More Personality

by Kaersteath 2003
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   Marie whirled about in the swimsuits display aisle, a grin on her face. Her shift at the department store wouldn't end until eight o'clock tonight, but she was in high spirits. Today was Thursday! She got her pay today, and tomorrow evening she left for a weekend long beach party at Heather's place!

   She couldn't wait. All weekend in a bikini. She blushed at the thought, but then turned back to her work. She'd already chosen out a bikini - a sexy, trim, blue one that seemed only slightly too skimpy for her, but she thought she would have some fun and buy it tonight, before her shift ended.

   And as much as she was looking forward to the weekend, she liked her job. She was one of the display artists; she placed the mannequins, dressed them, and arranged them in the most exciting way, so she thought. Most of the mannequins at the store were boring and lifeless, though. No face, wigs for hair - and there were never enough wigs to go around - and stiff poses. It was hard to find an interesting pose the mannequins would fit in, sometimes, and difficult to find the pieces the needed to give them the "personality" that the other display artists said she captured so well.

   Around lunch, Heather arrived, as she often did around lunch. Marie took a short break, and showed Heather the swimsuit she was going to buy.

   "That one?" Heather laughed when she saw it.

   "What? What's wrong with it?" Marie asked, taken aback. "Do you have one like it?"

   "No, no..." Heather calmed down. "I just... I didn't think you would want something like that. It's so... skimpy. Last year, you felt embarrassed with the one piece that showed a sliver of your sides." She laughed.

   Marie was embarrassed at that. "I've grown a bit, alright? I think I could look good in this," she said, throwing the bikini in front of her, and lifting her blouse to display her midriff. When she realized what she was doing, she blushed.

   "I just want to have... you know, fun!" she said, grinning from ear to ear. Marie wasn't dumb, or a bimbo, but some guys thought her as such by how carefree she acted sometimes. Little did they know she was far from the slut they imagined.

   "I think you'd look incredible in it, girl. But do you want to look that incredible?" She laughed, pulling Marie's blouse back down.

   "Alright, alright, we'll see..." Marie put the bikini down and let Heather show her a few more, but secretly, she intended to get that blue two-piece number. She'd show Heather!

   Heather left her about ten minutes later, and the rest of the workday was pretty standard. She'd been given two faceless dummies with large breasts and zero body language to sell sports wear with. "Right." Marie thought. If the ladies in the sports section are too appalled at the size of the mannequin's breasts, they won't realize what poor technique it has at tennis, at least.

   Her boss, Mr. Caruthers, stopped by near the end of her shift and asked if she could inspect some new materials in the back room before she left for the night.

   "What for, Mr. Caruthers?" she asked.

   "Please, as I've said, call me Walter. Anyways, we've got a... a new mannequin that's come in. I think this one is perfect for you! You keep complaining at how dull and lifeless the ones you're given to work with are."

   "Mr. Caru... Walter," she spoke the name awkwardly, which seemed to disturb her boss. "I haven't been complaining." She lied.

   "Come now, I hear things through the grapevine," Walter lied. "I figured you'd love this one. I promise, you'll be able to give it that certain something special. It's in the back room, modeling black lingerie. You can't miss it. You can check it out when you've got ten or so minutes left in your shift. I don't need you to stay late," he lied again.

   A short time later, Marie was in the back room with the mannequin. At first, she couldn't find it. All she could see was a perfectly normal, boring, display dummy in the centre of the room, modeling black lingerie - a not-overtly sexy two-piece suit. It stood at rigid attention, arms lifelessly at its side. It had no face, no hair, and... as she looked more closely... no joints. How was she supposed to position it?

   Somehow, Mr. Caruthers thought she would know how, and she didn't want to disappoint him. Maybe it was flexible beneath that plastic shell, she figured...

   "Well, let's give it some more personality, eh?" she said, reaching out to grab the left arm.

   A bright glow appeared where Marie's left hand touched the mannequin's left elbow. With a faint pulling sensation, she felt her arm drawn towards the mannequin. Her forearm tingled. She looked down at her left arm at her fingers, still splayed from the shock - but they weren't her own fingers, they were the plastic fingers of the mannequin! Scarier still, they bore her nail polish!

   She tried to pull herself away, but that proved to be a terrible idea: The mannequin was firmly planted on the floor, and so she only worked to pull herself towards it. Realizing what was happening, she threw her right hand up against the mannequin's bald head before her own head contacted it. To her relief, her hand pressed against the head like solid plastic.

   However, when she lost her balance, she moved her right foot forward, stepping into the foot of the mannequin. Looking down, she found that most of her leg had been absorbed into the mannequin. Her shoe, socks, and long pants had somehow come off of her. Her shoe and sock lay in a pile on the ground, her pant leg hung limply below her waist. Only a bare foot and the end of a naked, smooth, plastic leg remained. Her plastic toes were splayed wide and flat on the ground, as though she were in the middle of running. She tried to move her leg, move her foot, her toes - anything! But none of them would respond. She could feel them, dammit, but nothing would move.

   "Oh my god," Marie whispered. "I'm being pulled in. What is this, a trap?"

   She didn't have much time to consider her situation, because within seconds, a she felt pulled into the mannequin again. Unable to resist, she dove head first into the inanimate display, cut off in mid-yelp as her head entered the dummy.

   Her head felt cool and numb as it seemed to splash into the mannequin's head. Her eyes were wide in shock, her mouth open in surprise. As feeling returned, and she felt her face begin to harden, her mouth snapped into a playful grin, and the panic left her eyes as they became glass marbles through which she now saw.

   Across from her, a display mirror revealed her predicament to her: The mannequin's smooth, faceless head had been transformed into her own, and she was now prisoner inside. Her auburn, curly locks framed her beautiful, frozen face as her deep green eyes gazed back at her seductively, not betraying what she was really feeling inside.

   As she watched, the rest of her other leg was absorbed into the mannequin. Her pants fell to the floor in a heap, and she noted with a bit of shame that she was now modeling the mannequin's lingerie around her plastic waist. She felt only one... opening... down there now - a perfect circle of metal that sent shivers up her body thinking about it.

   Her other arm was eventually absorbed into the display figure, painting the mannequin's nails blue and spreading her fingers wide as she changed the mannequin's frozen pose to something more excited and playful.

   She gasped - or would have - as her breasts fell into the back of the plastic figure. Cold, like a refreshing pool, covered her breasts, which rose and budded slightly in anticipation of something. She felt her nipples stiffen in the cold. As she watched the mannequin's chest in the mirror, its unremarkable, spherical beasts began to take the shape of her own, and she saw her nipples stretch out through the plastic. Then, as her torso merged with the mannequin's, her nipples receded until only a smooth and plastic imitation of her breasts remained. As her back fell into the main body of the mannequin, her blouse fell to the ground on top of her pants.

    And it was over. Marie stood there, frozen in a dazzling new pose that put the old one to shame, and modeling the same clothing it had been. But instead of a faceless, featureless, identity-less plastic dummy, the mannequin was unmistakably Marie.

   "Oh my god!" Marie would have gasped, if she could draw a breath, or move her mouth.

   "Looking good, Marie," a voice said from behind her. It was Walter.

   Mr. Caruthers? What? What the hell have you done to me?" Marie tried to say, but couldn't move. She was trapped, helplessly, in a seemingly immature, energetic young pose.

   "You didn't know, did you? You don't know how I look at you, every day. Hoping, wishing, praying that you'll smile at me that way. After a while, I knew I could never have you. You simply weren't interested." Walter said, as he circled her.

   "Wh... what?! I... I didn't know!" Marie would have said if she could.

   "And so I watched you from afar. Even though we work together, it felt like afar. I watched you smile at the clientele," he said, rubbing a finger over her sensitive, plastic lips. "I watched you talking with others, talk with me - but never in the way I wanted. I watched how you move, how you walk. And how you stand. You're so graceful, and yet so toned." He ran his arm slowly down her right thigh, seeming to adore the firm smoothness of it. He gripped it firmly, and rotated. Her leg swiveled above the knee, and he changed her balance slightly, spreading her legs and putting more weight on her right leg.

   "Walter, let go, damn you! Turn me back! I'm not some mannequin for you to dress and position!" Marie tried to scream.

   "And then, one day, I caught you through the corner of my eye. You were poised, frozen, looking at something in the distance. You were beautiful. You looked like a mannequin! And then, I knew what I had to do." Walter grinned as he went behind her.

   She felt his hands pressing against her back, and after some short fumbling, her top fell from her, exposing round, featureless beasts that - with a similarity that terrified her - were unmistakably her own in shape and size.


   "Don't worry about it, Marie. You'll get used to it. And every once in a while, I think I'll let you take a break from yourself. This must be torture - a thinking, living woman trapped inside a hollow plastic shell," he said as he wrapped his hands around her torso and gripped firmly her, bare, featureless breasts. "So I've got some special clothing that can keep you occupied when you're up in front of everyone.

   He pulled out a black sports bra and danced it over her breasts for a moment. She felt light-headed, for some reason, but still terrified. He caressed her breasts for another short while before finally put the bra on her. When the clasp snapped shut, a shudder ran through her entire world.

   "I look so good in this bra," she thought. "I wish my owner would put me up on display so that I could show it off. I want people to see me; to see how beautiful I am! Why am I back here when I'm supposed to be on display? I'm a mannequin after all!"

   "I hope you enjoy it!" Walter said, plainly.

   "Oh, I do! I look wonderful in it." The mannequin that was once Marie thought plainly.

   "Glad to see that's working," he said as he reached up and removed it.

   When the bra became unclasped again, her thoughts returned to normal. "Walter! I am not a mannequin! Don't you ever do that again... no!" she cried as he clasped the bra around her again and her thoughts drifted to being displayed again.

   "I wonder... he said..." and he pulled the bra down so that one of her breasts was exposed, and the other covered up.

   "Walter, how could you do this? I'm Marie! I've always been a mannequin! Why aren't I on display? Wait a second... I'm a mannequin. Yeah, I'm Marie, a mannequin. Why does that sound so strange? Come on, Walter. Put me on display! I want to show people what it is you're selling! This is what I get paid for, isn't it? Wait. Why do I need to get paid? I'm just a plastic dummy."

   "Perfect!" Walter smiled. "You always said my mannequins could use more personality."

   Marie wasn't finished. " No, wait, I'm Marie. But I'm a mannequin. Why don't those seem to work together? Of course I'm a mannequin! Now then, where is he going to put me? He could put me in sports, and I could show off those two tennis players, yeah! Walter, make me a tennis player in the sports section. Ooh, wait! I want to model swimwear! Yeah, swimwear! I can show off that bikini I bought today. I hope Heather will stop by and see me in it."

   "Now that is interesting..." he said, and he wandered off, leaving the mannequin Marie in her confused din.

   She couldn't wait. All weekend in a bikini.

   The next day, Marie appeared in swimwear, the left cup of a sport bra carefully hidden underneath her ravishing blue bikini top. She felt radiant, but was upset that Heather didn't talk with her when she came in.



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