MK Super Spy

by Marcellus

Originally posted on a Michelle Kwan fansite

Nearly all of Michelle Kwan's fans thought the only reason she was in London was for the figure skating show. Little did they know that Michelle’s globe-spanning profession had allowed her a perfect cover to her more intriguing job with a super secret international anti–crime agency. She had gone through harrowing adventures in many foreign countries stopping criminals from their dastardly world domination plans.

The show in London coincided with a series of thefts from some of England’s most aristocratic mansions. Many priceless‚ rare and one of a kind objects had been stolen without any traces of forced entry or clues to the identities of the perpetrators.

As Michelle was getting ready for that evening’s performance‚ she found a note folded up inside one of her skates. It said that Lord Fogg’s mansion is tonight’s target. During her research for this assignment‚ Michelle had made notes that Fogg‚ one of England’s most reclusive noblemen‚ could be a prime target.

She had downloaded the blueprints of the mansion in case she needed to get inside to catch the thief. After a flawless performance on the ice‚ Michelle hurried back to the dressing room and quickly changed out of her flashy skating attire, putting on her all-black "night prowling" outfit:  Black turtleneck sweater‚ mini skirt‚ opaque black tights and black suede over–the–knee boots.

Hurrying outside, Michelle asked the cab driver to bring her up to Worcestershiresauce Lane. She was dropped off and after walking down a dirt path for 100 yards‚ she peered carefully  over the hedges bordering Fogg’s vast estate. In the blueprints she had noticed a series of tunnels that came out in a shed on the west end of the property. Making her way into the shed, she easily opened a door that led to the tunnel entrance. In her haste she had forgotten a flashlight so she ran her hand along the wall as she slowly made her way down the corridor. After a few minutes‚ Michelle saw some light. She moved more quickly toward the light and saw that there was an entranceway leading into a room illuminated only by with torchlight.

The only thing in the room‚ at the far end‚ was a display of a Knight in full armor. Michelle didn’t know that when she entered the room‚ an alarm had been tripped‚ and now she was being stealthily observed via hidden camera.

She made her way over to the Knight. It looked rather ordinary but Michelle decided to lift the mask of the helmet. When she did‚ part of the wall behind the Knight moved‚ revealing a stairway to another‚ much larger room also illuminated by torchlight. There was a set of stairs leading to the room and when Michelle’s boot touched the bottom stair‚ the wall moved back to its previous position‚ closing the passageway and seemingly trapping the young heroine.

In this huge room were a series of glass cases‚ like you may find in a jewelry store. Michelle made her way over to the cases and when she placed her hand on a case it would illuminate. Imagine her surprise as she looked in the cases‚ finding that the contents were some of the items that had been taken in the series of thefts she was investigating.

Meanwhile in another part of the mansion‚ those that had been watching the beautiful young spy had turned their attention to a control panel. "Turn the setting to permanent, and activate the system," bellowed the tall‚ slim white haired man standing. The younger‚ rounder, man sitting at the panel obliged as they both watched to see the effect.

Michelle was concentrating so intensely, making mental notes of her findings, that she didn’t notice the green mist emanating from the floor below her. By the time she had noticed‚ it was too late. She couldn’t move any of her voluntary muscles. Try as she might‚ she was frozen still‚ like a statue. It must be some sort of paralyzing gas‚ she thought‚ hoping it would wear off soon. After a few minutes the gas evaporated; she remained stiffly in position. 

Soon Michelle heard footsteps approaching, then standing in front of her was Lord Fogg and another man‚ probably his partner in crime. Michelle was praying for the gas to wear off soon so she wouldn’t have to face any horrible torture Fogg may have in store for her in his dungeon.

Fogg’s assistant spoke first. "Your plan worked perfectly‚ your Lordship‚ she walked right in to our trap".

Fogg replied‚ "Of all the artifacts and one of a kind gems that I have acquired‚ this is the most beautiful piece in my collection"‚ he said‚ placing his hand on Michelle’s unmoving chin.

Oh my god‚ Michelle thought‚ He’s captured me for his collection. And no one knows I’m here. Hopefully this gas wears off soon so I can escape!

Meanwhile Fogg had aimed a remote control device at the corner of the room. The wall there had pivoted‚ revealing a platform with a 6 foot high glass case on top‚ sliding out of the wall.

"Let’s put her in the case, Jeeves," said Fogg. "But first‚ we should ‘pose’ her."

Michelle's arms were moved behind her back‚ her hands clasping each other. Her legs were spread a shoulder width apart. She couldn’t move at all on her own.  The men carefully placed their captive into the glass case.

As he was about to close the door‚ Fogg said‚ "Wait; one more thing," as he moved Michelle’s small mouth into a slight half–smile.

Finally closing  the door on the case‚ Jeeves said, "Good thing you had me change the gas’s setting to permanent; she won’t bother us anymore."

Fogg replied "Yes‚ of course‚ that way she will remain a young and beautiful piece of art‚ forever."

With that‚ the men began a devilish laughter and pointed the remote at the case‚ once again rotating it back to its hidden place inside the wall. Michelle now realized that there would be no escape‚ that she was there solely for the purpose of being a beautiful object for this madman’s enjoyment‚ forever.


<To be continued>

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