Live and Let Doll

An Elaine Blonde Adventure

by Drake

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"Faster. Faster!" Trish urged, sweat beading on her tan skin. "You can do it."

"You fiend." Her chest heaving, Elaine pushed harder, trying to match the lithe, athletic, redhead's movements. "I can't keep this up much longer."

"You have to, just a little more. We're almost there." Trish said. "It'll feel so good. Trust me."

"I don't know how I let you talk me into this." Elaine gasped between each word. "I'm not sure I ever want to do it again."

"Almost there." Trish urged. "Just a bit more… and there. You did it!"

"Am I to understand you do this every day?" Elaine glanced around the indoor gym. Innumerable reps on a dozen different machines followed by a marathon jog around the track. The last two laps done at a sprint. Trish's fitness regime would kill the average man, and had come pretty close to doing her in. Still, 'that what didn't kill her would ultimately make her stronger'. Elaine thought, and then added 'and more turned on.' Trish in her workout clothes was quite a bit of all right. A tight, thin leotard that didn't conceal a single inch of her lovely, lithe contours, but managed to hide rather than overtly reveal. It would be a pleasure to slowly peel it from her hard, immobile form.

"At least three times a week." Trish draped a towel around her neck, pausing to pull her long red ponytail free. "I love the way it makes my body feel."

"I love the feel of hardbodies too." Elaine drew nearer. "And you promised me a special surprise if I kept up with you. Fre.." She stopped as Trish laid a finger across her lips.

"Don't say it." Trish smiled devilishly. "I have a very special surprise for you. Let's hit the showers and then I'll show you."

* * *

"So you're probably wondering what your surprise is." Trish said conversationally as she let the water from the shower play over her body.

"Rather." Elaine said. Instead of sharing a shower, Trish had deliberately taken the stall opposite hers, allowing Elaine to look, but not touch. "I don't suppose you filmed Medusalicious II and are planning a private screening?"

"No." Trish squirted a dollop of body-wash onto a sponge and began lathering her body. "Maybe I slipped something into my body wash. Something that will turn me to stone as I rub it in. What would you think of that? Watching as I become a helpless statue, waiting for you to step over and have your wicked… way…. with…. me…"

"Champion." Elaine licked her lips as Trish froze in place.

"Of course that's not it." Trish continued, breaking into sudden motion. "But it's a crackerjack idea isn't it?"

"You rotten little minx," Elaine managed. "Are you trying to drive me out of my mind."

"Anticipation." Trish confirmed. "Maybe I had X put something in the shower plumbing that will suddenly activate, spraying me with a petrifying potion. One moment, Trish Holliday bathing beauty, the next minute, Trish Holiday, erotic stone plaything."

"Pull the other one." Elaine smiled. "If X did that, she would have it in both showers. Of course you might have something planned for me. A cunning mixture spread on the floor of the shower that is slowly working its way up my body, locking my ankles in place and then my knees. Soon I'll be helpless and you'll be able to drag me back to your room."

"Or put you on display in the lobby." Trish said thoughtfully. "Or better yet, I'll put you in MMM's office. That way you can get to know Honeypenny a little more closely. From what you've told me she has a keen interest in art and does her best to get to know every inch of MMM's gallery."

"You wouldn't be jealous." Elaine managed, very aware of how wet she was becoming; and it wasn't just the shower.

"I'd be watching." Trish smiled. "I am sure MMM can find room for me in the closet."

"Why don't we practice." Elaine offered.

"Nope!" Trish turned off the water and slid past Elaine and into the changing room. "You'll have to wait to find out."

"I'll be a few more minutes." Elaine twisted the hot water open even further so billows of steam filled the shower room. "There's something I have to take care of."

* * *

"You planned this, didn't you?" Elaine said as Trish led her through headquarters. Trish had taken her to see X and Dee, who were conveniently out of the lab. Suki, one of X's assistants, had kept them waiting for over fifteen minutes before telling them that the scientists were occupied elsewhere. That elsewhere remained a mystery, as Suki was unwilling to speak further on the subject; even after being held down and tickled. Elaine had momentarily considered stronger persuasion, but Suki would have enjoyed it even more. It would have been more effective not to punish her, which might have drawn the answer. Probably not, X had likely offered an even greater punishment for not speaking, and she was capable of delivering in a manner that Elaine would be uncomfortable with.

From there it was MMM's office. Felicia Biter, Trish's boss was visiting from the States, and had been taking tea and coffee with MMM. It was a match made in heaven for both of them. Felicia, the extroverted exhibitionist lounging nude across the sofa, while MMM, the dirty old peeping tom, huddled behind his desk, spying on her from behind the reports he was desperately trying not to read. MMM's office had several trophies from Elaine's previous missions. Buxomly Maid and Allotta tongue, their lush, naked bodies held in suspended animation under a thin layer of gold were arranged as a coffee table, while Countess Ivana Topoff remained held in a torrid embrace by her muscular henchwoman Sonya Licksatya. Their stasis maintained by the pedestal they remained upon. There was a new addition too, Lady Sarah Cleft, back from her worldwide museum tour. The beautiful marble adventurer stood with her legs parted, her fingers still caressing the stiff nipples on her large, shapely breasts, her aristocratic features locked in an expression of absolute wanton pleasure. Elaine was pleased that Sarah still looked happy even after a tour of all the world's best museums.

Another half-hour passed as Felicia quizzed them on their recent activities, asking them to describe the better parts as she relived their exploits. She was an appreciative and very demonstrative audience, urging them to repeat the parts she found particularly enjoyable. The experience was almost too much for MMM to take and his scrawny, wrinkled neck nearly snapped as he continually peeked from around his reports. Finally, Felicia let the leave as MMM excused himself, vanishing into the depths of his closet.

"Right. Scientists. Now." Elaine managed. The combination of retelling her latest stiffening exploits, combined with the sight of all of MMM's statues; combined with Felicia's luscious figure and intense personal ministrations had left her more aroused than she could remember being in a long time.

"Wha'h Miss Blonde," Trish layered on a fake southern accent. "What a frenzied state you've gotten yourself into."

"I'm bloody fine." Elaine said. "You better grope.. hope we find Dee and X soon or I'm going to bally well explode. This special surprise had better be fanny-tastic… fantastic."

"It's better than that." Trish led Elaine back to the showers, pushing through the double doors that led to the Jacuzzi. X was lounging in the swirling waters, a glass of red wine positioned within easy reach. The surface of the water was covered in undulating, white foam, which caressed the top of her ample bosom. Languidly she reached over and picked up a glass of red wine and took a small sip.

"Elaine, Trish." X raised the glass in greeting. "I was beginning to think you wouldn't make it here."

"Yes, well I'm a bit surprised we managed it." Elaine glanced at Trish. "I take it you've been here the past hour and a tit… bit."

"Your Freudian slip is showing again." X chided gently. "Did Patricia lead you on a wild goose chase?"

"Yep." Trish confirmed happily.

"There may be hope for you yet Patricia." X smiled. "How awful to make Elaine wait for her present. How wonderful."

"Gasp!" The surface of the foam broke as Dee surfaced, shaking her head to clear it from her eyes and short blonde hair. She groped around at the side of the Jacuzzi for several moments until she found her glasses.

"How long?" Dee asked.

"Thirty-five minutes." X said. "Very impressive. I put the body weight to consumption ratio at just past four."

"That's twice as good as the last trial." Dee enthused. "Okay, your turn."

"Sorry my darling." X said. "You'll have to wait. Elaine and Patricia are here. We have to give Elaine her new toy."

"What?" Dee glanced over to Elaine and Trish. "But…but it's your turn. You promised."

"Your turn for what." Elaine asked.

"Her turn to test the oxy-capsules." Dee explained, "They're something we've been working on. You put one in your mouth and they transfer oxygen directly to the bloodstream through the soft tissue, so you don't have to breathe. We're just testing how long they work for based on body weight and activity."

"Activity?" Trish asked, raising an eyebrow. "Thirty five minutes of activity?"

"Yes." Dee's cute features reddened into a blush.

"And it's Kinky's turn." Trish continued.

"Yes, but we'll have to postpone it." X said curtly. "After all, Elaine has been waiting patiently."

"But… It's your turn." Dee said, tears welling up behind her glasses.

"I can't stand to see Dee suffer. Go ahead." Trish said. "As long as we get to watch."

"What? Um… Okay." Dee blushed even deeper. "You mean you'll wait?"

"Go to it Kinky." Trish said. X saluted gravely and popped a small lozenge into her mouth. With a quick flick of her long, blonde braids she disappeared under the surface of the foam.

"Thanks Trish." Dee continued to blush. "I'll make it up to you…Oh! Oh! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy. Ah" The short blonde scientist leaned back against the side of the Jacuzzi.

"Why am I left with the suspicion that the three of you planned all of this out." Elaine said as Dee's voice cried out in pleasure.

"Because you are naturally suspicious." Trish said. "And I'm naturally sneaky. Dee, is Elaine's present worth the wait?"

"Yes!" Dee managed from between clenched teeth. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!"

"See." Trish said, now all we have to do is wait a little while longer. X is almost twice as big as Dee, so it should be approximately 17 minutes."

"Twenty minutes and 7 seconds." Dee managed between gasps. "Not taking in any other factors."

"You can wait twenty minutes, can't you?" Trish teased.

* * *

"One hour and thirty-four minutes." Elaine said as they walked back towards X's lab. X was ahead of them, wrapped in a silk robe. Dee was cradled in her arms, utterly limp and exhausted.

"Ah, but Elaine you forgot those months I spent in Tibet." X said. "Learning the secrets of breath control from the tulku. Poor little Dee forgot too. Shall I furnish you with a similar reminder?"

"Later." Trish interrupted. "Elaine's been very patient."

"Elaine is ready to do a rather significant disservice to the whole bally lot of you." Elaine said, smiling brightly. "And if this surprise does not measure up to her expectations, you will all be begging for mercy in the first five seconds. That is except for you X, you'll be wishing I was doing the same thing to you, but I won't."

"Such animosity." X swept into the lab, depositing Dee on a convenient table. The insensate blonde stirred slightly. "Suki, fetch my latest brilliant invention."

"You want Electro-Vibe X 3000?" Suki asked.

"No that's my latest brilliant invention and it's Electro-Vibe Dee 3000." Dee managed, sitting up.

"Then you mean Sentai X 400 Peek-a-boo Uniform Transformer?" Suki asked.

"You're asking for it, aren't you Suki." X's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Yes please! Hard Please!" Suki turned and bent over, lifting her lab coat to offer X a clear shot at her thong cleft backside. Elaine noted that she had painted a bulls-eye on each gently rounded cheek. "

"Masochists." X said, reaching for a convenient riding crop. She lashed out with two stinging blows that had Suki dancing about in painful delight.

"I go get. Then we boom boom long time." Suki vanished, reappearing a moment later with a polished, cherry-wood box which she presented reverently to Elaine. Flipping the top open Elaine looked at the collection of items nestled in the black satin lining of the case. A golden pen, lighter, cigarette case and a dozen lipstick tubes."

"I'm not impressed yet." Elaine warned. "Is this drab collection of bric-a-brac it?"

"Wait for it." Trish bounced from foot to foot.

"Observe." X lifted the pen and removed the cap and nib, she fit the assembly into the bottom of the cigarette lighter and then slid the cigarette case against it, locking all three together. The pen cap screwed into the bottom.

"Wait, I've read about this, this is like that gun that Sara-Manga used." Elaine said. "It's a gimmick gun."

"That gun was a mere barbaric toy compared to this one." X said haughtily. "I have adapted Allotta's Tongue's crude golden stasis technology and transformed it from a minor curiosity to a work of genius. Each round contains a high power battery and an ounce of catalyst. Allotta was only interested in gold, but I have created a variety of different rounds. The range is limited to thirty feet and you have to strike flesh for it to be effective. The rounds take five seconds to take effect, but the sensation is enough to keep most targets distracted."

"Gorgeous gold." Elaine grabbed a handful of the lipstick tubes and read the labels. "Magnificent Marble! Amazing Alabaster! Coppertone tan! Hi Ho Silver! Wicked Waxworks! Damn It Granite Janet! Do they all work?"

"A demonstration then." X loaded a cartridge and offered the gun the Elaine. "We'll need a suitable target. Dee, please fetch me a buxom RAF pilot with an eye-patch."

"We used the last one yesterday." Dee admitted. "We had a sword wielding costumed live action role-player who claimed to be Warrior Princess Thundra, but she left to join the SAS."

"Those great girl's blouses? No matter." X waved it off. "How about a blonde legal secretary with a penchant for short skirts, fishnet stockings and no underwear."

"Um, Suki has her hooked up to the orgasma-interogator." Dee said. "And our brunette escape artist with the furry fetish is still trying to get out of the Teddy-bare transforming straight jacket lingerie. Oh, and our trio of Japanese race queens are sealed in lucite, we're thawing them Thursday."

"Fine." X said. "Elaine, please shoot Dee."

"What? No don't." Dee's eyes widened as Elaine leveled the pistol at the gap in her robe. She quickly tugged the garment shut across her chest, the motion raising the hem. Elaine's hand dipped slightly and the gun made an almost silent cough as the shell splashed against Dee's bare foot, leaving a white stain that quickly spread.

"Oh boy." Dee gasped, leaning back on the table as the white coating rushed up her leg, enveloping her sex and continuing to spread. In moments she was completely covered, her cute features frozen in a pose halfway between fear and pleasure.

"As you can see, complete immobility." X produced a pair of blunt tipped scissors and cut Dee's robe, pulling the cloth away from the frozen scientist. In moments Dee was stripped, her lovely, slim body totally revealed. She had thrown an arm across her chest to shield her modest breasts from view, but had relented slightly as her fingers were fondling one of her small, hard nipples. X caressed her fondly. "The coating is thin, but extremely durable and the target is quite well protected. The target remains aware, but the awareness is more like a dream state than being fully awake."

"A wet dream state." Trish commented. "What do you think Elaine? Elaine.. Uh oh.."

"Champion." A wide, wicked grin spread over Elaine's face as she worked the slide on the pistol and thumbed another round into the breech.

"How do you reverse the process." Trish asked quickly, subtly edging away from Elaine.

"The gun has a static emitter." X explained as she continued to run her hands over Dee's stone sheathed skin. "Fire it at the target without a round in the chamber and it will disrupt the field."

"Got that Elaine?" Trish dove out of the way as Elaine fired. The shot meant for her caught X on the shoulder. A wave of gold rushed over the tall, blonde scientist, covering every inch of her flesh. Suki and the other assistants quickly descended on her, tearing away the robe, leaving her naked and glittering; the rich gold of her skin a perfect contrast to Dee's pale, white, alabaster beauty.

"I'm giving you a two minute head start." Elaine said, quickly reloading the gun.

"How lucky for me." Trish slid her halter-top off with a sinuous motion, hanging it on one of X's arms. Her shorts went next, leaving only a pair of high cut white underpants and a low cut bra. She stretched her athletic frame out, turning slowly to ensure that every uncovered inch of skin was visible.

"One minute, thirty seconds." Elaine held the gun ready as she watched, trying to decide which point on Trish's body would make the best target.

"So, what do you have in the chamber." Trish ran her fingers over Dee's stiff body. "Am I going to be stone like Dee."

"I didn't think to look." Elaine considered recanting on her two-minute promise. Dee, X and Trish would make an awesome still threesome. "One minute."

"I know I look good in gold." Trish slowly rubbed her body down X's. "Is that what you have planned for me?"

"Forty-five seconds." Elaine warned. "Hadn't you better get moving, when I fire you won't be. Not for a very long time."

"Thirty." Trish said. "Nice try at fooling me, but you won't catch me. I'm like the roadrunner. Meep-meep!"

"Zero." Elaine watched as Trish vanished out the door to X's lab. Dumping the rest of the shells into the pocket of her jacket she raced after the nearly naked redhead.

* * *

"Next time, no head starts." Elaine thought as Trish rounded a corner. Trish was proving canny prey and even Elaine's greater familiarity with the building had not let her get the drop on her lover. It would be over soon though. This hall was one way, ending in MMM's office. There was nowhere else for Trish to run to. Elaine burst through the door, the gun at the ready. Miss Honeypenny, MMM's secretary started as she spotted the gun, but quickly recovered and resumed a look of professional detachment.

"Good day, Agent Double D 69." She said calmly. "Miss Biter is waiting to brief you in her office. Miss Halliday is already there."

"Thank you." Elaine paused and then slid open the door to the closet in Honeypenny's office, checking to ensure that Trish wasn't hiding there. She stepped around Honeypenny's desk and checked there too. Nothing under it except Miss Honeypenny's legs. They were smashing, and Elaine could feel her trigger finger get itchy. The secretary would make a fabulous statue, perching on a pedestal as easily as she perched on her office chair. No. Trish first.

"If you're quite finished. I do have work to do." Honeypenny said. "I don't recall inviting you to look me up when you returned to London."

"I could teach you something new about cold shoulders." Elaine said gravely as she walked into X's office.

"Miss Blonde. Have a seat. MMM is temporarily indisposed." Felicia was seated at MMM's desk. She was leaning forward so her elbows and impressive breasts rested against the blotter. Elaine kept the gun at her side. Felicia's lack of clothes made her an ideal target. It would be so easy. Besides she was Trish's boss, not hers. MMM wouldn't mind if she became a temporary exhibit in his personal gallery. Given Felicia's exhibitionist streak, it was unlikely that she would mind either. No. As tempting as it was, Trish would come first. Still, Felicia's lush tan and full figure cried out for bronzing and more thorough investigation.

"Sorry. I didn't know we had a mission." Trish sat at one end of the couch. Elaine sat down next to her and crossed her arms, casually jamming the barrel of the gun into Trish's side.

"What do you know about Lou Haveher?" Felicia asked.

"The Lou Haveher?" Elaine considered. "The late founder of Playbabe magazine, the most widely circulate grumble mag in the world. The man who singlehandedly raised an empire on photographing the world's most desirable women, and espousing a lifestyle based entirely on leisure, decadence and lots of casual sex?"

"Yes that's him." Felicia nodded. "As you know, he died ten months ago in a cunnilingus accident."

"It's how he always wanted to go." Trish said solemnly. "I bet he died with a smile on his face."

"The report doesn't say." Felicia scanned the page quickly. "All it says is two blondes, a brunette and a redhead."

"That would do it. Do you suspect foul play?" Elaine asked.

"It was pretty vanilla as far as we can tell." Felicia said. "No, but we are concerned about his daughter. Wanda Haveher took over operation of Lou's empire when he died. Since then she has convinced several unlikely candidates to pose for his magazine, Brittany Swords, Justine Aquivera and Kaye-Lo. You do know what happened next don't you."

"Brittney Swords disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle two weeks later." Elaine noted. "Justine Aquivera was burnt to ashes in a freak occurrence of spontaneous human combustion and Kaye-Lo was devoured by her pet St. Bernards; all that was left was a few stray scaps and a bootylicious sized pair of underwear."

"Do you know what this means?" Felicia prodded.

"Yes." Elaine said. "If Wanda can finish the job and convince Gashley Limpton and Kylie Osporne to pose in her magazine she may be able to save the soul of modern music. I would think OBE at the very least."

"I'll certainly make a note of it." Felicia said dryly, "Unfortunately, how you or I feel about music does not change the mandate that has been handed down. One of the royal frog-spawn, I am not sure if it is the heir or the spare, has expressed an interest in finding out what really happened, so I am sending the pair of you down to the Playbabe mansion to investigate. I have called in a few favors and arranged to have Trish's latest film be the subject of a feature article and photo spread. Elaine, you will be acting as Trish's manager and artistic director."

"I'm going to be in Playbabe?" Trish's eyes widened. "Really? It's like a dream come true."

"Yes. I rather envy you in that regard. To have your lovely, naked body be the center of attention for the entire world." Felicia got up and walked out from behind the desk. She stood in front of the pair, her arms crossed under her breasts. "But, I am suspicious of what is going on, so I expect both of you to be careful. Your flight leaves from Heathrow tomorrow at two. Make sure to see the scientists before you go. They will have some new equipment ready for you. Do you have any questions?"

"Just one." Elaine said. "Is that MMM coming out from under his desk?" As Felicia turned, Elaine raised the gun and fired. A blossom of shimmering copper splashed against Felicia's lush backside and quickly spread. The American spymistress turned, her face lighting up with delight. She stretched her arms above her head, arched her back and spread her legs as wide as the rapidly spreading shell allowed. The copper slid over her lush breasts, locking them in place and finally spreading over her ecstatic features.

"Oh wow!" Trish got up quickly and examined her motionless boss. Felicia made an awesome statue, her full figure shining with a warm, copper glow. "I was hoping you were going to do that."

"Yes, and you do know what happens next don't you?" Elaine brought out another shell and began loading it into the breach of the gun.

"Yep." Trish turned and fired. Elaine's eyes widened as a splash of gold sprayed over her forearm and began moving up. Trish quickly took Elaine's gun and grabbed her by her stiffening arm, dragging her over to Felicia. She quickly positioned Elaine's rapidly stiffening hand on Felicia's waist. Elaine tried to resist but the erotic sensation of the gold sliding under her clothes and across her flesh was too pleasurable to deny.

"I had Dee steal X's design and make me my own gun." Trish explained as the gold crept up Elaine's neck. "I've wanted to see you in gold since just after we met." She grabbed a pair of scissors from MMMs desk and began cutting away Elaine's clothes.

"You rotter." Elaine managed as the gold covered her completely.

"I was going to keep you all to myself But then you gave me Felicia, so I have to give you something in return." Trish explained, knowing Elaine could still hear her. She paused to pull away the remaining fragments of Elaine's clothes. "So I'm going to thank you, very, very thoroughly. Then I'm going to thank Felicia for getting me into Playbabe magazine. Once you're both properly thanked, I'm going to leave and tell Honeypenny that MMMs office needs to be tidied up. I'm sure she's going to be very thorough, and before she leaves, I'm going to freeze her, I think she'll look great in granite. Then I let you thank her for thoroughly tidying up. Finally, if you still have any energy left, you can thank me."

Locked in her golden shell, Elaine felt like she was melting as Trish's hot, talented tongue began exploring her motionless golden body. Trish had been right, it was a very special surprise.

* * *

"Time to get up." Elaine walked back to the bed and drew the sheets away. "Really Trish, I never took you for a slug-a-bed. We still have to go see Dee and X."

Trish lay spread eagle on the center of the bed, her features still contorted with orgasmic pleasure. The sunlight streaming through the window reflected brightly from the highly polished wax coating that held her motionless. Wicked Waxworks had been an excellent choice, and keeping Trish frozen had allowed Elaine to sleep in; something she never could have done if the energetic redhead was awake. With a final caress of Trish's hard, unyielding body, Elaine pointed the gun at her lover and squeezed the trigger. There was a crack of static and a slight shimmer in the air as the wax melted away from Trish's body.

"Oooh," Trish murmured, stretching languorously, "That was wonderful. I wish we could…Oh my god! What time is it?"

"Just after 10:00." Elaine explained. "I tried to wake you earlier, but you just wouldn't budge."

"But I'm not packed yet." Trish bounced out of the bed and dashed to the closet, throwing it open.

"MMM ah, good morning Miss Halliday." MMM extended a carry on bag and gestured towards a pair of suitcases.

"MMM?!" Elaine raged. "Just what the hell do you think you are doing in my closet?"

"Ensuring that everything runs smoothly. MMM yes." MMM brayed. "I took the liberty of packing for both of you. Formal and casual, with a few special outfits that should fit in nicely at the Playbabe mansion. I also took the liberty of packing furry lingerie and ears for Miss. Halliday. What was your most recent film my dear?"

"Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre presents The Minx of La Macha." Trish said.

"MMM yes, I've seen the trailers." MMM said. "Very intellectual. I particularly liked the orgy scene that culminates in you singing To cream the impossible cream."

"Very intellectual." Elaine agreed, taking the two suitcases. "Now MMM, about my closet."

"I am sorry Agent Double D 69." MMM said shamelessly. "But after watching what Miss Halliday did to you and Miss Biter, and then what Miss Honeypenny did to you and Miss Biter, and then what you did to Miss Honeypenny, Miss Biter and Miss Halliday. Well, MMM, you see, I really did feel I owed you my thanks, and so I came here, through the secret passage at the back of the closet, to get things ready for your trip."

"And watch what we did last night?" Elaine asked, knowing the answer.

"Of course." MMM said shamelessly. "It only took a few minutes to pack for both of you."

"I'll forgive you this time." Elaine said. "But that is only because you are wearing pants. Well, we're packed, it's off to see what other wonders X and Dee have for us."

* * *

"I like it, it's very festive." Trish admitted, surveying the lab.

"Granted we are still a long way from the Yule season." Elaine said. "But, I must say that is an interesting look for her." Dee and X were still where they had been frozen the day before. Where Dee was untouched and remained reclining enticingly upon the table top; X was a different matter altogether. Her staff had broken out the Christmas decorations and had bedecked the tall, gold sheathed scientist with holiday garland, paper chains and tinsel. To top things off, a headband equipped with fuzzy pink reindeer antlers had been placed on her head.

"You unfreeze boss now?" Suki asked, sidling up to Elaine. The chief assistant regarded her boss with a combination of dread and anticipation. She was dressed, as were the other assistants, like Santa's helpers, all of whom belonged on the very naughty list; red fur trimmed hats, green lab coats and very brief green underwear.

"She's not going to be pleased." Elaine confirmed. "I should think that she will be quite upset."

"Yay!" Suki and the others cheered.

"On three." Trish brandished her gun as Elaine drew hers. "I'll get Dee, you get X. One. Two. Three."

"Eeek!" Dee's skin went from alabaster white to bright pink as she blushed in response to the audience clustered around her. She glanced from side to side for something to cover up with and quickly grabbed Suki's hat, covering up her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

"How droll." X said with forced calm as she efficiently stripped the Christmas-time frou-frou from her muscular, busty frame. She offered the garland to Dee who wrapped it around her modest breasts.

"Look X, we have an important mission and a plane to catch.." Elaine said quickly as X reached for a riding crop. "You have some new inventions for us?"

"You will have to wait." X said from between clenched teeth. "I have to instruct my minions on the error of their ways."

"That's what they want." Elaine grabbed X's arm to hold her back. "It's much better to make them wait to be punished."

"I'll will not be denied. Oh. Ah." X shuddered as Elaine delivered a series of hard slaps to her buttocks. "Oh, Elaine, you are always so good to me."

"Make with the gear Kinky." Trish said. "And the same goes for you short stuff."

"Okay." Dee brought out a pair of bottles. "These are our new oxy-caps. Trish you should be able to get about 30 minutes out of each one. Elaine should be able to manage 25."

"The orgasma-interrogator." X displayed a pair of thick handcuffs. Lock them in place and the subject will be willing to talk in very short order."

"Let me guess." Elaine said. "They will keep having orgasms until they cannot take it any longer."

"Oh Elaine." X chided. "So brilliant and yet so pedestrian. No, they are held at the edge of orgasm no matter what you do to them until they talk. Once they do, just unlock the cuffs to release them. In every sense of the word."

"Check these out." Dee held up a pair of bras. "Booby traps. The clasp is at the front. You undo them by tapping the front three times. If someone tries to undo them any other way the cups shoot out a cloud of paralyzing gas, it'll hold most people for about five minutes. I have pushup for Trish and peek-a-boo for Elaine."

"And here is some extra ammunition for your guns." X offered two boxes of cartridges. "And there is one more thing. Dee."

"Um.." Dee fiddled the with garland wrapped around her breasts. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." X said. "I think they should take it with them."

"Okay." Dee said. "Suki, get the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000."

"What! No! We still testing." Suki cried out, clearly distraught.

"You've been testing it for three weeks now." Dee said.

"That's right." X said. "And I must say, you've been testing it very thoroughly."

"X, you were testing it yesterday morning when I woke up." Dee said.

"That was only because you spent the night before that testing it my darling Dee." X purred. "Such noise, I couldn't sleep a wink."

"Okay, I'm curious now." Trish said as Suki, her eyes swimming with tears, brought a covered tray up. She whisked the top off. Standing upright on the silver platter was a smooth red cylinder, some six inches long and an inch and a half wide."

"That's it?" Trish regarded it dubiously. "What's it do."

"It does look a bit like a vibrator." Elaine said.

"Not a vibrator Elaine." X said. "The Vibrator, the magnificent mechanical marvel against which all others shall be compared, and found wanting."

"Aren't vibrators supposed to look more a bit more like a pe.." Elaine started, but was cut off abruptly.

"No! They aren't." Dee said angrily. "Not this one."

"Dee?" Trish took a step towards the short, blonde scientist. "It's okay."

"No it's not!" Dee said. "This is my greatest invention yet! It's nothing like a pe..."

"Okay, okay." Trish interrupted. "I didn't know. Do you want to tell us why?"

"Alright." Dee's shoulders slumped. "When I was in high school I had a huge crush on a guy in my science class. I thought he was really handsome and talented, and I thought he liked me. Then one day after school we were working late in the lab all alone, and he… he.."

"He didn't? Oh Dee." Trish hugged her.

"He said girls weren't any good at science!" Dee cried.

"The bastard." Elaine managed, successfully stifling a laugh "The utter bastard. You did get a higher mark than he did, didn't you?"

"We'll will never know." X explained. "Shortly after that his jockstrap mysteriously caught fire during a football game. He did not complete the term. Darling Dee only looks, and tastes, sweet, innocent and harmless. She is a scientific genius who may one day rival my own brilliance."

"Oh X." Dee blushed, looking very pleased.

"As fascinating as this all is," Elaine shook her head. "We do have a plane to catch, and… what the hell is this all about."

"We wanted to say goodbye." Suki said, indicating the whole of X's staff. There were tears on many of the assistant's faces and a few were blowing their noses into tissues.

"If you must." Elaine said. "It's hardly the first time we've left on a mission though."

"Not you." Suki cried. "The Electro Vibe Dee 3000. We'll miss you so much."

"Come back soon." Another voice added.

"Be careful."

"We'll be thinking about you."

"We'll keep your place warm."

* * *

"I can't stand it any longer." Trish banged her first down on the armrest. "What's so special about it?"

"About what." Elaine looked up from the mission briefing. They were still several hours away from their destination. Most of the first class passengers were dozing in their seats.

"That vibrator." Trish said. "Why does X think we need one on this mission? Sure they're fun, but…"

"She doesn't." Elaine said. "But she was looking for a way to punish Suki and company for decking her out like a Christmas tree."

"So they can go out and get another one, or take care of things the old fashioned way." Trish said. "It's hardly the end of the world."

"If you say so." Elaine said, continuing to read. "I've never known X to be restrained in her punishments."

"Is this another example of the art of British understatement?" Trish asked. "You don't hold going away parties for vibrators. I don't care how good they are."

"You think that I put them up to this?" Elaine smiled. "That is possible."

"Very possibly." Trish said. "Well, there's one way to find out." She got up and headed towards the unoccupied water closet, her purse, containing the vibrator, tucked under her arm.

Elaine nodded and continued to read. Brittany Swords, the so-called virginal singer had appeared as the PlayBabe honey for the month of May. Justine Aquivera in June, and most recently K-Lo in August. All of the divas had initially refused to pose for the magazine, recanted, and then met mysteriously and untimely deaths within two weeks of the publication of their issue. Felicia was right, it was suspicious; but the face of FM radio had improved considerably.

"Ah! Ah! OH MY GOD!" Whatever sound baffling the water closet possessed, it was clearly not up to the task. Trish could be very vocal given the proper stimulus, though her self-control was normally up to the task of keeping quiet in the appropriate situations. This was not one of those times. Dee had been good enough to include a report on the capabilities of the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000, although American, the young scientist had a positively British talent for understatement. The heart of the vibrator's talents lay in the feedback response mechanism. It sent out vibrations, as those of it's kind were wont to do, and then read back the echoes, determining where the highest level of response were, and then changing shape to provide even greater stimulation to those areas. This was constantly fine-tuned; the longer one used it, the more exact and potent the stimulation became. Elaine had to concur, as Trish's trilling screams and cries of pleasure increased in frequency and volume. Most of the other passengers had been roused and were listening with an increasing interest as Trish's voice rose in pitch and urgency.

"I did warn you." Elaine said as Trish went into a series of yodeling howls and screams. The photo shoots themselves were glossy, as one would expect from Playbabe; entirely soft-core with a variety of poses and outfits, shot in opulent locations. Of course any imperfections would be airbrushed out in the final print. Elaine looked closer and brought out a magnifying glass, studying the pictures carefully. They certainly looked airbrushed, but there was none of the tell-tale signs. Whomever had done it had certainly done an excellent job - not that the original material needed much in the way of improvements, as the diva centerfolds had been chosen more for their exquisite forms than their less accomplished vocal cords.

With a final air-splitting shriek of fulfillment, the sounds from the water-closet died away. After another minute Trish emerged to a spattering of applause. She nodded and made her way back to her seat, bringing the smells of sweat, musk and sex with her. Elaine noted that more than a few strands of hair had escaped from Trish's pony tail and that her nipples were desperately trying to thrust through the material of her bra and shirt.

"Hard day at the office?" Elaine asked, returning her attention to the reports in front of her.

"I should have known." Trish managed a shiver running through her body. "That thing is dangerous."

"I rather doubt it." Elaine said. "I should not think that it is up to the task of cuddling afterwards, and while it is certainly quite accomplished at fulfilling its purpose, it does not provide the other spices which make the activity so enjoyable. Sexuality is as much of the mind as of the body."

"My body didn't mind." Trish slumped lower in her seat. "If bet if you tried it out you'd change your mind."

"Very well then." Elaine closed the folder. "Name the wager."

"Ten minutes." Trish said. "If you can hold out for ten minutes without making a sound, you win."

"And I win what?" Elaine asked.

"Me." Trish offered. "For a week; whatever, whenever, however."

"Tempting." Elaine mused. "But let us think bigger this time. Ten minutes, I get you. Fifteen minutes, I get you, Dee and X for a week, same conditions. I trust you can find a way to entice them into the arrangement. If you win, I shall arrange the same for you."

"Ten minutes, with the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000. Not a sound." Trish confirmed. "It's a bet."

"Well then, let us begin." Elaine took Trish's purse. "If I am not back in twenty minutes, please come check in on me."

"You'll never manage it." Trish said as Elaine headed towards the water-closet. With a final wink, Elaine closed the door. Trish settled back into her seat and set the timer on her watch to count down. The aircraft remained silent, except for the rustling of papers, and the occasion snore. After ten minutes her watch beeped, signifying that she had lost her bet.

"She can't be using it. It's just not possible." Trish said as a beeping announced fifteen minutes. She made to get up and then settled back down into her seat to watch the seconds hand continue to sweep. As it passed the twenty-minute mark she got up and headed up to the front of the plane. She stopped at the door to the water closet and listened. Nothing. The in use light was lit, but the door had been improperly secured. Trish opened it quickly and slid inside.

"You little sneak." Trish managed. Elaine was leaning back against the sink. Her skirt was hiked up and her blouse and bra were undone. Her beautiful breasts were thrust forward, the nipples peaked invitingly and her head was thrown back, as if caught at the very edge of a scream of pleasure. Every inch of exposed flesh was covered in gold, which reflected Trish's mingled look of exasperation and desire. One of Elaine's golden hands kept the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000 securely in place, while the other held the golden gun, whose barrel was pressed against her shimmering thigh. Trish let her fingers play down Elaine's immobile body. She could feel the vibrations from Dee's toy as they coursed through Elaine. What must it feel like? Trish felt her own body respond, knowing how potent the vibrator was; to be held unmoving, unable to cry out. She vowed to try it out the moment they had a chance.

"You win." Trish delicately removed the spent shell from Elaine's gun. She wrapped her arms around her golden lover and pressed close, her mouth hovering over Elaine's frozen lips. Kicking off one sandal, Trish reached up with an agile toe and pushed the golden gun's trigger. There was burst of static as the gun discharged. The gold became liquid and slid down Elaine's body, pooling around her feet. Elaine drew in a sharp breath, filling her lungs. As she tried to scream in absolute abandonment, Trish pressed her mouth down in a passionate kiss, stifling the scream. The vibrator fell to the floor where it hopped at skittered on the carpet before falling silent. Trish felt Elaine come alive in her arms. The tall blonde bucked and tossed, finally breaking the kiss with a gasp.

"That was champion." Elaine slid down until she was kneeling on the floor. She grasped Trish's shorts, quickly undid the buttons and then pulled them down. Trish gasped as Elaine's tongue began licking and probing her. Elaine paused for just a moment.

"Not to break the mood." Elaine kissed Trish's thigh. "But while I finish you off, you may wish to consider how you are to convince Dee and X to go along with our bet. I do have several suggestions."

"Talk later." Trish managed as Elaine's tongue continued to lick and tease. "Feels good."

"X is unlikely to do what you want." Elaine paused again. "But I am sure you can convince Dee."

"Convince Dee to convince Kinky." Trish gasped as Elaine resumed her ministrations. "That might work…"

"Oh, I think it will." Elaine whispered. "You're just about ready now."

"I'm ready for anything." Trish purred.

"Good." Elaine said, pressing the vibrator home.

"Ah!" Trish stiffened as the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000 slid into place. "So good."

"Better." Elaine held the golden gun up so Trish could see it. She squeezed the trigger. A splash of bronze appeared on Trish's taut abdomen, and quickly spread over the athletic redhead. Elaine waited for it to finish. The beautiful bronze shell was perfect. Trish looked like a life-sized trophy, which was appropriate, considering the prize she had just won. Wasting no time, Elaine pushed Trish's shirt and bra out of the way and sucked at both hard, glistening, nipples.

"Isn't this much better?" Elaine stood up and whispered in Trish's ear. She slid around Trish's immobile figure, taking a moment to stroke her perfectly smooth and shapely backside. "I'm going to straighten myself up and go back to my seat now. I'll be back in twenty minutes to unfreeze you. Don't go anywhere."

* * *

"Dee, look I know it's a lot to ask. I'll make it up to you somehow." Trish said into the phone. "Yes, you have every right to feel scandalized. "

"Tell her I can hear her blushing." Elaine teased, leaning back in the luxurious leather seats of the limousine. The driver had been waiting for them at the Los Angeles Airport. That had drawn stairs, as the Playbabe limo was distinct, its shiny black finish decorated with almost imperceptible gray honeybee stripes.

"She'll do it." Trish covered the phone as she spoke. "What about Kinky, she doesn't really like me."

"Of course she likes you." Elaine examined the champagne that had been left out. A nice gesture, but the vintage was inappropriate for the venue. "Besides, I am sure Dee can negotiate a solution for you; she's the most likely to know what will tempt X."

"What's most likely to tempt X?" Trish snorted. "I'd need to be short, blonde, innocent and a scientific genius. I'm not sure I'm up to that."

"Blondes do have more fun." Elaine mused and then fell silent as Trish waved her off.

What? Okay. You're wonderful Dee, I owe you big time. See you in a week. Sure, you can tell Suki that the Electro-Vibe Dee 3000 misses her. Bye." Trish hung up the phone and stowed it in her purse.

"Well?" Elaine asked.

"Dee agreed." Trish said. "Provided I do a favor for her in the future; I think she's already got something in mind."

"And X." Elaine prodded.

"She's in to. But she gets to write and direct my next film." Trish said. "Elaine, what have I gotten myself into?"

"The pages of Playbabe magazine." Elaine pointed to the mansion that was visible in the distance. She considered the iron gates with their Bee insignias. While the Statue of Liberty and the Washington monument were more widely acknowledged symbols of the American Spirit; the Playbabe mansion was perhaps a more accurate one; a monument to a different, but equally important kind of freedom. The others weren't quite the same - unless of course the Statue of Liberty and the Washington monument met up for an intimate weekend. The image brought a wicked smile to Elaine's face.

"Elaine, you have that look." Trish said warily. "What are you thinking?"

"Something monumental." Elaine said. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." Trish replied. Checking the ties on her very brief red bikini. "How do I look?"

"You will have every red blooded man in American howling for more." Elaine said.

"And the more restrained British women?" Trish teased.

"We've never been in the habit of howling." Elaine said primly. "Not when there are so many better uses for our mouths and tongues."

"In America we used the say that the British were coming." Trish riposted.

"Keep up this talk and they will be." Elaine parried the innuendo as the limousine came to a gentle stop. "But we have work to do; just like we planned it."

"Gotcha." Trish saluted with two fingers. "Are you sure you can keep up an American accent?"

"Dahlings!" Elaine climbed gracefully out of the car and addressed the welcoming party.. "We are just so pleased to be here. Get out here Trish, let them see you."

"Welcome to the Playbabe mansion." A tall blonde woman said, eyeing Elaine's elaborate attire. The blonde spy was wearing an exotic, elaborate, frock, which would not have looked out of place at the most outrageous of fashion shows. Her long blond hair was hidden under a shimmering aqua turban, topped with a jeweled pin and a brightly dyed ostrich feather.

"Thank you dahling, we're so pleased to be here." Elaine continued. "Please be a dear and tell Wanda Trish Holiday and her manager the absolutely fabulous Lady E, have arrived. My but you are a healthy specimen. I'm sure I could find a place for you in one of my little films. Well, off you go then. Buzz away little bee."

"Elaine." Trish said out of the corner of her mouth. "Aren't you overdoing it."

"Yes." Elaine confirmed. "Have you seen anything around here that even hints at understatement?"

"Um." Trish looked around, taking in the elaborate marble face of the mansion, decorated with entwined, nude figures, the lush topiary, cunningly pruned into exotic, erotic shapes and the half dressed women parading about in the classic Playbabe Honey costume - striped body-stocking, fishnets, bouncy antenna headband and stinger. "Point taken."

"Miss Holiday? Miss E?" A rich, melodical voice called out." Welcome to the Playbabe mansion."

"Hi." Trish waved. Wanda Haveher looked every bit as delicious as then women she photographed, and very elegant. She had adopted her father's style of dress and was wrapped in pajamas and a smoking jacket, which hugged her full figure and displayed a wide expanse of tanned cleavage. Her brunette hair was long and arranged in artistically disheveled bundle atop her head. The only jewelry she wore was a series of golden hairpins, emblazoned with the Playbabe bumblebee.

"Dahling, so good to meet you at last." Elaine stepped forward and embraced Wanda, sliding her hands over the brunette's back before reaching down to cup her buttocks. She kissed her passionately, leaning the slightly shorter woman backwards as she did so.

"Yes." Wanda managed when Elaine finally relinquished the kiss. "I can see that. And you must be Trish Holiday."

"Yes, I'm happy to meet you to." Trish pressed herself against Wanda's back and kissed the woman's neck. She reached around to briefly squeeze Wanda's breasts. "And I'm happy to meet these two."

"Are you two always this forward?" Wanda asked as Trish and Elaine pressed closer, sandwiching her between them.

"Are you always this forward?" Trish lightly tapped Wanda's rapidly hardening nipples.

"Yes…no. Sometimes." Wanda said, trying to regain the social upper hand. "I'd ask you to make yourselves at home, but I think you already have."

"There's no place like home." Elaine purred sliding a hand between Wanda's legs.

"Ah! Okay. Time out." Wanda managed to struggle out from between them. She tugged her jacket and pajamas back in place. "As I was saying, make yourselves at home. I want to do the shoot at eight tonight. Is that good for you?"

"It's always so good for us." Elaine confirmed. "Was it good for you dahling?"

"I'll see you there." Wanda reached into her jacket pocket and brought out two sets of keys. "I've given you adjoining cabanas out back. Your luggage should already be there."

"That was fun." Elaine said as Wanda retreated into the mansion. "What do you think?"

"She has great breasts." Trish confirmed holding up a ring of keys. "And is easily distracted."

"Agreed." Elaine flashed an electronic access card. "Let's check out our rooms and then have a look around."

* * *

"Dahling that is so you." Elaine's camera flashed repeatedly. "That''s right. Show me love. Show love to the camera."

"How's this for love." Trish peeled off her bikini top and draped it over a lamp. She danced around the room, stopping occasionally to strike another sexy, revealing pose.

"Over by the fireplace." Elaine ordered, snapping more pictures. Trish strutted over, her fingers playing daringly with the loose knots that held her bikini bottom in place. She pivoted on one high heel, undoing the cloth and peeling it away in a single, supple motion. She casually threw the bikini bottom away, where is landed on a light sconce.

"Okay. We're secure." Elaine lowered the camera. Between the small, directional electromagnetic pulse generator concealed in the flash and the impenetrable fabric of Trish's bikini, all the concealed cameras and bugs in the room had been rendered inoperable.

"So now what do we do?" Trish asked as Elaine finished packing the camera up.

"We split up and explore the mansion." Elaine explained. "We have the keys you stole and the keycard I grabbed, so we should be able to get almost everywhere."

"Wait a second." Trish said. "Why are we splitting up? That's what they do in horror films and it never works. We should stay together."

"Are you sure about that." Elaine considered briefly. "What happened when we went up against Alotta Tongue and Buxomly Maid?"

"We split up and I got turned into a golden statue." Trish said.

"True." Elaine considered. "And when we were in the temple fighting against Sarah?"

"We split up and I got turned into a marble statue." Trish said. "Are you seeing a pattern yet?"

"True." Elaine conceded the point. "And then you went off alone against Countess Topoff and ended up as a lovely stiff trophy."

"That's right." Trish said. "Then we both fought Dana Lee Wrath."

"And both ended up as statues." Elaine said. "If our past adventures are any indication, it is actually safer for us to split up. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Fine." Trish threw her hands up in the air. "We split up them; but just for the record, it's your turn to be caught this time."

"Agreed." Elaine said as Trish opened her luggage up and began rooting around in it, looking for an outfit. The redhead's taut, athletic buttocks were presented so invitingly. Elaine watched them for several long moments before thumbing a cartridge into her gun and firing.

"What!?" Trish started upright as the splash of white marble spread over her right cheek and began covering her body. "Elaine…why…"

"Well with an defeatist attitude like that, you were likely to become a statue anyway." Elaine said playfully, embracing her unmoving lover. She reached between Trish's legs and began stroking gently. "Why wait. I think you look better in gold, but white is a beautiful colour on you."

Elaine quickly slid her own frock off and began exploring Trish's body. As she was licking eagerly at Trish's inner thighs the doorbell rang, followed by a series of impatient sounding knocks.

"Coming!" Elaine said. She lifted Trish up, thankful that the stone coating didn't add any additional weight, and deposited her in the shower, turning the water on and letting it beat down on Trish's stone breasts. She quickly wrapped a towel around her own naked body and returned to the door as another bout of knocking sounded.

"Where ish she?" As Elaine unlocked the door, it was violently pushed aside as a large, blonde woman stormed into the cabana. Elaine gaped. The woman was a single double pizza away from being overweight, but for the moment her junoesque body was incredible. Her somehow familiar face had features that evoked a young, vital, Marilyn Monroe. Her hot breath, heavily laden with booze hit Elaine like a bat.

"Where ith she?" The woman slurred slightly as she looked around the main room of the cabana. She began opening doors and peering into closets and cupboards. The robe she was wearing opened and gaped enticingly as moved.

"Where is who?" Elaine was so startled that she reverted to her natural British accent. That was it. The woman was Lana LaColle-Smits. A stripper turned gold-digger, turned reality television star. Her show had been cancelled after she had pulled herself back together. The watching punters had not been impressed with her living a mundane life, and much preferred her acting like a drunken human train wreck. It looked, and smelt like she was about to leap from the rails again.

"Trish Holiday." The big blonde slurred. "She's the centerfold this month. It was shposed to be me, but now it's her. Where is she, 'm going to give her a black eye, then I'll be centerfold again."

"Of course, now I understand." Elaine said. "I take it that you've already raised the matter with Wanda?"

"Yesh, she wants me to shtay around." Lana said. "Says she hash plans for me."

"Yes, I suppose she does." Elaine said. "How long have you been here?"

"Two months, I think." Lana said. "That's what my agent says. I was here with Parish Chilton. We got along, but she left a few days ago."

"Really." Elaine considered. Hotel Heiress Parish Chilton would certainly get along with Smits, as they were both blonde, shallow and entirely ignorant of the world around them. "Why did she leave?"

"Dunno." Lana slumped slightly, tears appearing in the corners of her eyes. "She went to have her picture taken and left. She didn't even say goodbye. My best friend ever and she didn't say goodbye!"

"It's alright." Elaine found her comforting the woman, very aware of the lush body pressed up against hers.

"No it's not!" The tears switched off and Lana was in a rage again. She shook Elaine with enough force to dislodge the blonde spy's towel. "It's my turn to be centerfold! Where's Trish Holiday?"

"In the shower." Elaine pointed towards the bathroom. "Do go in, and don't bothering knocking."

As the blonde tottered towards the bathroom, Elaine had a crisis on conscience. Eventually unfreeze Lana, or keep her as a statue indefinitely and protect the world from another season of her vapid show. Fortunately there was time to decide. She left her towel on the floor, instead reaching for her gun.

"There'sh a shtatue in your bathroom." Lana had pulled back the shower curtain and was staring at Trish's lovely stone form.

"Two actually." Lana never knew what hit her as Elaine thumbed a Damn-it Granite Janet shell into the gun and fired at point blank range. She quickly stripped away Lana's robe and admired her. Lovely. The sort of girl that would Vargas would have painted; although the pose, with her fondling her own nipples might have been a little risqué.

"Now Trish, where exactly were we." Elaine stepped past the statue and into the shower. She reached for a sponge and a bottle of body wash. "Oh, you don't want me to use this, you want me to use my tongue. Such a naughty statue, that's going to take longer. Much longer."

* * *

"It's not that I don't trust you." Trish said, her eyes never leaving Elaine. "But you're like a kid in a candy store with that thing."

"Well you are sweet." Elaine said innocently as she watched Trish pull up her shorts. "And taste good when licked."

"Provided you like rock candy." Trish riposted. "Or Hershey's kisses."

"Kisses?" Elaine asked.

"They're wrapped in a thin metallic coat." Trish explained. "See, now you have me making candy innuendoes."

"And here I was thinking about things melting in my mouth, not my hands, but that doesn't apply here." Elaine considered. "Or something about being an all day sucker for rosebuds."

"Right." Trish tugged her halter-top into position, walked over and put her hand over Elaine's mouth. "One more comment like that and we aren't going to be able to get any work done. We have a problem."

"You mean Lana?" Elaine moved Trish's hand away from her mouth. "Do give me some credit, I already have that figured out."

"I don't think the shower trick will work forever." Trish commented.

"Not the shower. The fountain, the one just outside your cabana." Elaine explained. We'll add her to the décor."

"It's shallow and a bit wet." Trish considered. "The perfect camouflage. She'll fit right in. Just don't forget to unfreeze her before we leave here. You are planning on unfreezing her, aren't you?"

"Eventually." Elaine eyed Lana's lush granite figure. "She's not hard on the eyes at all. I imagine she would fit into the magazine with a minimum of airbrushing."

"Playbabe stopped using airbrushing last year when Wanda took over." Trish explained. "It was in all the trade magazines. She wanted a more natural beauty."

"That doesn't make sense." Elaine reached for the case file and brought out the photo spreads. "Look at these."

"Nice aren't they." Trish considered each one.

"Too nice." Elaine said. "You'd think that there would be some imperfections, but it's all smooth and perfect."

"You could do that with makeup," Trish considered, "But you should be able to make that out, no matter how good the job was."

"Well it is certainly suspicious." Elaine said. "Which is why we're here isn't it? Shall we explore Miss Haveher's magic kingdom?"

"It's not like we don't have the keys." Trish flashed the key-card she stole earlier. "We'd better get started, we only have three hours until the photo shoot."

"I suspect the photo shoot is a one way ticket to whatever Wanda Haveher has planned, and I don't want either of us on the receiving end." Elaine hugged Trish briefly. "I'll watch the door, you grab Lana and we'll get started."

"Can do." The muscles in Trish arms and back strained as she lifted Lana up and carried her to the door. "Elaine, I'm impressed. Not one candy store pun."

"Oh, that." Elaine shrugged. "It's difficult, as I am definitely considering having an Eatmore at your Mounds."

"And then grabbing Dee and X so you can finish off with some Smarties." Trish rolled her eyes. "I should have known. You are incorrigible."

"Sometimes I do have a one rack... track mind." Elaine admitted. "But I know where to paw… draw the line. We have work to do."

* * *

"Well, this has been an excellent use of my time." Elaine said as she prowled through the Playbabe mansion. She hadn't found anything. Or rather what she had found was interesting, enticing, erotic and worth further investigation; but it was not in any way related to the investigation that she was undertaking. Had Felecia asked her to report on the goings on in the famous hot-tub pub, the state of undress favored in the lounge, or the quality of the wild sapphic orgies in the bubble room, then Elaine could have answered. The answers being wet and wild; Lady Godiva Chic and magnificent, simply magnificent. What she could not report on was anything to do with Wanda Haveher or Playbabe's involvement with the strangely dead divas.

Elaine shrugged, there was nothing to do but keep at it and hope something turned up. As the hour of the photo shoot was fast approaching, she was concentrating on the outlying guest cabanas. Fortunately the key-ring they had lifted from Wanda earlier had a master key, which made entry a snap. The first few had been unoccupied, several had not been, and one brought an invitation to stay and get very, very comfortable. There could be no faulting American hospitality, but Elaine had to regretfully decline the enticing offer.

"Anyone home?" Elaine asked as she let herself into another cabana.

"I am." A voice called out.

"And you are?" Elaine prompted?

"Me. I'm me. At least I think I am."

"Of course you are, silly of me to ask." Elaine peeked into the bedroom. A young, blonde woman was pacing back and forth between two open suitcases; a look of confusion on her somewhat familiar face. Where had she seen her before. It hit her suddenly. Parish Chilton. The heiress turned reality television starlet. Elaine searched her mind for the name of the show, the one that had her spending a month parading about a farm with most of her notable bosom uncovered. That was it, the Ample Life.

"You're Parish Chilton, aren't you?" Elaine asked as the blonde managed another circuit from one suitcase to the next.

"You're right, I am." The blonde replied, a smile dawning on her face. "Unless you're wrong, in which case I'm not. Do you want to see my breasts? They were on TV, and they're on my chest, which is attached to me, so I was on TV too. Isn't that neat?"

"Uncanny." Elaine said. The young woman couldn't be as dumb as advertised. "To think that you and your breasts could be there at the same time."

"I know." Parish nodded enthusiastically. "It blows my mind!"

"Not that it would be difficult to do so." Elaine continued. "I understand you just did a photo shoot with Wanda Haveher. Did you enjoy it."

"There were lots of lights." Parish said. "And then she used the flash, and I said, that feels neat, and it did feel neat, and then there was a flash again, and again, and again, and again. How many agains was that?"

"In all this excitement I lost track myself." Elaine admitted, rolling her eyes somewhat.

"I'll call it eight agains. Eight is a nice number; I'd call it Lana, but Lana isn't a number. Is it?" Parish looked confused. "It's hard to think sometimes."

"Devilishly so." Elaine's eyes narrowed. It had to be something else; Parish's pupils were reacting properly to light, so it wasn't drugs. What could be causing the outlandish behavior. Elaine stepped closer, grabbing the young woman by the shoulders. No, there was no smell of booze either. In face there was no smell at all. Elaine pressed her face into Parish's cleavage and inhaled deeply.

"Oh! You like this to? Happy happy lick-fun time?" Parish asked.

"Yes. Happy happy lick-fun time." Elaine agreed. No sweat, no natural pheromones, just a slight hint of a very expensive perfume. Elaine squeezed harder. Under the soft skin and flesh there was a hard, unyielding structure. Whatever Parish was, she wasn't human; although Elaine couldn't comprehend anyone programming an autonomon so badly. Perhaps the classic test.

"Parish dear." Elaine said, tapping the blond on the nose. "I always tell the truth."

"Nice. Lick now?" Parish's blue eyes crossed as they focussed on Elaine's finger.

"I'm lying." Elaine continued.

"If you're telling the truth that you're lying, you can't be lying because you're telling the truth, but if you told a lie about telling the truth then you would say you were telling the truth instead of lying and not telling the truth is lying and.. and.. I lie down now."

"Bloody predictable." Elaine said as Parish fell stiffly backwards, thumping down on the carpet. Elaine quickly stripped the android and examined her. Yes, the skin was perfect, without a mar or a flaw. That was the secret of Wanda Haveher's perfect centerfolds, and held the key to the disappearance of the divas. It was more likely that mechanical replacements had been sent instead, and the suspicious nature of their individual demises, bereft of body to examine, clinched it. Elaine sprinted back to her cabana to pass on the information.

"Trish, I think I know what's going on." Elaine burst through the door. "Put some clothes on and come with me."

"We'll come together." Trish said charging forward.

Elaine tried to dodge, but Trish's arms locked around her neck in a chokehold. The room swan as Elaine tried to break the hold, but the arm around her neck was like a steel bar. In moments she slumped unconscious.

* * *

"So Miss Bond, you are awake again." Elaine opened her eyes. She was sprawled on the floor of some sort of lab. At the far end of the room Wanda Haveher watched her carefully. Between them, Trish, or rather the Trish-bot stood, keeping a steady eye on Elaine.

"I take it that this means the photo shoot is out?" Elaine ventured. Slipping a hand down to pat the pocket that contained her golden gun. Empty. That figured.

"Oh no." Wanda purred, sliding a hand over her own body. "The shoot is very much on, but rather than just the delicious Trish Holiday, I think that super-spy Elaine Blonde should join in. We can call it the Spy who Licked Me."

"I think not." Elaine said firmly. "You really expect me to pose for you?"

"No Miss Blonde." Wanda said, stroking her pussy, "I expect you to doll."

"Where have I heard that before." Elaine said. "Am I to get an explanation, or are we to proceed to the main act."

"You deserve to know." Wanda said. She gestured and a spotlight snapped on, revealing a statue dressed incongruously in pajamas and a smoking jacket.. The older man had a pleased with the world expression on his stony, handsome features. Lou Haveher. Elaine idly noted that the pajamas and jacket were tented at Lou's groin.

"My father." Wanda explained, walking up to the statue and kissing his cheek. "He was a visionary you know. Rather than send me to business school, he sent me to study cybernetics, robotics and psychology. He dreamed of immortality, and knew that his rakish ways would eventually do him in."

"So his dutiful daughter was trained to replace his body with a robotic one." Elaine said.

"Yes," Wanda said. "But he became sick before my work could be completed. So I came up with a means of preserving his life in stone until my techniques for mind transfer are completed. When I am ready, I shall reverse the process and he will be flesh again, albeit temporarily."

"How thoughtful." Elaine noted dryly. "And I take it that your efforts have been less than successful? I met your Miss Chilton."

"Ah, but she is one of my successes." Wanda said. "I found that more complex minds are harder to reproduce in the array matrix brains of my robots. Simpler minds seem to transfer with less degradation. In pretty Parish's case, she actually ended up smarter. Even your friend Trish retains far more of her mind than any of my previous subjects. It's too bad for you that she will obey all of my orders unquestioningly."

"You are clever." Elaine said. "You bring in popular music's most attractive divas to pose for your magazine, reaping a huge financial windfall in sales, use their inferior minds to test your processes, and then have their robot copies self-destruct in a manner that leaves no body. What about the originals?"

"I keep them of course." Wanda gestured again. An entire wall slid back revealing a row of pedestals, each topped with a beautiful, naked statue. Elaine could see the missing diva's locked in sensual poses. At the very end of the line Trish stood, her legs spread, her lovely chest thrust forward invitingly. "My father always said that he could have any woman he wanted, but they eventually left him. I share his tastes, but thanks to my talents, I can have them, and keep them. Soon Daddy and I will possess perfect, immortal bodies to match our brilliant minds, and we can keep adding to our collection of perfect, desirable women."

"You'll need a bigger complex." Elaine noted. "The Electra suite isn't going to have enough space to grow."

"Very funny." Wanda's smile faded. "But there's still enough space for another nosey spy. Trish-bot, place her in the machine."

"Sorry, but I am not a Barbie girl, this is not your Barbie world, life in plastic is far from fantastic." Elaine got to her feet and watched as Trish stalked towards her. She had a hunch. If she was right she had a chance. If not. Best not to think about it.

"Freeze." Elaine whispered as Trish neared. The robot paused for a moment before locking up, her hands reaching towards empty air. Wanda was quite correct, much of Trish's minds was successfully transferred, including the particular peccadilloes that made her such an enjoyable companion. Elaine ducked around and tackled Wanda, driving her to the ground. The Playbabe owner might have been a brilliant scientist, but she was not terribly well versed in hand to hand combat, and Elaine soon had her trapped in a painful arm bar.

"How do you reverse the process?" Elaine upped the pressure, causing Wanda to cry out in pain.

"I won't tell you." Wanda managed. "I can take anything you can dish out."

"Really?" Elaine thought for a moment, and then brought out the handcuffs that X had given her, snapping them in place around Wanda's wrists.

"What?" Wanda twisted around slightly. "Oh. What's this doing to me? Oh, it feels good.. So good."

"Yes, it does, doesn't it." Elaine nodded. "It will keep feeling good, but you won't get the benefit of release."

"I can. Oh. Take it." Wanda gasped.

"I rather doubt that." Elaine said, pulling the Electro Vibe Dee 3000 out of her jacket pocket. She slid Wanda's pajamas out of the way and pressed the vibrator home.

"Oh! Oh!" Wanda writhed. "So close! Just a little more! Come on!"

"I'll leave you with this for a moment. When you're ready to talk, please let me know." Elaine left Wanda writhing on the floor and went over to examine the statues. They were all quite beautiful. Wanda had evidently started with Playbabe honeys before moving up to divas. Elaine briefly wondered if MMM would want to keep several of them for a few weeks while X explored the technology further. It might be worth several weeks of vacation and a promotion. Definitely a matter worth considering.

"Elaine! Please! I'll talk!" Wanda was writhing on the floor, held at the cusp of orgasm. The Electro-vibe Dee 3000 kept stimulating her, the handcuffs prevented her from reaching that final release. "Put your friend in the machine and set the flux rate on the interoceter to seven. Please! Now!"

"In a moment." Elaine lifted Trish down and carried her over to the machine, taking a few moments to properly appreciate her lover's frozen form. As she walked past Wanda she reached down and undid the cuffs. Wanda shrieked in relief as she bucked and tossed on the floor. Elaine paused and snagged the vibrator as it rolled free, tucking it back into her jacket. It took several minutes for the Playbabe magnate to complete her orgasm, leaving her spent and nearly unconscious on the floor. Elaine finished adjusting the machine and turned the interoceter on.

The air around the Trish statue rippled as the effect was undone. The pale gray stone began to grow warm as it was restored to flesh. There was a small, perceptible movement from Trish as the last of the stone faded away. With a gasp she toppled off the platform, landing in a heap next to it.

"Trish. Are you alright?" Elaine ran over and gathered the insensate redhead in her arms. Trish was breathing, and seemed to be responsive, if groggy.

"I got caught." She managed. "It was supposed to be your turn."

"Next time, I promise." Elaine hugged Trish closer, a great relief flooding through her.

"There won't be a next time for you Miss Blonde." Wanda Haveher was back on her feet, a powerful two-shot derringer clutched in her hand. Elaine let Trish go and stood up, sliding off to the side to get Trish and the other statues out of the line of fire.

"Oh do put that away." Elaine said, continuing to move. "I have only one thing to say to you."

"They're your last words so make them good." Wanda took careful aim.

"Very well." Elaine said. "Unfreeze."

"What?" Wanda turned as the Trish-bot charged towards her in an attempt to reach Elaine. She fired automatically as the robot ploughed into her. The derringer discharged its shot, blowing a large hole in the robot, which fell away. Elaine quickly closed the distance between them, but Wanda was too fast, and was able to turn and fire. Elaine felt like she was being hit in the chest with a truck as the force of bullet lifted her off her feet and sent her flying backwards.

* * *

"MMM seems happy." Trish said as she walked down the hall towards X's lab.

"He has every reason to." Elaine noted. "I daresay that Wanda Haveher is an ideal addition to his office décor. Fortunately you were able to reach the gun she liberated from me, as I was quite unable to continue the fight."

"You'd do the same for me." Trish smiled and squeezed Elaine's hand. "You'd do the same to me as well."

"Yes, but I would use the gold bullet for you." Elaine said. "Though Wanda does look delicious in granite."

"Especially when you have her displayed with Parish Chilton and Lana La-Colle Smits. You're going to let them go, aren't you?"

"Of course I am." Elaine said. "The moment the new season of telly is underway. I think the world can do without an Ample Life II and the latest Lana La-Colle Smits excess."

"Just make sure that MMM isn't around when you unfreeze her." Trish warned. "He's is definitely her type. Rich with one foot in the grave."

"I daresay that MMM can take care of himself." Elaine ventured. "He would much rather look than touch. I would be more concerned about Felicia trying to nab him. He likes to look, she likes to be watched."

"A match made in heaven." Trish agreed. "So what are you going to tell Dee?"

"The truth." Elaine said. "It's all I have."

As they pushed through the doors to X's lab there was a loud cheer and showers of confetti and streamers rained down on Trish and Elaine. All of X's assistants were wearing party hats and blowing noisemakers. A banner reading "Welcome back Electro-Vibe Dee-3000" hung from the ceiling.

"You're back!" Dee flew through the crowd, knocking several down and threw herself around Trish in a hug. She released the redhead and then hugged Elaine with equal enthusiasm.

"Welcome back. Elaine. Patricia." X said gravely, trying to distance herself from the uncharacteristic gaiety that was taking place in her domain.

"Where guest of honor?" Suki hovered close by. She looked ready to pounce on Elaine's purse.

"Yes. Well, it is like this." Elaine said. "Dee, Suki, everyone. I have some sad news for you. This is a dangerous business, and not everyone comes back."

"What?" Suki drew back. "It can't be."

"I'm afraid it is." Elaine said, pausing for effect and to try and keep from laughing aloud. She had been called to do some strange things in her day, but offering up a eulogy for a vibrator definitely topped the list. "The Electro-Vibe Dee-3000 gave its life so that I could live. I only knew it for a short time, but I can say that I have never met a more warm and giving piece of equipment. It was entirely selfless, and I shall deeply miss it. I will always treasure the times we spent together, and recall them with warm, and more than a little wet memories. It did everything you could ask a vibrator to do, and more. We shall miss it deeply, nevermore so, than when we knew it, deeply. Dee, I'm sorry."

There were tears on many faces as Elaine drew the vibrator from her jacket pocket, displaying the deep indentation where Wanda's bullet had struck it. Dee accepted it.

"Don't worry about it." The blonde scientist said happily. "I've got a new one in the works, it's going to be even better."

"Champion." Elaine felt as if a weight had been lifted.

"Wait a second." Dee examined the vibrator more closely, indicating a dial around the base. "This is only set to six."

"To six?" Elaine asked.

"Yes," Dee shrugged. "It goes all the way up to ten." Trish and Elaine shared a long look.

"I found six to be adequate." X noted. "But the higher settings are something special."

"Wow." Trish managed. "So Dee, when's the new one going to be ready?"

"It's going to take a few months." Dee said.

"A few months and a week." Elaine said. "I seem to recall something about a bet, and I intend to collect."

"Oh… Okay." Dee coloured deeply. Trish grinned and X merely shrugged.

"I suspect you will want these." X handed Elaine several boxes of cartridges. "When shall we begin?"

"Tomorrow." Elaine smiled. "After all the excitement of the last few days, I want a good night's rest. I plan on sleeping late and then... Well, I think it is going to be an absolutely champion week."

"Uh oh." Trish said as Elaine walked out of the lab. "Are either of you concerned about what we've gotten ourselves into?"

* * *

"I must say, these are some of the most realistic nude bronzes I have ever seen." The gallery patron examined the display closely. Is there a secret to your technique?"

"Yes, but I'm not at liberty to disclose it." Elaine smiled. The secret, and indeed the hardest part, had been to set her alarm clock to wake her uncharacteristically early. After that all it had taken was a handful of beautiful bronze cartridges and a little sneaking about.

"I call this one Sweet Dreams." Elaine indicated the first statue; a recumbent, sleeping woman. The statue lay on its side, one hand cupped around a breast, the other between her legs. Trish had still been asleep when Elaine had frozen her. It had been a challenge to tease her into a ready state without waking her, and then freeze her in a sheath of bronze, preserving that perfect moment of orgasmic slumber.

"And this one is Bound for Glory." The statue, a tall, muscular woman with long braids stood with her arms behind her back. Bronze manacles encircled her wrists and ankles, joined together with chain. X should have known better than to ask Elaine to tighten her corset; which hadn't made it as far as the gallery. The manacles were from X's extensive collection and had been coated with a light bronze spray.

"Shy Shower." Elaine explained. "Doesn't she look just a little embarrassed at being caught in the act?" Dee was frozen mid stroke, her fingers busily scrubbing her neatly shaved, and now perfectly bronzed sex. Her short hair lay slick as if wet down. She had been having a shower, but had only began engaging in the other activity after being struck with the bronzing blast.

"And finally, Extolling Exhibitionist." Elaine said, indicating the full figured woman who stood with her hands on her hips, a stern expression on her face. Felicia had asked why Elaine had been loading two scientist statues and a stiff spy into a van. Rather than explain, Elaine had opted to demonstrate. Felecia might have been angry under other circumstances, but Elaine was sure that spending an afternoon on display as an erotic work of art would be something Felecia would quite enjoy.

* * *

"I think she's just over there." Dee peeked around the corner.

"Are you sure." Trish groused, keeping a wary eye on the way they came in case Elaine circled around and attacked from behind.

"Sort of kind of." Dee admitted. "I thought you like playing paintball?"

"I do." Trish said. "But it's much more difficult if your opponent is the only one who's armed."

"Don't be so negative Patricia," X said. "It takes time for Elaine to reload and the range is only thirty feet, so she will only have time to shoot one of us before we grab her."

"That's a good plan!" Dee enthused. "Trish! What are you doing? Whah!"

Trish pushed Dee around the corner. There was a coughing noise as an alabaster shell splashed against the short blonde scientist's naked breasts. Dee gasped in pleasure, reaching down as the statue effect took hold. Her fingers never made it, stopping just short of her stone sheathed sex. X bolted around Dee and charged in the direction of the shot. The taller scientist made it two long steps before being hit with a wax shot which quickly froze her in place under a thin, clear coating.

"Perhaps I should have mentioned that Elaine has my gun too." Trish mused.

* * *

"Right hand on blue." Elaine commanded. Trish leaned forward, stretching her athletic figure over X and Dee's arched bodies. With a final gasp of effort she managed to snake her hand past Dee's cute rump and place it on the indicated circle.

"Well done Patricia." X said, eyeing Trish's nipples, which were hanging enticingly over her face. "Now about the matter of that second gun."

"What are you doing Kinky?" Trish tried to raise her chest up, but she couldn't do it without upsetting her already precarious balance. "Don't you dare.. Oh!"

"Yes. I dare." X traced her tongue slowly around Trish's right nipple until it was erect, glistening and sensitive. Then she gently bit down on it, slowly increasingly the pleasure.

"Oooh. Ow. " Trish tried to shift away, as she pulled she lost her balance, coming down hard on X, who held out for a long moment before collapsing down onto Dee. As all three women tried to untangle themselves, Elaine put down the spinner and picked up the guns, firing twice, reloading and then firing again.

"That's two for X, three for Trish and Dee's still shut out." Elaine walked over to the enticing, explicit statue that decorated the Twister mat. The erotic effect of the statue process had ensured that Trish, X and Dee had become delightfully engaged in other activities as they froze. She began exploring the frozen forms, caressing and teasing. "We'll have a quick timeout and then try again."

* * *

"I will give Elaine credit." X said, uncomfortably shifting her tall, muscular body in the undersized, binding student desk. "I had not considered this a torture device, but it performs its function adequately, I shall have to add one to my collection."

"I'm just curious where she found a Japanese school girl uniform in your size." Trish admitted. "I think we've found a good look for you."

"For darling Dee perhaps." X shifted again, the top of the desk creaking ominously as she pushed her arms against it.

"It's sort of fun playing dress up." Dee said. "It's not like we've been wearing a lot of clothes this week." She blushed at the memory.

"Did you read the script Elaine left for us?" Trish asked.

"Yes." X said, "And I am interested in where she got her inspiration for this particular scenario."

"Quiet!" The door to the classroom slammed open as Elaine came in. She stalked towards the trio in a pair on impossibly high stiletto heels, which seemed out of place with her conservative skirt and jacked. Her long hair was dyed an unnatural shade of lavender. "You've been sent to me for detention. Your other teachers said you've all been naughty, and I know just what to do with naughty girls. Are you three ready to serve your detention?"

"Yes Miss Miyama." X, Dee and Trish chorused.

* * *

Look for Elaine's next adventure, Diamonds are for Adventurers. Trish makes good on her promises to X and Dee and brings Elaine along for the ride.

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