"Meighan's Point of View"

by DL, with mumblings by dmuk


So, how far out in the boonies does this guy live anyways?  We've been driving for an hour and we're still not there!  He keeps saying it's just a little bit further, but it's taking forever...  I'm probably super dumb for even doing this!  I meet a guy in a bar, twice, and now I've agreed to come back to his place with him for a drink at two o'clock in the morning.  On top of that, it's out in the middle of freakin' nowhere...!  Are other twenty-eight year old girls this horny - or this hard up?

Meighan, you must be out of your mind!  But he's so cute!  And he seems really sweet; kinda shy too.  I like that.  I'm most likely worrying about nothing.  But wait a minute, this is the kinda stuff that happens to people in horror movies, or what you see on the news when they find a girl raped and dead in the woods... Oh shit, guess I'm just letting my imagination run away with me.  Aren't I?  He doesn't look like the type... But still...  Really donÕt want to have to walk back to townÉ

Oh wow, this is a long freakin' trip!  And I've had a lotta beer!  Ouch, those bumps.  Should probably be sleeping right now...  But ainÕt done partying yet... The night's still young, girl!  It may not be though by the time we get to wherever the hell it is we're going... I keep whistling that tune over and over in my head... 'Over the river and... ah, through the woods to grandma's house we... go...' Damn, I think I'm drunk!  Naah..., 'at couldn't be!  Ha, ha!  Not... jus' yet, anyways!  Omigod, how much further is it?!  Gotta' pee!! 

Cool, he's turning into a driveway.  Maybe we're finally here.  When he said he lived out in the country, I never thought he meant this far out!  Not a single streetlight, or much of anything else, for miles... and miles.  Heck, the road's barely even paved.  So dark out here.  Not used to this.  But it is peaceful, and the stars are gorgeous!  Damn; gotta pee really bad now!

Wow!  Nice house!  Okay..., maybe I can relax; there's a police car here, after all.  He said he was a cop; wasn't sure if I believed him at first, but if he's got a police car, he must be a cop.  And... a pretty hot one at that.  Cops wouldn't do anything sketchy... would they?

Just think... me, of all people, hanging out with a cop...  He seemed embarrassed or ashamed to tell me what he did at first.  Said girls usually shy away when he tells 'em...  Wonder if I should've too...?  Oh, I don't know... He seems like a regular enough person...

Not sure how far I'm gonna let this go tonight...  I do like him, though.  Oh what are you talkin' about, Meighan; you don't even know him!  You've only met him twice. But... stranger things have happened; but only once, or yeah... there was that other time...  Jen would say I'm a slut, but she's too uptight... It's been so long, and a vibrator can only do what it can do; right?  I'm human, lets face it!  There's things a girl, a woman... needs...

Okay, we're parking now.  Bathroom... please...?!

Oh, and he's such a gentleman too!  Damn, he's even coming around to open my car door.  That's sweet!  And that smooth southern accent.  It jus' makes me... Oh wow, his touch on my arm feels good too; comforting.  It's been months since Kevin and I broke up; even longer since I've had any.  But I shouldn't.  I don't even know this gu... He's kissing me again and he knows how to kiss!  His tongue feels so good in my mouth!  And his arms are strong.  Omigod, when he rubs my back like that while he's kissing me... Can feel my nipples getting a little hard... Don't think it's from the cold night air, either.  Hmmm...What's that?  I can feel something of his getting hard too and pressing against my upper thigh.  Guess he likes me just a little too, huh?  Just can't seem to say no to this guy for some reason...

Okay, we're going inside now.  It really is a nice house.  There's family pictures on the walls and oh, look... he's got the cutest little Jack Russell terrier!  Aren't you adorable...?!Ha, ha!  Licking... Jumping... Running... You're a live wire for sure!  Where ya' goin'?  Oh well, disappearing into the other room with him... Glad his daddy's home I guess...

... He doesn't seem to be a weirdo or anything.  Just relax; enjoy yourself.  It's comfy in here.  There's a nice fire in the fireplace and... cool, he just turned on some tunes - kinda low.  Haven't heard that song in a long time!

Okay...  Can't wait any longer... Third door on the left; he says... and... I think... lights... yep! Whew made it just in time!  Ahhh...

Oh, crap!  A text message.  I'ts Jen.  Yes..., I'm okay.  I'm a big girl now... Send.

Wow!  How does she type...? That was a fast reply! 

Ha!  That's a laugh!  Where are we; just in case...? I wouldn't even know where to begin... Oh, screw it.  Just call her back tomorrow... She worries too much!  Besides...

Freshen up a little... hair's good, makeup's good... Stupid zit!  Screw it!  If he hasn't noticed by now... Okay, ready...

Back from the bathroom and feel SOOO much better!  And here he comes from the kitchen with two beers, just like he promised.  He said he just wanted me to come back here for another drink and get to know me better.  That sounded lame, but maybe he was telling the truth after all.  I think he still wants a little more though.  Sure he does, Meighan... He's a guy. 

Still not sure if I trust him completely... Guess we could've gone back to my place instead.  It would've been a lot closer, and I'd have felt safer there, but it was a mess, and I didn't have a drop to drink.  I wanted another drink too and it was too late to buy anything at the stores.  So, here I am.  Stupid A.B.C. laws in this State!

A toast... Nice touch! 

Mmmm.  That beer tastes good!  It's ice cold!  Feeling a little more comfortable now, sitting here on the couch with him.  It won't hurt to scoot in a little closer.  He's got such a cute smile, and he's fun to be around.  Don't think I've had that much conversation with a guy in a club, ever. 

He doesn't know it, but I saw him watching me the whole night that first time we met a couple weeks ago.  Guess I wouldn't know that if I hadn't been watching him myself, huh?  Glad he finally got up the nerve to ask me to dance.  He's not a very good dancer, but afterward he bought me a drink and we even exchanged numbers.  Kinda sorry now I blew him off before when he called; he's a really nice guy!  After that though, I never thought I'd see him again, but lo and behold he shows up in the same bar again tonight.  And now here I am drinking beer at his house at 2 A.M., against my better judgment.  But after the way he kissed me back there in the parking lot, my mind might've said no, but my body was saying 'Hell yeah!' 

Ha, ha!  Meighan..., you are a slut!

It's funny, some loser was hollering for us to 'go get a room'.  Guess we did put on a bit of a show for everybody as they were leaving tonight.  Definitely got privacy now.  Way... out here in B.F.E.!  He sure drove a long way to get to that bar in the suburbs!  Guess there's not much around here as far as nightlife...  Not much around here as far as anything...    

Wonder why he really invited me back here tonight?  As if you don't already know... I wonder if...?  No...Well, maybe.  He does seem really interested in me.  He keeps asking questions about me and my family and where I work and stuff.  We actually have a lot in common... Guess if he was only into a one night stand, he would've made his move by now.  Heck, we've been sitting here talking for a long time, and I like it!  Don't know yet if it'll be tonight, but I could see this thing going a lot farther in the not too distant future.  Another beer?  Why not?  That first one went down pretty smooth.  Guess I kinda gulped it down before I even knew it. Hope he doesn't think... Well, he's had a lot too!

Okay, he's gone now.  Won't hurt to take a little better look around the room.  You can tell a lot about a person... Nice furniture and stuff!  Baseball trophies he won... cool!  Guess that one was in high school by the year... Not a bad decorator for a guy... Place is clean too... Eww!  Not so crazy about that deer head mounted on the wall, though.  Poor thing... It was alive once and now... just a decoration for people to gawk at...

Hmm...  Wonder who this is in the pictures... He swore he was single, but he looks awfully friendly with that same gal in a buncha' these on the mantle.  She's really pretty!  Doesn't look like a sister or anything, either.  I just hope... Be careful Meighan, you don't need any drama.  But don't jump to any quick conclusions... That other lady must be his mom... she looks a little older and he kinda resembles... 

Oh, there's my damned phone beeping again.  And yep... it's Jen.  No bailout needed, really, give it upÉ  I don't want him to think I'm rude.  Think I'll just turn it off for the night.  There... won't be bothered anymore...

Funny... the only pictures of any guys up there are the ones of his ball team and that old black and white one of a soldier.  Kinda looks like him too... handsome!

Heels off... oh yeah... that's better.  Just get comfy here on the sofa for now.  A couple squirts of this... Think my breath's okay now too... He's coming back!  Hide the spray! 

Time has flown; almost an hour has gone by since we got here, and I didn't even realize it!  This has been fun.  I'm glad I came back here now.  But what about that girl in the pictures?  Should I ask?  Yeah, screw it.  Think I've got a right to know...

Hmm.  Just a friend from a long time ago, huh...?  Guess that could be true.  The pictures do look some years old, and he's not wearing a ring or anything.  Must've stirred some old memories... He's looking at the pictures really closely; kinda has a far away look in his eyes... Maybe she broke his heart or something... We've all got a past, right?

Oh, what have you gotten yourself into Meighan?  Maybe something good, maybe not; who knows?  Just gotta let it play out...

In some ways I sorta wish he would go ahead and make a move... No... I really wish he would make a move!  I need him inside me, now!  Damn, at least another kiss would be nice.  But I think he really is shy.  Those other kisses were kinda spontaneous and we had a lot to drink!  Maybe after another beer he'll loosen up and try again.  Maybe I should try?  No!  Too forward for barely knowing him, but...

He's sitting down next to me again.  A little closer this time... good!  I just love the way he looks into my eyes.  He seems really sincere; like he really likes me.  He says I have a pretty smile.  I like his too, but just wonder if he... yeah I think he really does mean it.  Oh wow... I can really feel myself caving in on this one... Getting a lot more into the mood...

The only thing that creeps me out a little is the way he looks at my body.  It's almost like he's admiring me more from afar than as a normal sexual thing; like he's looking at an expensive painting or something on display.  Something he can't touch... Oh well, like I said, maybe he's just shy. 

Wait a minute.  It might be getting ready to happen.  I think he is getting ready to make a move!  Yep, there he goes.  He's rubbing my hand.  He's so subtle.  His other hand is touching my knee now.  Okay, Meighan.  It's time to decide.  Come on girl, what's it gonna be?  Oh what the hell?  Let's see where this leads.  He's leaning in to kiss me.  Mmmmph.  Got that tingle all over!

He's brushing my hair back... kissing my cheek... my neck.  Feels sooo good!  Don't know if I could turn him down now if...!  Mmmph... Think I'll return the favor.  Good.  He seems to like that!  Okay, his hand's working it's way d-o-w-n my arm, and he's putting his other arm around me; tighter...  Another kiss... Yep, I can usually predict 'em.

He's caressing my back and... here he goes... he's touching my boob through my blouse.  More kissing... more touching... Think his awkwardness is wearing off now... Omighod, my breath is quickening.  No, it's more like panting! Sigh... Hope I don't seem too desperate... ahh... Unbuttoning his shirt...  His chest is... hmm... pretty muscular.  Seems so strong, but his touch is soft... and kind; gentle...  Like he's afraid he'll damage me or something.  Go ahead... you can go a little further.  Don't be shy.  Hope he can read my mind... 'cause I really... ah, yea, apparently he can.  His hand's under my blouse now and he's caressing my boob again.  That feels good!  Oh, Meighan you shouldn't be doing this, but... 

He's kissing my neck again and now my earlobe.  His other hand's up the back of my shirt; reaching for the clasp on my bra.  He's not good at that.  Guess most guys aren't.  Still trying... That's not it... He's chuckling a little now.  He's cute... Think I'll help him.  Yeah, that's better... Bra's loose... and... gone.  Think I'll just go ahead and... his hand's under my blouse again and... and; mmm... touching my bare breast.  His thumb's playing around with my nipple.  It's as hard as a rock.  Omigod!  Hope he's not disappointed.  They're not huge, but they usually seem to satisfy.

Okay, this damned shirt's too constricting.  Stretch... and... Ah..., that's better.  It's laying on the floor with my bra now.  Mmmm... He's kissing my boob; circling my nipple with his tongue.  It feels so gooood... and wow, the way he's using his hand to kneed the other one... !  Goodness; panting like I've run a mile!  But that's okay.  He is too!  Screw it Meighan, go for it!  What've you got to lose?

Wow, he's hard as a rock!  I can feel him throbbing through his jeans...  There goes the belt buckle... mmmhmmph... and the button; not too tricky.  He's lifting up on the couch... just a bit, so I can lower his zipper.  Think I'll just stretch out under him while I'm doing that.  There won't be any doubt after that.  Another very juicy kiss.  He sure knows how to drive me crazy!  I want this guy so bad!  My panties are soaking wet!  He feels good in my hand too... gonna feel even better inside me!

Wow, look at him shiver when I stroke him like that; ever... so... softly...  Does that feel good?  Hmm? 

Ohh...!  His touch on my thigh is almost sending a lightening bolt through me!  He's sliding his hand under my skirt.  Glad I wore this tonight.  Oh that feels, ah, that feels.... Can hardly catch my breath.  He's rubbing my inner thigh, ah, so gently... But he's staying just far enough away from my... ah, omigod... to tease me!  It's okay, you can touch me there.  There! Believe me... 

Another kiss... lingering... from my mouth, down my neck... mmmm... now to my breasts again.  Oh kiss me right, um... yep, ah..., right there.  That's the spot!  He's past my belly button ring now.  Kissing right along, oh yeah..., my waist line.  He's driving me nuts!  Oh wow!  Can feel my whole body trembling... Mmmm... Finally, his fingers are brushing against my underwear... and now... he's finally touching me down there...

This is gonna be a good thing... 

Okay.  Ummm..., the skirt's off now too along with his pants and boxers.  It's time now Meighan!  He's sliding your panties down.  He's just so gentle and so... slow and sweet; like he really cares!  His fingers..., ahhhh..., running along the outer contour of my legs.  Undies are gone now too.  Look at that smile as he gazes down at you.  It looks like he really appreciates you as something more than just... He just told me that I'm... I'm beautiful!  And for once I think I really believe it!  Even if it's only for a few minutes... So glad now, I ah, think... yeah... it's time.  I wanna make him feel as good as I do right now!

Just a faint bit of pressure and a smile... yeah, he understands.  He's leaning back, just like I want him too.  He's smiling.  He knows what's up.  Kneeling down in front of him...  Too late to stop now.  Beer... that's all I can say.  Mmmph...  He's throwing his head back.  Listen to him moan!  His hands are on the back of my head; fingers running... through my hair.  Ummm... he tastes good.  Just a few more strokes... no.  Better not.  Think he'd go in my mouth right this second if I keep it up.  Need to save that for later.

Another kiss... Now I'm... ah, straddling him.  Omigod, he's so good looking!  He's touching my boobs again... and oh... oh, his fingers ... ahhh!  I'm so wet!  O' Oh... yeah, ahh....., a little deeper, that's right... I've ah..., gotta have him right now!

Yes... this is the moment!  He' s lowering me back onto the couch... and, and... I'm panting again.  Body is quivering!  OH YES! Finally!  He's inside me all the way, and rocking... b-a-c-k and f-o-r-th so... oh... ah..., s-l-o-w-l-y.  Think... ah..., if my legs were wrapped around him any tighter... Omigod, that feels good!

Sshew!!! Can feel the sweat on my body and see it on his.  Glistening... he's so hot!!  His eyes are closed.  Looks like he's enjoying himself.  I KNOW I am!  He's got some stamina too.  Most guys I've been with don't last any time, but wow...!  Oh... wow!  There it is!  There it IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mmmmph!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh that feels sooooo wonderful!  And... yep, that just did him in too.  He's exploding, ohhh yeah...,  inside me and his body's shuddering.  Oh... wow!  There goes another one for ah..., me... I haven't felt like this since... Now his whole body's going kinda limp.  His breath's labored; tired.  He's finally opening his eyes to look at me and he's smiling.  His eyes look so caring! So satisfied... Mine probably look appreciative... It's been a l-o-n-g time, and I think this went pretty well for the both us!  Know it was just what I needed!  Not even ashamed of having sex without hardly knowing him!  Omigod, that was too good to be ashamed of...  Wow!  Still breathing hard...

We're lying here in each other's arms now; completely silent and still.  Could get used to this... He's smoking a cigarette, but he looks like he might be drifting off to sleep.  It's almost 4 A.M. after all, but hope he doesn't doze off and drop that on the carpet.

Whew, getting a little sleepy now too.  My eyes are heavy.  Okay, he's getting up and taking my hand.  Wonder where he's leading me?  Down the hall... and... then... oh, to his bedroom.  Maybe he's up for seconds?  I can only hope.  The softness of this comforter feels so good!  Where's he going now?  Oh, the bathroom I guess.  He's been really quiet since we finished.  Hope nothing's wrong.  Oh, quit worrying so much!  This has been a helluva night for you, Meighan!  And... I can see this whole situation blossoming into something very, very nice!  Even if it doesn't, it's still been one helluva night!

Let's see... lamp switch is... there... Yeah, just enough soft light.  Hmmph!  Another picture of that girl; on the nightstand.  I'm thinkin' theyÕre a little more than just friends... Just curious... Well maybe he's telling the truth that it was a long time ago... Hope so, anyway... 

He's been gone a long time.  Wish he would hurry up.  Could stand to go in there myself.  Maybe I'll go and get another sip of that second beer I didn't finish.  My throat's kinda dry, but it's probably luke warm and all gross by now... Oh, here he comes... the door's opening.  It's finally my turn!

Okay.  Better now.  Straighten my hair out a little in the mirror... Nothing's too smudged.  Wish I had my purse... You look fine, Meighan.  Have a little confidence.  He really seems to think you look good.  Wow!  Know I feel good after that.  It was great!  Wonder if...? Only one way to find out...

Oh, Shit, shit!  WhatÕs she doing here?   Boy, is she pissed, tooÉ  I would be too, if I found some strange girl in my boyfriendÕs bed at 4am.  Talking isnÕt going to do it; you just got to get out of here.   Hey, donÕt push me, bitch!  IÕm goinÕ

Hey no – no pictures.   No evidence.  DonÕt point that thing atÉ


I can't believe it!  She just took a picture of me; naked!  What the fuck, lady!  Wait a minute!  What's going on?  It feels really weird.  I can't say anything!  Oh, no!!  What's happening?  I can't MOVE!!!!!  Not at ALL!!  What are you doing??


Stop it!  No.  My body feels so funny; kinda... numb.  Like it's, like it's... I can't even talk, and she's just standing there smiling at me and, and... admiring my body from head to toe like some kind of lesbo perv.  I wanna run, scream do anything, but I'm totally helpless!  What the fuck did you do to me?!  What the hell is this?  I feel like I'm frozen here like a statue or something.  I can't even blink my eyes!  I'm just staring at the stupid bathroom door now, andÉ that guyÕs in there, doing nothing, just standing there like a dummy.   Hey there, quit fooling around; this isnÕt funny!  You can see me, plain as dayÉ DO something.   Oh, crap; what if she got him too?

Here she is again; whereÕd she go?  YouÕre making a big mistake, honey; I didnÕt know he was taken!  She's walking around me... appraising me or something.  Omigod, did I just hear her chuckle?!  Please, someoneÉ you've got to help me!

ÉanotherÉ FLASH!!!!!

Stop that!

Wait... something else is happening!  I feel... I feel like a stiffness or something is starting to move up from my feet to my legs!  IÕm getting numb down there; it's all the way up to my waistline now.  I donÕt like thisÉ  Please, somebody help me!!  What did you do to me?!  I'm so scared!!!!  That weird camera... That had to be what did it!  But what?  What is it doing to me?!

Oh, no!  The stiff feeling's up to my neck!  I can barely breatheÉ IÕd break down into tears if I could do anything at all, but I can't move a muscle!  I'm trapped right here, stuck in this same damned spot!!!  My whole body feels so heavy; hard almost.  Like I'm turning to stone or something!  My face is numb now too... Oh, no.  It's getting harder to, to even think!  P,PLEASE!!!!!  S,somebody... Help... M,MEEEEeeeeeeee.........!"

She's talking to me now.  I'm having trouble making out the words though; canÕt hear anything at all.  She's coming closer and looking right into my eyes; hazy now.  Don't touch me, you demented bimbo!!  I can see, but not feel, her fingers tracing along my neck. Stop it!  What have you done to me?!  What kind of a sick, twisted fuck are you?!

Okay, now she's walking back toward the bathroom and shutting the door.  Oh, fuck!  There's a full-length mirror on the back the door and I can see myself!  I'm standing here in the middle of the floor, naked and as stiff as a board... frozen in my tracks!  You can even see the surprised look on my face from when I first saw that damned camera.  I didn't even have time to cover myself at all!  Oh, noÉ Don't touch me!  Please!!  I feel so helpless.  She's running her hands up and down my mid-section, smiling!  No!! 

Look!  In the mirror... SheÕs getting flushed, maybe aroused; I guess at looking at me helpless like this is turning her on.   Strange foreplay, as if any of this made any sense at all, which it doesnÕt   What now, bitch?  What's going to happen to meeee?! 

What? The woman is saying something, long and involved, with a lot of angry arm waving. Well of course I can still see you, but I canÕt read lips, you fucking weirdo!  And yes, it's a very distressing feeling.  How would you like to be standing here like a dummy, instead?  Oh, I wish I could talk!  I wish I could do anything at all right now, besides stand here and stare at myself in that mirror like I was some kind of a...ohmygod!  She's turned me into a mannequin; like a goddamn window dummy!  As some kind of sex slave, or something!  She certainly canÕt keep her hands awayÉ

STOP touching me!  Oh, it's fucking useless.  She can touch me all she wants to; anyone can and I can't lift a finger to stop her.  ItÕs likeÉ Wait, Meighan!  This can't be real.  It's just a stupid nightmare or something.  It has to be.  Just calm down, girl, and simplyÉ wake up.  But it's just too real and absurd at the same time to be a nightmare!

Where's she going?  I can almost see as she drags the stiff body of the guy from the bathroom and out of sight behind me.  He isnÕt moving any, either. What's she doing?  Here she is again, touching my boobs this time and rubbing her hands on my legs, across my pussy, which I had carefully groomed earlier today.  Now she's on a mobile phone, happy as shit, probably telling whoever's on the other side that I'm beautiful while she slaps me on my ass.  Believe me lady, that kind of compliment doesn't mean much right now!  Please... I just wanna move!  You can't leave me like this!

She's hanging up the phone now and coming back over to me, a very satisfied smile on her face.  She might have been nice to know in a different time, if she hadnÕt just turned me into a freaking store fixture!  Saying something to me again, and this time I can almost make out the words on her lips.  What do you mean, I won't be able to after a couple hours?!  DonÕt smile that wayÉ  Will I be able to move in a couple of more hours and not be standing here like this, or what?   Hey, no, don't go!  Tell me more, please...!  Where are you?  I can't see you!  After you did this to me the least you can do is stay here and fucking talk to me...

Oh shit.  The lights just went out for a moment; when they come back on IÕm in a different place.   What did that broad do to me?  CanÕt feel a thingÉ HeyÉ what if IÕm the light that was switched off, instead? 

SheÕs got me propped up in what looks like a dusty old basement, with sticky cobwebs hanging from everywhere.  The bitch is nowhere around, but thereÕs someone elseÉ  My blood just cold, if I still have any blood.   Standing across from me in three-quarter profile is what looks like a waxwork figure of a policewoman in full uniform, with shiny aviator shades covering her eyes; but her gunÕs missing.  They got her too – this other statue must be from that cop car parked outside, she probably ran into that crazy bimbo with the camera earlier.  Must have been some time ago, from the amount of spider-webs – and spiders, too, ick – that are covering her stiff body.  That one isnÕt going to help anyone.  Back behind her is another frozen blonde girl, dressed like a cheerleader, but her back is to me.

Now the lights really did go out, leaving only indigo shadows; I can't see anything in this dark!  I hear the floorboards creaking overhead, and the glimmer of twilight from one of the vent windows, but I can't even turn my head to look!  Wait; I can still think!  But... it's all I can do!  I'm a... a... MANNEQUIN!!!!!!!

I wonder if IÕm going to switch off agÉÉ



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