerless inside the immovable shell of her body, Karen was getting very aroused. She tried in vain to move in some way, any way, to satisfy the rapidly building excitement she was feeling. But she could not, and her arousal only got worse with each new position the girls thought up for her. A few feet away, Amy watched from her frozen position. She was older than the rest of the girls, but that didn't mean she didn't have urges or needs too. She saw Karen's predicament and the fun the other girls were having, but like Karen, could do nothing about it.

Continuing the experiments, they found that down to about 45 percent, they could actually move, even if at a very slow rate. Kristen had volunteered for this one and Jen gave her the task of bringing her hand from hanging at her side up to touch her nose. Jen froze her at the 45 percent setting and started a timer. It eventually took Kristen about 4 and half hours to accomplish the task of touching her nose. Down at 25 percent, they discovered that you were actually mobile. Susan,was able to walk across the 40 foot wide studio in about an hour when her Immobilizer had been set that low. That was what interested Jen - being able to walk, however slowly, after her Immobilizer had been activated. Jen also wanted to make sure that there would be no "droop" or loss of position at such a low setting. After Susan had made it to the far wall, Jen turned her Immobilizer off and she walked back across the studio to the control panel, this time in only about 10 seconds. Jen asked both Natalie and Susan to stand with their arms out at their sides at shoulder level, parallel to the floor, and not attempt to move them at all. Jen activated Susan's, then Nat's Immobilizer and waited. She decided to test something while she was waiting. She adjusted her own Immobilizer down to about 30-35 pounds, 25 percent of what she actually weighed. She took a deep breath, started another stopwatch, and did something crazy - activated her own Immobilizer. Jen felt the immediate tingle and froze up as usual. But she found that if she concentrated, she could move. She began her test - to see what it felt like and how long it would take to walk across the room and back. Thirty minutes later, halfway across the room, she thought about the strange sight that would greet Mitch or whoever else would walk in the room at that moment. Amy, wearing one of the terrycloth robes, stood smiling with her hands on her hips, not an inch out of place from when she had been frozen like that several hours ago. Karen stood nude, mouth open, and had been made to pinch her own nipples. Her clothes had been wadded up into a ball and were being held between her knees, with the exception of her panties, which the girls had shoved into the crack of her ass. Kristen, also wearing a robe over her body stocking, was in storage mode, except for her left hand which was about two thirds of the way to her face. Natalie and Susan, wearing khaki shorts and bikini tops, stood facing each other, their breasts just barely brushing against one another. The looked into each others eyes, while holding their arms, which hadn't drooped at all, out at shoulder level. And then there was Jen, their ringleader, in jeans and a t-shirt, halfway across the room in a super slo-mo mid-stride.

One hour and 52 minutes after starting her trek across the room, Jen had made it back to the control panel and turned her own Immobilizer off. She felt funny, after having been in a super slow walk across the room, to be able to move with so little effort. She walked over to Natalie and Susan to check the condition of their arms. Still level with the floor. There had been no droop. Pleased, she turned their devices off. Their arms fell to their sides at once, but they remained staring at each other. The sudden feeling of mobility, after having forced themselves not to move for the past two hours while standing literally breast to breast, was too much for them and they shared a brief but loving kiss. Kristen had just reached her nose with her left hand and Jen stopped her timer at 4 hours and 36 minutes. Jen selected her Immobilizer and released her. Kristen let out a big sigh and let her arm flop forward, hitting her robe covered leg with a muffled slap. She released Amy, who had been frozen at the very beginning of their set of experiments. Jen then moved right in front of the frozen form of Karen and called out "anybody else want to move her before I let her go?" They unanimously decided that she had had enough and so Jen reanimated her. Karen immediately closed her mouth and bent down to pick up all her clothes, which had all fallen to the floor. Jen broke through the giggling. "Uh, I don't know about you all, but uh, I think I need some time to myself for a while." They all agreed, and decided to meet back in the studio in one hour. Jen went to the bathroom, Susan stepped outside the back door, Karen headed toward Mitch's room, Amy went to the other bedroom, Kristen went to the dressing room, and Natalie headed to the kitchen. There they each released the pent-up desires that had built up throughout the day and they all masturbated to several glorious orgasms.

One hour later, they were back in the studio. Each was now wearing regular street clothes - jeans, khakis, t-shirts, etc. Jen began to review the results of their little adjustment experiments they had performed today, then went into the plan she had cooked up. She pulled the spare Immobilizer from the cabinet and set it to "Male" and "185" for Mitch's weight. Jen layed out the plan like this: before Mitch got home they would all be placed into a nude storage position, all in a row. Everyone except Jen would be set at 80 percent to remain fully aware. Jen would be set at 25 percent and would be closest to the panel. After Mitch went to bed, Jen would walk over to the panel, deactivate her device, and release everybody else. Then they would sneak into Mitch's bedroom, where he would be asleep, slip the Immobilizer preset for him onto his ear, and freeze him. After that, Jen said, they would just wing it. With a resounding chorus of high- pitched laughter, they all agreed.

That settled, it was time for bed. Jen decided she was going to sleep ona bed for once, not standing up nude in the studio. Amy decided that also. Natalie and Susan asked that they have theirImmobilizers set at 80 percent and that they be frozen together. Jen was only too happy to oblige. The adjustments were made, and they both stripped nude. Susan lay on a blanket on the floor in the studio and spread her legs wide. Natalie climbed on top of her and Susan wrapped her arms around her. Susan said "OK" and Jen spun the dial and Susan was frozen solid. Natalie gasped as she felt Susan tingle beneath her. "At your discretion, Jen," she called out. Natalie leaned in to kiss Susan on the lips but before she could make contact, Jen immobilized her. Both Susan and Natalie were now nude on the floor, hugging each other, their lips less than an inch apart, their eyes fixed upon the other. And Jen saw to it that that is how they would remain until she decided to reanimate them in the morning. Within their frozen bodies, the two of them stared back at each other, feeling the contact of the other but unable to act upon their shared passion. Karen said she had never been frozen outside before and decided she wanted to try that. "Nude or not?" Jen asked her. "I don't know. You decide. . ." Jen decided to surprise her. "Go outside and stand there and I'll freeze you in about two minutes. While Karen walked into the back yard, Kristen decided she wanted to be outside, too. She and Jen decided that she would be set at 25 percent, then placed outside in a nippleless bra and G-string and made to walk back to the house. At the deserted location where they lived, nobody would be by and at that setting, and at the 200 foot range of the machine, it would take her about five hours to walk back to the house. "Hold on, let me get Karen first," Jen said. Jen froze Karen, still at set at 60 percent, in the backyard. Karen, who had been standing in storage position waiting for the immobilization, felt the tingle and froze. Still conscious, she saw Jen walk out to her and rub her chin as if deciding what to do. Karen was powerless to resist as Jen began to strip off her clothes. Now nude and frozen in the back yard, Karen was placed sitting down on the grass with her arms behind her. Jen spread her legs at about a 90 degree angle and her knees were bent about the same angle. Karen felt Jen tilt her head back and she was forced to gaze up at the stars through a break in the trees. Jen looked down at Karen, nude, immobilized, legs spread, and conscious and aware of it all. "Nighty-night, Karen. See you in the morning." Karen, through her peripheral vision, saw Jen walk into the house carrying all of her clothes, heard the door shut behind her. She had been left outside, naked, exposed, and aware. There would be no unconsciousness to allow her to forget about the embarrassing predicament she would remain in until morning.

Jen walked back inside and saw Kristen put a robe on over her planned outfit: a black bra with exposed nipples and a matching black G- string. "Take the robe off me after you zap me, OK?" Kristen nervously giggled, shocked at herself for the outrageous thing she had decided to do. "No problem," Jen agreed. Jen, feeling a little devious, said, "Did you adjust your Immobilizer yet?" "No, could you get it for me? Here..." Yesss, thought Jen, as Kristen handed her the device from her ear. "How much to you weigh again?" "120." "So I'll just set that at 30 pounds and you'll be all set," Jen said as she set it at 42. "Here you go, let me put that on for you." She didn't want Kristen to see that she had bumped the setting up. "Let's go outside. I'll show you where the machine's limit is." They walked out onto the secluded driveway and Jen told Kristen to "Stop. Wait right here." She ran back inside and activated Kristen's Immobilizer, freezing her out on the driveway. Kristen saw Jen come back outside about 20 seconds after feeling the tingle and freezing. Jen removed the robe and left her wearing only the black peek-a-boo bra and G-string. Jen told her "By the way, you're set at about 35 percent. You'll be lucky if you make it to the front door by tomorrow morning! Ha, ha, ha!" Kristen was mortified! Here she was, outside on the driveway (a very secluded driveway, but outside no less), with her nipples and ass exposed for anyone to see and she if she tried all night, she might, just might, make it inside by morning! "See you in the morning, Missy!" Kristen, fully aware of everything including her own exposure and relative inability to move, watched Jen walk back into the house. She began the tediously slow process of walking back to the front door.

Jen looked around. She was powerful. Look at what she had accomplished. Miss Cutesy was out on the driveway, with the prospect of what was a 4-5 hour journey to the front door now all but out of reach. She briefly considered going back out and cutting off what little lingerie she was wearing, but decided she had done enough already. Natalie and Susan were in each other's arms on the floor in the studio, nude, just an inch separating their yearning lips from embracing in what surely would have been a passionate kiss. Karen was in the back yard, naked, legs spread, and getting quite an astronomy lesson as she stared helplessly up at the stars. Giddy with power, she masturbated to a furious climax before settling in to Mitch's big comfortable bed and falling asleep naturally for once. She needed her rest. As much fun as today was, tomorrow would be even better!



Here is my part two of a my new chapter in the Living Statues adventure. Like I said, the idea for this part came to me via the alleged original author, Dr. Cuffs, and I have expanded upon an idea that he had that we discussed.

I would also like to hear back from some people. Let me know what you think.

Living Statues - The Revenge, Part 2

Jen's body, unused to waking up naturally, felt very relaxed when she woke up with the sun shining through the window of Mitch's bedroom at about 7:30am. She had forgotten what a good, natural night's sleep felt like. Thinking back to the events of the past couple days,she wondered if it had all been a dream. Mitch had gone away and left her active, she revived the other girls, and they all messed around with their Immobilizer devices, all in preparation for surprising Mitch when he returned by making him into one of his Living Statues. -sniff- Was that coffee? That must be Amy in the kitchen. Amy, the oldest one there, had decided, like Jen, to sleep naturally that night. She must have already gotten up and made some coffee, Jen thought. She threw on some clothes and went into the kitchen.

It was indeed Amy, and she had indeed made some coffee. " ' Mornin' Amy." " ' Morning, Jen. What happened after I went to bed last night?" "Nat, Susan, Karen, and Kristen all wanted to spend the night frozen at some of the new settings we discovered. Nat and Susan are in the studio together and the other two are outside." "Don''t you think you should probably go check on them or something?" Her motherly influence came out. "Yeah, I guess you're right. In a minute." Jen sipped her coffee and took her time about it. Well, that's long enough, she thought. Let's go see what they're up to.

Of course, as immobilized statues, they were up to the exact same thingthey were up to last night. Karen was in the backyard. She had been placed there last night by Jen, at her own request though. Her Immobilizer had been set at about 60% of her actual weight, which the girls determined would freeze you but not be strong enough to knock you out. An added bonus of that setting was that once frozen, a statue could be easily repositioned at any time. The girls had some fun with Karen doing that last night. The morning sun broke through the trees and began to warm Karen's naked body. Feeling the warmth woke her up; she had naturally fallen asleep in the position she had been placed in. Karen was greeted with the bright morning sky - her head had been positioned by Jen so that she was staring straight upwards. She was sitting on the ground, legs spread, knees bent, arms behind her supporting her weight. Nobody had come out to reposition her during the night. She felt a layer of morning dew covering her body, and that plus the now warming rays of the sun hitting her exposed form made a not unpleasant feeling. She had been frozen like this for about 8 hours now and wondered when Jen would see fit to release her. Nothing to do now but wait...

Kristen was still out on the driveway. As the sun peeked through the trees and began to warm her body, she too woke up. As part of a challenging little goof last night, she and Jen had decided to place her out on the driveway at the maximum range of the statue machine. At an Immobilizer setting of about 25% of a girl's real weight, they found that you could walk, however very slowly - at the rate of about 40 feet per hour. Kristen had figured that it would take her a little over 4 hours to reach the door and let herself back in the house. But that crafty Jennifer had set her Immobilzer device to about 35 percent of what she really weighed, making the trip to the door much longer than she had expected. She could walk, but much much slower than she had anticipated. She had made it about halfway from her initial position to the front door, then had become so tired she just couldn't go on. Exhausted, she fell asleep on the spot. She had spent the last 4 hours or so out on the driveway, dressed only in a black peek-a-boo bra and G- string, asleep and frozen. And it was in that spot, in that same mid-stride position that she had awakened. Recognizing that it was morning, she figured that Jen would release her soon enough and decided to just wait patiently as she was. Despite the fact that she had been on nude display in the studio, she hoped that nobody, especially Mitch, drove up to the house and saw her standing out there like this. But there was nothing that she could do about it.

Natalie and Susan had asked to be frozen together in an embrace, a request Jen had no problem granting. Their devices were set at about 80% percent of their respective body weights, a setting which made them unable to move or be moved, just like the regular setting, but also kept them from being forced unconscious. They were on the floor in the studio, both nude, petite Natalie on top of Susan. They looked into each other's eyes and held their lips just a hair apart from a passionate kiss. Jen had zapped Natalie before their lips could make contact. Both had remained awake for several hours after Jen had frozen them, even after the lights in the studio had been turned off, both too aroused to sleep. Their intimate proximity and their inability to move had been more than they thought they could handle. But after a few hours, both became tired and drifted off to sleep. Now, several hours later, Susan woke up and was greeted with the same sight she saw when she had fallen asleep. Natalie was on top of her, less than an inch from kissing her, staring into her eyes. Natalie's hand was on Susan's thigh, the other hand behind her neck. Seeing this brought Susan's arousal level back up to its high point and shewondered how long it would be before she would be released and she could act on her passion.

Deciding it was time to release everybody, Jen went around to check on them and tell them that she was about to revive them. They could all hear her, of course, since their settings had been lowered enough to keep them from being knocked out. Karen heard the back door open and Jen walked into her field of view and looked down at her. "Morning, Karen. I'm going to revive everybody in a few minutes and just wanted to let you know. But since you're flexible out here, we might all pay you a visit before we let you move again." Powerless to do anything, Karen wondered what they had in store for her. "See you in a few minutes. . ." Jen walked back inside, but not before opening Karen's mouth and pulling her tongue out. Karen nervously waited for what was to come, unable to do anything to stop them. Jen walked into the studio and yelled "Good morning ladies! Have some fun last night? She bent down and looked right at the level of their faces. Sorry about not letting you kiss, but you looked better this way. Another minute or so, then you'll be released." Susan and Natalie, inside their immobilized bodies, couldn't wait. She headed outside to talk to Kristen. "Hello, Kristen. Didn't make it back inside yet, huh?" Kristen had no choice but to look at Jen and wonder when her outdoor adventure would be finished. "I'm sorry, about changing the setting on you. But Mitch is right about one thing - living statues look better when they don't expect what happens to them. If I had set your Immobilizer properly, you would be inside, and the sunlight wouldn't play off your. . .exposed. . .body so well." Jen ran a hand down on of Kristen's arms. "But I'm going to release you in a minute, so relax." What other choice did she have? "But not before I expose you a bit more." Jen pulled her G-string down to her knees and spread her arms out at her sides. Kristen felt a rush of embarrassment. Being stripped by Mitch in the studio was one thing, but being stripped by Jen out on the driveway was another. "See you inside in a few minutes!" Jen laughed as she walked back in the front door.

Amy was inside watching TV, one of those inane morning gab-fests, and hadn't really paid that much attention to Jen and her little devious games. "Amy, you're a good cook - would you mind making some breakfast for the ladies when they come in." "Sure, no problem. . ." she replied as she headed off into the kitchen to make breakfast for the six of them. Jen took her place at the control panel. Selecting Karen, she spun the dial and released her. Out in the backyard, Karen felt the device release her. She stretched a bit and looked around for some clothes, but Jen had left her none. Accepting that, she walked back into the house nude. Jen then selected Susan and reanimated her. Almost immediately, Susan planted a big kiss on Natalie's still frozen form. Susan rolled Nat over onto her back and continued to kiss and caress her. Natalie felt all this but was still unable to move. She waited to be released so she too could return the embrace. Jen saw Susan's vigor and decided, out loud, "I'll do you last Nat." Susan looked up at Jen, then back down to Natalie's frozen face, then back to Jen, then resumed playing with her inert friend. Now Jen set the controls to release Kristen. Out on the driveway, Kristen, nipples, crotch, and ass exposed to the morning sunlight, felt the field dissipate and release her. She pulled up her G-string, looked around to make sure nobody was around, covered her chest with her arms and ran inside.

After breakfast, they all talked some more about their plans to get back at Mitch. Amy, while still going along with their little prank, was not entirely convinced it was a good idea. She thought it best to keep that to herself. Surprisingly, there were also no hard feelings toward Jen, despite the borderline cruel things she had done to the other girls. Jen, in a rare moment of magnanimity, decided to allow the girls to freeze her, at the 60% setting, as payback. She would be frozen but posable, unable to resist whatever positions the girls had in mind. But only if they revived her in time to get everything set up for Mitch's return that evening.

Amy went over to the controls and selected "Jennifer." The other girls giggled with anticipation as Jen stood in the middle of the studio, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with her immobilizer device, set at 60%, behind her ear. Jen, impatient, said "Let's get this show on the r. . ." and was frozen in mid sentence. In her mind, Jen said ". . .road," but was silent. She was now at the mercy of the other girls for the next several hours and there would be no welcome unconsciousness to make her unaware of what they had in mind. No, she would feel and hear everything. The first thing they did was, of course, strip her. They positioned her to look like she was masturbating. They made her hold her panties up in front of her face and stuffed her socks in her mouth. They bent her over and played with her genitals and asshole. They wrote on her with lipstick and makeup. Inside her frozen body, Jen was powerless to resist any of the girls' payback, even when they moved her outside and left her there for the final hours of her immobilization. But still, she thought, it was worth it for all the fun I had with them.

After the girls had their fun, they released Jen and all shared a good-natured laugh. But now there was work to be done. After Jen got cleaned up, they went over the final details of the plan. Mitch would be home in a few hours, and when he arrived, they all planned to be in storage mode, nude, in the studio. About 3 hours before Mitch was to get back, Jen brought all the girls back into the studio. She made them all check the settings on their Immoblizers, making sure that they were set at 80%, which would make the girls as immovable and rigid as they would normally be but would allow them to stay awake. They all agreed to be naked, but agreed that it was best that they stripped themselves and put their clothes away before they were frozen.

Susan was first. She took a robe back into the dressing room and stripped nude. She came back into the studio wearing the robe and stood at the designated spot. She looked forward, straight ahead, and hung her arms down at her side. She stood up straight and said, "Ready." Jen spun the dial and Susan became frozen. Next came Kristen. She too went into the back and came out wearing only the robe. She took her place next to Susan and followed her routine. "OK," she said and then was immobilzed. Next was Natalie. She took her place next to Kristen and Jen froze her. Then it was Amy's turn. Jen turned her into a statue. Karen stood next to Amy and nodded at Jen, who spun the dial and froze her. Now the only one active, Jen walked up and down the line making sure everything, and everyone, was in place. She removed the robes, one by one, from her five frozen friends and left them standing there, nude, arms at their sides, eyes straight ahead, immobilized but awake. All the girls had no choice but to listen as Jen gave them a little pep talk. "Ok, ladies, we've started our plan. Mitch will be home in a few hours and he'll see us all standing here naked and waiting for him. I've double checked the spare device and it's all set for Mitch. When he comes back, he'll see us all but he won't know we won't be asleep. We'll be able to see what he does with us when we're nude and vulnerable." She hung the five robes up on the rack and continued to speak. "Tomorrow, we'll have some real fun - playing with Mitch like he plays with us! I'll be in to join you in a few minutes." All the girls watched as Jen walked out of the studio, leaving them all there. Jen stripped off her clothes in the changing room, thinking about what she had in store. She pulled her robe on, but before tying it around her waist, could not resist the urge to masturbate furiously one more time. She came explosively, filled with the fun thoughts of what she had in mind. After calming down and catching her breath, she went back into the studio. "Miss me?" she asked of her five statue friends. All heard her, but responded by continuing to stare silently ahead. Jen.removed her robe and hung it on the rack with the others. She adjusted her Immobilizer to 25% and selected herself on the control panel. She spun the dial and felt the tingle that meant her device had been activated. She had calculated that it would take her a little under an hour to walk over next to Karen and assume the proper position.

An hour later, Jen stood next to Karen, in the same position as the others. Together they formed a nice line of living mannequins, all nude, staring vacantly ahead, waiting for Mitch to return., Inside, they all felt a little proud of the sight that would greet Mitch when he got back - the six of them waiting patiently, but awake and aware (but Mitch didn't know that), for him. Awake inside their naked, immobile bodies. . .


Coming - Mitch gets back and the girls have some fun. But at what cost?

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