by Baobab

This tale is a sequel to “A New Life

So this is what it takes to get off world. The machine had shredded my clothing on the way in, you would think they would ask you to disrobe or something. I don’t know, maybe they don’t want to give you time to get cold feet? If you can’t afford to be a passenger and don’t have any skills to be a crew member, and no political connection, then that just leaves sex worker. Well, except real sex workers need so much food and water and air on a long trip…but “dolls” don’t.

I hated being held upside down and it felt like a clamp practically had me suspended from my balls. I could feel the lasers working their way down my body. I had long since been clean of pubic or body hair but now even my eyebrows and head hair disappeared. Real hair doesn’t hold up…you get synthetic.

The lights seemed too bright for something so personal; I had expected it to be darker, more private. I was hung up like a bald chicken and I saw the cameras and I remember masturbating like a fiend to the video of that blond chick getting ‘dolled up” that I had downloaded once and jacked off to a million times. It was supposedly some sort of recruiting advertisement for a company that wanted to help recent collage graduates get out of debt. She was a philosophy major and I loved watching her get turned into an inanimate fuck toy over and over and over. After that I found lots of videos, women getting it secretly done for their fiancé’s bachelor party, wives catching their cheating husbands and getting them “dolled” as part of the pre-nuptial agreement, pimps dolling their hoes, but that blonde’s video was always my favorite.

I think it was the surprised look on her face. Or maybe the way she was dressed for a night out on the town and looked a little drunk. The dialogue was done by voice over and seemed like an afterthought…it could have been anyone else’s voice. “Snatch” videos are illegal but very popular.

I was in shock from my whole body being massaged and poked and pricked and lasered when suddenly my asshole was pried open and being pumped full of something warm and oily. I had a huge hard-on and I could hear myself whimpering. I tried to be quiet…I didn’t want people watching my video laughing at me, the doctor didn’t seem to care but I could swear the tech had a hard on. I shuttered and groaned as the pumping in my ass reversed and the contents of my bowls were sucked away…it was nothing if not hygienic. I heard the doctor ask if the tech could “finish up this evening” and the tech quickly answered that it “wouldn’t be a problem.”

A new larger attachment found its way into my ass and I began to whimper again as my intestines were being packed tight with some sort of thick-meaty protein mush. I remembered how I loved the way the machine just kept pumping that chick’s ass full on the video. Watching her slowly stop being able to squirm and cry as her ass and skin and tits firmed up. And I knew what was next for me, I not sure if I didn’t resist or if I just couldn’t move as the tubes popped into my mouth, slid up my throat and pumped my stomach full of something that smelled like rotting cabbage and vegetables. I was getting raped from both ends and I could feel the precum dripping out of my cock.

The machine began pummeling me relentlessly, my stomach painfully distended as my body labored to absorb the chemicals and nutrients. Now I was sure I couldn’t move anymore. The tech was fiddling with my balls, injecting things, and saying something reassuring that I couldn’t hear over the machines. I felt probes coaxing my cock up to a painful size that wouldn’t be going away any time soon. The tech dropped his pants.

I was scared of what came next but they had promised it wouldn’t hurt… they lied. A rubbery sleeve slid into my mouth, inflated, vibrated for a few seconds, and then pulled out with all my teeth stuck in it. There had been an extra fee to reinstall my teeth upon completion of the contract but I couldn’t afford it.

Suddenly, the clamps stretched my new smooth skin tighter as a different set of machines plugged into me from both ends. It went to work reshaping my mouth and asshole into a more pliable set of targets for fucking. The reality that I would soon have a matching red lipped “O” for a mouth and asshole came crashing down on me. I was just a toy for fucking, a doll. Fantasy crashed into reality. For the first time I really tried to beg for it all to stop and I couldn’t.

I remembered, at the end of the video a gang of big dick’d dudes just walked up and fucked the blonde doll everywhere at once without any lube or foreplay or anything. Then to prove a point, this one angry looking guy fisted her ass while the camera zoomed in on her face (I always imagined that he was the boyfriend, and this was his way of breaking up). You could tell she felt everything even if she could hardly show it. When they were done banging her they hung her by her hair from a hook so this guy in a janitor’s outfit could scrub her down with a hose and a mop. I guess they wanted to show how low maintenance she was. Then thhe just packed her into a box for shipping.

At this point I realized the tech had switched from working on my cock to sucking it… there was even a squeaking sound as his lips stretched around my newly massive rubbery cock. I also realized that the doctor hadn’t really gone, from between the tech’s legs I could see him behind a door on the other side of the room watching us… quietly inching his way over to the control panel.

The next thing I knew my new mouth must have been done because the machine in my mouth had been replace with the tech’s dick. He was kneeling on a stool 69ing me while I hung upside down and the machines and chemicals continued finishing their work on. I was struck by my lack of gag reflex and the fact that I didn’t even need to gasp for air. He had both his hands behind my head and he was fucking my mouth hilt deep just like it was meant for.

Apparently, I came so hard that I triggered his gag reflex, he paused for a moment, coughing and sputtering in surprise. I felt him try and swallow then start coughing again. The orgasm just seemed to roll around my body, I felt him pull off my cock as he gasped for air and slid down onto the stool, I just kept coming. At least my last real orgasm was everything they promised. Finally, when I was spent, when he had recovered, he lined the tip of his cock up on my new lips to start pounding my face again, and then he was gone - whisked away with a yelp.

I watched as the tech was stripped and hung upside down across from me. His face was a mess from more than just crying, I tried to smile with pride after seeing how I had really plastered him good. He babbled apologies to the doctor who was yelling about the tech’s “insubordination” and oblivious to the tech’s pleas. The tech sobbed harder as a bundle of tubes descended upon his helpless ass. His apologies dissolved into senseless blubbering that was stopped completely as a separate set of tubes plugged into his face.

I watched as the tech began to slowly loose his ability to struggle, he was even a blond.

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