Lover’s Revenge

by: La Femme Nikki

Short story I wrote a while ago that I'm posting while you wait for more AlyssaBot. Its not that great, I admit,  like the title but I'd still enjoy feedback.
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“Zoey”, said  my  girlfriend Allison, as I was pretending to be asleep.

Whatever time it was, it was too damn early to be up.

“Zoeeeeyyyy”, she said again, this time  poking me playfully in my side.  I rolled over to see her eyes sparkling mischievously.

 I knew that look. She was up to something.  

“What?”, I asked,  still not moving.

“Get dressed and let’s go to the mall,” she said, pushing herself out of bed.

That made no sense. No way was she this eager just to go shopping.  “Uhhh… the mall?” I asked, sitting up.

“Yep”, she replied briskly. “I have a surprise planned. I think you’ll like it— if you ever get up, slowpoke!”, she said teasingly.

“Ok, ok. I’m going”, I grumbled, getting out of bed as she scurried off to the bathroom.

I brushed my disheveled looking long brown hair so it looked at least decent, applied some makeup, I and quickly pulled on a pink tank top and skinny jeans. In contrast, Allison was wearing a cropped, stomach-baring black shirt and denim mini, totally showing off her slim, model-like body and long legs. Allison was almost five ten, seven inches taller than me. I was only a tiny bit heavier than her and that was because I actually had curves, which my jeans seemed to be hugging today.

I knew Allison and I were a hot pair together… even though most of the time people rarely realized we were together and hit on both of us. I didn’t mind… in fact I preferred it that way. I loved the fact that I could turn guys on, even though I was taken – and dating another woman.  After all, half the fun is the chase right? And we weren’t complete lesbians… both of us had dated guys before. Though I was happy right now with Allison as my girlfriend, even if I didn’t like showing it in public. PDA was never my thing anyway; I know it pissed Allison off at times, but I always made up for it later on.

“So… where are we going?”, I asked as she pulled into the parking lot of the mall.  

“You’ll see”, she said, smiling her playful, mischievous grin.

What does she have up her sleeve?, I was dying to find out....



“C’mon!”, she said excitedly, practically pulling me by the hand as we reached the entrance of the mall.

Up the escalator we went as she led me to a store called Inner Secrets with mannequins in the window wearing different forms of lingerie and negligees.  I looked around quickly as I caught a glimpse of Allison, smiling from ear to ear.

“This is it!”, she said, practically bursting with excitement.

I felt a smile forming around my lips. “You mean—”, I began.

“Grab a few things to try on, and so will I”, she said. “We’re going to play dress up”.

I did as I was told as we both went off to different ends of the store. I stopped at the back wall, selecting a black corset edged with purple lace and matching thong.  It was racier than anything I owned, but it was sexy. Allison would love this on me…. purple was her favorite color. And I’d been told by many people that corsets looked great on me.  I decided that was a good enough find to at least start with, so I went looking for Allison.

She was still at the front of the store, admiring what one of the mannequins on display was wearing.

“Allison?”, I said.

She turned around.  “Go ahead without me and try those on. I need to find a salesgirl to help me with this first,” she said, gesturing to the mannequin’s outfit.

“Ok”, I agreed.

“Can’t wait to see you in those,” she said, smiling at me.

I grinned in response and headed for the fitting rooms, which turned out to be just small areas with curtains of fabric in front of each. Like Allison had observed, no sales girl was around but I figured it was pretty easy to get in without one’s help.  Along the way, I found a pair of sheer black stay-up quasi-retro stockings with a back-seam and some sexy shiny platform heels.  Most times, I wear at least stilettos because of my height, but these were tall even for me.



First, I went for the corset. It was so sexy I had to try it. I pulled it on, and it was tight— even for a corset. I’d worn some before but this one seemed to be extra form-fitting.  Next I slid into the thong and then turned to look at myself. Wow. This corset seemed to fit me like a second skin, emphasizing my sleek waist and giving my breasts much more than the usual perk that my push up bras did.  I pulled on the nylons and slipped into the heels and did a little turn in front of the mirror. Pleased with how I looked, I pulled the curtain back to show Allison. I couldn’t wait to see what  she had chosen for herself either.

To my surprise, she was standing right outside waiting for me – in the clothes she came in.

Huh? “Allison”, I began….

Her grin reappeared, only this time there was something different about it. Something I couldn’t put my finger on.

“You look good, Zoey,” she said, stepping towards me.

I wanted to say something, but for some reason, my lips weren’t going to let me.

She placed her hands on my corset, as if feeling its silky material and my breasts it was holding, and then yanked the laces even tighter so my breasts seemed to overflow through the top. I could feel my breathing being constricted from it being laced too tight. I opened my mouth to say something but I could barely gasp for air, let alone speak. She patted my breasts and pulled me closer to her.

“Perfect”, she said, kissing me on the lips. “You’re perfect, Zoey. My perfect little mannequin who I’ve dressed up,” she said releasing my mouth. Mannequin??! What was she talking about?  I noticed what was different about her smile now– it was wicked.

She mumbled a few words I could barely hear, and then flicked my forehead with two fingers. It didn’t hurt, but I did feel a weird sensation start in my body. I was getting, stiffer, stiffer, stiffer.  I tried to fight it but I was already so confined in my too-tight corset. And then the feeling stopped. I was completely immobile. And Allison was still grinning at me.

Why, Allie? Why? I wanted to ask her, but I couldn’t move a muscle.

“I guess I owe you an explanation”, she began. “Since you seem to like the attention from men so much and refuse to give me any in public, I’ve decided to teach you a lesson by putting you on display as a mannequin for the weekend.  I went to a store downtown and the lady there was a witch. Can you believe it? I didn’t at first. She told me she knew just the thing for you and gave me a spell to repeat, which you just heard. So for the next 48 hours, you will be in this display window, posing in the outfit you’re wearing and will be stared at by thousands of passer byer’s”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This didn’t make any sense.

Allison put her hand on my shoulder, her touch feeling very weird to me. Not only because I was a mannequin now, but because I had been betrayed by someone I trusted.

“Don’t worry”, she was saying. “I’ll change you back Sunday evening, at five o’clock. Just before closing– providing you’ve learned your lesson.  And besides, think of all the men’s attention now you’ll get,” she joked, rather cruelly.  She poked my breasts this time, her touch resonating against my hard, plastic chest.

“Well,” she said, glancing at her watch. “The owner should be back any second now… I had to get you in here during a time where I knew no one would be around. I called the store in advance, and found out the owner goes to lunch at two. She usually just grabs something from the food court and then comes back here so the store’s not left unattended for too long.” She sighed what sounded like a relief. “Guess I better get out of here.  But not before…”

She picked me up and tucked me under her arm, like I was—  well, a dummy. Which I would be for the next 48 hours.  She carried me over to the display window and  secured me in place atop a chromed rod that socketed somewhere into my backside.

“There”, she said.  “In that outfit, no one will be able to tell you don’t belong here. See you Sunday, my love,” she called over her shoulder as she headed out.

Nooooo! “Allie, please”, I begged with the voice in my head. “Don’t do this!!”

But of course, she couldn’t hear that, so she just kept walking.


To Be Continued…

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