Late Letter to SANTA

by Paul G. Jutras

Mary wanted only one thing each year in her letters to Santa. To wake up on Christmas morning to find herself living her dreams of being the happily married wife she pretended to be in her games of make-believe.

As time went on and Mary got over her belief in Santa and everything else slowly disappeared. Becoming a bully at school, she often wound up in detention for tossing kids into dumpsters and stealing their lunch money.

When she was older she was picked up on the streets acting like a hooker on Dec 23rd and spent a night in jail before her mother saw fit to come down and pay her bail. Her mother was at her wits end when she took her home and saw Mary dressed in a skimpy top, a mini skirt that almost revealed her pussy, thigh-hi stockings with a garter belt and spike heels. Her make up made her look a slut.

She got more frustrated that Christmas Eve as she watched the news. The broadcasters talked to little kids saying that they could go to and track Santa's progress to their part of the world. "Like I believe in Santa," She muttered as she grabbed the remote and turned off the television.

"Time to open gifts," Her mother said as she knelt down by the Christmas tree. When Mary's mother opened the earrings she bought her with money from her job as a hooker, she was delighted with it. She; however, was less than delighted with the catholic school girl type clothes her mother bought her to wear.

That night she tossed and turned, naked in bed. As she reached under the covers, she played with her pussy and her breasts until she made herself orgasm. She only started to drift off to sleep when the sound of reindeer hooves were heard on the roof.

The melody to the song "Wish You A Merry Christmas" played from an alarm clock as Mary woke to find that she couldn't move a muscle. Her eyes were locked open and she couldn't even blink.

"What the?" Mary thought as a young man came into the room and stared, puzzled, at her. He reached down and ran his hand over her body that cause her to mentally orgasm over and over again.

"Where did you come from?" He said to her as he noticed the greeting card that said TO TOM FROM SANTA. "If I wasn't too old to believe in Santa, I'd say you really were from him."

"What is this letter in your hand?" She thought

"Dear Tom,

This little girl been on my naughty list for years. Since I make only toys and boy boyfriends I turned her into a doll so she could find her husband in you. If you truly love her she will change from a live doll to a real girl like a certain wooden puppet I know. Enjoy.

Love Santa.

Tom did love her and by next morning she did become a real girl. The following summer they were married. Mary made sure to remain nice as there was a P.S. in Santa's letter that if she were ever naughty again, she'd turn back to a love doll. This time it would be forever. As she remember her mental orgasm, she wondered if it wouldn't be such a bad thing.


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