Lasting Beauty

by Northern Chill

                  Colleen was fairly happy as she arrived home from her day of shopping in the town's boutiques and stores.  She was happy with what she had picked up for purchases as well as the ones she had acquired without paying for.  Rummaging through her many bags, she pulled out a very expensive silk sweater followed by a bra and panty set . Both articles still had the price tags for the stores in question still attached.

                  Colleen found it was almost like a game to see which store she could shoplift from during her whirlwind buying trips. It would take only a few minutes for her to ascertain whether a store had an adequate security system for detecting shoplifters.  Once she had determined that the chance of being caught was very small, she would ask to try on garments in the store change room and place the goods she wished in her bags amidst her legitimate purchases.  She knew she had more than enough money to pay for her pilfered goods thanks to her inheritance which provided for her every need.  However, to her, it was the thrill of the plan and the possibility of being caught that drove her to do it time and time again.

                  Flicking aside her blonde hair, she stripped off her clothing and threw on her bathrobe as she prepared to a long hot shower.  Stopping for a second to look again at the items she had stolen earlier in the day, she decided to indulge her vanity for a second and see how she looked in her lacy bra and panty set.

                Tearing the store tags off each item, she took her robe off and swiftly slipped on the lacy lingerie marveling how sensuous it felt on her skin.  She was about to preen before her hall mirror and see just how sexy she knew looked in the items when there was a knock on the door.

               "Just a second!" Colleen shouted as as she hurriedly threw her bathrobe back on and scurried towards her apartment door. When she opened it, she found a man in his late 30's dressed in a black suit with a black and silver cane waiting for her.

               "Can I help you, Mr...?" she asked of the stranger.

               "Smith.. Mr. Smith.. I represent SC securities, a company who does security work for various stores in the local area including the ones you were visiting just this morning.  If I could come inside, we could talk about why I am here in greater detail," he said with a pleasant smile.

               "Shit! He's here about my shoplifting... better play it cool either way..." Colleen thought to herself before she invited the man inside with a sweet smile on her face.

                While the mysterious Mr. Smith sat down on a nearby couch, Colleen nonchalantly poured herself a cup of coffee and looked over at her guest.  "Would you like a cup, Mr. Smith?" she said pleasantly, trying to not show her inner fear at all.

                "No, my dear , this won't take long at all.  You see, the stores in question contacted me this morning shortly after discovering your taking of their goods without paying for them,"  Mr. Smith said solemnly as the top of his cane began to glow.

               "But.. I..I didn't.."  Colleen started to say before falling silent. "I.. I can't move... or talk... I feel...funny..." Colleen thought to herself as she felt her robe being untied and pulled to one side by the mysterious security man. She could not lift a finger to stop him.

               "I must tell you, Miss, I don't work in security so much as in sales.  In your instance, I'm selling you the opportunity to pay our stores back for your thefts without financial penalty or incarceration," he said as he moved a large mirror in front of Colleen.

               "Oh, My God!!.... I'm becoming a mannequin... nothing more than a plastic dummy!!!..."

             Colleen screamed mentally as she saw her skin change from flesh to smooth plastic with no visible signs of her humanity anywhere.  Out of nowhere, separation points appeared along her arms and legs, emphasizing how she could be disassembled like any window display figure.  Her breathing had ceased altogether and she could feel that her chest had solidified with her breasts becoming smooth mounds of plastic with not a trace of nipples anywhere.

              The strangest thing was that despite all these incredible changes that left Colleen an inanimate object, she felt only pleasure in  her current petrified state, desire forming words in her mind: "Display me... dress me... put me on my glass base," thought the lovely mannequin before her thoughts faded into darkness like her humanity.

             Satisfied, the salesman then took out a small digital camera and snapped a few pictures. "The stores also wanted proof of your new state as a mannequin figure, as if they doubted my ability to conclude the contract. People these days are so untrusting..!" he said sadly.

            After taking the pictures, he pulled out a clipboard out of nowhere.

"Let's see... I'll have you dropped off at the store you stole that lingerie set from for a two week display period and then after that a similar period for the other shop.  I'll return then and restore you back to your human form.  Please sign here, Colleen," he said, taking the coffee cup from the mannequin's stiff right hand, closing her fingers to grip a pen, and holding the clipboard under it.

           After a second or two, the hand moved silently signing Colleen's name, before reverting back to its plastic, inert state.

           "Very good... well, I must be going.  I have a computer store to visit later today who wish to deal with some illegal employee tampering of store merchandise.  After that, an adult entertainment shop for a visit with the manager who tried to take advantage of a male co worker and her punishment.  Ah.. a salesman's day never ends... at least not mine," he said with a faint smile as he limped slowly to the door.

           "Have a good rest of your day, Colleen... and have fun on display at your new locations!" he said, closing the door leaving the mannequin alone.. to wait for the movers.

            THE END

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