Let Sleeping Dolls Lay

by Johnsan, image from James at mannequindisplay.net

“Have you ever been hypnotized Sara?” he asked with a sly secret smile.

“Well no not really.” Sara shyly replied.

“What if I hypnotized you?” he asked with that same smile.

It was making Sara a little nervous now. “Why would you want to do that and why would I let you?” she asked him.

His hand began to stroke her hand, his way of calming her. “I remember that night you got a bit tipsy and said you’d love to be turned into a mannequin and displayed!” he smiled even wider at her.

She looked at the drink he’d bought her and blushed deeply. “Oh that was the alcohol talking! You can’t think I was being sincere!!” she took another drink nervously. “Hmm not bad. I like how this drink tastes!” she thought to herself.

“Oh come now! You know that deep inside you really would like to see what it’s like!” he insisted grinning as she finished her drink.

“Well maybe just to see what it was like!” Sara blushed again “But that’s impossible!” she added with an embarrassed smile.

“What if I could hypnotize you into freezing up though? At least that way you could see what it might be like to just stand around unable to move!” he grinned at her as if enjoying her shyness and embarrassment over something she tried so hard not to let others know.

Sara wasn’t sure he was teasing or not but it couldn’t hurt to call his bluff “You can do that?” she gave him a look of curiosity mixed with a slight bit of disbelief.

“Indeed I can! I promise not to take advantage of you…at least not without you knowing about it!” he chuckled.

She punched him in the shoulder “You’ll take pictures of me with all my clothes off!! I know you!!” she grinned.

“Well mannequins have to get used to being nude!” he told her with that sly grin on his face.

“You can only do that if I’m plastic otherwise it’s a big no no!” she insisted.

He laughed “It’s a deal!”

* * *

Shortly thereafter Sara found herself at his house nervously looking around while he got the things he said he needed to put her under. Even as the nervousness arose she began to relax. She found the mannequins in his house fascinating. They were all beautiful women posed and dressed attractively. She found herself walking amongst the motionless figures and dreaming of how it would be to actually ‘be’ amongst them. A smile crossed her lips as she thought of that.

He walked into the room and caught her staring. “So how do you like the collection Sara?” he smiled at her and gave her another drink. She took a few sips finding it as refreshing and as tasty as the earlier one she had.

“They’re quite beautiful!” she smiled with a slight blush to her cheeks. She sat down and lounged on one the couch feeling very relaxed. A sigh escaped her lips “Just like I’d be if I was one of them!” she giggled.

He sat next to her “So if I make you a mannequin you’d let me put you in my collection then?” he grinned. She felt his hand on her thigh.

Sara laughed “Oh of course once you make me an expensive high end realistic mannequin I’m yours!!” his hand moved onto her arm. “So does it involve feeling me up first?” she grinned.

It was his turn to blush a little but his hand remained where it was giving her a reassuring squeeze. “Well not necessarily but once your fiberglass plastic you won’t be so soft to the touch!” he grinned.

Sara giggled again. “Oh all these drinks are making me feel so silly. I’m going to let you turn me into a mannequin but you better make me happy or I’ll just walk right out!” a shiver went through her as she giggled.

“Once you’re one of my mannequins I’ll never let you go!” he grinned then slid over and kissed her hard. Sarah felt his hands move over her body touching her most private areas. The euphoria she felt now just made it feel even better.

He released her and smiled. “Ready to begin?” while he brought out a pendant with a large crystal.

Sara nodded feeling the excitement flow through her body like electricity.

“Look deeply at the pendant Sarah! Gaze long and hard at it! See how pretty it is and how it flashes in the light! See how it reflects the world around you Sara!” he ordered her in a deep commanding voice that was somehow calming as well.

“Look deeply Sara and feel the relaxing light! Feel it shine on your body making your mind and limbs go limp!!” he told her in his relaxing monotone that despite what Sara thought did make her feel more relaxed. She felt her arms and legs loosen up considerably, the tensions just seeming to flow away from her body.

“That’s it Sara your limbs are now wet noodles you can no longer lift much less control. You can no longer control your body Sara. You feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a dark well as you follow my voice Sara. You’re going to follow my instructions now Sara.

I want you to stand Sara and follow me!” and in a somnambulists trance she walked behind him as he led her to a small room with a large mirror. He positioned her in front of the mirror with a smile. “Now Sara look at yourself!” he told her and watched as she began to gaze at herself with those unfocused hypnotized eyes.

“You need to undress now Sara!” he ordered her and watched as she began to disrobe till she was completely nude in front of the mirror. “Now you can feel yourself becoming rigid Sara! You can no longer move at all Sara!” he told her as his hands began to explore her form. His fingers ran over her shoulders and he could feel her taut muscles as she kept herself still as she could. “Look at yourself Sara and you can feel yourself changing. Look at how your skin is now changing Sara! It’s taking on a glossy appearance isn’t it Sara!” he informed her.

If she could Sara would have nodded and said yes but she could only marvel as she saw herself changing. “Am I really changing or is he just making me thing I’m changing?” she did wonder. “Oh but it feels so good to have his fingers touching me!” she giggled to herself.

“You know you are changing Sara you can see it and feel it as your body turns into the fiberglass reinforced plastic it should be when you finally become a mannequin!” he told her as his hands again felt up her rigid form touching her nipples as they stood erect on her breasts. “You’ll be a beautiful mannequin when you’re wearing lingerie or just standing nude in my collection.” his fingers continuing to explore her body as he described her new life.

“I can feel it! Good heavens my legs look so like a mannequins now and I feel so hard and rigid yet fragile. I can’t believe it but he’s doing it he’s turning me into a mannequin!!” the slowly changing woman thought to herself.

His hands slipped below her waist and if Sara could have she would have given an embarrassed shudder and moved to hide herself but she was frozen and unable to move. She felt his hands moving to touch her still soft hips and then down to her now smooth hard legs. Sara saw him smile “Soon very soon you’ll feel the rest of you become the same as your legs. Hollow hard smooth plastic that will look so beautiful on display. “ and as he said that an orgasm swept through Sara as her hips and the triangle between them turned into smooth plastic as well.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!”  thought Sara as she orgasmed. “It feels so good!!” she added as she felt a wave of pleasure she’d never experienced in her life.

He rubbed her smooth triangle of plastic between her legs and the half transformed mannequin orgasmed mentally again. “Ohhhhhhhhh yes yessssssss!!!” as she felt the erotic pleasure flood into her mind. “Be a mannequin for me Sara! Be my mannequin!!” he whispered into her ear as he rubbed her smooth crotch again. “Now move your arms and upper body into a sexy pose Sara!” he commanded her and even though she knew she couldn’t move on her own she felt her body moving anyway. Even as he ordered her Sara felt her fingers and arms moving including her torso. She even moved her face finding herself adopting a look on her face like she’d often seen on store mannequins. A look deep into space with a slight smile but seeming oh so sexy and beautiful.

Sara watched her body cease moving as the changing color moved upwards from her waistline to encompass her tummy and hands. “I’m looking more and more like a mannequin now! This is so surreal yet so wonderful!!” the soon to be mannequin thought to herself. She saw how her legs seemed even more beautiful now as they seemed slimmer and her waist seemed now to be even smaller than a flesh and blood woman’s could possibly be!

“Look how close you are to finally joining my collection Sara! Keep it up soon you’ll be as you and I have both wanted you to be!” his hand began caressing her now plastic tummy and then cupping her breasts. Even as he felt her breasts they began to stiffen as they became firm mounds of plastic. Sara felt herself orgasming over and over as they changed and his hands rubbed her now artificial breasts. Even as she felt her thoughts overwhelmed by lust and pleasure she felt his lips and tongue touching her now plastic nipples.

In glimpses she saw the final moments of her transformation as the sheen of her plastic form moved upwards past her breasts to her neck and finally began changing her face. “It’s not the hypnosis that’s changing you Sara but your desire and a little something in those drinks. Now you’ll be mine forever and you’ll be able to adopt any pose I want as well. You will be any mannequin I could ever want now dear Sara!” he told her as she saw and felt her face becoming plastic. She saw the high cheekbones form and the full plastic lips appear. Sara felt and saw her blonde hair become a nylon wig as her eyes became painted on her now plastic head. He smiled and caressed her plastic cheek and kissed her now plastic lips.

I’m a mannequin now and truly!!” thought Sara “What’s more I’m a mannequin with an owner who’ll never let her go!!” the newly created display figure admitted to herself with an invisible smile.


A few hours later….

He finished moving the newest acquisition onto her two stools. She was laying back with her eyes closed and her head tilted to one side with her arms behind her head holding it up slightly. Her one leg was bent in the air while the other was hanging over one of the stools she was laying on. Wisps of her blonde hair covered her closed eyelids as if she was napping wearing the silken bra and panties.


“Sleep, Bambi, my newest mannequin!!” he whispered to the plastic figure.


And Bambi did, dreaming of her new life as part of the collection.


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