Midnight's Night Out

by Alex


I stand looking into my mirror, looking at my fair white skin. I lift a pair of black panties and slip them up my legs and pull them onto my body. Next I slip a black sport bra on. The sport bra cups and holds my moderate breasts and keeps them somewhat squashed against my chest. I lift my Black body suit and hold it up. It's leathery cloth is highly damage resistant and will give me a lot of protection if I should get into a fight tonight. Shortly I stand in the tight black body suit and enjoy how the tight cloth hugs against the many curves of my body. I finish my ensemble by pulling on a pair of knee high black boots. I enjoy the look that my choice of clothes conveys. They call me Midnight and the night is my domain.

I leave my small apartment as any normal woman would, but I am far from normal. I don't have to go out but I feel a desire to exercise my skills and use my talents. It has been a few weeks since I arrived here and last was challenged in a fight. I can still remember the look of surprise as my last victim was defeated. But now I go out in search of new prey, I thirst for the fight and for the pain of combat. My many bruises and injuries have healed and now my body desires to perform, like a fine tuned sports car it must be used or it gets rusty and must be tuned again. I walk down the hallway and pass a man in his mid twenties. As I pass him I feel his eyes turn and glance at my backside. As he looks I give him a little extra sway in my hips to heighten his pleasure and fantasy. I can feel his arousal but just continue on my way. Down the stairs and out onto the street, I arrive just in time to see the last embers of the daylight fading. I know that the darkness will bring out the vermin, and tonight I am the cat.

I walk down the street and enjoy the looks I get from many of the men. The bulges in their jeans tell me that they enjoy looking at me also. I could tempt and have any of these men but I am not out tonight to score with some one night stand, I have something else in mind and they donít fit into my plans. I walk till I find an entrance to the subways and then move underground. One thing I have learned is that the vermin seem to enjoy this underground domain. As I move down into the bowels of the earth I pass a policeman. I glance only once at him and know that he is as much my enemy as he is the prey I seek. I can only hope that someday the masters of justice will realize that I am simply doing what they canít. I respect the law but realize that to combat the men and women who would violate it that sometimes a swift justice and action against them is needed.

A few days ago I watched the legal system in action that should be protecting the people I walk among and the many that call themselves innocent but the system seems to have developed a cancer that has infected the very core of it. A wealth industrialist was arresting in a police sting and brought into court and within fifteen minutes of his arrival his lawyers had the judge dismissing the case because of some minor violations of the laws by the police in the sting. Wonderful system that protects the guilty and puts them back on the street to do more harm. I donít worry about the law in my actions, to me it means nothing, I seek only the Justice that the vermin deserve.

I board a train and move to the back car to ride and await my prey. I sit quietly in a corner of the subway car and watch the many people get on and off of the train. I take special interest as a group of youths climb on and seem to intimidate the rest of the passengers by their presence alone. There are eight of them, three women and five men, each wears leather clothes and has numerous tattoos and body piercings. I watch as one of the men walks over to a elderly couple and stands and looks at them. I know that the couple is intimidated and wonít put up any resistance. Within a couple of moments they start to get up to move, as they do the thug grabs the womanís purse and pops it open.

"Hey, That doesnít belongó" a Man in a suit nearby the couple starts to say.

"Did you say something?" the large thug replies.

A moment later and the man in the suit turns away as if nothing has occurred. I only watch for another moment before I know that it is time for me to intervene. I get up and start toward him. Every eye in the car turns in my direction. I can feel their stares, their thoughts, a moment later I stand next to the thug holding the womanís purse. By this time he is pulling his hand from her purse with a fist full of her money. My hand grabs his wrist just as is clears her purse and with a quick squeze his hand opens and the money falls back into the purse. My other hand seizes the purse and I hand it back to the woman. I release my grip on his wrist and stand looking into his surprised eyes. He can hardly believe what I have done and I can see the outrage on his face. I can feel his thoughts, his eyes burning into me, a small immopotent woman has dared to confront him and proven to be superior to him.

His friends also stand in some shock at my actions, They move forward to support him and I know that they want to make an example of me, but they donít realize that they have little chance in the coming fight. The man closes his fist and tries to strike me with a quick backhand swing. I narrowly duck under his swing and end up crouching in front of him. I am tempted to eliminate his possibility of having offspring but decide that is to severe for his crimes. I want to be the one to make examples of these thugs and want them to put the message out that a new predator is on the streets and that she dispenses justice with a sure and swift hand. My open palm strikes forward and catches the side of the manís lower leg. The bone splitting sound that echos around the car tells everyone that he wonít be walking for a while. I look up and see an intense look of shock cross his face as the pain registers in his mind. A moment later he crumples to the floor of the train car in excruciating pain.

I remain crouching over his humbled body. His wimpers are audibly heard by everyone in the car as they all remain unmoving and their attention locked on me, the only other noise is the rattle of the car itself as it speeds along the tracks. His companions remain motionless, unsure of what they should do. I can see the uncertainty in their eyes, not knowing if they want to challenge me and risk being defeated like their friend. I pause for only a couple of moments before climbing back to my feet and then I simply walk back to my seat.

Behind me, his companions help him up, two of the men supporting him on either side of his body. At the next stop they quickly vacate the train. I remain seated and watch the others as they all attempt to act like they are ignoring me, but I can sense the tension in the train as they know that I am as dangerous as the vermin that just exited. I stay on the train for several more stops till it takes me closer to the city center. I exit the train and can feel the tension of the other riders diminish as I exit the door.

I stand for a moment in the station and enjoy the smells and sounds of the many other people moving about. Several feet away a couple of musicians play their instruments and sing some songs in hope of capturing the generosity of some of the patrons. I notice that their cup has some money within it and surmise that their efforts have been semi successful. A shapely woman in high heels and a business skirt moves past me and trails a stong odor of perfume, I pause only a moment to take note of her own scent buried within the overpowering fragrance. I am amused that the woman has enjoyed sex within the previous few hours and wonder if she scored in an office, or near the copy machine.

I decide that I should move out into the night and see what adventure I might find. I walk up the stairs and out into the brisk cool air of the night and find a fairly busy city above. I feel alone as I watch the people scurry about and notice that they seem to pay little attention to each other. I wonder how many of them might pause If they realized the justice that I intended to dispense.

I notice a young boy stumble into a well dressed man, nearly knocking him down. The boy apologizes and then steps around the older man and starts moving away at a moderate pace. I move quickly after the boy and pursue him around a corner into a darkened alley. As I turn the corner I spot his three companions, they are much older men, I estimate their ages as late teens. When they see me they all take defensive positions and move to confront me.

"Hi boys, am I intruding on something?"

"If you know what is good for you, you will just turn around and take your cute little ass back the way you came." Their leaders snears.

"Iím flattered you noticed my cute ass, but my associates have never accused me of being all that smart and frankly, I donít feel like taking advice from vermin the likes of you."

Their leader steps toward me and throws a punch at me. I see his fist coming and do nothing to avoid his blow. His fist connects with my jaw and I am knocked backward onto the ground. He smiles to himself and down at me and must be thinking that I have been pacified as I start to get up. A moment later, I feel the force of his boot impact upon my midsection and am tossed by the force of the blow onto my side. He moves in closer to strike again with his boot, when I decide that I have given him enough pleasure. As his boot comes stomping down, I roll out from underneith it, I roll to my feet. I spot his next punch coming and catch his fist in my own hand. I see the surprise on his face as he feels my superior strength. I squeeze his hand in mine and can see the pain on his face, I stop squeezing just before breaking his hand.

"Maybe next time you will treat a lady better."

One of the remain two men reaches behind him and pulls out a switch blade knife and starts to lunge in my direction. I reach out into his mind and penetrate into his consciousness. I seize control of his body and with a thought have him paralyzed in mid lunge.

"Now attacking a girl with a knife is downright rude. Didnít anyone ever teach you any manors. I can see that the three of you desire to be treated like the simple vermin you are. Perhaps I should take a page from circeís book and treat you boys to a fate more fitting with your personalities"

The three men stand motionless for but a moment and then seem to disappear into piles of clothing. The only evidance that the men had been here is the echoing sound of the knife bouncing on the concrete. I step forward and snatch the young boy from the shadows and pull him back toward the subway. As I step over one of the piles of clothes I hear the faint squeek as a small mouse claws itís way free of itís bondage.

"Relax boys, If you can avoid getting eaten for the next 8 hours, you will be restored to normal. If I was you, I think I would avoid any cats."

I drag the struggling boy back to the subway entrance and pull him inside. Within I find the well dressed man telling an officer about the supposed theft of his wallet. As he sees me coming with the young urchin he yells and the two move rapidly to me. I push the youngster into the officers grasp and simply smile and turn to leave. Behind me I hear the manís shouts of thanks and the scolding the youth is receiving from the officer.

I walk for a while thinking about the night. I wander the streets and soon find myself standing in front of a store window. Inside is a display containing a number of mannequins in Lingerie. I glance up and notice that I have been to this window before, It is the same window that I left the five heroines of the Fem Fantastic standing in helplessly paralyzed. I see that the store has indeed capitalized upon their misfortune and dressed up 5 of their mannequins to resemble the heroines. I take pause to enjoy the display and remember the battle that culminated here. Darleneís persistance to fight a battle that she had already lost. I was the hunter, the cat and she the prey. I find myself remembering the turmoil in her feelings at the prospect of being immobilized by me and yet she wouldnít give into her feelings for it meant that her friends would remain at my mercy. I know that only a short distance from where I stand is their building, I consider for a moment invading their domain again and once more immobilizing them. Their lovely bodies make such wonderful statuary.

My daydream is ended as I notice a flash against the window. I turn and a short distance away is a man with a camera. He takes a few pictures of the mannequins and then moves to another vantage point to take a few more. I move closer to him and can feel his love of their elegant form. I watch as he takes some more pictures before moving down the street to repeat his picture taking routine at the next window. I share in his love of the beauty of the figures within the window.

When he disappears from sight, I turn and continue on my wandering. I move down another street and spot a group of youths near a corner huddled around a man that I estimate to be in his twenties. I move closer to see what they are doing, when I spot one of them hand the man a fist full of money. My heart beats just a bit faster as I approach. I see the man hand the young woman something but donít get a good look. I reach out with my mind to touch their consciousnesses and what I find moves my interest from the man to the young woman he seems to be supplying. I sense that she is not an ordinary teen and that she could be useful if I can convince her to join me.

I watch as she moves away from the man and turns into a nearby alley. Her pace is quick but I have no problem keeping up with her. I quicken my pace and move to intercept her before she can leave the alley. I leap in front of her and catch her by surprise.

I feel her hand impact my chest and am catapulted backward into a pile of rubbish. Her strength is beyond what I imagined it might be, but quickly move to climb back to my feet. As I do she strikes again and once more I am moved backward, this time into the brick wall of the alley. Her third punch finds my jaw and I am dazed by her power. I crouch for a moment waiting for my recovery. I can feel my blood running down my chin and the pain in my back from hitting the wall excites me. At last a worthy opponent. I sweep my leg under her feet and knock her down. I jump to my feet and am surprised as she is also nearly up. I pause before striking at her, unsure of what to do. She takes advantage of my indecision to strike at me with some kind of energy blast. My body feels like it is on fire and ready to explode, then I feel very numb. My vision blurs and I find my mobility reduced. I try to move toward her but suddenly I canít move. I stand nearly helpless before this girl.

I can do nothing as she reaches out and unzips my bodysuit and opens the front. My skin tingles as her hand brushes against my bare skin. She steps around me and pulls my bodysuit from my shoulders and pushes it down till it rests around my ankles. She moves in front of me again and grabs my right hand and pushes it inside of my panties against my sex. I try to concentrate and use my mental abilities but my body tingles even more as my immobilized state and her energy blast has heightened my sense of touch and my fingers resting against my sex pushes my body and mind close to orgasmic release. Her hands grab my bra and push it up, releasing my breasts from itís hold. She moves my left hand and arm up so that my hand cups my left breast and instantly I can feel my nipple harden. My mind surges from the stimulation and I can do nothing. I remain completely helpless and unmoving as she finishes adjusting and fine tuning my pose. Once she seems satisfied she steps back and takes a long look at my frozen form.

She leaves me standing as a piece of statuary and walks away. I stand helpless in the alley wondering if anyone will find me, and if they do what they will do with me. The minutes pass as I feel nearly overwhelmed by the stimulation of my hand against my sex. My concentration continues to escape me and I am unable to summon any of my powers to aid me. A cool breeze touches my fair skin and further excites my body. I can feel my juices leak onto my fingers and can smell my own intense scent in the air. I am startled by a sound nearby and I wonder if someone has found me. Iím unable to turn my head so I canít see who or what it might be. the sound grows louder when suddenly a crash occurs and I hear the startled cry of a cat as it whizzes by my legs. I am alone once more.

The minutes pass again and I can do nothing but listen to the sounds of the night. The sounds of passing cars, people walking and talking amongst themselves. Everything is so distant but my heightened hearing make it seem so close. My mind drifts off and fills with the memories of the frozen heroines under my control. I can only hope that the stimulation I am feeling is the same that they enjoyed.

An hour passes before I am once more able to move. My body tingles from the energy she hit me with. I vow to find her again and this time I will be ready for her. I move my hands from my private areas sit down to rest and recover a bit more. I hear a few footsteps and turn and see a man moving toward me. Normally I wouldnít even be concerned but my powers remain jumbled and inoperative from the girls blast of energy and his flesh seems to be composed of a liquid chrome.

With some effort I am able to get to my feet and take a couple of steps. Just as I am about to take another step I feel a cool touch against my feet. I look down and see a silver liquid moving under me. I turn to look back at the man and he is gone, as I do I feel the cool liquid flow up my leg to my knees. I try to concentrate, to activate any of my new abilities but can still not summon the strength needed to activate them. I try to move my leg to walk and find that the liquid chrome is incredibly strong. I suddenly feel itís cool touch against my inner thigh and a bit of panic creeps into my mind. What if I canít escape or activate my powers. My mind is ablaze with worry as I have never felt so defenseless in my life. How can I fight a living chrome being and what will I be able to do once it encases me in itís chrome glove. Panic fills my mind and reason escapes me as I feel itís cool touch against my sex then a moment later against the cheeks of my ass. All of my training becomes useless as I can think of no way to defeat this being without my powers. To fight this chrome being is like trying to fight a pool of water, the lack of solid makes hurting it impossible. I try to find a way to escape to reach something to pull myself free of itís grip but nothing is close enough to help me.

I can feel the liquid holding my lower body firm like a skin tight cast. Itís firmness surprises me. I feel completely helpless as the chrome moves up over my body and uses itís firm grip to pose my body as it wants me. My breasts are pushed up and gently held, the feeling is like a couple of hands gently massaging my breasts. Within a few more moments I am covered below my neck, I can only wait for the inevitable to occur. I can feel the forcefulness of the living entity that is the chrome being. It desires to cover me and seal me inside of itís chrome grasp to encase my body in a skin tight shell of hardened chrome.

In another few moments my head is covered with only a small opening to allow me to breath, but the firm hold on my body makes my breathing more difficult. I feel by hand and arms moved and fight to resist the posing that is occuring but the chromeís strength is beyond my own at the moment and I succumb to itís desire. Soon I find myself standing with my legs in midstride, my arms lifted with palms up at about shoulder level. I can feel my hardened nipples pushing out against the chrome and can only imagine that they must appear like buttons atop my mounds of flesh. My mouth is pushes open and the chrome surges in to cover all exposed areas leaving me frozen with my mouth slightly open, a look or awe glued to my face. My back is slightly arched to excentunate the curves of my body.

I start to feel a numbness in my lower body and feel a slight disorentation as the chrome completely hardens. My mind feels sleepy and I can only guess that the chrome is the cause. I can feel the chrome beingís purpose and realise that it intends to encase me and make me into a chrome statue to put on display. I realise that my sleepiness is itís ability to put itís victims into a near stasis like state. As the darkness closes in around me, I wonder if where I will be placed on display and for how long before I am rescued.

I awaken in total darkness and feel like I am tightly bound. I start to try to breath in but find that I am still sealed in my shell of chrome. I push against my cocoon and start to hear the sounds of metal fatigue, I push harder and my hands break free. I shatter the shell in several points and feel the chrome drop away. My hands reach to my head and break the chrome helmet and as it falls away from my face my eyes see the light of the day. I glance around and realize that I am part of a fountain display in a park, I look down and see that my body if completely naked inside of the chrome. I look around and can see that several people nearby have heard the sounds of my escape and that I have drawn their near complete attention. I glance at the rest of the display and my eye stops as I spot the girl that zapped me. I smile at the irony of her being among the display pieces. I concentrate for a moment to activate one of my powers and use it to transform the remains of my chrome shell into a skin tight chrome colored latex body suit. I step out of the fountain and look back at my former opponent still frozen and captive in chrome. I reach to her immobilized form and put my hands around her hips to lift her down, then put her frozen form under one of my arms and start moving away from the fountain. I exit the park and enter the streets beyond, I move quickly taking the statued girl and return to my apartment.

I set her down in the middle of my living room and look at her lovely frozen body, my hands glide over the surface of her chrome prison. Her shapely body securely held within a thin layer of hardened chrome like metal, she sleeps in a state of stasis unaware that she now belongs to me. I decide that I will leave her encased in chrome for a while and move her to my bedroom where she will make a wonderful statue and possibly even a nice clothes rack.

I am pleased with my night out and the new trophy that adorns my bedroom.

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