Lost and Found

by FreezAntix, with contributions by Zero

This story is a sequel to Welcome To Stillsville, which introduces the setting and several of the characters. You'll also find a guest character or two, hinting that this college town may be part of the 'Tuckerverse' [Ed.]

Decker State College, Malibu, Ca

            Katherine Vaughn, known as Kat to her friends and family, kicked soccer balls down range on the DSC practice football field, which also served as the practice soccer field as well. The school did not spend enough money on other sports programs besides football and basketball, therefore neither team ever made it far in their respective divisions. Just last year, the DSC Lady Raptors made it through their tournament and won the championship, a feat not yet accomplished by their male counterparts or any other athletic club in the school. After a series of events which involved the starting line getting sick and missing the big game, resulting in Kat and her secondary teammates winning the game by a large margin, Kat was promoted to the starting line along with several of her teammates. She soon was voted captain by her peers.

            It was early and soccer season didn’t start again till the following spring, but it was never too late to practice. The Lady Raptors were on strict three-a-day training schedule, they would train lightly in the morning. Strength and conditioning in the afternoon and scrimmage in the evening. The process would repeat Monday-Friday. It was summer so the class load was light, making the training easier somewhat in the sense that there was little balancing. If they wanted another championship they would have to work hard for it, being that most of seniors were gone and the squad that had won the championship was lacking in several key positions. Ayane Nakamura and Britney Summers were both off the team due to team misconduct issues; Ayane had failed to maintain her GPA while Britney constantly missed practices. Both were good players and their absence affected the overall performance of the team. Veronica was gone as well being that she graduated earlier that summer. The biggest lost was Mel Donavan, the Irish exchange student, who was also their star goalie. Mel had gotten a picked up to play in a women’s Brazilian league after her stellar performance in the big game, when she saved nearly twenty attempts on the net. The final score being a landslide nine-to-nothing was partly due thanks to her uncanny skill. There was still a chance that the tall Irish Amazon would come back, but no one was holding their breaths.

            The only good players that remained were Kat, Diane Cruz, Chrissy Pak and Tess Vole. The rest of the team was other members of that championship squad and members of the squad that had gotten sick. Coach Diana King had been replaced by assistant Coach Glenda Peyton. Coach King was accused of selecting only blonds for her old starting squad even though some of the more capable and better players were non-blonds. She resigned before a formal investigation was ever started. The last anyone had heard from her was that she was back up in Canada.

            “Nice kicks, Kat; your kicks are getting stronger!” Tess Vole complimented, jogging up to her teammate and friend. Tess was the religious one on the team; she was their anchor and kept the faith for the team even through their bad times. She was a crazy-good defender too.

            “They’re ok, me knee still feels funny,” Kat replied, shaking her right leg. Both girls as well as the rest of team were dressed in orange and white warm up gear. Some girls wore sweat shirts and shorts while others wore the whole sweat suits. Kat had cut her blond hair shorter; it once fell past her shoulders but now reached just under her chin. She had it tied back in small bun when she played and worked out. The team captain was dressed in pair of orange and white booty shorts and a sleeveless jersey. Tess was dressed more or less the same with the exception being instead of the shorts she wore warm up pants. Her brown hair tied back into a ponytail.

            “Hey guys, look at this.” Chrissy Pak pointed out as she jogged up to the two girls. They looked and saw a single blond-haired Asian girl coming down the bleacher stairs. She was in her pajamas bottoms and wearing a thick DSC sweater. The girl was their former center, Ayane Nakamura.

            “What the heck is she doing here?” Kat asked, looking at her watch. “She should be getting ready for class.”

            “Maybe she came to watch us practice?” Chrissy suggested as they watched Ayane make her way over to them; the well tanned redheaded Korean was dressed in tight fitting orange and white warm up gear that showed off her athletic figure.

            Just then Diane Cruz joined the trio, “Is that Ayane?” the three girls nodded. The short Hispanic defender was dressed in an orange and white hooded sweater and a pair of shorts.

            “Hey guys…” Ayane greeted, taking a breath. She had only stopped playing soccer less than a couple months ago and she was already out of shape. Without soccer, the girl did nothing but party and school work. She did too much partying, though, and failed some classes; thus she was in summer school.

            “What brings you here?” Kat asked seriously after everyone else greeted Ayane warmly. Even though she was off the team, they still liked her. “You really need to focus on your school work if you want to get back on the team,” Kat added

            “Well that’s what I’m here for. Can I talk to you in private?”

            Before Kat could answer Coach Glenda called out from across the field. “Kicking drills! I want to see more kicking, less talking, girls!” The other three girls said their good byes and rushed off. Kat motioned at Glenda for a minute. “Make it fast Vaughn just because you’re team captain doesn’t mean you can take an extra break!”

            “What is it, Ayane; I don’t have time for this?” Kat asked quickly as soccer balls started to fly up and down the field.

            “I have this wax figure project due for my art class and I had a hard tough week and completely forgot about it.” Ayane quickly explained.

            “What does this have to do with me?”

            “Well,” Ayane whispered leaning closer to Kat. “Can I use the… camera?” The camera in question was an unusual Polaroid camera that could magically turns people into living statues. The girls had come across it when their bus broke down in the small town of Stillsville, where a twin brother and sister used it to turn most of the town into a twisted wax museum town. Before the ordeal came to an end, the whole soccer team had been frozen but was freed later when the twins met the same fate. Kat and her twin sister Julie took the camera for themselves and froze the first stringers to get their chance to play in the tournament.

            “No,” Kat said quickly and started once again to kick the balls down field.

            “Come on Kat; I really need this. If I fail again, I could get cut off by my parents,” Ayane pleaded.

            “You should have thought about that before you got hammered this weekend,” Kat shot back. “You have to clean up your act get your head back in the game.”

            “I’m trying… but I need the camera; nothing bad is going to happen. Britney is going to model for me.”

            Kat stopped and turned to Ayane. “I really want to help, but that camera is too dangerous; I can’t let you borrow it. I’m sorry.”

            “Oh, okay… no problem.” Ayane replied hiding her panic with a fake smile, “I’ll see you later then… I have to get to that project; no thanks to you, it’s gonna be even more late,” she finally said, running off. Kat looked as the girl ran off the field in her pajamas and shook her head. Ayane had the talent to be great player and student but just made stupid decisions. Kat hoped the pretty Japanese-American would be able to pull herself back together and get herself back on the team.

* * *

            Kat had said no to the camera, but there was always more than one way to solve a problem. For instance, Kat’s twin sister Julie was much nicer. The second session of practice started at about 1PM so Ayane knew Kat would be out and Julie had a break in classes, so she would be in the dorm. Ayane, now dressed in a black tank-top and denim skirt, entered Fisher Hall; the dorm was exclusively known for housing freshmen and sophomores. It was a four level building that looked like an old boarding house. Each floor had a shared study area, bathrooms and a game room that were to be shared by the floor mates. It was an old building with pale green walls and hardwood floors. The building had no elevators, like the newer dorms, so tenants and guests had to climb up several flights of old stairs to get to their destinations or room.

            Ayane quickly climbed up to the third floor and made her way to the corner room at the end of the hall, where Kat and Julie shared. The floor was nearly empty as it was summer, so half of the floor mates were home on vacation. Ayane only passed one other person in the hall; that girl paid no attention to her. Coming up to the simple wooden door marked ‘Kat and Julie’s Room’ written in fun lettering on a small hanging white board, the art student knocked. Julie opened the door on the second knock and smiled warmly. She still had her flowing long blond hair and had softer features than her twin, being that she was cheerleader. The blond twin was dressed in DSC T-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts that showed off her naturally tanned legs. She stood barefoot as she greeted the Asian girl warmly, “Hey Ayane, what’s up?”

            “Can we talk?” Ayane replied, getting to the point quickly. She had no time; her project was due in a few hours.

            “Oh sure…” Julie replied, still smiling, stepping aside and letting the Japanese American into her and Kat’s dorm. The dorm room was small, with two twin beds on either side with a single long desk in between with two armchairs. Two small dressers sat on either side of the room against the walls as well. A single closet was on the left side of the room. Like the rest of the dorm, the walls were pale pea green, the floor was masked in fuzzy dark green carpeting though, giving the room a cozy feeling. Kat and Julie’s sides of room were easily distinguished; Julie was more girly and neat while Kat was messy; her walls were littered with soccer-related posters. Her bed was messy as well; the soccer-playing twin slept on a bare mattress and only had a single pillow and thin blanket on her bed. Julie had full comforter set decorated with an arrangement of teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

            Julie closed the door after Ayane steps in and the pulls the armchair that was on Kat’s side of the room out for Ayane to sit. “I was talking to Kat earlier… I don’t know, if she mentioned anything to you?”

            “Nope…” Julie shook her head, taking her own seat. “I was in class up till like 30 minutes ago; when I got here Kat had already left,” the twin explained.

            “Oh ok…” Ayane replied, hiding her joy that her plan was going to work. “I have a project due later for my wax class. Kat said I could use the special camera to make Britney into a wax figure.”

            Julie looked at Ayane, puzzled, and scratched her head, “Kat said that?”

            Ayane nodded, fibbing, “It’s gonna be quick; I’ll have it back by tomorrow. I’m not going to use it for anything else.  I promised.”

            “I don’t know… Ayane. Kat really said you could use the camera?” Julie asked again, knowing that Kat had been really strict about the lending the camera and cautioned her how it should not fall into the wrong hands.

            “Come on Julie; I pleaded with Kat for like an hour this morning for her agree… do I have to do this with you too… ‘cause I’m running out of time,” Ayane lied. She had to make Britney look like she was made of wax too and didn’t know how long that process was going to take. Julie still looked unconvinced, but Ayane could see that she was on the fence. Julie was always the nicer sister. “Please Julie… I really need this to save my grade. I’ll bring it right back.”

            “Well… alright…” Julie reluctantly agreed and stood up. “Turn around and close your eyes.” She then said.


            “It’s hidden…” Julie began. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Ayane did as she was told and shielded her eyes.

            Julie made sure the art student had done as she asked before strolling over to closet. Opening the closet up she started to shuffle random stuff around but then silently moved over to her sister’s dresser and opened up one of the drawers and pulled the infamous Polaroid from under some t-shirts. She then went back to the closet and closed the door. “Got it,” she announced as Ayane stands up and walks over to her.

            “Thank you so much Julie,” The Japanese American said, reaching out for the camera.

            Just as Julie is about to hand the camera over, she pulls it back, “You know I think we have to see Kat about this… I mean it’s not that I don’t trust you, but you know how Kat is… she’s kinda scatter brained sometimes and she has that temper…”

            Ayane had enough. She was so close that she wasn’t going to be denied. She quickly snatched the camera from Julie’s grip.

            “Hey, what the hell!” Julie exclaimed, reaching out for the camera only to be blinded by the flash. Darkness soon followed as all of her senses faded as her body stiffened in position.

            “I’m really sorry, Julie, but I have to do this… I hope you could understand, later,” Ayane said,  slinging the camera around her neck and sticking Julie’s Polaroid picture, the ticket to the now-suspended girl’s freedom, in her back pocket. Julie stood frozen with outstretched arms and fingers reaching for Ayane. One leg was in front of the other in mid-stride. Her face bore a shocked and angered look with frowning eyes and an open mouth. The only thing that would render Julie mobile again was when the Polaroid photo was ripped or destroyed. She was more or less stuck forever in this motionless, waxwork-like, state until that happened. The blond was fully posable however and Ayane knew this from her last experience when she had been in that bizarre town.

            The Japanese American quickly arranged Julie’s limbs, making her stand at attention, and then dragged her over to the closet and then stood her stock-still body inside. She looked over the blond cheerleader once more before closing door on the too-trusting twin. With what she had come for now in hand, she quickly left Fisher Hall and heads towards the west side of campus where her student apartment was located.

* * *

            The west side of campus looked out towards the beach and was considered to be best place to live. The students that lived on that side the campus lived in bigger apartment-style units that were far better off and nicer than the older dorms located inland and east of the center of campus. The buildings were sandy brick-colored with red villa style roofs and stood about five stories each. The complex of expensive student housing all faced the Pacific Ocean and had accessible pathways to a private stretch of beach owned by the school. Ayane quickly jogged from the east side to west, which was nearly a fifteen minute walk. She kept looking over her shoulder, expecting Kat to come running after her. That wasn’t going to happen though; the athletic facilities were all located on the north end of the campus and she was far from those.

            Once she reached her first floor apartment, which she entered through a screen door, she was out of breath. Her apartment had been spacious at one point but now had become a pigsty, with trash littered everywhere. She had nice couch but wasn’t even sure it was still there anymore with the large amount of trash and clothes covering everything. Britney, her best friend and roommate, came out from a back hallway that led to their bedrooms. The false blond was dressed in nothing but a fluffy blue bathrobe. Her blond hair was tied back into ponytail. “Hey Ayane!” She greeted, “I’m all ready; washed up and shaved like you asked,” she added slyly, walking up to her friend whom she still had crush on. Britney was in to Asian girls… it was too bad for her though that the Asian girls that she knew weren’t into her in that kind of way. Ayane knew about the crush and used it on her love sick roommate to get her to do things she wanted. Britney really didn’t mind as long as she got to be with Ayane.

            “Good…” Ayane said between breaths, walking over to the kitchen which was divided from the living room by a counter. She placed the camera on the counter and the raided her fridge, looking for something to drink. She settled on a bottle of Corona; opening it she downed the beer in a few gulps.

            “You should cut back on that?” Britney warned, sitting down at stool next to the counter.

            “Don’t worry about it; I’m good.” Ayane replied, putting the empty bottle down in an open spot among the mess of her kitchen counter. “I got the camera like I planned,” she gestured at the magical device.

            “Cool, I didn’t think Julie would give it to you,” Britney replied, picking up the camera and casually examining it.

            “Yeah…” Ayane replied. She was going to keep the little fact she had to freeze Julie to get the camera hidden from Britney. Britney was scared to death of Kat’s fury and finding out about freezing Julie would defiantly bring out the fury. Ayane hoped to be done with camera and everything before night practice ended. She then hoped Julie would forgive her afterwards.

            “I wish I had this camera earlier,” Britney said, handing the camera over to Ayane. “I saw her again today… she was registering for classes,” the volunteer model added dreamingly, leaning on the counter on her elbows and resting her chin on her hands.

            “Maggie Yen, your math tutor?” Ayane asked with grin toying, with the camera. Britney sucked in math and so did Ayane; she couldn’t help her friend out so Britney had to get assigned a school tutor. The tutor was a senior named Maggie Yen. Ayane thought the girl was cute but she was kind of on the geeky side. She was more Britney’s inclination but Maggie hung out with this guy named Tucker, who everyone assumed was her boyfriend and Britney wasn’t the type to be stealing people away so she never confessed her true feelings to her favorite tutor.

            “Yeah…” Britney replied in a trance like state. “She looks hotter and this year she’s showing more leg.”

            “That’s nice.” Ayane said, aiming the camera at her friend. “Say cheese.”

            “Wait!” Britney blurted out just before she was blinded by the flash and everything faded to a black and silent limbo. The false blond sat with one arm extended out towards Ayane, with her hand up as if attempting to block the camera shot. Her brown eyes where shut in mid-blink and her mouth was open as if she were about to say something.

            Putting the camera aside, Ayane sighed and smiled. “Well let’s get you ready for the big show.” The unfrozen girl said moving behind her statue-still roommate and lifting her off from the stool.

* * *

            Ayane was surprised how fast she had worked; she still had another full two hours before she had to report to the student art center to present her finished project. She and the immobilized Britney were in their bathroom. Britney stood in the middle of bathroom at attention. A broad smile was molded on her face and her brown eyes looked straight ahead vacantly. Her dyed blond hair had been tied back into tight conservative bun. The former soccer player’s body was clad in a single orange and white long sleeved leotard. It was the uniform of the DSC girl’s gymnastics team. The tight nylon material hugged Britney’s body tightly, pressing her ample breasts to closer to her body but her nipples were clearly visible through the tight material as was some camel toe as well. Her wrists and ankles were taped in skin-tone colored tape to give her a more authentic look. Britney’s exposed skin was heavily coated with a mix of lotion and hair gel to give her appearance a waxier look and the makeup had worked; Ayane was satisfied that her suspended roommate actually looked like a molded wax figure.

            “Looking good girl,” Ayane declared, stepping back and looking over her work. Her theme was called ‘Student Athlete’. “Looks like an ‘A’ to me Brit,” she added as she raised Britney’s stiff arms over head making a ‘Y’ shape with the two outstretched limbs. She then tilted the petrified girl’s chin up slightly and arched her back some so her chest would be sticking outward. Making sure she kept the girl’s legs together, Ayane stepped back once more and admired her finished project. Britney looked like a gymnast statue in her rigid pose and bright smiling face.  Before she could move her friend though she would have to let the lotion and gel dry and harden first. For that she had set up the three fans of various sizes that she and Britney owned around her artwork-disguised friend.

            As she waited for Britney to dry, she heading off to her room and raided her closet for a nice outfit for her big show. She decided to go with a maroon collarless long sleeved top and a dark brown knee length skirt over dark lacy pantyhose and a pair of dark ballerina flats. As she tied back her blond hair into a looped pony tail, she heard a voice call to her from the living room; it was Chrissy Pak, her former teammate.

            “Hey Ayane, Britney, are you guys here?”

            “Crap…” Ayane muttered, stepping into her flats and giving herself a once over in her mirror before leaving the room. She then remembered that she had asked Chrissy if she could borrow her SUV for the day to get her ‘project’ back and forth from the art center. Ayane made sure that bathroom door was closed before she entered the living room. She was just in time as Chrissy was heading towards the bedrooms. “Hey!” Ayane greeted, quickly making the false redhead jump.

            “Jesus!” Chrissy exclaimed, clutching her chest. The redheaded Korean stood in her flashy orange soccer cleats and was dressed in white booty shorts with orange tights underneath. An orange and white sports bra held her ample breasts while showing off her toned midriff, a matching warm-up jacket kept her modest-looking. Her short dyed red hair was spiked up as usual. “I got my truck for you; it has a full tank, so bring it back that way,” she then informed.

            “Oh thanks… cool.” Ayane replied, feeling nervous seeing the Polaroid camera sitting in plain in view on the kitchen counter. “You could go now,” Ayane then said, pushing Chrissy back away from the bathroom.

            “Hey what’s going on?” The redhead then asked, picking up on Ayane’s unusual act. “What’s up with the hurry up?”

            “Oh nothing… I just need to get some stuff done.” Ayane replied quickly, looking past the Korean at the camera sitting in the kitchen.

            Chrissy followed her gaze but failed to see what she was looking at; frowning, she turned back, “What the hell are you looking for?”

            “Oh… nothing,” Ayane lied, looking at Chrissy smiling nervously.

            “Whatever… you’re acting weird. Are you on drugs or something?”

            “No.” Ayane answered quickly. “I really have stuff to do, so you have to leave.  Now,” she then insisted, pushing the redhead out into the cluttered living room.

            “Hey; wait a minute,” Chrissy said, stopping. “I just let you borrow my truck after you crashed your car last week. I even filled my truck up with a full tank of gas and this is the thanks I get – the bum’s rush?” Chrissy demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

            “Sorry… I’ll pay you tomorrow I promise. I don’t have any time,” Ayane answered as she started pushing Chrissy out again. “Thanks a lot too. You have to go, though.”

            “Hey wait!” Chrissy exclaimed, pushing Ayane’s hands away. “I don’t want your money. I just want a shower. I just got out of weight training and smell like B.O. The locker room shower has no hot water and my dorm… well you’ve been to Phillips Hall.” Chrissy explained. “Just let me shower quickly and we’re even.”

            “You can’t go in there… Brit is using it,” Ayane quickly said and then started her pushing again.

            “Wait… Britney? She’s supposed to be class right now. I don’t hear any water running,” Chrissy replied, easily pushing Ayane’s hands away. “What the hell are you hiding back there?” She then asked, sidestepping past Ayane and moving towards the bathroom.

            Ayane, panicking, rushed out into the living room towards the camera. Just as the blond-haired Japanese girl made her dash for the camera Chrissy finally opened the bathroom door and came face to face with Britney, frozen stiffly in her gymnast pose. Ayane grabbed hold of the magical device and turned it towards the Asian redhead just as Chrissy turned to look at her with a shock expression on her face. A bright flash blinded the girl and her senses soon faded afterward.

            Chrissy stood petrified, with her body slightly turned at Ayane’s direction. One hand pointed at what she was seeing in the bathroom. Her other arm was held up in a random gesture. The Korean’s face was a mix of shock and fear, her eyes was wide and her mouth holding a contorted shape as if she was about to blurt something out. Ayane let out a breath a relief, putting the camera back down. She thought too late that she could have just said she had just thrown up in the bathroom and that would have turned Chrissy away; the Korean girl had a weak stomach. Ayane sucked at coming up with good excuses when she was panicking. The blond Japanese shook her head in disgust at her failure to think on her feet. Looking back up at the frozen athletes she smiled as an idea came to her. “Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.”

            Britney’s skin looked and felt like wax as long she held her pose, which was no problem thanks to the camera. Ayane moved her roommate out of the bathroom and kept the posed gymnast wannabe in her room just in case any more surprises came. She kept the camera close by for this reason too. Chrissy was then dragged into the bathroom and re-posed to stand at attention. Ayane then quickly stripped her former teammate down until she was naked. The redheaded Asian was muscular in a very sexy way she could have easily be a model for gym equipment. She had small breasts in relation to her strong arms, legs and a defined core. Chrissy’s womanhood need something work and she also needed a shower, much to Ayane’s dismay. The Japanese artist quickly took care of both.

            When Ayane had first planned for this project she had initially planned for Britney to portray a swimmer but the girl lacked the muscles to pull it off. Chrissy, however, did not. With some help of a little cooking oil Ayane fitted Chrissy with a bright orange DSC women’s swim uniform. The uniform was basically an ultra-tight fitting sleeveless wet suit with an opened neck that showed off some cleavage. The suit zipped up from the back and hugged Chrissy’s figure tighter than Britney’s leotard; her nipples and snatch were clearly visible. Chrissy’s short red hair was still wet from her quick shower was slicked back with an and orange and white swim cap was fitted over her crown followed by a pair of goggles over her eyes. With Chrissy suited up and ready, Ayane began to pose her. She put the Korean’s legs tightly together and then bent her forward at the waist so her body was forming a ninety-degree angle. Her strong arms were then raised over her head, with her palms together, fingers forming an arrow. Ayane stepped back and smiled at her work; the soccer player truly looked like a swimmer. Looking at her watch, she saw she still had an hour left to apply the lotion and gel. “I bet when you dropped off your truck you didn’t thing you would be helping me this much,” Ayane laughed, walking around the suspended redhead.

* * *

            Kat and most of her teammates were spread out in the large dining hall, affectionately known by students and faculty as The Deck. The dining hall was one the largest buildings on campus; it stretched out three football fields in length and was four stories tall. The main floor was a huge food court with over two dozen restaurants lining the outer edge, surrounding a large dining area of tables that could seat the whole student body at one time. The upper floors contained libraries, study areas and offices for various professors and student-run clubs. At the top of the hall was a restaurant called Top Deck that served only faculty and seniors. The Deck was located in the center of campus and was at equal walking distance to just about everything. The huge building was the center of activity for the small coastal college.

            On a normal day the hall was always full and loud. It was summer however, and half of the student body was gone, making the usually active building quiet. It was ideal for a group of tired athletes to eat and rest. The Lady Raptors were easily recognizable, being that they all wore some article of orange clothing on them along with their obvious soccer gear. They sat spread out from each other and the group was relatively quiet. After morning drills, followed by a brutal weight and cardio training session a few hours later, the group really had nothing left. They had scrimmage coming up before the day was over, so they were resting up for that. Kat, Tess and Diane sat at a table for four. Kat had the team’s playbook in front of her and was studying it intently; she knew all of the plays but wanted to recognize them like second nature. Tess was taking a summer history course and was catching up on some reading for that class. Diane had a tray of food in front of her and was eating happily from another tray of food sat across from her at the single empty seat at the table.

            “Where’s Chrissy? Her food is going to go bad,” Diane asked, looking at the food sadly. She hated to see good food get spoiled.

            “She had to go give something to Ayane,” Tess answered, not looking up from her book.

            “You think she’ll mind if I take some of her fries? I did buy the food for her and everything…” Diane asked, looking at Chrissy’s uneaten fries.

            “How can you eat like that and don’t get fat?” Kat then asked, looking at the girl who was on the chunky side but was far from what most would consider fat.

            Diane only smiled and shrugged. “I’m going to take the fries… if she wants more, I’ll just buy her some more,” she finally decided, taking the French fry cup from the tray in front of her.

            It was quiet as the table once again for a moment before someone called out the girls, “What’s up guys?” It was a male student who was slightly older than the group of girls; he was a senior and didn’t have much time left at Decker. He casually walked up the group of soccer girls. They were the only girls that he knew on the team. Kat and Julie shared the same major with him so they were in some of his classes. He had tutored Tess and Diane in Greek and Roman history for one of their classes. Chrissy even knew him, being that both were in the Anime club. He had brown hair that he wore in old-fashioned style and his clothes marked him as a stereotypical geek. Now, however, he looked different as he approached his friends. His hair was cut short and spiked up and he was missing his glasses. He was also dressed differently in more fashionable clothes and looked like any average college student.

            “Oh my God… Tucker?” Kat asked in surprise, standing up to give her friend a hug as he got up to the table.

            “In the flesh,” Tucker replied, circling letting the younger girls check out his new style.

            “Wow Tucker you look…” Tess said, standing and giving her old tutor a hug.

            “So hot?” Tucker said smugly, popping the collar of his polo.

            “No… normal,” Tess replied giggling, the other girls laughing.

            “What brings you out here?” Diane then asked after giving Tucker a hug.

            “Can I sit?” he asked, gesturing at Chrissy’s seat. Kat pulled the seat out for him as Tess guided him down into it. “Wow this is great being served by the Decker State College Lady Raptors.” Tucker said, smiling pulling the seat and looking down at the food. “Whose seat was this?”

            “It’s Chrissy Pak’s, but she’s out doing an errand.” Tess replied, then asked, “So how is everything and why are you out here?”

            “Well everything is great. I’m assistant sales manager at the store I work at. I recently moved and I have a new girlfriend.”

            “Wow, Tuck, you had a busy summer so far and it’s not even over yet.” Kat replied. “I guess that explains the new look.”

            “Yeah; only a girl would do that to you.” Diane added.

            Tucker only smiled and nodded, realizing his new girlfriend Haley dressed him more than often recently. “Well I’m just here to register for some classes with a friend. I’m done but my friend is having some trouble she’s at the registration office fixing it. I thought I’ll head to The Deck and see what kind of trouble I could get into and I found you guys.”

            “Make sure you go say ‘hi’ to my sister before you leave,” Kat then said. Julie had a crush on Tucker since the first time she had met him. She was into that type of guy; usually Kat would be protective of who her twin went out with, since Julie was always considered the hotter one even though they were identical, guys just were more attracted to her. Kat felt that Tucker was nice and harmless so she encouraged the relationship. Tucker, being an upper classman, never looked at the younger girl in any special way.

            “I actually stopped by your dorm when we first got here. No one was home, though.”

            “What time was that?” Kat asked puzzled. Julie had a light schedule today and should be mostly in the dorm for most of the day.

            “Like around noon or one,” Tucker replied, looking at the food. He was feeling hungry and the smell of the burger was not helping any.

            “She should have been there. She must have stepped out. Try again after this; she should be back there. I know she really wants to see you,” Kat said. Julie had talked about Tucker all last semester and even mentioned Tucker’s name in her sleep numerous times. Kat knew the visit would make her sister’s day and wanted it to happen just because of that.

            “Will do,” Tucker said, “I’ll be sure to stop by before I leave. She has comic book of mine that I need to get back.”

            “Oh Tuck, wait until you hear…” Tess began to say and stopped abruptly, noticing her shorts were off along with her panties and Diane was sitting between her legs with face buried in Tess’s unmentionables. Diane looked up just as shocked and confused; at least she was fully dressed. There were screams all around the dining hall as most of the team has articles of their clothing missing. Tess and Diane looked up in shock, covering their mouths seeing that Kat was one of the handful of girls that was completely naked; she was bent over the table. Both trays of food were empty with no sign of where the food had gone. The team captain quickly sprang up, feeling her nakedness, and quickly crouched and covered herself. Her ass felt oddly sore and her pink nipples stood erect. There was in odd taste in her mouth and her lips were greasy. Tucker was only missing his shirt; he looked around the hall in shock and like a true gentlemen quickly covered his eyes and started apologizing.

            He turned around quickly from the scene, hiding a smile. “Sorry, sorry,” he said quickly, pulling on his shirt. “I think it’s a good time to leave now.” All the other girls screamed at him to leave as they quickly covered themselves up or helped their teammates do so. “Right; I’m out of here!” he said, standing and making his quick exit. He smiled waywardly, rubbing his full stomach as he left The Deck.

* * *

            No one could really explain what had happened at The Deck but the team agreed to keep it to themselves and never bring up it again. Kat had even promised herself not share what had happened with her sister, who she had shared everything with up to this point. Some things are better left alone, she thought. After what had happened, she didn’t feel like going to the scrimmage as her backside was so sore that she walked funny. A couple of the other girls also had the same issue. She noticed it was mostly the blonds. Tess had vowed never to set foot in the building again and insisted that it was the work of the devil. This only scared Diane, who now believed that something evil lived inside the dining hall; she vowed to say away too. Kat wondered how long that would last, though; it was the only place on campus to eat. Chrissy was lucky; she was not there of course and the girl wasn’t blond, it seemed that all the blonds were stripped fully naked and few of them were sore like her, while the others felt fine. Kat guessed it could be the soccer gods getting back at the team for Coach King’s wrong doings. The former coach was a blond as well.

            The team had separated after the whole incident, too embarrassed to face one another. Tess went back to her dorm and showered profusely, washing the devil’s magic from her body. Diane headed back to her dorm and raided her stash of candy and sweets, she was still hungry; her food had vanished before she could finish it. Kat did not want to go back to her dorm, she didn’t want to face Tucker, who was now visiting Julie, she also didn’t want to explain to Julie what had happened to them; the last thing she wanted was Julie feeling bad for her. Instead, Kat headed to Kelly’s Theater, a large lecture hall that was empty during the summer; Kat just slept away her embarrassment there.

            She woke up promptly at seven, an hour before the last session of the day. She still felt sore all over as she slowly made her way towards the northern tip of the campus where the field was. Her backside was the sorest and she winced, thinking that in an hour she would be running around. She rubbed her butt as she walked. Kat had sinking feeling that she had lost something special about herself. Whipping out her cell phone from her sports bag, she figured hearing Julie’s news about Tucker coming to see her would cheer her up. There was no answer after several rings. She hung up and figured her sister was in the shower or something. Kat was crossing the quad, an area with a grove of palm trees and green artificial looking grass, when she decided to give Julie another call. Again there was no answer, Kat felt a sick suspicion as she tried again and got the same result.

            Her heart was beating faster as she changed course and headed east of campus towards her dorm. The soreness was gone and was replaced by a feeling of fear; Julie always answered her phone, she always called people back, and she was supposed to be in the dorm at this time. When she reached Fisher Hall her fear was still growing as she saw that the lights in their dorm room were off. Julie never turned off the lights; she was a little afraid of the dark and she figured since the school was paying the bill she could just leave the lights on. For them to be off now scared the hell out of Kat; she was at near panic as she flew up the flights of stairs leading up to their third floor dorm room.

            Reaching her dorm room, Kat threw the door open; she was so full of panic and wariness that she didn’t realized the door was unlocked. Turning on the light switch, she saw Julie sitting in front of her. Her sister was stark naked and seated motionless on her chair. Her bare legs were spread wide and her mouth was in she shape of an ‘o’ with her eyes shut. Julie’s blond hair sat naturally at her shoulders and her posed hands cupped her both of her breasts. Her sister looked like some sort of erotic artwork. “Julie, Julie!!!” Kat screamed, closing the door behind her. She dropped her bag and tripped over it in her haste and ended up crawling the short distance to her sister. “Julie…” she cried, her eyes watering as she reached her sister. Her body was frozen stiff, which, apart from rigor mortis which would make her more pale, could only mean that someone had used their magic camera on her.  

            Knowing that her sister was okay now, Kat quickly moved Julie to her bed, covered her up with her blankets and arranged her face so looked like she was sleeping. Kat still felt sick doing it, being that they looked identical and she felt like she was looking at herself somehow. Once her sister’s dignity was restored, the soccer captain searched the room but, sure enough, the camera was nowhere to be found nor was the telltale flash photo that Kat needed to destroy in order to restore her immobilized sister to normal. The situation was bad; Kat decided she had to assume the worst.

            Kat found the phone and dialed the number of the Stillsville Sheriffs department. After the second or third ring, a female deputy named Carly picked up. Kat asked about the twins. Carly knew what she was talking about right away and told her to hold the line while she made some calls. After what felt like hours a familiar voice came on. It was Debra, the young redheaded deputy, who had helped Kat and Julie out after they had freed her from the petrifying spell of the camera.

            “What’s up, Kat? What can I do for you?” Debra asked warmly.

            “Are the twins still…” Kat started to ask.

            “Yes.” Debra replied. “I’m looking at them now, they’re nice and stiff.”

            Kat was silent in thought thinking of what to do next now that her prime suspects were eliminated. “Are you sure?”

            Debra giggled, “Yes I’m sure I’m patting old Isaac and Anabelle right now on their heads, they’re stiff as display dummies. You’re probably just having a nightmare… nothing to worry about, you’re awake now.” Debra assured.

            “Yeah…” Kat muttered looking over at her still sister. “I’m okay.” Kat added, but Julie isn’t.  I wonder what… Just then the thought of the blond-haired Asian Japanese girl and her earlier request came into her head. “Nakamura…” Kat growled, gripping the phone hard and grinding her teeth. She felt her face get hot and her body started to tremble in anger.

            “What was that, Kat?” Debra asked.

            “Um, nothing, I’m fine. Thanks.” Kat said, hanging the phone up without waiting for Debra’s reply.

* * *

            It had taken Kat a record quick time of five minutes to reach the west of the campus and taken her an even a shorter of amount of time to kick down Ayane’s screen door and enter her former teammate’s apartment. She yelled out for Ayane but got no response. The place was empty. She turned the place upside-down looking for the camera. In her haste she had not seen amid the mess the pile of orange-and-white athletic clothes resting just inside the bathroom. Kat was like a mad woman and only left more chaos in her wake of the already messy apartment. The place looked worse than before. Ayane’s room took the blunt of Kat’s assault as it now lay in ruins with clothes, paper and trash littered everywhere. Her bed was upended and her desk was flipped upside down. Kat was panting and tired but was still mad. She then noticed a dry-erase whiteboard that was still mounted on the wall. She went to rip it off the wall, then read what was on it. Student art center wax works project: due tonight! Kat angrily ripped the board off the wall and chucked it at the opposite wall with such force the corner of the board punctured a hole in the dry wall.

            The only thing on Kat’s mind was Ayane as she ran full speed to the southern tip of the campus. The Student art center was almost off campus and was the furthest Decker State College building to get to; most students would drive to get there. Kat had energy to burn and she was a fast runner so she didn’t mind as long she would get Ayane at the end. She was so focused on what she would do to the blond Japanese girl that she wasn’t looking both ways as she crossed a street. The next thing she saw was bright lights coming right at her! She was shocked and stood there, staring at the lights like a deer. Her life flashed before her eyes as the car came to a screeching halt only yards away from her. The car was a new Mitsubishi Lancer; its bright xenon headlights blinded Kat from seeing who was driving.

            “Jesus, Kat, what the hell!” yelled a voice that Kat knew right away.

            “Tuck?” she asked, stepping from in front of the car.

            “What the hell are you doing; I almost killed you!” Tucker yelled, stepping out of his car.

            “Tucker, calm down.” A cute Asian girl in the passenger seat said, then turned to Kat. “Are you alright?”

            “Of course she’s alright, I didn’t run her over!” Tucker shot back, putting his hands on his hips, “Stupid freshman…” he muttered.

            “Tucker!” The girl shot back, “She doesn’t need that.” Turning back to Kat, “Are you okay?”

            Kat nodded and looked at Tucker, “I’m sorry, Tuck…”

            Tucker was silent for a second, “Don’t worry about it. Do you need a ride?”

            “Yeah; thanks Tuck.”

* * *

            The main gallery room of the student art center was a rectangular room with bright white walls and a polished wooden floor. The room was arranged differently every night as there was always a different exhibition going on. On this particular night the gallery was exhibiting the final student projects of Dr. Reynolds’s Advanced Wax Works class. The room had rows of wax projects that filled the room up to capacity. Most the waxworks were crude ‘artistic’ works that were up to interpretation of what they really represented. A blob of melted wax with unknown objects protruding from it was entitled ‘rage’ while another similar-looking project was called ‘life’. Other artworks included common objects, such as chairs, a wax depiction of a computer and wax objects modeled after real-life items. Then there were the several actual wax figures that were well done and had taken nearly all summer to perfect. The pick of the show however was the work of one student, who – unknown to her peers and professor – started her project that morning.

            Ayane stood next to her ‘wax’ figures, taking in praises from classmates and professors as they examined her work. Britney was posed standing in one direction while Chrissy was posed in her bent-over position in the opposite direction. Ayane’s exhibit had drawn a crowd, with people closely examining the two figures and their realistic appearance. Kat, of course, knew the waxy figures were the real deal, but even as she carefully sneaked over to the display she had to admit Ayane had put a surprisingly large amount of effort into making the two girls look like crafted statues. All the same Kat was furious that Ayane had not only gone behind her back to take the camera but had frozen three girls, one being her sister. The Japanese girl was chatting with the professor but Kat spotted her target: Ayane's bag.

            Deciding that an added crisis could be averted, Kat played it cool and instead hung back for a minute, borrowing a notepad and pen from an art nut who'd been checking her out to write a note as well as give him a fake phone number. Afterwards, Kat carefully weaved her way through the crowd to the project display, hiding in Ayane's blind spot as she listed to the girl telling a total BS story to Dr. Reynolds about her inspiration for the work. With the footwork of a honed professional soccer player, Kat used her feet to slide the back away and casually dropped the note she'd written down where it had been resting. As Kat inched away, Ayane finally turned around and saw Kat, her beaming smile fading away as she saw the devious look on Kat's face. Eager to make Ayane squirm, Kat gave her so-called friend a quick wink before walking away, taking the handbag with her.

* * *

            Ayane's heart beat a thousand times a minute as she returned to her apartment, amazed she'd even made it that far. Cautiously, the Japanese student opened the door and found the lights were off, just as she'd left them. Behind her was a trolley on which were the still forms of Britney and Chrissy, both faux waxworks still in the same poses as from the exhibit to keep up the charade. Ayane also held Kat's note along with a folder that Dr. Reynolds had given her.

            As the door to the room shut, a light suddenly came on and Ayane let out a startled cry, turning to see Kat sitting on the couch waiting for her, the magic camera in her hands with her left elbow near the switch connected to the table lamp. "How'd you grade?" asked Kat casually.

            "A+; best in show," offered Ayane with a nervous smile, holding up the folder.

            "Not surprising, considering your subjects, but I thought it was a wax modeling class, not still-lifes," Kat spat dryly, raising one of her eyebrows.

            "You know, when I read your note I thought I was going to be stiff too before I even got this far," confessed Ayane. "What's your decision, cap? You going to turn me in?"

            "And give up the secret?" scoffed Kat, shaking her head, glancing down at the camera. "Not a chance. Still, you took a big risk Ayane. You also tricked Julie, who trusted you, and treated your friends like dirt. If you weren't such a good player I'd have filed a motion to permanently ban you from being a part of the team again, and probably have you expelled.  I changed my mind."

            "So... I'm off the hook?" asked Ayane, her smile becoming bigger. Kat merely winked, her second time that day, and activated the camera. The bright flash instantly made Ayane as rigid as a mannequin, a large smile frozen on her face with her left hand out in front of her holding the folder and note while her right hand held on to the handle of the trolley. A Polaroid photograph of the girl’s surprised pose printed out and fell onto the floor.

            "Nope, I'm going to use the grant you won for being best-in-show to upgrade our team's equipment and meanwhile leave you like this for a while," declared Kat, picking up the photo and sliding it into her cleavage, the one place she knew it wouldn't fall out. “I think you should play the statue instead, seeing what you did to my sister and friends today.” Ayane's backpack had been next to her on the couch and Kat now reached in, finding the three Polaroid photos of the other suspended girls. "I'm also going to let Brit and Chrissy get some revenge. Julie may want some too, when she finds out you made her miss Tucker's visit..."

            A few moments later Britney and Chrissy were placed in the shower, soaking wet, as the warm stream dissolved away their waxy make-up. Kat casually raised their photos and tore them up, causing the pair to scream in alarm and look at their soccer captain, Britney in frustration and Chrissy in confusion. "Looking for that bitch Ayane? She's in the living room, go nuts," declared Kat, casually walking out the room, taking the magic camera with her.

* * *

            “Are you sure you’re okay?” Kat asked looking over Julie with a motherly eye, checking for anything wrong.  Usually there were no side-effects from the paralyzing camera, other than a sense of disorientation.

            “I’m fine Kat, for real,” Julie replied, smiling weakly and pulling on a tank top she found on the floor. Kat handed her the pair of shorts and continued to examine her sister. “Kat, stop looking at me like that.”

            “What; I’m just making sure that you’re alright. You have that look on your face that says you’re not,” Kat replied.

            “What look? Shouldn’t you be at soccer practice?” Julie asked, tasting the inside of her mouth, which tasted odd and her backside was sore. She was not going to say anything though; Kat looked like she was going to freak out from worry already.

            “Don’t worry about my soccer practice; it’s not important right now. Tell me how you really feel?”

            “Kat I’m fine… well maybe just a little sore, but I’m fine.”

            “Sore? Where? Your butt?”

            “Yes, how did you know?” Julie asked, confused.

            “Don’t worry about it… you’ll be alright in a couple of hours.” Kat quickly answered her, remembering what had happened to her earlier and not really wanting to tell Julie.


            Kat let out a yawn, “You look okay sis; let’s go to bed.”

            “Katherine?” Julie asked, now sensing that her sister was hiding something.

            “It’s okay Julie; let’s just go to bed. We’ve had a hectic night.”


The End…

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