Faeophobia - - ‘Make-Out Spot’

by XXXecil

            She was gorgeous, seemingly even more soft and flawless than the first time he had seen her. At least, gorgeous if you had a thing for pregnant gals, the way Brad did. Her floral pattern dress was far too short for her over 6-foot, statuesque frame, capped by her fertile womb, swollen with a pumpkin-sized payload of femininity.

            It was just as well that she wore no stockings; her sculptured legs seemed to glide across the floor of the noisy bowling alley, in spite of the obvious burden of her belly. The flesh was without a single blemish, or even a stray hair. From her red stilleto-heels to the scandalously short hem of her dress, her legs glistened like svelte towers of velvet ivory that went on forever.

            Brad snickered knowingly before he waved at her.

Her hair was like a soft curtain of coppery gold that cascaded gently upon her shoulders, framing eyes that shone like emerald pools of youthful innocence. Her face itself had a youthful grace that belied the towering grandeur of her obviously mature body. Brad smiled and nodded as he glanced at her breasts, easily volleyball size. They seemed perkier and even more firm than the support from her belly should allow. The jutting nipples that tented the fabric of her dress declared to all that she had forgotten her bra today.

            Brad suspected that she wasn’t even sure how to wear one.

            She waved nervously, smiling and blushing like a virgin bride on her wedding night; though she was obviously more experienced than that.

“Hey pretty lady, you must be-“

“Uhm…I’m Elessil- uh…Ellie. M-My name is Ellie.” She said anxiously, as though she had just picked that name from a number of candidates.

            Brad knew better than to ask her for a last name.

            It wasn’t really a blind date, not for him anyway. He had seen her before in the same building where he took most of his classes at the University, but she didn’t recognize him, but Brad nonetheless put an awestruck look on his face, as though he hadn’t expected to be met by a creature of such sublime feminine beauty.

            “I-It’s great to be here, really…” Stammered Ellie. “Not many guys will date a pregnant girl.” She moved to sit down, and Brad was about to offer her a helping hand when…

            “By Morganna’s Moustache, how embarrassing!” she whispered harshly as she felt the front of her dress moisten. Sure enough, dark patches of wetness were spreading right were her nipples thrust forth. This lovely girl, for all her adroit grace, was unable to restrain her engorged teats from releasing their sweet milk.

            “This…this has not been my day…” mumbled Ellie as she struggled for some way to salvage the situation. But Brad quickly leaped to the rescue.

            “Hey, no problem. Trust me, I’m alright.” He grinned wolfishly. “You don’t have to prove anything, no pressure here. Let’s just…talk.” He proposed. But Ellie simply couldn’t live with the embarrassment! She had to do something, quickly!

            “Oh my, Bradley What’s that?” She said, in a tone that pretended worry as she pointed over his shoulder. Brad turned and studied the back wall, making sure to give her enough time to do whatever she needed.

            Ellie was fairly certain that he didn’t notice the strange motions she made with her hands under the table, nor the odd syllables she mouthed under her breath.

            “Hmm..don’t see anyth- huh?” As Bradley turned, he noticed something extraordinary occurring in the bowling alley; a number of patrons were drinking beer tonight, many with huge pitchers full. As Bradley watched, the beer on the 6 tables nearest them became cloudy, the liquid suddenly becoming opaque before his eyes. Several people drank from their mugs as the liquid quickly shifted composition.

            There were 4 simultaneous spurts as the bowlers realized they’d just drank a pint of milk, hmm…surprisingly rich and creamy milk. Wow…the best they’d ever tasted. Several of the men continued to drink, moaning with delight as the white nectar caressed their taste buds, not disturbed in the least by this sudden interruption in the laws of chemistry. A few women sitting at the tables began to eye one another suspiciously, then six women got up, grabbed the pitchers and stalked angrily up to the manager’s desk. As though he were somehow responsible.

            And Ellie felt like crawling under a log and vanishing. No! That was supposed to dry up her own milk! She would have to be more careful! No more public mistakes!

Brad gently held her hand and stroked it to calm the agitated girl; both of them pretending not to notice what had just happened.

            “So Ellie, what’s your Major?” said Brad, trying to change the subject. The knocked up goddess responded proudly, new confidence filling her voice.

            “Sociology.” She said with chin held high, breasts surging within their confines.

            That was typical, thought Brad.

            “So what do you study, Bradley?” she ventured. He smiled coyly, deciding to have a little fun.

            “Why don’t you guess? I’ll bet you already know!” he said with a sly grin. Brad liked to mess with girls’ heads.

            ‘HE DOESN’T LIKE ME!’ Ellie screamed from within. She had done everything wrong! She wore the wrong clothes, she had forgot to milk her breasts, and…and…she still hadn’t figured out those…what were they? Bray, Bry, what were they called? Those things you were supposed to cover your tits with under your clothes. She had been unsure and wary of them, but now realized that she had made a terrible faux pax. He probably didn’t like pregnant girls anyway.

            For now, her breasts were the only things she could do anything about. ‘They must be too small,’ she thought. ‘I thought they were pretty big, but some strippers are larger still! If I could make larger bosoms, he would like me!’ she thought frantically. Ellie pretended to cough, and turned her head, hoping Brad wouldn’t notice her hand gestures or the funny words she mumbled under her breath.

            2 tables way, Lisa Shermer noticed with mounting horror how her own, D-cup bra rapidly became far too tight. But not for long; the straps soon shattered as her titflesh soared to the size of basketballs, and beyond. Lisa clutched herself in shock, and her blond hair whirled through the air as she rose angrily from her seat, and stalked off as best she could to confront the manager. Those nearby could hear the screaming and arguing as she struggled to contain her tits as they rose to the size of beachballs and demanded that the balding, portly man ‘protect’ her. She was more angry than surprised.

            But the surprises were not yet over for Ellie. Her heart sank as she felt the tingling. It began under her breasts. In seconds, her volley-ball sized tits were thrust upwards, swelling globes of creamy cleavage burst into view, but not from the support of a bra, rather from the identical mounds that rapidly blossomed beneath them.

            Admittedly, Brad was a little startled by the ripping sounds coming from that floral dress, and by the throaty grunt Ellie gave as her top pair of tits ruptured the flimsy garments, jiggling orbs bounced into view, forcibly releasing a gleaming spray of lactation in 2 wet arcs onto the table and into Brad’s open mouth at once.

            As Ellie gaped in terminal embarrassment, she was too stunned to cover herself for a moment. And Brad was treated to a unique peepshow as 4 tanned aureoles thrust themselves at him! Erect, thimble-sized nipples still dripped with a vast supply of mother’s milk for the brood within her; or for the lucky date. Not only did she now have 4 breasts, they were still leaking! And Ellie could sense the ongoing milk production, as intense as ever before! Rivulets of milk collected upon the turgid sphere of her fecund belly as the girl moaned with humiliation.

            “Ya know, I never liked bowling. Let’s go back to campus.” Offered Brad, as he draped his jacket around Ellie and helped her rise. Surprisingly few people seemed concerned or interested as the couple left.

            “No one should be ashamed of their heritage; we should be proud of who we are…” Brad began, driving back to campus in his Toyota Camry. He had a broad smile, contrasting with the defeated pall of shame worn by his date.

            “W-what are saying, Brad?” Ellie asked again, shame being replaced by the specter of fear.

            “I’m just saying that you can’t deny who you truly are. Especially if you were born that way; I mean it’s more trouble than it’s worth, really.” Ellie sighed. He knew; her efforts at deception failed.

            “I-I guess I’ll never make a convincing human.”  Brad chuckled and shook his head.

            “Why don’t you just be what you are?” he proclaimed simply.

            “I…alright. Ooh! I’m getting my breastmilk on your jacket, sorry.” She hastily removed the garment, exposing the uncontrollably lactating breasts that had already destroyed her dress; now dribbling onto the seat cushion. She waved her hands, made several odd gestures, and mumbled something unintelligible in a language that sounded like a trickling forest stream.

            Motes of sparkling light appeared in the cabin of the Toyota Camry, and Ellie’s body shimmered and shone with golden light. The figure that remained was similar, but there was no longer any way to mistake her for a human.

            “You can start by telling me your real name.” Brad replied knowingly. She nodded.

            “Elessilyndrael, from the 7th Phane of the Leanan-Sidhe.” Her skin, formerly a beige, cream-color, was now luminescent as mother of pearl; pale as marble, yet shimmering with rainbow highlights. Her ears became upswept, angling into graceful points, while her facial features similarly swept into an elegant imitation of a soaring eagle, or perhaps a butterfly. Her hair was now a glimmering, platinum hue. Not the graying that accompanied humans with age, but rather a silvery shimmer that shone with its own glory, rather than the geriatric absence of vitality.

            “Bradley Cooper, from the City of Dallas,” they both chuckled. “You figured I wouldn’t go out with you if I knew you were an elf?”

            “A lot of people these days are afraid of the Fae. It’s not just the magic that scares them, we’re different, and many people don’t know how to act around us.”

            “So you’ve been using your magic to look like a human woman.” Brad stated.

            “I..,we have to find acceptance. We can’t go back to the Land of Faerie. As you know, with the Celestial Conjunctions of the 21st century, magic is possible again, and that enabled us to return to the Earth. We’re dying out, our magic was failing us, and all the Fae races were in decline.” She explained sadly.

            “Old news.” Brad said as he clicked on his turn signal to pull into the gas station.

            “Then you probably also understand that the only way for the races to survive and regain our powers is to breed with mortal men.”

            “Hah! you’ve been making good progress, so far. And the Elves, Nymphs, Satyrs, and Pixies, along with a few lesser known others, ended up on Earth, and most applied for U.S. citizenship.” ‘Ellie’ turned her golden-lashed eyes towards Brad wistfully.

            “This has to be home now; we have no choice but to find careers and lives here. I have to earn a place for myself on Earth, somehow. That’s why I’m studying Sociology; to find a way for humans to accept us, and the magic that we can teach. And we have no choice but to add human blood to our lineage; all the magical races will soon vanish unless we find men willing to impregnate us. But that’s not enough for me, I find mortal men endlessly fascinating, and I don’t mind admitting my desire, even though I now carry a half-elf child.”

            “Hold that thought, I’d better gas up the car.” Brad stepped out to the pump.

            But Elessilyndrael was troubled. She had encountered a lot of hostility since she arrived on the mortal plane. The virulent hatred of human women was especially fierce. She knew that Bradley would not lie with her tonight; she was disgraceful. A freakish, 4-breasted, pregnant cow, whose fertility magic was so out-of-control that she couldn’t even keep her tits from spurting. Casting spells in the mortal plane was more difficult, and her magic often backfired. It would take some getting used to.

            But it had been so long since she had a man! She was tired of being feared, just for tonight she wanted to feel the pleasure of a man’s cock thrusting inside her. Just for tonight. That was when she decided to cast a Glamour on Bradley.

            Bradley was in the bathroom when he made his decision. Most girls that got so embarrassed only wanted to run home and disappear. What a shame; he thought that the newly-arrived elves were stunningly gorgeous. And what could be more feminine than her pregnant body, overflowing with fertile bounty. Yes, he was decided.

            Since the Celestial Conjunction, magic was indeed possible, and while it was far more difficult for humans to learn, Bradley was a quick study. At least, as quick as any other human. He really wanted some tonight, and this elven babe would probably be too humiliated to go out with him again. So he swallowed his conscience, and took out the strand of her hair that he had taken. The Glamour would make him seem like the most manly man on Earth to her, only the most frigid, elderly lesbian could hope to resist  a Glamour spell. It would take a few minutes, such spells were difficult for humans, but the only way he would ever improve was with practice.

            When she heard the car door open, Elessilyndrael’s elven cunt became instantly wet. The mere knowledge that Bradley was returning sent waves of lust cascading through her gleaming body. When she beheld his rather ordinary frame, she had to stifle a grunt of animal lust from the passion that burned in her blood. Like drawn swords, her four nipples thrust forward, hardening at her supernatural arousal. She could not speak, could barely breathe; If she tried to, she knew that she would only gurgle with lust.

            Bradley’s hands shook as he struggled to steer the car. He didn’t even remember what excuse he’d given for staying in the gas station so long. His entire body was quivering with a sexual frenzy that he never imagined possible. His cock seemed bigger than ever before, as though it were growing inside the hateful confines of his pants. The pressure was rapidly becoming unbearable. He could practically hear his heart beating in his chest, and all the blood was going down below. It felt as though a bolt of lightning was trapped inside his body, and the only was to release it was within Ellie’s snatch. He couldn’t look at her again, if he did the beast in his pants would seize control of his mind, and he would attack her tender flesh with the fury of his impossible libido. They continued this way for almost 5 minutes.

            “B-Br-Bradley?” asked the trembling elf.


            “I-I think I f-figured out…y-your Major. (*gasp*) It’s…Thaumaturgy…isn’t it? You’re l-learning magic, aren’t y-you?”

            “H-how did…” but he knew. She gazed into his brown eyes, while he gazed into her silvery eyes. It was obvious what must have happened.

            “Th-there’s a great make-out spot on the r-ridge above town…” he gasped.

            “Y-Yes! Yes! Go now!”

            Bradley had barely put the car in park before she tackled him. Pinned by her gravid womb, he moaned with pleasure as he felt the warm wetness of her exposed pussy as the dripping cum moistened his pants before she tore them off of him. It was difficult for the first moments; the lust boiling within them caused both partners to attempt to take control. It was more like a wrestling match as the lusty college students grit their teeth as each struggled to be the aggressors in the inevitable mating.

            They were naked in seconds, Bradley was stronger, but the weight of her bulging belly gave the lusty elf an advantage as she finally succeeded in pinning him to the car seat, as she straddled his hips. A throaty howl of triumph erupted from her pouty lips as she impaled her dripping cunt upon Bradley’s throbbing lance of manmeat. She pressed down on him with all the might she could muster, while he grasped her ample hips like a dying man clinging to driftwood.

            Rutting away inside the fae pussy that was upon him gave a sense of immersion in a hot sea of living cum, coaxing him to climax with fanatical intensity. The combined pressure of her internal muscles, plus the distant throb of her kicking infant drove him beyond the reach of sanity.

            Her burgeoning bazookas jiggled like never before, sprinkling milk all over the seat cushions, and Brad’s tongue struggled to catch them. The golden aureoles that danced above him were animated as though the tantalizing tits leapt of their own accord to taunt his desire. A feral grin appeared on Ellie’s face as she beheld his straining.

            Howling in lust, she collapsed her chest upon her lover’s lips. Forcing an angry nipple into his mouth, his sucking relieved the mounting pressure. She ground her bosom onto his face, and for all he was worth Bradley tried to take all four nipples at once. So large were her breasts, that her massive belly was only a slight impediment.

            The taste was nearly indescribable, her womanly nectar overloaded his senses with a shifting arsenal of delightful flavors that became everything he had ever desired, as his mouth was bathed in pure magic. He knew that the spurting nipple blasting away at his tongue delivered the most perfect nourishment imaginable. And amazingly, there was no aftertaste.

            Her enchanted cunt became his world, he had no purpose, no existence beyond his impossibly swollen cock. At the end of forever, and between 2 moments, he gave his essence to the hungry box that had captured his manhood. As an infant, Bradley had been unable to distinguish his own body from the rest of the universe, and the climax brought on by the thrusting hips and glistening cunt above him caused the universe to explode.

            It was dawn before they awoke. Elessilyndrael’s tits were almost as large as the pregnant wombs of most human women. But with both of them using incantations, they could magic her breasts back down to DD-size in time for class. The Glamour spell had worn off, but both of them gazed affectionately at the other. The elf’s sweeping ears seemed to glow with the early morning sunlight. Despite her angular grace, she still possessed a stunning voluptuousness that hardened Bradley yet again.

            “Same time tomorrow?”

            “Sounds good to me.”


                                                            The End?


                                                          Not for long!

(Psst! This storyline can be continued, and new authors are free to take the idea and run with it!)

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