The Making of Bambi

by Johnsan

Sara watched as the preparations were made. She nervously fidgeted as she watched her friend move equipment and adjust items. This was a surprise he had invited her over to watch. He said it would be his attempt to give her the body she’d always wanted. “I wonder how he’s going to do this? I mean he’s good with some of these inventions but this seems a bit beyond him!!” she told herself. Still she remained even with the doubts filling her mind.

“Now Sara, this process may require you to be nude! Is that a problem?” he asked with a sly grin.

Sara blushed but instead of reacting in outrage or alarm at his suggestion her curiosity was piqued instead. She nodded “Should I undress now?” Sara asked with her reddened face.

“Umm, yeah go ahead!” he told her looking back at his equipment after gracing her with a mere glance.

Sara stood shivering in the air conditioned coolness of the lab her bare feet padding on the cold concrete floor. She had disrobed and was still waiting with her arms crossed over her chest as he continued to fuss over his electronics. Sara could see the large glass tube and wondered if she was supposed to step inside.

As if he had read her mind he grinned and looked at her. “Okay Sara time for you to step inside this tube here!” he patted the glass tube she had noticed.

Sara walked over and stepped inside as the door she hadn’t noticed opened. It too was as chilly as the other parts of the lab. Her goose bumps had goose bumps as she held herself in the now sealed tube.

“Sara you’re going to have to move your arms now!” he yelled at her after tapping the glass enclosure. Reluctantly Sara complied and stood with her arms at her side. He tapped again and waved at Sara with a smile. Then he flipped a switch and a light beamed down from the top of the tube.

Sara froze! She found she couldn’t do anything else. She couldn’t blink or move at all. With a jolt she realized she wasn’t breathing either. “Oh geez I don’t think my heart is beating either!” her fearful mind thought as she stared out of the tube and into the lab.

Then she felt the light change. It seemed to warm her skin. Sara could see herself out of the corner of her eye and see her reflection in the glass of the tube. The warming seemed to grow stronger and then when it seemed close to becoming uncomfortable it changed.

The warming changed to a tingling. This tingling itself seemed to grow as well but the sensations seemed different like she could feel fingers on her skin. The fingers seemed to make her feel so relaxed so good! In fact in the more sensitive areas they went beyond just good to delightful. But the feelings didn’t stop it just grew and grew till Sara was sure she was orgasming.

Sara was now being rocked by her orgasms. She also began to notice her skin was changing. “Oh this is feeling so good! But what’s happening to my body?” she mentally wondered as she stood frozen. Sara watched as her skin took on a shiny artificial look like it was becoming vinyl or plastic. She also could see her friend who was grinning as he watched her progressive changes. Sara was confused he should be alarmed at her plight shouldn’t he?

Instead Sara then noticed another change. Lines began to crawl over her body. They formed at her shoulder and elbow and wrist. More seemed to appear around her waist and hips. Even as she was lost in the feelings of pleasure she noticed the lines becoming darker and more defined. Again it hit her like a bolt of lightning when she realized where she’d seen lines like that before. It was on a dolls body!!

“It can’t be!! He can’t be turning me into a doll?! That’s just not possible! Isn’t it?!” the confused frozen woman asked herself. Then as if to make her think she was indeed imagining it all her face began to change as well. It began to reshape itself into an image she was sure she should know! “I’m becoming like a, a Tonner doll. Oh I know I’m changing into a Sydney fashion doll!! I can’t believe it!!” a bewildered and amazed Sara thought.

Then Sara was able to see what was happening to her crotch and again she had to be amazed as she was now as smooth as any tiny doll she’d ever seen. She began to remember how she’d told her friend how much she wanted to be a doll . How that fantasy held the very core of her being in thrall. “Maybe just maybe this is why this is happening?” the life sized doll wondered.

Then the light changed again! Sara watched as the pleasant feelings continued as before leaving her lost in a world of orgasmic bliss. This new light though soon began to have it’s effect as Sara watched the world grow larger around her. “I’m shrinking!” the now less than life sized doll mentally cried out!

Soon all that stood in the glass chamber was a sixteen inch tall plastic Sydney fashion doll. Sara’s friend who had just changed her strolled over with a smile of accomplishment on his face. He picked up the tiny plastic figure that had been a living woman only moments before. He smiled down at the doll. “Well wasn’t I right! I gave you the body you desire didn’t I!” he chuckled. All Sara could think though was how much those feelings seemed to increase she’d been having when someone touched and held her. He rubbed his fingers against her smooth plastic form. “I’ll bet you’re loving every minute of this aren’t you Sara? Or should I say Bambi!” he told the tiny plastic figure.

“Bambi?! I’m not…” then she remembered how she’d used that name before. It was her name at least her alter ego’s name. When she’d imagine herself as a doll she’d always been Bambi. “I am a doll now I guess so that would fit!” the woman now doll told herself.

He took the newly made doll and proceeded to place her naked plastic form into a box. For Bambi this was another fantasy come true as she found herself wrapped and tied up in the box she felt so at home in. Indeed she was finding herself more and more at home with the idea of being a doll now that the shock of her transformation was fading. “I’m a doll! I really am a doll. My face is painted on! My body is jointed! I can be posed and dressed however my owner would want! I really am Bambi doll now!!” the doll thought with a measure of glee in her now doll like mind.

He smiled at her and held the lid over her for a moment. “The fun is only beginning. I’m going to send you off for a bit of a make over Bambi!” and with that the lid closed and darkness enveloped the living doll.

“A makeover?!” was all the tiny doll could think before the lights went out.


Bambi could do nothing in the darkness of her doll box but take pleasure in her new form and all the sensations it entailed. She realized she really was enjoying being a doll just like she’d imagined all those times before. In the darkness though she found herself dozing off though and soon she was asleep.

Then the box lid came off and the explosion of light awoke the tiny doll. “I’m here?!” she thought “But where’s here!” she wondered. As in in answer she was taking out of her box by a woman she’d never known before. Bambi was placed on a work table in a stand. From her stand she could see other dolls some nude some fully dressed and some being repainted.

Bambi realized she was to be next! The woman looked at Bambi and then at the letter that arrived with her. She smiled and looked at Bambi “Well hello Bambi I’m happy to meet you! I’ll be doing your makeover so you can be the beautiful doll you’ve always wanted!” the woman laughed as she began to gather her tools to work on Bambi.

Soon Bambi began to feel just what it was like to have all her original paint removed. It was both alarming and exciting at the same time. Still each caress and brush moved against her doll like body sent those feelings of erotic pleasure to course through her tiny artificial body.


Bambi caught sight of herself in a small mirror on the desk she was being kept on. It was a little disturbing to see herself without a face. In fact she began to get a feeling about what it might have been like when she was made in the factory. Well as she might have been had she been made in a factory that is.

She then felt and watched as this artist began to paint a new face on her. Each brushstroke was another gentle caress on her vinyl plastic body. Each one another heightening of her sexual arousal. Each stroke sending another orgasmic wave through the mind of the living doll. Each one making it harder and harder for her to remember Sara. Each one bringing Bambi the doll truly to live with only her memories and thoughts left in the mind of the sixteen inch doll.


It was a month or so when the package finally arrived at his house. He’d been anticipating her arrival since he’d sent her to be repainted. He’d hurriedly opened the box that contained his remade doll. She took his breath away, she was so beautiful.

She was just like how Sara would have wished. He looked at her certificate of authenticity and grinned.

“Welcome home Bambi you’re finally just how we both wanted!” he carefully picked up the doll and kissed her gently. “You’ll be just the new addition I was looking for!” he grinned.



He showed her the certificate he’d seen before. “Now no one will have any doubts that you are really a doll!.

He opened the door to the doll case with other fashion dolls standing inside. “These ladies will keep you company here in your new home!” he smiled.

Bambi looked at her new home and grinned to herself.

“Oh, I’m going to be so happy here with my new owner and his other dolls!” the blonde sexy doll told herself.

“I’m so glad I was made just for him!” she added with a sense of joy that only a new doll could have!

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