Mannequins from Mars 9

by Paul G. Jutras

           "Nothing like a little relaxing after a mission." Dan said as he laid face down on the beach in a green bikini. "Going from a adult male to a teenage female mannequin has taken some getting used to.  Especially having the guys staring at me."

     "Not like we get any kind of 'secret' identity with bodies like these." Kim said smugly in a blue one piece as she stared off at the amusement park just beyond the beach. "Let's go to the fun park and enjoy ourselves. Just be glad Winter is the same as Summer in California."

"All right!" The girls cheered. "Rides and park food here we come!"


       "Hi, cutie," Samantha said in her orange bikini as she bit into some cotton candy shaped like a Valentine Day heart and smiled at a guy who stared at her shiny outside.

     "Help!" A man screamed as he made his way through the crowd that held St. Valentine Day balloons and collapsed from exhaustion at the girl's painted toes. "They have my sister!"  he managed to wheeze.

    "Vacation's over girls." Dan's voice came into their heads. A voice that the girls still hadn't gotten used to hearing in a female timbre, but the commanding tone was familiar enough. "We've got a mission."

     "We're suppose to stop invasions and super crooks." Samantha sighed as the girls in bathing suits helped the man up. "Not handle petty thefts."

    "You're a hero, Samantha." Kim said with a smile and a nod. "Start acting like one. Kidnapping isn't so petty."


     "Come on sweet thing." A man dressed in dirty overalls said as his two friends shoved a young woman around between a tilt-a-whirl covered in cupid cut outs and a pile of ropes decorated with paper hearts stretched along wires. "Drop the drip and go out with me."

    "No, me." The other said.

      "Let the lady go." Dan ordered as he tried to sound as serious as possible. His female voice sounded less than convincing.

      "Look at the sweet young fillies that come out to help." The largest of the two said as he dropped the girl he and his brother had been picking on. As the victim scrambled off, Team Mannequin stood their ground.

     "Move it!" Sharon said as the girls split up and circled the two men. As the guys tried to grab hold of the girls, they fought back with a series of karate chops and kicks.

     "Be my Valentine, sweet things." The head of the family said as he grabbed Tina by the arm and Samantha knocked him out with a blow to the back of the head. Her hollow body made an echoing sound upon impact.

     "It isn't possible..." Kim said as the guy's face fell off when he rolled onto the ground. Beneath the face plate he proved to be a robot that started to short circuit. "This creep is a machine."

      "Hmm. Looks like a real mission after all." Dan said to Samantha. Their clients, the girl who has almost been abducted and her brother, explained they had just returned from a vacation island. The thugs must have been following them, they suspected. Team Mannequin then went down to the pier and rented a boat to travel to the island.

     "So much for the vacation we deserved." Sharon said as they made their way over the rough waves and to the beach on the far side of the island. They then moved stelthily through the jungle where they hope their bathing suits would help them blend in with the tourists as much as possible. Most of the visitors were sticking close to the holiday hotel; a group of sexy women all on their own was noticeable enough.

     "What kind of resort outfit is this?" Tina said as she opened an air shaft and headed under ground into a huge concrete structure. There they found men and women in the laying on racks and in stocks as well as chained to walls.  "What are they doing?"

      "Think we're about to find out." Sharon said as stared through a barred window and saw men and women on a rotating operating table. A laser cutting into the skull began their re-program and body modifications into mindless robots.

     "You there!"" An already mind controlled couple shouted as the two came out of the dark shadows. "Halt!"

     "Here we are with no secret gadgets." Tina said sarcastically as she got the barred window open and made it down into the lab. Samantha and Dan started to grab some of the tools from the tables. "Maybe we can fix things without the toys."

      "Leave that to me." Sharon said as she put together a climbing rope, jet boots and other devices. "Just be glad that the window was too small for them but not our detachable bodies."

    "Re-attached just as quick" Samantha finished reattaching her arm while Dan and the others began to free the other prisoners.  "What do we do about those who have already been changed?"

    "If we can wreck the control console they should be able to regain control of their own bodies again." Dan answered. "Mechanical or not."

     "What now?" Christine thought as the dungeon doors burst open, admitting the couple that had tried to catch them in the passage above.  By now they seemed more determined.

    "I've increased the power of the brain lasers - now they pack some oomph!" Dan said as he aimed and fired it at the two and kept them back while the members of the team freed the other prisoners. The robot people who hadn't had their brains put under the computer control then aided in attacking those under control.


     "I don't believe it." Sylvia muttered as she managed to shut down the control console before wrecking it to make sure it was never turned back on again. "I actually did it." It was a strange scene; with most of the robotic people coming to their senses as if they had been dreaming. The few that were unfortunately midway through the conversion simply halted in place, looking like so many broken machines.

    Between Team Mannequin and their new robot friends, they soon were able to take into custody the owners of the resort for their attempt to make a zombie robot army and to use them to try to take over the world.



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