The Assistants — Manipulated

by JMD

Are you ready for some serious magic, way beyond card tricks and pulling bunches of flowers out of the air?
This is the latest chapter in a series of stories featuring magical mischieviousness and transformations that begins with Halloween Showdown.
The previous chapter is Party Toons. If you're new to the series, you may want to start there or re-read it from the beginning if it's been a while. You won't be disappointed. [Ed.]

Part 1

“Well, look who decided to join us,” Crystal said, as Kristina came through the backstage door of the hotel auditorium.

As the tall girl crossed over to them, Michelle broke out into song. “Here she comes, just a walking down the street…” Crystal joined in with her on the next line. “Singing doo wah diddy diddy, diddy dum, diddy doo.”

Kristina gave them both a sour look. “Very funny,” she said, sticking her tongue out at the two cutups. “Look, I’m sorry I’m late. I’m meeting a friend later, and I guess I let time get away from me while I was getting ready.”

“It’s okay, Kristi,” Tiffany told her, unable to hide her smile at her friends’ shenanigans. “I don’t think Paul’s quite ready for us yet anyway.” She pointed over to an out-of-the-way corner of the stage area, where Paul and Hollie were busy setting up some equipment.

“Good,” Kristina smiled.

“So,” Michelle said, looking her over carefully. “Meeting a friend, eh?”

Something in the shorter girl’s tone immediately made Kristina weary. “Uh, yeah.”

“Just a friend?”

“Uh, yeah,” Kristina said again, a little more cautiously. “Why?”

“No reason,” Michelle answered. She waited a few seconds before going on. “It’s just that that dress really doesn’t say ‘friend’ to me, is all.”

“What’s wrong with my dress?” the young girl asked, looking down at her attire. It was an open-backed black dress with a keyhole neckline and fluttery lace on the sleeves. Sure, it showed a bit of cleavage, but it went all the way to her knees. A little black purse and three-inch sling back sandals completed her ensemble.

“Nothing.” After another pause, Michelle added, “Just be sure to fold it over a chair or something. That material wrinkles real easy.”


“Oh, take it easy, Kristi,” Michelle said, cutting her off. “I’m just jerking your chain. No need to go getting your bra in a bunch.”

“Not that you could,” Crystal quickly added, “seeing as how you seem to have forgotten to put one on.” The comment brought a red flush to Kristina’s cheeks and her hand came up to cover the opened bust line of her dress. Seeing the girl’s obvious embarrassment, Crystal pressed on. “Tell me, is that the only underwear you decided you weren’t going to need tonight?”

Kristina’s cheeks reddened even more, but before she could say anything, Paul called out. “Okay, ladies, I think we’re ready here.” Settling for just a frustrated huff of air, Kristina turned her back on her tormentors and headed across the stage. Behind her back, she missed the victorious high-five that Crystal and Michelle shared before following her. With a disapproving shake of her head, Tiffany brought up the rear.

“Alrighty,” Paul said as they gathered around, “I know we don’t actually open until tomorrow, and you all probably have plans for the evening. I just wanted to show you a new illusion that I’m thinking about adding to the show.” With that he stepped aside to show off the stuff he had set up on the fold-up table.

“Oh my god,” Michelle spit out. “Is that a computer?”

“It is indeed,” Paul said proudly.

“But I thought you hated computers, Boss?” Crystal put in.

Paul’s face fell. “Who says I hate computers?” he asked defensively. “Hollie and I have a computer at home.”

“Yeah,” Michelle admitted. “You do.”

“But Hollie tells us,” Crystal added, “that it’s more hers than yours.”

Paul cut his eyes to his fiancée, who just gave him a non-committal shrug in reply. “Be that as it may,” he said, turning back to the other girls, “I was reading an article in this magazine the other day and it inspired this idea.”

“And the computer has something to do with it?” Tiffany asked.

“It does,” he confirmed. “You’ve all heard of photo-manipulation, right?”

The girls all shared a “is he serious” look before nodding. “You scan a picture into a computer and make changes to it,” Kristina provided.

“Right,” he said, pointing his finger at her. “Well, I didn’t know this, but apparently there are places all over the internet where people post pictures that they’ve done all kinds of wild stuff to. The more I read about it, the more I got to thinking.”

“You’re going to scan us into the computer,” Michelle sighed knowingly, “and make changes to us.”

“No,” Paul replied quickly. “Well, not exactly.” He stopped as what she said sunk in. “But you know, that’s not a bad idea.” Just like that, he was gone, lost in his imagination as he worked out how to make it happen. It took Hollie loudly clearing her throat to bring him back to the present. “Uh, yeah,” he stammered. “We’ll work that out later. For now, let me show you what I had in mind. Hollie…”

He held out one hand to his lead assistant. Next to the table was a three-sided box with a curtain hanging over the front. With his other hand, Paul pulled back the curtain and guided Hollie inside. After the curtain was dropped back into place, Hollie’s shadow was clearly visible on its surface. He moved around to the computer keyboard, motioning for the other girls to join him.

“Okay,” he said, tapping a couple of keys, “as you can see, I’ve already loaded a picture of Hollie into the computer.” Sure enough, a publicity still of his fiancée was on the screen. “I’ve also preloaded a bunch of presets for various things.”

“Things?” Crystal repeated.

“You know,” he said without looking around, “changes.”

With his back to them, he missed the girls sharing a smile. “What kind of changes,” Tiffany prompted.

“Well, one of the most popular is to turn someone into a statue,” he answered. “Let me show you.” Clicking on a link, he opened a drop-down menu. He considered for a moment before clicking on an item from the list. Instantly, the picture of Hollie began to change, her body turning a grayscale color.

A moan from the shadow box caused everyone to turn in that direction. They were just in time to see Hollie’s shadow, which had been moving slightly, freeze up. They waited a few seconds, but the shadow didn’t move again. Tiffany, who was the closest, reached over and pulled back the curtain. Inside Hollie had been turned to stone, a slight look of surprise frozen on her face. Only the girl’s shorts and halter-top had escaped the transformation.

“Neat,” Kristina said.

“But nothing new,” Michelle pointed out. “After all, you turned me into a statue during the Halloween Showdown illusion.”

“True,” Paul agreed, “but let’s be honest. How many truly new illusions are there? Most are just variations of the same stuff my father’s been doing for years. The difference comes in the presentation.”

“I suppose,” Michelle admitted.

“Besides,” Paul went on with a slight grin, “I plan to do more with this one than just turn you into statues.”

“Oh, really?” Crystal cooed. “Like?”

Paul smiled. “Let me show you,” he said. He nodded to Tiffany, who let the curtain fall back into place. “First, let’s bring Galatea back to life, shall we.” He punched a key, and Hollie’s picture returned to normal. A second later, the shadow on the screen began to move again. “Now,” Paul went on, “here’s another popular selection.”

The girls watched as Paul moved the mouse, aiming the arrow on the monitor at his fiancée’s chest. With a click, Hollie’s breasts in the picture began to expand outward, growing to twice their normal size.

“What the…?” Hollie’s startled voice came from the box. They all turned to see the shadow’s hands leap to her chest, trying helplessly to stop the growth there. A second later, Hollie threw the curtain back to reveal her breasts trying to force their way out of her halter top. “Okay, Mr. Wizard,” she scolded Paul. “Want to tell me where you got these?”


“Anna Nicole,” Michelle offered.

“No way,” Crystal disagreed. “Those are Dolly Parton, easy.”

“Not even close,” Michelle argued. “Anna Nicole for sure.”

“Dolly,” Crystal insisted.

“I’m telling you, they’re Anna Nicole.” She turned to Paul. “Tell her, boss. I’m right, ain’t I?”

Paul, like everyone else, had been following the debate closely, so it took him a second to realize that everyone was waiting for him to answer. “Uh, yeah,” he confirmed.

“Yes!” Michelle shouted, throwing her fist into the air in victory. “Do I know my boobs or what?”

“That’s because you are such a boob yourself,” Hollie told her. She turned back to Paul, missing Michelle’s stuck-out tongue. “Now, if you don’t mind,” she ordered, stepping back into the box, “I’d appreciate it if we got mine back to themselves please. This is starting to hurt.”

“No problem,” he told her. He waited until she was safely back behind the curtain before sharing a wink with the other girls. “This’ll just take a second,” he said, using his head to indicate that the others should pay attention.

With a few clicks, an image of a single red balloon appeared on the monitor next to Hollie’s picture. Using the cursor, Paul dragged the balloon over and laid it over Hollie. As they watched, Hollie’s image seemed to be absorbed by the balloon, until only her face on the red surface remained.

“What’s the hold-up out there,” Hollie’s voice came out of the box. “I’m serious, Paul. My ba--ack!” On the screen, Hollie’s shadow changed shape, compressing into a round shape that hung in the air. After a moment, Hollie said, “Oh, someone’s full of themselves today, I see.”

This time, Paul got up from the computer and opened the screen himself. Inside the box, a red balloon, a long string dangling from the bottom, floated where Hollie had been. Just like on the computer, Hollie’s face was clearly visible on the red surface. “Maybe a little,” Paul admitted. Hollie’s only reply to that was a single huff.

“Tiffany was right,” Crystal said to Michelle. “She is an airhead.”

“What?” Hollie shouted. “Tiff…?”

The other girl quickly held up her hands in defense. “What I said was that you could be an airhead … sometimes.” She turned a scolding look to Crystal, who just shrugged.

Hollie just shook her head, which (since that was all she was at the moment) resulted in her twisting around on the end of her string. “You’re all hopeless,” she said. She cut her eyes up to her husband-to-be. “All of you. Now, can I please have my body back? And I mean it when I say my body.”

Paul swallowed playfully. “Yes, dear,” he said, letting the curtain fall back into place. He moved back around to the computer and pressed the clear key. On the monitor, Hollie was separated from the balloon. A few seconds later, Hollie pushed the curtain aside and stepped out of the box. “Happy now?” he asked.

“That depends,” she told him. She twisted her butt around to the girls. “Do I have a tail?” They all shook their heads. “Happy now,” Hollie confirmed.

“Oh-kay,” Paul said, typing a couple more things into the computer before turning back to the girls, “I’d say that ends our little demonstration for now. There’s still some work to do obviously. We need to work up a story for one thing. Michelle’s scanner idea could be just what we need there.”

Crystal smacked the shorter girl on the back of the head. “Yeah,” she said. “Thanks for that, Michelle.”

“In the meantime,” Paul continued, “I’ve already loaded in pictures for each of you, so that we can work out the details of the act as we have time. Any questions?”

“I’ve got one,” Tiffany offered.


“Well,” the girl said, “computers go down all the time. What happens to us if we’re all balloons or something and this one does?”

“That’s a good question,” Michelle agreed. “Do we change back, or are we stuck until you contact tech support?”

“Not at all,” Paul explained. “I’ve set it up so that the magic will only last for about an hour. So, if for some reason, I can’t restore you before then, you’ll change back automatically at that point. Anybody else?” Kristina raised her hand. “Yeah, Kristi?” Paul asked with a slight smile at his newest assistant’s innocence.

“Is the shadow box necessary for the magic to work?” the girl inquired.

“No more than any of the other things we use to hide the actual magic from the audience,” he replied. “In fact, for this demonstration, I didn’t even bother to run a cord between the box and the computer. Let me show you.” He turned and pushed a single key.

“Hey!” Hollie called out. “Now hold on ju…”

She stopped as she realized that she seemed to be shrinking. She looked to each of the people around her, noting their various expressions, before looking down at her diminishing body. Her eyes grew into saucers at the sight of her legs melting into a puddle of pink goo. She was already down to her knees and sinking fast. A quick glance up to the monitor confirmed that her picture was going through the same liquification. She cut her eyes back to Paul. “You sneaky bast-urk.” The last of that was gargled by her mouth being added to the growing pink puddle. A second later, the rest of her joined it. The only evidence that the goo on the stage floor had ever been a living woman was her flip-flops, shorts and halter-top floating in her liquefied body.

The other girls stared down at the Hollie puddle for a few moments. “Now,” Michelle said, breaking the silence, “that was neat.”

“Any more questions?” Paul asked, smiling at the nervous looks the girls shared. “No? Okay, I guess that’s it for now, then. You girls go and enjoy the rest of your evening. Have fun. Just remember that we have a show to do tomorrow night, okay?” His gaze settled on Crystal in particular.

Crystal placed her hand over her heart. “No problem, boss,” she told him. “I learned my lesson last time. I’ll be ready. I promise. All I’m planning to do is check out this club I’ve heard about downtown.” She turned to the other girls. “Anyone care to come with?”

“I’ll go,” Michelle piped up. “How about it, Tiff?”

“No, but thanks,” Tiffany declined. “I got into a volleyball game down at the beach today, and I’m flat wore out. All I want to do is take a hot shower, get into my favorite sleep shirt and fall on my face.”

“No problem,” Crystal told her. “I know you have other plans, Kristi. How about you and the puddle, Paul? Want to join us?”

Paul cleared his throat and looked down at Hollie’s melted form. “Uh, I don’t think so,” he said, turning back to her. “We sort of have other plans.”

Crystal shared a smile with Michelle. “I bet you do,” she said. “You know, it’s a little unfair that you and Hollie are the only ones that don’t have to pack sex toys when we go out on tour.”

Paul’s cheeks turned red. “Uh, okay,” he said, ignoring the comment. “Enjoy yourselves. We’ll see you all in the morning.” Taking the hint, the group head off, taking care not to step in the puddle of Hollie on the floor.

Paul waited until they were gone before bending down to his liquid fiancée. Without a word, he picked her clothes out of the puddle, taking time to squeeze out any of Hollie they might have absorbed. Standing back up, he placed them on the table next to the monitor before reaching over and pressing the clear key.

Instantly, Hollie began to reform. First, her head, then the rest of her rose up out of the puddle that slowly disappeared as more and more of her was restored. Finally, she stood naked before him. “You are a wicked, wicked man, you know that?” she told him, biting her lip.

“I know,” he said. A second later, she was on him, her lips pressed tightly against his. Putting his arms around her, he returned the kiss, enjoying the feel of her naked skin against his own. Enjoying it a lot.

Finally, he forced himself to pull away. “Okay, I’d say I was forgiven.”

“Mmmhmm,” Hollie moaned, running her hands over his body.

“Good,” he smiled. “Just let me get this computer shut down, and we’ll head up to the room and you can show me how much.”


“Nuh-uh?” he repeated.

“Nuh-uh,” she said again. “You know what melting does to me. The computer can wait.”


“No buts, Paul,” she told him. “Now.” To make it clear how serious she was, she moved her hand down to the front of his pants. “Now!” she emphasized.

Paul had to swallow before answering. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Now, it is.” He pulled her back into a kiss, and as he did, the two of them dissolved into two intertwined clouds of smoke. The two clouds moved quickly to the air conditioning vent and were gone.

On the table, the computer hummed away.


Part 2

With her thumb, Tiffany flipped off the power of her blow dryer. Setting it down on the bathroom counter, she ran her fingers through her auburn hair, fluffing it out. Satisfied, she unplugged the dryer and wrapped the cord around the handle. As she did, she spotted the skinned elbow she’d gotten diving for the volleyball that afternoon in the mirror behind the sink.

Setting the dryer back down, she gently patted at the scrape with one finger. It was a bit tender, but she didn’t regret joining the game. She’d always been a bit of a tomboy. Being on tour, there were few opportunities for her to really mix it up. To her, a skinned elbow was a small price to pay for a good hour of pure athletic release.

She’d earned a good night’s sleep, though. So she hoped that Kristina, who she was bunking with, would stay out most of the night. She felt a little guilty for thinking that. She liked the newest member of their group. She really did. But as quiet as the girl could be in public situations, she was a regular chatterbox when you got her alone. And tonight, Tiffany wasn’t up for anything but eight solid silent hours.

Leaving the bathroom, Tiffany went over to where she’d left her suitcases. Unlike Kristina, she hadn’t taken the time to unpack when they’d checked in that afternoon. They were only scheduled for the one show, and it just didn’t make sense to her. She’d just have to pack it all back the morning after the show anyway, so why bother?

Picking up one of the cases, she set it on her bed and clicked it open. Taking out a pair of panties and her favorite sleepshirt, she laid them out on the bed. Locking the suitcase back, she put it back with the others. Slipping out of her bathrobe, she tossed it over the back of one of the chairs that circled the small table in the corner of the suite. She quickly stepped into the panties, before throwing the pale blue sleepshirt over her head.

As she tugged the soft cotton down over her hips, she smiled at the sight of the two black handprints on the front of the shirt. They were positioned in such a way that they appeared to be cupping her breasts. Without looking, she knew that two matching hands could be found on the back, cradling the curve of her butt.

The shirt had been a present from her boyfriend. “To remind you of me while you’re on the road,” he’d told her. She’d laughed at the idea at the time, but so far, the statement had proved to be dead-on. She never put on the sleepshirt without thinking about Tim.

They had been dating for well over a year now, and they were closer than ever. She figured it was only a matter of time before he popped the question, something that she was both looking forward to and dreading in equal measure. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t love to be Mrs. Timothy Stucker; nothing would make her happier. But it would mean the end of her stage career, due to Paul’s family’s rule against married assistants. And she’d miss it greatly.

But that was a worry for another day. For now, all she wanted was a pillow. Kicking off her slippers, she reached to pull the covers down from the head of the bed...

...and that was when she felt something touch her boobs.

She stood back up straight and looked down at her breasts. She could actually see them being pushed back by some unseen force. From her point of view, it almost looked like the hands on her sleepshirt were applying the pressure. To add to that illusion, she felt a similar sensation start on her backside. But, as the pressure continued, it didn’t take her long to figure out that this was more than some kind of magical groping. After all, she’d been flattened enough times in the act to recognize the sensation.

Sure enough, as she watched, her breasts were pressed completely flat against her chest. A second later, the rest of her body began to follow their example. And there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. The front-and-back pressing made it impossible for her to move at all. She felt a small measure of relief in the fact that she was not being squashed outward, but retained her normal feminine shape. At least she knew that she wouldn’t end up as someone’s blanket.

When she was down to about an eighth of an inch in thickness, the pressure stopped. So, she thought to herself, a cardboard cutout instead of a paper do – WHOA!!!

Without warning, the invisible force holding her in place vanished, and she found herself falling forward. Instinctively, she tried to catch herself, but she should have known better. Even without the pressure, she was unable to move at all. So, with a soft whoosh of displaced air, she found herself lying face down on the hotel room floor.

And there she stayed. She really didn’t have much choice. Until someone reversed the magic that had been used on her, she was trapped. So, with nothing else to do, she laid there and tied to figure out who had done this to her.

The most obvious suspect was, of course, Paul. But she doubted that. She’d seen him melt Hollie, after all. So, unless her best friend was still a puddle, she knew he was too busy with other things to perform. Well, to perform magic, anyway, she smiled to herself.

Since Kristi was out on a date, that just left the usual suspects. They probably thought this was the perfect way to punish her for not going clubbing with them. Well, fine. She’d just lay here and let them have their fun at her expense. It wasn’t like she could do anything about it ... yet. But sooner or later, she’d be back to her regular three-dimensional self.

And then, she promised herself, they’ll get theirs.


“Okay, roomie,” Michelle said, coming out of the bathroom. “Shower’s all yours.”

“Thanks,” Crystal replied.

“No probl...” As she turned to her friend’s voice, Michelle stopped short. Crystal was nowhere to be seen. “Uh, hello?”

“Right here,” Crystal’s voice came again.

“Right here where?” Michelle said, still not seeing her

“Right here on the bed.”

Michelle looked closer. “Sorry, sugar, but there’s nothing on that bed but a bra.”

“Yeah,” Crystal confirmed, “that would be me.”

Michelle raised an eyebrow. “Oh-key,” she said, going over for a closer look. Sure enough, a miniature version of Crystal’s face looked up at her from between the empty cups of the cotton bra on the bed. “So, exactly why are you a bra?”

“Damned if I know,” Crystal replied. “I was just laying here waiting for my turn at the shower. I closed my eyes for a bit, and when I opened them, I was ... this.”

“Mmmm,” Michelle nodded, sitting on the bed. “Well, obviously, the boss is having a little fun with his new toy.” She reached down and picked her roommate up by her shoulder straps.

“Well, don’t just sit there,” Crystal demanded. “Get him on the phone and have him put me back.”

“In a minute,” Michelle said.

“In a minute?” Crystal repeated. “Why in a minute?”

“I want to see if you’re my size first.”

“Your... Oh, hell no!”


“There’s no way that I’m going to let you wear me to that clu....” She stopped short. “Uh, what’s going on with your boobs?”

“Huh?” Michelle asked, looking down. “What do you — EEK!”

She had wrapped a towel around herself before coming out of the bathroom. It had pressed her breasts tightly together, forming a thin crevice between them. But as she watched, that crevice was disappearing. It was as if her boobs were actually melting into each other. But that couldn’t happen... could it? Of course it could. It wasn't like this was the weirdest thing she'd seen since she'd come to work for Paul.

“I’ll kill him,” she shouted, carelessly tossing Crystal back onto the bed. Ignoring the other girl’s complaints, she reached up and snatched the towel loose so that she could get a better look at what was happening to her. She was just in time to watch the strange merging come to a stop with her two nipples growing into one. “I repeat,” she said again, staring daggers at the massive breast centered on her upper torso, “I’ll kill hi ... uh!!”

Michelle’s careless toss had fortunately left Crystal face-up on the bed. So, she had a clear view of the sudden jerk that her roommate’s body had taken. At first, she thought that some invisible force had given the shorter girl a push. A second later she realized that she had it backwards. Michelle wasn’t pushed. She was pulled.

Or sucked?


What was the proper expression to describe it when someone’s arms and legs retracted into their own body? Whatever it was, Michelle was experiencing it in spades. In a matter of seconds, all that was left of the girl was her head and torso. Without her legs to act as a counterbalance, she fell backward onto the bed.

Crystal was about to ask her if she was okay, but realized it was a stupid question. Besides, the show wasn’t over yet. From where she laid on the bed next to the other girl, Crystal had the perfect vantage point to watch as Michelle’s torso began to recede into... her boob?

Apparently, Michelle came to that same realization at the exact same moment. “Oh, he has got to be fuh...,”

That’s as far as she got before her mouth was absorbed. Less than a second later, she was completely gone. All that remained was the single breast, which rolled over on its side, the nipple pointed toward Crystal who, as just a bra, could only lay there and stare at it.

Suddenly, a pair of angry eyes opened above the nipple. A second later, a mouth formed under it. “...king kidding,” Michelle spit out, completing her interrupted statement. She crossed her eyes looking down at the nipple that was substituting for her nose. Crystal started to laugh at the site, but cut it off when Michelle’s eyes cut in her direction. “Oh, laugh it up,” the newly transformed girl said. “No doubt Paul is.”

“Oh, I’m sure,” Crystal admitted.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Michelle questioned. “Why he did this to me?”

Crystal gave her a crooked eyebrow. “Apparently not.”

“What am I?”

“A tit?”

“True,” Michelle admitted. “What else?”

“I don’t know. A melon? A knocker? A hooter? A jug? A...”

“A boob!” Michelle cut her off. “I’m a boob!”

“Yes, you are,” Crystal smiled.

“Don’t you remember?” Michelle asked with obvious frustration. “Downstairs, when Paul was showing off his new toy? When he gave Hollie those massive breasts? Hollie called me a boob.”

Crystal thought about it for a second. “That’s right. She did.” She paused as she considered it some more. “So, how can you be sure she isn’t the one that did this to you?”

“Well...” Michelle had to think for a second. “I guess I can’t be for sure,” Michelle admitted. “In fact, this is more her style than Paul’s.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Crystal nodded. “So, why do you reckon she made me a bra?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because we’re always hanging out together? What’s a boob without a bra.”

Crystal considered that. “No, I don’t think so. If it was to go with you, she wouldn’t have given me two cups. Maybe it’s...”

“Who cares?” Michelle shouted, stopping her cold. “Why she did it isn’t important. That she did it is.”

“Well, there’s not a lot we can do about it now.”

“Maybe not,” Michelle agreed. “But we won’t be this way forever. And when I get my body back, I plan to a long ... um ... talk with our fearless leader about who she screws with.”


Hollie cried out as Paul entered her. Not that it hurt. Anything but. In fact, it felt good. Really good! Paul was a fantastic lover, who knew all the things that turned her on. Like being melted, she smiled inwardly.

For what had to be about the one millionth time since their relationship had gotten physical, she thanked the Sex Gods for giving her a magician lover. Otherwise, how would she have been able to experience all the truly incredible things Paul did to make her happy? Like now.

Is he ... vibrating?

Oh, god! He was! Inside her! Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes, enjoying the new wave of pleasure that was driving her closer to her coming orgasm. “Oh, Paul,” she gasped, opening her eyes, “that feels soooo ... good?”

She got a shock to find that Paul wasn’t there. But how was that possible? She could still feel him inside her, vibrating away. Was he invisible? She reached up, but only encountered empty space with her hand.

Confused, she looked down between her legs, where she could clearly see the end of something pink and round sticking out of her. A vibrator? “Paul?” she called softly. But how? She was pretty sure that Paul hadn’t pulled out. Was that him? If so, why had he done this?

She nervously reached down and touched the thing with one finger. Yep. It was real. A little more confident, she touched it again, this time giving it a little wiggle.

Instantly, she was thrown back into the pillow, as her body experienced one of the most intense orgasms of her life. For almost a minute, all Hollie could do was lay there catching her breath. Then, she looked back down her body at the vibrator still buzzing inside her. “Oh, you’re a wicked wicked man,” she said with a lopsided smile.

She reached down to pull him out, but was surprised to find out she couldn’t reach him. That didn’t make sense. She had just made herself come by wiggling him around. Why couldn’t she reach her own crotch now? Unless...

“Oh, shit!” she shouted out loud. “I’m shrinking.”

For a few seconds, she panicked, afraid that the fact that Paul was still inside her would cause her to rip apart. The fear quickly passed when she realized that, while it was true that her upper body and legs were getting smaller, the area around her transformed lover was not.

What was he up to now? But, as her arms were absorbed into her sides, she figured it out. First, he had turned himself into a sex toy. Now, it was her turn. Paul was turning her into a pocket pussy.

She expected him to restore himself so that he could use her. In fact, she was kind of looking forward to it. But he didn’t change back. Instead, he remained a vibrator and continued to stimulate her from inside. Not that she was complaining. Maybe it was the fact that she was rapidly turning into nothing but a living pussy, but Paul’s vibrations were quickly pushing her to another orgasm, this one even bigger than the one she’d just had.

So, for the millionth and first time, the Sex Gods received thanks. Leave it to Paul, she thought as she finished her transformation and came simultaneously, to come up with something new.


“Okay, that’s different,” Corrie said, staring at the morphed images of her brother and future sister-in-law on the computer screen. “I didn’t see that one coming. But like the song says: ‘Time to face the strange changes’.”

“Actually, that’s wrong.”

Corrie turned and looked down at Kristina, who remained seated in front of the computer keyboard. “What is?” she asked.

“The song,” the younger girl answered. “It actually goes ‘turn and face the strain’.”

“Are you sure?”

“I think so, yeah.”

Corrie thought about it for just a second before deciding it didn’t really matter. “Whatever,” she said with a dismissive wave, turning back to the computer. “I’m just glad I had that picture of Paul we could scan in. It would have been a shame if baby brother had to miss out on all the fun. How long will they be this way?”

“According to Paul,” Kristina replied, “the magic automatically reverses in about an hour.”

Corrie gave a little nod. “Good. That should be long enough to get back at them for what they did to me at that stupid bachelorette party.”

Kristina let out a sigh. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

The older woman narrowed her eyes at her. “Oh, right,” she scoffed. “Don’t try and play that card with me, cutie pie. I knew you had a wicked streak the first time we met. I could see it in your eyes.” An evil smile came to her lips. “Not to mention that kiss we shared,” she added.

It was Kristina’s turn to narrow her eyes. “As I recall,” she pointed out, “you used that kiss to turn me into a balloon, then twisted me into a poodle.”

Corrie gave her another of her signature waves. “Details, details,” she said, before turning the wave into an accusing finger. “The fact remains that you enjoyed messing with your friends as much as I did watching you do it. How else do you explain the rather…” She turned once more to stare at the images of Paul and Hollie turned into sex toys on the monitor. “…interesting forms you picked for them.”

Unable to argue with her, Kristina just nodded. “Okay, you win. It was fun messing with them, especially Crystal and Michelle. I’m going to pay for it, though.”

“What?” Corrie asked, genuinely confused. “How?”

“Are you kidding me?” Kristina shot back, pointing at the screen. “I’ll be lucky if Hollie doesn’t have Paul turn me into a doormat at the bus station when she finds out I did this.”

“I thought you said there was no way for anyone to find out who messed with the computer?”

Kristina nodded. “Well, Paul did leave it up, still under his log-in. But…”

Corrie cut her off. “So,” she reasoned, “it could have been the janitor as far as he knows.”

“Maybe,” Kristina admitted.

“Besides,” the other woman went on, “no one knows I’m even in town, but once I visit Paul tomorrow, you can bet that I’ll be suspect number one. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“Yeah?” Kristina said, still not convinced. “And how do you explain that I’m the only one that escaped your rampage?”

Corrie’s evil grin returned. “Who says you did?”

Kristina was brought up short for a second, before returning the grin. “Oh, yeah,” she said with false indignation. “And just what was I trapped as, pray tell.”

“Don’t worry,” Corrie replied, taking the younger girl’s hand and pulling her to her feet. “I’m sure we’ll think of something.” And without another word, she pulled Kristina into a kiss.

For her part, Kristina returned the kiss, closing her eyes and putting one hand behind Corrie’s head to pull her closer. The other hand she let drop to her side.

A moment later, Corrie gave out a startled gasp, her lips still pressed to Kristina. She tried to pull away, but the girl’s hand at the back of her head held her in place. Opening her eyes, she cut them to one side to look at the computer monitor. They went wide at what she saw.

The images of the sex toys were gone. In their place, she saw a picture of herself. As she watched, it began to change. The legs moved apart, while the arms bent at the elbows. All the visible skin in the picture developed a glossy sheen to it. Corrie had no doubts about what the picture was morphing into. At the same time, she could feel the same changes happening to her own body.

Again, she pulled away from Kristina, and this time the younger girl let her go. As she went to step away, however, Corrie felt her entire body go stiff, and only Kristina’s quick reflexes kept her from toppling over backwards. She looked into the face of her secret lover, and was rewarded with an evil grin that rivaled her own.

“Why, you little mi…” That’s as far as she got before her ongoing transformation robbed her of her voice, forcing her lips into a round oval shape. Seconds later, her eyes locked in place and it was over.

“Aw,” Kristina cooed, lightly bouncing the inflatable doll she was holding. “What’s wrong, Sweetie? I thought you liked my wicked streak.” She used one hand to play with the yellow fibers that had replaced Corrie’s hair. “You don’t know how hard it was for me not to jump for joy when you gave me that picture of Paul to scan. Especially when I saw that you were in the picture with him. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for a chance to repay you for the whole balloon poodle thing?”

She leaned the Corrie doll against the table with the computer and gathered up their purses. “Now, I know there’s no way I’m getting out of paying for this one,” she said, slipping her smaller bag into Corrie’s larger one. “But at least I’ll have an hour or so to play with you first.”

She threw the purse strap over her shoulder, turning back to her transformed lover. She looked her over carefully, biting her lips as she considered something. “You know,” she said, picking up the doll and turning it around, “this is a pretty nice hotel. It probably wouldn’t look good if I wandered through the lobby with a blowup doll under my arm.”

And with that, she popped open Corrie’s air plug.


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