(What happens when a woman pushes all the buttons)

by Baobab


“Seriously, you run a twenty million dollar sex toy…and you have way too much time on your hands” sighed Jenny.  The “Multi Axis Modular Industrializer” (yes, Mammy for short) looked truly ridiculous.

Mac and Jenny were the programmers for this high tech baby Jenny being the senior programmer by about two years (a lifetime in terms of cutting edge technology.)  She had checked the log on the way back in from vacation, Mac hadn’t been slacking, every work order filled, every maintenance check complete.  “Oh come on, it’s for the talent show, I can have them do Romeo and Juliet” was Mac’s smirking reply.

Jenny watched in mock horror as Mammy continued its program.  From a distant rack of endless storage crates Mammy had retrieved two anatomically correct life sized dolls.  Jenny took stock of the comical pair. The female’s mouth and vagina formed into a permanently receptive “O”s.  A wig that looked like it came from a badger and some sewn on lingerie really brought the look together. As for the lover’s partner, the male’s member was a latex monster with a set of pendulous balls.  His designers had skimped on the other details and only painted on a hairdo plus an overly suave mustache.  She smirked when she noticed that his backside also proudly displayed an “O” between two bulgy butt cheeks that looked like they would make it difficult to utilize.

Mac must have been grinning ear to ear beneath his dust mask as Mammy began its performance.  A dozen automated arms turned the two embarrassed marionettes into an XXX puppet show.  Mac had programmed the lights…oh god, and a bad porn soundtrack.  Even the camera angles had been worked out.  She had to admit it was hilarious, she was laughing uncontrollably.  She hadn’t even stopped to think of it as sexual till she caught a glimpse of the bulge beneath Mac’s white dust proof suit.  OK, she didn’t mind the occasional flirt, but any more than that with Mac?  No way.  It wasn’t like she considered herself “hot” or anything, but in comparison with the total Nerds she was surrounded with everyday she came across as a goddess.  Plus, she was three inches taller than him and at least three years older.  He was just a kid really.

Now she found herself wondering if Mac had already given these dolls a test drive.  An image of Mac in a sexually ambiguous threesome flashed through her head and gave her the creeps.  Still…as Mammy twisted the hapless duo into yet another set of contortions she had to admit she was impressed by Mac’s…creativity.  The image of Mac sandwiched between the dolls…giving and receiving with abandon crept back into her head.  She realized that her mind was filling in his details.  He arrived and left an hour earlier than she did every day (and always skipping lunch as far as she knew), she wouldn’t recognize him out of the clean gowns and masks they worked in.  He might look like anything under there.  Well, she knew he would have very short hair…and the lack of pubic hair was a running joke among the pod workers that reguraly cycled through the DECOn.   A noise snapped her back to the present.

The show was interrupted by the sound of the DECOn equipment kicking into gear.  Somebody had started the process of coming to visit.  Mac wasn’t dumb, he had written a retraction routine.  With the single push of a button, dolls were whisked away and slid into a bin that quickly vanished into the endless storage racks of the adjoining automated warehouse.  Thirty seconds later Mammy was removing stray fibers from industrial fabrics without the slightest hint of embarrassment.



Frank from marketing came in with a gaggle of perspective medical equipment suppliers.  They all looked shell shocked from the DECOn experience.  Frank calls it the spa treatment. 

Calling it a shower would be a misnomer.  Arms out, legs spread, you get blasted with millions of sticky little polymer granules (exhale through the nose then hold your breath, opening your mouth or eyes at that point is a real first timer’s mistake), then, you are briefly heated.  This would be the “shake and bake” portion of the DECOn.  At this point the granules become a sticky suit, bound to you and every fiber, germ, hair or bit of dirt hiding anywhere on your body.  Then –BAM- a quick temperature drop solidifies your suit (think about dipping your ice cream into the hot vat of chocolate coating at the ice Dairy Queen) into a skin tight layer of hard plastic armor.

Most people don’t realize that by this point they’ve only been holding their breath for about ten seconds.  The next three seconds before the armor relaxes is what freaks out the claustrophobics.  The medical disclaimers on the way in says that on rare occasions men will spontaneously urinate from the sudden pressure release as the armor goes brittle.  Women have been known to experience spontaneous orgasms.  Jenny considers the DECOn a bigger perk than the company’s 401K.  Mac considers listing to Jenny go through the DECOn every morning his favorite reason to get out of bed an hour early each day (a quick power down of Mammy and the climate control system brings almost total silence to the pod.)

The description of the final DECOn phase is referred to as “particulate removal” in the manual.  The best description that Jenny has heard is “invasive vacuuming”.  Six articulated vacuum nozzles go to work for about 60 seconds.  Jenny always prefers the term “intimate vacuuming.”  Then, a quick mist sprits and a blow dry and you’re done.

After that, it’s just a matter of suiting up in your tidy whities.  Frank works hard to bring all his perspective clients in to see the equipment, he says it’s the best marketing tool he has.  Frank always comes to their pods…she always wondered if he might have a thing for her or Mack?


Back to Work

The show-and-tell session with the perspective clients put them behind schedule and the rest of the day was spent hustling to make up time.  The subject of the puppet show only came up once the rest of day.

“Seriously,” ask Jenny, “how long did it take you to program that?”

“I did it last weekend at home, then touched it up at work” replied Mack.

“Seriously too much time on your hands…”said Jenny in mock disgust.

In reality, Mack at been working on his little side project off-and-on for nearly two months.  Jenny had no idea just how extensive his hobby had become.

Despite the disruption of visitors Mack was out of the pod nearly right on time…and after a few minutes of hesitation Jenny overcame a pang of guilt and logged into Mack’s workstation using his name and password.  Of course they new each other’s codes in case one of the two terminals might ever go down.  She was just curious.  She found the file by its time stamp, an anonymous name that would never be spotted by a supervisor, “35007.mek”.  Jenny knew that Mack had cracked a copy of their coding software for home use but she had declined his offer to share it with her, she just hated the idea of taking her work home with her.

She moved a copy of the program to her station to take a look.  The first portion, was the massive amounts of boiler plate that started every one of Mammy’s run routines.  Then it got interesting and a bit funny, she found the programming section for the dolls’ 3-dimensional profile.  She looked over at the pod’s full scale four axis scanner and pictured Mack propping up his dolls for the scanning.  You couldn’t just hand something to Mammy, Mammy had to understand it first.  Mack would have to scan the dolls and explain their range of motion and physical characteristics well enough to make Mammy comfortable with the new object.  Then Mammy would reach down and pluck the item from the scanner, examine it to verify the information and then move the item through an industrial version of the DECOn before the item would be truly inside Mammy’s bosom.  The idea of what the industrial version of the DECOn might be like had always piqued her curiosity.

She shuttered at the amount of work this must have taken, then she remembered the crash test dummies.  Three months back they had assemble the most realistic (and anatomically correct) crash test dummies ever built.  After fabrication, Mammy would test everything from range of motion to elasticity to make sure it was up to specs.  Mack didn’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Jenny began to have a little fun with her copy.  She changed the music right off the bat.  Then, just for fun, she began to edit the program down.  Mac had been showing off, this program looked like one of those “101 sex positions” manuals.  She got busy cutting it it down to some basics.  She was pretty much done when the sound of the DECOn announced the next shift.

She had mentioned casually to Mack the following Thursday that she was working a double shift, covering for James on the shift after theirs.  It was the solo graveyard and an easy pull as long as Mammy was set up and ready to run.  She was glad she had to wear a mask…she surprised herself at how excited she was.  She was sure it would show on her face.


Beta Test

Mack had headed home, the next twenty minutes of programming to finish her new pet program seemed like an eternity.  She was about to break the cardinal rule, running a program that hadn’t been cross checked by a colleague.  Her head was spinning with excitement, she had inserted ample “emergency stop” commands, she wasn’t too worried.  Mammy beckoned.

She stripped out of her tidy whities, initiated a run sequence and stepped onto the scanner.  Just standing in the pod naked was a thrill.  It seemed like the green lasers crisscrossing her body tickled but it was only her imagination.  She listened to the hum of the computers as the computer cross checked the new data with the baseline data it had been given.

Some how she expected a green “approved” light to pop on but the sound of hard drives just whirred along.  Without warning Mammy seemed to pounce on her.  Unless told otherwise, Mammy always moved to maximize speed, its only limits being the damage parameters placed on the raw materials it was manipulating.  With dense, difficult to damage parts, Mammy’s moves were a blur.

Even far below this threshold, Jenny gave a surprised squeak.  Mammy grabbed her ankles wrists, neck and waist all at once.  The metal cuffs gripped loosely, only to have the air bladders on the inside of the appendages inflate to firmly grip the specified target.  It was like having your blood pressure checked all over your body at once.  Panic washed over her as the fabric band around her neck constricted...and stopped.  She was whisked upwards.


Industrial DECOn

Jenny knew the DECOn was coming, but unlike the version for personnel, there was no soothing voice to tell you when to inhale and exhale.  Instead of standing spread eagle, Mammy spread her eagle.  She was promptly hammered by intense spray of granules that seemed much hotter than what she was used to.  They formed a rubbery hard shell almost instantly.  Mammy released her from its shackles, now grabbing her mid section with a tong like appendage as the grit was concentrated on her earlier unexposed areas of skin.  Her rubbery black suit tightened and she felt the quiver of an orgasm begin to build.

She couldn’t tell if Mammy was even holding her anymore.  It didn’t matter, she wasn’t going anywhere.  The suit was so tight… she couldn’t shake, she couldn’t touch herself but she could cum…and she did.  She wanted to scream but her lips were locked shut.  She moaned from deep in her throat.  She felt faint.

The vacuums caught her in mid orgasm.  Her armor suit shattered without warning and she suddenly felt air rush back into her lungs.  She was dizzy, one of the vacuums had found its way between her legs and she lost bladder control.  Finally she knew why the men didn’t complain, it was almost like a whole new orgasm.  Nozzles brushed across her face and the air seemed to rush out of her lungs.  Another nozzle slid down the crack of her butt.  Suddenly she convulsed and lost bowel control.  She had no idea.  She wasn’t ready.  The vacuums were relentless.  She screamed.  The vacuums finally stopped.  She collapsed into Mammy’s waiting arms.

There was a pause that almost seemed like tenderness, Jenny sobbed as gentle, soapy warm spray jets rained down over her.  Jenny, now totally spent, desperately wished she could kiss Mammy…they had bonded forever, things would never be the same between them.  She had found her soul mate.  It was at this point that Mammy determined that Jenny’s foreign matter particulate count was too high and cycled her through the entire process two more times.


Run Program

Mammy’s spider like appendages set Jenny down on the sterile work surface.  Her skin tingled relentlessly from her bout with the DECOn.  This was over, she was exhausted, she was content and she was cleaner than anybody has a right to be after fifteen minutes of rolling orgasms.  “Emergency stop”, was all Jenny could manage to squeak from her lips.   Mammy froze instantly.  Strange, she had looked at this spot so many times before, it had never occurred to her what it would be like to be on the other side of the glass.  Suddenly she found herself the focus of lights, cameras, work stations and Mammy herself.  Still the focus of Mammy?

It suddenly dawned on her that Mammy was still holding her at her “major points of articulation” in geek speak.  How could she be so dumb?  The emergency stop command wasn’t a disengage protocol.  It was literal, it just stopped everything so the programmer could fix the problem and continue.  An easy fix for anyone sitting behind that work station on the other side of the glass…

Jenny’s mind raced through the lines of code she had cut and pasted from Mack’s program.  She could see the final line in the program clearly now in her head, it was an “E-Stop”, not a disengage protocol.  How could she be so dumb?  She could run her program all day and she would just be back in this position when she was done.  She glanced out at a monitor that was showing an extreme close up of her cooch and tried to imagine sitting here for the next twelve hours until Mack rolled into work and came face to face with her money shot.

Jenny’s panic was brief…she might not be able to change code from in here, but she could run code.  Mack wouldn’t have made a rookie mistake like ending a program on an “E-Stop.”  His program would finish with a proper disengagement protocol but what would it be?  The puppet show had been interrupted, not only did she not know how it ends, she had gotten the feeling that she had only seen the opening act.  She glanced back up at the monitors and found only her private parts staring back at her.  She new what she had to do.  What really hurt was admitting to herself how much of a better programmer Mack was than herself…at least at this point she really hoped he was.


Program 35007

Run program 35007.  Nothing happened…Mammy didn’t spring into action, she simply held Jenny gently on the work surface.  Then Jenny heard the distant sound of the warehouse springing to life.  It must have the power savers on.  “Ah…the sound of my lover approaching…come Romeo!”  She laughed despite of herself.  She came in here to get laid and dammit, she was at least going to show Romeo a good time.

Romeo arrived behind her ready to please, she and the work surface rotated in a flourish to reveal Romeo in all his splendor.  The DECOn had left her satisfied yet with a strangely under molested feeling between her legs.  Despite her real desire to have a good time, Mack’s program had some real problems out of the gate.  She realized that this puppet show was done for humor as much as anything.  The first dozen positions were all variations on oral pleasures…doing the 69 with an inflated doll that has nothing more than a pair of painted on lips to deliver its half of the bargain was a real let down.  We won’t even discuss the petroleum aftertaste of that mechanical member working its way into her mouth.  At least Romeo wasn’t demanding anything too challenging.

Strangely, Jenny was finding the real pleasure in Mammy’s infinitely confident manipulations of her body.  That and the little touches that kept surprising her.  When Romeo (or Mammy or Mack depending on how you looked at) put his inflatable hand on the back of her head and started guiding her head down his shaft it gave her goose bumps.

A change in music heralded a change in scenery for Romeo.  Act two, scene one was simple doggie style.  Jenny found herself watching the process with great interest on one of the screens.  Romeo plunged into her with perfect accuracy, two inches, then four, then six, then eight…then just a touch more.  Jenny found act two much more to her liking.  The rather quick progression between positions suddenly became a major drawback.  Just as she would begin to build towards a climax she would suddenly find her legs being folded back behind her ears.  Just like a man.

Act three caught her by surprise.  Jenny supposed it was a good thing, if she had seen it coming she might have tensed up.  It was a planned surprise…the cameras overlade an image of Romeo’s member sliding into her surprised backside with and image of her surprised face.  Her moans were caught on a mike, recorded, amplified and became the base line for the new background beat.

She wondered if the reason she had never gotten into anal sex was that she never had anything this big used on her before.  It was fantastic!  She felt a series of tiny orgasms dancing around her body.  Jenny was really getting the feel for this.  She was also learning to spot the cues.  She saw the close-up on her face just as inflated hands covered her eyes…such cute details.  Romeo pulled out of her completely for the first time in several minutes.  The effect stunned her a bit…she moaned…her lips parted just enough…  Mammy’s delicate fingers gently opened her mouth and then firmly kept it that way as Romeo’s phallus slid roughly in.  For the first time she realized that she actually tried to break free of Mammy’s grip.  Mammy took no notice and settled Jenny into a brisk round of deep throating the cock that had just been up her ass.  Act four was underway.

She was so angry at Mack, what kind of sick fuck would do this.  Completely inappropriate! She started to wretch but it passed quickly.  A fringe benefit of three trips through the DECOn unit…she had been cleaned half way up her small intestines.  Jenny watched the long trail of spital followed Romeo’s cock away as it returned for more.  She was going to kill him.  The music was building…oh god, now what? 

Romeo almost looked surprised as Mammy locked him down to the work surface.  Jenny was folded into a tear drop, hung from her wrists and ankles, dangled with her ass only inches above his upward pointing cock.  Her ass seemed downright eager as she was lowered onto his member.  He hadn’t been nearly this well lubricated before…this was nice.  And then the work surface began to rotate.  Then it changed directions, then she began to piston up and down on Romeo’s spinning member.  She forgave Mack for the deep throating.  As the rpm’s picked up she swore she would let Mack fuck her in the ass and then suck his dick if that’s what he liked.  She’d do it just to say “thanks for writing this program.”  Act five hadn’t been rushed…thoroughness seemed to be its hallmark.  This time she really did faint.  Mammy even had them cuddle at the end.

She was only slightly aware of Mammy whisking her across the warehouse.  She hardly noticed as Mammy opened the narrow storage drawer and slid her and Romeo in.  It was a tight fit, but the two fit together perfectly now, Romeo’s cock stored neatly up her ass.  The disengagement protocol ended as it slid the storage drawer shut.  She sank into a sleep hoping it wasn’t an airtight container…she didn’t want to leave her Romeo.



She woke in a panic.  The sound of machinery was getting closer, oh god, how long was she asleep?  Was the day shift in?  The drawer slid open and Mammy collected her naked body like one of a million other parts.  Thanks God the warehouse was still dark.  The day shift hadn’t arrived.  Mammy whisked her away in the direction of her pod…she was going home.

A sense of de ja vue swept over her has Mammy held her firmly on the work surface.  The pod was empty except for her…she could hear the sound of her Romeo being retrieved from the warehouse.  Could she do this again?  Did she have a choice?  What had reset the program? The work surface rotated to reveal Mack (held at all his major points of articulation) being presented to her by Mammy.  He was a real blond, she never suspected.  She also would have never suspected that Romeo’s cock and been modeled on his. “You set this whole thing up you son-of-a bitchommm…mmm”.  Her lips were open just enough, Mammy open them more with a set of probing fingers, and kept them open.  Mammy then began Jenny’s long process of “thanking Mack for writing the program”. 


The Next Week

She had barely made it out of the DECOn before he arrived, but that was good enough.  Jenny looked up at the movable panels that made up the ceiling of the pod.  They could be reconfigured to allow for future expansion.  A large and ominous square gap now existed above the DECOn exit.  The DECOn unit powered down.  Mack would be slipping into his tidy whities.  Now that she new what was under them, she found them so sexy. 

Her emotions had been torn all week, part of her wanted to press rape charges and the other part wanted to have Mack write her the biggest program ever written.  He had been trying to talk, to apologize, to explain to her about what happened all week.  She said she wasn’t ready to talk yet.  She had never felt so used or so satisfied in her life but she wasn’t quite ready to take on the role as Mack’s sex slave in the eternal fuck machine.  She decided that they had to start out on a level playing field if this “relationship” was going to work.

The door to the DECOn slid open and Mammy pounced, Mack disappeared into the ceiling, his mouth forming a surprised “O” shape that would be bonded shut in a matter of seconds by the industrial DECOn.  She could have undressed him but she loved the sound of his whities being ripped off.  They fluttered down to the ground.  A trembling voice followed, “what are you doingmnnmmmhmm”.  A spray of adhesive granuals ended that conversation before it began. 

Mack was picking up the late shift, and although he didn’t know it yet, Mack would also be calling in sick tomorrow, then the start of a three day weekend.  She turned to the control panel and locked out Mack’s control and programming access.  Mack wouldn’t be doing anything for himself for the next few days.

She hadn’t changed the program much, Jenny decided it made more sense if Mack got a taste of his own program first.  Mack looked so earnest in his attempts to persuade Jenny to end the program as Romeo arrived.  Her exaggerated flip of the microphones to the “off” position told him all he needed to know.  Act one began and Mack was blushing profusely, Romeo proudly advancing, leading with his cock. Mack’s member, however, was in full retreat.

Mack didn’t seem to find any pleasure in act one, that wasn’t a surprise, neither had she.  She did enjoy how that cute little pucker of a mouth of his made Romeo’s cock look even larger as it found its way into his mouth.  Of course he wasn’t equipped for act two so she had decided to double up on act three.  She had made a few modifications, mostly slowing things down since she assumed he was a first timer…and the look on his face told her she was right.  Judging by the slow stiffening of Mack’s member after a few minutes she decided the changes were a success.  By the time the second round of act three came to a close she had turned the microphones back on to listen to his moans.

Mack put on a brave face when Romeo covered them with that cute little “peak-a-boo” motion that must have made Mack feel so clever when he first programmed it.  Jenny had never seen a man orgasm without anything stroking his cock but Mack began to cum as Romeo withdrew from his battered asshole.  His arms helplessly trapped in Mammy’s embrace, his cock simply began spurting big blobs of come down onto the work surface below him.  One of the cameras showed a terrific close-up of his sphincter spasming uncontrollably as Romeo pulled away.

Mack’s moaning changed pitch as Mammy teased his mouth open.  A final spurt hit the floor as the moaning was cut off completely.  If Romeo had pubic hair Mack’s face would have been buried in it.  He gagged and spit up so much that it looked like Romeo had cum in Mack’s mouth.  She hadn’t realized how hard she was playing with herself.  He had the whole mess rammed back down his throat repeatedly.  When a lucky camera angle revealed that Romeo’s cock had actually given Mack brown lipstick Jenny broke into hysterics.

She flipped a switch that moved the image to all the monitors.  Mack couldn’t help but see it.  The fit between Romeo’s cock and Mack’s lips was so tight that he had squeegeed all his own shit off Romeo’s cock and onto his lips.  He vomited so hard that it had to come out the only place it could, his nose.  He was still retching a few minutes later as Mammy folded him into the final tear drop shape.  Jenny realized that Mack hadn’t lost bowl control in the DECOn unit like she had.  He lost it now.

Spinning, shit flying, vomit, cum, spit everywhere, Mack even regained his erection.  The final act was spectacular.  The sounds produce reminded Jenny of a toilet plunger.  When the work surfaced finally ground to a halt the sound of Mammy pulling the two shit stained lovers apart even seemed to embarrass Romeo.  From there Mammy moved to unite them in a cuddle.  Originally, Romeo had spooned her, but she had taken the initiative to reverse the positions. 

Mack looked unconscious but his reflexes seemed to know what to do as his cock slid into the receptive “O” nestled deep within Romeo’s ass cheeks.  His hips began to pump and life poured back into Mack’s eyes, “Oh, Jenny…” whispered across the microphone.  His body was completely limp as Mammy finally lifted him away.  A glob of semen dangled from Mack’s penis and drew a line across Romeo’s back as he was carried away.  Romeo followed close behind and would soon be much closer.

Jenny came so hard that she fell out of the chair.

Somewhere far across the warehouse, a drawer was slid shut for the night.


A Year Later

Mack was breaking up with Jenny.  He just didn’t have the balls to come out and tell Jenny directly.  He had put in for the transfer to R&D behind her back.  When she confronted him about it he came up with some lame excuse about how the techs didn’t have any chance for advancement.  That was ten hours ago…Mack hadn’t thought his decision would have such a profound impact on the entire company.

The majority of the company was currently tucked into storage drawers for a well earned nap after the “afternoon session” as she liked to think of it.  Those that weren’t had caught her attention for one reason or another.  Some she liked; that nice grandmotherly lady from accounting was getting a pedicure from Mammy two pods down, a massage would follow.  Some she disliked; Bill the company’s CEO found himself literally brown nosing Terrance from maintenance.  Some were just parts for the machine; like that little girl that brings the mail that found herself slathering attention onto Terrance’s sizeable and still growing member.  At this point she probably assumed the product of her efforts would be her reward in the end.  Jenny had decided Bill would be a more fitting receptacle for Terrance’s attentions.

With a few keystrokes Mammy began to assemble an audience.  The occupants of storage drawers across the warehouse were gently gathered up and soon to be pressed into service for the “evening session”.  She checked a monitor, Mammy had finished with Mack next door.  She had shaved every single hair from his body and then powdered him like a baby.  Jenny had been using Mammy to keep her personal regions trim for weeks, her program kept the talc to the effected regions.  Following the same parameters with Mack, Mammy ended up covering him from head to toe.  The effect was hilarious…even more so when Mack began sneezing.  She was thrilled to see that the shaving had brought her little man to erection.  The sneezing made Mack’s cock flail wildly.  Mammy then promptly made her baby tinkle and relieve his bowels (small well placed electric shock will do wonders) fed him a little liquid protein shake, gave him some water and then returned him to his “training.”

The DECOn unit rumbled to life.  Mammy had brought more guests.  She hadn’t realized how many non employees stopped by the building over a course of a day.  Mammy would meet them in the lobby, tucked above the ceiling grid that no one ever looked up at.  Her motion detectors turning her into a huge Venus fly trap.  Jenny remembered back to the helpless thrill she felt the first time Mammy snatched away her feelings of control that she had always worked to cultivate. 

Her collection now included four deliverymen (one pizza guy), a repairman, somebody’s wife, a temp, two sales people and Jim from accounting’s son.  Jenny never thought of herself as a pedophile (was the kid fourteen?) but she couldn’t deny that he was finding himself involved in an awful lot of programs.  At any rate, he always seemed to be the most eager person in the pod no matter which part of the program he found himself thrust into…well at least so far.  A dark thought crossed her mind, her fingers danced excitedly across the controls.  Far off, Mammy gathered the father and son from their slumber for a reunion.



There were no cameras in the DECOn unit, a pity really.  Jenny reviewed the security footage to see what kind of prize Mammy had brought her.  Her first two cops, a male and a female, she assumed there would be more.  They hadn’t even been able to draw their guns before Mammy had them.  The woman was the first out of the DECOn (the male had a high particulate count, i.e. loss of bowl control) and the female looked like she would love another pass.  Jenny pulled up one of her favorite programs.

Mammy coaxed the dazed lady cop’s mouth open and inserted a round gag trailing a small pair of hoses.  She only struggled for a moment.  Adjustments were made to the DECOn.  Soon she was returned from a second trip through the DECOn as it sealed her into her new skin.  The hose would bring air, water and (Jenny activated a secondary routine in a adjoining pod) occasional bursts of semen.  The orgasms would come and go.  Manny would keep track, thinning out the air as they approached and flooding its charge with semen and oxygen as it arrived. 

Jenny watched as the female cop was whisked away to “Pavlov’s Pod.”  It took the constant milking of 14 men to keep up with the orgasmic needs of three suited women and a suited man.  Three more men were sent in to be milked for good measure.  Mac had come up with the Pavlov idea and made the initial modification to her program while she was using it.  Two hours later, the taste of cum would bring her to orgasm almost instantly.  Mack didn’t know what he was doing, he had no idea how effective it would be.  He left her in the program for six hours (he had been jacking off in jars for a week.)  He thought she would be addicted to just his cock, he was wrong.  She spent the following weekend in the men’s room of the club they used to visit together.  When he found her and tried to stop her three of the guys in line kicked his ass pretty bad.  She ask the guys to tie him up so he couldn’t leave…after all, he was her ride home.

She hoped she had enough time to finish with the cops before word of her little mutiny spread.

The male cop came out of the DECOn looking angry and humiliated and buff.  So buff in fact that his perfectly huge erection looked undersized.  Hmm, what to do?

Jenny flipped across the monitors, a blindfolded Jim was pumping his son’s ass wildly.  His hands free, Mammy had led him to a mysterious ass and allowed Jim take liberties with the tight little thing he found before him.  With every second or third stroke, a hard swat of his hand would follow.  His son’s ass had gone bright red.  His son on the other hand was not blindfolded but gagged, Mammy quietly using the flow of oxygen to teach his brain where to find pleasure.  A mechanical sheath messaged the boy’s privates at Mammy’s discretion.  He desperately wished for a blindfold but instead the boy was forced to watch every angle of his own humiliation in the monitors.  His muffled cries for his father to stop only seemed to drive the older man on harder and harder.

The gagged and blindfolded male cop arrived during the climactic last few minutes of the child’s rape.  The sounds had obviously excited him.  Mammy whisked Jim’s mask away just as Jim’s orgasm began.  His hips continued to thrust helplessly into a boys ass – his son’s ass, it was too late to stop.  His hand in mid fall finished one last terrible crack.  His son howled at the sting and the feeling of his dad’s cum exploding inside him just as Mammy made his brain swim with joy.  The boy’s own orgasm was neatly milked away by Mammy to be used for his own training.  Jim swooned backwards into Mammy’s waiting arms, spraying his son’s back in a final burst of passion.

Jim hung limply from his restraints as the burly blindfolded stranger began hammering away at his son.  His son looked on in shock as several men were queued up to assist in his training.  His father was placed at the back of the line.  By the time he arrived for a second go they were both looking forward to it.


More Guests

A news team must have been listening to the police scanner and decided to check things out.  Mammy delivered the flustered pair to her waiting arms.  The too-perky-too-perfect reporter along with her grizzled veteran cameraman looked way out of their league.  Jenny spent twenty minutes plugging her video feeds into his equipment.  Before she knew it she was broadcasting live, she had planned on an internet release but this seemed so much more spectacular. 

She was even able to get a graphic of the reporters name and location to come on screen just as her cameraman started pummeling her from behind.  The reporter’s attempt to keep a straight face and describe her predicament to the viewers was the funniest thing Jenny had ever seen.  Jenny panned back to show the mechanically assisted cameraman humping somebody’s trophy wife silly.  His massive hairy gut resting on the reporter’s perfectly toned ass was the perfect images to match the incoherent sound bites that were  now coming out of her mouth.  Ratings soared.

Strangely, the last guest of the night was just some guy that had been watching television down the road at his house.  He walked out of his house and poked his head in the door just before the police arrive to quarantine off the building.

Just an average looking middle aged Joe, Jenny was amazed that he would just walk into a place that had so obviously gone crazy.  Did he know what he was getting into when Manny whisked him away?  Was this going to be the start or the finish of his midlife crisis?  Was he needing a change or to be changed? 

She scrolled through the views of her various pods, what to do with him?  Her “rubber room” caught her attention.  The dozen or so men and women had been partially suited by the DECOn…only their mouths, noses and erogenous zones had been left bare.  Their ears sealed, the calls for attention or love or comfort degenerated quickly into animal grunts and snarls. They writhed and wiggled, searching each other for comfort and pleasure in the darkness.  She hated to say it, but this is where she put the ugly ones.  The rubbery bodies bulged in the wrong place from age or gravity.  A tiny was man trapped under the weight of a behemoth women that had found something to her liking.  A little penis orgasmed prematurely across a flabby man’s face.  The bitchy woman from accounting and the annoying guy from IT road each other like it was their first time.  She was surprised, the shapes taken together were actually quite beautiful in a strange way.

A few taps on the keyboard and Mack arrived on the scene, a rubbery worm with only a hungry mouth.  He slithered into the pile of tangled bodies on the floor searching for the answer to his new addiction.  Her average Joe would end up there, everyone would soon enough.  As if on cue Mammy began the disassembly of the modular wall that separated the two adjacent pods to make more space.  But he…Joe deserved something special for his leap of faith.

“Run program 35007.”  Was her final command input.  One day Mack pointed out to her that it spelled “LOOSE” when viewed upside down.  She laughed, Mack always made her laugh.  She hoped they would stay friends. 

Everything else was now running on automatic.  Mammy reached down and lifted her into her arms like a mother would her child.  “Take me to my Romeo.”


The Final Count

The real world was closing back in around Jenny, she was glad to be far too distracted to notice. 

The emergency generators kicked on seamlessly when the power was cut.  She would have loved to see the faces of the four man SWAT team that snuck into the loading docks only to find that the generator had been moved by Mammy.  A brief panic swept the ring of law enforcement agencies encircling the building as radio contact was lost with their team.

However, visual contact with the team was quickly reestablished as Mammy’s live broadcast picked up on their progress as they exited the DECOn.  The four found themselves in middle of one of Jenny’s darker programs, the “happy birthday” routine…there was a great deal of spanking involved.  Everyone was blindfolded for their “surprise.”  “Birthday gifts” were exchanged vigorously.  Several cops quickly volunteered to be part of the rescue mission.

Two hours after the initial visit by the SWAT members, law enforcement had found the newly hidden generator by its heat signature from outside the building.  They disabled it with a single shot from an oversized rifle right through the side of the building.

What the highly armed commandos found when they entered the “rubber room” was a sea of ambiguous rubbery forms writhing in what seemed to be unquenchable lust.  To be more precise: 83 company employees, four deliverymen (one pizza guy), a repairman, somebody’s wife, a temp, two sales people, two cops, four members of the SWAT Team and Jim from accounting’s son. 

Medics were on hand to help the wounded but ended up spending their time trying to extricate the “victims” from their rubbery suits and each other.  Offices were used as make shift medic centers to allow for the victims to keep there privacy.  The polymers suits would re-adhere almost as soon as they were cut with scissors.  To make matters worse, the black sticky stuff seemed to bond almost instantly to clothing.  It turned out to be a very hands-on process with the medics having to work in the nude covered with whatever lubricant they could find in the ambulances.  Several police and firemen were enlisted in the exhaustive effort.   Even members of the SWAT team were willing to strip off their considerable gear, soap themselves down with hand soap from the restrooms and join in the rescue efforts. 

Still the process was taking time.  Finally the firemen had the brilliant idea to fill a room with fire retardant foam and finish everybody off at once.  A dozen naked firemen piled in to extricate a dozen victims.  The medics and police ended up needing to extricate the firemen. 

Three hours later, the last of the victims climbed into a waiting bus for the hospital to receive a final check up and grief counseling.  Mack was counseled at least three times.  But the real question on everyone’s lips was “what happened to Jenny?”  No one knew if they wanted to kill her or kiss her, but they all wanted to see her, to touch her, maybe even to thank her.

A cops uniform was gone, as was Jenny’s car, her apartment abandoned.  More effort was put into finding her by the media than was the local authorities.  No one really seemed to want to press charges.


Three Weeks Later

Mack was sitting in office in R&D daydreaming about sucking cock.  He had worked hard to control his urges since the “party” as it came to be known.  He no longer found himself groping strangers in the subway, but he couldn’t trust himself in the gym or even a public restrooms.  He was seeing a hypnotist but was pretty sure he spent the sessions sucking the guy off without knowing it.  To make matters worse, the whole office knew about his problem, he was constantly having to attend meetings that would turn out to be all male.  He’d spend the whole meeting working under the table.  And if one more person walked into his office (yes, that why they gave him the office) and dropped their pants before they even said hello…

He heard Jim’s kid, the new mail boy, pushing his cart down the hall.  He always seemed to have mail to deliver to Mack.  Jim’s kid “liked” take it in the butt now the way he “liked” sucking dick.  All you had to do was give him a good swat on the backside and he’d drop his pants in the middle of the cafeteria (been done).

Jim’s kid wasn’t sure he’d get an answer with Mack’s head buried in his crotch, but he had been told to ask.  “So do you ever miss her…I mean, if she was still around, would you let Mammy, I mean Jenny, you know, like, do things to you again?  You know, like a girlfriend?”  Mack’s expert hands continued to work as he answered…”you know kid, Jenny was the greatest thing to ever happen to me, I was just too scared to see it.”  Mack redoubled his efforts.  The kid’s eyes rolled back in his head, he looked up to see the ceiling panels sliding away to reveal the machinery above.  Jenny hovered naked in the machinery like a spider.  You couldn’t tell where Mammy ended and Jenny began.  The sight of her, knowing what she might do to them...might make him do, he grabbed Mack’s head and came.  Mack raised a hand to give the kid a firm whack on the butt as his mouth was filled with cum…

Jenny/Mammy pounced.  The surprised “O” face that Mack made sent a string of cum across the boy’s nose as Mack was whisked up and away into the ceiling.  The kid began to collect himself…things were going to be very interesting around here from now on. 


To be continued...?

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