Miho & The Black Widow

by goddessofthemachine



Tiffany rose from the spot on the lawn where she liked to sunbathe and walked past the incredibly lifelike nude porcelain statues of men and women on her way to the pool. Being nude wasn't enough to keep her cool this August afternoon. She dove in, relishing in the water's coolness as it engulfed her lean body.

Rising to the surface, she went through her checklist.

#1: Marry someone rich. She pushed her long naturally blonde hair out of her face and looked over at the woman a few feet from the pool. Her moderately muscular body stretched out nude under the sun on the small knoll in the lawn. Miho was the first woman she had married. She had gone to the party hoping to meet a rich man like her previous five millionaire husbands. When the billionaire woman had French kissed her she had almost wet herself in anticipation of all the money she was about to acquire. The woman had consented to marry her within two days without a pre-nuptial. Stage one accomplished.

#2: Get her new marriage mate to transfer all her assets into Tiffany's name. This had proven easy, though it took extra time due to the vast amount of assets the Asian Japanese woman had managed to acquire. This was now done, 'Was it?' The question asserted itself like an itch. 'Of course it was!' her confidence replied squelching the doubt. Her last husband had taken twice as long to convince as the first four. She had begun to think her magic was failing her. This woman had proven easy. Stage two complete.

#3: Eliminate her marriage mate. She looked over at the picnic table in the shade. Her one-year-old daughter, Lisa, lay sleeping soundly on it. Her last husband had been so difficult to manipulate with her magic that she had failed to prevent the pregnancy. She would eliminate that Pain in the @$$ and Miho in one move she decided.

Tiffany swam to the far end of the pool. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Miho watching her. Miho had said Tiffany looked extra sexy when wet. She would take advantage of that Tiffany decided. Her magic worked extra well when the target was sexually aroused. She climbed the ladder at the end of the pool as rivulets of water ran down her tanned body. Stepping away from the pool, she shut her eyes and stretched to her full length, raising her arms above her head. She pulled in her stomach and puffed out her already naturally large chest. Finally she rose up on the balls of her feet and reached deep within herself for the magic energy she would need to eliminate them. She felt the magic energy sparkle and grow within her. Abruptly her body flooded with magic energy like she had been hit with a magical tidal wave! She just managed to open her eyes before she found herself immobilized. Try as she might she could not move!

Soon Miho walked up and looked her over. "Hmm, yes, very nice indeed," she remarked. "I like that pose," she decided.

'What's going on!' Tiffany screamed silently inside her mind.

Miho cupped her hands over Tiffany's breasts and Tiffany felt even more magical energy wash through her body. Then it felt like air was rushing into her body through her skin. She felt like she was getting incredibly heavy and stiff, until she felt like she weighed several hundred pounds and her skin was as hard as rock!

"Now then," Miho mused, putting her hand to her chin and began to look around, "Where shall I put you?" Miho Pondered "Of course!" she decided "That spot will do nicely!" she decided. Miho put her hands on Tiffany's waist and suddenly she felt herself falling over, but in spite of her great weight, Miho lifted Tiffany off the ground and stuck her under her arm like she was a balloon! Miho carried her over to a platform in a gap in the rose bushes and stood her back up. Tiffany felt more magical energy flow from Miho's hands, through her body, and out her feet, as they seemed to bond to the platform. Miho stepped back from Tiffany to evaluate her again. "Yes, that will do nicely. Just one thing left." Miho walked over to the heavy wooden table that Lisa lay sleeping on. She put one hand under the middle of the table and effortlessly carried it over and placed it in front of Tiffany. "There! Perfect!"

'WHAT'S GOING ON?!' Tiffany screamed silently yet again as she struggled futilely against her immobility.

"I suppose your wondering what's happed to you, about now," Miho calmly guessed as she put her firmly muscled leg up on the table's bench shamelessly revealing her hairless silken purse to Tiffany while reaching over and began tracing a figure eight on Lisa's back while she slept. "Maybe it would be easier to show you," Miho decided. She paused briefly and Tiffany saw Jade horns grow from Miho's temples and then she saw large wings with malachite scales grow from behind Miho's back. Miho stretched her wings to shade Lisa from the sun.

"You see, your mind magic didn't work against me, because I'm not human. I was however, able to alter, redirect, and amplify your mind magic to serve my own purposes. Including getting you to transfer all your assets into Lisa's name and giving me custody of Lisa, while making you believe I was transferring my assets into your name. I'm tempted to raise her myself, I've raised human children before, but I think her half sister is my preferred choice. I've never been able to take a human as a lover when I've raised them, and if she grows up to look anything like you, I definitely want to have her as a lover in another 16 or so years."

'WHY' Tiffany screamed silently again.

"You remember you last husband, Jake, the one you got to set himself on fire in the oil refinery?" Miho asked. "He had an adult daughter named Mindy. Do you remember her?"

'What does that pregnant cow have to do with this?' Tiffany thought venomously.

"She and her husband are both my apprentices." Miho informed. "Their magic isn't as strong as yours, but they wield it honorably. You on the other hand, chose a dishonorable path. I was most displeased when you killed her father. You even tried to kill me with it! It was almost humorous! You cannot fathom the awesome power a four-hundred-year old Tatsu like me can wield! Someone like you, that has a spirit ugly enough to turn a gorgon to stone, is only good for one thing: To serve as another porcelain statue for my garden!

"You didn't stand a chance against me, but then again, you five husbands didn't stand a chance against you, so I think it's all quite fair."


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