The Model Schoolgirl

by Mines Eye

Chapter One

Edward let out a long slow controlled breath as he tapped his fingers repeatedly on the rim of the steering wheel.

“How long can these lights stay red for?” he mused to himself as he watched the minutes pass on his Rolex.

He never normally went this way, in fact he could not remember the last time he had taken this route across town – through the upper middle working class area –  that he now found himself in.

He had taken the turn without really thinking about it, directing his custom spec 5lt BMW off its usual route, and now all he could do was fume quietly as he waited at yet another pedestrian crossing. He guessed correctly that as it was a school day and he had ventured passed several schools, that it must be the end of the school day for several hundred if not thousand students.  As there were so many pupils venturing the streets making their way home the extensive pedestrian light system was now in full operation.

He was in the middle of making a mental note to himself to make sure to avoid this area at this time in the future when he causally turned his head and saw HER.

She was standing on the footpath accompanied by five other girls, all of them dressed in the same school uniform but somehow this one blonde stood out from all the rest.

Edward was drawn to this girl for a reason he simply couldn’t quite grasp yet.

Both the blonde and several others in the group stood out from the crowd, as they wore a distinctive school blazer, a very posh affair, comprising of the finest wool, tailored in a stylish figured in cut that did wonders for the physic of the young ladies that were expected to wear this blazer as part of their school attire.

Added to that the fact that the blazer’s weave was very eye catching, consisting of strong and bold, vertical navy, light blue and silver stripes.  Edward had to blink a few times as the blazer’s stripes played on his eyes.

He thought that this blonde was simply resplendent in her uniform; it looked like she had put on a new uniform that morning!!  Edward was used to seeing schoolgirls dressed rather sloppy in their uniforms.

But this schoolgirl seemed to wear her uniform with pride.  Her short gray pleated skirt, looked crisp and sharp as it wrapped itself tightly around her slim waist, Edward smiled as he noted that she wore her school tie done up neatly and with her school blouse fully buttoned up, another lapse of school dress code that not many girls seemed to bother about these days.

The school tie also had three stripes, navy, ice blue and silver, set off smartly to a light blue checked school blouse.

Her white school socks looked clean if a little crumpled and pushed down her calves, and her black patent leather school shoes shone bright, with their modest three inch “block heel” design that it seems has become customary for schoolgirls to wear.

Edward’s gaze settled over the group of girls as his mind raced, there was something about that blonde that Edward couldn’t let go of, standing there dressed smartly in her school uniform, with her feet placed not just together but perfectly side by side, Edward smiled.  With her perfect, pretty face and long blonde hair,

She looks almost on display!!!” Edward thought to himself.

Laughing and giggling with the rest of her friends her pretty face seemed to glow, she somehow appeared out of place

She was standing chatting with the group of other schoolgirls and yet despite also being dressed the in same school uniform as the others she simply shone.  Edward could not take his eyes off this young girl, wondering how she could still be of school going age.  Yes it was true she was wearing the school uniform, but as Edward slowly turned the powerful BMW around and carefully passed the group of girls. He was certain she had to be older, by several years at least, although at first glance she did appear to have the same style make up as the younger schoolgirls. This was perhaps as a means to pass herself off as being younger herself while in their company, but it certainly could never cover or hide the manner in which she held herself, both her posture and body language spoke volumes to Edward, this girl had to be older.

Edward parked the BMW passed the group of chatting friends and observed them for a few moments.

Yes he was certain she was older, but what was a senior doing making herself look like a junior??  If in fact she was still in school at all.  So intrigued Edward had now become he reached onto the back seat and pulling his briefcase onto his lap he opened it and started taking out six of the new walkmans.

Looking in the rear view quickly counting the number of schoolgirls to make sure he had one for each of them.

They were very stylish slim and sleek looking walkmans with a strong feminine look to them. Boys would certainly not want to parade around with these. But girls Edward had found were certainly drawn to them.

And if not before listening to them, then unquestionably they would be afterwards.  Edward smirked to himself as he began to pick which CDs to select. Edward had designed not only the CDs but also the walkmans to be very effect delivery systems for subliminal messaging.

The first five CDs he selected were from the popular enjoyment section of Edwards’s collection.  These CDs had tracks containing subliminal messages that would simply elicit an enjoyable response from the listener when questioned, otherwise no permanent harm or effect was imposed upon the listener.  Edward looked up and eyed the blonde that had caught his eye and for a moment his fingers toyed with a CD marked “total obedience” and then returned it to its case.

No,” thought Edward; the first CD he had learned was the most important, where you began the process would dictate how long it would take and also its success rate.  Start too strongly and you could risk mental trauma or even instability with total rejection of the process, that was certainly not something he wanted to risk in this instance.  He shot a glance in his rear view again and was captivated as he watched her flick her long blonde hair with such confidence and elegance, that Edward wished he could simply click his fingers and in an instant make this raw jewel that he had found (by pure chance!!!) his alone.

But then he recalled, that the journey to the prize could also be very rewarding to watch too.  Instead he selected a CD marked “attention catcher & thought tracer” this CD was different to the others he had selected for the rest of the group.  Different in numerous ways the first and most important being that this CD was NOT totally harmless to the listener.  It would, through powerful subliminal messaging, create and foster a deep and strong interest and attention in not only the giver of the CD – the giver in this case being Edward himself- but would also make the person very intrigued and interested in whatever subject the giver wanted to chat about.  While it was doing this, the walkmans headpiece would be able to trace and record onto the reverse side of the CD all the thoughts and desires of the listener’s brainwaves.

After Edward prepared the six walkmans, making sure to note which one had the powerfully subliminal disk, he looked himself over in the mirror.  Closing his top collar button and fixing his tie, he shot himself his winning smile that he knew would work on the girls.  Then after going over the phony sales patter he would use on the naive schoolgirls, he splashed some rare cologne on his face; this cologne contained some powerful endorphins that simply helped men be more believable to women.  And to young girls like these, with many surging hormones of their own…?

Edward smiled, knowing how much of an effect he was about to have on this innocent after-school meeting.

Hitting the power down button on the curbside passenger windows Edward listened for a short while, to understand first the level of conversation the schoolgirls were employing.  He smiled after a while noting that it was the same harmless stuff that any other group of young ladies this age would be chatting about.

Fashion, make-up, the latest chart toppers and of course boys, but today they were also sharing their views on that typical first act of teenage personal identity rebellion, the tattoo!!!

Edward sat comfortably in the heated recline of his BMW and listened; the other five seemed to be trying to coax the blonde into getting one first, but the blonde was having none of it.

He could hear the general voice of the five others carry into his car.

“Go on Samantha, you should get one really, our parents would kill us if we did it, but yours would hardly even notice if you got one.  And then we could tell all our parents that you have one, which would make it so much easier for us to get one.  OOOhhhh please, won’t you get one Sam?”

Edward could here the blonde handle all this peer pressure in her stride.

“No way – for the last time, I think tattoos are so cheap looking and besides my parents would kill me too if they found out.  And stop calling me by that nickname; I told you before I hate it when you do that.”

Edward enjoyed the show of teenage innocence these schoolgirls were playing out for him without even realizing they had acquired an audience.  Hearing the blonde’s soft voice carry across to him strengthened he resolve that this girl was most certainly worth chasing.

There was also he noted a hint of a spoilt daddies girl to her voice, and she did hold herself with a certain pompous self-importance that was rarely seen in a girl of her young age.

“MMMMmmmmm tattoos, that might be an idea!!!” Edward thinks to himself out loud as his gives himself one final check in his rear view and then, wearing his fixed smile, opens his car door.

Edward exited the BMW and walked straight up to the giggling schoolgirls who were all attired in the same school uniform.  He politely interrupted them and then flashed his winning smile as he spoke confidently to them all.  Informing them they are the luckiest bunch of girls in their school.  As they and they alone have been chosen to test a brand new range of products ranging from but not limited to clothes, make up, fashion accessories etc, etc, Edward smiled more to himself than to the girls as he watch their smiles widen and faces light up as he mentioned the possibility of free mobile phones, free shoes and other exciting new products, starting with these ultra light new modern walkmans, each girl snapped one up with giddy yelps and screams and started to try them on without a moment’s hesitation.

Edward smiled smugly to himself and was starting to gloat and compliment himself on how easy it had been for him to win their trust so quickly, when he noticed something rather odd.  The blonde who had caught his eye was not as eager as the others.  Instead she fingered the her walkman with suspicion and rolled it over several times in her hands.  Edward did not want to lose this many devices and still fail to hit the very target that he was aiming for!  So as the other five schoolgirls started listening to the CDs as they laughed and giggled Edward moved in beside the pretty blonde.

“Hello” smiled Edward  “I see you may have some questions on the product?”

She simply glanced at him and flashed one of those I’m total unimpressed and bored looks that Edward always felt teenagers should be banned from using.

“All your friends seem to be interested in this research, is there anything I can help you with?”

But still she said nothing.  Edward began wondering if she was immune to the cologne he was wearing, a possibility if she was indeed older than the others.  He decided to try another tactic.

“What’s your name?” he asked again flashing his winning smile.

“Samantha…… Samantha Grainger.” Came the reply in one of the prissiest and snooty tones Edward had ever heard.  Almost as if this petulant young girl totally expected him to know just whose she was, and how very valuable her time was.

“Well Samantha, your other friends all seem to like the walkman, is there something you don’t like about the product?” asked Edward using his best caring tone, but really wanting to find out as much as possible in a polite a way as possible.

“No its fine really,” Samantha replied in rather a dismissive tone. “You simply want all of us to have them? For free???” this time Edward certainly detected a hint of mistrust in her voice.

Smiling again he replied,

“Well not really for free, simple honest and good feedback as to the products that you will receive will be ample payment?”

“HUUMM!!!!!!  I see, well I do not do other peoples jobs for them! And certainly not without proper financial reward!!” With this response, she handed back the walkman to Edward, looking him over with total disgust.

Both stunned and amused to hear the likes of this coming from a schoolgirl, Edward decided that more information would be needed. And despite Samantha’s clearly rude and snobbish attitude towards him he only felt a stronger urge to put this prissy little cow firmly in her place.

“Well, perhaps some other product from our wide range might suit you Samantha?” he said

“I doubt it!!!!!” came the sharp and cutting reply.

“May I ask how old you are, Samantha?” he asked.

This only resulted with a roll of her eyes and a look of profound disdain from the stuck-up pretentious supercilious schoolgirl.

Again and again Edward tried to start a polite conversation with the very pretty schoolgirl, but every time she would answer him back with some snide remark or other childish and rude comment, coupled with various glares and looks of contempt at Edward.

Flicking her long beautiful blonde hair over her shoulders and crossing her arms, at one point even stomping her spotlessly clean very shiny black patent leather schoolgirl shoes on the footpath, with their distinctive schoolgirl three-inch block heels.

Looking at him down her nose and huffing and pouting, slowing getting more and more offensive, personally insulting, unpleasant and finally down right nasty towards him.

Edward had no option then but to call her bluff, and turning sharply to the other five laughing schoolgirls demanded the walkmans back.

“I’m sorry girls, but it seems that your friend here has no interest in the products and as such I can’t allow the rest of you to keep them.  I am duty bound to only use a group of six and no smaller in order to attain a balanced opinion of the products, and as she has already seen the design of this one, if she will not part take in the trials then I can’t allow our design to be seen by a non-tester,” he said in a very officious, commanding tone.

Without pause, Edward started to take back the walkmans.  And as expected before he had even reached for the third one all the girls had started to shout at Samantha.

In her defense she started to shout back, and it was this that Edward wanted to hear.

“Look, I’m sorry you guys, but you know I have my final exams coming up soon! And if I fail them again my parents will kill me.  You guys have the time to play with new stuff, I need to study, study, study!!!!!” the pretty blonde protested to her jibing friends.

But the other girls simply jeered her for trying to be such a nerd.

“You were much more fun last year Sam, when all our sisters were here too,” one of the girls said to her.

“Yes I know; I partied more last year and that’s why I’m stuck here, repeating, now!!!!!! And you know I hate being called that, my name is Sa-man-tha,” She objected.

“Yeah; whatever!!!!!” the other girls replied, this time having no time to put up with her stuck-up, conceited ways.

“Soooo sorry you feel soooo stuck to be with us ….SA-MAN-THA!!!!!!!!” they all added, using mocking snobbish tones as they ridiculed the blonde over her full name.

As the schoolgirls continued to make fun of and deride Samantha, Edward discovered what he needed to know.  That Samantha was indeed older than the other five, as their ages all fell around 15 or 16, while Samantha was 19!!  She had failed her finals the previous year, resulting in her being kept back and not going onto college with the rest of her friends, and these other five were all the younger sisters of Samantha’s old school friends.

All now moved on into various colleges leaving Samantha behind and stuck in the steady boredom of the 9 to 4 school day.  Donning her school attire like a badge of never ending servitude every day had become for the pretty teenager a strong reminder of her previous failings.  Failings both her well-paid and successful snobbish parents were determined not to have their daughter repeat.

With this new knowledge Edward smiled in the background; now it all made sense, looking closely at Samantha again Edward could see that the make-up she wore and the earrings and other small accessories were things that 14-16yr schoolgirls would be into.  But by the time a girl had reached 19 she would have moved onto other, older, fashions and styles; to continue to dress like a 16-yr-old would certainly look odd.  Samantha however seemed to have achieved the look for the most part and did blend in with the younger group, if only at first glance.

The younger girls had no doubt felt sorry for her when she had been kept back on her own and had accepted her into their “gang”.

Perhaps Samantha’s younger look was not planned by her, perhaps it was merely a subconscious thing she had acted on, but whatever the reason Edward started grinning ear to ear.

“Well, well!!!”  He thought to himself… “A 19 year old, 16 year old!!!  This would make it more fun…”

By this stage the girls began pleading with Edward directly.

“OHHH please can we keep them please?” they wheedled.

“I’m afraid not girls, they all have to go back – unless your friend will take part,” he replied, his face filled with false sorrow.

This last part Edward felt sure would fix the problem and it did.  Samantha this time bowed to peer pressure and took the special walkman back from Edward.  The other schoolgirls all cheered and thanked Samantha and then returned to playing with their own walkmans that Edward happily returned to them.

Then turning back to Samantha, he asked her if she needed help in using it.  Again the response was short and cutting.  But Edward watching the sullen and spoilt schoolgirl slip the designer headphones through her mane of beautiful long blonde hair knew he would have the last laugh.  He smirked as he watched her look over the controls and finding the inviting and friendly looking play button she pressed it…

Edward knew now there was no turning back for the self righteous uniformed blonde, every one of his subliminal CDs would instantly start sending out pleasure and enjoyment messages, enticing and wanting the listener to simply keep listening; in fact, making it virtually impossible to stop the device, not that they could of course as Edward had designed the walkmans with no stop buttons! An obvious omission that, up to now, no one had ever seemed to notice.

He knew he would have her; as the tracks began playing Edward excused himself, whispering to Samantha as he left, knowing she could easily have heard if not for the special music now filling her ears.

“Bye bye, you rude, arrogant, stuck up, stupid little cow.  You and me are going to make beautiful art together schoolgirl,” he taunted.   She just smiled, nodding in time with the musical beat, listening all the time to the hidden messages, not hearing a word he’d said. Edward returned to his car, and waited…

Sitting into the BMW he closed the door and waited watching in the rear view, soon the other girls waved their goodbyes and continued home.  Edward waited and watched knowing by now the “attention catcher & thought tracer” subliminal messages would be playing.  Samantha walked to the car and knocked on the passenger side window.

Edward smiled and pressed the power down button.  “Can I help you, Miss Grainger??”

“UUmmm, I was wondering something,” The prissy schoolgirl replied.

“Yes???”  replied Edward innocently.

“Well what are you going to be doing now???”  came her QUESTION!!!!…. 

Edward smiled, deciding to give the stuck-up condescending prissy little madame a taste of her own bad manners.

“Many things take up my day Miss Grainger; which things do you require me to defer so I can waste some of my valuable time explaining simple things to petulant spoilt schoolgirls??” Edward grinned while saying this. 

To this Samantha blushed strongly, “OHH I am ever so sorry about before, but this walkman is really good, I j.j.just w.w.wa..wa..was  woo wwoooo wondering if I could talk to you about it???”

The schoolgirl’s cheeks now glowing bright red with embarrassment at her sudden uncontrollable stuttering heightening her feeling of awkwardness and mortification in front of this very interesting man.

“You did di dii did say that wanted some feeee  feeeee feeeee…….” The pretty blonde now stuttering so badly that she was finding it harder and harder to speak at all.

Edward now nearly on the brink of laughing in her face decided to finish her sentence and take control of the conversation.

“Feedback, Miss Grainger? Is that what you are t.t.trying to”  Edward couldn’t help putting on the fake stutter right to her face and seeing her awkwardness and red cheeks burn even redder!

“Why don’t you hop in here, Miss Grainger, and tell me all about what you think of the product?”

Without a moment’s thought, Samantha opens the passenger door and sits in the car.  Edward sneaked a peek down at the walkman; by now clearly on it’s second play-through, another little thing Edward had built the walkmans for was continuous non-stop replay once activated.

A quick glance at the headphones still in the young girl’s ears tells him by the tiny pink flashing lights on the plastic head band – supposedly there for decorative purposes only – that the thought tracing process was now well under way and that the schoolgirls deepest dreams and hopes would soon be fully recorded onto the device she now happily clung to in her lap.

Edward knew that the longer it traced her thoughts, the better the results.

“You know what, Samantha?”  Edward started and straight away the girl’s face turns to his, her eyes wide and mouth open with total intrigue as to what he was about to say.

“Yes what??????”  Samantha cooed, in such an ever so eager to please tone…

This even made Edward’s eyes widen at the intense effect the “attention catcher/ intrigue builder” subliminal messages were having on this fickle schoolgirl’s vacuous mind, he smiled and decided to start having some fun.

“This girl is gonna be so easy,” he thought to himself.

“You have a very pretty smile Samantha, don’t you agree?”

Hearing this, the schoolgirl’s blushes softened slightly and she started to smile for him.

“Really, do you think so????” she replied, her smile slowly growing wider and wider under Edward’s almost mesmerizing influence.

“Ohh yes,” said Edward “I always love to hear praise for my products from a smiling customer; especially one as pretty as yourself.”

“Ooohh, so you feel sure I am going to praise this walkman???” Samantha said, smiling as broadly as she could now.

“Well I think you should take it home and listen to it all night long non-stop and then meet me here after school tomorrow and by then you will have a full report for me Miss Grainger.” Edward said this in a low, almost hypnotic, way.

Her very pretty sweet face still fixed with by now had to be the widest and most ditsy smile Edward had ever seen on such an attractive schoolgirl, nodded and approved with her sparkling clear and dazzlingly innocent big blue eyes.

Her naivety and unmistakable gullibility was now so totally plain and obvious to see, etched all over her beautiful soft features.  Her previous snobbish, snooty and conceitedly vain, stuck-up attitude had been revealed to have been all an act, a put on by an inexperienced and foolish schoolgirl who simply could not shoulder such a demanding performance.

Her sudden embarrassing stuttering and uncontrollable blushing, for the moment at least, helped to keep her stupid imprudent tongue silent.

Edward wished he could have captured and framed a picture of the gorgeous uniformed schoolgirl’s young face right then and there.  Instead, he reminded himself that with some patience he would soon be able to incarcerate her exquisite beauty and youthful vitality whole and complete for his enjoyment and private viewing pleasure.  Edward smiled for a moment, comparing his actions and deeds to come as similar to creating great art and this perfect vision, this innocent all trusting easily manipulated schoolgirl that he had been so very fortunate to have found, was the clay.

Still smiling and beaming like a trained puppy Samantha, was now mindlessly repeating every word Edward was saying to her, changing it into the first person and speaking in a monotone drone, simply repeating and agreeing to whatever Edward was saying to her.

“Don’t worry about your homework or studies Samantha, I think you’ll find using this walkman prototype well worth it.”  Edward was telling her.

“Yes, I will have a full report for you tomorrow…..I will use it all night non stop… I will not worry about my studies,” Samantha droned all this to Edward several times in the car.

“That’s a good schoolgirl Samantha, now why don’t you go home and listen to your new walkman and I will meet you here tomorrow.”  Edward began to finish up their private meeting.

“Good Bye!!! Miss Grainger”

Edward snapped at the pretty teenager, his voice now cold, heartless and utterly dismissive of the lovely spellbound schoolgirl, now so completely ensnared by Edward’s potent and dominating mind control skills.

With this, the blushing schoolgirl obediently exited the BMW and walked off down the footpath as if in a trance, still listening compliantly to the walkman and its powerful subliminal messages winding and burrowing their way deeper and deeper effortlessly into her trusting naive little mind.  Her expression blank and slightly docile as she teetered along in her three inch school heels.

Quite a contrast to the expression of the grinning young man looking at her from behind the wheel of his powerful BMW, who was smirking and gloating to himself as he sped away, leaving her alone on the sidewalk.

Totally unaided now, with no company or friends other than the strong subliminal messages, pumping over and over, non-stop into her pretty blonde head.

Chapter Two

As planned, the next day Edward drove to the spot and this time she was there waiting, with the walkman still playing.

“Well Miss Grainger??  You like the product, don’t you?” asked Edward as he stepped from the car.

“OOOhh YES!!!” gushed Samantha, “It’s really neat, but the music gets a little boring listening to it over and over.”

“Easily fixed; here you go” says Edward, handing her a new subliminal control disk and very carefully pocketing the first disk for careful examination later on.

“Why don’t you listen to that and then give me your feedback tomorrow, when you aren’t biased by boredom.”

“Yes I will give you my feedback tomorrow, I would be biased by boredom today,” Samantha replied repeating exactly what Edward had said but not seeming to notice that today he was now not only directing their conversation but actually telling her what to say also.

“Tell me Samantha, what is it you want to do after your schooling?” Edward asked.

“OOOh, I think I will be a lawyer or take up some other executive role, like my mother; she thinks I have the potential and I do too!!” she replied.

Smiling, Edward could still hear the echo of the self assured and prissy young schoolgirl he had met the day before.

“That’s very good Samantha, but I’m sure you have been studying very hard these last few weeks, I think you should take tonight off too and give the walkman your full attention and then have your feedback report for me tomorrow,” Edward instructs the compliant blonde before him.

Smiling broadly Samantha fully agrees to this “Yes my full attention, I will have my feedback report for you tomorrow,” the schoolgirl droned her response.  Seemingly not offended by that fact that Edward –not listening to a word the schoolgirl was saying– had already walked back to his car, sat into it and firmly closed his door.

Putting the powerful BMW into gear and racing off, leaving Samantha smiling at nothing but thin air.  Slowly she pressed the play button and then set off home, listening to the next CD and its new subliminal messages.

This meeting was to take place every day for the next two weeks; every day Samantha receiving a new CD with new and stronger subliminal messages and being instructed by Edward to listen to it non-stop and then report back the next day.

Her report, however, never did seem to come.

After the second meeting when Edward analyzed that first “thought tracer” CD he got back from Samantha, he reviewed it and found strong desires to please her parents in achieving her exams and moving onto college like the rest of her peers.

But this desire was not as strong as Samantha’s own aspirations to be a model!! When Edward found these, he immediately set about making them stronger and using subliminal messages that brought them much more to the front of the young girl’s very impressionable, pliable and trusting little mind.

Until Samantha found herself unable to stop ignoring these once hidden desires to be admired for her looks.

On top of this Edward began to add different types of subliminal messages, slowly over the course of each new CD given every day to Samantha.  Edward started using subliminal images, very subtle at first but slowly more and more, images of models, static models, then mannequins, all with one thing in common, all dressed in the very same school uniform that Samantha herself wore.

At no time did Samantha question these images entering her head, and at no time could she ever clearly make out a face on any of these images, it was not that they were faceless, she could just not make out their features.

Also whenever she saw these images she would hear adoring fans, and thanks to some hidden electrodes inside her special headband, her brain would start releasing certain hormones to elicit a good feeling with these images.

The result was over the course of two weeks Samantha’s appearance slowly started to change.  Her make-up became more perfectly applied, her uniform became perfectly cleaned and pressed and worn with total pride every day, then on the Monday of the second week the ribbon appeared!!!!!

Edward remember driving up that day and seeing her standing, waiting, almost posed at attention on the sidewalk, perfectly presented in her school uniform and with that perfectly tied ribbon in the school colors matching her school tie.  The navy stripe, the ice blue stripe and the silver stripe, interwoven in a extra large perfectly sculpted silk bow and seated neatly on the back of her head, holding back her glorious mane of blonde hair.

The other younger friends no longer kept her company, nor did she keep theirs, thanks to Edwards’s walkmans and subliminal messages they simply forget about each other.  And now that Samantha had no other friends in the school, she was free to spend all her free time doing whatever she wanted, which by this stage was whatever Edward would instruct her to do.

Over the course of the next two weeks as Edward met Samantha daily for her new CD and new subliminal messages he did hold true to one of his promises.  He presented Samantha with the -first piece- as he told her of a stunning new range of undergarments for the fashion conscious young woman.  It was a wonder bra, Samantha’s first!!!

Although she was a healthy B cup, from Edward estimates, he still wanted her bigger.  With instructions to wear it constantly even in bed, Samantha happily took the wonder bras from Edward, a new one every day.

Edward had formulated a new liquid gel filling for his special wonder bras, one that slowly over the course of 24hrs or so would be absorbed from the bra’s padding directly into the wearer’s breast tissue.  So smoothly that the bra would still be a perfect fit the next day.  After wearing Edward’s special wonder bras day and night over the two weeks Samantha’s breasts had now been inflated up to a very round and plump D cup.

Seeing the naïve schoolgirl squeezing her more voluptuous self into her same tight fitting school uniform made the daily meetings so much more fun for Edward.

It was the Friday of the second week when Edward decided to move the process onto the next level.  He invited Samantha to his house.  On the way over they chatted about various things, and Edward decided to start telling Samantha how he thought she would make such a good model, and politely started asking her if she had ever though of pursuing a career as a model.

As Edward drove he presented Samantha with a new set of ear rings which he told her though she would love, which of course by this stage, thanks to her mental conditioning, she simply adored.  Smiling Edward slowed the powerful BMW until Samantha had fixed both of the 24ct six-inch solid gold hoop ear rings in her small ears.  They constantly hit against her shoulders whenever she turned her head but Edward told her they suited her perfectly and that in his opinion she should always wear them with her uniform.

“They suit me perfectly… I will always wear them with my school uniform,” Samantha droned the response as obediently as if Edward had typed it directly into her –blank page- brain.

When they arrived at Edward’s house he opened the garage door with his remote and drove in.  Showing Samantha the grand tour of the house and chatting about the other products in the range that he would soon be showing her, he again asks her if she had ever thought of becoming a model.  Finally after asking her several times, she stops and turns to Edward.

“Can you keep a secret?” she asks.

“Certainly, whatever you feel you need to share, you can tell me in confidence Samantha,” Edward replied as always in his steady trustworthy tone.

Samantha as always without realizing repeated exactly what Edward said to her and then laments:  “Ohh, I would so like to be a model, but my parents would never allow it; they want me to go to college and get a career.”

 “I see,” replies Edward feigning a caring tone.  “That is tough, but I think you should follow your dreams if you ever want to be truly happy.”

Again Samantha repeats this as if it were her very own thoughts.

“I should follow my dreams to be truly happy.”

Then Edward turns to Samantha,  “Now it’s my turn to ask you if you can keep a secret?”

Samantha’s eyes light up, “A secret you want to share with me?!!!” with this she starts to giggle like the silly schoolgirl she is.

Edward quickly makes a mental note to be able to have her giggle like that on his command, and then continues imparting his supposed secret to her.

“Well…” he says then pausing for effect.  “I’m a collector of sorts.”

“Really, what do you collect??” Samantha replies in an instant, now totally compelled due to her subliminal brainwashing to find out everything about Edward’s collection, and showing 110% dedication to it also, no matter what it might be.

“Well…” says Edward again pausing for effect, “it’s hard to know where to start describing it.”

Samantha now smiling from ear to ear, her eyes wide and burning with devotion, totally riveted to his face, her expression full of enthusiasm, hanging on his every word, his every facial movement no matter how small or subtle, looking, craving for some, ANY clue as to what Edward might say next.

Edward could of course see all this on the subservient schoolgirl’s pretty face, and just smiled, drawing out his every phrase, every single syllable… simply to enjoy the moment.

Finally after teasing Samantha long enough Edward turned away to face the closed door that was waiting in front of them.  “Perhaps I should simply show you my collection, then you might be able to understand it better.”

With this Edward opened the door and entered the room, quickly running the back of his hand over the panel of switches at the doorway, giving light to the secret room as the two of them entered.

Samantha’s mouth fell open as she cooed and sighed in awe at Edward's collection. “Wow” said the schoolgirl, “you collect DOLLS!!!!!”

Edward sniggered lightly before correcting the uninformed uniform still standing awe struck at the open doorway.

“They are life-size replicas, a study of nature, works of art each and every one!!!” Edward instructed the young woman as he led her around the many numerous posed mannequins that filled the room

Each one was dressed differently and rather provocatively.  One a sexy French maid, complete with a rich vibrant head of red curls, another a blushing bride, in the most stunning wedding gown Samantha had ever seen, let alone dreamed of, wearing the largest most amazing “to die for!!!” wedding veil imaginable.  Another was a policewoman, yet another looked like she belonged in a boardroom, power dressed in the finest pin-stripe ladies business suit money could buy.

Even Samantha had never witnessed her own mother dressed so finely for the office.

Each mannequin or work of natural art as Edward referred to them was posed or mounted on what he called display stands, each stand was made of the finest polished mahogany all of them had the same dimensions, ten inches high and twenty four inches in diameter, all perfectly circular in shape each one of them no doubt costing a lot of money.

“I suppose you can call them DOLLS!!! too…if you wish,” Edward added turning and smiling to his conditioned guest.  Again Samantha giggled and Edward drifted off in thought for just a moment, toying with the idea of having her giggle like that for 24hrs straight!!!

Picturing in his minds eye that beautiful silk bow creation that had been so innocently placed with total perfection of form and structure.  The rigid sharpness of the pattern and fine cut of the ribbon contrasting so well with her soft flawless features and the fluidity of her long beautifully supple hair.

Her stunning, and most definitely larger than necessary eye catching bow fluttering and dancing giddily in unison with its owner’s actions, the ribbon seemingly alive with vibrant, pulsating recoil and quaver, teasing the observer as it would ripple and toy with the animated air around it, rolling and bouncing playfully off its owner’s golden blonde hair, with total grace and the utmost elegance and style.

In perfect harmony to the vigorous, dynamic shaking and bobbing of Samantha’s head, as she would obediently and continually giggle NON-STOP for an ENTIRE day.  Just like the typically silly, brainless, docile, stupid schoolgirl!!! she would no doubt by that time have been turned into.  Edward smiled back at Samantha’s sweet pretty features as he returned from this flight of fancy, making a strong Do Not Forget mental note of it, before returning fully to the present moment.

Edward continued to escort the schoolgirl around all of the posed mannequins in his private collection, explaining to her the qualities and charms of each and every one of them.  Samantha for her part nodded her vacuous blonde head to every sexist and sometimes mildly perverted point Edward made, fully agreeing with everything he said, laughing at every one of his jokes no matter how bad or down right rude and offensive they were – or how many times Edward told them!!! – Samantha even stated quite clearly and with strong conviction of mind what she personally liked about each piece and the collection as a whole.  Despite the fact that she was merely repeating precisely and exactly word for word whatever Edward would tell her to declare in praise of the pieces.

Several times Edward had to bite his lip and thump himself in the thigh with the side of his fist as again and again Samantha would spew out in that pretentious and conceited tone what she actually thought were her own ideas and opinions on the collection, and never for a moment realizing that she had merely become Edward’s compliant, naive, docile and oh so ever eager to please uniformed puppet.

Although Edward had taken Samantha’s walkman at the front door, there was however low piped music playing all over the house, and of course hidden in this harmless background music were some of the strongest subliminal messages Edward was ever to use on Samantha.

The messages, totally harmless to Edward, raced straight into the schoolgirl’s eager mind.  A mind now become totally open and defenseless to the savage nature of the melodies that filled most of Samantha’s waking and all of her sleeping hours.

Samantha was now totally at ease and heavily dependant on the presence of these powerful influences.  Ripping deep into her unconscious desires and needs and finding their target, the schoolgirl started seeing images of schoolgirl mannequins once again.  Coupled and reinforced with the cheering and adoring rapture of many, many admiring fans, as well as the feeling of strong pleasure responses in her own body, thanks to the remarkable ability of the subliminal messages through the use of high frequency sound waves to remotely stimulate the pleasure sensory parts of the schoolgirl’s muddled mind.

And of course Samantha’s new gift of the six-inch solid gold hoop earrings were not simply for show.  They interacted with the music system of the house and served to greatly enhance and intensify the subliminal messages hidden within the soft, faint almost imperceptible background music, that no one would normally ever really give much notice to.

This resulted in Samantha feeling quite envious of the static mannequins and their privileged places of admiration on their highly polished mahogany display stands.

Suddenly a question popped into her head, she was stunned that it had never crossed her mind before, and now she simply had to ask it: “Uummm, Edward???” she started nervously, hoping the answer would not disappoint, “Do you have a mannequin posed as a schoolgirl in your collection?”

Edward smiled as he heard her ask the key question, knowing it was crucial before  proceeding to the next step of the process.  He had been wondering when she was ever going to ask it, perhaps thinking that the messages would have to be intensified; finally he concluded that the thoughts swirling around inside her head must at this stage be so jumbled, confused and mixed up it must simply have taken the silly little cow this long to comprehend the message.

“Stupid dumb fucking blondes!!!!” Edward thought to himself, “even subliminal messaging can’t get ‘round that fast when confronted with such low IQs…”

Edward knew what the answer was that she wanted to hear, but he decided to let her sweat for a little. “Say, you know Samantha, I’m not 100% certain if I do; I don’t think its displayed in here, at least.”

He could see the anguish on her face; a loud and certain NO is what she had wanted to hear.  He decided to heighten her suspense a little.

“If I did, it might be hard to find out, I have several pieces in storage and as a firm rule I will only ever have one of any type of mannequin, so if I do have one, well, it could be hard to find and it could take some time...”

Edward trailed off, pouring as much uncertainty into his voice as he could and looking quite unsure about giving a definite answer to the schoolgirl’s query. He smirked as he watch the tortured looks cross Samantha’s pretty face, her smooth unblemished brow suddenly criss-crossed with deep furrows.

“I suppose I could look for you if you liked??” he said in an off hand way.

“OOHhhh, would you pleaseeeee, Oohh pretty please. I would so like to see it, if you had one, that is?” She uttered the last phrase with such unspoken hope and longing.

Edward knew the exact thoughts that were now totally consuming the pretty schoolgirl’s mind.

The schoolgirl that just happened to have been standing on that footpath that day, and whose poor innocent mind had over the last fortnight being reshaped, remolded, REWRITTEN by Edward and his ingenious subliminal techniques.

“Certainly Samantha, wait right here, make yourself comfortable and I’ll run and check my records,” he replied.  With that Edward walked straight out of the room, leaving the mind muddled schoolgirl surrounded by all manner of uniformed and elegantly dressed completely motionless models.  He smiled as he heard Samantha again repeat in her new monotone mindless voice.

“I’ll wait right here… I’ll make myself comfortable…”

“Make sure you do, my dear,” Edward mumbled to himself as he left the dazed schoolgirl puppet all alone with the dolled up mannequins.

Chapter Three

Edward raced to his office in the next room, closing the door and sitting down in front of the bank of video monitors showing the entire house.  Edward watched intently on the several screens covering the collection room, he sat back got comfortable and watched the show.

Samantha walked slowly around the posed mannequins, the implanted images of the schoolgirl mannequins now constantly occupying her mind; she could hear the cheering of adoring fans as if they were in this very room and being this close to so many permanent models the pleasure centers of the poor schoolgirl’s brain were nearly on overload.  She even started to imagine what she would look displayed there like as the maid or the bride, captured forever, as she would be on her most special of all days.

The subliminal messages now totally in charge of her every thought and desire.  She began hoping, with such a strong hope, that Edward would return and tell her that he was unable to find any schoolgirl piece in his collection.   Then she would offer herself.

Samantha continued to circle and interweave her way around the presentation room, now completely captivated by the mannequins surrounding her, she began to imagine what it would be like to join them.

She giggled aloud at this, even Edward would laugh at me, she thought to herself if she were to ask him such a thing, after all she was a real girl, and all these were just dummies, life-like dolls.  But even so, some of the most realistic looking mannequins she had ever seen, as she started to look even closer at the bride figure and the others.

She felt the different textures of the mannequins’ attire, the rich silks and satin of the wedding gown, the very restrictive taffeta of the French maid’s uniform.  Samantha began to notice that each display stand had two gold letters on them. FM for the French Maid, BB for the Blushing Bride, PW on the Police Woman’s.  It was then Samantha noticed that each mannequin also had a tag around their wrists.

Leaning in close to the maid’s, it read  “French Maid - Felicity Majors”; the bride’s one read “Blushing Bride - Becky Bennett.”

“UUUmmmmm” thought Samantha, “The initials to their names match what role they have been dressed to portray, that’s kind of a freaky coincidence!!!!”

So just to make sure she wasn’t being silly she walked over to the policewoman.  Sure enough there was a large PW in gold letters on the solid mahogany stand and the tag on her wrist read “Police Woman – Penny Walters”

Samantha smiled “Wow; what a neat system.”

All the while Edward watched the manipulated and conditioned schoolgirl from the comfort of his office, knowing it was only a matter of time.  Then slowly as he watched blonde in the school uniform make its way to a certain part of the collection room, his smile grew wider and wider.

Samantha’s eyes widened and her perfect white teeth sparkled as her full soft lips parted with the smile lighting up her face.  She had found an empty display stand!  Turning around quickly to make sure that Edward was not about to return, she looked over her find.  It was polished mahogany like all the others, and invitingly available.

“Well I did want to know what it might be like? Perhaps if I stand on it for just a few seconds I might get some idea,” said Samantha to herself.

With this she was about to step up onto it when she stopped dead in her tracks and her mouth fell open.  With her eyes opening even wider, first in surprise and then in total joy.  There on the vacant display stand were two gold letters shining brightly back up at Samantha.

“Oh my I don’t believe it,” she piped, “S G; could this be for a schoolgirl mannequin? And they’re my initials too!!!  OOOhh, how wonderful; I’m Samantha Grainger and I’m a School Girl!!!”

Samantha put one foot on the stand and was about to mount it fully when she stopped, then looking around the room until she spied exactly what she needed.  Racing to a side table she grabbed the pad of large post-its and the black marker, taking great care using her very neatest hand writing possible she wrote on the top post-it and then peeled it off the pad.

Samantha then returned to the display stand and stepped up onto it, making sure to stand with her feet together in the very center of it.  She looked down and spent almost a full minute making absolutely sure that her two school shoes were placed exactly heel to toe side by side together, neither shoe the merest fraction of an inch in front of or behind the other, this she felt was vitally important.

Pulling up her white knee socks and making sure they were not twisted about her legs and the tops of each one was level with the other, Samantha wondered why she had never noticed how sloppy her socks had looked before.  Then locking her knees HARD and standing up straight, she stuck the post-it onto the breast pocket of her school blazer, being careful not to cover the school crest and motto that was emblazoned on it also.

Then checking that her bow was still straight and the rest of her school uniform was neat and perfectly in place she stood dead straight at attention with her arms by her sides and smiled as widely as she could, as she now waited for Edward to return.  Standing there in her school uniform, on the display stand marked SG and with a large yellow post-it stuck to her ever so posh, striped school blazer, on it written in her best penmanship it read:

“School Girl - Samantha Grainger”

She concentrated on making herself look as much like the other displayed mannequins as she could, holding very still and trying not to breathe at all.

Edward, spying all this action from his office, was now grinning to himself.  But he was also somewhat intrigued, as he had not predicted that she would have worked out the initial system all by herself, considering by now – thanks to his subliminal messages – she was virtually half a step away from being schoolgirl barbie.

Nonetheless, Edward was sure it was a good thing.

He was dying to know what she had written on the post-it, as the cameras could not zoom onto it due to the angle she had decided to position herself in on the stand.  Edward had expected her to face a different way, to match the orientation of the other mannequins, then he suddenly laughed out loud, “Of course, I should have guessed!” Edward chuckled as he saw the large mirror on the wall facing Samantha; she had stood in position so as to get a good and as full a view of herself as possible.

After 40 minutes Edward decided it was time to return to the collection room, Samantha had gone up onto the stand 10 minutes after he had left the room; that was 30 minutes ago and she was still on it.  Confident the messages had done a complete and absolute job on the once prissy and rude schoolgirl snob.  Edward stood and returned to the room with a swagger of total conquest.

Walking into the room Edward started calling out to Samantha, knowing full well where she was, he instead pretended not to notice her at all.

“Samantha, where are you????? Hello Samantha???  I don’t have any schoolgirl mannequin listed on my records.  Samantha where are you???”

Looking around and smiling as he looked straight at Samantha and then straight through her there, as if he couldn’t see her mounted and posed like a schoolgirl mannequin.

At one point Edward has to walk to the far side of the room covering his mouth with his hands so as Samantha would not hear his smirks or laughter upon seeing her new post-it tag.

How he would simply have loved to walk right up to the conceited and snooty little cow and laugh right to her face and at her ridiculous looking “make do” post-it name tag, reminding her of how she had first acted and spoken to him only two weeks before.

Edward smiled knowing that was now impossible, that the stuck up, spoilt little diva was gone for good.

“And just look at what I have in my collection instead!!!” whispered Edward to himself.

After about five minutes of this Edward finally heard a soft voice saying, “I’m over here…”

Edward spins around, still playing the fool, “Who said that??!!”

“I did; it’s me Samantha, I’m over here!!!” Samantha replied, smiling from ear to ear, speaking as softly as she can and trying her best not to move in the slightest way.

Edward walks over to the display stand she occupies, eyes wide in mock surprise and faked awe.

“Ohh, wow, Samantha! Is that really you, I had no idea! You just blended right in with the rest of my lovely natural models.”

To this Samantha can’t help beaming at Edward and turns her head to face him.  “I wanted to know so much what it would be like to be in your collection, you said you have no schoolgirl, so perhaps I… could complete it??  Be your School Girl?”

Edward could hear the sense of longing in her voice, and he smiled. “Well, Samantha, I don’t know???” Edward began using a -deep thought- slant to his voice. “You do have your studies to attend to and don’t forget about your exams coming up: what would your parents say if you told them you wanted to spend your time doing this?”

Samantha blinked several times at him as if coming out of a lovely deep sleep. She had completely forgotten about her studies and her final exams, and even school and college for that matter.  Here in this room she felt so safe and secure.

“I think it’s time you were heading home young lady; I’m sure you have studies to be doing tonight??” Edward says, suddenly popping something inside Samantha’s totally mixed up and messed around mind that she doesn’t want to hear.

“Ooh, no please, can I stay just a little longer, pleaseeee Edward, I like it here; it kinda helps me to de-stress.  Can I stay, please??”

Edward stares straight at her, “Well perhaps, but I don’t have MTV or anything else you young girls like to watch.”

“Ooh I don’t care about MTV or silly stuff like that. I meant can I stay right here, uuummmm, like this??” Samantha smiles at Edward as she asks him, but still blushes strongly at hearing the strangeness of the idea as she speaks.

Edward puts on his best false frown and eyes up the now totally brainwashed schoolgirl posed up on the display stand in front of him, and proceeds to make her blush even more by asking her right to her face just what she is asking him.

Almost as if he somehow has to work out what the wanna-be mannequin is asking. “You mean you want to stay here?” Edward began, looking straight at Samantha. “Standing on one of my DOLL stands??” Edward continued, thinking it good to use her name for the immobilized figures in his collection.

“Actually pretending to be a schoolgirl mannequin??” Edward went on. “Acting like you are a part of MY COLLECTION???” Smiling as he made sure to let her know her place in this room when she stayed.

“Is that what you want Samantha??” Edward finished, looking right at the schoolgirl’s face.

The schoolgirl, her perfect soft flawless cheeks now burning bright red, smiles back at Edward. “UUUmmmm, yes that is, if it’s OK with you?? I would love to try to be a part of your amazing collection.” Samantha implores Edward, inside her pretty blonde head her thoughts are now awash with the noises of cheering and adoring fans, her brain also releasing massive amounts of powerful feel-good hormones.  Samantha was now so totally addicted to this feeling of being on display that she wanted it to last as long as possible; she realized that only by posing as a schoolgirl mannequin could she satisfy her powerful new addiction.

“Well,” sighs Edward, “I don’t know if your parents would approve of this use of your time; what will I say to them?”

“Ooh, we don’t have to tell them,” replies Samantha, “Or anybody else really. I could just stand here and pretend to be part of your collection.  I’ll be really quiet and do it the best I can, I promise!!!  Ohh please let me stay, please let me stay; pleassssse...”

Samantha pleaded and pleaded with Edward, who was fighting to keep his expression one of deep concern and not show his wide grin. “Well if you promise not to move and stay very quiet and still just like a real mannequin, perhaps you could stay for another hour.” Edward knew exactly what kind of reaction this would have on the schoolgirl.

She was already looking straight ahead, the wide smile still on her face, holding so very still that she already looked like one of his mannequin figures.

Grinning to himself he left the brainwashed schoolgirl alone in the collection room with the broadest, most ditsy looking smile he had seen yet on her beaming, pretty face.  Surrounded on all sides by visions of perfection.  Samantha passed not just the next hour but also the two after that as well, posed rigidly, unmoving, standing at attention like a toy soldier.  Perfectly attired in her school uniform with her new post-it name tag still stuck to her posh school blazer, grinning like the happiest schoolgirl in the world.

After the three hours, Edward returns and instructs the motionless schoolgirl that it is now time for her to go home.

This time Samantha responds in her monotone obedient voice, “It is time for me to go home,” she steps off the display stand, pulls the post-it from her breast pocket and almost marches to the front door.

As she leaves the house that Friday evening Edward gives Samantha one last CD with instructions to listen to it all night and then do what she feels is best when she wakes the next morning.

Edward waits until the now totally docile blonde puts on the walkman then obediently presses the play button, before he opens the front door.  Grinning and sniggering he watches the poor unfortunate brainwashed schoolgirl march out his front door, her eyes open and fixed straight ahead, her expression one of total docility.  Her brain, as always, plugged into one of his special walkmans and yet again her naive and simple mind now totally at the mercy and bidding of his potent and commanding subliminal messages.

This time as Samantha listens to the new CD with its hidden and powerful subliminal messages, the images in her mind are clearer; much, much clearer!!!

Again they are all of a beautiful living mannequin, posed and dressed in the school uniform that Samantha wears with pride every day, but now she can clearly make out the mannequin’s features quite sharply and with perfect clarity from the many, many close up images of the mannequin’s familiar face, flashing across Samantha’s mind non-stop while she sleeps.

And it is always Samantha’s face!!!!!

All night long as she sleeps, Samantha dreams of herself posed like this.  She sees close up after close up, in crystal clear ultra vivid imagery, she sees her face painted and heavily dolled up with make-up, posed to perfection like a mannequin DOLL!!! Mounted and posed on one of the mahogany display stands in her school uniform.

Together with these images Samantha feels great pleasure as the headband this time releases massive amounts of the special hormones into her brain, she still hears the crowds of fans cheering their love and admiration for Samantha as she is “modeled”, “dolled up” and “displayed”!!!

Chapter Four

The next day, Saturday morning, Samantha awakens early and showers. Since both of her parents are away on long business trips she has no interruptions as she returns to her room and dresses herself in her school uniform.  Taking more time than she normally would, Samantha makes sure that her uniform is spotless and perfectly presented.  Samantha ties her hair up with her long school ribbon, spending an inordinate amount of time making totally sure that it is perfectly formed, perfectly symmetrical, that each fold and twist to the bow is simply perfect.  Several weeks ago the formally pretentious Samantha would have scoffed loudly at the very idea of wearing a ribbon in her hair, but now its very absence would make her feel virtually out of uniform, almost naked.  When Samantha was finally content that the excessively large bow was shown the best it could possibly be and tied to perfection on her head, she put in her huge six inch solid gold hoop ear rings.

Then, sitting in front of her vanity mirror, Samantha proceeds to apply the greatest amount of make up her teenage face has ever worn.  Cover her skin with considerable amounts of foundation and pan-stik Samantha slowly builds up her new complexion; one of total flawlessness.  After this, significant eye make up and shadow is applied making her already beautiful sparkling big blue eyes shine like two perfect diamonds set in her perfectly formed, painted face. Then she goes to work on her lips.  Her once soft, very full and natural looking lips end up looking like the mouth an experienced porn actress would wear during a shoot, as bright baby pink lip paint with the highest gloss finish is applied.  Even then, Samantha can’t help wondering if she has applied enough coats of lip paint and make up.

Samantha finishes off her new look a with an extensive application of strong rouge blusher to both cheeks, covering her soft and youthful cheeks with so much make up that even her strongest and most embarrassing blush would not show through.

In the end what Samantha sees staring back at her in the mirror looks totally different to the fresh faced, natural beauty who had sat down here a few hours before.  Now Samantha was smiling back at the sight of the most perfectly made-up living DOLL face she had ever seen, although to herself she still did not look as good as she did in the images she could see in her mind.

She still felt much better looking like this, and now after checking her uniform once again in the mirror, it was time to leave.

Being dressed in school uniform on a Saturday would normally have been enough to draw attention to herself.  But being made up – or rather “DOLLED UP” – to the extent that Samantha had achieved and then to walk across town looking like that would most certainly illicit many, many responses.

And so, with her school ribbons flapping wildly in the breeze behind her, Samantha walked through public parks filled with children and teenagers alike all enjoying their weekend freedom and all stopping to point, stare, and ultimately laugh and mock the pretty uniformed blonde as she went on her way.

The same response was to be found as she walked down high streets and along footpaths, sudden outbursts of uncontrollable laugher followed by numerous comments and remarks, all mocking and jeering, several subtly insulting and many downright crude.  Samantha however simply went on her way, smiling broadly all the while, never stopping or being deflected by any of the remarks passed her way or photos taken of this most strange and unusual sight.

The simple fact of the matter was that if anyone had bothered to walk alongside the very pretty but overly made up schoolgirl, they would have noticed that with every comment thrown at her, every laugh, every mocking and jeering jibe made at her expense, the result would be her fixed, naive smile growing ever wider and wider!!!

And why shouldn’t Samantha be smiling?  After all, with every step she was taking, every new group of people she encountered, all she could hear was their admiration and glowing praise for her enhanced appearance and confidence.

Again and again Samantha could hear their cheering and applause for her new look, and how proud that made her feel inside; she was so very happy that she could make these people admire and adore her.

After several hours of walking around, Samantha found herself alone and at the gates to a large house outside of town.  They were large tall iron gates and would be very difficult to scale.  Behind them ran a long winding path through the tall trees, Samantha had no idea where this house was in relation to her own house, she had walked via what she had thought was the most direct route and yet now she had no memory of how she had gotten there.

Walking up to the keypad at the gate she entered the security code that popped into her mind and waited for the heavy gates to swing open.  Samantha now had no memory of the code needed to open these gates and had no idea of how to reopen them again once they closed; this however did not stop her from walking through the gates and down the long path towards the large old house as the heavy gates swung closed behind the schoolgirl with a loud metallic thud locking her within the grounds.

Walking straight up to the front door that she had obediently marched out of only the night before, she stood with feet together at attention and rang the doorbell. Smiling broadly, she waited patiently several minutes between rings; after three or four rings and still no response, she spun sharply to her right.  The large ribbon bow in her hair following her sudden movements and changes of direction with gently bobs and bounces as Samantha proceeded along the gravel path that would lead to the rear of the house.  Samantha had never walked this path before but somehow she just knew it was there.  Walking straight up to the back door of the house Samantha, quickly punched the security code into the door panel and was granted access to the house, instantly forgetting the door code as soon as she passed the threshold.  The dolled up schoolgirl crossed the large kitchen with its hard tiled floor, the three inch high block heels of her school shoes clicking loudly in the otherwise quite house.

Making her way out into the main hall of the house, she went directly to the foot of the large central staircase.

Although yesterday she had being transfixed by and spent many hours admiring the mannequins in Edward’s collection, today was a different matter.  Today she totally ignored the gorgeous red headed French Maid mannequin that was mounted and posed in the hallway facing the main front door, as if awaiting someone’s return???

The French maid mannequin in question sported the fullest and richest head of strong red curls Samantha had ever seen.  Her make up, too, was very strong and dramatic; somehow appropriate for the ultra restrictive design and cut of the uniform as well as the very tight almost binding nature of the taffeta weave that was forcing the mannequin to arch its back quite excessively.  The restraining taffeta uniform also pulled the redhead’s ample breasts quite high while at the same time drawing them together, forcing whatever poor unfortunate girl that was made to parade around in the impractical uniform to flaunt and exhibit her breasts and cleavage to whomever wanted to look.

The impression was made that if this uniform were ever to be worn by a real girl, she would find it highly uncomfortable and very awkward to wear.  The tight and very limiting taffeta fabric pulling, twisting, manipulating and contorting the poor girl’s posture simply to present a more pleasing “image” to the observer.  Not to mention its quite revealing neckline that only served to turn the wearer’s breasts into rounded objects to be ogled and stared at.  The French maid mannequin simply posed where it was, with its long elegant legs in their fine delicate seamed stockings it stood at attention on the highly polished display stand.  Samantha also failed to notice the French maid’s unusual stance, with its left foot placed in the mounting position for the right foot and vice-versa with the right foot placed firmly in the mounting hole for the left foot, forcing the French maid to stand with its lissome legs wrapped around each other, forming a much more aesthetically pleasing and slimmer appearance to the maid’s posture, almost as if the French maid’s legs had become one or even part of a pedestal.  Posed like this, staring directly ahead at the front door, the sexy figure remained utterly motionless, as a mannequin should!!!

Samantha slowly makes her way up the staircase, upon reaching the top she crossed the large open-plan landing area with its old oak paneling and headed directly for a particular door.  Without knocking Samantha opened the door and entered the room, closing the heavy oak door behind her.

She walked to the far side of the room where along the oak-paneled wall there was mounted another keypad.  Slowly Samantha entered another set of numbers and once again instantly forgetting them afterward.  This time a secret door slid open in the wall, revealing a small pitch-black closet.  Very cramped in size, it had just enough space to allow one person to stand in it.

Placed on in the middle of the floor of this secret closet there was another round solid mahogany display stand, quite similar to the ones Samantha had seen the day before in Edward’s collection room.  This one, however, was completely unmarked.  Without delay Samantha stepped into the dark and cramped closet area, positioning herself carefully on the display stand.  The closet did not afford sufficient space in which a person could turn around to face the door, but this did not matter to Samantha as she stood facing the cold black rear wall of the closet.

With her dolled up face only centimeters from the smooth blank back wall of the closet, Samantha smiled broadly, stood dead straight still at attention and waited.

Within a minute or so the secret door slowly slid shut; the wood paneling was so well installed that once the door closed and the lock engaged with a low click, it was impossible to find.  The only thing that had altered in the entire room was a small green light that now flashed on the keypad on the wall, a keypad that could have had any number of uses, and which gave no clue what so ever to the hidden closet only inches away.

Inside the sound-proofed closet, Samantha stood waiting, “dolled up” in her school uniform.

In the pitch-dark confines of the small hidden storage area, Samantha waited, “dolled up” in her school uniform.

With her heavily painted face virtually touching the cold dead face of the closet’s back wall, Samantha waited, “dolled up” in her school uniform.

Smiling broadly, eyes wide open yet seeing nothing, Samantha waited. “dolled up” in her school uniform.

Making no sound, yet hearing rapturous applause and cheering, Samantha waited “dolled up” in her school uniform.

Hidden away from everybody, in this secret closet, in this secret room, in this secret house, Samantha waited, “dolled up” in her school uniform.

Posed rigidly, standing at attention Samantha waited, waited, waited…

Dressed up, Dolled up, and packaged!!! Samantha Grainger waited in storage!!! “Dolled up” in her school uniform.

Chapter Five

Several long hours later and a BMW arrives at the large tall iron gates, they open automatically and Edward speeds up his private driveway.  Pulling into the gravel carport Edward exits the BMW and walks to the front door.

He stops short of the front step and starts smiling, the French maid had obeyed his final parting orders late the previous night and had covered the front steps of the house in fine white powder, as well as sprinkling the powder over the gravel path leading to the back of the house.

And now quite visible in the white powder on his doorstep was a perfect set of footprints.  Edward recognized the footprints as only capable of being made by a girl’s shoe, a schoolgirl’s shoe to be exact.  Two prints, a left and a right, positioned perfectly side by side on his doorstep, with the distinctive break in the middle and the large heel print made by the block heel style of the schoolgirl shoe.  Edward was certain that the owner of those shoes had stood there sometime this morning and rang his doorbell, but how long ago? And where was she now?

Could the programming actually have worked???” Edward mused to himself.

Samantha was an excellent subject for mind conditioning, but attempting post hypnotic suggestion using subliminal messages had never been fully successful in the past, the client always failed to follow one or more instructions and ended up performing something total different than what was desired.  But the fact that she had actually made it to his doorstep, and dressed in her school uniform too, gave Edward reason to hope for more.

Following the gravel track around to the back of the large old house Edward, could see the traces of footprints in it; should he raise his hopes, he wondered?

Entering the code at the back door his grin only widened when he noticed traces of the fine white powder on the tiles in the kitchen, he followed them out to the hallway and around to the stairs.

Being in rather a dominant mood that day and feeling his ego swell he let fly at the mannequin still posed motionless facing the front door.

“Maid!!!”  Edward yells, then ignores the vision of perfection that suddenly comes to life, steps off the display stand and curtsies very deeply behind him, bidding him good morning and requesting if her services were needed.

“Fetch the micro brush, maid, then get down on all fours with it in that stupid cake hole of a worthless mouth of yours.  I want every trace, every single particle of this white powder swept off my floors.”

Then turning to face the French maid Edward leans in close leering into a red heart shaped crystal pendant hanging from around its neck.   “IS THAT CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD!!??” he yells and then putting on a fake snobbish snooty accent “Ms Prissybottom.”

The mindless and totally obedient French maid replies in very sultry tones and, dropping onto all fours in her ridiculous looking uniform, she places a tiny broom between her teeth, then while crawling around on all fours she proceeds to start the long arduous task.  Using the most minuscule of brushes held between her teeth, she begins sweeping the large section of floor that has even the slightest trace of white powder on it.

Edward, smirking to himself, commands the French maid to freeze on all fours and then laughing and jeering at the poor redhead he quite sadistically forces a large dry dildo into her back passage.  Hanging in large bunches from the rear of the dildo is a multitude of shredded paper, giving the French maid frozen while crawling on all fours the appearance of possessing a tail!!!

Edward chuckles aloud as he shakes out the shredded paper, wondering what the young woman that he turned into this mindless French maid now before him would have said when she was writing all her long college papers and thesis, if she had been told that this is how they would have ended up:  Shredded and hanging out of her back passage as a pseudo-tail for her services as a French maid bitch!!!

Edward orders the French maid to resume her sweeping with her new “tail” attached as he ascends the staircase.

Laughing out loud and stopping to admire the view of the trussed-up, mindless, redheaded French maid crawling about on the floor far below him.  Triona’s slim yet voluptuous body was tightly and rigidly corseted into her highly provocative and demeaning French maid uniform, with the restrictive taffeta fabric rustling so loudly that Edward could even hear it from his new vantage point high above the totally servile Ms Prissybottom.  Edward scoffs at the obedient redhead far below before shaking his head and turning his attention to an oak door ahead of him.

Opening the door, Edward’s hopes shoot up even further when he spies the green flashing light on the keypad, indicating that the closet had been recently opened and with the correct code too.

“This is too good to be true,” chuckled Edward, “I never expected this; what were the chances of my driving that way on that day, of passing down that one street at that exact time and then of seeing her at the one time that my head was turned and then of her being so receptive to my methods! What are those chances???” Edward guessed millions to one, at least.

“And now to see the proof,” he stated with wonder in his voice as Edward hesitantly keyed in the code to open the secret closet.

As the door slides open to reveal the closet’s stationary contents, Edward starts to holler and laugh uncontrollably; searching for a stool, he sits in front of the open closet and just laughs and laughs and laughs!!! His body continues shaking and shuddering with joy.

In stark contrast to this, Samantha Grainger stands totally motionless, dead straight at attention in the narrow closet, her large striped silk bow fluttering lightly in the breeze of the opened door.

Through tears of laughter, his body shaking uncontrollably, Edward looks at the blonde uniformed schoolgirl standing stiffly in the closet, obediently awaiting his return.

Standing with her back to the open door, Edward sits chuckling and simply admires his latest prize; Samantha is still standing at attention just as she had when she stepped into the closet many hours earlier and does not move a muscle.

Wiping away the tears Edward sits and looks over the schoolgirl standing so stiffly with her back to him.  With the occasional chuckle still racking his body Edward sits and enjoys the beauty of Samantha’s large silk bow.

“Ohh, I do love that bow!” Edward muses to no one at all.

He then takes in the rest of the schoolgirls attire.  Her perfectly adjusted white knee socks exactly level with not a trace of a twist or rumple, her posh striped jacket hanging perfectly off her shoulders and then stylishly tailored in at her narrow waist, the blazer coming down just low enough to cover her pert backside.

“That will need to be adjusted,” noted Edward.

Her silken soft beautiful long blonde hair, with the front pieces tied back off the schoolgirl’s face, held in place by the largest most perfect bow, resting so wonderfully on the back of her head, nestling in her massive mane of rich blonde hair.

Edward just sits for a good twenty minutes and simply stares at the back of the brainwashed schoolgirl “stored” in his closet, remembering how he would love to watch that pretty, perfectly placed larger-than-life bow bounce and flutter as Samantha would giggle in her adorably cute schoolgirl way for an entire day non-stop and vowing that it would happen very soon.

Eventually Edward stands up and fetches a remote control from a holder next to the keypad, almost like an air conditioner unit might have.  Pressing a few buttons and suddenly the display stand within the closet begins to rotate through 180 degrees.

Edward smiles and starts to chuckle again when he sees the heavy “DOLL” make-up that the sweet natural Samantha has caked all over her face, together with her six-inch solid gold hoop ear rings.

What Edward sees posed motionlessly before him is a very different young girl than he encountered that first day on the footpath.  A few more buttons are pressed and the display stand slowly slides out of the small closet and extends a short way into the room.

“Well, well, well, Miss Grainger.  To what do I owe the pleasure?” Edward smiles at the young schoolgirl posed on the display stand, heavily made up with quite dramatic and vibrant make up, and all by her own doing!!!

Samantha, smiling back at Edward from under her many layers of pan-stik and blusher, tries to speak and suddenly has to put whatever she was going to say on hold as she discovers that the tons of stunning baby pink lip paint, which she applied coat after coat onto her full and perfectly shaped lips earlier that morning, had now dried and stuck her upper and lower lips together!!!

Edward notices this and bursts out laughing at the exceedingly over-made-up schoolgirl’s predicament.  He continues sniggering and laughing right to her face as he watches her slowly peel her nearly bonded lips apart, the bright baby pink lip paint making her lips look like two pieces of the sweetest candy money could buy.  Edward secretly commended himself on the choice of lip color suggested by the messages to her for his latest piece of  “art” work.

Samantha, feeling so stupid because of this, senses her cheeks start to burn red with embarrassment but smiles, knowing that her make up will hide her blushes.  But then as she tries to answer Edward, she discovers her even more embarrassing stutter is back!!!

“i hooo hoooppe you dow..dow.doe…don’t mi..mi..mind” Samantha stutters as Edward grins and leers over her.

“Mind? mind what, Samantha? Edward asks in mock interest.

“meeeee co..coo.coming here this?” she stuttered.

“MMMMmnnnnnnn, well which part are you asking about exactly Miss Grainger? You coming here looking like this? Or your making your own way into my private house while I am out!!! And proceeding to wander about and then attempting to hide yourself in this manner?”

Edward stood close to the painted up schoolgirl as he began firing all these questions at her.  Then smiled and sneered, as she simply could not even answer one of them.

“i.i.i.iii.di..di..did..did..en..en.en.didn’t…meeee…meeee….meeeeeeaaaannnnn…to…to…too…tooo.tooooo…i…i…i…ii……….   !!!!”  Samantha stuttered and stammered uncontrollably.

Edward, getting such pleasure from embarrassing the pretty schoolgirl, realizes that to proceed to the next level will require her being able to talk.  Slowly placing his finger upright over Samantha’s pink painted lips and making the “be quiet” sign over his own mouth, Edward silences the stupid stuttering uniformed barbie.

“Relax Samantha I am not angry with you; now I think after you take a slow deep breath you will find that your stutter will be gone.”

Saying this he smiles to himself as he lifts his finger away from the schoolgirl’s baby pink lips to find a large sticky pink patch of lip paint on his finger.  Then thinking quickly, he adds, “Gone for the time being at least,” while smiling to himself at how much he enjoys the company of awkward, embarrassed and stuttering schoolgirls.

Following Edward’s instructions Samantha takes her long deep slow breath, after which she finds that her stutter is –for the time being at least– gone.  Edward begins his questions again.

“What brings you here today Samantha, and in your school uniform too; you do know it’s a Saturday?” Edward asks.

Smiling prettily, Samantha tells him “Well, Edward, when I woke up this morning I just couldn’t stop thinking about the fun I had here last night.  Remember, when I posed for you as part of your doll collection?”

Edward, never breaking eye contact for a moment, nods his head.  “Yes I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, but why are you back so soon??”

Samantha still smiling, her stutter now gone, couldn’t wait to tell Edward everything that had being passing through her naïve silly little head.  Smiling so widely now, Samantha was almost on a high thanks to the masses of hormones running through her head, her addiction to posing for Edward now so strong, leading her to take these drastic actions.

“Well I thought that if I got really, really good at making myself pretty, that you might let me do some more posing for you???” She said, still smiling through her layers and layers of foundation and heavy rouge blusher. “So I’m practicing to be the best at it that I can be!” This last bit she gushed about, hoping for… longing for approval and encouragement from Edward.

Stony-faced Edward, stared at her in total silence for a long time, making Samantha look back up at him like a lost puppy; the hopes and dreams building in her eyes was driving Edward crazy but he had to hold his urges.

Finally he spoke, “I see, and do you think that by just coming here unannounced like this,” Edward knew perfectly well that she would have come today thanks to his powerful subliminal messages running through her empty little head all night, “And by wearing a very sloppy uniform and mediocre make-up and then just standing in the dark in a locked closet that, that will some how allow you to be considered for part of MY COLLECTION!!??” Edward added in a mocking tone.

The crestfallen look on Samantha’s face showed how hurtful these words were, but she immediately sprung back. Eyes widening she pleaded “OOHhhh no!!! I know I need to practice and my make up is no way near good enough, but please I know I can do better if you let me; I just know I can!!!  Oohh please, ohhh please, let me practice???”

Hiding his smiles, Edward looked back coolly at the pretty displayed schoolgirl.

“UUUmmm, I don’t know Samantha, I mean look; it’s a lovely sunny day outside and it’s a Saturday too! Wouldn’t you much rather be hanging around some shopping mall with your friends in jeans and a t-shirt, laughing and joking, instead of being here all made up, trussed-up in your school uniform, posing like a DOLL standing at attention in some pitch black closet?”

Edward smiled as he asked the made up schoolgirl these questions, knowing full well that any normal, sane, young girl would of course be fully agreeing with him.  But Samantha he knew was now no longer a normal young girl; the wants and desires she now posessed were very different to what they had been only a few weeks before.

Samantha now had new dreams and wants and Edward knew this, as it was he himself who had written them and inserted them into the impressionable girl’s trusting and vulnerable, sweet young mind.  Using powerfully controlling and aggressive subliminal messaging he had turned the uppity, rude schoolgirl he had meet on the street two weeks ago into his own personal walking fantasy.  Erasing her dreams and aspirations of college life and a successful business career, Edward latched onto the one weakness he had learned all beautiful girls had: Vanity!!!

“Come on Samantha, what say I take you home and you change? Then I could drop you off at whatever mall you like, you could be back chatting to your friends inside of an hour?” Edward fired this one last question at her simply to see just how much influence his subliminal recordings had had on the now totally compliant schoolgirl.  He was not to be disappointed.

Eyes widening even more and her head shaking from side to side repeatedly, Samantha answered him in such a scared tone, it sounded like she was begging for her life!!!  “OOHHHH!   NO, NO OOOHHH, PLEASE, DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO LEAVE!!!!!!! OOOhhhh  please!!!!  i don’t want to go to some silly mall, I really want to be here, I NEED to be here!!!” her big silk bow shuddering and fluttering madly as Samantha shook her head in disbelief at the mention, the very idea, of leaving the house.

“Please, please, please, pleassssse, pleassssssssssssse I want to stay!!!!! pleasssssssse let me stay; ooohhh please please pleassssssssse let me stay!!!!!!!! I need to practice and practice and practice and practice and practice for you, pleassssse?” Samantha went on like this non-stop until Edward raised his hands on front of her heavily made up face and even then she did not stop.

Possibly she was eager to show Edward just how important it was that she stay and practice for him, for she never left the display stand during their entire conversation and she never raised her arms once, instead keeping them straight by her sides the whole time.

Finally Edward got some quiet out of her, though she still looked very scared at the prospect of not being allowed stay, but for the moment she kept her candy pink painted lips shut and listened to what Edward wanted to say next.

“Very well Miss Grainger, I see that you have your mind rather set on this,” Edward smiled as she repeated this last part in her mindless monotone voice again.

“Your mind!!!!! You haven’t got one any more my dear!!! You stupid, silly little painted trollop,” Edward thought to himself.

“So, perhaps I could give you some teachings on the subject? But they would require some considerable time on your part Miss Grainger.  Is that a commitment that you can make and stick to?” Edward asks.

Now that all trace of her final exams and school had literally vanished from her empty head, she starts to nod her head ecstatically, her huge school ribbon bouncing and shaking behind her vacuous blonde head.  Her eyes sparkling bright again and smiling excitedly, all trace of the fear now gone from her young and seriously dolled up face.

“OOOOhhhh; thank you thank you thank you, thank you thank you thank you! I’ll practice ever so hard as you watch, I promise I’ll be the best ever; ooohhhh thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”

Smiling coldly Edward decides to progress to the next level. “Very well then Miss Grainger, lesson one begins NOW!!!” Then, taking an even sterner tone to his voice, he continues,  “From now on you will address me as Sir!!!  Is that clearly UNDERSTOOD!!!!  Miss Samantha Grainger???”

Eyes widening and then glazing a little in shock, Samantha responds so quickly and obediently, Edward felt sure he had to be dreaming.

“Oohhh SIR, Yes Sir, of course Sir, absolutely Sir; I understand Sir, whatever you say Sir, Sir YES SIR… Sir!!!!”

“BE QUIET SCHOOLGIRL!!!”  She is instantly silent.

Now acting completely different, Edward becomes ultra strict with the sweet blonde posed before him.  Silence fills the room as Edward grins and smirks at the now motionless and quiet schoolgirl.

“It has been my experience that schoolgirls of your age are normally quite unruly, loud and bad mannered,” saying this Edward glares at Samantha.

“It has further been my experience that the best way to deal with and teach a rowdy schoolgirl such as that is to take an EXTREMELY STRICT, ZERO TOLERANCE, approach to everything including her etiquette, attire, manners and ANYTHING ELSE that her teacher should deem necessary.”

Smiling wildly now and finally really getting to enjoy the whole process, Edward walks slowly around the motionless schoolgirl, still standing dead straight at attention on the display stand, her eyes now obediently fixed, staring straight ahead in front of her.

Leaning in close to Samantha’s ear Edward whispers smugly, “Do you agree, Miss Grainger?”

Suddenly, as if wound up like a clockwork DOLL, Samantha can’t answer the question fast enough. “Sir, YES SIR; schoolgirls like me must be treated EXTREMELY STRICTLY Sir. Schoolgirls like me DESERVE ZERO TOLERANCE Sir. YES SIR, I fully agree Sir, any actions a TEACHER DEEMS NECESSARY to teach a schoolgirl like me is perfectly acceptable, Sir. YES SIR; Sir!!!”

Grinning ear to ear Edward is in heaven, “What a good obedient little schoolgirl you are, Miss Grainger”

“Sir, YES SIR, I am an obedient little schoolgirl Sir, YES SIR; thank you, Sir!!!”

His smile taking an evil glint Edward continues, “So please answer my next question then, Miss Grainger?”

“SIR; YES SIR,” Samantha responds in a split second.

“If you’re such a good obedient schoolgirl, and you are now in training to pose for me, how is it that you have the cheek to pose here in this place with white powder all over your school shoes???????”  This was the type of stuff that Edward loved the most.  With a look of total shock crossing her “DOLL” face, Samantha searches for an answer, knowing that no excuse would ever be good enough.

“Sir; I can not explain it Sir.  I fully checked my uniform several times before going outside this morning SIR.  I made sure not to walk anywhere where my uniform might have been soiled.  Keeping my school uniform clean and presentable is vitally important Sir. I cannot explain this Sir I am truly sorry and will happily accept any and all punishment that this very serious matter merits… SIR!!!”

Beaming from ear to ear Edward walks slowly around Samantha. “UUUUmmmm, how very selfish of you schoolgirl, wanting your punishment right now; what is the one thing that is exceedingly more important than your punishment right now?  Well,  little schoolgirl??” asks Edward.

“Sir, YES SIR; me being perfectly attired and presented for your PERSONAL VIEWING PLEASURE on a schoolgirl display stand AT ALL TIMES, SIR!!!”

All this being such music to Edwards ears, still not believing that every single thing he wrote and inserted into all the hundreds of subliminal messages, his walkmans had projected right into Samantha’s head.  Every single one of them found their target and here standing before him was the result; the ultimately obedient schoolgirl TOY!!!

“Pity I can’t patent her,” Edward sighs to himself.

Putting Samantha’s certain and well-deserved punishment on hold, Edward instructs her to remove her soiled school shoes and hand them to him.  This she does leaving herself standing in her stocking feet much lower on the display stand.

Seeing this Edward gets a wicked idea.  “Now, Miss Grainger, considering you are no longer fully attired, your posing training cannot continue any further today.  Also, as I already have a prearranged golf game with some good friends, I do not intend to spoil my Saturday afternoon.  Therefore you and your training shall just have to wait!!!”

Placing the schoolgirls shoes to one side, Edward turns back to the motionless schoolgirl standing in her socks on the display stand.  “MMMmmmm my, my, my, Miss Grainger; without your proper shoes you do make a sloppy sight.  A uniformed schoolgirl in my opinion looks far, far, better presented standing with her heels off the floor and up on her toes like she would  be when wearing her school shoes.  Don’t you agree Miss Grainger????”  Any form of friendliness or understanding is now absent completely from Edward’s stern tones.

“Sir, YES SIR; a schoolgirl is far better presented with her heels off the floor and standing on her toes, SIR!!!”  Samantha waas now responding to every question and comment directed at her with the utmost respect and manners. 

Smiling wickedly, Edward sneers at the easily tricked schoolgirl. “Well then, Miss Grainger, what’s stopping you? Get those heels off the floor NOW!!!”

Looking a little perplexed Samantha stammers. “S.S.SSIR I d.d.ddon’t understand SIR?????”

Edward huffs at the schoolgirl “You said yourself, Miss Grainger that you would look better presented standing on your tip toes; now DO IT!!!!!”

“Sir, YES SIR; AT ONCE SIR!!!” Samantha responds. She obediently and much to Edward’s delight raises her heels well off the display stand, forcing herself to stand high up on her tip-toes.  Her white stocking feet arched considerably more than they ever were when she was wearing her school shoes.

Edward enjoying the manipulation and control smiled his approval. “OOHH, yes yes, that is far far better, Miss Grainger; don’t you agree,” he says leering at the manipulated schoolgirl.

“Sir, YES SIR; I am far better presented for your viewing pleasure. Sir, Yes Sir; THANK YOU, SIR!”

Edward, admiring the uniformed schoolgirl’s very awkward and difficult new pose, decides to put the boot in.  “You will remain standing like that as punishment for disrespecting your school uniform Miss Grainger; a schoolgirl like you must learn that it is a great honor to be seen dressed as you are.  And you will learn respect and OBEDIENCE to the school dress code.  Is that completely clear, Miss Grainger???  Now, stand higher!!!!”  Edward was now fully enjoying the complete and total control his has acquired over the former prissy schoolgirl.

“Sir, YES SIR; I will learn OBEDIENCE to the school dress code, SIR,”  The brainless blonde replies, forcing herself to stand even higher on her tiptoes, arching her lower back painfully.

Checking his watch, Edward decides it is time to leave for his golf game; after he presses a few buttons on his remote, the display stand starts to rotate back the 180 degrees and retracts into the dark closet.

He smiles as Samantha sways slightly, her huge gold hoops swinging in her ears as she is carried back into the pitch black closet, Edward gives her one last instruction, as part of her punishment.

After a few moments the display is fully retracted and the uniformed schoolgirl is back in the closet facing the back wall and standing at attention, now minus her school shoes and instead teetering high on her tiptoes in her white school socks.

Edward admires her from behind and how sexy she looks, her huge school bow still in place and all the more vibrant looking surrounded by Samantha’s long shiny blonde hair.

He begins chuckling and laughing to himself as he hits the close button on the remote.  The oak paneled door starts to slide shut behind the posed schoolgirl, still repeating loudly her new mantra.  As part of her punishment Edward instructed her to repeat  a phrase over and over non-stop until told otherwise.

And it is this repetition that Edward can still hear until the moment the sound proofed door slowly slides into place, smiling he listens to the sweet innocent voice of the pretty blonde schoolgirl he so easily ensnared with her own vanity and dreams.

Samantha, standing at attention in her stocking feet again finds herself facing the cold dark black rear wall of the closet, a now invisible wall that might as well not even be there, since in the pitch dark closet nothing can be seen.

Smiling broadly, with her face plastered in more make up than she had worn in all her teenage years, Samantha repeats again and again her new mantra, non-stop as instructed by the most interesting man she has ever met:

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

Edward smiles as he listens to the former snooty and prissy schoolgirl repeating non-stop and with total conviction a sentence that she would have laughed and jeered at only two weeks ago.

Edward wondered just how sound proofed the closet was, this he realized was its first real test.

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

As he watched the pretty school bow hidden from view as the door closed and found its latch…

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

 “A schoolgirl’s greatest gift …………..

Edward strained his ears; he even placed his ear directly on the oak paneled door and strained to hear her…….

What he heard was NOTHING.

Samantha was now out of sight, and totally out of earshot….

Edward laughed to the closed panel door, turned and walked out of the EMPTY room.

Pausing only for a moment in the hallway right in front of the still crawling, beautiful redheaded French maid.  With a look of total contempt Edward bangs Samantha’s school shoes together, knocking the remainder of the white powder all over the floor in front of the sweeping French maid before walking to the incinerator in the kitchen and tossing the perfectly presentable, highly polished, now spotlessly clean, very shiny, black patent leather pair of schoolgirl shoes down the dirty chute and into the flames below.

Edward returns to the kneeling bundle of taffeta and satin, crouching down and grabbing a fistful of the maid’s glorious red curls, he roughly yanks her head backwards and upwards so he can look into her painted face.

“Well Ms Prissybottom, that should keep you busy for a little while longer, good job you don’t need to go write any more theses.”

Sniggering at the painted redhead’s blank expression on her perfectly presented made-up face and with loud cruel malicious laughter, he throws her beautiful empty head back down towards the floor to continue her fruitless task of sweeping up all the powder with the micro broom gripped between her teeth.

Edward stands up, proud and triumphant, over the sexy taffeta wrapped and bound redhead, for a moment toying with the idea of once again making all her uniforms one size smaller and even more restrictive!!!

Smirking at the crawling French maid, Edward walks out of the front door, speeding away in his BMW to catch his golf game.

He quickly dials a number on his car phone and then floors the BMW as the in-car audio system relays what the phone is receiving from the sound system back in Edward’s house.

Edward hears what is being picked up from a small microphone located inside a dark, locked, secret closet, located in one of his private rooms in his private mansion.  The voice is that of a sweet nineteen-year-old schoolgirl, and her innocent naïve tones fill Edward’s car as he drives.

Samantha Grainger is still repeating her new mantra, over and over and over, non-stop as instructed by Edward, locked away in the hidden, pitch dark closet; this is what she was still saying and what Edward could now enjoy listening to as he sped to his golf game:

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

Chapter Six

Edward sleeps in the following morning, arriving down for breakfast close to mid-day.  Sitting at the table reading the Sunday financials and eating his continental he spies something odd about the French maid as she is dutifully returning to one of the display stands located along the wall of the large dining hall.

Calling the stunning redhead over, Edward instructs her to turn around and touch her fingers on her toes.  When she obediently does so he gets a face full of shredded paper and card, Edward chuckles as he remembers that he had forgotten to remove the dildo tail from the French maid the previous day.

It was late when he had gotten home and he had gone right to bed, leaving the poor redhead standing on the display stand on the landing, not just dressed in her sadistically uncomfortable and excessively tight uniform, but also with a rather large dildo still inserted up her arse.

Looking closely at the shredded paper tail Edward could still see some of the gold lettering on the card pieces that used to be the cover to one of Triona’s college thesis, lettering that had once spelled Ms Triona Prissybottom, the real name of his now permanent live-in domestic servant.

Although Ms Prissybottom had had the benefit of a lofty college education, she had still, Edward found, never learned any manners or respect; but that all changed upon her entering his employ.  Although Triona had only been looking for some temporary work, Edward had decided to prolong her contract on an indefinite basis.

Besides he thought,  “The prissy snooty bitch should be honored at having been chosen to be turned into a living work of art!!!”

Forcefully yanking out the dildo before slapping her on her arse, he commanded the shapely French maid to stand up straight again and return to her display stand to wait until her services were needed again.

Throwing the dildo into storage in a drawer on the side table Edwards’s eyes widened.

“OOOhhh I forgot, that schoolgirl is still up in the storage closet; I completely forgot I had a new toy to play with.”

With this Edward turns around and leaves the room, heading for the stairs, leaving the mess of his breakfast behind.

After a few minutes Triona Prissybottom, dressed in the tightest most uncomfortable French maid uniform ever designed, steps off her display stand and starts to clean Edward’s breakfast from the table.  Her awkward taffeta uniform rustling loudly with every restricted movement she makes.  Quickly and efficiently, with a broad smile fixed constantly on her painted up face, Triona cleans all trace of the breakfast things away.  Ms Prissybottom, then still smiling like some surreal clown, checks her full attire and appearance in the dining room mirror.  Triona spends some time reapplying some ultra high sheen red lip gloss, fixing her mascara, straightening her seamed stockings, adjusting her big stupid fake tits, tugging and pulling her tight taffeta uniform to reveal the best cleavage possible before teetering painfully in her killer high heels to the display stand on the upper landing, that being the closet one to Edward at that time.

Triona Prissybottom obediently mounts the display stand and poses herself, then uses her long red painted nails to flick and pinch her own nipples before standing motionless at attention, all the time taking the small restrictive breaths as only her stiff and unyielding taffeta constraints allow her to.  Still smiling broadly as if she were actually for a moment enjoying her duties.

Triona Prissybottom now nothing more than a tarted-up walking clothes horse for Edward’s twisted and perverse tastes in humiliating and degrading female fashions, stands motionless as if simply a mindless mannequin – an OBJECT even – and continues her never ending, undignified and demeaning servitude as part of one of Edward’s most depraved sexual fantasies.

Entering the room, Edward quickly punches in the code to release the lock and open the door to the secret closet.  Smiling like a giddy schoolboy with a new toy, he steps back to admire the view.

He smiles softly with a hint of wickedness as the pretty blonde schoolgirl comes back into view, her beautiful silk bow still tied high and tight on the back of the schoolgirl’s vacuous and brainwashed head.

Fluttering slightly as the draft from the open door catches it, Edward’s smile widens as he takes in the rest of his newest plaything.

Samantha, still standing perched high up on her tip toes in her school socks, and STILL reciting her mantra from the day before, Edward sniggers as he hears her soft voice carry out from the back of the small and cramped storage press.


“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

“A schoolgirl’s greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE….”

Samantha stood rigidly at attention, not reacting for a moment to the closet door being opened behind her and her tiny pitch-black confines now being flooded with midday sun light.  She simply continued to repeat her tedious mantra over and over, her big silly smile still beaming wide across her gullible young face.

The unfortunate uniformed schoolgirl now doomed to repeat incessantly the puerile trivial nonsense that Edward had just thought up on the spur of the moment the previous day, as strongly and with equal conviction as she had done so many, many, many hours previously.

Edward, with the remote in hand, presses the sequence of buttons required to rotate and withdraw the display stand once again from the small unlit secretive place.  Grinning from ear to ear as he watches the virtually immobile schoolgirl come out into full view again, standing motionless apart from her non-stop mind numbing, repetitive mantra.

He pauses for the longest moment, transfixed in admiration at her elegant long blonde hair flowing and cascading down over her shoulders, coupled with her big wide innocent silk ribbon folded, twisted and turned onto and around itself, its delicate ends trailing with their girlish v-shaped end cuts tickling some of her blonde strands as the soft silk ribbon seemed to roll and tumble through Samantha’s hair like freshly fallen autumn leaves being playfully taken down a mountain stream.

Edward’s expression then changes to an evil glint as he takes in the total contrast of Samantha’s heavily painted, dolled up, face and her ludicrous looking six inch gold hoops dangling from her small dainty ears.  Earrings that looked more at home hanging from some curb crawling cheap whore, then the young innocent spoilt and privileged upper class schoolgirl who now wore them.  Stupidly believing that they actually added class to her appearance.

“Well Miss Grainger you may stop saying your manta now; tell me, have you learned your lesson, do you think?” Edward asks the displayed schoolgirl.

Samantha stops repeating the mantra and smiles broadly,  “Sir, Yes Sir; I have learned a very valuable lesson Sir, Sir, thank you; Sir.”

Smiling to himself Edward looks over the confined schoolgirl  “Don’t think for a moment, schoolgirl, that your lessons in obedience are over, you will come to realize Miss Grainger that true and total obedience is something you will be giving a great deal of your study time to from now on.”

 Looking back at Edward, Samantha’s pretty face lights up with a big smile.  “Sir, Yes Sir; a schoolgirls greatest gift to her teacher is to HONOR HIM with her TOTAL OBEDIENCE, Sir!”  Samantha proclaims this to Edward as if it was the most important thing she could possibly tell him today or any other day.

Nodding and grinning, Edward opens a carry bag that he had left on the landing the night previously.  Taking out what looked like Samantha’s school shoes he places them on the floor in front of the standing schoolgirl, who is still balancing high up on her tiptoes.

“Then, in that case, I think you should be allowed wear your full uniform again; step into these shoes at once, schoolgirl!!!” Edward commands

“Sir, Yes Sir; at once, Sir,” Samantha replies.

She eagerly steps down off the display stand into what looked like her school shoes.  Samantha was soon to discover that these were not the same pair of shoes she had handed to Edward the previous day.  It took her a few moments of twisting and squeezing, attempting to get her feet into uniform shoes that only the day before she could very easily slip into.

Grinning Edward knelt down to her feet and helped Samantha don her new footwear, forcefully ramming her feet into the altered school shoes.  Standing up, he smirks into the pretty blonde’s face. “There you go, schoolgirl; I know you wore a size five with a three inch heel, but for display purposes from now on I want you in a size three!!! With a five inch heel!!!”

Edward’s face now filling with sadistic pleasure he continued, “Now I realize that wearing shoes two sizes too small for you will probably be very sore and painful for you; that standing for long periods as you will be in five inch heels, will certainly make your feet and ankles ache all the more,” the look of growing pleasure on Edward’s face now clearly evident.

“However, these are the requirements of the dress code for a schoolgirl mannequin in MY COLLECTION; is there a problem to comply with this code, Miss Grainger??”

Samantha, trying to smile through the clear discomfort and pain now written on her sweet innocent face, replies to Edward’s sick and twisted change to her uniform. “Sir, it will be my honor to give my full obedience to the school dress code, Sir; it is the greatest privilege to be allowed dress like this as part of your collection Sir!!!”

Grinning ear to ear now, Edward pats the stupid blonde on the top of her head, as she mindlessly, obediently and more importantly happily recites phrases, sentences and other stupid inane regulations that are now spinning around relentlessly inside her pretty brainwashed head; just waiting for a chance to come spewing out of her baby pink barbie doll lips.

“Yes it is a great privilege schoolgirl, a very great honor indeed, and trust me you won’t ever be forgetting that either,” Edward says.

“Now Miss Grainger, it is time to continue with your training; please walk back and forth in this room so I can see if your walking needs to be looked after as part of that training.”

Edward instructs the schoolgirl to do this not to judge her walking style; after all, as a display mannequin there is no walking involved.

But rather Edward wanted to make the schoolgirl mince about in her new killer school shoes, getting such pleasure from seeing the once petulant blonde now have to suffer with each and every painful, teetering step she took.

Wobbling and wavering, Samantha slowly paces back and forth in the room, the discomfort and aching the new shoes were causing to the schoolgirl clearly evident on her sweet painted face.

The strong black patent leather uppers not giving in the slightest as they constrained and compressed the poor schoolgirl’s feet.

The unfamiliar and totally unnecessary five inch spike heels forcing the pretty blonde’s toes to slide and sink deeper and deeper into the front of the shoes, compacting them into the much smaller space.

On top of this discomfort Samantha slowly begins to feel a dull ache steadily growing in her over-extended ankles.

Also much to Edward’s delight the higher heels were creating a much more defined lower calf, as well as forcing the sweet nineteen year old to start arching her lower back.  This in turn forcing her round pumped up boobs out and making her walk with a definite twitch to her hips as the uniformed blonde cautiously teetered and paraded herself around the room for Edward’s sadistic pleasure.

After observing the mincing schoolgirl for ten minutes, Edward instructs her to remove her school blazer and then mount a display stand in the room.  This display stand Samantha notes was the very one that she had stood on that first evening in Edward’s collection room.  The gold S G lettering gleaming brightly as she happily stands at attention in the center of the stand, smiling as she sees she has been posed facing a full length mirror.

Edward, hanging the striped blazer on a hook on the wall, returns to the schoolgirl posed elegantly in her school blouse, tie and gray skirt.

“Now Samantha, tell me what things do disobedient schoolgirls do in school?” Edward smiles while asking her this, as he already knew the answers she would be providing, thanks to certain subliminal messages that he had piped into the closet the previous day.

“Sir, Yes Sir; some schoolgirls run in the hallway, Sir, that is bad; other schoolgirls talk out of turn, Sir, or are cheeky to teachers; that is very bad, Sir, and some schoolgirls fidget and mess about in class when they should be sitting at attention for their teacher; that is very, very bad, Sir.”  Samantha responds as if reading from a book in her head, all the time smiling broadly at her reflection in front of her.

“You are guilty of ALL this highly disobedient behavior yourself, are you not, Miss Grainger?” Edward asks.

“Sir, Yes Sir,“ Samantha responds.

“So, do you think you should be allowed to pose for me if you are susceptible to this kind of bad behavior Miss Grainger?” Edward puts this to the displayed schoolgirl.

“Sir, I will try my very best to refrain from being disobedient or acting in a disobedient manner; Sir,” Samantha replies with total conviction in her controlled and nearly programmed response.

“UUUMMMmm, but for how long though, Miss Grainger…..??  Perhaps I should offer some assistance to you to help and guide you to act more obediently.  Would you like me to do that for you, Miss Grainger?” Edward asks the brainwashed schoolgirl with a large smirk across his face.

“OOOhhh! Sir, Yes Sir; Oohh Yes, please Sir, please give me help and guidance to be a more obedient schoolgirl Sir; please, Sir, Yes Sir,” Samantha gushes.

Edward now smiling wildly, turns to several lengths of school ribbon that the French maid had earlier laid across a desk in the room, each of them several feet long, all four inches wide with the ends cut into a girlish v-shape.

Being of the school colors each ribbon had the distinctive navy stripe, ice blue stripe and the silver strip running the full length of the ribbons.  The stripes repeated twice across the broad four-inch ribbons.

Smiling, Edward lifts up the first one and enjoys its rich silken texture as it unfolds over his fingers.  Walking to the posed schoolgirl, he kneels and proceeds to wrap the ribbon tightly around her upper legs, placing it just higher than her knees, wrapping the long ribbon around Samantha’s thighs several times making sure it is bound securely, drawing the schoolgirl’s bare knees forcefully together, before tying the ends of the wide ribbon into a large and very decorative bow on the front of her legs, hanging down over her knees.  The wide stiff bow sits neatly over her knees, with the v-cut trailing ends fluttering about and tickling her legs.

After fixing the ribbon and bow around Samantha’s legs Edward stands up and steps back admiring his work.

Smiling broadly Edward speaks to the bound schoolgirl. “There now Samantha, let’s see if you can run in the hallways with this new addition to your uniform!!!” Smirking wider Edward continues, “You’ll find, schoolgirl, that you are now reduced to a slow mincing!!! walk.”

Samantha, smiling broadly, looks at the reflection of the ribbon tied around her legs, binding her knees solidly together; ignoring the stinging and crushing sensations emanating from the inner sides of her knees.

“OOOhhh, Sir; thank you Sir.  Now I couldn’t possibly run in the school hallways or corridors; Sir.  OOOhhh; thank you, Sir, for helping me become a more obedient schoolgirl, Sir,” Samantha smiles, thanking Edward.

“You are very welcome schoolgirl, but you know you can still be guilty of fidgeting or messing in class and not sitting at attention, I think you are the type of schoolgirl that would need help in those matters too, would I be correct Miss Grainger?” Edward enquires smiling.

“Sir, Yes Sir; I would be guilty of those things too, Sir; if there is any way you could help me I would be ever so grateful, Sir!!!” Samantha responds her innocent sweet voice now filled with expectant hope.

Returning with a second length of the school ribbon Edward smiles to the reflection of Samantha’s painted face. “Well now, schoolgirl ,it just so happens that I can help you; place your arms behind your back, schoolgirl, and cross your wrists too.”

Samantha happily obliges and Edward proceeds to tie her wrists together behind her back, again running the long wide ribbon several times around the poor schoolgirl’s wrists.  Pulling the ribbon more tightly on each occasion, finally with enough ribbon left to tie another large bow Edward does so, finishing off the schoolgirl’s wrist bindings with a beautiful large bow hanging down over her bound hands.

Without stopping, Edward quickly races to the desk and fetches another ribbon, this time wrapping it around Samantha’s elbows.  Pulling the ribbon tight and forcing the young schoolgirl to stick her big, swelled and round inflated breasts out in front of her and bringing her shoulders back into a very stiff posture.  Edward then, as before, ties the ribbon off in a larger-than-life school bow, this one hanging freely from the schoolgirl’s elbows!!!

All the time Edward enjoying the soft silky texture of the school ribbons wrapping them around the equally rich and smooth feel of the crisp and clean fabric of Samantha’s school blouse.

Edward now smiling very sadistically, walks around to the front of the mounted and bound schoolgirl. “There we are now schoolgirl, with these two new additions to your school attire you won’t be fidgeting in class anymore and with your elbows held back like that your posture is greatly improved.” With this Edward steps back and waits to hear Samantha’s reply to being slowly tied up.

Beaming like a bride on her wedding day, Samantha is almost close to tears of joy.  “Oohh, Sir; thank you so much, Sir; this will help me so much to be a better schoolgirl, and with better posture I will be so much better presented for your viewing pleasure, Sir.”

After this there was only one length of ribbon left on the desk.  Edward returns to Samantha, posed and wrapped up on her doll stand, and with great pleasure begins wrapping it around her head, taking his time to run it under her hair at the back of her head but making sure that it runs perfectly flat over her mouth at the front.

Layer after layer of the long and wide school ribbon is run smoothly over and over the blonde schoolgirl’s closed mouth, the four inch ribbon easily covering her soft painted lips and her sweet cheeks.

Then taking his time as if like a master painter putting the final strokes to a great painting Edward begins tying the ends of the ribbon into the most perfectly shaped bow he can possibly tie.  Placing the large bow on Samantha’s left cheek and tying it off securely so that the brainwashed schoolgirl was now firmly gagged.

Smiling at the now -to Edward’s eyes- even prettier schoolgirl, Edward tells her what he had just done. “Now Samantha, you won’t be speaking out if turn from now on, or giving silly schoolgirl cheek to anyone. My, my don’t you look pretty in your new ribbons?  I’m giving serious consideration to making them all permanent additions to the schoolgirl mannequin dress code, what do you think of that, Miss Grainger?” Edward asked.

Samantha for her part simply stood silently, making sure not to try to speak in case she might mess up her beautiful new ribbon gag.  Edward noted this silence with a firm nod of approval. “What a good obedient schoolgirl you are, Miss Grainger. I need to go out on important business today; we shall continue your training tomorrow.”

With this Edward turned, grabbed the schoolgirl’s striped blazer and left the room, leaving the ribbon bound, brainwashed, schoolgirl happily enjoying her reflection as she obediently stood at attention on the display stand in Edward’s mansion.

Before leaving the room he turns on some low soft music, filled of course with layers and layers of subliminal messages, all being intensified by Samantha’s gold hoops and all being fired deep into her completely trusting and conditioned little mind.

Most of the messages were simply reinforcements of previous ones, meant to keep the schoolgirl thinking a certain way while making sure she didn’t simply come to her senses and begin wondering what on earth she was doing tied up in all these ribbons, in this strange house, dressed for school but merely positioned up on some silly stand looking at her bizarre reflection in this mirror.

Again she began to see the images of herself now posed as a mannequin, she began to hear the vast cheering crowds; cheering for Samantha and screaming their adulation for her.  The music also contained certain sounds that raced deep into the schoolgirl’s head and began to bring about the release of more feel good hormones into the dumb blonde’s mind.

All this and more was happening inside Samantha’s poor messed up head, yet in the room itself all that could have been observed was some soft music and a pretty blonde schoolgirl, dressed in her school uniform, standing at attention, bound up in ribbons and bows, happily admiring herself in a mirror.

The one new message Edward did begin inserting into Samantha’s mind with this music was of the importance of showing Edward what an obedient schoolgirl she was.  Telling the motionless schoolgirl that since she will soon be a mannequin and she cannot show her obedience through either actions or words and that she must therefore strive to prove her total obedience to Edward through her perfect posture.  Whilst being proudly on display as part of Edward’s collection.

Samantha could only prove her obedience by providing Edward with the best possible schoolgirl mannequin display for his viewing pleasure.  All this now made perfect sense to Samantha; her gullible mind absorbed each and every twisted message with complete conviction.  Totally captivated in her own perverse reflection, she made up what was left of her little mind to proving her utter obedience to Edward, in this one and only means she had.

Chapter Seven

Edward returns to the room the following day to find Samantha still posed on the display stand bound in her new school ribbons and still obediently looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

Edward smiles as he listens to the soft music playing in the background, music he knows would be having a very powerful effect on the displayed schoolgirl.

“Well Samantha, how did you enjoy your day of practice?” he asked.

Still gagged with her new ribbon gag tied off so neatly in a huge bow on her sweet cheek Samantha simply smiles with her eyes.

Edward removes her ribbon gag and then the two ribbons on her arms and finally releases her knees then instructs the still silent schoolgirl to step down off her display stand and report to the dining hall for breakfast.

When she returns Edward is ready to make further changes to her school uniform.  Informing the young blonde that her ill fitting white cotton training bra is no longer permitted he hands her, her new school regulation bra.

Dark navy in color Samantha takes the wonder bra and changes into it.  Putting it on Samantha discovers that her very round D cup breasts are now sitting much higher on her chest also with no size label attached Samantha never knows that the wonder bra is two sizes too small for her. Edward further has to explain to the naive blonde the benefits of both quarter cup and balcony plunge designs, both of which her new wonder bra sported.  With her artificially inflated boobs now on glorious display Edward instructs Samantha to put back on the rest of her uniform, as she is fixing her school tie Edward hands Samantha her school blazer back which he had taken away with him the previous day.

Samantha happily puts her school blazer back on to find yet again that Edward has made further modifications to her uniform.

The blazer now at least six inches shorter did not cover the young girls backside but instead finishing only a couple of inches below the top of her skirt, in addition the waist had been taken in several sizes and the lapels re-cut.  The strong vertical stripes now running diagonally inwards on the blazer’s lapels.

When Edward looked at Samantha in her blazer now, his eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts, both the figured in design and the strong stripes now powerfully forced the observer to focus on the schoolgirl’s well inflated and enlarged D cup breasts.  The strong dark navy wonder bra could also be made out under the schoolgirl’s light blue school blouse.

Edward smiled at the new look Samantha and instructed the pretty schoolgirl that obedience of the dress code would require her to always have the middle button of the blazer closed.

This would force her pumped up and swelled tits even further into view, Samantha smiling naively responds in her customary monotone voice, telling Edward how grateful and privileged she feels to have an opportunity like this to show her obedience to the school dress code.

Edward smiling sadistically pets the programmed blonde on the head, knowing he will never bore of listening to her sweet innocent voice spouting the stupid inane drivel that he has injected into her mind using his subliminal messages.

Edward stood beside Samantha stroking her long blonde hair and playing with her big silk ribbon, running his fingers gently around the bow’s folds and curves enjoying the texture and feel of the ribbon tied into Samantha’s golden locks.

Suddenly Edward remembers one of his many flights of fancy that he began having when he had first met Samantha only a few short weeks before, smiling to himself he decides to indulge.

“Samantha please tell me how important a schoolgirl’s attire is?” Edward instructs the motionless blonde at his side.

He then continues playing with her hair and ribbons, while Samantha speaking in the clearest and happiest voice she can begins to tell Edward each and every absurd and ridiculous notion that he had ever written concerning schoolgirls dressing neatly for school.

Edward smiling and getting such pleasure from Samantha’s performance.  She would impart many silly reasons why a schoolgirl should always be properly attired and well presented in her uniform, as well as numerous penalties that should befall a schoolgirl who would fail to follow even one aspect of her school dress code no matter how impractical, frivolous or idiotic the rule.

Samantha spoke for at least twenty minutes, with the most serious tone she could muster in her voice, all to help her impress upon Edward how important these issues were, until finally she began repeating herself.  Not that she would ever notice but by this stage Edward had had enough fun and looking at his watch he decided it was time.

Turning the schoolgirl around to face him, Edward gives her some instructions.

“Samantha my dear it’s time to show you how a schoolgirl mannequin should be made up.  Sit over at the desk schoolgirl.”

Saying this Edward points to an old style school desk at the other side of the room.  Samantha obediently walks to it, turns down the seat and sits herself at attention in the desk smiling broadly as if ready for a day’s lessons in a real classroom.

Edward walks to the door and leaves the room returning several minutes later with the most gorgeous looking blonde Samantha had ever seen.  She was dressed very elegantly with both her hair and make-up absolutely flawless.

The old Samantha would probably have guessed correctly that this lady was one of those women who always looked this way due to her job.  That being an assistant on one of the many make-up counters present in all the large department stores in the city.

The new Samantha however would have no notion of where this woman worked or came from, also the old Samantha would certainly have noticed the odd look on the beautiful blonde’s face.  Although she was made-up perfectly there seemed something odd about the way she wore such a wide fixed smile on her face and the very distant look in her eyes.

Almost as if she was giving somebody her customary “big smile greeting” that all the staff in the department store would be instructed to give a hundred times a day to every customer they greeted. And while doing this she had somehow simply stopped!!! As if transfixed or in a trance.

The truth being that this poor unfortunate woman had been picked out by Edward at the store, he had simply walked up her counter waited for her to serve him and then quickly hypnotized her.  Now under Edward’s powerful mind control the make-up artist had excused herself from her counter, walked out of the store and sat into Edward’s car.  Smiling happily and broadly all the time.  Now back in Edward’s mansion and still deeply under his hypnotic control, the blonde sets to work on redoing Samantha’s make-up.

Walking slowly around the school desk, Edward looks on.

“This is Tiffany!!! Samantha, she is going to show you the best way to look while you are part of my collection.” Edward tells Samantha as her own strong and tarty make-up attempt is quickly removed.

Samantha smiling ear to ear says hello to Tiffany but does not seem to mind the fact that the blonde does not answer her back, or respond to any of her other comments.  Instead Tiffany continues non-stop as if in a trance redoing Samantha’s face, not stopping for several hours, until finally Tiffany hands Samantha a mirror.  The schoolgirl can at last see the face she had seen so many times in her minds eye looking back at her.

Her once sweet and natural lips now thanks to Tiffany’s collagen injections had been transformed into a very sultry and heavy pout.  And Samantha’s new pouting lips were once again painted the cutest baby pink Edward could find, her eyes were made up like a movie stars, again plenty of pan-stik and blusher gave Samantha a strong vibrant look, her eye brows had been reshaped into two delicate arches and Samantha now sported full and very long eye lashes.

Edward had long since left the room getting rather bored as the hypnotized blonde worked silently on the schoolgirl.

He had instead left the French maid in the room to report to him when the job had been finished, this she now did.

Edward was working in his study when he heard the loud rustling of taffeta coming down the hallway accompanied by a loud steady clicking of high heels on wooden floors.

Edward keeps his face down as Triona Prissybottom entered the room and curtseys deeply in her ridiculous looking French maid uniform.  Raising her uniform’s micro mini skirt out as far as possible, pinching it between her long red nails and making sure not to damage the delicate white lace trim at the same time.  Holding the curtsy as always at the deepest and most awkward point until noticed.

Deliberately ignoring the French maid Edward lets her stay in her uncomfortable pose for a few minutes, knowing full well that the French maid would never dare interrupt him.  But would instead wait silently and obediently teetering in her six inch heels, trying her best to keep her balance as she held her deep curtsey, smiling broadly and remaining exactly like that until spoken to.  The deep curtsey forced Triona not only to lower her body considerably but also to lean forward sharply from her waist, causing a lot a strain and muscle ache in her lower back.  Holding this antiquated and subservient posture resulted in Triona Prissybottom’s big stupid inflated fake tits and huge cleavage to be on full display as if being served up for Edward’s pleasure on a silver tray.

“Yes, maid, what is it????” Edward snaps after finally looking up from his work.

“Oui Monsieur, the work is completed Monsieur, is there any other way this maid may serve you further right now Monsieur?”

Triona Prissybottom now speaking with such a strong French accent and strained pronunciation of English words that anyone meeting her for the first time would surely believe she had been born a French woman.

Edward smiling to himself tried to recall what Triona’s normal voice had even sounded like, smirking as he stood up and walked around to the motionless French maid reminding himself that he would never again have to listen to Ms Prissybottom’s prissy, stuck-up and arrogantly snobbish tones.

Walking towards the beautiful redhead as she rises out of her curtsey Edward grabs a fistful of her thick red mane in each hand before kissing her full and hard on her plump bee stung pouting lips, smearing her perfectly applied fire engine red lip paint.  Then holding her rich red curls in both of his hands Edward smiles at her.

“Fix your make-up maid” then Edward smiling at the red crystal choker hanging around her neck kisses her again deeper and stronger, before continuing…

“Show Ms Prissybottom just how big of a French maid TART you can really be and then follow me up stairs.”  Edward instructs the maid and then walks out of the room.

Toying with the idea of not just forcing the voluptuous and well endowed Triona into even smaller and tighter uniforms but also perhaps making her dildo tail a permanent addition to her already sadistically cruel uniform.  His chuckles filled with such malice as he imagines the former stuck-up prissy cow parading about his mansion obeying his every whim, with all her years of studying and hard academic learning shredded and hanging out of her own arse!!

He bounds up the grand central staircase two and three steps at a time, his chuckles rising to riotous laughter as he contemplates yet another degrading and twisted humiliation that he can enjoy inflicting on the now lowly and subservient, inferior, totally brainless French maid bimbo doll that was once Triona Prissybottom.  A stuck-up, conceited and arrogant would-be “female career professional.”

But who is now thanks to meeting Edward, “Triona Prissybottom a tarted up, obedient, fetish, wank aid!!!” and nothing more.

Triona obediently teeters over to the mirror and carefully fixes her smudged lip-gloss before applying even more make-up.

Following Edward’s instructions and changing her vibrant glamour look into a very tarty affair.  Spending almost ten minutes closely examining all of her make-up to make sure it is flawless, the French maid then spends another ten minutes inspecting her uniform, straightening her seamed stockings and roughly flicking her nipples forcing them to be as erect as possible, as dictated by her ultra strict, French maid dress code.

Before finally spinning away from the mirror and teetering out of the room, her six inch chrome heels clicking loudly and her brutally restrictive taffeta uniform rustling noisily.  The restraining taffeta uniform clinging tightly to her supple figure, wrapping and entwining itself forcefully around Triona’s slender waist and curvaceous upper body, forcing her to display such a cleavage as to make any man drool at the mouth.  The strong black taffeta weave relentlessly binding and manipulating her natural perfectly formed body, contorting her full figure without any compromise, all this constant discomfort and humiliation merely to create a more pleasing look for Edward.  Bound up like this Triona Prissybottom compliantly follows her Master’s instructions and marches out of the room and up the grand staircase, back to the room where a certain Miss Grainger now sits, giggling and smiling at her own exciting new look.

Returning to the room Edward eagerly takes in Samantha’s very glamorous and alluring new look.  Samantha looked almost surreal, like a well-made old style victorian porcelain doll.  Her make-up now far, far superior to anything the silly teenager could ever have done with her own inexperienced hand.

Instructing the deeply hypnotized make-up artist to quickly stand up and get out of his way, Edward instantly dismisses her presence before him, her task now completed she had simply become superfluous to the room.  Snapping rudely at the once bubbly eager to please sales assistant, Edward quite malevolently commands the still smiling Tiffany to walk towards the wall and wait there when she reaches it!!!

This resulted in the gorgeous and well talented blonde make-up artist, who had so meticulously painted the vision of perfection Edward was now enjoying on Samantha’s once natural, sweet and innocent face.  To end up standing at attention with her face right up against the far wall of the room.  Her wide stupid cute smile still fixed firmly to her perky face, Tiffany was for the time being simply out of the way as far as Edward cared.  Almost as if she had become a piece of furniture that was no longer needed and had been moved out of the way, or leaned against a wall!!!

Edward looked over his newest prize, Samantha and smiled.  Losing himself in lust for a moment he leans forward and helps himself to some of Samantha’s pouting, lusciously pink lip candy.  He continues kissing the schoolgirl softly on her full and succulent baby pink lips for a good five minutes.  Leaving poor Tiffany staring at the wall Edward enjoys Samantha’s new look, gently stroking her soft cheeks and playing with some of her long golden locks that were tumbling onto her shoulders.  The sound of the French maid entering the room behind him finally brings him out of his candy pink indulgence.

“Well Miss Grainger do you like your new look?” he asked.

“OOOhhh Sir Yes Sir it is ideal, this is the correct look for me, now I can be perfectly presented as a schoolgirl mannequin for your personal viewing pleasure, Sir.” Samantha gushed like the silly schoolgirl she was.

The giddy schoolgirl continued “Sir I promise I will study very hard to be able to apply my make-up like this whenever I come to pose for you from now on, Sir.”

Smiling so sadistically at the sweet gullible schoolgirl in front of him Edward decides to let her in on his little secret.

“Well Miss Grainger, I am so glad that you like your new make-up, because... Tiffany here is a permanent make-up artist!!!”

The look of shock and horror that crossed Samantha’s face gave such pleasure to Edward.  The now stunned schoolgirl looks up at Edward fearfully.

“Permanent make-up! You mean that this won’t come off!!!???”  Samantha looks at her doll’s face again in the mirror and her fixed smile starts to fade quickly.

“I I I can’t take this off???…ever!!!”  now scared, Samantha looks up at Edward.  “Sir, why did you put permanent make-up on me???”

Edward enjoying the power trip he was having smiled back at the frightened schoolgirl.

“What’s the matter Miss Grainger, you told me you wanted to see what it was like to be a part of my collection.  And quite frankly perfect make-up is a vital part of making the grade.  I am even considering making it a part of your school dress code.”

Samantha still looking apprehensive and afraid looks again at her reflection now with very mixed feelings.

“I do love it, but I wasn’t expecting to have to look like this all the time,” her young gullible voice shaking slightly.

Looking around the room nervously her eyes landing on the tarted up French maid standing behind Edward and a puzzled look crosses her painted doll’s face.

“Sir the maid has more make up on now than when she served me breakfast this morning, how come I must have permanent make-up and she does not?”

Edward chuckles lightly at hearing this question, sounding almost like sibling rivalry coming from Samantha.  He turns to the motionless maid behind and seeing her tarty look, smiles and walks over to her.

“Aahh Miss Grainger let me explain, Ms Prissybottom here I am sure would love me to do to her what I have just done for you.

I insist on her looks being absolutely perfect while she is in my service.  For her make-up to be this perfect she must spend over three hours every morning carefully applying and checking her make-up.  She then spends a lot of time every day constantly checking and rechecking her make-up and reapplying whenever needed.”  Edward looks at Triona while he tells all this to Samantha.

“Sir why don’t you make her wear permanent make-up then Sir, if it would be easier for her, Sir?” asked Samantha innocently.

Chuckling wickedly and cupping Triona’s pert backside and stroking her long slender, stocking covered thighs Edward explains his reasons to the schoolgirl.

“It is for precisely that reason that I will not allow her to wear permanent make-up Miss Grainger.  You see when I first met Ms Prissybottom she was rather rude and very cocky, she imagined herself succeeding in life by using her lofty education and stepping on people she felt were beneath her.  Never showing the world what a beautiful young woman she could be if only attired correctly and with good make-up.  She was prissy and arrogant, thinking she could win in a man’s world playing him at his own game and not having to rely on her femininity to get ahead, perhaps even looking upon other women who did, as lesser to herself.  I have helped Ms Prissybottom to overcome these flaws in her snobbish character.”  Edward stops for a moment to kiss the tops of Triona’s big stupid fake tits and run his lips over her massive cleavage.

Samantha sitting up straight at attention in her desk, looking ever the perfect schoolgirl, listening intently to Edward as he enjoys Triona’s curvaceous and corseted body.  He continued.

“Triona Prissybottom would never have spent or wasted!!! rather, to her mind, so much time on her attire or appearance.  To do so was the occupation of bimbos and airheads, as far as one snooty and stuck-up Ms Prissybottom saw it.

But now thanks to me she spends nearly all of her time consumed by it, trying to attain the ultimately perfect look.  She is no longer prissy or arrogant, now I find her manner is much more agreeable and her company far more enjoyable, and pleasurable!!!”

Saying this Edward suddenly buries his face deep into the French maid’s cleavage sucking and kissing its big breasts to his hearts content, Triona remains utterly motionless standing at attention while Edward voraciously gorges himself on her stupid big, and obviously fake looking over inflated tits.  Her uncomfortably tight taffeta uniform raising and lifting her huge fake breasts high into the air, pushing and holding them far out in front of her, while at the same time drawing them tightly together to create Edward’s fantasy cleavage.

Edward happily molested Triona Prissybottom’s breasts until he remembered Samantha was still sitting at her desk watching him.

Pulling his face out of the buxom redhead’s chest he turned and smiling at the schoolgirl continued his explanation.

“Where was I? OOOhhhh Yes!!  Thanks to me Triona now also knows her place; she is even beneath a silly petulant schoolgirl like you Samantha!!!  Also she is now completely in touch with and dominated by her femininity.  In fact for Triona the very notion of competing with and challenging men’s authority in the work place is a concept she would not even be able to understand anymore.

I have even helped reshape her patronizing, bad attitude towards men by unburdening her pretty little head of all her long years of study.  She is no longer troubled by her feelings of pretentious superiority that would compel her to act like a stuck-up high and mighty cow.  Instead freeing up her mind of these stupid feminist ideologies has left her much more compliant and open to the wishes and expectations of men, and I feel she is far the happier and sexier redhead for it!” saying this Edward slaps Triona firmly on the backside.

“Isn’t that right, maid?” he asks, grinning like a cat.

“Oui Monsieur” the stunning redhead replies in an instant.  Triona purring softly in her programmed fake French accent, without the slightest notion or idea of what she is agreeing to.

“So you see Miss Grainger, it is very important that Ms Prissybottom is put firmly in her place, being forced to spend so much of her time now applying and regularly fixing her make-up, making sure her uniform is spotlessly clean and worn correctly every moment of her day.  These burdens and duties all help to show her just what she has become and what she must still try to achieve.

Triona now endeavors to become the perfect embodiment of femininity and sexuality.  Triona must learn to constantly demonstrate total compliance with and obedience of men’s slightest whims and their deepest, darkest, strongest desires.

These are the goals that now compel Triona Prissybottom to strive to better herself each and everyday of her life.”

Edward still smiling turns away from Samantha and stares spitefully into the French maid’s face, he goes on.

“That is why I force this uppity cow to waste so much of her life now, dolling herself up and parading around for my private pleasure and amusement.”  Grabbing her huge and fake left breast Edward starts to squeeze it tightly.

“Look at these big stupid fake tits!!! She would never have gotten implants herself.  Only because I paid to get these ludicrous things stuffed into her, and I paid extra to make sure they looked really, really fake too!!!  I did all this to this prissy smart-ass bitch because she deserved it so much; she needed it!!!  And what a disservice I would be doing to her now, if I was to put permanent make-up on her and make her position any easier to deal with, do you understand now Miss Grainger?”  Edward finished off gloating over the French maid and turned his attention back to the sweet, innocent smiling schoolgirl and her new permanent doll face.

Samantha now smiling and nodding along to Edward’s perfectly reasonable sounding explanation, seemed to begin accepting her new look.  Smiling enviously back at the motionless redhead she fully agrees with everything Edward had said about the former Ms Prissybottom.

“OOOhhh Sir she was so lucky to have found you wasn’t she Sir!! Think of all the things she would have missed out on if she hadn’t met you Sir???” Samantha gushed to Edward in her innocent tones.

Grinning madly Edward nods his head to the young schoolgirl’s comments.  Wrapping his arms tightly around the French maid’s tightly taffeta wrapped waist, he laughs and starts to grope her.

“Yes indeed Miss Grainger, just imagine, she a very, very lucky young lady!!!” saying this Edward begins kissing Triona and pushing his face into her large, stupid looking, big fake breasts again, now just mumbling and sniggering quietly to himself and Triona, telling her over and over what a lucky and very fortunate girl she was to have met him.

As the day drew on Edward continued to grope and molest the dolled up French maid and Triona simply allowed Edward to help himself to her body.  Tiffany was called back to the desk for one more important task.

Samantha was ordered to bend over and touch her toes and to stay like that until Tiffany had finished her work.

Edward smiled and enjoyed the carnal fruits of the French maid as he watched the entranced blonde carry out his instructions.

Samantha obediently kept her fingers on her shoes and her knees locked hard and did not flinch at all despite the certain pain Tiffany was inflicting upon her with her tattoo gun!!

Edward remembering the conversation he had over heard that first day, meeting Samantha and her other school friends, he recalled how Samantha had stated that under no accounts would she ever get a tattoo, as she regarded them as cheap looking.

Edward decided that he would show her who exactly was in charge now.  Tiffany worked diligently placing the tattoo just where Edward had indicated to her, on the inner and lower curve of Samantha’s right ass cheek.  Placed here, Samantha would probably be the only person who would not be able to see it without the aid of one if not several mirrors.

Edward smiled as he watched the schoolgirl getting branded, in the position he had ordered her to assume her pert buttocks were slightly stretched making Tiffany’s job a little easier.  He smiled looking down at the schoolgirl’s face, wondering what she was feeling about being forced to get a tattoo and being made to wear it in such a humiliating place. Not to mention forcing the poor young schoolgirl to expose such an intimate place to everyone else in the room.  Despite the fact that neither Triona or Tiffany were in any normal mental state to smirk at the unfortunate schoolgirl’s predicament, Samantha none the less felt deeply embarrassed for the entire time she was bent over getting her tattoo emblazed onto her ass.

As soon as Tiffany had finished she stood up and moved aside to allow Edward get a good look at Samantha’s new tattoo.

He smiled reading the schoolgirl’s backside then slapping her on her already reddened and tender cheek he tells her that she will love it too.

Samantha still completely bent over at her waist, her finger tips still touching her school shoes as Edward had instructed her to do well over an hour ago and with her lovely long blonde hair and wide school ribbon draped out across the floor of the room, she politely asks what Tiffany had written.

Edward grinning and laughing tells her that he told Tiffany to include in the tattoo, several things that would sum up the pretty schoolgirl whose ass cheek it was so proudly displayed on.  This was about as clear as Edward was ever going to be in telling Samantha what had been inscribed onto her backside, dismissing any further enquires from the contorted blonde by reminding her that as she had never wanted a tattoo to begin with she should not trouble herself any further as to the nature, design or content of this one.

“You did say that you never wanted to get a tattoo Miss Grainger!! So why should you be so interested in it now huuummm!!!” said Edward smiling smugly to himself as he sat and admired the tattoo.

Samantha still folded over in half at her waist responds in her customary obedient monotone voice “I did not want this tattoo, I do not care what it reads or how it looks Sir.”

“That’s a good little schoolgirl Samantha.”  Says Edward stroking her soft cheek and admiring Tiffany’s work.

Displayed for all to see on Samantha’s pert ass cheek was a large round tattoo that looked a lot like a logo or brand marking that might be stamped on a department store mannequin, expertly written in a large circle running around the outside of the tattoo in a very legible, fine and delicate font read:

Samantha Grainger, stupid naive schoolgirl mannequin

Inside the outer circle was written:


We hope you like this schoolgirl Doll

Samantha is now your property

she has been systematically processed

via our extensive conditioning programs.

Samantha is now your obedient schoolgirl

she will give you many years of

Quality Viewing Pleasure

We hope you thoroughly enjoy Samantha.

(In whatever manner you may wish to…)

Smiling to himself Edward pulls the schoolgirl’s short skirt back over her ass and tells her to straighten up then go and pose herself back up on her display stand.  This she happily does, fixing her uniform and hair and retying her ribbon before proudly standing at attention back in the center of her display stand, not asking anything further about her tattoo.

Edward turns and has a very one-sided conversation with the make-up artist Tiffany.  Thanking the speechless and hypnotized blonde for all her services Edward informs her that he insists on paying her for such a long day’s work.  Saying this he hands her a walkman with instructions to forget about going to work tomorrow and instead devote herself to listening to the walkman for as long as the batteries last.  Edward knowing full well that Tiffany could be listening to her specially chosen CD for close to three days.

Tiffany is given further instructions to dispose of the walkman once it is used and to forget where and how she got it as well as anything to do with the day’s events.  He checks the label one last time on the case of the CD to make sure he had picked the correct one for the sweet and perky sales assistant.

Edward reads the name of the CD: “desperate bimbo whore/ cheap slutty tart.”  A wicked smile crosses Edwards face and he decides to ask Tiffany if she has any savings.  The deeply hypnotized and beautiful blonde tells him she has over $5,000 in her savings account.

“Well Tiffany after you have listened to this walkman you will withdraw all of that money and go shopping blondie!!!  You will get yourself a new wardrobe and new make-up, new shoes and a new hair style too!!!” he tells her.

Edward chuckles to himself, giving the blonde these instructions.  Knowing what effect his CD will have on the hypnotized blonde.  She will start to dress very slutty and tarty, she will start buying tons of trashy looking, tight fitting PVC clothing and mini skirts, she will change her make-up to look like a complete bimbo whore, and she will want to become a platinum blonde.

She will find herself becoming totally addicted to sex, spending all her nights cruising clubs and getting picked up by hundreds of men.

She will also become so hooked on and addicted to male sperm that she will perform countless blowjobs on whatever men want her to.  Blowing all her money on tarty clothes and make-up, Tiffany will eventually lose her job, her friends and her apartment, she will no doubt turn to a pimp to be looked after and to feed her ever growing sex addiction and her unquenchable thirst for seamen, from there on she will become Tiffany the cheap worthless cum-craving prostitute.

And she will love it!!!

Leaning forward Edward kisses the stunning and elegantly dressed blonde full on her perfectly painted lips, knowing that within a week she will be on her knees with her mouth full.  In some seedy nightclub looking very far from elegant, made-up like a cheap PVC tart, none of the customers there will care how perky and helpful she can be.

She will be gagging and choking her way to her first thousand blowjobs and be surrounded by the type of men that will teach her what being a real bimbo tramp is all about.

“I think it is time you were leaving now Tiffany, once again thank you for all your help today and I wish you the very best for the future.  When you reach the footpath outside the mansion’s gate you will wake up, you will have no memory of any of this, but you will definitely want to use this walkman.  Goodbye Tiffany!!!” Edward finishes the conversation.

Edward smiled as he watched the hypnotized blonde turn and leave the room, holding in her hands the walkman that will change her life so radically.  The large oak door closes firmly behind her and Edward listens to both her high heels and those of the French maid’s fading away in the direction of the front door.

“What a nice young woman she was, I’m so glad I could help her,” Edward muses smugly to himself as he turns back towards the schoolgirl doll, now looking resplendent in her new make-up and modified school uniform, posed up high on her polished mahogany display stand.

Chapter Eight

Feeling tired after the long day, Edward decides to end Samantha’s training for the day and retires to bed.  Samantha looking at her new -doll face- reflection still a little stunned by her sudden and dramatic change in appearance, but she still posed happily for Edward up on her display stand.  Returning the smiling blonde schoolgirl back into the small storage closet, hidden away from the world again her sweet innocent face now painted to resemble a flawless mannequin’s.  Edward felt as if he was putting his new doll back into her special box, smiled at the uniformed nineteen-year-old as she obediently steps back into the tiny dark space.  Bidding her a good night, he closes the secret door sealing Samantha away until he feels like playing with his new schoolgirl toy again.  Edward descends the stairs and meets the French maid returning from escorting Tiffany to the door.

“Our guest was shown out, maid?  I do hope she enjoys her payment!!  MMMmmmm I’m in a matrimonial mood tonight maid, lets go fetch the lucky bride and have some fun!!  Shall we!!??” Edward says to the maid as he passes her in the front hall.

“Oui Monsieur” the stunning redheaded tart replies and obediently follows her Master to the collection room.

Stopping on the way to his bedroom to collect the blushing bride off from her display stand.  Edward stands for a moment and just admires the beautiful bride posed on her display stand, her impressive gown quite the most expensive outfit by far that Edward had dressed any figure of his collection in.  He smiles as he takes in the huge ornate bow sitting on the back of the gown, starting from the bride’s lower back and trailing all the way down the back of her large dress.  Edward had insisted to the dressmaker that it was to be a functioning bow, not merely masses of satin stitched together into the shape of a bow, but rather it could be opened out and retied again and again.  The dressmaker had questioned this, informing Edward that to do so would add to the cost of the gown, his questions were quickly swept aside however when Edward had shown just how much he was prepared to pay for the gown to be designed exactly as he wanted.

Edward now enjoyed the sight of the beautiful bride Becki standing waiting for him as always with her innocent glowing face, her make-up absolutely perfect and masses and masses of the finest wedding veil draped over her sweet face.  His grin only widens by several notches when he looks at Becki’s arms, still running behind her slim tightly corseted waist and her wrists bound together, tied into the wedding gown’s big beautiful bridal bow that rested on the back of the dress behind her.  Edward had always fostered a certain fetish when it came to brides; specifically he loved the idea of a beautiful bride on her most special of all days dolled up in her expensive wedding gown, in bondage!!!

And not simply tied up either, but rather the very wedding gown she had dreamed so much about wearing on her special day, being cruelly used as the very means of her bondage.

Edward carefully escorts the young bride to his bedroom, she still dressed in her fabulously extravagant wedding gown the beautiful bride almost lost in a sea of taffeta, fine satin, lace, frills and silk bows, not to mention a veil that had more material in it than some wedding gowns.  Edward takes his time leading the bound bride up the grand staircase, making careful that she did not lose her footing or trip up in her white stiletto pumps with their ridiculous eight-inch perspex heels and soles.  If she had tripped she would have surely injured herself with her hands tied so securely behind her by the wedding dress.  

The French maid follows them both through the house, the bride’s gown rustling so loudly it was making even more noise than the maid’s attire.  On these occasions the French maid would stand at attention on the display stand inside Edward’s bedroom. 

He poses Becki, still in bondage, looking positively radiant in her elaborately ornate victorian style wedding gown with its huge puffed sleeves and large flamboyant veil right in the center on the bedroom, Edward then showers leaving the bride alone for over forty minutes.  But the new bride does not complain or protest for a moment instead she remains motionless, so tightly encased in her uncomfortable bridal corset, swayed in masses of satin and taffeta in her very uncomfortable eight-inch high clear perspex stiletto pumps and with her heavy veil over her face she waits for her new husband to return.

The French maid also waits and observes, Edward returns looking refreshed and relaxed from his hot shower a complete contrast to the overly dressed, dolled up blushing bride looking so uncomfortably rigid, stiff and flustered in her awkward, intricate, excessively decorative and complicated wedding gown. 

Edward strips down to his boxer shorts for total comfort; all the while commanding the bride not to dare remove a single piece of her attire, as he wants to enjoy his new bride exactly as she looked when he married her.  Becki obediently smiles, telling her new husband that is the most romantic thing she has ever heard and just how lucky she is to have married such a caring and sensitive man!!!  Edward now smirking ear to ear shows the beautiful young bride yet again what a new husband requires on the wedding night.

For Becki, the blushing bride, however has no memory of ever being in Edward’s bedroom before; she eagerly follows his every command and wish.  Following her new husband’s wishes she does not remove her beautiful wedding gown or massive veil, instead remaining just how she looked at the altar.  Becki obediently goes through all the actions of the wedding again and again, reciting non-stop over and over again all of her wedding vows.  Becki kneels before Edward, as she believes she did during the service and she repeats her vows over and over.  Not once thinking her wedding vows to be at all odd, perverted, twisted or even down right sick.

The beautiful bride kneeling in her beautiful wedding dress allows her new husband to raise up her skirt as he takes her again and again from behind and even in her mouth as she tries to recite her wedding vows to him.  She does not mind as her new husband grabs and messes up her beautiful veil and hairdo.  She does not even get upset when her new husband starts to call her nasty names and yell cruel and vulgar obscenities at her.  The blushing bride accepts it all.  At one point Edward does open the large bow binding Becki’s wrists together, he does this to allow the bride drop from her kneeling position onto all fours.

Then with her still in her dress, Edward wraps the long untied satin strands of the large bow around Becki’s neck, using them as pseudo reins Edward shows his new bride what it really means to be in the saddle!!!

And when it is over Edward settles into his bed, rolling over and drifting to sleep, leaving the bride standing stiffly in her gown in the center of the room.  The French maid who had stood silently by watching it all waits until Edward has gone to sleep before she quietly steps off her display stand.  Teetering as slowly and as quietly as she can so as not to awaken Edward, the French maid now leads the motionless and silent bride out of the bedroom.  Once on the landing the French maid wastes no time in tying the bride’s wrists back into the large bow behind her, making sure the bow is tied neatly and perfectly symmetrical for viewing purposes.

The two women then teeter slowly back to the collection room where the bride sits and allows the French maid to fix her hair and redo her make-up.  Then the bride teeters back to her display stand and remounts it, the French maid leans forward and lowers the bride’s massive veil back down over her face.  Without a word spoken by either of the two women, the French maid -her current task completed- walks to the door and turning out all the lights, closes the doors after her, leaving all the display mannequins in the room in pitch dark, including the beautiful bondage bride.  Used and abused by Edward and now made-up and remounted, ready for the next time, obediently waiting, tied up in her beautiful and expensive wedding gown and on her wedding night too!!!


Edward returns to the room the following morning and opens the closet, instructing the now well-conditioned blonde schoolgirl to step out of the closet, walk to her display stand and mount herself.  Edward injects a strong sense of urgency into his voice commanding the schoolgirl to get herself mounted as quickly as possible.  Samantha picks up on Edward’s impatience and hurries to the display stand as fast as she can move in her new uncomfortable school shoes.  Edward smiles watching the huge silken ribbon bounce and bob in Samantha’s golden hair as she moves as quickly as she can to the display stand.

Edward’s smile widens as he watches the schoolgirl come to a sudden halt at her display stand staring at the strange new addition to it.

“Well Miss Grainger, I hope you’re ready, because today’s the day!!!”  Edward smirks to the stationary schoolgirl.

“What is it, Sir??” Samantha asks starting at the large black plastic pole now attached onto the display stand.  Running vertically up from a point just behind where she places her feet on the top of the stand, the pole is quite wide at the base tapering into a narrow round blunt end at its peak. The smooth top of the pole reaches up to approximately Samantha’s waist height, running straight and true, looking very sturdy and very, very firm.  Examining it closely, Samantha realizes the change.

“Sir, this is not my usual stand, this one has some kinda pole sticking out if it,” the schoolgirl informs Edward.

Edward now smiling and enjoying the innocence and naivety in Samantha’s voice explains to her the reason for the new stand.

“I know Miss Grainger, this will be your display stand for the next week.  I have decided that I wish to see you fully mounted on your stand, and that requires the introduction of this mounting pole.”

Samantha looks first at the pole and then at Edward and then back to the pole, her look of confusion only growing with each return to Edward.

“But, Sir; I don’t understand, Sir?” Samantha responds.

“Really Miss Grainger have you never gone shopping to clothes stores with other girls?”  Edward asks innocently.

As he does so he gestures to the schoolgirl to hurry up and step up onto the stand.

Samantha obediently steps up on the strange new stand despite her natural apprehension and stands in the center of it.

This results in the pole pressing firmly into her bum and backside catching the back of her short and tight gray pleated school skirt and Samantha herself looking even more confused.

“Well Miss Grainger don’t you remember looking at the mannequins in those stores and how they were attached to their stands to stop them from falling over?”  Edward asks this as if he was a teacher asking a schoolgirl a question in class the answer to which she should easily know.

 “Not really, Sir; I am sorry, Sir; I guess I spent more time looking at the clothes than the actual mannequins, Sir.”  Samantha responded to Edward as if trying to explain why her homework was not done.

 “Well then let me explain it to you Miss Grainger,” says Edward, grabbing the pole and releasing a locking pin allowing the pole to telescopically retract downwards but with a powerful recoil spring inside it.

“This is a mannequin’s mounting pole,” Edward continues his explanation while firmly pushing the pole down several inches before lifting the hem of the schoolgirl’s skirt and tucking it for the time being into its waistband.

“You are in training to become a mannequin for my collection, are you not, Miss Grainger???” Edward asks the easily led schoolgirl.

“Sir, Yes Sir. I hope I will be good enough to be able to pose for you on occasion as a schoolgirl mannequin as you don’t have a real one, I hope I would be able to add to your collection, Sir.” Samantha replies with such youthful optimism filling her sweet voice.

“And what is the most important part of that Miss Grainger?” Edward asks as he carefully brings the round tip of the powerfully sprung pole right up to the nineteen-year-old schoolgirl’s rear end.  Casually pulling aside her small and silky white school panties and placing the tip of the pole right against the schoolgirl’s arse-hole.

“Sir, my being perfectly attired and presented for your PERSONAL VIEWING PLEASURE on a schoolgirl display stand AT ALL TIMES, SIR!!!” Samantha fired off the response even before Edward had finished asking her the question, showing just how strongly it had being printed into her naïve little mind.

“So Miss Grainger, if this is an actual mannequin mounting stand and I want to see you fully mounted as a schoolgirl mannequin today, is this not essential to that end?”  Edward was trying his best to hold the powerfully sprung pole in one hand while he quickly licked his fingers tips and began to rub his wet fingers tips over and around the motionless schoolgirl’s arse-hole.

“Sir, Yes Sir; it is very important that I look my very best while posed for your PERSONAL VIEWING PLEASURE. If this pole will help to do that, then it is essential I be mounted onto it, Sir.”  Samantha gave the answer that Edward wanted to hear.

Edward was so happy that the mentally conditioned blonde was reacting exactly as she should be.  Proving that all of her brainwashing and programming up to that date had not only being perfectly timed and planned, it had also taken its fullest effect upon the target subject. Edward felt certain now, that there was absolutely nothing he could not have gotten the pretty blonde to fully agree to.

“Well then, Miss Grainger please be good enough to assist me in this endeavor and kindly use your hands to draw the cheeks of your backside apart.”  Edward instructs the complaint blonde as he continues to hold onto the sprung pole, concentrating on holding it down and preventing it for the time being, from extending forcefully the six inches upwards back to its original height.

“Oohhh, Sir; Yes Sir.” Samantha replies using her most adorable ever so eager to please, teacher’s pet voice she obediently reaches her own hands around to her backside and then grabbing a hold of her ass cheeks one in each hand, Samantha dutifully draws them wide apart opening up her bottom and revealing fully her small tight round arse hole.  Seeing this treasure put on such innocent display Edward momentarily loses control of his urges and stops using his fingers to moisten the schoolgirl’s rear entrance.  Instead employing his own tongue Edward begins to taste and slowly lick over and over again the pretty blonde’s backside to his hearts content.  Samantha in full uniform and full make-up under Edward’s full control and now soon to be fully mounted, stands motionless at attention, bending forward slightly from the waist with her pert backside jutting out proudly on display.  The stupid snobby schoolgirl Samantha still holding her own ass cheeks apart smiled happily on her polished display stand.

Finally Edward stops licking Samantha’s backside and asks her one more question.  Carefully lining up the rounded top of the pole right under the schoolgirl’s soft and well-moistened rear passage.

“Tell me Miss Grainger what is more important, your comfort or your obedience to the school dress code?”  Edward smirks as he asks her this, looking down at her new school shoes that she had so compliantly forced herself to wear to satisfy Edward’s wishes.  Despite them being two sizes too small for her feet, subjecting the pretty nineteen-year-old blonde to stand for days at a time in painful five-inch heels, probably a heel height she had never worn before in her life.

This line of questioning activating more of the subliminal brainwashing that now filled Samantha’s poor molested mind.

“OOOhh, Sir; to be able to show my obedience to the school dress code is the greatest honor I could have, Sir!!!”

Samantha gushes more of Edward’s puerile pre-programmed responses that he so loved to hear the schoolgirl spouting, not for a moment showing the slightest regard of her own discomfort at all.

Holding the very sides of the schoolgirl’s arse hole as wide apart as he could with a wide malicious grin on his face, Edward responds to Samantha’s mindless reply,

“Yes schoolgirl, don’t forget this is a very great honor for you!!!”  As he says this Edward releases the powerfully sprung pole and watches it shoot up and into Samantha’s back passage, forcing and tearing its way inside the sweet schoolgirl’s rear end Edward smirked and chuckled as he could visibly see the nubile young schoolgirl’s body tighten and quickly draw breath as she tries to come to terms with the sharp degree of unexpectedly searing and agonizing pain that the pole’s insertion into her tight virgin ass was causing.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh SSS.S.S.SSSIIIIRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Samantha whines and whimpers.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sir!!!!!” she releases her butt cheeks and starts to tighten her pert backside around the pole perhaps hoping to slow or even stop its invasive path into her small and tight back passage.

Edward smiles and pulls the hem of the schoolgirl’s short pleated skirt out of its waistband and lets it fall gracefully back down to cover her pert little backside and the sight of the now widening pole penetrating further and further up into her arse hole.

With a sadistic look on his face Edward slides the pole’s locking pin back into place, making the pole rigid once again.

Then he grabs the schoolgirl’s slim waist and placing a hand on each side just above her perfectly shaped hips he slowly starts to apply gently and firm downward pressure.

“Take it schoolgirl, come on, take it all like a good girl, all the way schoolgirl, good schoolgirl….” Edward whispers to Samantha, as he callously pulls the pretty 19 year-old uniformed blonde schoolgirl further and further down onto the pole.  Edward enjoys the feel of Samantha’s school uniform under his tight vice-like grip, the silky soft feel of her crisp uniform blouse under his fingers contrasting so nicely to the rough texture of her finely woven, short and very tight, figure hugging, gray, pleated school skirt.

The look of twisted glee on Edward’s face is growing every second as he pulls the silly naive schoolgirl onto her new stand!!! Forcefully driving the long pole faster and further up into her petite backside, the resistance from Samantha’s body is barely even noticeable as Edward’s strong hands guides and pulls the sobbing schoolgirl irrevocably down along the pole’s length.  Edward looking more and more excited talks to the schoolgirl again, his voice full of snide and sinister malice.

“UUUMMMmmmm yeah!!! Take it schoolgirl, take it all!!! Come on Sa-man-tha show me what you can do with your sexy ass now schoolgirl!!!  Yeah!!! Lets see you shake your ass now schoolgirl, come on tease me!!!! Tease me now schoolgirl!!! Come on good girl, good girl, there’s a good schoolgirl, take it all for me now Samantha OOOhhhh yeah!!!!”  Edward continues to speak like this to Samantha, getting himself more and more excited, as he pulls at the schoolgirl.

Forcing Samantha to slide further and further down along the pole’s length.  Edward smiles listening to Samantha’s agonized pleas and whimpers as she feels her ass cheeks getting spread wider and wider apart with the constant downward pulling force from Edward guaranteeing the pole’s steady advance into the schoolgirl’s rear end.  Samantha continues drawing short and sharp breaths as she feels her once tight and virgin schoolgirl ass expand and broaden painfully.

Samantha pleads with Edward, telling him how huge the pole feels and whining of how she will surely split apart if he continues to pull her down onto the pole.  All of her sobbing and moaning is to no avail however, Edward gloats to himself with a look of such perverse pleasure, his face hidden behind Samantha where she cannot observe how much enjoyment he is getting from pulling her further and further forcefully and maliciously onto the pole.  Edward insists on pulling the schoolgirl down onto the widening pole until he is certain that the full top six inches is firmly inside the nineteen-year-old blonde’s rear end.

Edward stands up and steps back to admire the now steadfastly planted schoolgirl, posed properly for once onto her display stand.  Smiling he walks around to the front and throws a look of mock concern to a very out of breathe and stressed Samantha.

“Really Miss Grainger!!! I’ve never seen such insolence and lack of gratitude from a young lady in uniform before.  Whatever are you complaining so much about you lazy, ungrateful schoolgirl?  You look so much better presented now with your mounting pole firmly stuck up your arse!!!!”  Edward states this rather crudely to Samantha knowing full well that there was now no way she could get off the stand by herself.

“S.S.S.SSSIR Y…yyyyessssss, SSSSSir!!!!” Samantha responds now looking quite concerned at her reflection in the full-length mirror in front of her.  Knowing exactly what to say next Edward steps closer to Samantha and smiles into her face making deep and full eye contact with the struggling schoolgirl.

“Samantha seeing you posed like this makes me very, very happy!!!! And makes me wonder that possibly just possibly I might have a display stand in my collection room with your name on it!!!! What do you think of that Miss Grainger???” Edward holds the brainwashed schoolgirl’s eyes in his the whole time, making sure his words were having maximum effect on her rewired mind.

Through her severe discomfort Edward got a big wide smile from Samantha and he even smiled back when he saw how she began making a conscious effort to straighten her posture on her new phallic pedestal, despite the fact that that forced her to slide even deeper onto it.

“There’s a good schoolgirl Samantha,” Edward says smiling at the anally invaded schoolgirl, the pain and discomfort causing Samantha to pout even more.  Edward seeing her amazing pouting lips can’t help but lean forward to kiss her softly on her permanent candy pink mouth.  Purposely placing his hands on the tops of her shoulders, then smiling right into her sweet, painted doll-face Edward starts yet again pressing down upon Samantha’s shoulders, forcing the poor schoolgirl deeper still onto the unyielding pole.  The top of which he was now certain was in very close proximity to the base of her spine.

Edward steps back again to take in the sight of the sweet innocent schoolgirl now so sadistically fixed onto her display stand.  And he can’t help but smile and chuckle right into Samantha’s face.  The poor schoolgirl’s face is now as contorted with pain as it was painted with make-up.  Samantha for her part slowly trying to take deeper and deeper breaths but making it obvious that she was still very nervous to make large movements.  The discomfort caused from being so callously implanted on so large an implement clearly etched not just onto her sweet painted –doll face- but also into her body language, restricting her to small and cautious body movements so as not to feel the massive tool that had pierced so deeply inside of her.

“Well Miss Grainger, don’t you just love the way you look now?” Edward asks the poor schoolgirl as she tries to come to terms with the latest development in her perverse training program.  Taking quick and shallow breaths Samantha looks at herself in the mirror, she looks upon her once elegant and conservative school uniform now altered by Edward to look far more provocative and sexy, she looks at her once sweet and natural face now painted and forever made-up as if she were a famous glamour model.

She stares at what used to be her modest chest, her small breasts now well inflated and very round, sticking out quite prominently in front of her together with her smart blazer now retailored, its traditional design butchered, all to emphasize her new fake breasts.  She twists and wriggles her feet yet again trying to get comfortable in her new school shoes. Knowing full well that they are two sizes too small for her feet, bending her ankles severely in order to allow her to be able to stand in their killer five-inch heels.  Samantha takes in all these changes to her attire and appearance and now she looks at the large round black pole running up behind her legs and into her tight little backside.

Samantha stands staring at her reflection for the longest time as all of her subliminal preprogrammed responses fight inside of her pretty brainwashed head to see which one of them can get out first.  Edward looks on smiling and walks behind Samantha once again playing with her long blonde hair and her lovely big perfectly tied school bow.  Finally Samantha replies.

“Sir, Yes Sir; it is such an honor and a privilege to be allowed show my obedience to the school dress code, Sir. I love the way I look, Sir; I am now much better presented for your personal viewing pleasure, Sir.  OOOhhh, Sir; thank you so much for all of your help, Sir.  I’m such a lucky girl, Sir.” Samantha spouts her innocent schoolgirl drivel to Edward.

Smiling ear-to-ear Edward begins to gently kiss Samantha on the back of her head and rub his face against her soft silk bow.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Yes you are such a lucky girl, Samantha, aren’t you!!!!” Edward responds.

Then getting an idea, Edward grins.  Remembering his desire to see Samantha’s pretty school ribbon bouncing and bobbing for an entire day and also the fact he wanted the schoolgirl to be fully impaled onto the pole as soon as possible Edward decides to kill two birds with the one stone.

Stepping away from the stand Edward instructs the uniformed blonde to start giggling, then as he begins to enjoy the sweet sound of Samantha’s girlish laughter fill the room he commands the schoolgirl to start giggling harder and harder, until the blonde raises her hands up to her sweet giggling mouth.  Samantha now giggling and laughing heartily causing her ribbons to start shaking and fluttering behind her vacuous blonde head.  Edward smirks as he watches the blonde now obediently giggling non-stop her body shaking and trembling as a result of her laughter.  He knows that she will be sinking deeper and deeper onto the mounting pole, her body’s slow descent not stopping until it is completely skewered onto the top of it.

“You have such a pretty giggle Samantha I want you to keep giggling for me until I tell you to stop, is that understood schoolgirl!!!” with this final instruction Edward turns and leaves the room.  Stopping at a bank of control switches on his way out Edward turns on a microphone hanging above Samantha’s position then adjusts the volume, finally he turns and leaves the room.

Edward smiles as he walks across the landing and down the stairs, Samantha’s sweet innocent schoolgirl laughter was now filling the entire house, from every speaker in every room of the mansion Edward could hear her melodic non-stop giggling.

Edward enjoys listening to the schoolgirl’s laughter fill his house for the rest of the day, until finally around evening time he starts to turn off the speakers in certain rooms around the mansion.  After dinner and with all the speakers in the mansion now turned off he returns to the room, he smiles as he opens the door and enters, immediately hearing the schoolgirl’s soft voice still giggling and laughing to herself even before he can see her on the display stand.  Not saying a word to the giggling schoolgirl Edward sits in the corner and enjoys his after dinner brandy and cigar that the French maid brings to him.  He sits behind the display stand for close to an hour and just watches the schoolgirl giggle and giggle and giggle, her long wide striped school ribbon tied in such a huge bow, bouncing and quivering as Samantha’s giggles shake her long blonde hair.  Then as the hour gets late Edward retires to bed leaving the schoolgirl alone in the room still giggling and still mounted on her display stand with the mounting pole still fixed rigidly up her small tight backside.


Edward returns to the room the following day and stands smiling, watching the exhausted blonde still giggling on the display stand.  He checks his watch as the final minutes tick passed, all the time staring at the schoolgirl’s pretty hair ribbon as it bobs and teeters in its nest of blonde hair.  And finally when the time approaches that Samantha has been giggling non-stop for 24hrs Edward steps forward and stroking her on her face he tells her to stop giggling.  This she does and then she simply continues to stare silently forward at her reflection in the mirror as if nothing had ever been asked of her.

“Good news Miss Grainger, I have made my decision as to allow you to pose for me or not!!!” Edward informs the schoolgirl.

Eyes widening and her whole face lighting up the schoolgirl cannot believe that the time has come.

“OOOhhh,  Sir; really, Sir???” her voice filling with hope.

Smiling Edward gives the excited schoolgirl his answer.  “I have decided to allow you to pose for me, Samantha”

Then holding up his hands to calm the thrilled and giddy schoolgirl down he goes on.  “In fact I have decided to keep you as part of my collection!!! What you think of that Miss Grainger?” Edward asks the giggling schoolgirl, confident that she wasn’t really listening to what he was saying now and doubted that she would fully understand its implications even she was listening.

“OOOhhhh, Sir; I can pose for you???  I really really can pose for you, Sir???  OOOOhhhh, Sir; thank you thank you thank you thank you, Sir!!!” Samantha was so happy and ecstatic that she would have jumped for joy, if she could have moved at all that is.  With the mounting pole still inserted tightly up her ass she wasn’t free to move off the stand.  And as Edward suspected she wasn’t really paying attention too much of what he was saying now.  The fact that she would be able to pose for him was such good news she didn’t really pay much attention to the “keeping her as part of his collection” phrase.  And even if she had heard and understood it, what Edward could simply had meant to say was that there would not be other girls posing for him as a schoolgirl mannequin.  He would be keeping that position open for Samantha whenever she wanted to come over and pose.

Samantha was beaming now; she was so overjoyed, she simply could not believe that she had made it through Edward’s training program.  All trace of her worries vanished about her studies, her final exams, her parents pressure to succeed at school and her executive career path!!

All now washed away by this euphoric feeling of such complete and utter joy and elation.

Smiling to himself, Edward went and fetched the remote control from the wall and retuning to the smiling Samantha he put a troubled look on his face.  Noticing this Samantha asked him if there was anything wrong.

“Well Miss Grainger it’s just that you still need to practice your posing for me, just because you made the grade today doesn’t mean that you have learned the best way of posing for me.”  Edward tells the schoolgirl.

“OOOhhh, Sir; Yes Sir, of course Sir I fully agree with you, Sir, I must practice and practice and practice for you to be the best displayed schoolgirl mannequin I can be for your PERSONAL VIEWING PLEASURE, Sir.” Samantha spews more of her brainwashed schoolgirl drivel to Edward.

“Well I could offer to help you with your posing Miss Grainger as I helped you with the other problems you were having?”  Edward says.

“OOOhhh, Sir; Yes please, Sir, any help you could give me to be a better posed schoolgirl I would be ever so grateful, Sir.” Samantha was now beginning to sound like a schoolgirl fantasy that might exist in some schoolgirl fetish blue movie.

Her world now totally consumed by her appearance, performance and conduct as a well-mannered “perfect” schoolgirl whose attire was exactingly dictated by very rigid and ultra strict dress codes that Samantha simply loved.  She happily adored the fact that every aspect of her appearance as a schoolgirl was governed by Edward’s unsympathetic and harsh rules, Samantha felt so lucky and so very privileged to have been chosen by Edward for such favoritism.

She become constantly and fanatically obsessed with how neat her school uniform looked and devoted a lot of her time trying to better understand and obey all the mundane and ridiculous strict school codes governing her behavior and attire.

At times she even felt sorry for other schoolgirls that were not receiving Edward’s wonderful help and sometimes she was scared that perhaps other envious and jealous schoolgirls might try to harm her or even worse take her place!!!

These were the thoughts, ideas and feelings that now filled Samantha Grainger’s vacuous blonde schoolgirl head.  The schoolgirl no longer held any other trains of thought besides those that Edward had steadily imprinted onto her gullible and fragile mind.

Using his powerful and heartless subliminal messaging techniques he had quite cruelly robbed the once prissy and arrogant schoolgirl of her bright high profile “girl-power” executive future.  Instead Samantha was now quite happy to see herself as a schoolgirl doll, an object for admiration, an ornament!!! And what a wonderful future that held for such a lucky and pretty schoolgirl mannequin as her.

All this now raced about constantly inside her poor brainwashed blonde head, making Samantha relentlessly spew out one ludicrous and twisted comment after the next, all related to her becoming the best presented, most well mannered, obedient and respectable schoolgirl she could ever possible be.  She would promise again and again how proud she would make Edward of her!!! And Edward???….. He just loved to listen to her when she was speaking like this.

“MMMMmmmmmmm are you sure you want me to help you, Miss Grainger?” Edward asks one last time an evil twinkle in his eye.

“OOOhhh, Sir; Yes please, Sir, ooohh please ooohh please ooohh please, Sir!!!!  Please help me, Sir; please Sir!!!”  Samantha was almost hopping about on the display stand she was that eager for Edward’s assistance.  Her small tight ass now fully accepting the large, invasive and uncomfortable bulk of the unpleasantly painful mounting pole that was inserted up it the day before.

“Well ok then but remember you asked for it!!!” Edward says, smirking to the eager Samantha and with that he presses a button on the remote in his hand.  Instantly Samantha stops her pleading and lets out a high pitched yelp, a look of horror and confusion crosses her pretty face as she gasps for air, then she starts taking several deep sharp intakes of breathe.  Her upper body lurching forward dramatically throwing her big round fake breasts out in front of her.  Her lower body fixed steadfastly around the mounting pole up her arse stays in place, her new pose forcing her to develop and hold a deep curve along her lower spine, torturously contorting the sweet uniformed schoolgirl’s body 

Her facial expression turns to one of complete shock, her eyes opening wide in horror and her delicately arched eye-brows raising high on her forehead in distressed surprise, her baby pink painted lips forming a perfect “O” as if yearning to release a deep heart felt agonizing cry of pain.  And her arms still fixed dead straight by her sides, raise out slightly from her waist her wrists bending backwards awkwardly flaying her fingers out to the sides looking like the arms of a fashion doll on display.   Samantha taking on this sudden change to her posture freezes in place, holding her striking new look as if she were now set in stone.

Edward chuckles as he walks around the now motionless and frozen schoolgirl.  He laughs out loud as he walks to the front of the display stand and looks at Samantha’s new facial expression.

“My, my Miss Grainger, don’t we look like the perfect barbie schoolgirl bimbo, I just love that stupid dumb cow surprised look you have on your face now, don’t you Saaaaa-maaannnnnn-tthhaaaaaa????”  Edward gloats right into her face, knowing full well she could not answer him, but that she could see for herself in the mirror, the stupid bimbo look that she now wore on her painted face.

“Allow me to explain Miss Grainger, you see your new mounting pole came with a sting in its tail!!! Well, six long and very sharp metal needle stings actually!!! And they have now rather painfully I should imagine smashed six deep piercing holes breaking their way through the base of your spinal column.  They will then start to inject a very powerful drug directly into your central nervous system and into your spinal cord too.  This results in temporary but instant paralysis as you have now become aware that you cannot move a muscle Miss Grainger, nor will you be able to for quite some time I’m afraid.  Of course the pain these six injections are causing is quite unbearable and that will also remain so for a while.  I could have spared you the pain I suppose but then I would have missed out on this beautiful expression on your face.  It is simply perfect Samantha don’t you think?  No amount of explaining or coaxing would ever have enabled you to strike such a beautiful pose, but the agonizing pain you are feeling right now –that I’m sure speak a thousand words- has allowed you to learn this wonderful new look that I’m am so enjoying.” Edward reaches over to Samantha and starts to play with her hair and ribbons; teasing and tossing out her long and healthy blonde locks giving as much body to her hair as he could, he then continues playing with her pretty hair ribbon, now finally free to speak his mind to the captivated blonde schoolgirl he goes on.

“OOOhhhhh Samantha you silly, naive, stupid, little schoolgirl, you should never have doubted for a moment that you would be posing for me girl, the instant I saw you on the sidewalk that day I decided that I wanted you.  And once I had made that decision then your tight and pretty, pert little ass Miss Grainger was always destined to end up on this stand.  It’s that simple schoolgirl!!  I saw you, I wanted you, and now I have you!!  And you Samantha Grainger are ALL MINE NOW!!!”

Edward explains all this to the frozen schoolgirl’s heavily painted face.

Looking deep into Samantha’s fixed eyes he can almost imagine the pain she is feeling.  With an evil mocking tone Edward leers right into her pretty face and asks Samantha,

“OOOOhhhh does it hurt schoolgirl?? Does it hurt???? Does it??? Does it????” then laughing wickedly he goes on.

“You need to take your medicine, Miss Grainger and you know the best medicine is always the kind you get up your bum!!!

But joking aside Samantha you are a strikingly beautiful young woman and I will so enjoy adding you to my collection as my PERMANENT schoolgirl mannequin piece.  I think I will place you between the bride and the French maid.  Don’t expect much conversation from that maid mind you; she was my very first attempt at turning pretty young women like you into mindless mannequins and unfortunately I totally destroyed her mind!!! All she can do is stand there and look pretty, so luckily for a certain Ms Prissybottom I had to procure another French maid.”

With the new drugs being injected right into Samantha’s nervous system she was completely paralyzed on her display stand.

Although Edward could have spared her some of the pain he decided that it was a small price for the schoolgirl to pay in order to learn the one expression that Edward loved to see most on her face.   After several days like this Edward eventually withdrew the needles and slowly removed the mounting pole from the schoolgirl’s sore behind.  Pulling the pole out of her ass Edward instructed her to step off that stand and step up onto her original SG display stand.  Edward smiled as he observed how quickly Samantha obeyed his instructions. Although all of Samantha’s original memories were still intact the powerful drug had made her very, very, very docile and completely compliant, she knew who she was and what Edward had done to her.  But she simply had no willpower or piece of mind left to do anything… about anything!!!

Another week of constant subliminal messages and Edward felt sure Samantha’s obedience would be total and complete, all he would merely need to do would be to ask Samantha –who was always free to leave the mansion whenever she wanted to, as were all of Edward’s other pieces of “natural art”- to stand for him on her display stand and she would, for hours, days, weeks, months and years!!!!  Samantha simply did what Edward would ask of her, not because she was some mindless slave, but simply because she was now so docile and complaint she could only think to do what she was asked to do and nothing more.

Edward enjoyed his new schoolgirl mannequin and if anyone did ever ask her if she was happy there, or if she would like to leave, or in fact if anyone had ever asked her anything at all……???

Well for some strange reason that Samantha could never seem to overcome, whenever she would try to speak to anyone other than Edward, she would develop the worst stutter you ever heard a schoolgirl struggle with.  You would ask her a question and eventually you would simply have to walk away from the prettiest, constantly stuttering schoolgirl you would ever meet!!!

Chapter Nine

Edward spent much of the next few weeks playing with and relishing his new schoolgirl toy.  He developed many ways to “enjoy her” making sure always to keep to a classroom or schoolwork theme.  She would be put to task for many, many hours having to walk back and forth across the classroom in her tight and painful killer school shoes, practicing her poise and grace.  Edward would get such pleasure from Samantha’s deportment classes, he would force the poor schoolgirl to not only walk for hours in her uncomfortable school shoes but she would also have to balance several large books on the top of her head.

Just as upper class young ladies at the turn of twentieth century would have been shipped off to posh finishing schools and made parade around for hours on end with heavy, hard backed books balanced on their privileged heads.  Edward thought it well fitting to do the same to this once spoilt, prissy and snobbish upper-class schoolgirl.

He would gloat and snigger at Samantha as she would teeter around the room with her aching feet, concentrating on not dropping the books balanced on top of her head.  Edward would laugh to himself at the fact that despite Samantha performing the deportment duties of an upper class rich schoolgirl he would still insist on her wearing her cheap looking gold hoop earrings. 

Other pointless time wasting “school work” given to the docile and obedient blonde schoolgirl would involve reading page after page of encyclopedias.  Edward would explain to Samantha that as she was a schoolgirl she should still be continuing her studies and encyclopedias were among the best books that a schoolgirl could read.  Samantha would as always fully agree with Edward and spout her usual mindless drivel that Edward loved to hear.  The work however that Edward would get the schoolgirl to do with the encyclopedias would not involve anything as useful to the schoolgirl as actually learning what was written in them. 

Rather Edward would equip Samantha with a box of bright pink highlighter markers and instruct her to read every line, every paragraph, every chapter and volume of the great encyclopedias, not to learn the wealth of knowledge contained within their leather bounds but instead far, far more importantly for Samantha she was to highlight with her bright, day-glo candy pink markers, held between her big, pouting baby pink lips, every instance of the words:

“doll”, “mannequin”, “pink”, “schoolgirl”, “uniform”, “obey”, “obedience”, “samantha”, “stupid”.

This Edward explained to Samantha would teach her how lucky it was to be her.

Edward estimated that it would take the schoolgirl several years to complete this task, but then he was planning to keep her as a schoolgirl for a lot longer than that!!

After about two weeks or so Edward was starting to bore with his latest plaything until one day he came into the classroom with a big grin on his face.  Smiling from ear to ear he presented the posed schoolgirl with a gift.  Samantha responded as instructed with much merriment and giggling as Edward handed her the small package.

Carefully unwrapping the gold gift paper Samantha opened the jewelry case and saw her present.  Smiling broadly Samantha lifted up her hair and let Edward place the gold name chain around her neck.  The expensive gold chain ran around the schoolgirl’s neck with her own name spelled out in gold script lettering resting across her striped school tie at the front.

Edward stood back and admired the bejeweled schoolgirl.  Still wearing her six-inch gold hoops and now with her new gold name chain she looked just like any other schoolgirl her age.  Except Edward was well aware of Samantha’s differences to her peers.  Samantha turned to admire her new chain in the mirror, Edward smiled at the schoolgirl knowing full well that in her naivety she would surely not understand the accompanying word placed directly under her own name, it too was spelled out in gold lettering and this is what Samantha’s new name chain looked like.



Edward soon discovers that he was correct in his assumption and that sweet, naive Samantha had no idea of what this word meant.  Later that day Edward informs Samantha that he has arranged some work experience for her on the set of a new movie that some of his friends were making.  Instructing the schoolgirl to make absolute certain that her uniform is one hundred percent perfectly presented Edward takes the schoolgirl down to the garage and places her into his BMW.  Samantha does not think it at all strange when Edward instructs her to step into the boot of the car and lie down into a large black body bag.

The beautiful blonde schoolgirl happily obeys, lying on her back into the heavy gauge black bag she then happily fixes her uniform and ribbons once again.

Pulling her short skirt back into place, fixing and folding each of its pleats one at a time back into order, then placing her feet perfectly beside each other and holding them upright together, big-toe to big-toe as if wrapped up like a mummy, before fixing her school blazer, blouse and tie, taking care to place her new gold name chain softly across the front of her striped school tie.

Samantha positions her arms dead straight by her sides and then spends the entire trip holding her stupid blonde head a few inches off the floor of the boot, so as to make certain she did not crush or crumple her pretty school ribbon tied to the back of her head.  Edward sniggers to himself as he watches the schoolgirl go through her paces, thanks to her brainwashing she now spent more time checking and re-checking her school attire than he did.  Looking at the schoolgirl struggling to hold her head up, simply to prevent the school ribbon in her hair from being creased or folded flat, Edward chuckles aloud and then starts to close the strong heavy metal zip around Samantha, pulling the black bag over her pretty painted face with her big fixed and constant happy schoolgirl bimbo smile before sealing her securely inside the ominous looking large black body bag.  He smiles reading the label “Fluffer Doll” that is stenciled on its side before slamming the boot shut and driving out of the garage to the movie set.

Arriving without incident at the remote shooting location Edward opens the boot and unzips the schoolgirl “Fluffer Doll” from her body bag.

He instructs her to check her uniform once again which she dutifully does so making certain she is perfectly presented in her school uniform.  Then Edward informs Samantha that for her work experience today she will be required to wear her hair slightly differently.  Following his instructions she quickly removes her school ribbon and putting a center parting into her long blonde hair she creates two perfectly symmetrical bunchies on either side of her head.  She ties them up using two lengths of her wide, striped school ribbon, placing a large pretty school bow one on each side of her head on the top of both bunchies.

Edward then ties her wrists behind her back using another length of the wide striped school ribbon, tying that ribbon off in yet another large bow.  Then he places another ribbon around her head as before, running it under her two bunchies and around the back of her head then running it smooth, flat and wide across her mouth at the front.  Edward ties off this ribbon as before in a huge bow on the schoolgirl’s left cheek.  Then Edward takes one final length of Samantha’s school ribbon, this one even wider and longer than all the rest but like the rest it too had the strong and bold navy, ice blue and silver stripes of Samantha’s school’s colors.   With this final extra wide ribbon Edward gives Samantha a lead!!! He wraps it around her slender graceful neck tying it off in another large bow at the right side of her neck, this longer ribbon running off the schoolgirl’s neck like a dog’s leash and to a handle that Edward held in his hand.

And so with one final check of Samantha’s ribbon bondage and her overall appearance, he gives her bunchies one final tighten, he pulls up and straightens her school socks and finishes off by giving a quick polish to her new name chain.  Then Edward turns and proudly starts to walk out of the movie set’s private garage into the common shooting area, giving a sharp yank on Samantha’s new ribbon leash, nearly pulling the unprepared schoolgirl off balance. Smiling so sadistically Edward pulls Samantha along behind him on her ribbon leash, the captivated and nonsensically uniformed schoolgirl has no other option but to start teetering after him in her ridiculous, awkward and very uncomfortable school shoes.  With all her ribbons bouncing merrily with every painful wobbling step Edward leads the new work experience recruit out into the main set, for all the cast and crew to see her, Edward then turns and starts heading for the producer’s office.

Almost immediately Edward starts to hear men’s whistles, yelps and catcalls and with in a few moments both him and the ribbon bound uniformed schoolgirl he is leading on her ribbon leash are surrounded by naked and near naked men.  All the men keep staring at Samantha and saying hello to her, some calling her nasty names and others demanding that they saw her first and therefore get to have her first.  Poor innocent Samantha not understanding any of her new surroundings peeks nervously over the rim of her ribbon gag, her view of several of the naked and excited men partially blocked by the huge bow resting on her left cheek.

“Hey mate is she the new fluffer???” several of the men ask Edward.

“That she is guys!!! providing your producer agrees of course!!! You know how picky he can be…” Edward responds.

“No way no way, tell him we want her!!!” the guys shout back, getting more and more excited now, some even reaching forward and stroking Samantha on her ass or smelling one of her long bouncing blonde bunchies before twisting it and her ribbons around their fingers and then letting them fly through the air, her ribbons spinning back into place as they release it again.

“MMMMmmmmmmmmm look at those BJ handle bars!!!” One of them says,

“I love her ribbons, she looks like a new doll arriving for us to play with all wrapped up in her ribbons and bows!!!” says another.

Poor Samantha not understanding what any of them were saying looks out from behind her giant ribbon gag, her innocent big blue eyes filling with trepidation and fear of this bizarre place and these strange people.  Samantha pitiably getting more and more anxious, tries to quicken her pace, she starts to teeter even faster behind Edward in her painfully tight school shoes, her stupid unnecessary five-inch heels clicking loudly on the floor of the movie set.  She almost runs into Edward several times and comes close to tripping up in her silly awkward school shoes, her balance hindered further due to her wrists being tied behind her back with ribbon.  The leering men see her distress and her attempted flight and start to laugh and jeer her as a group.  Pointing their fingers and sniggering at the ribbon bound schoolgirl on a leash, who was desperately trying to teeter as fast as she could away from all of the lewd comments and name calling she had suddenly found herself being paraded past.

“OOOhhhh teacher, teacher, teacher, wait for meeeeeeee!!!!!” all the men start to cry out towards Edward, as if giving voice to Samantha’s frantic actions.  All of Samantha’s bows and ribbons bouncing excitedly and twirling madly in the air around her as if she was using them as a means of communicating exactly how distressed flustered scared and terrified she was feeling right at that moment.

Edward still unaware of Samantha’s attempted flight turns to see what the men are jeering about and starts to snigger and laugh with them.  He then whispers sternly into Samantha’s ear reminding her that polite, well mannered schoolgirls never run, most especially when they are in uniform.  Edward then pulls hard on her ribbon leash as if bringing her to heel and once stopped for a few moments he then continues across the film set, still leading Samantha along on her ribbon leash.  When the other men see this they go wild, circling Samantha they start making cruel clicking noises as if calling to a dog.  Interspersed with these noises they start calling to her “Hear girl, hear girl, {click click} good little doggie!! Hear girl {click click}” Hearing this Samantha begins to feel deeply, deeply embarrassed.  Edward with the humiliated schoolgirl’s ribbon leash firmly in hand smiles broadly as he approaches the producer’s office.

Just before opening the door and entering Edward hears one more comment from one of the near naked men.

“Wow look at her shoes and pretty white knee socks, they look so perfect, just like what girls actually wear to school, this guy really knows how to get the look just right.  It’s almost as if he just plucked her off the street on her way to school.”

Grinning to himself Edward responds to the comment turning to the man who had made it and saying

“Actually she was on her way home from school.” Edward laughs as the group of men laugh back at his well-timed joke!!!  Only Edward knowing that he was really speaking the truth.

Entering the luxurious office Edward positions Samantha in the middle of the floor, leaving her there alone he walks to the well stocked drinks cabinet and pours himself a drink.  Shortly after the producer arrives into the office escorted by several buxom young ladies all dressed in designer pin-striped suits.  The young women take one look at the bound schoolgirl in the office and they all burst out laughing at her.  They circle Samantha and start making fun of her, making cruel comments and bad jokes, when they see her gold name chain they have even more to jeer her about.

“Oohhh look she’s here to work as a fluffer!!!” one of them says.

“I hope she’s done her oral homework!!!” says another as they all laugh.

After five minutes of this the producer tells them all to stop making fun and play nice, and too make Samantha feel welcome on her first day of “work experience” as he calls it.  The girls still sniggering and laughing reply.

“OOOhhh yeah boss, you can be sure that the guys outside are gona make her feel very “well cum” when they get through with her!!!” Hearing this everyone in the office laughs, everyone that is except Samantha who simply stood obediently at attention where Edward had left her, with her own ribbon leash draped across her out-stretched hands.  Looking totally resplendent in all her ribbons and bows.  Her bunchies and hair ribbons never still for a moment due to someone always playing with them.  After this the producer begins to shoo away all the pin-striped babes out of his office, but as one of the girls turns to leave she notices something about Samantha.

“Hey the school uniform she’s wearing is the same as my old one, I wonder if she went to my old school??” she says innocently.

“Well then Sophie, think yourself lucky you didn’t bump into my friend here while you were going to that school.  Or it might very well have been you standing here in Samantha’s place!!!” the producer informs her.

Hearing this Sophie looks at Samantha again this time taking notice of her entire appearance and most noticeably her very obvious docile and obedient nature.  She looks at Samantha’s sweet innocent face now painted up as if she were some famous movie star, wrapped in her ridiculous striped ribbon with its huge silly bow tied off so neatly on her left cheek.  Sophie looks at Samantha’s chest, noticing how obviously fake and round her breasts had been made to look.  The schoolgirl’s no doubt once modest and natural breasts, now monstrously inflated and evidently painfully pumped up to give the young woman a cleavage far greater than a schoolgirl her age should have, all undoubtedly done purely for aesthetic reasons and men’s pleasure.  Sophie could clearly see the total lack of any resentment in Samantha’s eyes and the schoolgirl’s completely submissive and passive acceptance of her fate.

Sophie swallows uneasily and darts a glance at Edward, now lounging on the comfortable office couch.  Edward looks back at Sophie and throws her a most unsettling smile.  Shaken by his eye contact Sophie smiles and tries to laugh off the encounter with a nervous little giggle, then she quickly excuses herself and heads for the door as fast as she can.  Edward turns to Tom the producer and sniggers.

“Sophie looks very sexy in those pin-stripes.  That your idea to dress them all the same?”  Edward enquires of his old friend.

“Don’t even think about it Ed!!! Sophie’s a damn find secretary and her “dick-tation” is amazing!!! I don’t need her turned into one of your dolls!!!  OK!!!!” Tom snaps back at Edward.

“Ok, ok relax Tom, I promise I won’t do a thing… her mind at least!!!” responds Edward smirking.

“Hey Eddie I don’t mind if you do hypnotize her into being extra nice to you!!! Just please put her back the way she was afterwards.  Besides I don’t believe in all that hypnotism stuff anyway, I think you just buy all your dates!!!”  Tom finishes his sentence off with a cheeky jibe at his old friend.

“Oohh really then call her back in and I’ll prove it to you.”  Edward replies to Tom’s slagging, throwing down the gauntlet.

Sure enough Tom calls Sophie back into his office, Sophie trying her best to ignore Edward on the couch steps nervously back into the office and walks to Tom’s large desk, standing timidly in front of it not really knowing what to expect next from either man.

“Aahh Sophie darling, myself and Edward here were wondering something and we think that possibly you could help us?”

Tom says to her as she stands in front of his desk.

“UUUmmmm s.s.sssure if I can help???????” Sophie answers, her voice starting to shake a little and her beautiful big brown eyes darting around the office uneasily.

Edward walks quietly up behind Sophie and taps her on her shoulder; startled she spins around to find Edward face to face with her.  She smiles again nervously, not knowing what this man could possibly want from her, she spies Samantha over Edward’s shoulder, still tied up in all her ribbons and still standing at attention in the middle of the office.

“OOOhhh that poor schoolgirl!!! Whatever did this creep do to her????” Sophie wonders to herself.

Suddenly the strangest thing pops into her head, Sophie suddenly feels very stressed as she realizes to herself.

“OOOOhhhh I have no idea where my school uniform is!!!!” Then taken aback by this just a quickly Sophie tells herself what an odd thing to be worrying about now.  Then panic takes her as she wonders.

“OOOhhh no did he make me think that? is he putting things inside my head? OOOhhhh is he going to do the same to me?? Am I going to end up like her!!!????” All this suddenly crossed Sophie’s mind.  Edward smiles at her, although he had done nothing to her yet, the look of total fear and paranoia on her face was simply wonderful.

“Sophie can you tell us? Do you know what it feels like to be hypnotized?” Edward asks the shaking brunette in front of him.

Sophie’s eyes light up quickly remembering the stage hypnotist at last years christmas office party, he had hypnotized her that night and she still remembered the strange out of body feeling she had experienced during it.  Sophie started to relax and smiling happily opens her mouth to begin telling Edward and Tom just what being hypnotized actually felt like.

The tone of her voice suddenly changing, Sophie drops the nervous tone and starts to answer Edward’s question in a very bubbly –super extra happy- perky voice.

“Oohhh yes actually I do!!!! At last years chris…………” was as far as she got before Edward slowly waved his hand over her face, immediately silencing the pretty buxom brunette in front of him, so elegantly dressed in her figured in designer pin-striped suit.  Sophie stopped giving her peppy explanation to the two men and instead stood transfixed as if someone had pressed some invisible pause button.  A big broad ditsy smile fixed all across her totally innocent looking but very attractive sultry face.

“Exactly Sophie!!! Good girl!!!” Edward smiled at the pin-striped babe, now totally and completely under his powerful hypnotic control.

Tom jumping up out of his chair walks to Sophie and looks closely at her, waving his fingers in front of her totally non-responsive face and then calls her name a few times, but still no reaction.

“Wow!!! She really is hypnotized?” Tom asks turning to his friend.  “And so quickly too!!”

“Yep she is completely under my control” replied Edward then grinning slightly he added “Mind you getting her under that fast required a very powerful trigger and it seems she is quite susceptible to hypnotic influence.  So she might be a little scattered or forgetful for the next week or so!!!  Sorry Tom!!!” Edward offered his apologies to his friend.

“OOOhh I knew it, I saw the way you always ogled her whenever you came to the set.  If you fancied her so much why didn’t you ask the girl out for a date instead of frying her mind!!!  Really Eddie!!! Will she even be any good as a secretary after this??’ Tom snapped back.

“You know I don’t do the whole dating think anymore Tom, I tried it and it wasn’t for me.  This way is much more fun.

And besides I’m sure you can get another secretary, although she is very cute.  And she looks damn hot in those pin-stripes!!” Says Edward.

“Well in that case she’s yours Eddie!! I don’t have time anymore for bubblegum secretaries, I’m far to busy.  In fact Sophie here and the other five girls, I’m personally putting through business school.  But I guess it’s the end of the career path for Sophie here!!  She’s all yours Edward; I always did think you needed an executive looking PA. anyway.

Happy Birthday mate, consider her your present from me.  Sorry I don’t have a ribbon to wrap her in like you did for my new gift!!!” Says Tom.

Edward thanks Tom for his gift and then turns back towards the still motionless and hypnotized Sophie.

“Sophie you are now my personal executive PA, what’s more you always have been.  From the time you left school you have wanted nothing more in your life than to work for me and you always shall.  You worship and adore me and you feel very privileged to be allowed to strive each and every day of the rest of your life to be the best Executive PA you can be.  Is that understood Sophie!!  Now wake up and fetch me another drink quickly!!!” Edward rewrites Sophie’s past memories as Tom looks on in awe.

Sophie blinks her eyes and comes back to life, then seeing her new boss she smiles and fetches him his drink.  Returning to Edward with the drink, which she obediently holds for him between his sips, at the same Sophie begins to press her body against his and rub herself all over Edward.  Running her long finger nails through his hair and pressing her pin-striped crotch firmly against his leg she starts to rub herself up and down along Edward’s thighs like a pin-striped bitch in heat.  Sophie now can’t get enough of the man she feared and loathed so deeply only ten minutes before.

Sophie becomes very aroused as she stands so close to Edward and quite evidently to the two men present, her breasts start to swell and enlarge within the confines of her black wonder bra, forcing them higher and higher.  Giving Sophie’s cleavage -which was already on full display thanks to the design of her pin-striped blazer- much more eye catching appeal.  Sophie starts moaning softly as she squeezes her swelled breasts against Edward, she then starts groaning and biting her lower lip as she begins literally humping Edward's leg just like a dog in heat.  Tom stares at her with his mouth hanging open, simply not able to come to terms with the sudden and quite dramatic change to Sophie’s character.  She now totally ignores her old boss instead devoting all her time and every ounce of her attention towards Edward.  Grinning ear-to-ear Edward thanks his flabbergasted friend for his birthday present. Then turning to Sophie he decides to have a little fun.

“Sophie darling I need to have a meeting with this gentlemen so please stop doing that for a while, also Ms Chambers I have instructed you before as to the correct amount of make-up that is required for your job.  Why is it that you insist on embarrassing me at public meetings by wearing such a light covering of make-up??  Well Ms Chambers can you explain yourself???” Edward starts playing with Sophie, who was wearing her usual light make-up to the office, which Tom had always allowed in the past.  Quickly taking out her compact and looking at herself Sophie begs to be excused to apply the correct amount of make-up.  Edward waves his hand to excuse her but then quickly calls her back, grinning at Tom; Edward decides to really show him who was Sophie’s boss now.

“Ms Chambers as well as your failure to wear correct make-up today, you have also it appears forgotten my instructions that you pout!! while on duty, which being my personal executive PA is ALWAYS!!! Now pout for me Sophie!!!!” Edward fires off all this to a compliant PA, who quickly begins pouting as instructed.

With an evil little smirk on his face Edward looks at the cute brunette pursing her lips further and further out.

“More… more… more… more… ” Edward continues commanding Sophie to pout for him until finally he is satisfied.

“Good girl Sophie, now go fix your make-up while I chat to this gentleman.” says Edward.

“Yes Sir” replies Sophie through her heavy pout before teetering away to her make-up case.

Edward turns and smiles at his friend, Tom shakes his head watching Sophie go.

“Such a pity, that girl was the top of her class in economics and foreign investment futures.  AAAhhhhhh well, I hope you have fun with her Eddie, please don’t turn her into too much of a brainless tart.  I know how you love to take the most beautiful natural looking girls and cake them in make-up!!!” Tom laments to Edward.

“Would I do that to such a pretty girl now Tom!!!” Edward answers his friend with a sly look in his eye.  “Making them apply make-up re-enforces upon them their place in society Tom, women need to be shown whose boss.  Especially beautiful young ladies like Sophie and Samantha here, they need discipline Tom.  I’m only fulfilling one of societies many needs, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.”

Chuckling loudly Tom shakes his head at his friend’s ramblings.  “Yes, yes Eddie I’ve heard this line from you before, it’s odd though how you only seem to focus on young pretty girls!!!!”

“Well there has to be some perks to it Tom” Edward quips back.

Laughing heartily they toast themselves and down their drinks. “Cheers!!!”

Edward gloated to himself as he had watched poor Sophie walk away, unbeknownst to Tom, Edward had done more to the sexy pin-striped young woman than merely put her deeply under his commanding spell.  He knew that right now Sophie would be experiencing more of what he had done to her.  He had also hypnotized Tom briefly at the same moment he had put Sophie under his power, instructing Tom to give Sophie to him as if she were simply an object, Tom also had further post hypnotic instructions to cover up any trace of Sophie Chambers ever being employed by him, Edward would erase the girl’s memory from the rest of the crew and cast’s minds too before leaving the set that day.

But as for Sophie, she was now feeling the full effects of Edward’s powerful words, just as he had told her would happen she could indeed feel her mind and her willpower become one with her brain.  With every stroke of her lip-stick, every flick of her mascara, every fresh wave and coat of blusher Sophie applied, she could feel her brain start to ripple and tremble as it altered and changed inside her head just as Edward said it would.  She could feel her mind, willpower and brain become one and then liquefy inside her head, she could see it all happening in her mind’s eye, Sophie could see her actual brain bubble and dissolve.  It was then ensnared inside the most fragile of containers; the most delicate goldfish bowl Sophie had ever seen was now balanced so precariously inside her head and into this bowl poured the entire contents of her mind!!!  Sophie could see all it happening, as she sat in the corner of the office, quietly and obediently in her sexy pin-stripes, re-applying her make-up correctly.

And just as Edward had assured the now terrified young woman, there was nothing she could do to stop it and nobody she could tell who would have believed that such a thing could actually be happening.  Sophie became more and more scared and fretted over her every movement, making sure she did nothing to jolt or damage the fragile fish bowl inside her pretty brunette head.  A head only recently so full of facts and figures, but now totally committed to looking her very best in her sexy pin-stripes and pleasing her amazing boss.

The two old friends spent some time catching up and enjoying each other’s company.  Edward on more than one occasion catching Tom eyeing up Samantha, knowing his old friend still fostered deep and strong control fetishes, dark desires that Tom had shared with his trusted friend in the past, regarding dominating and controlling uniformed schoolgirls, bossing them about and putting them, as Tom saw it firmly and painfully if necessary in their place.  Their place in Tom’s view being one of total servitude and obedience, items for consumption, nourishing Tom’s darker pleasures, uniformed pretty ornaments and objects, completely expendable toys, existing merely to satisfy Tom’s momentary whims of ecstasy.  Edward had never fully understood Tom’s tastes in this matter and how the same young woman dressed casually would not even merit a second look from Tom, but once attired for school, if she ended up in Tom’s sights, then he would have her if he so desired.

Edward decides to tease Tom a little further before allowing him to indulge.  Edward calls Sophie back over to where they were sitting, the sexy pin-striped PA now sporting a heavily painted full pout which Tom comments actually suited her.

“Sophie darling would you be a pet and please take Samantha for a walk around the room, use her ribbon leash, can you see it there resting across her hands??  There’s a good girl.”  Edward commands his new PA.

“Yes Sir” responds Sophie through her painted pouting lips and with that she turns and walks carefully to the stationary schoolgirl in the center of the office, trying her best not to spill any of the contents of her fish bowl mind!!!  Now with all trace of concern or remorse for Samantha’s plight erased from Sophie’s mind, the pin-striped babe, her brain and willpower still melting and dissolving, pulls the wide striped ribbon out of the schoolgirl’s hands.  Sophie proceeds to lead Samantha around the room.  Samantha obediently follows Sophie’s lead teetering awkwardly after her, her large five-inch block heels clicking loudly on the polished wooden floor.  Tom’s face lights up filling with lust as his eyes follow the trust-up schoolgirl with all her ribbons bouncing and fluttering about as she is led around his office like someone’s pet being taken for a walk.

With an evil glint in his eye Edward walks over to the two girls, stopping them for a moment in the middle of Samantha’s walkies!!!  Turning to the schoolgirl Edward smirks.

“Time for your daily deportment lessons Miss Grainger, show us all how elegantly you can walk, like a proper young lady should.”  Saying this Edward places a large hard backed book that he had picked up from Tom’s desk squarely on top of Samantha’s blonde head.  Then pouring a long tall glass of water he holds it up in front of both girls.  Edward smiles looking at Sophie’s expression change from her perky bimbo one, to a stone faced look of dread, her eyes suddenly transfixed onto the glass.  Edward could see her reaction to the tall, full glass of water, suddenly inside Sophie’s mind the terrible connection was made, she could see her liquefied mind and willpower sloshing around inside the frail fish bowl, but now around that fish bowl she could see a ribbon!!!  It was wide; it was striped, navy, ice blue and silver!!! And it was tied off in a huge bow on one side.  Sophie suddenly realized that this tall glass of water that Edward now held in his hand and the fish bowl inside her head were connected, they were one.

Smiling maliciously Edward places the tall and narrow glass of water on top of the book balanced on Samantha’s blonde head.

“Now Samantha walk like a lady and make sure you don’t spill any of this water or drop the entire glass either, I think Sophie would be most upset with you if you did!!” Edward commands the schoolgirl.

Then turning to poor pin-striped Sophie, Edward leers into her face.  “Well Sophie I’m sure you will assist Samantha in her important endeavor around the room and see that she does not drop this precious water, won’t you Sophie??”

Simultaneously both young women turn to Edward with very serious expressions, and respond exactly at the same time, causing Tom to bawl with laughter.

“Sir, Yes Sir!!!” both Sophie and Samantha, -in their hypnotized monotone voices- reply together like a pair of twins.

Sophie started to lead the thrust-up schoolgirl once more around the room, a look of total terror on her face as she kept a near constant eye on the glass of water on top of the schoolgirl’s head.  Edward being able to enjoy the show for more reasons than his friend was aware of.  Suddenly Tom lets a holler as he see the tall glass slip and slide right off the edge of the book and fall to the hard floor shattering into hundreds of pieces.  Edward looks at Sophie as she watches the glass shatter and he smiles.  He walks to the two girls and passing Samantha he whispers one word into the totally brainwashed and utterly compliant schoolgirl’s head, one word, one command – “Giggle!!!”

Sophie looks at the shattered glass and spilled water in horror, as she not only saw it break she felt it too.  And now she was to experience the terrible consequences of that shattering.  Sophie looking shocked and horrified starts to shake and tremble as to her revulsion she could feel!! her liquefied brain together with her willpower and her mind slowly start to trickle and dribble out of her ears!!!  Sophie turned her head as the oozing mess of slime now running out of her ears affected even her hearing.  Looking down at her dissolved brain dribbling onto and running all over her shoulders, staining and ruining her expensive and spotlessly clean, designer pin-striped suit.  Aghast and sickened by what was happening she starts to panic, looking up at Edward and Tom smiling and laughing Sophie fails to realize that only she can see what is happening to her.

Within a few minutes Sophie’s jacket is completely ruined with her dissolved brain matter slowly seeping out of her ears and dripping down onto her shoulders.  From there Sophie could feel it running down and around onto her cleavage, oozing between her breasts and slowly soaking her wonder bra.  Of course it was all happening inside Sophie’s mind and neither, Edward, Tom, Samantha or anyone else would ever witness what Sophie was seeing and feeling.  Edward smiled back at Sophie wondering just how real the experience must be judging from her body language and facial expressions.  Looking down at herself Sophie could have wept, she felt so utter helpless and ashamed, how? she wondered to herself, how could she have let her wonderful boss down like this in public? She looked ghastly and she was certain her boss would not approve of what she had allowed happen to her appearance.

Then it happened!!! She could hear the soft girlish schoolgirl giggle.  Edward noticed the change in Sophie’s expression too and he smiled.  Sophie spun around and glared at Samantha, eyes widening and nostrils flaring Sophie watched the stupid inept schoolgirl giggle and laugh at her from behind her wide ribbon gag!!!  She felt sure that Samantha could see what her clumsiness had done to Sophie’s mind.

“That stuck-up little cow!!!” thought Sophie “I’ll show her whose boss!!!”

With that Sophie takes a firm hold of Samantha’s ribbon leash once again, she then proceeds to nearly drag the schoolgirl around the office with it.  Poor Samantha has to almost skip, run and jump to keep up with Sophie, her block heel design school shoes tapping loudly as she teetered, hopped and pranced around Tom’s large executive office.  Edward chuckled to himself as he watched Sophie vent her anger upon the poor ribbon bound schoolgirl, the look of vengeance on her face clear for all to see.  Tom being totally ignorant to Sophie’s mind melting plight, smiles as he watches the schoolgirl being put through her paces, all her ribbons and bows bouncing and fluttering madly behind her, trying their best to keep up with Sophie’s vindictive speed.

“That a girl Sophie! You show her what happens to bold schoolgirls around here!!!” yells Tom, clearly getting more and more turned on by the show.

“They seem to be getting on together just fine don’t you think!?” comments Edward, with so much irony and sarcasm in his voice that Tom fails to notice the sly look on Edward’s face.  Instead fully agreeing with his partner in perversion, nodding his head but still keeping his eyes firmly planted on Samantha.

“Oohhh Edward she is an exquisite work of art!!! Wherever did you find a girl willing to do this??” Tom enquires.

“You forget my old friend I have powerful techniques of persuasion.”  Edward replies.

“MMMmmmm it’s a pity the rest of the crew saw you bring her in here, I would love to spend all day with her.” Says Tom.

“Well you are the boss Tom, you should at least make sure anything you permit your staff to do is safe.” Edward informs Tom.

“Yes you’re right Eddie no more teasing, tell that bimbo secretary of yours to bring Samantha over here” saying this Tom stands up and takes down his pants revealing that his was quite erect and very well endowed.

Edward sits and watches as poor Samantha is led over to Tom.  Her innocent big blue eyes widening as she sees he has dropped his pants and his massive erect privates are now fully on display.  Edward enjoys the show as his friend starts to believe he must be dreaming.  Tom instructs Samantha to kneel before him and then taking her ribbon leash -still tied around her neck- he begins to wrap the opposite end of it around her ankles, forcing the schoolgirl to lean backwards almost off balance.  Following advice from Edward, Tom unties Samantha’s wrists, despite telling Edward that he much preferred her tied up, Edward promises him it will be worth his while.  Then the moment Edward was waiting for, as Tom unties Samantha’s ribbon gag and Samantha delivers her programmed introduction to Tom, right on queue just as Edward had instructed her to.

First taking a hold of each of her bunchies Samantha grips them so that the ribbons and bows trail out over her hands, she raises her bunchies out and upwards as if offering them up to Tom.  Then speaking in her most innocent, ever so eager to please, teacher’s pet voice and looking seductively up at Tom, Samantha delivers her knockout line. 

“Hello Sir i am a schoolgirl fluffer doll!!! would you like to play with me???”

“OOOOOOOhhhhh you bet I do schoolgirl!!!!!” Tom cries out.

With that he takes a firm grasp of both of Samantha’s bunchies, yanking them from her small hands.  Not caring in the slightest as he crushes the innocent schoolgirl’s pretty ribbons and bows in his massive strong fists, wrapping her long blonde bunchies and her striped, school ribbons several times around his fingers.  Samantha then dropped her hands back behind her waist, and Sophie under instruction from Edward, gleefully and quickly reties Samantha’s wrists back together again, tightly binding the schoolgirl’s wrists in her anger, with the striped ribbon, forming quite an elaborate bow for her first attempt.

Then despite the terrible fact that her lovely hair ribbons were being messed up and totally ruined by this man, as well as the sudden agonizing pain she was feeling as he pulled and yanked at her hair.  Samantha obediently as ever, ignored these upsetting diversions and following more of Edward’s earlier instructions, she obediently opened her baby pink lips forming a large round “O” shape with her sweet mouth.  Samantha still unaware of what the word fluffer actually meant had no idea of what was coming next.

Tom seeing Samantha form the delicate pink “O” with her mouth loses all control of his desires and forcefully rams his by now very long and rock hard cock right into her pretty schoolgirl mouth.  Samantha eyes widening in total shock, the horror being made all the more real for Samantha with the feel of Tom’s massive tool forcing it’s way deeper and deeper into her small mouth.  The schoolgirl can’t believe what is happening to her and starts to gag and choke.

“OOOhhhh she still has her gag reflex!!!” Tom cries out sounding so overjoyed to have discovered this.

“And the look on her face Eddie is just pure class!!! She looks so shocked and terrified, like she’s just being plucked out of her snooty French class or something.”  Tom continues expressing his enjoyment of the new schoolgirl “fluffer doll” 

“Glad you like her Tom, careful she doesn’t lose her gag reflex before the troops get a go with her.” Edward warns Tom.

“Hey I’m paying for her services I should have that right shouldn’t I???” responds Tom, now actively and vigorously giving Samantha one of the most aggressive face fucks that Edward had ever witnessed.  Tom’s deep fetish desires for strictly dominating sweet innocent schoolgirls now getting a powerful venting into the sweet mouth of the poor unfortunate schoolgirl at his feet.  Samantha still gagging hard and fast gasping for air, her big innocent blue eyes slowly starting to turn upwards and her body going limp.  When Tom sees this he just starts fucking her mouth even harder, twisting her bunchies tighter around his fists he takes a stronger hold of Samantha’s head as he lashes his cock again and again between her baby pink lips getting faster and faster with each stroke.

Slowly Samantha’s body lurches less and less, her gag reflex having a smaller and smaller effect on her as she slowly slips unconscious.  Tom never lets up for a moment whispering softly to Samantha and staring right into her eyes, keeping her gaze the entire time as he rapes her soft nineteen-year-old schoolgirl mouth.

“That’s a good schoolgirl, OOOOhhh yeah!!! aren’t you the best schoolgirl Samantha? You like that! I know you do!

Good girl. Good schoolgirl.  Look at you, ya posh snooty little bitch, this is what you’re really good for schoolgirl, in your sexy little uniform, being used as a fluffer doll, that’s all you’re really good for schoolgirl!!! isn’t it schoolgirl!!!!”

Tom repeated this over and over to Samantha’s face, despite the fact that she was now unable to hear him.

Edward looked on watching as the once prissy, arrogant and rude Miss Samantha Grainger gets used and abused by his friend, turning her into nothing more than a glorified wank aid, a cum doll, her high and mighty attitude getting forcefully rammed down her throat by Tom’s never tiring cock.  Her posh school uniform now only serving to excite and enhance Tom’s fantasy, resulting in him getting even more turned on and thereby intensifying and prolonging the entire experience for poor Samantha.

With perfect timing Tom eases up on Samantha just long enough to prevent her from falling unconscious.  She wakes back up with a start and is alarmed to find her mouth still full of Tom’s rock hard cock, now starting to twitch itself!!!

“Wakey, wakey schoolgirl, that’s a bold schoolgirl to fall asleep in class like that.” muses Tom to poor Samantha.

“Especially when I’m about to give you your homework!!!”  Saying this Tom yanks Samantha’s bunchies painfully, drawing her forward and using her pretty schoolgirl bunchies to pull her fully onto his cock.  Tom then leans forward making sure that as much of his cock as possible was thrust down the blonde schoolgirl’s throat.  Holding the pretty schoolgirl like this Tom groans as Samantha’s gag reflex kicks in again, this time making her head lurch back and forth trying to pull herself off Tom’s huge and well engorged cock.  But with Tom holding Samantha’s head firmly in place her gag reflex was merely casing the back of her throat to rub back and forth over the top of Tom’s very swollen and twitching cock.  And it was this bobbing action of Samantha’s head that Tom was using to finish himself off.

Tom held poor Samantha like this for several minutes as he came again and again into the schoolgirl’s mouth, and then slowly thrusting into her mouth again while he was still cumming, forcing practically all of his seamen down Samantha’s throat and into her belly.  Finally when Tom was finished with Samantha he simply released her bunchies and Samantha, her candy pink pouting lips still wrapped tightly around Tom’s wide dick, and her eyes still wide in shock, just slipped right off of it.  Making a loud sloppy popping sound as her lips came off the end of Tom’s dick.  Samantha still completely tied up in all her ribbons and bows and unable to catch herself from falling, collapses into a head on the floor.  Breathing deeply Tom looks down at the pretty blonde schoolgirl before smirking and laughing callously at her.

“MMMMMMmmmmm you know Eddie there’s really nothing better to work up an appetite before lunch, than by cock choking some snooty, arrogant, stuck-up prissy little bitch of a schoolgirl, and putting her firmly in her place!!!”

Saying this Tom then goes and pours himself and Edward a fresh drink and joins his friend on the couch.

“And just judging by her uniform, I bet she was one real rich-bitch, spoilt, daddies little girl snob!!!  Would I be right there Eddie?” Tom asks his friend.

“Yeah that she was Tom, that she was, but we won’t hold that against her now will we!!??” replies Edward smirking at the panting schoolgirl still struggling on the floor in front of them.

The two men chatted about Samantha’s striking make-up, Tom laughing at Edward when he was informed that it was permanent.

“You should have told me that Eddie!!! I was trying to rub it off her!!! We better put lip-gloss on her before we let the troops at her.  They like to see their knobs getting smothered with the stuff.  Some of them have bets as to how much fluffer paint they can get on their dicks in one day, or how many different shades or colors!!!” said Tom.

After a few minutes Edward commands Samantha to get up off the floor, she is re-gagged and her ribbon leash untied from around her ankles.  Sophie is then ordered to take Samantha out to the rest of the cast and crew, she is instructed to introduce her only as “Samantha the stupid schoolgirl fluffer doll” Samantha discovers that her stutter is back as bad as ever.  If anyone spoke to her they would not be able to understand the first word she said, probably due to the fact that her first word would be her only word!!!

And so the two friends watch the delectable and very sexy Sophie take Samantha for her “walkies” from the comfort of Tom’s office they watched Samantha being paraded around the film set.  And her being taken and used forcefully as a fluffer doll again and again and again.  Edward smiles as he watches Sophie get her own back on Samantha for destroying her goldfish bowl mind and ruining her wonderful pin-striped suit.  Edward’s smile widens as he watches Sophie retie Samantha’s ribbons, making sure her wrists are bound securely.  At times he could hear Sophie enticing the naked men into saying just how pretty and sexy they thought the schoolgirl looked.  Cajoling and coaxing them into saying out loud what they were secretly thinking about doing to her, none if it was pleasant listening for Samantha.  Sophie would tease them that they had better hurry up then as Samantha was due back for her english class in about thirty minutes, all the crew would laugh at this knowing full well that this particular schoolgirl would be going nowhere for sometime.  Edward smirked, as several times he watched Sophie grab Samantha’s long blonde bunchies and either offer them to the crew member that was presently “using” her or use them herself to force the poor schoolgirl’s head further onto that crew member.

Sophie would also apply many coats of very rich red lip-gloss to Samantha’s permanent baby pink lips, persuading the next guy in line to see if he could remove it all.  Sophie would scowl Samantha out loud for being such a slut for the boys, and in an even louder mocking tone, tell her yet again that she would only be re-applying her lip-stick one more time and that she was not to let some other bad boy steal it off her lips, both Sophie and everyone else were laughing and sneering at the schoolgirl, as if she had a choice as to whether or not she could keep her lips red or pink!!!   Eventually Sophie started calling out “next!!!” just as soon as one guy was finished, leaving poor Samantha no time to recover from the previous oral raping, and so it went on for several hours as the entire crew used and abused the once posh and snooty schoolgirl.

At one stage Sophie untied Samantha’s wrists, but then forced the schoolgirl to crawl around the film set on all fours like a dog, leading her along by her ribbon leash as the rest of the crew and cast clicked and whistled at her, Sophie would then retie all of Samantha’s ribbons, making sure that the schoolgirl was securely bound, before dragging her all over the movie set, with her ribbons and bows bouncing wildly behind her and her ridiculous school shoes clicking and echoing loudly all around the sound stages.

Edward smirked to himself looking at the expression on Sophie’s face, she still looked very angry at Samantha for smashing her goldfish bowl mind, and judging by the nasty, ruthless and cold hearted glare she was presently giving poor Samantha, Edward reckoned there was several hours of cruel vindictive vengeance towards the clumsy, ribbon bound and molested schoolgirl, still left in Sophie.  His smirk turned into a chuckle as he watched Sophie’s sadistic smile widen as she happily agreed to hold Samantha’s head still while several of the crew proceeded to cover her sobbing face with cum.  The entire group laughing and jeering as they mockingly complemented Samantha on her cheap looking gold name chain and her trashy gold hoop earrings.  Edward smiled as he watched some of the crew attempt to wipe Samantha’s spunk smothered face clean with her posh school ribbons, resulting in the rich silk ribbons getting completely soaked through with cum and actually sticking to her pretty face.  Samantha’s hair like her ribbons was also getting thoroughly soaked and messed up with masses and masses of cum.

Edward’s grin only widened when he decided that he would perhaps not clean Samantha before leaving the set later that evening, but would instead force her to pose on her display stand back in his mansion drenched in cum, her hair a complete mess and her pretty schoolgirl ribbons totally destroyed!!! All sticky and stuck to her poor face.  He started chuckling as he pictured the once posh and prissy schoolgirl being forced to look at herself in the mirror as she stood at attention in her school uniform.  Saturated with the stale and smelly cum of several dozen complete strangers as she posed on her display stand trying her best to look her best, for however long Edward wished her to.

Her once pretty, striped school ribbons now plastered to her sweet innocent face with tacky, messy cum.  All her long hours of checking and re-checking her school attire wasted, her hours and hours of effort making sure each of her ribbons was tied off ever so neatly in perfectly formed and symetrical bows, and placed so precisely on her sweet innocent blonde head.  All of her pretty bows now crumpled and crushed against her head, her once elegant and posh, striped ribbons now mangled and matted into her long golden blonde locks.  Edward was certain that after Samantha’s ordeal today he would have to replace not only all her school ribbons, but also her school blouse and tie as they were all now clearly heavily stained with cum.  Edward looked on from the comfort of Tom’s office as Sophie took her time getting even on poor Samantha, she had already managed to whip many of the already overly excited men into even higher states of sexual agitation and frenzy, resulting in them becoming far rougher and much more callous in the manner in which they choose to abuse and molest their bound and docile, pretty “schoolgirl toy”.

The crew all took several turns using the schoolgirl fluffer doll calling her nasty names, insulting and jeering her right to her face the whole time, telling her how big a tease she had acted when she had first arrived and that she was now getting exactly what she deserved.  Some of the men insisting that she repeatedly introduce herself over and over, and then laughing their head’s off as they listened to the schoolgirl stammer and stutter her way through the sentence, over and over again.  One crew member then had a bright idea to help cure the schoolgirl of her terrible stutter, he proclaimed to the entire group and to Samantha, that he believed her non-stop stuttering was the result of a demon possessing her soft and sweet tongue, and punishing her for all the times in the past when she had no doubt teased and tantalized countless men with her words of sexy schoolgirl seduction.  The entire group agreed and Samantha was even given a chance to respond to this slander, of course all she could utter was more stuttering syllables, each one getting stuck at the back of her throat, just like every cock in sight that day had already done.

Samantha’s eyes widened in fear and anger as she tried again and again to utter even one complete word, but every time she attempted to speak her stuttering and stammering became worse and worse, eliciting floods of laughter from the crowd.  The crewmember who had suggested her tongue was possessed, began using her continued stuttering to prove to the crowd he had been right all along.

“Look!!! Look!!! She is still trying to tease me even now with her tongue!!! thank goodness the demon is keeping her taunting and flirting words trapped inside her sweet sultry mouth, OOOhhhh!!! Save me!!! Save me from her wicked, lustful desires.   She is such a tempting and seductive schoolgirl TEASE!!!!!  Is she not!!??”  the crewmember now throwing himself fully into the role with total dramatic fever, and the crowd loving him for it.

“Yes yes yes!!!!! She is a tease!! a tease!! A naughty wicked schoolgirl tease!!!” the rest of the crew joining into the developing scene, and nobody, not one single person stopping for a moment to point out that in fact, the pretty nineteen-year-old blonde at their feet in front of them all, thrust up in her school uniform, decked out in all her ribbons and bows, tied up and bound in her innocent schoolgirl ribbons, forced down onto her bare knees on the cold hard floor, and covered in all of their cum.  That she was the real victim of their lustful thoughts and dark desires and not the other way around.  But there was nobody to speak for Samantha except poor ribbon bound and stuttering Samantha, who with each and every fresh stutter caused the crowd to laugh louder and call for her punishment to be even stricter.

The crewmember started to wave his hands to get some quite from the crowd before he showed them how he proposed to help rid Samantha of her stuttering tongue demon.  Then after instructing the compliant and niave schoolgirl to stick her tongue out of her mouth as far as she possible could and hold it there, he proceeded to cane Samantha’s tongue with his long, hard, erect penis. 

As he canned and spanked the schoolgirl’s tongue with his cock, he started yelling. “Demon be gone!!! Demon be gone!!!” over and over he yelled this as he cock caned the schoolgirl’s tongue until finally cumming explosively all over her sweet innocent painted face.  This made the entire cast and crew laugh and holler as they joined in with the chant.  As the first crewmember then finished up cumming all over Samantha’s face he casually grabbed the bunch of ribbons tied around one of her bunchies, using them to wipe his cock clean and dry, afterwards throwing her ribbons free again, to fall soaked and limp next to her face as if discarding some soiled piece of paper, her once posh, striped ribbons had suddenly become toilet paper!!!

Then turning with a cheeky grin to the rest of the crew he asked who else would be willing to give of their time in order to help this poor stuttering schoolgirl over come her demons.  Needless to say he was not short of volunteers, very quickly and much to Sophie’s delight a long queue of rock hard and bulging cocks formed right in front of Samantha’s already cum soaked face.

Each man then in turn cock caned the schoolgirl’s tongue before empting their loads all over her sweet face, each of them making sure to treat her hair ribbons as if their were two pieces of toilet paper stuck to her head.  This new game was to last some time as several of the crew tried several times to help Samantha be rid of her demons.  And they all helped make sure to do their bit to ruin her pretty school ribbons, turning them into two well stained and soaked cum rags.  Samantha’s school attire was well and truly trashed at the hands of so many totally heartless strangers, who didn’t care one bit about how pretty she had looked before.  All of them were getting so much pleasure from messing up the pretty schoolgirl and her pretty uniform.

“The girls are getting on like the best of friends, looks like Samantha is fitting in nicely, Tom,” says Edward sarcastically to his friend.

Tom had returned to his desk and was looking over some paperwork “UUUHHhhhmmmmmm OOOhhh the schoolgirl yes, yes!!!” Tom answered.

“Anything wrong??” asked Edward.

“OOOhhh no, no just deciding if I should give a new girl a part in my next film.  I don’t normally like hiring rookies but her pimp says she’s really eager to learn and she has the perfect “cheap slutty blonde”, “bimbo trashy whore” look that I’ve been looking for!!!  It’s kinda odd though that I’ve never heard of her before now if she’s really that good.  Here take a look at her photo Eddie, perhaps you might know her,” says Tom handing Edward a photo of a total platinum blonde bombshell, caked in make-up and decked out in serious trashy looking PVC gear.

Edward looks at the photo and smiles “Good looking bimbo, but one bimbo pretty much looks like another to me Tom, what’s her name?”

“UUUUmmm let me see….. OOOhhh here it is: Tiffany!!!”


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