by Paul G. Jutras

Patricia Bond ran past her mother on her way through the kitchen. She was heading for the back door when her mother stopped her in her tracks. "Stop!" Her mother blocked the door. "Didn't you forget something?"

She pointed the bedroom basement. Patricia sighed. She looked at her mother then back at her bedroom. "You know your father wants to remodel your bedroom this summer so not to interfere with your school work. Why don't use the time clearing out what you can in the next two hours, then you can go out to do what you want to."

Patricia flicked on a light and tramped down to the basement bedroom. On the right side was her bed and night stand while across from her was wall to wall selves. Her computer was brightly lit with by the ceiling light. There were several scattered boxes her dad left for packing.

Patricia decided to check her E-mail first and went on line. Finding the mail link empty, she decided to surf the net. Coming across a site called LIVINGMANNEQUIN.COM, Patricia decided to download a story. "Wonder what this is about?" She slumped in her chair. "I'm always into reading a good story on the web. "

"Whoa!" Patricia yelled, ducking as a beam shot out of the monitor screen. It bounced off the wall shelf, reflected off the ceiling light and smacked into area beneath the stairs. The shadows revealed a door she had never seen before. "I've never seen this before?"

"Cool.' She thought as she pushed a box a side and swung the door opened the rest of the way. She was shock to see a staircase on the bottom floor of the house leading downward. "I should of cleaned this place sooner."

Patricia moved into the tiny room and down the stairs. She though the floor was going to give out beneath her four inch heels. She moved carefully knowing that there was no one to catch her if she fell. As she reached the bottom a light shined in her eyes. Fresh air brightened as she stared up at the tree tops.

Thwang! An arrow flew into a tree beside her. She turned to see a troll Archer as he re-loaded his bow for another shot. "Oh, man." Patricia cried. "I should of known that something would happen!"

Thwang! Another arrow swished passed her head as she tripped over a rock and twisted her ankle while falling. "Ouch! My ankle!

Suddenly the bushes before her began moving, and a girl jumped out in front of her. She was dressed in a short blue tunic that barely covered her hips. Looking at her, she wondered if the girl was actually wearing any underwear or not. "Quick!" The girl cried, throwing a rock into the troll's eyes before grabbing Patricia's arm. She pulled her to her feet and yanked her into the bushes. "We've got to get out of here."

"You picked the worst place to be in the kingdom." The girl said as she pulled Patricia right out of her heels. "Those were The Dark Knights' trolls. He's been trying to get my father's kingdom for the longest time. They've been hunting me so that they can blackmail my father out of his crown."

"The Dark Knight?" Patricia repeated. "You're a princess?"

"You hurt yourself?" The Princess said as she touched Patricia ankle who yelped in pain. Patricia just wanted to get going, knowing that the trolls were a bigger problem than holes in her stockings. "It's just a sprain. The court wizard can probably relieve your pain, if we can reach his hovel in time."

TWING! The next arrow hit a nearby tree. The two girls heads popped up, looked at the trolls, then at each other. "They've spotted us!" They said together as they scrambled to their feet and moved before they could be turned over to The Dark Knight. "They'll stop at nothing to catch us. Let's get out of here before we're dead meat."

Without a word, they leapt up and moved swiftly. A dragon was seen flying over head with fire shooting out of is snout. Patricia knew she wasn't in the U.S. anymore. "Run, Princess!" She shoved her ahead to get her to move faster. "They're gaining on us."

"I don't believe this." Patricia said as the idea of trolls and dragons were more than she could handle. Her ankle made her stumble but she scrambled back up as they spotted a bridge ahead of them. "Maybe if we can get past that, we can lose them."

The two hurried across to the other side. As the trolls hit the edge of the bridge it was like hitting an invisible wall. The two girls moved toward a hovel at the base of a giant oak tree. As they entered the house they didn't notice the sign that read SPELLS R US.

"Thank goodness you made it Princess." said a Wizard in a flowing robe a cone hat. The bottom of the hat had crown points along the brim and was covered in moons and stars. "I've been following your process in my magic mirror."

"The Dark Knight will be angry." The Princess giggled. "What happened to the trolls anyway?"

"I transported them to their master." The wizard said as he noticed how Patricia was limping. Reaching down, he touched her ankle lightly. "You're hurt my dear. Let me make things up to you and relieve your pain forever."

All at once a wave of pleasure washed over Patricia. As it moved up her body she noticed her breasts go erect. She couldn't help but moan as she went to relieve her inch, only to find that she had now become sexless. "What is this?" she tried to say, but nothing came out of her mouth. Moments later she found she couldn't move her head at all.

"What did you do to her?" The princess asked.

"She knows of our world." The wizard said with a sigh. "She could of brought others if we let her go back as she was. My magic will seal up the entrance from the upper world forever."

The wizard waved the open palm of his hand and Patricia vanished from the hovel. She was transported to a platform on a store's sale floor next to two other motionless mannequins. A merchandiser walked over and stripped her down to her pantyhose . She had her upper torso removed and taken to one area of the store while her lower half was left in lingerie as a pantyhose form.

"Didn't she have families, people who will be looking for her?" The princess asked as she looked at the events in the mirror. "I know this must be done to protect the lower kingdom, but I can't help but feeling sorry for her."

"Not to worry." The Wizard said with a smile. "That is the next step in my plan to protect you from The Dark Knight. Something already arranged by your dad."

The Wizard waved his arm again, and both the clothes and appearance of the princess changed into an exact copy of Patricia Bond. The Wizard whistled and a magic carpet flew into the room. "This will take you to the upper world. You'll be given a copy of her memory so that the parents won't know anything."

The new Patricia Bond road the magic carpet to the magic stairs, which she took up to the basement bedroom. She climbed the stairs to find Mrs. Bond still in the kitchen. The mother looked at the clock and then at her. "Don't give up after only ten minutes. You'll get the room cleaned."

"Just came for a drink." The former princess said as she got herself a glass of Kool Aid and then looked at the plans for the new bedroom. Pink, lacy and beautiful. She returned to the basement. A message was written on the computer screen:


"Thank you Wizard." The new Patricia said as she shut off the computer and got started clearing the junk to make way for her new room. She knew she was going to enjoy her new life and hoped the real Patricia would enjoy hers in that store.


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