Making A Super Realistic Sex Toy

by: Commodore

To all of you fine people the earlier pupation to this story titled “MAKING A SUPER REALISTIC SEX TOY” was an unfinished version of what you are about to read that I unknowingly summited, and hope you all enjoy the now completed version, and be seeing you all around.



Greetings to all of you, I’m a self-proclaimed Toy Master for I can make thee most lifelike sex toys you would ever find. As a matter of fact they’re so lifelike people would think that they are a real flesh and blood woman that is until they see that they do not react to anything you say and or do.

            Now I have decided to share you all of you my secret to making sole realistic female sex toys. The real truth is that they all started out as “REAL FLESH and BLOOD WOMEN”, only they have a new bio chip placed at the base of their necks that allows me to not only turn them into lifeless sex toys but also control what they say and do.

            Now that I’ve told you fine people what I do and how I do it, I would like to tell you all about my latest toy, her name is Anna Beth, and how she came to mine. It all started when I saw her at the beach wearing a pink bikini; at that one instant I wanted her to be mine. So over a period of a month I watched and observed her, looking for the right time for me to tag her. That time came when I came across her at the beach lying out on a beach towel on her front with her bikini top undone, snoozing. At the moment I just carefully walked over to where she was lying and got on my knees. Opening up the bag that I had kept inside a special pocket inside a pocket, containing my bio chips, I tagged her in that instant she became nothing more than a sex toy lying there with her eyes closed while I or anyone else could do whatever they want without her knowing it.  But right then the only thing did was to move my hand up and down her back, going from her shoulders all the way down to the back of her thighs. After I was done feeling her up, I backed away from her and brought out her new remote control; my pressing the Green button instantly brought her back to life, unaware that anything had happened to her.

A couple of minutes later I decided that I wanted to play with her again, so I used the Yellow button, which allowed me to put whatever thought and or instructions I wanted into her head and she would have no choice but to follow them. What I did I put into her head is that she would want to walk over to a building where the old beach showers were in, and once in there she would place her things right by the wall and walk over to a red circle and then strike a mannequin style pose and hold it until she heard a door close. A few seconds after I finished giving the instructions, she suddenly felt a need to go somewhere, so she got her things and walked off, where to her surprise she found the old beach men’s shower room. Entering without hesitation, she left her things by the wall and walked over to the middle of the shower room where someone had panted a red circle. After reaching the spot, she suddenly had a need to take a mannequin’s pose, which startled her, for Anna Beth she wasn’t into playing that kind of fantasy stuff and tried to stop herself and before realizing she could not. Before she knew it she was standing stiffly in a mannequin style pose; she wanted to move but her body wouldn’t obey. Even though she was panicking and wanting to move, her face and body looked calm and peaceful.

I was hiding in the adjoining restroom, watching her having to do everything I had told her to do and I watched her as she got into the mannequin style pose and held it unwillingly, waiting for a door to close to move again. Instead after a few seconds I pressed the Red button, which instantly turned her back into a lifeless sex toy, just standing there, waiting for me to do whatever I wished with her body. The first thing I did was to remove her bikini top so that I could carefully examine her boobs; then I removed her bottom and beheld her in all her feminine glory, knowing that she looked that way when was real. Even though now she’s nothing but a sex toy, she was just as great as if she was still a real woman. After I was done with her, I cleaned her up, put the bikini back on her and then moved her back into the same pose she was in as a mannequin as well as the spot within the red circle. Then I went back into hiding and pressed the Green button; she instantly went back to being a real live woman again, unaware that she had spent the last few hours being nothing more than a toy. With that fact confirmed, I decided to latch the closet door, allowing her to move again whereupon she unfroze and after a few minutes of bewilderment decided to just go home for the rest of the day.

A couple of days later I saw her again; this time I thought about having her not only talk to me, but also hang out with me. I pressed the Yellow button again, this time instructing her to want to talk to a man nearby, describing myself and everything I was wearing, so there would be no confusion. I also instructed her to enjoy being with me and also not reveal to her friends and family the fact that she kept losing time during her day without knowing why.

She came to a few seonds later and suddenly felt like wanting to talk to a stranger that she had never met before, not knowing why she felt this way; soon she came walking up to me and wanting to talk; after a couple seconds more she found herself actually enjoying hanging out with me. From there we became friends; she wanted to hang out with me, even with her losing a few hours of time to time, not knowing how or why, all that time thinking that I’m one of the best male friends she has had, due to all the attention I paid to her.

After a few days later, I then instructed Anna Beth to start imagining what it would be like if she had become a sex toy that men would play with and move, pose, and even be taken to bed and played with. I also instructed her to not tell anyone about private fantasy but that she would leave hints of her secret desire when she was with me, like wanting to have me play with her body while she seemed unaware. Then a few months later, I instructed her to finally tell me about her sex toy fantasy; wanting me to play with her, willing even to let me remove her clothes thus seeing her and all of her feminine glory.

Again she came to and found herself being drawn more strongly to me, wanting to spend more time with me than ever; after a period of months she found herself telling me about her sex toy fantasy, wishing for me to play with her and even letting me completely undress her. Despite the fact that she seemed to lose more time while we were playing, she wanted to spend more time with me and thoroughly enjoyed the attention I would give to her and her body and that it made her feel really sexy. As a result we grew closer to each other to where she would was willing spend the night over at my place, not caring that I was stopping her and playing with her as a lifeless toy.

A year after I first tagged Anna Beth, I decided I wanted her to move in with me and become my live-in Sex Toy; although she would call it a live-in Girlfriend/Lover. One night while we were hanging out over at her place I used the Yellow button to instruct her that when I asked her if she would like to move in with me, she would say yes and would want to as well. I also instructed her that if I was to reveal the fact that I could actually turn her into a sex toy that she would be perfectly fine with it and even enjoy the thought of someone turning her into a toy and playing with her because of all the enjoyment she would give him as a sex toy.

Sure enough, a few seconds later when I asked her if she would like to move in with me she found herself instantly saying yes and started looking forward to the thought of living with me. As we were finishing moving Anna Beth in, she turned to me and asked if I would I like to play with her; I said sure; seconds later we were going at it. Just as we had finished I turned to Anna Beth and asked her what would she say if I could actually turn her into a lifeless sex toy; she replied that “If anyone else was to say that I would be creeped out, but with you I’m intrigued why you ask.” She turned to me with a yearning look. “What do you mean?”

That’s when I turned around looked her in her eyes and stated that I could turn her into a sex toy that anyone could play with. She looked into my eyes with a playful smile on her face and said, “Could you now, huh?” All I did was nod. With that she grinned and said “If you could actually turn me into a lifeless sex toy, I would like for you to remove all my clothes except for my panties” and with a bit of disbelief showing on her face, she added, “If you could actually do what you just said.”  With that, I simply took her by one hand and we went to the front room. I had her stand at the entrance to the hallway; saying to her “Prepare to become a believer...” as I pressed the red button on the remote.

Sure enough the moment I pressed the button, she completely stopped moving and became nothing more than a sex toy that just happened to look and feel exactly like Anna Beth. From there, I walked over to her and said to her – knowing that she couldn’t see, hear, or feel anything – “Well honey, you asked that if I could do as I claimed, you wanted me to bring you back to life wearing nothing but your panties.” I gave her a good look over and then said, “That’s all you will be wearing, but I’m going to have to put them back on you when I’m done!” I started removing her clothes as before; when I freed her of her bra, her boobs remained shaped exactly the way they were with her bra on. Once she was completely declothed, I tuck her into bed and played with her for hours, thoroughly enjoying her; by the time I was finished, she had been a sex toy for a full 24 hours. But I remembered where she had been and what pose she was in and I made sure that the panties she had been wearing were put back on her body. Then I went about making sure I was situated in the room, as I needed to be, and pressed the green button.

With that she went back to being a living breathing young woman, totally unaware that she had just spent the last 24 hours being nothing more than a lifeless sex toy that I had played with. That is until she realized she was wearing only her panties, and nothing else; with that she looked over at me and said, “So you can do that to me.” With any other woman, including Anna Beth before being tagged, they would’ve gotten pissed off and raised all kind of hell and started to sue you for everything you had. But thanks to Anna Beth being tagged, she was really quite happy about it and glad that I have taken care of her; she was starting to see herself as being mine.

After a bit, well, we started to enjoy each other, and I started enjoying her both as a real person as well as a sex toy. Over time I also started a routine where, when we would be having sex together, that just as I was getting close to the big moment I would press the red button to make her freeze while we were in bed; then I would play with her.  She, of course didn’t know.  When I was revitalized and ready for another go, I would bring her back to life: from her point of view I had an unbelievable amount of energy in bed. All the while I would be carrying on with this routine for up to month.

It’s not like it was just me having fun; from time to time she would slip into something that would show off her figure, place a post-it note on her breast saying: {I would like for you to play with me, and enjoy me as only you ever can} with it always signed: {My Love} Then she would use her own remote, and using the remote’s timer to activate the red button on a 10-second delay, she would walk over to our bed, and then be able to strike a seductive pose before becoming a sex toy waiting for me to come home and play with her.

Now, Anna Beth’s favorite seductive pose of choice was as follows, with a few tantalizing alternatives from time to time: She would put on a baby-doll style outfit, the kind with the push up bra to emphasize her boobs, in a honey gold see-through mesh with a fitted matching panties; she wore matching gold 3-inch heels. She would pose having her right leg out and slightly bent at the knee, and the toes pointed out, her left leg just straight. Her left arm would be bent at the elbow at about a 40 to 45 degree angle, her hand angled just about inch from her hips, with her right arm just hanging down at her side, hand relaxed. Just before she froze rigidly she would take in and hold a deep breath while pulling in at her waist to accentuate her boobs, making them pop out more. Finishing it all out would be her face; full makeup, her lips slightly parted and a bit of a curve upwards at the tips, light blue eye liner working with her deep emerald eyes having specks of light brown accents at the edge of her irises. Her long, shoulder-blade-length light brown hair had some blonde accents tastefully added that complemented perfectly her honey gold colored baby doll outfit.

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