Last Wishes Aren't All Good

by Northern Chill

          "This old bat has to be the most picky woman I have ever dealt with.  It's bad enough that she expects us to cook up a second breakfast if she wants to sleep in till dinner but then she makes me, and any other staff who happens to come by, sit by her side and listen to her boring stories.  If it wasn't for the fact that she has got tons of money, no relatives and is probably going to leave a good chunk of dough for me and the other staff members, I'd be outta here!"  Gwen muttered softly to herself as she waved her duster over the edges of a glass case containing what looked like artifacts dating back to ancient Egypt.

          Gwen's employer, Geraldine Longstreet, was an elderly recluse whose wealth was derived from her late husband's estate.  Although her exact savings were unknown, Geraldine's fortune was said to be immense even after her numerous payouts to scientists propagating theories of how to extend life spans and similar proposals.  When she wasn't browbeating another scientist for giving less than satisfactory results, the 89-year-old woman was yelling at Gwen or some other staff member to bring her a book about ancient Egypt.  Geraldine seemed dedicated to learning all she could about the rituals and practices of the dynasties that ruled Egypt centuries ago.

           "Old bitch probably thinks that she'll figure out a way to live forever so she can keep all of her money for herself! Ha!!"  Gwen thought as she flicked a tiny bit of dust off the top of the glass case before heading down the hallway.  The auburn-haired woman winced ever so slightly upon stumbling slightly near the end of the hallway and she stopped to reach down to check her right ankle.  One of Geraldine's odd requirements for the staff was that all the women were to wear high heels while working and they were to wear only the frilly maid uniforms when on the property.

           Peeking into Geraldine's bedroom, Gwen was surprised to see there was no sign of the old woman anywhere in the room.  Usually, Geraldine slept until nine in the morning and stayed in bed until just after noon, but she was already up and about as of eight that morning.  After a brief glance around, Gwen saw no note from her employer for her and was about to head off towards the area where the servants took their breaks when she heard a familiar raspy voice at the bottom of the stairs.

           "Gwen?  Oh, Gwen, could you come downstairs right away?  I need to speak to you right away about..... cough.... about an important manner... cough... cough......"  the elderly woman called out in a voice that sounded a little wavering to Gwen.

           "Sorry to keep waiting, ma'am.  How can I help you today?"  Gwen asked in a manner that was far more pleasant than her personal opinion of her boss.

           "Well, my deary, as you may have noticed, I'm not in the best of health these days.  That's why I've decided to move to a house I've secretly had built in the back of a property I own.  For the majority of the staff working here, that will mean the end of their employment at the end of this month.  However, I'll be making an offer to a select few of the staff to work at my new home providing they agree to a few simple.... cough.... cough..... conditions.  If you're wondering about your status, you're one of the few I'll be keeping.  Just make sure.... cough... cough... cough..... you read this paper and get it back to me signed by the end of the month.  Oh, and do be a dear and bring me a cup of lemon tea right away.  I'll be in my favorite chair in the sun room reading over a few things my lawyer brought me,"  Geraldine intoned as she handed the maid a piece of paper before turning and toddling off towards the room she mentioned.

            "Who would have guessed that the old bag actually wants me around?  Considering the fact that she tried to trip me last month with her cane, called me a useless young twit that was less useful than an overstuffed footstool and told me she wanted me put out with the weekly trash last week, I thought she'd be showing me the door home. Oh well, I must be more valuable to her than I realized......"  Gwen thought to herself as she watched the elderly lady leave before folding up the paper given to her and shoving it in a skirt pocket for later.

            When the day's work was over and Gwen was back in the tiny, one bedroom apartment she rented, she decided to take a look at the paper given to her.  A quick glance over it informed Gwen that she was being offered a job working at Geraldine's secluded home with certain conditions: Gwen must agree to live on the estate's premises 24/7 and have no contact with the outside world unless Geraldine permits it.  She could not tell anyone what her new line of work entails and has to tell her friends and family that she was going out of the country for an undetermined amount of time and would be unable to contact them whatsoever.  As compensation for the restrictions on her travel and communications, her salary would be permanently increased by the amount indicated on the form. There seemed to be too many zeros in the sum written there.

             Gwen's eyes widened when she saw just how much extra she would be paid at the new place.  Disregarding the restrictions as well as some of the other terms regarding the offer, she quickly signed her name down where it was indicated and started to mentally plan what she's do with all the money once she was done working for the old bat.


14 days later.............. 

             The overhead lights flickered brightly as the stretch limousine pulled into the underground garage with a large steel door closing behind it.  Shortly after the vehicle slowed to a stop, Gwen emerged from it and, accompanied by several other young women carrying suitcases and bags of different sizes, walked to a door at the end of the garage.

              "Geez, if I had known that I'd leave in the middle of the night and had to wear a blindfold on the way here, I might have thought twice about coming here,"  Gwen thought to herself as she walked through the doorway and down what seemed like a fairly long hallway.  The group of women reached the end of the hallway and reached a room that seemed unlike anything they had been in before.

              At first glance, it seemed like the women had stepped inside a museum of some kind as there was numerous glass display cases scattered throughout a very large room.  In the center of the room, mounted on a large marble pedestal, was a statue made of what looked black onyx and looked to be a depiction of the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld known as Osiris.

              "Impressive work, isn't it, ladies?  Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Bill Mazarakis, chief financial advisor to Geraldine Longstreet.  I'll escort you ladies to your rooms, located one floor below here, where you'll find your uniforms and a brief description on your duties and roles you will perform here,"  a man dressed in an expensive looking suit called out from across the room.

              As the women walked across the room, Gwen looked around and saw no sign of her employer anywhere.  "Will Miss Longstreet be joining us today?" she asked Bill as the group moved towards an elevator at the far side of the room.

              "Well, she will, in a matter of a speaking.  I think everything will become clear to you as to what she expects from each of you in a short period of time,"  Bill replied in a somber tone.

              Puzzled by the advisor's cryptic statement, Gwen thought briefly of pressing Bill for more information but figured to take a 'wait and see' attitude with everything.  She stood with everyone else inside the elevator car as it silently descended to their floor.  Once it stopped, everyone except for Bill stepped out onto the plushly carpeted floor and stood silently looking around at the posh furnishings.

              Bill handed each of the women a room key that looked to have their initials emblazoned on them.  "Each of you will proceed to your rooms that are located either to the left or right of this elevator.  Follow the instructions that are located on a table inside precisely and reassemble in the main entry foyer in two hours.  All your questions will be answered at that time," he said before turning and stepping back into the elevator.

              With that, Gwen and the other women proceeded to their individual rooms with minimal chatter among themselves.  In Gwen's case, her room was rather spartan in nature with a chest of drawers and king size bed being the only large furnishings in it.  As Bill had promised, there was an envelope waiting for her along with what looked like a bottle of mineral water.

             When she opened the envelope, Gwen found that the orders for her were to put on the swimsuit hanging in a nearby closet with a robe to wear over it.  The instructions went on to say that she should bring the bottle of water with her to a mineral spa area that was located one floor below the one she was on currently.  The note ended on a rather curious note with instructions, in capital letters, admonishing Gwen to refrain from spilling the mineral water on her hands or feet.

              "Geez, the old broad certainly has a sense for the melodramatic.  Well, the water tastes pretty good.  I think they added a little bit of lemon to this,"  Gwen thought to herself as she took a careful sip from the bottle of water.  After rereading the note again, the reddish brown haired woman recapped the bottle of water and started to change into the outfit given to her.

              A few minutes later, Gwen was standing before a mirror in the room and judging by the slight frown on her face, she wasn't impressed by what she saw in the mirror.  The swimsuit, a one piece, bright pink outfit, appeared to have been styled after the 1950's style outfits with padding to accentuate her bust and material that felt like the stuff worn by her grandmother.  After gazing for thirty seconds or so, Gwen mentally shrugged and dismissed her misgivings as she figured it was a job and a well paying one to boot.

              After putting on a pair of black high heel shoes, Gwen grabbed her bottle of water and headed out of the room and down the hallway.  As she walked, she noticed the other rooms on the floor were also empty with no sign of any other women that had accompanied her.

              Stepping onto the elevator, Gwen took it down one floor and found that when the doors slid open, she was stepping onto a floor that was very reminiscent of the ancient Roman spas in appearance and such.  Walking gingerly down the marble hallway, she came into an open area where she saw what looked a fairly large spa area with statues appearing around the marble tiled edges of the water.  Gwen saw that the water appeared to funnel in from underground springs and might be the reason why Miss Longstreet had chosen to build in such a remote location.

              "It's a very impressive looking area, isn't it, Miss Anderson?"  Bill called out from an area just out of Gwen's vision.

              "Mr. Mazarakis?  Is Geraldine with you?  I wanted to ask her a few questions as I'm a little uncertain as to what I'm supposed to do here other than put on this swimsuit and carry this water with me,"  Gwen exclaimed even as she tried to figure out where the attorney was.

              "Have you had any drink of the water as of yet, Miss Anderson?"  the lawyer inquired of the young woman though he made no move to come out into a more visible area.

              "Why, yes, I had a small sip.  Could you step out where I can see you?  You're making me a bit nervous by lurking out of sight like you are,"  Gwen replied, with a degree of nervousness creeping into her voice.

              "Why, certainly, no problem at all,"  Bill said as he stepped out from an area that was suprisingly close to Gwen.  To her bewilderment, she saw that he was carrying what looked to be a digital camera in his right hand.

              "Ummm, look, I don't mean to sound pushy or anything but is Miss Longstreet going to be around here anytime soon?  I really do have to clarify a few things with her about my position,"  Gwen asked even as she was trying to figure what the lawyer was doing here by himself.

              "Oh, Miss Longstreet will be along shortly.  Right now, however, I need to take a picture of you in costume for our employee records, so if you'll stand with your hands on your hips and look this way with a nice smile on your face, we can get that technicality out of the way for good,"  Bill said, glancing at his watch briefly before raising the camera in his hand slightly upwards.

              Nodding in agreement to the harmless request, Gwen assumed the pose as requested and waited for her picture to be taken.  As she did, she noticed her limbs were feeling a little lethargic when responding to her thoughts but she mentally dismissed this as part of the fatigue from the day's travel and activities.

              After a minute or two fiddling, the lawyer finally had his camera  ready and took three almost identical pictures in rapid succession.  After glancing at his wristwatch once again, Bill snapped two more pictures.  The lawyer set the camera down on the floor at this point and stood back, looking at her with an odd smile crossing his face.

              Puzzled by the lawyer's actions, Gwen wanted to ask Bill a question but found herself unable to talk whatsoever!  She tried to move towards the man but found her body similarly unresponsive.  "What..... what's going on?..... why can't I move... or talk...?.... this is insane......... Bill, help me!!!"  Gwen thought frantically to herself since she could not move a muscle.

               "Miss Anderson, you're probably just discovering your new lack of mobility and are wondering what is going on and such.  To shatter any illusions you may have at this point that this is some sort of dream or bad joke, I'm going to remove your swimsuit so you can see that what I'm about to say is true,"  Bill said as he stepped forward, withdrew a pair of scissors from his suit pocket and deftly removed her clothing in less than thirty seconds.

               Mortified and outraged at what was happening to her, Gwen saw her reflection in the spa's water and was surprised to see that her body was taking on a glossy appearance with any freckles, blemishes and other imperfections rapidly disappearing.  She could see what looked like joint lines starting to appear at her waist, left leg, wrists and shoulders as if she could be disassembled into parts.  In spite of her predicament, she mentally moaned in pleasure as her pussy sealed up and the area smoothed over to look like the rest of her glossy body.  At the same time, she sensed her anus was changing into a smooth, long cylinder with something metallic forming over it that felt like a plate.

               "You see, young lady, Miss Longstreet is dying of an inoperable disease.  Determined to beat the disorder, she has put herself into a state of suspended animation until a cure has been found for her condition.  However, she is also determined that, as a woman of wealth, she should not be alone when that day comes.  Recalling her younger days as an avid scholar specializing in studying ancient Egyptian burial rites, she had this structure we are standing in built to house her suspended body as well as her chosen female staff.  She has arranged for you, Miss Anderson and the others, to be transformed into various types of inanimate objects: statues, wind-up dolls and other figures of beauty that will remain inert along with her until Miss Longstreet is revived.  In your case, you'll make a very nice display mannequin until your time of revival as the special water plus the swimsuit has permeated your skin enough to start the process,"  the lawyer intoned seriously.

              "A MANNEQUIN!!!... YOU BASTARD!!!.....




     Gwen mentally shouted even as intense pleasure assaulted her senses from the stimulus the transformation was doing to her body.  As for her transformation, the change had swept into her upper torso with her breasts becoming twin mounds of molded, hard plastic devoid of nipples, areolas or any other features.  Gwen's breathing ceased altogether and she found it hard to focus on the anger over her immobilized state.

     With her eyes becoming nothing more than colored glass and her hair changing into a synthetic nylon wig, Gwen's transformation into an inanimate plastic mannequin was complete.  The fixed pleasant smile on her face belied the fact that she was unaware of her fate right up until the very end.

     Walking over to the stiffened young woman, the lawyer rapped his knuckles on the figure's chest and smiled when he heard a hollow echo noise emanate from the mannequin.  "Very good!  I'd love to stay a bit longer to dress you, Gwen, but I have a trio of crystal statues in the gym area to pose for my client.     Uuuummmppph, there we go!  Good bye, Miss Anderson!"  Bill said as he picked up the light mannequin figure and posed it so that it was facing the passageway leading into the spa before leaving.

      The mannequin that Gwen now existed as was left to stand there, alone with her thoughts..... like how long she'd be stuck there... in this form......

       And if plastic of her new body would be affected by the humidity in the room.....


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