Late Night Car Wash

by Baobab

She aimed the Jiffy Wash nozzle at me like it was a gun.  She had already wetted me down and told me to take my clothes off.  “You are not getting in my car looking like that you dumb ass.”  She had taken one look at me and made me walk three blocks down the street from the bar to the Jiffy Wash.

She sprayed me in the face and it stung.  OK, maybe not the best idea to call your girlfriend for a ride home after getting talked into mud wrestling at your buddies bachelor party.  I guess she had a right to be pissed, it was three in the morning.  And maybe I forgot to mention that it was a bachelor’s party.  Why the hell didn’t I call a cab…like they would have picked me up like this?  I stripped, she told me to loose the underwear to. 

“Up against the wall and spread’m.”  I love the way she thought.  Most of the mud was gone after the first pass.  Damn that thing had some pressure, it stung like a bitch.  She managed to spray my balls and it doubled me over.  She didn’t apologize but she did switch to the foaming brush.  That was a real turn on.  I might have inadvertently touched myself and she yelled at me to keep my hands on the wall.  There was a low bumper rail to keep your car from hitting the wall in front of me, she changed her mind and told me to grab it and not let go or I was walking home…and to “stick your ass out more.”

The foaming brush found its way between my legs.  God this was the best end of the night I could have asked for.  I was standing in a huge pile of foam with a throbbing hard on when she switched back to the gun.  I heard the setting on the sprayer dial get changed followed by the sound of quarters being added to the machine.  “Shut your eyes.” The spray had turned hot and thick but didn’t carry nearly the sting.  I smiled, I was being waxed, I hoped she would buff me next.  I have to admit it all felt pretty damn good.

She was thorough and spent a lot of extra time on my cock and balls. After a few minutes I could feel the weight of the drying wax starting to pull my balls down. I was breathing through my open mouth.  My nose had caught some of the spray and plugged up.  The wax had coated my lips and started to wrap its way around to the inside of my mouth.

I heard a distant beeping sound through the wax in my ears.  Five minutes had gone by already?  A pause while more change was added.  I tried to adjust my feet but realized they had been waxed to the asphalt.  My hands were waxed to the bar in front of me.  I could barely feel the spray when it restarted.  I tried to say something but my lips were locked open and the words came out like a garbled mess.  I heard her laugh.

I could feel some of the wax crack when I tried to move.  The cracks were quickly filled in with the new round of spraying that just seemed to make everything tighter as it dried.  A distant beeping?  Another five minutes had gone so fast? The wax had really started to shrink as it finished drying, my balls were starting to ache from the pressure.  I tried to flex and stand up…nothing, no cracking, I didn’t budge.  I made a noise with my mouth, the only part of me that was left open to the world.  No response.  The muffled sound of a car starting?  A car pulling away?  And then quiet…

Maybe she was a little more pissed-off than I thought?  But she wouldn’t leave me here like this would she?  Would she?



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