Little Again

by Paul Jutras


     Brian's  robot daughter Lesley loved the fantasy park down the street from her house. Even though she was designed to be a teenage sexbot she was only three feet tall and the park had everything just the ride size for her. When she sat on a bench her feet could actually touch the ground. Despite her teenage figure when she walked beside her nearly six feet dad, those she met on the street treated her like she was five or six. Which help kept the secret what she was used for at night.

      "Lesley, did you talk my hair brush again?" her living sister asked as she walked into Lesley's bedroom wearing a Playtex eighteen hour bra, Hanes panties and two inch heels. Lesley's sister Amy stood 5 foot one in heels and enjoyed teasing her sister than even though she was younger, she was also taller.

      "It's on the dresser." Lesley pointed as she sat on her bed with cotton balls between her toes and paper towels under her as she gave her toes a pink coat.

     "You know how I hate you taking my stuff." Amy teased. "Wouldn't want to catch your shortness disease." 

     "Amy!" Her four foot three mother said as she stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around her wet hair and wearing a bathrobe. "How many time have I told you not to pick on your sister!"

      "Thanks mom," Lesley whipped a tear from her face and blew on her toes to dry them faster.

     Getting dressed in currant five pocket with zipper fly fit stretch jeans, corduroy jacket, crew neck tee and final exam crocodile print leather slip on shoes, Lesley decided to enjoy the blue sky in the park.  It was like a Disneyland for someone her size.

      "Aren't you going to have any breakfast," Mrs. Sealift  asked as she finished her eggs and toast before leaving for work dark chocolate two way stretch jacket and matching box pleat skirt with a geometric print blouse. Her outfit was finished off with nude hose and Carisa kidskin open toe pump.

    "No thanks, mom." Lesley said as she used a step stool to get the apple on the counter. "I'll just take this to go and I'll be fine."

     "Okay dear," Mrs. Sealift said. "If your sister is still bugging you, you can always turn to me to talk to."

     "I know mom," Lesley said with a smile.

      Going to the park, Lesley was glad she made it tall enough to ride the 70 MPH roller coaster with three loops. It seemed to take a life time before she could get off the kiddy rides. She wondered if she'd ever make it.  Now the park was the one place where the employees were around the same size as her. Even if they were dressed in silly costumes. She didn't stand out in a crowd and that made her happy.

     As she looked in the shop windows she saw a wonderful fairy's outfit. Removing the wings would turn it into the perfect ball gown for her to wear to the school's yearly dance. It would also be perfect for a birthday present the next day. She'd have to mention it to her folks that night since they got home at 5 and the park didn't close until 10.

     After enjoying the coaster, slides and more, she was ready to head home. She often wished that she wasn't the small one in the family. That when she notice something new was added to the park. The man was dressed like a wizard but the place she operated out of looked like a ticket booth.

     "Hello young lady." The man said as he waved his hands over a crystal ball. "How may I help you?"

     "Unless your a real wizard with power to make me as tall as my sister; maybe a real girl, you can't." Lesley said as the wizard pressed a button and a ticket popped out of the machine.

    "You never know what the future might hold." The wizard smiled as a weird fog seemed to roll in. Lesley took the ticket and left without looking back. If she had, she'd of seen the ticket booth vanish along with the wizard.

        When Lesley got home, the fog was gone. She changed into her pink one piece bath suit with a picture of a panda on the front and hit her backyard pool.

     "Your hair is touching the water short stuff," Amy said as she lowered her sunglasses while laying in the lounge chair in a black bikini.

    "I'm not going to wear a bathing cap in my own pool." Lesley snapped back. "I wish we could switch places so you could learn what it's like to be me. You can't become short by touching something I do."

     "I know, I'm just teasing." Amy said as she started to go back to sleep.

     "I thought you were getting ready for your date with Todd?" Lesley asked.

     "Cancelled." Amy sighed. "He was caught trying to record a damaging music video in the den and got grounded."

      It was the morning of Lesley's seventeen birthday. She loved sleeping in, but this morning something bumped her awake. "What the?" She said.

     "huh?" She said in a different voice. "What happened to my voice."

      She sat up to see her sisters legs stretching long out from her candy stripe night shirt. She was in her sister room and couldn't believe how warm to the touch everything seem.

      "Ooooooooooh!" She squealed in delight as she got out of bed and dance about on the tips of her toes.

     "Are you feeling well, dear?" She asked as she heard a female wail from down the hall. They ran down to Lesley bedroom to find the tiny daughter in the custom size bed. "What's going on here?"

     "What's going on with me?" Amy said as she came in the room foundling her sex and breasts. "I can't stop playing with myself."

     "I use to feel that 24/7 in that body." Lesley giggled. "It was natural to me and I feel alienated without it. Free really not to want to have sex with dad. Not to need it."

    "This is crazy." Mrs. Sealift said as she stood in a Mock 2- PC column dress, suntan hose and  Sedona vinyl clogs.  "How could you two change bodies. It's just not possible."

     "No more crazy than you talking me into wearing a shoulder pad jacket and elastic waist column skirt for the wonder runt's B- day. She wasn't even alive." Amy complained about the skirt's back walking vent.

      "I am now," Lesley snickered.

     "Shut up and put on your Bridget urethane 1 and 1/2 heel upper." Amy's mother snapped. "You know how I feel about no shoes in the house during the day."

      "I know, only when ready for bed." Amy sighed as she slipped her shoes on.

      "The only thing I can think of is to go to the amusement park and get that fortune teller to change them back." She said as they all headed  down the street to the park and found the fortune teller booth no where in sight.

     "Oh no," Amy cried in her sister's body. "My life has been taken away. I don't want to be a sex robot."

      "Come on honey," Brian sighed. "Let's go home and finish you birthday. Maybe your wish will come true."

     At the house, Lesley blew the candles on her cake. The ceiling light hum and flickered. The lights went out for a couple of seconds and then came on. When they did Lesley was starring at her sister, but face to face. "It worked!"

     "That's what you think!" Amy complained as Lesley looked over to see that she and her father had now swapped bodies.

      "Look at the bright side." Mrs. Sealift smiled as she hugged and gave her once again male husband a kiss. "Being August it's only a few months before Thanksgiving and you get the chance to use a wishbone to get your bodies back. In the meanwhile it'll be a good lesson to teach you to treat your sister better."


 THE END    

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