Mannequins in Love

by Paul G. Jutras


"Are you ready to be hypnotized?" asked Janet, holding up a charm that looked like a cross with a ruby in the center. "If you want to back out, now is your last chance."

Monica thought for a second, then smiled and nodded at her friend. Janet raised the charm out before her and watched as the store display glowed red. The hypnotic spell was so strong that Monica's breasts went erect and tightened instantly. Her mind willed her skin to take on a plastic sheen to it and despite her orgasm, her pussy refused to get wet.

"Oh, you look lovely." Janet said as she walked over and ran her fingers along Monica's skin. She couldn't help but kiss her on her frozen lips. "As the window dresser at this store, I'll take very good care of you, dear."

Stripping Monica of her clothes, Janet moved her friend's body into a suitable pose. She felt very aroused as she did so. Her fingers played with and inside Monica's pussy. She couldn't help but wonder what Monica was thinking. If she could see, hear or feel what Janet was doing to her.

"You'll be the most natural looking mannequin the boss has ever seen." Janet whispered in her girlfriend's ear while she nuzzled her neck and gave butterfly kisses. "You look so good, I just want to eat you up."

Picking Monica up, Janet carried her naked body out of the display area and through the store. To any shoppers it looked like an employee carrying a mannequin. Only Janet and Monica knew the truth. Janet stopped by the express elevator and set Monica against the wall. "I'd better call upstairs and make sure now is a good time."

"Mommy," A kid pointed as the unblinking Monica. "That woman has no clothes on."

"That's no a real person, dear." The mother said with a smiled as she dragged her son off by the hand. The kid kept straining to get a look at her until they were out of sight.

"Better get you upstairs." Janet said as she looked around the corner and saw the mother laying down on a bed in the bedroom department. The woman never suspected that Janet's stiff-as-a-board friend was really alive. "Don't want anyone damaging you before we can get you on display."

The elevator doors opened and Janet carried Monica inside. When the doors closed, she set Monica back down and pressed the button for the top floor. As the elevator began to raise, Janet couldn't help but run her hand over Monica's smooth bare butt.

The elevator doors opened and Janet carried Monica down the hall to the only room on the floor. Inside, Mr. Wrinkles sat behind his desk. "How do you like this model, sir?" Janet cooed.

"Why yes, she does looked realistic." Mr. Wrinkles smiled and then looked at Monica's pussy. "Maybe a little too realistic. "Put a dildo inside of her so that she at least look sexless. Don't want to shock any of the other window dressers."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Janet said. She currently had a dildo inside of her and could image the orgasms Monica would have while on display in the window. "I'll insert one right away and get her in the front window."

Going down to the store room, Janet raised the hem of her dress and pulled her pantyhose and panties down around her ankles. She squeezed her legs together and popped out her dildo. "This should do it." She smiled at her friend as she slid the dildo covered with her juices into Monica. "I know you'll love this."

Satisfied with Monica, Janet pulled a pair of tan pantyhose up her legs. The hair removal cream that Janet had used on Monica's entire body would last an entire month. She had plenty more cream she could put on Monica at night if she wanted to extend the game longer. She then included a sleeveless mini dress and open toed heels. She then lifted Monica up and set her upon a display rod up her ass. "I know I made you a free standing mannequin, but you'll feel such pleasure with that in you."

Wheeling Monica through the store, Janet took her to the display window. A cardboard cut out of a night club formed the back wall of the display. Monica passed a pair of sitting mannequins at a table and was placed before a standing male mannequin on a rod. With Monica's legs and arms positioned, the two looked like they were dancing together.

"I got an idea." Janet said as she looked at her watch. She grabbed the curtain edge and pulled it closed to the passing public. She moved the male mannequin away from Monica and got down on her knees. She then ran her hand along Monica's dress and over her nylon pussy. Monica could feel the heat building up inside of her, though she remained dry.

Hearing the sound of the store security guard locking up, Janet got to her feet and picked the male mannequin up. She took him back to the storeroom, undressed and disassembled him. "Sorry Keith, but Monica is all mine."

Janet then stripped herself naked and went through the box of clothes she had to put on the mannequins. She picked out a white blouse with a red vest and matching mini skirt. She then place her bare feet in a pair of fire engine red heels. "Looking hot," she said to herself.

Going to the mirror department, she held up her charm. As the charm glowed red, its hypnotic light reflected off the mirror and back into her own eyes. Janet made sure to set a time frame before her hypnotic state kicked in. That way she could get to the display window before her body froze up.

As Janet stood before Monica, she placed on hand on her should and another on her lip so that it looked like they were slow dancing closely. As she felt a heaviness in her feet, she gave Monica on more kiss before the weighty feeling reached her lips. "I love you," were her last words.

When the store opened the next day, the window curtain was pulled open, and everyone passing by saw the two female mannequins slow dancing together. Another window dresser chanced to see the pair and thought it wasn't appropriate for this store. After she pulled the two mannequins apart, she went to the store room and got two male partners for them to dance with. Although separated, Monica and Janet could still stare at one another through the corner of their eyes. The employee was about to leave when she noticed a charm laying on the display floor. 'Best put this in lost and found,' the employee thought as she walked off again.

As Mr. Wrinkles came to work, he looked in the window and smiled. "Janet, you dog," he grinned. "I wonder why she didn't show me the mannequin she made to look like herself when she showed me the other. Both of them look like they'll sell my wares nicely for years to come."


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