Maggie’s Clock IV:  Party Time

by FreezAntix

These are all tales of hijinks that Tucker has with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. You may want to read more of Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series as well as a comprehensive Tuckerverse Wiki! [Ed.]

            “So all in all I think the whole thing went pretty good. Cindy doesn’t seem too upset,” Maggie explained as she padded into her room completely naked, drying her hair with a white fluffy towel. “Though she didn’t talk to me for a day after I told her, I still think that’s a normal reaction. I believe Haley had the same reaction when…” she hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Well she acted the same way when she learned about the wand.” Maggie patted her towel over her pert breasts, arms, mid-section, sex and finally bare legs before carelessly tossing the towel behind her. She shook her damp hair like a dog before slicking it back. “If I knew telling her would be this easy I would have told her when I first moved in, heck I might have told Jamie, who knows how that could have turned out. I may even be still with her, but then again Jamie is a little different than Cindy, Cindy is a little bit more understanding and less angry...”

            “I’m happy I told her, it’s a weight off my shoulders; since Cindy and Kansas both know about my clock now I don’t have to play ninja all the time, I’ll be a little more free…” She cooed as she stepped up to her boss and renowned photographer Charlene Masters. The Dutch woman stood straight with her legs parted slightly. Her left arm was bent forward at the elbow with her hand turned palm up. Her right arm was bent inward across her stomach with her fingers curled up as if holding an invisible cylinder object. Hanging off her shoulder across her torso was a heavy camera bag. She was dressed in a black short sleeved turtleneck over a tan leather pants and mid-calf leopard printed high heeled boots. Her dark brown hair with blond streaks dyed into it was tied into her usual high ponytail. The photographer’s face carried a friendly closed lipped smile with squinting eyes.

            The woman did not flinch as Maggie nestled her naked body against Charlene and kissed her on the cheek. “You’re really good at listening. I’m glad we talked,” Maggie said, squeezing one of the woman’s breasts before backing off. It had been a busy Friday; it was Maggie’s second Friday since she started as Charlene’s assistant, a job that Cindy had gotten for her. For the most part the job was easy as Charlene wasn’t that bossy to begin with and she just mainly helped out when she needed to. Her job description varied from shoot to shoot. For instance for that day she had to deal with organizing and setting up shoes and other forms of footwear for a product shoot. It sounded simple, but the day was busy and Charlene was a bit demanding as well as slightly perfectionist with her vague instructions that Maggie was just getting the hang of deciphering. So at the end of the day after the clean up was done, Maggie decided to stop time and freeze her boss. Charlene had mentioned she had no weekend plans so Maggie thought it would be perfect to spend some time with her new boss. She had frozen the woman as she was buying a bottle of water from a nearby shop near their shoot location. Unfreezing her car, she loaded Charlene up and made her way home, all the while talking to the unhearing woman about her life during the last couple of weeks.

            “Well now that, that’s done, shall we start our weekend plans boss?” Maggie asked, grinning evilly as she pulled off the camera bag off of Charlene’s shoulder. The frozen woman continued to smile as Maggie pushed her backward. She landed stiffly, slightly bouncing on Maggie’s mattress with half of her legs hanging rigidly over the edge.  Maggie knelt down and unzipped, then pulled off the leopard printed boots, followed the thin black socks underneath. Charlene’s bare feet held a Barbie-foot pose as Maggie moved up the leather pants. With some work and tugging the pants soon ended up the floor next to boots and socks. Maggie rubbed Charlene’s naked thighs as she moved up to the unmoving woman’s green lacy panties. As soon as she wrapped her fingers around the waistband, a loud knock from downstairs made her jump. “Damnit…” she cursed, forgetting that she had had to start time in order to take her shower.

            Climbing off her bed, she looked around for her clock to stop time again. Her nipples were rock hard and her womanhood was moist. The clock was nowhere in sight. The knocking continued. Maggie let a frustrated growl out as she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body. She moved out into her small hallway outside her room, which only contained a linen closet that was next to her room and then the bathroom that was on the other end of the hall. Two flights of short stairs led to the main level of the carriage house. The knocking continued as Maggie padded down the carpeted stairs. The main level of house was modest, with a living room, a kitchen with eat-in dining area that also shared space with the hot water heater and A/C unit, then finally a closet that contained a washer/dryer unit. The downstairs, like the rest of the house, was fully furnished and carpeted. The stairs brought Maggie into her living room, which was arranged with a sofa, two loungers, a glass coffee table and a thirty-two inch flat screen.  The place was a mess, with a layer of clothing, trash and other miscellaneous items coving the furniture.

            Maggie kicked some of her shoes out of the way and picked up a pair of panties as she made it to the door. She tossed the panties out of sight as she opened the door. “Hey what’s up, girl?!” Kansas Wilkins greeted happily as she pushed her way past her friend. The dark-skinned girl was dressed in an orange and white sleeveless softball jersey with the number twelve on it. She had athletic orange shorts on with a matching number on them and knee high orange socks. She stood on black slippers and along with her backpack on her back carried an orange gym bag, also bearing the number twelve on it. Her normally curly hair was straightened and hung loose as the girl had been growing it out; it was pulled back away from her face by a white headband adorned with the school’s logo. From the smell and her clothing, Maggie concluded that her friend had just come from practice. Kansas was currently a Lady Raptor with the varsity softball team. “Were you taking a shower?” she asked as she put her stuff down on one of the loungers.

            “I just finished and you can come right in, Kansas,” Maggie replied with a hint of annoyance as she closed the door. Where is my clock? she thought, looking around the room. As much as she liked Kansas, she was feeling a bit horny at the moment with her half naked boss nice and stiff waiting upstairs. “So what brings you here? Unannounced,” Maggie asked pointedly.

            “Well three bus stops, you know you live pretty far from the school,” Kansas replied as she moved over to the sofa and cleared some clothes out of the way before sitting down. She continued after slipping out of her slippers and crossing her legs Indian style, “It’s Friday and we haven’t hung out outside of campus since you started this new job of yours. Honestly, I miss you and I think it’s time we hit the town, maybe use that clock of yours… I have a hankering for time-stop sex.”

            “I do too…” Maggie replied and then sighed. It was true she hadn’t hung out with Kansas, whom she considered as her new best friend since she started working for Charlene. With work, school and Cindy, life was kind of busy. “Let me get dressed and we can figure something out, you sort of need a shower too,” Maggie added, pinching her nose.

            Kansas sniffed herself, “I don’t smell that bad…”

            “You do. Now upstairs, you know where the shower is,” Maggie ordered, gesturing upstairs. You do that, I get dressed and find my clock and then we can figure something out.”

            “Fine, okay, okay I’m going,” Kansas gave in; standing up and heading up the stairs as Maggie began to scan her cluttered living room. She was sure the clock was somewhere in the mess as she remembered bringing it into the house with her but not seeing it in her room. She started to dig through the mess when the shower started upstairs. Piling up the mess of clothing, Maggie scratched her head not seeing the magical device anywhere as more and more of living room was being uncovered. She stopped, hearing the bathroom door open and another knock at her door.

            Moving over to her front door, Maggie opened it and smiled upon seeing Cindy standing on the other side. She wore a pale purple sleeveless dress with the hem sitting just about at her knees. A pair of strappy wicker-wedge sandals completed the outfit. Her black long silky black hair was in waves and hung freely to the middle of her back. Just then Kansas, completely naked, crossed behind Maggie in a nonchalant jog, “Forgot my bag…” She muttered, but paused as her gaze met Cindy’s.

            “What the fuck is going on here?!” Cindy demanded and pushed her way past Maggie. Maggie quickly closed the door and grabbed her charging girlfriend by the wrist. Kansas quickly opened her gym bag, pulled an orange towel from it, and wrapped herself up.

            “Hey Cindy… chill; I was just taking a shower I forgot my bag…” Kansas explained, picking up the gym bag. Though she was bigger than Cindy, she was still afraid of the girl thanks to all stories that Maggie had told her about her gangster cousins.

            “Calm down Cindy, you know it’s not like that; Kansas doesn’t even swing that way,” Maggie quickly explained while holding Cindy’s hand, pulling her back. Cindy relaxed right away and Kansas let out a sigh.

            “Dang girl, you have to calm down… you know Mags and me aren’t like that… I like boys, honey,” Kansas reminded, adjusting her towel while holding her bag.

            “Well it doesn’t help that you played with Maggie when time was stopped. As much as I am okay with this whole clock thing, I don’t think I’ll ever be okay that you saw Maggie naked,” Cindy pointed out. When Maggie had confessed to Cindy about the clock, Kansas had been with them as they were eating dinner at Cindy’s house. Maggie wanted Kansas there, just case Cindy didn’t take it well; she needed the support. Luckily though, Cindy did take it calmly; after the initial shock and disbelief of it all the three of them actually had some fun with the clock. It was obvious that Cindy didn’t like learning about the clock after Kansas had, but that was something she could get over. Kansas playing with Maggie and seeing her naked was something that was always going to bother her. Regardless of her sexual orientation, Maggie and Kansas were best friends. It was one of the reasons that Cindy had to think about things for a day after the whole confession. That and the fact that Maggie had used the clock to take advantage of her and a slew of other women; in the end she was generally fine with it all though. It was a big step their relationship that she wanted to take.

            “Hey, you just saw me in my birthday suit, could we just call it even?” Kansas asked.

            “You still touched her…” Cindy began but was cut off by Maggie.

            “Cindy, come on, we talked about this…” Maggie said as she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and kissed her.

            “Hey guys, I’m feeling uncomfortable here… so I’m gonna finish my shower…” Kansas said as she watched Cindy and Maggie lock lips. With her gym bag in her hand she quietly jogged back up the stairs.

            Maggie and Cindy separated after hearing the bathroom door close. “Whatever happens in the time-stop world doesn’t count… I don’t even remember it,” Maggie said as the couple held each other close.

            “Yeah, yeah… but I can’t help wanting this little hot body of yours all to myself…” Cindy pouted as she pulled open Maggie’s towel.

            Maggie let the towel drop and kissed her again. Separating, she replied, “It’s all yours, you have nothing to worry about. Now what brings you to this little awkward situation?” Maggie asked as she picked up her towel again, feeling a little cold.

            “Well, I’m throwing a little party tonight…” Cindy began. Maggie let out a loud sigh as she wrapped her body up in towel and plopped down on the sofa where Kansas had been sitting.

            “Cindy… parties are no fun… at least not the ones with your friends. You remember what happened with the last party? Because I don’t,” Maggie whined. The last time she and Cindy were at a party, it had been thrown by her good friend Tina. It was an all-right party for the most part, from what little Maggie could remember. She had woken up the next morning naked on a ping-pong table. Cindy woke up on a love seat with nothing on but sunglasses and a party hat.

            “Okay… that party was a little wild… Tina’s parties are always a little like that,” Cindy admitted, plopping down next to Maggie on a pile of clothes.

            “A little wild? Come on Cindy, we’re the only ones that woke up naked with no memory of what happened and I know for a fact that Tina can’t control time like me. I’m actually pretty sure she probably drugged us,” Maggie pointed out, sliding further to the opposite side of the sofa to look her girlfriend in the face. In doing so she bumped into her bag.

            “Oh come on Mags, she didn’t do that… at least I don’t think so… I mean it’s something she would do… but I don’t think she did it that night,” Cindy assured. Tina was a stripper by trade and while running a stripping business she had access to recreational drugs just in case the client wanted something to relax.

            “Cindy!” Maggie shot, grabbing her bag from behind her to move it out of the way. There are you are, Maggie thought, looking down into her bag and seeing her trusty clock.

            “Aw, Come on Mags, it’s my party this time and we’re a couple; you have to come, I promise nothing like that is going to happen tonight.” Cindy pouted and took Maggie’s hand. “Come on, Kansas can even come if you want.”

            Maggie thought for a moment. The party would take care of two birds at once; she would hang out with Kansas and attend a party with her new girlfriend. “Fine,” Maggie agreed.

            “Thanks sweetie!” Cindy squealed, leaning in and kissing Maggie on the lips. As soon as their lips touched the world fell silent. The hum of Maggie’s air conditioner unit abruptly stopped as well as the sound of water from Kansas’s shower upstairs.

            The air was still and felt a little stale as Maggie pulled away from her girlfriend. Cindy’s head was cocked to the left, with her eyes closed and lips opened with her tongue slightly protruding. Maggie chuckled at her statue-like girlfriend as she removed her hands from her bag along with the magical clock. She placed the clock on the table before turning her attention back to Cindy. Maggie took Cindy from under the arms and, with some maneuvering, stood her stiffened girlfriend up arranging her pose so she stood at attention more or less, leaving her head cocked and her face holding a kissing expression. Kneeling down at Cindy’s feet, she removed each of the strappy wicker wedge sandals from her girlfriend’s cute feet and flattened them before standing back up. Raising the frozen girl’s arms, Maggie moved behind her and unzipped the back of the dress. She then grabbed the hem and tugged it up and off her motionless girlfriend. Cindy stood clad in only a white strapless push up bra and a pink thong. Maggie could feel her nipples get hard again looking Cindy up and down. She stripped off her towel and picked at her snatch as she dug her free hand down the front of Cindy’s thong. “Let’s finish this upstairs with Charlene…” Maggie breathed as she lifted Cindy’s stiff frame over her shoulder like a pole and made for the stairs.


            The guests started to arrive at around nine. Maggie and Kansas had been there since five that afternoon, helping Cindy set everything up and just hanging out. The party was going to be held in her living room and the large family room. Maggie had spent nearly six hours with time stopped, having wild animal sex with a frozen Cindy and Charlene before she restarted time again. She carefully redressed Cindy and reposed her downstairs before starting time. Cindy had only a slight inkling that something had happened, but wasn’t sure. She had asked Maggie about it and got a smile as a reply. Charlene was stark naked and spread-eagled on Maggie’s bed with the sheets covering her, Maggie wasn’t done with her yet; the weekend hadn’t even started yet. As the guests started to trickle in Maggie and Kansas retreated the corner of the family room where there was a table for two, to watch people and be out of the way. The large room had tables lining one wall while another had a table set up with some food. Another had a makeshift self-serve bar and last wall had a small stage set up with a hired DJ manning turntables. The center of the room was clear, with a dance floor set up.

            Martha Cassidy was Cindy’s Kansas. The two had met on one of Cindy’s first modeling gigs. Martha was British and attended UCLA, earning a degree in marketing. She was a year older than Cindy. Upon graduating, she decided to stay in the states, loving the culture and California in general. VIP Promotions, a company that promoted large venues, such as product expos and concerts, hired her. She was promoting a car show in which Cindy was a model in, and after a chance encounter, the two hit it off and had been pretty much best friends ever since. Martha had long dark hair; she was tanned from her exposure to the California sun and had a tall slender athletic body. Maggie had met her a few times and thought she was generally nice and that she really cared for Cindy. She had asked Maggie a series of questions that made it feel a little like an interrogation. In the end though, she and Maggie got along just fine. Martha was the first of Cindy’s guests to arrive and after greeting Maggie and Kansas, the two friends both got together to finish the preparations while Kansas and Maggie hung out on their own.

            The Brit came to the party dressed in a heavy white short-sleeved loose neck sweater with tight dark denim designer jeans that showed off her long legs. The expensive jeans were tucked into a pair of brown soft leather knee-high spike-heeled boots. Her hair was tied back into a simple ponytail. Other guests that showed up soon after were two of Cindy’s other good friends that included the stripper entrepreneur Tina Ly and store clerk Denise Ortega. Cindy had met them both in a dance class at a local community college when she first moved to L.A. Tina was a gorgeous Vietnamese girl, quite tall for an Asian, standing at 5’7 and had a sexy naturally tanned body. She had long straight dyed brown hair and seemed to always wear blue contacts, making her look more exotic. For the party it looked like she wore something from her job. Not only was she a stripper but also she owned a business that dealt with contracting exotic dancers to various occasions and clients. It was called Eighth Wonder. She was dressed in a hot pink leather dress with a single strap going over one shoulder and a high hemline that sat at mid-thigh. The dress had an open seamed design and was simply held together by crossing threads at the sides. It was obvious the girl wore no undergarments. Completing the racy outfit was pair of thigh-high black leather stiletto-heeled boots. The boots were decorated with series of silver buckles, which gave them a kind of S&M look. Compared to Tina, Denise was dressed in little more conservatively, wearing a basic skimpy black dress and matching heels. Her usually straight brown hair was curled up for the event. Denise worked in a convenience store in Maggie’s old neighborhood and, despite hanging out with models, photographers and strippers, she was only just a store clerk; though with her looks she could either become a stripper or amateur model if she wanted. Maggie and Tucker had actually used her as a model in their first calendar; of course she was frozen and had no memory of it.

            By nine-thirty the party was in full swing as most of the guests had arrived. Kansas went off exploring and mingling. Cindy, the hostess, took Maggie by the hand and led her around to introduce her to people. For half of people it was Maggie’s first time meeting them, but some of others she knew and had met before. Anastasia Ramos, the tall redheaded Philippina, was frequent model used by Charlene; Chrissy Pak and Diane West, her roommate, were both DSC students. Maggie had known Chrissy for a long time, since they used to be the anime club together. Then there was Lisa Collins, Maggie’s former neighbor. The last time the two had talked was awkward, but it seemed that Lisa had gotten over it and she was okay with Maggie again. There were a couple of people that Maggie knew of but never met, Amanda Burns was a model for Models Inc who had wholesome girl-next-door looks and was Haley’s co-worker too. Chi Ross, another Vietnamese girl and model with Models Inc, was in attendance with her former boyfriend, now husband, Aaron. Those were mainly the people that Maggie knew or kind of knew; the others she was just meeting for the first time and had already forgotten their names by the time Cindy left her to attend to other hostess-y things.

            “I think we came a little under dressed to this get-together,” Kansas muttered as she took a seat next to Maggie at their corner table with a beer bottle in hand. She was dressed in an orange tight-fitting athletic polo and some jeans over her usual hiking boots. Maggie was clad in worn jeans with ripped knees, a black and pink baby doll t-shirt and pink flats. Everyone else seemed to be in club attire and blended well together. “I wish your girlfriend had given us a heads up on how to dress; we were here all afternoon she could have said something.”

            “Since when do you care about how you look?” Maggie asked with a chuckle, taking Kansas’s beer and sipping it. “I’m fine with the way I look.”

            “Since I want to get laid tonight, there are some mighty fine men here and they’re not going to look at me with girls like that prancing around here,” Kansas replied, gesturing at Amanda Burns, who was dressed in a white mini skirt and black tube top. The dirty blond was currently alone and pouring herself a drink the bar. But Kansas knew that wouldn’t be the case for long as there were several men looking her way already. “Heck, all the ladies around here are upping us and you should care how you look; Cindy is your girlfriend. What are people going to think if she’s looking like a ten and you’re slob?”

            “Hey!” Maggie shot back, “I’m not a slob!”

            Kansas chuckled, “Have you seen your living room?”

            “Okay, fine; I’ll give you that one, but it’s too late to really change our clothes. I for one don’t really feel like changing and you didn’t bring any clothing with you.”

            “Where’s your clock, I can take care of that.”


            “Come on Mags – I want to really check out some of the guys here,” Kansas pleaded and pouted her lips.

            Maggie smiled, “You don’t look that cute… and fine you can use the clock, it’s on the coffee table in my house.”

            “Thanks, be right back!” Kansas exclaimed, getting up and leaving the room.

            “I think I look cute, and very stylish,” Maggie complimented herself, looking down and taking another sip of beer. She sat for only few minutes taking in the party around her, listening to the pop music, watching people dance and enjoy themselves. All the sudden she was dressed in a black tube dress with the hem sitting just at mid-thigh. The dress was something she had bought a long time ago but never really had the courage to wear. Up until that point it just hung in the back of her closet. She still wore her pink flats but her hair was done up in an up-do with Japanese chopsticks holding it together. Kansas was sitting next to her again, this time dressed in a white mini-skirt and black tube top along with a pair of white heels. Maggie quickly looked around the room. Nobody had noticed her sudden change of clothes or her friend suddenly appearing there. Squirming around in her seat, her eyes went wide, realizing that she no longer wore any underwear. “Kansas!” she gasped.

            “That dress looks better with no panty or bra lines,” Kansas simply replied, taking a sip of the beer.

            “Are you wearing Amanda’s clothes?” Maggie then asked, now seeing clearly what her friend was wearing.

            “Yeah, they fit me pretty good, little tight but otherwise pretty good. I figure I take out the competition and get some nice duds in the process too. Her shoes couldn’t fit though… so you have a couple of girls frozen back in your living room right now.”

            “Who was the other girl?” Maggie asked, looking around the room to see if she could figure it out. She was relieved to see that no one so far realized that there were people missing.

            “That redhead photographer around campus,” Kansas answered. “I think she’s Chrissy’s roommate? And before you ask, they were also two people that were kind of out of sight when I took them. With everyone here and all I don’t think they’ll be missed for now. There are a couple of hotties that will be a little harder to remove.”

            Maggie smiled and shook her head, “Who are they?” Kansas was her best friend after all and she lusted for sex as much as Maggie. How was she going to say no? When she would – and had – done similar things with girls in the past.

            “I’ll show you,” Kansas grinned, putting the clock on the table. The girl had the clock in her hands the whole time she returned. They both held on to the clock as Maggie stopped time. The two friends moved through the silent house, among people frozen while in mid-conversation and while dancing. The whole scene looked like something out of one of those Internet flash freeze mobs. Kansas first took Maggie to the living room, where Aaron and Chi Ross shared a lounger. Aaron was actually seated on the lounger, dressed in a nice pair of grey slacks, dark shoes and a maroon silk dress shirt. Chi, his wife, was seated on him across his lap, cuddling close to him with her arms wrapped around his neck. She was dressed in a blue spaghetti top over black leather pants and blue heels. Her hair was pulled back and braided. Aaron had one arm wrapped affectionately around her while the other held up a CyPocket in order to take a self-picture.  The couple had their cheeks pressed together and smiled blankly and brightly at the smart phone.

            “Out of all the men here, how come him?” Maggie asked as she looked at the couple and around the room, thinking up a plan. There were a handful of people in the room but they didn’t seem to be paying attention to the couple. They were mostly gathered around the Cindy’s big TV, selecting a song for the attached karaoke machine.

            “Well he’s hot,” Kansas cooed, kneeling down the touching Aaron’s exposed cheek with the back of her hand and then unbuttoning the first couple of buttons of his dress shirt to expose his chest. Aaron and his wife continued to smile blankly as Kansas loomed over them. “Plus he’s married; I always wanted to screw around with a married man, especially one that is married to a model, without getting in trouble,” she added, reaching down to grope his crotch through his slacks.

            “I guess that’s an understandable reason…” Maggie agreed with sigh. “Well, it seems like no one is really paying attention them,” she said looking around again to make sure. “All we need to do is freeze both of them and remove them.”

            Kansas stood and nodded, “Sounds like a plan; where do we stash them?”

            Maggie thought for a moment, “Well Chi we could keep in my place, since you’re already holding two girls there, and Aaron we can take to one of Cindy’s guest rooms where you could do your thing there.”

            “Sounds good,” Kansas agreed as she reached forward to unhook Aaron’s arms from around Chi as Maggie pried the girl apart from her husband. Kansas then assisted in standing Chi up at attention so the two friends could easily transport the girl. They leaned Chi sideways as if she were a roll of carpet and Kansas wrapped her arms around the frozen model’s legs while Maggie grabbed around her shoulder. Like movers, they carried Chi’s stiff form out of the room, threading through the frozen partygoers and out of the house.

            Inside Maggie’s living room Amanda Burns stood like a mannequin, smiling, with her bare arms raised over her head, dressed only in a strapless black silk bra, matching panties and white sling back heels. Diane West was in a standing position but had been laid down stiffly over one of the loungers. Her hands were both frozen in front her at waist level, one was palms up while the other had the fingers curled as if holding an invisible cup. Her face bore a closed-eye look with a slight grin. The redhead was dressed in an open-collared white sleeveless top over brown slacks. Her feet were bare, as Kansas was now wearing her shoes. Chi was stood up next to Amanda. “You going to have fun with them?” Kansas asked, brushing her palms together.

            Maggie looked at the three frozen women, “Probably, since they’re here and all. I got a feeling the party is going to suck, so I might as well, right?”

            “Why not? What’s stopping you?” Kansas asked as they headed back toward the door to the carriage house. “You have time on your side,” she added, with both friends sharing a chuckle in agreement.

            Back in the house Aaron was stood up and his stiffened body arranged to stand at attention for easier transport. Kansas, feeling her sexual urges get the better of her, insisted that the time-stopped man be partially stripped before they transferred him. Reluctantly going along with the notion, Maggie helped her friend removed the man’s outer clothing, socks and shoes. The articles of clothing were discarded behind the lounger that he had been seated on. Aaron’s petrified body, clad only in white boxers, was then carried upstairs as if he was a piece of heavy furniture. Unlike his wife before him, Maggie and Kansas struggled a bit, but eventually got the six-foot man upstairs and into one of Cindy’s four guest rooms.

            Maggie was panting hard after the ordeal with her hands on her knees. “Why is he so heavy?” she gasped between breaths.

            “You just need to work out more. We can work on that if you want?” Kansas suggested over her shoulder as she arranged Aaron’s body. She kept his body more or less straight as she posed his hands to be clasped over his bare stomach and molded his face into a sleeping expression with his mouth open. With his head resting on the on one of the pillow, it looked like the man was fast asleep.

            “Me? Work out?” Maggie asked, making a face of disgust, “You’re such a comedian. Enough with that garbage; who is the lucky number two?”

            “Oh right…” Kansas replied, pulling her attention away from Aaron. “I’ll show you,” she then said after leaning over Aaron to kiss the man on the cheek.

            Leaving Aaron in Cindy’s guest room, the two friends headed back down the frozen party. Moving among the frozen crowd, they both copped feels among the guests, Maggie the women and Kansas the men. Maggie even looked up and down some dresses while Kansas opened and closed some trousers to check out packages. Eventually, they found who Kansas had her eyes on in the party room next to the self-service bar. He was about average height with dark shaggy hair and green eyes. He had a slight Asian look but was more of mix in the end. He was dressed in red silk button-up shirt untucked over black trousers. The man was currently smiling and Maggie had to admit he had a cute smile. He was frozen while in a conversation with Anastasia Ramos. The Philippina redheaded model was dressed in a sparkling tank top over a leather miniskirt that showed off her long brown legs. She stood on a pair of red spiked heels. She was currently frozen holding a wine glass in one hand while the other hand was up in front of her face in what looked to be an odd hand gesture. Her face bore a laughing expression with her eyes closed. Maggie thought the captured moment made the girl look kind of scary. The man was stood casually with one hand in his pocket while the other held a short glass filled with ice and a golden liquid.

            “So this is him?” Maggie asked, looking at the frozen man and the woman he was talking to when time was stopped. There was another man and woman behind the couple as a well as a pair of women nearby. All would know if the man and model simply just vanished.

            “Yup,” Kansas replied. “According to his wallet, which I peeked at earlier among other things… his name is Steve Furlong. Based on the business cards I found on him, he’s a freelance photographer.”

            “You’re getting used to getting around with the world time stopped,” Maggie observed as she copped a quick feel, groping Anastasia’s breasts through her thin top. The girl wasn’t wearing a bra, Maggie noted with a grin.

            “Well, it’s not that hard especially when it’s fun,” Kansas replied as she caressed Steve’s cheek with the back of her hand and then kissed his grinning lips. After she separated she asked, “So what’s the deal; we take both of them, with you taking redhead and I taking cutie?”

            “No, not this time, too many people; they’ll be missed and stuff might get dicey,” Maggie answered, gesturing at the people close around them. She thought for a moment, she wasn’t used to coming up with ideas on the fly. Back when she hung out with Tucker he used to do it. Determined not to think about her old friend she quickly went through ideas as Kansas groped the frozen photographer. “Okay, let’s start up time and you draw Steve away and I’ll stop time again,” Maggie suggested.

            “What? How come I have to draw him away?” Kansas asked abruptly, pulling her attention from her next target.

            “Well, let’s see… you want to toy with him and you took some snazzy clothes to make a sexy impression. Why take the clothes if we’re just going to freeze these guys and kidnap them? Plus, this way he won’t be missed right away.”

            “Can’t we just take everyone that would know he’s missing?” Kansas asked, hoping that she would not have to actually hit on a guy.

            Maggie looked around quickly and shook her head before answering, “We would have to take half of this room, and it’s sort of like a domino effect. Look, just entice him away, make something up; as soon as he’s away I’ll stop time. You don’t have to worry about him rejecting you, cause in the end he’s yours anyways.”

            “How come you can’t do it and I’ll stop time?”

            “Well, again, you took the hot outfit and it’s my clock,” Maggie simply pointed out.

            “Fine… let’s do this.”

            Maggie returned to their corner table where her clock patiently waited for her. Kansas disappeared into a hallway where no one was. She would come into the room once time was restarted. With a deep breath, Maggie first activated her bell, thinking of Aaron and Chi to ensure they would remain frozen, and then pressed the middle switch of her clock to restart time. Everything started in an instant and made Maggie jump a little, she having gotten used to the silence. Over the crowd of dancing partygoers Maggie spotted Steve chatting with Anastasia but Kansas wasn’t in sight yet. She took a sip of her beer as she waited for her friend to appear and do her thing. Looking around the crowed room she wondered what Cindy was up to, as she hadn’t seen her around in while. She’d look for her once Kansas’s thing was done.

            “Hey Mags,” Chrissy Pak greeted, snapping Maggie from her thoughts. The soccer player and Anime club co-president was dressed in a single-strap open-backed dress. The dress contrasted well with the girl’s tanned skin and showed off her athletic frame. Her crimson hair was styled in waves and sat loose over her shoulders. Chrissy was never super hot, Maggie thought, but the girl could hold her own even with her more attractive teammates such as Kat Vaughn and Mel Donovan. Even at this party with pro models, the faux redhead Korean still easily held her own. Maggie looked the girl up and down quickly, taking in her sexy outfit and muscular legs that were amplified by her strappy white heels.

            “Hey Chrissy, how are you?” Maggie answered, smiling and gesturing at the girl to take the open seat.

            Chrissy plopped herself into the seat cutely. Being an avid anime fan, Maggie noted that the girl often times picked up her mannerisms from favorite anime characters when socializing. “I’m fine Mags, it’s good to see you. I really miss you at the meetings along with the other members too. Tucker really isn’t the same without you; he doesn’t talk as much.”

            “I miss you guys too, but you know I have some issues with Tucker that well… kinda prevents me from coming back…”

            “Yeah, I know Tucker said the same thing… can ask what’s wrong?”

            “It’s kinda personal…”

            “Okay, it’s no problem,” Chrissy said waving a hand as if physically shooing the issue aside. “I really stopped by to see how you were doing, and tell you this is a great party; never been to a party like this before, heck Diane never goes to these things it was by chance I saw the invite on her dresser and convinced her to go.”

            “Glad you’re enjoying yourself, but it’s a little too busy for me, I may leave soon…”

            “Oh come on Mags, don’t do that. You should explore a little before leaving. If you just sit here it’s no fun. I actually found two really cute guys over there,” Chrissy said, gesturing to the far corner of the room where two Asians were talking with beer bottles in hand. One of them looked over Chrissy’s way and smiled. Chrissy smiled back and continued, “I was looking for Diane to see if she wants to hook up with the friend…”

            As Chrissy was explaining her ordeal Maggie caught a glimpse of Kansas working her stuff in her periphery. Steve smiled at Anastasia before excusing himself to follow the eye-catching softball player. It’s time to work my magic, Maggie thought as she nodded to whatever Chrissy was talking about, all the while watching Kansas and Steve leave the room. Maggie held the clock under the table out of sight; she had slyly moved it when Chrissy took her seat. With a flick of the switch on the clock, time halted itself and Maggie was surrounded in dead silence and stillness once again. The subdued feeling was becoming comforting to her. She smiled looking over at the now frozen Chrissy, who sat with eyes closed, caught in mid-blink when time was halted. With her clock in hand Maggie stood and leaned over to give Chrissy a peck on the lips before heading towards where Kansas and Steve had gone.

            She found Kansas and Steve in the hall that led between the party room and living room. Luckily they were the only souls in the passageway. Kansas was in front, frozen in mid-stride, turning back and smiling vacantly at Steve, who had his grinning mouth open and looked like he was about to ask Kansas something. The photographer was halted in mid-stride as well and still held his glass of liquor. Maggie tapped one of the bells on clock and Kansas came to life, taking two steps forwards before realizing the rest of the world was frozen around her.

            “Great timing Mags!” Kansas said as she walked up to Steve to pry the glass out of hand.

            “What was your hot pick up line to get him to come along with you?” Maggie asked as she watched her friend put the glass down on the floor and out of the way. She then proceeded to quickly unbutton and open his shirt to reveal a muscled torso underneath.

            “No pick up line… I couldn’t come up with a good one. I just told him that he had a phone call…” Kansas replied as she stepped behind Steve and arranged his arms so she could strip the shirt from his shoulders.

            “Hold on,” Maggie said, stopping her friend. “Let’s get him upstairs before you get him naked.”

            “Oh fine…” Kansas pouted. Putting her clock next to the glass on the floor, Maggie helped Kansas lean Steve backward, together they lifted the stuck man up, cradling his ankles and shoulders. As they made their way up the stairs towards the guest room where a frozen Aaron patiently waited, Kansas pointed, “You stopped time just in time Mags, Steve was asking how I knew to find him and who was calling him.”

            “You couldn’t make something up?” Maggie asked, grunting as she struggled not to drop the man. They were nearly at the top of the stairs; a drop would have been painful, considering she was on the bottom.

            “Not when I was nervous already from talking to him…” Kansas replied as they moved down the hallway towards the guest room. Once in the room they lowered Steve to lie next to Aaron. In any other situation it would have been awkward for both men to be sharing a bed, especially with one of them nearly naked. Currently however both time-stopped men said nothing or even cared. Kansas moved over to Aaron once Steven was down and stripped off the man’s boxers, rendering him naked. She smiled and turned to Maggie, “Want to help me get Steve into his birthday suit?”

            “No thanks, you go right ahead. I’m going to leave now,” Maggie said, backing out towards the door. She quickly turned and took off, closing the door when Kansas began to jerk Steve’s pants off.

            Maggie grinned to herself, feeling good that Kansas was having fun as she picked up her trusty clock from the floor. She flicked the bell to insure that Steve Furlong would remain frozen and then hit the switch to start up time. Right as she was surrounded by the turmoil of the world moving again, she realized she had just made a big mistake. She had been sitting next to Chrissy when she stopped time and now she was in the hallway next to the party room. To Chrissy or anyone watching them, Maggie had just seemed to disappear into thin air. “Shit…” she mumbled and was about to stop time again to fix things when she heard loud chanting coming from the front of the house. Maggie quickly thought about the Korean soccer player and flicked the bell to freeze the girl for the moment. She put her clock back down in the hallway next to Steve’s glass before making her way towards the chanting.

            At the front door of the house she found a small crowd had gathered and were chanting ‘fight’ … ‘fight’. She started to push her way through the crowd, followed by a worried Martha. “What in the world is going on?!” the Brit demanded to no one in particular in her sultry accent.

            “I don’t know…” Maggie called back as she pushed people out of her way.

            The pair finally reached the front of the crowd to find Cindy blocking her large doorway, standing with her hands on hips. She was still dressed and looked as she looked earlier with her hair in waves and her pale purple dress. “I told you she doesn’t want to see you! Get out of here or I’m going to call the police!” Cindy yelled.

            “You listen you little bitch, I don’t know who you think you are but I’m not leaving here till I see my sister!” A familiar female voice yelled from beyond the doorway. “I dare you to call the police; in fact just go ahead, call them and let them figure this thing out!”

            “Who is she arguing with?” Martha asked, moving around Maggie to reach her friend.

            Maggie sighed, following the Brit, “My sister…” she grumbled, sure that the Brit didn’t hear her over all the commotion. Sure enough when Maggie reached Cindy’s side, there was an obviously pregnant Madison Yen standing on the patio with her hands on her hips. The elder Yen was dressed in a black open-necked loose-fitting dress under a matching business coat. The hem of the dress sat conservatively under her knees. Her legs were covered and dark hosiery and she stood on black flats. Madison wore her hair in a simple business bun. Finishing her look, oddly, were a pair of wire framed glasses. Maggie and her sister both had bad eyesight and had to wear glasses, a trait passed on from their father. They mostly wore contacts most the time, especially Madison, the fashion conscious one of the two. Seeing her in her eye glasses was different. Seeing what her sister was dressed in, Maggie guessed that Madison had just gotten off of work. Despite being pregnant and dressing a bit more conservatively than usual, Madison was her normal good looking self.

            “Maggie…” Madison said in relief. Her expression softened as her anger drained. “Can we talk? I really need to talk you,” The elder Yen asked, almost pleading.

            “She doesn’t want to talk to you,” Cindy replied curtly, stepping in Madison’s view.

            “Hey let her decide on her own!” Madison shot back as her anger flared back up. “You can’t keep her from me; you have no right.”

            “I do if…” Cindy started to say but Maggie stepped up beside her. As she did so, Martha stepped up as well too.

            “What do you want, Maddy?” Maggie asked flatly, crossing her arms.

            “Mags, you don’t have to…” Cindy started to say before Martha put a hand on her shoulder.

            “Cindy, let’s leave them be; it’s a family matter,” The Brit suggested softly before turning around to address the small but immature crowd behind them. “Alright! Nothing to see here let’s get back to the party!” With that the crowd mumbled and dispersed back inside.

            “I’m not going anywhere,” Cindy said defiantly, putting her hands on her hips and staring daggers at Madison, who only glared back.

            “This isn’t between you,” Madison said coldly before turning back to her younger sister with a softer expression. “Please, Mags, can we talk?”

            Maggie was silent for a moment; she didn’t really want to talk but deep down she couldn’t turn away her sister either. Sighing, she turned to Cindy, “Can I have some time?”

            “Fine,” Cindy said, continuing her staring contest with the elder Yen. From what she knew about Madison Yen and how she had treated Maggie, Cindy had no intention in leaving Maggie’s side.

            “Cindy, I think they want to be alone,” Martha recommended.

            Seeing that Cindy had no intention in leaving her, Maggie assured, “I’ll be alright.”

            Before Cindy could answer, Madison suggested, glaring at Cindy, “Let’s talk in my car, its quiet there.”

            “All right,” Maggie replied and looked her fuming girlfriend with a smile. She kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll be OK,” she assured once more.

            “Fine; I’ll be right here if you need me,” Cindy said, taking a seat on her patio step, still determined not to leave where she was. She didn’t want Maggie to look far if she needed her.

            “Where’s your car?” Maggie then said, turning to her sister as Martha took a seat next to her friend Cindy.

            Madison had parked her car right across the street from Cindy’s house, as the spots in front and up and down the block was taken by cars belonging to the partygoers. To Maggie’s surprise, her sister no longer had her beloved Boxster that she bought when she first became a lawyer. Instead she had an equally flashy Porsche Cayenne GT550, dark silver in color with big sporty five-spoke wheels that matched the body color. Madison unlocked the SUV with her key fob and looked back at her sister. She smiled, seeing Maggie’s surprise. “I needed something bigger. It was getting hard to climb in an out of the Boxster with a melon-sized stomach,” Madison explained, rubbing her protruding belly affectionately. “Plus it’s not very practical or safe to put a baby seat in an open car.”

            “Right…” Maggie agreed, not sure of what else to say. She could feel it. There was something different about her sister; something she had not felt from Madison in a long time.

            “Well enough of this, let’s talk so you can get back to your party,” Madison then continued after Maggie didn’t say anything else. She opened the driver’s side door and climbed in, “Get in.”

            Maggie climbed into the front passenger seat. As expected, the interior of the posh SUV was overly nice, decked out in plush black leather and carbon fiber accents, giving it a mix of luxury and sport. It was much nicer than the Boxster; it was much nicer than the carriage house she lived in. It was missing the new car smell that Maggie had expected; instead it smelled of the sweet perfume that Madison often wore, showing that she had had the new Porsche for a while. Has it been that long since I’ve seen her? Maggie thought, trying to think of when the last time she had seen her sister.

            “Your girlfriend seems nice; she really cares about you,” Madison said, breaking the silence.

            “She’s great… but that’s not what you want to talk about,” Maggie said, looking at her sister who was grinning slightly.

            “Yeah, it’s not, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m glad you found someone that really cares for you,” Madison answered, her grin fading as she continued. “Look Maggie, I’m not good at this mushy stuff. Mom wasn’t good at it either and I’m pretty sure that’s why I suck at it. I just want to tell you that I’m really sorry about how I’ve always treated you in the past. You deserve a lot better, especially from me of all people. You probably hated me for that and honestly I don’t blame you. I would hate me too if I had been treated like that.”

            “What are you doing? Apologizing? After all this time, why now?” Maggie asked impatiently.

            “Well yeah… I mean with his baby coming I don’t want any bad blood between us. I want you with me. I need you with me on this Maggie; need your support. I mean Alana is there and all and she’s a big help but we’re sisters, even though you did blackmail me, something I probably deserved I admit. I still trust you more than anybody else, Alana included. I know you won’t ever leave my side.”

            “How do you know that? You treated me like shit; you admitted that yourself. You and Tucker hooked up behind my back and you got knocked up doing it too!” Maggie shot back, gesturing at Madison’s round belly. “How can you put any trust in me?”

            “Because you know I would never leave your side, if this situation was in reverse,” Madison said seriously, her eyes watering. She chuckled slightly trying to add humor to the sensitive moment; “I would probably have killed Tucker if he had gotten you pregnant.”

            Maggie was silent as she felt tears well up in her own eyes too. She knew her sister was right, of course she would never admit to that. “Maddy…” she managed to mumble, sniffing and clearing her eyes.

            “Please Mags, I really need you. It sucks that it takes me being pregnant to admit that I need you in my life. You mean a lot to me, in more ways that you could understand.”

            Maggie leaned back in her seat, sniffing away her tears. “Maddy, this is really hard for me. You can’t just throw this out there, on me, like this…”

            “I know Mags, but I have to, I know it’s hard and I don’t expect things to get better between us overnight. You have to admit though, It’s been getting better between us before all of this happened.”

            “Yeah I know it has…” Maggie admitted, wiping her tears and looking back at her big sister. “Alright Maddy, I’ll try if you’re willing to try too.”

            Madison smiled and leaned over hugging her sister, who returned to the hug. “Thank you Mags,” she said after they separated. “I know it’s not going to be easy and I’m going to be patient about it. I know it’s going to work for us, though.”

            “Yeah…” Maggie replied, clearing the rest of her tears. “Are we done?”

            “Yeah, we’re done, thanks Mags.”

            “Whatever…” Maggie said as she opened the door and climbed out of the SUV.

            “I’ll call you?” Madison asked.

            “I guess… see you around,” Maggie said, closing the door. She stood and on the curb for a moment before going around the back of the SUV as Madison started it up. She crossed the street as the dark Porsche pulled away from the curb and left. What just happened? Maggie thought as she reached the other side.

            “Are you okay?” Cindy asked, approaching Maggie with Martha following. Maggie looked up at her girlfriend and was about to say something when Cindy noticed Maggie’s red eyes, thanks to the bright flood lights in front of her house along with light coming from the first floor windows. “Have you been crying? That bitch!” Cindy asked and then cursed, looking towards the direction where Madison had gone.

            Maggie shook her head, “No it’s not like that… Let’s talk; I need to talk to someone and figure this out.”

            “Sure babe let’s do that, let’s do it at your place,” Cindy suggested. Cindy then turned back to Martha, “Could you watch the party?”

            “Yes it’s fine, take as long as you need,” the Brit replied before turning around and heading back into the house.

            The couple walked around the side of the house to avoid wandering partygoers. Maggie unlocked her door, switched on the lights and entered, followed by her girlfriend who closed the door behind her. “What the hell?” Cindy asked after entering Maggie’s living room and noting the three frozen women there.

            “For Kansas,” Maggie simply answered and then explained why each of the girls was taken.

            “At least you were careful, but still I would prefer you not kidnap my guests,” Cindy said, moving over to the lounger where Diane was lying. Cindy grabbed the statue-still girl by the shoulders and hauled her up stiffly into a standing position. She had to flatten the girl’s feet, which were still arched as if she was wearing heels in order to keep the redhead standing balanced upright. She then dragged her over to where the other two living mannequins were standing. Once that was done, Cindy returned to the lounger and patted it, gesturing Maggie to sit. Maggie took the seat and Cindy slipped off her wicker wedges and sat cross-legged on the floor. “Okay, let’s talk,” she said with a warm smile that told Maggie everything was going to be all right. In the short time that Maggie had dated Cindy, she found that the girl’s smile always bought comfort to her, something she had never experienced before with any of her other girlfriends.

            Taking a deep breath, Maggie explained her emotional conversation with her sister plus how she felt, including the betrayal she felt from Madison and Tucker; something she had not really talked about openly until that moment. Cindy was quiet as Maggie explained everything, taking in and comprehending every word. “So what do you want to do about Madison?” she asked once she was sure Maggie was done. “I don’t have any siblings, so I can’t really understand the whole sister-sister relationship. From what you'd told me before, Madison didn’t sound like a very good person but now... Honestly, deep down I think she really loves you and, while I’m not sure if you want to hear this, I think she really wants to be closer to you.”

            “Yeah, I want to believe that. I don’t know if I’m really ready to forgive her though. I mean, if I forgive her wouldn’t that mean I have to forgive Tucker too?”

            Cindy took hold of Maggie’s hand, “One thing at a time Mags; I think you’ll forgive Tucker in due time. You and he have way too much history together for you to be mad at him forever. Madison reached out to you though, and she’s family. I think you can forgive her.”

            Maggie was silent for a moment before answering, “I guess you’re right, one thing at a time and Maddy has been there for me despite how she used to treat me. I remember this one time I got into a car accident and it was totally my fault. She came out there in the middle of it, super mad. I thought she was mad at me but she was madder at the other people; she threatened to sue them! Then there was that time I electrocuted myself and almost died, it freaked her out so bad…”

            Cindy chuckled, “I wish you'd told me all this stuff about Madison before, and then I wouldn’t have hated her so much. We might have avoided that little high school scene we had in my foyer…”

            Maggie laughed, “Yeah, what was that? How come your friends were chanting ‘fight’?”

            “First off, I just hang out with those people from time to time and most of them are friends of friends. I don’t consider them my real friends. Second they can be an immature bunch of jerks,” Cindy replied and then patted Maggie’s hands. “You’re going to be alright Maggie, I can promise you that.”

            “How are you so sure?” Maggie asked as Cindy stood up.

            Cindy smiled and bent down kissing Maggie on the forehead. “I’m sure because I love you, and I will never leave your side. No matter what happens, I will be there for you, so you’ll be alright.”

            Maggie stood and kissed Cindy on the lips passionately for a nearly two minutes before they slowly separated. “I love you too... and thanks.”

            “Feeling better; got everything figured out?” Cindy asked, wrapping her arms around Maggie’s hips. “This dress looks great on you, by the way. Love the fact that you’re naked under it… too!”

            “Everything is very figured out. The dress was Kansas’s idea. She actually dressed me in it.”

            “What…” Cindy sighed and pulled away from Maggie.

            “What’s wrong?”

            “I really don’t like that girl messing with you, when you’re frozen. I don’t care about time being stopped and all. I just don’t like her undressing you and touching your naked body. I’m sorry if I’m being a bitch about it, but I just don’t want her touching you like that.”

            “Kansas is just a friend. She doesn’t look at me like that. I don’t know why you’re worried about it.”

            “That’s just it Maggie, she’s your friend; she’s your best friend.”

            “Okay, she’s my best friend. What’s wrong with it? You’re not asking me to choose, are you?” Maggie asked worriedly.

            Seeing Maggie’s worried look, Cindy quickly smiled and put her hands up dismissing the notion. “No, no, no, I don’t want you do that, nor am I ever going to put you in that position. It’s just that she’s your best friend and you go to school together and all. She hangs out with you a lot. I’m fine with that; we all need friends. But then she learned about your clock before I did and you always seem to have all the time-stop fun with her. On top of that, she seems to be playing with you all the time when you’re frozen.”

            “Oh…?” Maggie replied, in thought more than understanding.

            “You know, I probably am overreacting a bit. Kansas is probably sexing the hell out of those two guys you froze for her. I’m not a little girl anymore, why should I be mad just because I didn’t go first playing with the clock. The only thing that matters is I have you.”

            Maggie smiled deviously, “Let’s have some fun then and I promise you, you’ll feel much better…” Maggie said as she stepped out of her flats. She then pulled her hair loose and peeled off her dress to stand naked in front of her girlfriend.

            “Oh my…” Cindy blushed, looking Maggie up and down. “What do you have in mind?” she asked, almost breathlessly, as she reached behind to unzip her own dress. “I feel better already.”

            She waited until Cindy was in her birthday suit too before she continued, “Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you…” Maggie said, taking Cindy’s hand and leading her towards the stairs.


            “You just about ruined it for me Mags,” Cindy said breathing hard recovering from her fourth organism of the last two hours.

            “Ruined what?” Maggie asked from the foot of her bed.

            “I’m not going to be able to work with Charlene for a while, and when I do I’m gonna remember this night and then want to see her naked again,” Cindy replied, sitting up on her elbows. She had been laying spread-eagled on her back. Between her legs, Charlene was posed stiffly on her knees and elbows, her head positioned strategically between Cindy’s legs. The photographer’s face bore a wide-eyed expression with her mouth open and moist tongue protruding. The frozen woman’s tongue had only moments ago been shoved into Cindy’s sex and moved up and down. Maggie sat on her knees behind her boss with a strap-on dildo wrapped around her hips. The sex toy was still shoved deep into Charlene’s rectum.

            “Well whenever you want to see her naked, just let me know… if I’m there, I can make it happen. We have her for the weekend by the way, so you might get your fill of her by Monday.”

            “Sounds good, what else do you have planned for this weekend, do you have more women frozen and hidden somewhere around here?” Cindy asked, looking around the room.

            “No, I only planned to have Charlene and you of course… but we have three ladies waiting downstairs; want to bring one of them up?”

            Cindy thought for a moment, “Sure, but how about we ‘invite’ some of my other guests too?”

            Maggie smiled as she unfastened herself from the strap-on, leaving the business part of the toy still in her boss, “I like the way you think; let’s go.”

            The two lovers skipped down the stairs happily giggling. It wasn’t until Maggie reached the bottom of the stairs she realized she had left her clock at Cindy’s house back in the hall. She was about to tell Cindy they had to change their plan a little when she noticed the clock sitting on the floor next to her front door. “What the hell?” she said, kneeling down to pick up the magical item.

            “What is it?” Cindy asked, coming to stop behind Maggie and looking over her shoulder.

            “I could have sworn I left this in your place…”

            “Are you sure?”

            “Pretty sure… oh well,” Maggie replied and shook the suspicious thoughts from her head. She then offered half of the clock to Cindy and then pressed the middle button as soon as her girlfriend had her hand on it.

            “This is so weird, it’s like someone hit the pause button around us,” Cindy noted looking around. She could feel the air change around her and the total silence that now surrounded them.

            “Yeah, it’s weird and it does take some getting adjusting to, especially when time is restarted. If you think it’s weird when things go silent think about when things go from dead silence to loud as hell,” Maggie pointed out as she put the clock back down on the floor next to her door.

            “I’ll take your word for it, but right now we have guests waiting…” Cindy said as she opened the door and taking Maggie’s hand.

            Between the main house and the carriage house was Cindy’s pool. It was a simple generic rectangle-shaped one that had a depth of three to five feet. At the moment it was covered up as Cindy nor Maggie rarely swam in it and Cindy had not had it serviced in months. There were a mix of white pool seats and a small table surrounding the pool. A small picnic area with a decent grill sat towards the main house. On the carriage side was a small wooden shack that contained pool equipment and accessories. If it wasn’t covered up, Maggie would have a great view of the pool from her bedroom window. Since it had been covered up since Maggie had moved in, she never really paid any attention to it.

            “What the hell…” Maggie muttered as they passed the pool. There was a woman lying stark naked on one of the pool seats. She and Cindy padded over the woman for a closer look. She was blond if she wasn’t frozen she would have laid limply on the reclined pool seat with her chin resting on her shoulder. Her blond tresses hung loose and partially covered her face. Her arms were draped off the side of the seat with her hands resting on the ground. A coned red party hat sat on top of her head. “Where are her clothes?” Maggie asked, looking around seeing no sign of anything else around the motionless woman.

            “Who is she?” Cindy asked, leaning over the woman and clearing hair from her face. The woman had sunglasses coving her eyes. Cindy pulled off the sunglasses and then gasped.

            “Lisa?” Maggie confirmed, taking a closer look herself at the woman’s sleeping face.

            “She doesn’t even drink that much; she would be the last person I’d expect to be out here passed out with no clothes on,” Cindy thought aloud, looking around.

            “Holy crap!” Maggie exclaimed, coming to realization. “The party hat and sunglasses!” she pointed out.

            “What?” Cindy asked confused not picking up on the clues that were blatantly clear to her girlfriend.

            Maggie took the sunglasses off Lisa, along with the party hat, and placed the hat on Cindy’s head. The glasses followed over Cindy’s eyes. “You remember now?”

            “Oh! That party!” Cindy remarked as the memory of the morning after said party came back to her. “Hey I wearing these too,” she realized, taking off the glasses and the cone hat.

            “Yeah you were and I’ll bet you Tina is behind this one!” Maggie said gesturing at Lisa’s naked form.

            “Oh come on Mags you don’t have any proof, this could be just a coincidence,” Cindy said putting hat and glasses back on Lisa as if she was accessorizing a mannequin.

            “Seriously, Cindy? You think Lisa would take off all of her clothes and then walk out here and pass out on a pool seat wearing the same party hat and glasses? Does that make any sense at all?”

            “Well since you put it that way… it does sound kinda crazy. But how are we going to be sure? It could have been someone else...”

            “Cindy, we have time on our side!” Maggie said with a smile, gesturing to the silence around her along with stillness of the time-stopped world. “All we have to do is check Tina’s purse, I’m sure if she’s doing this, then she has pills or something. Lisa wouldn’t drink so much to end up like that. At that party before I didn’t drink that much, either. So I’m sure someone is drugging people.”

            “Okay… why is this so important though? Couldn’t we just let it slide? It's not like she's doing what we're doing...” Cindy asked as they made their way towards her house, leaving the naked blond photographer alone.

            “I want payback,” Maggie simply replied, opening the back door to Cindy’s house.

            It had been over two hours since Maggie and Cindy had left the party. The crowd had shrunk a considerable amount. The back door led into the party room, where the dance floor was empty and the few people that were in there was hanging around the bar and near the table where Maggie and Kansas were sitting. “What is going on over there?” Cindy asked curiously as she padded over to the table. The DJ and three other people stood around Chrissy Pak. The soccer player was also standing, twisted around, looking behind herself with a worried look on her face that border lined panic. The DJ looked amused, along with two other guys that were there. Maggie recognized the two other guys as the two Asian guys that Chrissy had been eying earlier. The only girl of the bunch was the only person that showed concern in her expression; she had one hand on Chrissy’s shoulder. Anastasia Ramos stood closest to Chrissy with her full attention on the girl despite the smiles from the three men of the group. “Weird,” Cindy said, looking at the unmoving scene.

            “Oh yeah… I kinda froze Chrissy when time was still moving, by accident. Guess I should have done something to fix it,” Maggie explained.

            “Mags!” Cindy remarked, putting her hands on her naked hips. “What are we going to do? Who knows who else saw her frozen like this?”

            “Well it doesn’t matter it’s just the four of them now; we’ll figure something out,” Maggie replied. “Come on, let’s go find that kinky bitch, you know where she might be hanging out?”

            “You had better figure something out…” Cindy warned, walking away from the scene. “We were all hanging out the kitchen, she might be still there.”

            The party room had the most people. There were a total of nine people, including the four that were focused on Chrissy and the faux redhead herself. The living room held three people, two men and a girl lounging on the sofas watching a movie. Throughout the house there were random smaller groups scattered about but it looked like the party was dying down for the most part. On the way to the kitchen, they passed through the dining room and found they didn’t have to look any further for Tina.

            “I told you she was up to no good!” Maggie exclaimed victoriously, seeing the waxwork-like scene before her. Tina stood next to Cindy’s big oak dining room table with a frozen laughing expression on her face that looked ridiculous. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was open, making an odd shape. She was holding a grinning and obviously doped up Martha in a limp seated position atop the table. Martha’s head was thrown back with her eyes shut and a goofy grin on her lips that was unnatural to the Brit’s face. Tina held her up from across the back of her shoulders with one hand while the other hand tugged up the bottom of Martha’s sweater. To Maggie’s surprise there was a third girl in the room. Denise Ortega stood, stiff as board, with an ear-to-ear grin on her face. Her fingers were hooked around Martha’s black lace panties. Martha’s boots, socks and jeans sat on the floor near the table.

            “She doesn’t even drink!” Cindy cried out, rushing up to the table, looking over at her best friend and then at Tina. “You bitch!”

            Maggie found Tina’s hot pink leather clutch nearby. She opened it up and pulled a small amber jar out. “Jackpot,” she said, shaking the jar’s contents of little pills in front of her girlfriend.

            “What you want to do with her for payback?” Cindy asked looking the laughing and oblivious Tina. “I can’t believe Denise is in on it too, she’s usually so innocent…”

            “Well it makes sense, Tina and she are close. It’s hard to strip and move around a completely limp body by yourself; I should know. I’ll bet they’re both into the whole erotic aspect of it.”

            “Let’s get them back!” Cindy demanded with enthusiasm. “What should we do?”

            Maggie thought for a moment, “I got it; help me get Martha off of the table…”


            “Have you done this to someone before; you seem to know what you're doing,” Cindy asked as she looked over the dining room table. Her stripper friend Tina was stark naked and laid out on her back. Her legs were straight with her bare feet Barbie-toed as if she was still wearing her heeled boots. It had been easy to strip the stripper nude as she was basically dressed in only the dress and boots. Maggie and Cindy decided to remove her jewelry and trademark blue contacts as well for an added touch. Tina had very nice breasts, that Cindy and Maggie found out were fakes, but they were high quality fakes. She was absolutely gorgeous in the nude, perfection personified, one reason for why she was in her profession. Her body was hairless from below her eyes and Cindy and Maggie figured if she was coated in baby oil she’d really look like a mannequin.

            At the moment however Tina was only covered in fruit and vegetables. Her mouth was propped opened and contained a handful of carrot sticks. Her hands were slightly parted from her sides with her palms up. Each hand was cupped and held a small bowl of dip, ranch dressing in one and blue cheese in the other. Most of her torso and sex was covered in various chopped-up fruit and vegetables. Her breasts and long bare legs were left uncovered. “I did this once to Erika Stone… I think this will teach Tina to not mess around with us,” Maggie replied.

            “What?! Erika Stone?!” Cindy asked shocked and amazed. “Tell me more!”

            “Some other time… it’s a long story that ended funny, though it was a little scary for a while…” Maggie replied, thinking back to that time how she Madison would later be dosed with Type-7 and played with by the billionaire.

            “Alright… you'd better tell me though. You’re just full of secrets, aren’t you?”

            “I have my share just like everyone else; is Lisa ready to go?” Maggie asked as she adjusted some cucumbers on Tina’s belly in a circle around the stripper’s jeweled navel.

            “Yeah, she’s all set,” Cindy answered, looking over her shoulder at the naked blond photographer who had been stood at attention. Her face still bore the unconscious look. Taking her place at poolside now was the stark naked Denise, who had been dosed with Tina’s sleeping pills before being posed. She had on the same party hat and sunglasses as payback for her role in Tina’s games. “What are we going to do with Martha?” Cindy then asked, gesturing at her friend who stood at attention behind Maggie. The Brit was still just clad in her sweater and panties. She stood upright with the goofy closed eyed grin still on her face.

            “Not sure yet, we’ll figure something else out; let’s just get Lisa upstairs,” Maggie said, picking up Tina’s pills and moving over to the stiff blond. She then leaned her back while Cindy grabbed her ankles. Together the couple lifted Lisa upright like a waxwork and made their way towards the stairs. Maggie’s plan was to pull Kansas and Aaron out of Cindy’s guest room and slip Steve a pill. They would place Lisa with him and make the couple think that they had a wild one-night stand even though neither would really have had sex with the other.

            Upstairs, they stood Lisa up next to the guest room. “Okay Cindy, Kansas is a pretty freaky girl and she’s in there with two guys, so be ready,” Maggie warned as she opened the door. With time stopped, the power was frozen so they could not switch on the lights and had to use the lighting from the hall that was already on to see inside of the darkened room. They could make out three dark shapes on the bed. All three were stacked on top of each other. “Damn, threesome!”

            “You weren’t kidding,” Cindy giggled as they stepped into the dimly lit room. Closer to the bed they could see that Steve was on the bottom, with Kansas on top of him and Aaron over her. They couldn’t guess at the details of how Kansas set everything up, nor did they want to.

            They first pulled Aaron off. Maggie found that he was much heavier for some reason before realizing she and Cindy were both weak. They struggled, laughed a little and almost got crushed by the naked man before they got him upright and dragged out of the room. They arranged his body to stand at attention, more or less. His face bore a close-eyed expression with his jaw hanging open. His hair was a mess and his member was shiny with Kansas’s juices, at least that what they assumed.

            Kansas was next and she was easier. She soon stood out in the hallway next to Aaron, her limbs arranged so she could stand without falling over. Her face bore an odd expression with her eyes half closed and lips in the shape of an open mouthed kiss with her tongue slightly sticking out. She had obviously been making out with Steve when time had stopped. Lisa was then moved into the room and placed in the bed. Maggie dropped a pill into Steve’s partially open lips and made sure it was in his throat. Cindy then draped a blanket over the naked couple before they left, closing the door behind them.

            “Now where are we going to put Aaron, and can we cover him up?” Cindy asked looking the man up and down before turning her attention to Kansas. She couldn’t help but to fondle the frozen girl’s naked breasts, her nipples were rock hard and erect. She looking the girl up and down as she did so. “She’s pretty hot, a really nice body,” she observed and laughed seeing that Kansas’ womanhood was frozen wide open since she was in the process of having sex when time stopped.

            “Yeah, she’s pretty nice,” Maggie agreed, stepping beside her frozen friend tracing her lips with her finger.

            Cindy stopped touching Kansas’ nipples and looked over at Maggie with a smile, “Let’s take her back to your place. I want to play with her. I think I would feel a lot better if I get to mess with her for a change.”

            Maggie shrugged, “I guess we can do that…”


            “Well… since we’re taking my best friend to add to our private party…”

            “Sure, we can take Martha too.”

            “Oh cool!” Maggie remarked and hugged Cindy, “You read my mind.”

            “Now, what about him?” Cindy asked, gesturing at Aaron.

            “I've got an idea, it might take a while but I think we can manage seeing as we have some motivation…” Maggie said, tapping Kansas’ nose.


            Roughly an hour later – their time – Maggie and Cindy were all done and a bit tired. They had moved everyone that was left at the party into the dining room where the Tina buffet was visible and arranged them around the table. Diane was moved into the house and she and Chrissy moved into the now empty living room. They were placed on the sofa along with the two guys that Chrissy had being flirting with. When time would restart, Maggie hoped they would have something to talk about and if Chrissy would be distracted enough to forget that Maggie had vanished on her. Chi was moved into the house and stripped naked like her husband. The couple was given one each of Tina’s pills and placed in another guest room. With all that done, Maggie and Cindy retreated back to her house. They would keep time frozen for another at least another hour before unfreezing it.

            In Maggie’s bedroom, Martha, now naked, was placed next to Kansas lying shoulder to shoulder. Charlene and Amanda were put in a lover’s embrace in the corner of the room. The younger woman was rendered into her birthday suit as well. Maggie and Cindy had agreed to keep all four frozen for the weekend. They were going to have a fun two days and a night. Both girls crawled into the bed, Cindy on Kansas’ side and Maggie on Martha’s side. “One hour and then you start time back up, I kick everyone out and we start our weekend?” Cindy asked, probing her finger into Kansas’ snatch.

            “That sounds like a plan to me,” Maggie agreed and kissed Martha’s cheek. “How do you feel now?”

            Cindy smiled, looking at Kansas’ statue-like body from head to toe, “It's the oddest thing, but I don't have a problem with her anymore...”

The End - until visiting Maggie's Palace...


Maggie Yen – Yin Chang

Charlene Masters – Marion Cotillard

Kansas Wilkins – Ciara Harris

Cindy Vu – Jenny Chu

Martha Cassidy – Pippa Middleton

Tina Ly – Kim Loan

Denise Ortega – Alexa Vega

Anastasia Ramos – Christine Honey Cruz

Chrissy Pak – Jenna Ushkowitz

Diane West – Elena Satine

Lisa Collins – Katie Cassidy

Amanda Burns – Amanda Bynes

Chi Ross – Lynhthy Nguyen

Aaron Ross – Sam Huntington

Steve Furlong – Darren Criss

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