Maggie's Clock III – End of an Era

by Zero

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]


            "Maggie!" yelled Calista Suvari, causing the young woman to jump as she tried to look busy, having been moving towards a potential customer. Maggie knew why her assistant manager was yelling: she was late again. In spite of owning a clock that could stop time, which was the only reason Maggie wasn't later than she was, Maggie had still managed to miss the start of her shift yet again, though she was at least trying since she'd come in dressed in a collared white blouse and even some black dress pants, looking a bit more formal than she usually did.

            "My office, now," ordered the blonde assistant manager, walking closer to Maggie as she'd turned to look. Calista was wearing a purple long-sleeved blouse and pants similar to Maggie's, her hair up in a French twist. Gloria Wong, the current manager since Jamie Mosley, or rather Jamie Noi, had moved to Houston, wasn't working until the afternoon, leaving Calista in charge. Calista had always hated Maggie and she had a feeling the meeting she'd just called for wasn't going to be a good one.

            "Good luck," whispered Joy, one of Maggie's co-workers who was a petite blonde, not unlike Maggie save for the hair color and ethnicity. Maggie nodded at her co-worker and headed into the back, entering Calista's office where the blonde was clearly fuming behind her desk, resting her palms on top of it and not even sitting down.

            "What's up boss?" asked Maggie, trying to be polite without going overboard.

            "This is the third time you've been late in two weeks," pointed out Calista, shaking her head. "I do appreciate how much more you've been working lately, calling in sick less and actually dressing more professionally when you don't need to. Still, your constant tardiness and somewhat less than impressive customer service is not what we need here."

            "It isn't constant, just occasional," countered Maggie, trying to defend herself.

            "None the less, you were over a half-hour late last week and today a good twenty," fired back Calista, shaking her head. "I've got a pile of resumes with people who have sales and history experience. We can't afford to keep waiting for our lemon to make lemonade."

            "So I'm done?!" exclaimed Maggie, surprised. Calista did have the power to hire and fire, but Gloria was where things stopped in terms of authority. Calista firing an employee without consulting Gloria seemed unusual, even for her.

            "Look, I'm willing-" began Calista, surprisingly calm, but Maggie had stopped listening. The main reason Maggie was dressed as she was was the pockets in her pants, which were deep and wide enough to easily hold her magic clock, the nicknamed Tempus Clock. With a press of the clock's only button Calista and time itself were both instantly frozen, the blonde's left arm raised to calm Maggie while her lips were open almost as if about to eat a carrot, genuine concern showing in her eyes.

            "Either you're a good actress, or you actually do regret this," mused Maggie, quivering with rage. Maggie had, since her former best friend Tucker had quit, tried to improve things with Calista, but they'd never gotten along and had just managed to annoy each other less. Calista was nonetheless a frustrating boss to have and, after all this time, Maggie actually felt kind of happy to be on the job market, even though she would have a hard time getting another job that would work around her school schedule. "Bitch," muttered Maggie, not yet to the point of tears but feeling a bit steamy in her eyes, slapping Calista across the right cheek. Smirking, Maggie then slapped Calista's left one, leaving the immobilized blonde facing to her right.

            "You're not firing me without me getting a little payback," declared Maggie, walking around the back of the desk and pushing Calista, violently to the floor, back down. Maggie then fiddled with Calista's pants, managing to get them to descend, which revealed some fairly nice-looking flowered underwear. Grabbing some scissors from Calista's cup of pens and other office supplies, Maggie proceeded to make it possible to tear off the underwear without removing Calista's pants or nice red heels. Her job finished, Maggie casually tossed the underwear into the trash basket under Calista's desk before standing her former assistant manager back up and straightening her rigid pose out, fixing her pants and straightening her head.

            "-to get you a letter of recommendation, but Gloria's probably the better choice," continued Calista as time started again, surprising Maggie immediately since she hadn't been expecting that kind of offer, even if it wasn't the most useful. "We're also setting you up with a two-week severance package, which Gloria should have for you this afternoon. That's also when we'll need your keys."

            "Does she even know this is happening?" asked Maggie, crossing her arms in spite of being happy to have been offered something, though how to pay for her continuing education was going to prove tricky.

            "We've honestly been considering letting someone go to hire someone more qualified for a while, especially since we have two people here who are students," admitted Calista. "I am sorry about this, but it's how it's going to have to be."

            "Fair enough," sighed Maggie, promptly leaving the office with a hidden smile on her face, knowing Calista would discover the underwear surprise momentarily. Nevertheless as Maggie headed for the exit her mind was racing, considering even stopping time and slipping past John Kellan, who was on cash again, to empty the register. Maggie instead dismissed her thoughts and just casually smiled at both Joy and John as she headed for the exit.

* * *

            "That is pretty weak," noted Kansas Wilkins, who was sitting with Maggie on Cindy's couch in her living room. Kansas had only had a morning class so she was free to visit and Cindy didn't have to work until later in the afternoon so both were there for Maggie. Cindy, still in a red house robe since she rarely dressed until right before going out, had gotten them all orange juice and sat in her lounger, while Maggie noticed some unhappy glances at Kansas. Kansas was Maggie's currently closest friend and since Cindy didn't know where Kansas stood in terms of sexuality Maggie figured it was jealously; the pair had not put a label on their relationship in spite of having some romantic meetings of their own.

            "At least you can talk with Gloria later tonight and maybe convince her to keep you," pointed out Cindy, nursing her juice.

            "You know I think there's some openings up at the college, in the campus store even," remarked Kansas, having already finished her own drink. Kansas had gone swimming the day before and not yet taken the time to do her hair properly thus it was now hidden under a Decker State College toque, one that was orange with the school logo in the middle. Besides the headgear, Kansas was sporting her usual hiking boots and jeans with a white T-shirt and an orange vest.

            "Actually, I've got a photo session with Charlene Masters today, and she's been eager to get a new assistant," revealed Cindy, seeming to give off a condescending tone as she spoke. "Why not come with me and treat it as an impromptu audition for the position? This way you don't have to spend more time in Malibu and we can hang out at work since I work with Charlene a lot."

            "I dunno, Charlene was a bit of a handful," recalled Maggie Yen. Maggie and Cindy had met at a photo-shoot for Charlene the previous year and while it had gone okay Maggie had found the woman's directions to be tiring. Additionally Maggie didn't expect to go that far in the modeling world in spite of, in her own opinion, being extremely cute, mostly since she didn't have the typical statuesque appearance of a fashion model. Charlene had actually offered Maggie another shoot but sheĠd turned it down, Maggie wanted to focus on T & M Productions instead. A job as a photographer's assistant, however, was something that did appeal to Maggie, especially since it would involve a flat salary and not being paid by the hour.

            "She's working on it, she's not so vague anymore," insisted Cindy, knowing full well what Maggie was referring to.

            "Might as well try it, if you can get a job on the same day you got fired that will be quite the feat," suggested Kansas.

* * *

            Cindy's photo-shoot with Charlene was at Trs Chic, which like the last photo session Maggie had been to with Charlene, at Bean There, was at a place her sister Madison liked to visit. Maggie wasn't exactly thrilled but it had been pointed out that in addition to their pay the models would be getting a discount card to the boutique and, if Maggie got hired, she'd be eligible for one too. High fashion wasn't Maggie's preferred choice of clothing, her own style being more about expressing her inner child, but she wasn't the kind of person to say no to a discount, especially at a place that could help her cultivate a professional image if she needed one.

            A sizable outlet in a strip mall, the boutique was currently closed for both the photo-shoot and some general renovations, the latter being the installation of some new lights that Maggie had to guess would be less expensive in the long run. The good news for Maggie was they wouldn't need to interact with pretty much any of the store staff so Maggie didn't have to worry about bumping into someone that knew Madison, or so she hoped. Instead Maggie ran into someone she was surprised to see, but luckily the person didn't know her.

            "I love this store," muttered Michelle Boback, a slender young blonde that Maggie had seen her friend Tucker repeatedly freeze in the past. Michelle was one of the girls that had been passed over in favor of Haley as a model for Zoe Hollander last June. From Tucker and Haley's stories, Maggie heard she was a bit of an overconfident bitch but, looking at her, Maggie could see why the girl seemed to be set on being a model. While Michelle's hair was dyed it was done extremely well and complemented her eyes, while not quite green or blue they did have a hint of one or the other in her brown gaze, giving a twinkle. The boutique was known for fashionable business attire and since the shoot was to promote the store, Michelle was wearing a stylish black short-sleeved blouse with a white vest and a matching skirt, looking like a sort of business dress for summer. Michelle was casually looking at a row of blouses as Maggie came up and saw the set for the shoot.

            A small circular carpet-covered island, most likely where mannequins normally stood, was set up with a camera and lights in front of it. Charlene already behind her signature tool with the second model not far away. That young woman was extremely tall and had strawberry-blonde hair, also possessing a seemingly natural tan and vaguely Asian features that Maggie, to her embarrassment, couldn't place. Unsurprisingly the tall girl was wearing a long canary yellow trench-coat with a black scarf draped over her neck, a white blouse and black skirt underneath with pantyhose while her hair was frayed and short. Maggie quickly realized the tall woman was probably, from a basic genetics stand-point, the best looking model there, yet Cindy most likely had the most experience.

            "Good afternoon Cindy; ah, you've brought a guest?" remarked Charlene, turning to face the pair. In her mid-thirties Charlene wasn't bad, possessing dark brown hair that she constantly had gathered in a raised ponytail. Charlene's outfit was a red one-sleeve top and extremely tight cream-colored pants that impressively barely concealed the crotch area.

            "You remember Maggie, right?" asked Cindy, indicating Maggie to the photographer. "I brought her along to audition to be your assistant. You did say you were looking for someone..."

            "Ah right, from the photo-shoot at Bean There last year," recalled Charlene, shaking Maggie's hand in greeting. "A pity we never worked together again. Still, if you think you're up to the task, I'm always happy to get some extra help."

            "Happy to be here," offered Maggie with a smile while Cindy headed off to get changed. "Cindy told me today should be pretty straight-forward?"

            "Yes and no," confirmed Charlene, glancing at the two other models. "The idea was to get a couple of local girls that would actually be seen shopping here do a one-page promotional ad. The idea is to get about a dozen poses with each girl individually and then a few group shots. Any others that work can be used for future ads and the like. While there's no wardrobe changes involved, we do still need quite a few shots so we're looking at a couple of hours of work easy."

            "Understandable," nodded Maggie, looking at the two models that were already changed and deciding to play dumb. "So who are they?"

            "Michelle Boback and Anastasia Ramos," revealed Charlene, smiling a bit. "Both have a bit of amateur experience but are probably about as green as you were when we did that shoot together. Besides some clerical work, if you could use that knowledge to help me get across what I need them to do when I give them direction that would be most helpful."

            "I think I can manage that," agreed Maggie. "First though, do you need anything? I'm certain I can get you a drink faster than any of your old assistants..."

            "We'll see," chuckled Charlene, while Maggie just smiled and was glad she had her clock handy.

* * *

            It had been nearly two hours since the photo-shoot had started and it had more or less gone well, at least by Maggie's assessment. Cindy had been the first subject, giving time Maggie to chat with Anastasia and Michelle before they went up and thus get a feel for their mindsets. It wasn't long before Maggie pegged Anastasia as just really wanting to be in a profession where she felt her height would be a plus, thus assuming the Filipino was bullied a lot in her youth, while Michelle was pretty much in it because she thought she was the perfect type of person to be a model. The fact that one girl lacked self-esteem and the other had too much amused Maggie.

            Cindy had gone quickest, taking only twenty minutes to get all her shots done. Michelle meanwhile had taken the longest when going second, taking over a half-hour as she kept questioning Charlene's directions and ignoring Maggie's advice. Anastasia meanwhile took twenty-three minutes, going very fast once Maggie had managed to translate Charlene's unusual directions about being on obscure-streets in LA into 'walking in a business-like manner,' which Anastasia was able to get behind. In between sessions Maggie had dashed off to get Charlene and the girls drinks, using her clock to reduce the amount of time she took and thus getting in all of their good graces. Michelle, surprisingly, even apologized to Maggie for ignoring her, admitting she just wanted to do things without extra help. It was the little bit of insight into Michelle's character, her desire to do things on her own, that saved her from being written off as a total bitch by Maggie.

            The final part of the photo-shoot, during which all three girls were on the platform together, was going well, or had been up until now. First Cindy had been in the middle of the trio, then Michelle, but now Anastasia was and Michelle was having trouble. "Michelle, you can't see Anastasia as a post or a tree, you need to stand with her like you'd stand with a close friend!" insisted Charlene from behind the camera, giving a bit more specific direction for a change, not that it helped. Cindy was to Anastasia's right, her left side turned forward slightly with her right hand on her hip, her left gesturing outwards with her palm up, a toothless smile on her face. Anastasia was dead center with her right foot forward, her right hand resting on her right thigh while her left arm touched the back of her neck, her own smile toothless but not wide, coming off more soft and innocent. Michelle had her back to Anastasia and that was the problem, as the pose Charlene wanted didn't work with the angle.

            "The height difference is throwing me off!" fired back Michelle, annoyed. Maggie was silent for the moment, the gears in her head turning. Cindy had been wearing an extremely cute white sleeveless blouse with professional black shorts for the entire photo-shoot, her hair in a low and professional-looking ponytail, but Maggie hadn't so much as touched her when she'd stopped time earlier.

            "You just need to compensate by hiding it," pointed out Charlene.

            "How?" asked Michelle, crossing her arms and looking at Charlene seriously. Maggie saw Cindy and Anastasia glance at each other, their smiles wavering, but to their credit they quickly resumed the poses they'd been assigned. Deciding to help, Maggie quickly reached into her purse and flicked a bell on her clock, freezing the pair as they were.

            "Here, Michelle, let me," offered Maggie, quickly flicking the bell again, this time freezing the blonde as she stared at Charlene, who showed signs of agitation around her eyebrows. "Just stay there, let me pose you. Anastasia, Cindy, keep still now." Maggie rapidly approached Michelle and pulled her arms away from her hips, placing them at her sides. "Now you need to face forward and bend your elbows, but put your arms on your thighs instead of your hips."

            "Yes, that's the way," agreed Charlene, watching while looking through the camera. Michelle was now posed with her arms as Maggie had directed them, her legs spread slightly. "Now Michelle, I want Maggie to tilt your head just a bit to the right..." Maggie did so, making sure to avoid moving Michelle's head back or forward. "Good, good, now just smile like you love this store!" In response to Charlene's request Maggie quickly shoved her hand back into her purse and froze the photographer, just for a moment, then shaping Michelle's face. Maggie widened Michelle's cold gaze to seem more inviting and shaped her lips so she was showing a tooth-filled smile, one that radiated the way Charlene was asking. Maggie then stepped back as she unfroze Charlene as fast as she'd done so.

            "Perfect; hold it!" exclaimed Charlene, snapping off five quick shots as the models remained frozen in place, the photographer unaware of just how literal that guidance was. "That's a wrap!" exclaimed Charlene right after Maggie once again used her bells, this time unfreezing all three girls. Michelle looked the most confused, clearly unsure of why she'd been standing like she had, but the happiness at the photo-shoot being over caused all three women to step down from the posing stand with smiles on their faces.

            "Nice work," Cindy told Maggie, tapping her friend on the shoulders as she headed for the changing rooms, with Anastasia following suit while Michelle was digging into her purse, most likely looking for her cell phone.

            "You did great Maggie, I think you can safely say you've got the job," Charlene told Maggie, practically hugging Maggie as she approached. "Cindy mentioned earlier you live in her guest house so I'll drop the official contract off with you tomorrow and we can coordinate on our communication methods then. Cindy is my most-used model but I may need you for shoots that don't involve her so I can't just go through her all the time."

            "That should be fine, I'll be home tomorrow," agreed Maggie, then shaking Charlene's hand. No sooner than did the photographer turn her back on Maggie did another time stop, halting Charlene in mid-step with a big smile on her face while Michelle was by the empty mannequin stand with her cell phone held to her right ear, her left hand cradling her right elbow while she looked up, an annoyed expression on her face.

            "Ah, silence," sighed Maggie, stretching a bit. "Okay, work is done, it is time for fun." Practically skipping, Maggie danced around in front of Charlene and gave her a big thank you kiss, not going further as, unlike the other girls, Maggie didn't want to disturb her new boss in fear of a possible reaction. Following the gesture Maggie casually put her purse down and quickly stripped as she moved towards Michelle, clad only in her Sailor Moon blue and pink underwear when she reached the blonde.

            "You, you make a great little mannequin, you know that?" declared Maggie, pulling the phone from Michelle's stiff grasp while she wrapped her left arm around the blonde's waist. "Huh; Victoria calling? I remember her! Tucker brought her home the same day he did you last year! Oh, you are going to be so useful..." tossing the phone aside, Maggie pulled Michelle in for a kiss and then both dropped to the ground, undressing herself and the blonde simultaneously.

            After twenty minutes with Michelle, Maggie was able to orgasm, having used the blonde's hands to finish the job. Michelle was laying in a starfish position save for her right hand, which was right on top of her own crotch with her fingers extended outwards, and Maggie decided to run with it. Dragging Michelle by her left arm, Maggie got the blonde into an empty changing room and left her on the floor, turning her right hand around so she was stimulating herself. Maggie made sure to carefully hang up Michelle's clothes in the dressing room and unfreeze her phone, thus allowing her to end the call and put it back in the blonde's purse.

            Anastasia was Maggie's next stop, the Venetian-blonde leaning against the wall of the dressing room she was in with her jacket and scarf hanging up, her right leg raised as she'd been in the middle of removing her pantyhose. "Hello tall, hot and flaming," greeted Maggie, ignoring the woman for the moment to dig into her purse. After learning Anastasia's birthday Maggie confirmed she didn't have a driver's license but did own a bus pass and multiple credit cards. "I think someone needs a ride," declared Maggie after finding keys to an apartment that, fortunately, was only nine blocks from Cindy's place. Returning the items to the purse, Maggie then helped Anastasia get out of the borrowed clothing but left her in her purple underwear, promptly slinging the tall woman over her shoulder.

            "I feel like a lumberjack," chuckled Maggie as she carried Anastasia out of the changing room and past Charlene, the Filipino's legs and arms lowered to almost be like a rag doll and thus less awkward to turn with. On her way outside, Maggie passed a woman about her own height who was a bit curvy and had blonde hair, her name-tag revealing her to be Marie. Marie, who was in fact Marie Russo, the owner of the boutique, had her hair in a looped ponytail and was dressed in a blue turtleneck and white Capri pants. Marie was frozen in mid-step had held a paper coffee cup to her lips with her right, her left keeping her gold and orange woven purse at her side.

            "I was hoping to avoid you," grumbled Maggie as she moved past Marie. Marie, Maggie knew, was friends with her sister Madison, and Maggie didn't want Maddie to know she'd been to the store, let alone sheĠd help work the photo-shoot. Unfortunately Marie's presence most likely meant that she would be the one responsible for getting everyone their store discounts.

            Stepping outside, Maggie approached her Lancer and opened the trunk, which was difficult with Anastasia slung on her shoulder. With the trunk open Maggie carefully placed the frozen model inside, rolling her up in a ball to make her fit. Making a mental note, Maggie headed back inside after taking a moment to enjoy being outside in the nude.

            After getting back inside the boutique, Maggie quickly put her clothes back on and used her clock to make sure Anastasia would remain frozen after she restarted time. After taking a quick moment to check over Anastasia's changing room to make sure she hadn't missed anything, Maggie stopped outside of Cindy's and let time resume with the push of a button. The little Asian woman smiled to herself as she heard Michelle muttering in confusion from her own change room, though she was a bit disappointed in there being no screams. Maggie then silently stepped into Cindy's change room.

            "Oh hi," greeted Cindy, having just unbuttoned her sleeveless blouse. "Now what could you be doing in here?" Cindy was smiling and opened her arms as Maggie approached, the pair then embracing and locking lips.

            "You are a genius," muttered Maggie in between kisses. "She'll be coming by tomorrow with a contract."

            "Awesome," remarked Cindy as the women continued to kiss. "A girl can only dream of working with her..." Cindy then suddenly stopped, pulling away from Maggie with a look of confusion on her face.

            "What's wrong?" asked Maggie, looking at Cindy.

            "Maggie... what are we?" asked Cindy, looking serious. "We kiss like this but we haven't defined our relationship... We practically live together and we don't know if we're a couple!"

            "Hey, that's..." began Maggie, then realizing Cindy was right. "I guess we never did have that key talk did we?"

            "No, and, look, I care for you, but..." Cindy trailed off as Maggie's cell phone chose that moment to ring. "Look, lets head home and we talk then, huh?"

            "Deal," agreed Maggie, stepping back to answer her phone. "Hello?"

            "Maggie, its Gloria," came a stern voice at the other end of the call, the voice of Persephone's Books manager Gloria Wong. "I just heard what happened. Can you come in right away?"

            "Yeah, I should be able to," agreed Maggie, thinking to herself. Cindy's place was on the way to the bookstore, thus she could drop her off and still get to the store within a half-hour or so.

            "Okay, I'll see you then," offered Gloria, then hanging up.

* * *

            Maggie had dropped off Cindy, who'd vowed to cook them a good dinner for them to talk over. Maggie had also stopped time to sneak Anastasia into her guest house, hiding the frozen model under the bed just in case Cindy ended up going in there for some reason. Now Maggie was at what had, just that morning, been her place of work. Persephone's Books did have a solid crowd that evening and Joy's best friend Faith, the dark-haired goth girl of the store, was currently working the cash register. Maggie spotted Gloria standing by her office and headed over, Calista meanwhile was by the coffee bar and apparently didn't even see Maggie.

            "Thank you for coming," offered Gloria, offering Maggie a seat before sitting down behind her own desk, a cheap-looking thing she probably got at Ikea since Gloria didn't think she needed a nice desk for work. "I want you to know Calista should not have fired you this morning. What she did was unprofessional, no matter how much power she has when on shift."

            "Gloria, its okay," insisted Maggie, her thoughts not on the job but the older woman's impressive physique. The older Chinese woman was wearing a blue-striped white blouse that was open enough to expose the top of her cleavage, the shirt not even tucked into the casual blue jeans she wore underneath. Gloria usually dressed formally so Maggie wondered if the outfit was an attempt to show she could emulate her staff's desire to dress down, perhaps encourage them to dress a bit better. Maggie didn't really care of the purpose, she just liked to see Gloria dressed that way, her dark hair spilling over her shoulders.

            "It's not, and I want you to know that I don't consider her termination of your contract official," declared Gloria. "Look Maggie, I understand you have been having some problems, but I really don't think they were worth firing you over. I mean, I get more complaints about John than I do over you. Going forward I'm even willing to schedule you to only work when I do and Calista doesn't."

            "Look, Gloria, you're great, really," replied Maggie, shaking her head. "The thing is, I do still go to school. Working a sales job is tricky, even if you're not that out of the way for me. I also don't see the point in continuing a job if someone in management did in fact fire me, even if you're going to make it null and void. I've already found work that better fits my schedule and I intend to take it."

            "So that's that?" asked Gloria, letting out a sigh and leaning back in her chair. "You know I dressed this way to show you I don't mind the way you dress sometimes right?"

            "That was overboard, considering you let Faith wear all that punk rock stuff," retorted Maggie, smiling. "Seriously Gloria, I can't thank you enough for being a friend while I've worked her with you, but I think it's time for me to move on. If it helps, the job I got was as an assistant to Charlene Masters."

            "Masters, Masters..." muttered Gloria, thinking for a moment. "She's that photographer that did that spread for Victoria's Secret in the last issue of Cosmopolitan, right?"

            "Bingo," nodded Maggie. "You can see how I'd have to leap at that chance, right?"

            "I suppose, though I prefer the, if you'll pardon the expression, devil you know over the devil you don't," replied Gloria, shrugging. "I'll make sure you get severance and, if that job doesn't work out, let me know. You'll always be welcome here." With those words Gloria stood and walked around to Maggie, holding her arms out wide. Maggie hesitated for a moment, worried she'd get carried away when close up against Gloria's breasts, but then accepted the hug.

            "Take care of yourself," offered Maggie as Gloria broke the hug. "Don't worry, I do understand Calista's thinking, sort of. She should work well for you in spite of this."

            "I just don't like letting anyone else go, but again, devil you know," remarked Gloria, offering Maggie a faint wave as the younger woman left the office. Maggie was barely out of the door when she reached into her purse and stopped time, freezing the store and its patrons as well as the cars outside.

            "One last piece of business," muttered Maggie, heading over to Calista. The blonde was dressed the same way she'd been that morning and was currently behind the coffee counter, leaning under the glass to look at some of the baked goods behind it. Wrapping her arms around the Greek's waist, Maggie pulled Calista out and lowered her to the ground, spreading her legs.

            "Hope you like having an orgasm while looking at muffins," laughed Maggie, pulling out a pair of vibrating panties she'd picked up from home before coming in. Calista hadn't bothered to replace the underwear she'd lost earlier, so it was no problem to get them on after pulling down her pants. With the panties in place, Maggie dressed Calista back up and returned her to where she'd been. The remote that came with the panties, however, was then turned on and hidden up behind a security camera in the corner of the store, most likely one of the last places people would look.

            "Goodbye store, its been fun," sighed Maggie, glancing around Persephone's Books one last time before she headed out the door, resuming time as she did. Maggie could only imagine Calista's reaction as she found her crotch vibrating, especially since Gloria was no doubt coming over about to talk to her about Maggie's decision. It was times like this that made Maggie wish her clock could also turn her invisible, just for the chance to see that conversation. Instead, however, Maggie was just going to go home, sleep with Anastasia a bit, then return the model to her own apartment and put her out with a sleeping pill. Invisibility would be fun, but Maggie still appreciated being able to stop time.

The End

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