Miss Southern Belle

by Paul G. Jutras


"Now stay warm and do you best to win." Mrs. Burbank said to her daughter Betty Jo. "Your MIT scholarship depends on it!"

"Yes, mom." Betty Jo gave her mom a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She climbed on the bus with the other contestants. As she thought about what song she'd present in the talent part of contest, she heard Daisy, Dolly, Tammy and Crystal giggling at Betty's plain-Jane appearance compared to their cover girl looks. Betty concentrated on tuning them out. "Can't let them get to me. I must focus on winning and getting in MIT," she thought.

Soon they arrived at the hotel where the pageant was being held. Betty Jo signed in and went the contestant's floor. Because of there being less contestants than expected, each one got to have her own private room. Each room had a mannequin supplied by James of MANNEQUIN INC in it so that they could have event outfits ready to change into without the fear of wrinkles. Since the program required some swim suit pictures by the hotel pool in the afternoon, Betty put her bathing suit on the mannequin. She then changed out of her Miss Georgia hoop skirt and prepared to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Betty laid on her bed with only her bathrobe on. With her ankles crossed, she picked up the remote control and watched a little of her favorite soap opera. When a knock came at the door, James' voice was heard. "By the pool in fifteen minutes."

"Okay." Betty said as she removed her robe and slipped into her pink bathing suit with butterfly pictures on it. As she walked along the edge of the pool she saw the photographer setting up. She also noticed the group of girls from the bus.

"If it isn't miss wall flower." Daisy giggled as she and the other girls all got into position to have their group photo taken. "If you came any later, you'd miss being in the shot all together. Find a seat - if you're not afraid of breaking the lens."

"Where do I sit?" Betty asked as Dolly grabbed hold of her ankle. Trying to move, Betty toppled at an angle right into the pool. Dolly and all of the girls could only laugh as Betty rose to the surface soaking wet, her hairstyle ruined.

"Guess your chances of being Miss Southern Belle are all wet now." Tammy chimed in Betty swam for the ladder and climbed out of the pool. The fuming anger on Betty's face was clear. She grabbed hold of Dolly and raised her fist to belt her as she declared: "I'll show you who's all wet."

"Girls! Girls!" James said as he came forward and separated the two. "We will have none of that in this contest while Mannequin Inc is the sponsor. If you girls can't get along, you're both out. O - U - T!"

"Yes sir." Both Dolly and Betty said together. Daisy and the others all nodded in agreement, though Betty had a feeling that her bullying problems had just begun if she didn't use her brains to deal with them. Her mother would be heart broken if she didn't get that M.I.T scholarship.

"You," James turned to Betty Jo. "Get yourself dried off before you get sick. Be back here when we start rehearsal for the talent contest."

Betty Joe looked at the girls again. They‘re going to do anything in their power to get her kicked out of the pageant, she concluded, thinking, It’s going to be up to her to figure out a way to make sure that doesn't happen. With a sneeze, she was wrapped in a towel by James and headed back up to her room.

She took another hot bath and laid on her bed, starring at the naked featureless mannequin in her room. In her imagination she could picture Tammy and any of those other girls standing there helplessly instead, with a rod up their ass. With that thought a wicked smile formed on her face. "I don't see why not." She got up from her bed. "I may not be the prettiest girl in America, but I'm probably one of the brightest. Once the formula is made, I just need the proper ways to apply it to those snobs."

She got dressed as quick as she could in a pair of baggy shorts, a sleeveless shirt and a pair of old sneakers. She skulked down to the kitchen with small basket. Quickly filling it up with the items containing the chemicals she needed, she made it back upstairs without any of the cooks becoming aware of her or the items missing. In the getup she had on, there wasn't a chance of her being mistaken for a beauty contestant.

After mixing two forms of the formula, she went into each of her enemies’ rooms. She mixed the spray formula in with Daisy's hairspray and Dolly's water bottle. She then pulled Tammy's pantyhose down off the mannequin in that girl’s room and used the cream formula on the cotton crotch panel. The cream was also good mixed in with Crystal's tampons.

After Betty finished changing her clothes, she headed down to the stage area for talent practice. She heard Tammy in her room and couldn't help but let a smirk appear on her face. She only wished she could have stayed to see Tammy's face when she first changed.

"Wait till Miss Plain Jane find out what's in store for her next." Tammy said to Daisy on the phone as she pulled the panty hose off the mannequin and sat on the bed. She slid her sculptured nails into the nylon stocking legs and pulled them up around her hips. When the cream touched her skin, she rubbed her crotch and felt the cream enter her pussy and smooth over her sex. Pulling the hose down, she noticed the cream made her look like she had a sexless smooth mound like a Barbie doll. "I'll call you back," she said in a concerned tone of voice.

Tammy set the phone down and pulled the hose back up. As she started to walk to the bathroom to wash the cream off, she felt stiffer with each step. As her hand reached for the bathroom door knob, her body froze in place. "What's happening?" her mind thought as she found her vocal cords were frozen too. "I can't move a muscle. My face feels strange."

Tammy found her eye sight had become clouded, but after several seconds of gazing she noticed that her outstretched arm was shrinking in on itself. Her frozen arms became stubs and then disappeared into her body altogether. She also noticed the room started getting taller, like her body was shrinking in height. As she seemed to shrink, she felt her legs positioning themselves in some manner and then freezing in place.

When Betty finished at talent rehearsal, feeling better about her chances, she headed back to the contestant floor. She noticed that Tammy's door was slightly ajar, and stepped inside to find that Tammy was now nothing more than a shiny pair of plastic mannequin legs clad in shimmering pantyhose. The "blank" mannequin seemed to have disappeared completely. With a smile, Betty walked quickly over to the new Tammy.

"Guess you won't be a part of whatever your friends has plan for me next." Betty smiled wickedly as she ran her hand along the plastic sheen of the form’s legs. "Don't worry about catching cold. You'll have a new pair of panty hose keeping you warm real shortly."

"It is just a shame you're dropping out of the contest so suddenly." Betty said as she walked over to a desk and pulled out a pen and paper. She wrote a quick note about checking out of the Miss Southern Belle contest, signed it with Tammy’s name, and hid the pantyhose form and Tammy's things in her own room. "I'm just glad that I wasn't assigned a roommate. That would have made this a lot harder."

Daisy, Dolly and Crystal had waited until each of them had finished their talent practice before meeting by the pool. "Where's Tammy?" Crystal asked as she took a puff on a cigarette. "She was supposed to meet us here after she performed."

"Come to think of it," Daisy added, stretching her arms over her head. "I don't remember seeing her at the talent rehearsal at all. She wouldn't of ditched us, would she?"

"I think we'd better find out." Dolly answered as she got to her feet and led the three to Tammy's room. They found the note and Tammy's stuff gone. The girls stood in Tammy's room for a moment thinking things over, then went over to knock on Betty's door.

"Yes?" Betty asked amiably as she opened her door to three angry faces. With one towel wrapped around her hair and a robe on, she tried to appear as innocent as possible. She knew she mustn't let on that she knew something the others didn't.

"Have you seen Tammy, country girl?" Dolly asked with a frosty glare.

"I haven't seen her since the photo shoot this morning." Betty smiled. "However, I did hear her either talking on the phone or to someone in her room when I headed down to the talent area. Did something happen to her?"

"She dropped out of the contest." Daisy said in a nasty tone. "Something you should think about doing real soon too."

"Why would I want to do that?" Betty asked in a tone mixture of sweetness and contempt. "With Tammy gone, I'm that much closer to winning that scholarship. Now why don't you all run along while I get ready for the next practice event."

Betty kept the door cracked and listened to the girls talk as they walked off. "I thought we were in this together." Crystal said to the other two. "The four of us again little miss goodie two-shoes. Why would Tammy bail on us? She didn't seem to care on the bus or at the pool about our teasing her, so I can't see how she’d be feeling guilty enough to leave."

"Forget it, girlfriend." Dolly said, her wrist flopping idly, while she inspected her long painted finger nails. "We've got our own performances to deal with if we're going to beat that kid out."

As Crystal went into her room, she removed the tampon she currently had in her, took a soothing bath and went over to the bed with a towel wrapped around her body and wet hair. She ran some skin cream on her legs and then pulled out a new tampon from the box. After it was in, she pulled the pantyhose off the mannequin and tugged them on. She could feel the cream inside the walls of her sex, but figured it was caused by her hands that were still sticky from the skin cream she was using.

Crystal tried to stand up, but suddenly any movement caused her to orgasm. Bathed in a glow of pleasure, she dropped back down on the bed. The heat in her pussy was intense. She tried to satisfy her appetite by fingering her pussy through the hose, but couldn't help screaming in pleasure. The hose tightened about her and she orgasmed again.

She inched her way along the bed while fingering her sex and rocking her hips. She let out a moan that could be heard through the wall separating her room with Betty's. As Crystal sat up, she could no longer see her feet in the sheathing hose. What more, the nylon-ing effect seemed to be spreading up the rest of her body. Unable to get off the bed, she turned to see Betty standing beside her.

"Wh - What are you doing here? What's happening to me?" Crystal gasped.

"Something similar to what happened to poor Tammy." Betty said with a smile. "Don't worry, she isn't dead. You won't die either, but you'll be keeping Tammy company soon enough."

Crystal's vision blurred like she was looking through a nylon stocking mask. Her nylon fingers ran over her erect breasts, and past her head. She found her hair fell out onto her pillow. The features on her face also vanished. She had another orgasm as her breasts and body vanished, leaving only a pair of pantyhose behind.

"I see you finished up well." Betty smiled as she stepped out of her shoes and picked up what remained of Crystal. Her nylon legs dangled in the air. Sitting on the bed and hiking up her mini skirt, Betty pulled the Crystal-hose on her. "It would look strange if I carried just a pair of nylons from your room to mine."

As Betty got up and smoothed out her skirt, the heat of her pussy made Crystal want to orgasm. All she could do was pray that Betty's sculptured nails didn't cause a run as Betty forced her legs to swish together as her hated enemy walked about. "Hope you don't mind dropping out of the contest." Betty said as she wrote as similar note as she had with Tammy. "I'm very good at copying other people's handwriting."

Crystal felt like part of her were being crushed, as Betty stepped back into her shoes. As Betty's feet began to sweat, the heat made Crystal feel even hornier. Making sure that Daisy and Dolly weren't in the hall, Betty slipped out of Crystal's room and made her way back to her own.

Once she had her door safely locked, She slipped Crystal off her and laid her on the bed. Taking the pantyhose form that was once Tammy, she put the pantyhose on its shiny legs so that Tammy's torso extended a few inches from Crystal's waistband. "There now," Betty smiled. "You two just get reacquainted and be glad that I didn't leave any cum on you, Crystal. Otherwise I'd have to have the maid service wash you down and hang you up to dry."

"We'll save that for whatever department store you and Tammy wind up in." Betty said as she ran her hand along the smooth, nylon covered crotch. "Don't worry about runs. Your nylon body will never wear and tear. You will need to either be hand washed or put in a washing machine when you become too dusty though."

"Tammy, is that really you?" Crystal's mind reached Tammy's mind.

"So that Georgia brat got you too." Tammy replied. "I only wish we could warn the others, but we can't do anything now but wait and see what she has in store for us."

That evening, Betty Jo took the backstairs down to the hotel furnace where she burned up all of Tammy and Crystal’s things. "So much for any evidence of my connection to their disappearances." Betty smiled at her own genius. She then returned to her room and went to sleep.

"One hour, Betty." James said as he knocked on her door. As Betty sat up sleepily, she heard James knock on Crystal's door and then move on. Betty just flopped on her back and stared up at the ceiling with a smile. She knew that James wouldn't be seeing Crystal at the contest anytime soon, then wondered if she should wear her again during the show.

As Betty practiced her song some more, she notice the cross looks that Daisy and Dolly were giving her from back stage. They didn't know what happened to Tammy and Crystal, but they were sure that Betty was somehow connected.

"Where are they?" Daisy asked, using the fan attachment to her water spray bottle to cool off. "We know that you were the last to be anywhere near Tammy, and Crystal's room is right beside yours."

"Don't know what you're talking about." Betty smiled as she headed back upstairs. Dolly had to stay on stage since her time was coming up, while Daisy followed Betty. Ever so often Daisy would give herself a squirt of water in the face from the bottle's pump.

"Why couldn't you take the elevator like everyone else?" Daisy asked, only following her because she didn't trust Betty. Feeling a growing hardness in her legs, she had to concentrate on each step. By the time they had reached their floor, she heard Betty giggling to herself over Daisy's walking trouble.

"What -- Is -- wrong -- with -- me?" Daisy asked.

Her words came out slowly as she had to concentrate on each word she wanted to say. She had just made it into the hallway on their floor when her sluggishness came to a dead stop. She could not move at all. Betty watched as Daisy’s rigid body toppled right into her arms.

"You'll make a fine full body mannequin." Betty smiled as she dragged Daisy into her room. She had already moved the mannequin that Mannequin Inc had provided her to the storage room where James kept the extras. Betty then lifted Daisy up and slid the display rod up her butt.

Daisy stood stiff as a board on a glass display stand when Betty took a razor and shaved Daisy's head. She put the hair in the trash and then stripped Daisy of her clothes. Knowing that she would be in the bathing suit parade rehearsal next, she put her bathing suit on the motionless Daisy mannequin. "Now don't go stretching it out of shape." Betty joked.

Feeling filthy after all she had been doing, Betty took another bath, a very hot one with lots of bubbles.

As Daisy stood planted on her pole, she gave a frozen gaze across the room. Inside her plastic body, the tightness of her body caused such arousal that she orgasmed again and again.

A short time later, a knock came at Betty's door. "Okay you wolf in sheep’s clothing, where's Daisy!" Dolly shouted. When Betty opened the door, the first thing she did was spray Dolly in the face with a can of hairspray. "Didn't think I could count on you to use the tampered bottle." Betty smiled as Dolly's eyes glazed open; the final member of the foursome found too she could neither move her eyes or blink.

Grabbing hold of Dolly by the dress, Betty pulled her into the room. Shock formed on Dolly's face when she nearly knocked the petrified Daisy over. "Now you can join the rest of your friends in eternal youth and beauty."

"What.. did ... you...do. to... her?" Dolly's voice had started to sound like a tape recorder played on slow or running low on power. She turned with a crazed look on her face and her arms outstretched to strangle Betty. Dolly's moves were so sluggish, it was easy for Betty to avoid the rapidly stiffening contestant.

As her legs suddenly didn't want to move from the spot Dolly reached down and felt the hardness of her tummy and legs. She began to feel hollow inside as the feeling reached her breasts. As it did, her breasts went erect like she was in a cold room. "I... can't... move," she gasped.

"Of course you can't." Betty said with a smile. "You don't think I'd be smart enough to get into a place like MIT without being able to handle a couple of snobs like you and your friends? I can't believe that you actually thought you could be a match for my intellect."

"What... are ... you... going ... to ... do.. with.. us?" Dolly tried to say as she realized that she could no longer talk. Her mouth froze up in an open position. Betty just smiled, walked over to Dolly and closed it for her.

"I won't be doing anything to you." Betty chuckled. "Anything more, that is. James will think you're simply one of his mannequins from the Mannequin Inc warehouse. I'll look for you in the store window after this beauty contest is over."

Dolly wondered what it would be like to be on a floor display as Betty walked out of her fixed field of vision. She could feel her clothes being removed and couldn't do anything to stop it. She could see in the mirror that her skin was as shiny as Daisy’s was behind her. When she was completely nude, she noticed that she was also sexless.

As Betty returned to her field of vision, Dolly watched as she picked up the phone. "Yes, room service." Betty giggled. "James put an extra mannequin in my room by mistake. Can you see that it's returned to storage or giving to one of the other contestants? Yes, I'll be here, waiting for the bellhop. Thank you very much."

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Betty painted her toes while waiting for the bell hop to show up. When a knock came, she pointed her toes up and hobbled to the door. With her finger nails also wet, she used her elbows to open the door and let the bell hop in. "It's right over there." Betty pointed to Dolly. "Please get it out of here."

"Yes, ma'am." The bell hop said as he picked Dolly up and carried her to the service elevator. Dolly was surprised at how light she was and how much sensual pleasure the mere touch of a person caused her as she was brought to the store room.

"We seem to have lost several of our contestants," James said, as the night of the contest finally came. With her four biggest rivals out of the picture, Betty Jo easily won the Miss Southern Belle contest with both her beauty and her talent. She soon got both the diamond crown and the scholarship to MIT she wanted so much.

At the end of the contest, Betty returned exhausted to her room. She stripped down to her bra and pantyhose as she laid on her bed with her ankles crossed and turned on the TV. A replay of the contest was on, and she got to see just how lovely she looked when won the contest.

As a knock came at the door, Betty threw on the robe the hotel provided and found James was standing in the hall with a large case. "Hello, Miss Southern Belle." James said with a smile on his face. "As sponsor I thought a toast was called for. Some photographers will be up shortly; if you wish to go into the bathroom and dress for them."

"Thanks," Betty Jo said as she clinked the glasses together and James watched Betty gulped down the wine. James was prepared to refill her glass when Betty noticed that the room was starting to spin. James watched as Betty crumpled to the floor. Her robe had fallen open, revealing her slim body and lingerie.

"I just love the way that drug works," he said as he dragged the unconscious girl to a chair. It was his favorite line during his mannequin making process. "I don't need Crissy or Sandy to finish processing you, my lovely, I’ll do it myself."

James began by carefully shaving Betty's head until she was completely bald. He then opened his case and pulled out a series of tubes; which he proceeded to run deep into her throat, sex and butt. If she had been awake, she'd probably of choked on the heavy toothpaste-like liquid that soon filled her body cavities. Slowly, a tightness filled her abdomen. "You will remain quite lovely, permanently, my young friend. Guess you should have read the fine print in the contract about the winner getting a job with my firm."

As the liquid continued to pump away, James noticed Betty's diary on the table. "What's this?" He said, picking it up and flipping to the last few entries. "Oh my, Betty. This formula of yours is better than the one I'm using on you now. We really must talk when I need to bring your human portion foremost."

When the pumping stopped, the tubes were removed and Betty had awakened to see a dildo being put inside her before her sex was sealed up. She wanted to orgasm but couldn't. Now standing upright, with a display rod driven up her butt, she saw James in some kind of robe, chanting. Betty saw out of the corner of her eye that except for a loose-fitting pair of high heels, she was completely naked. The air around her sparkled into a golden blur as she blacked out once again.

When she came to this time, she felt oddly stiff. When James held up a mirror before her, she saw her skin had a glossy finish and her face held a rigid expression of surprise.

James stepped up and ran his hand down her frozen cheek to her shoulder blades. With a snapping sound, she watched as her arm was detached from her body. "I think you deserve an explanation." James said with a smile. "Right now you are solid and inert because the mannequin you are time-sharing with is currently in charge. Nobody will suspect that you’re a living, breathing girl. At times I can bring your human half foremost for a job or two at Mannequin Inc, like I have done with others who work for me as mannequins. I'll have to remember when that times comes to ask you about your own transformation formulas."

Where faint lines ran across her hips, waist, shoulders and wrists, she was taken apart. Betty's segments were packed in a shipping crate with some other mannequins. Foam padding was put around her so that she would not be damaged in the shipment, but that didn't stop one other girl’s arm from brushing her sexless crotch and bringing her to arousal. As James sealed the crate, she was lost in darkness.

As suddenly as the darkness came, there was light. Some store's visual merchandiser lifted her out of the box and placed her parts on a double decker cart to be wheeled out. Facing upward, she watched the ceiling lights stream past above while she was transported naked through the store to a window display.

As Betty rolled through the store, she passed Tammy and Crystal up on a shelf in the lingerie department. When she was reassembled in the window, she noticed from her angle that Daisy and Dolly were displayed with her. While Daisy and Dolly seemed right at home in their skimpy, sexy sleep wear, it wasn't anything that Betty would normally wear at home. As she was dressed, she was helpless to resist.

"Guess what turns around comes around." Betty heard Daisy's thoughts as their frozen faces just stared at pedestrians passing by along the sidewalk. She didn't mind the women who would stop and stare as if to decide to buy the outfit she was wearing or not. It did bother her either when a man would stop for a second just to goggle at her beauty.

As the weeks and months went on, the girls got used to their new mannequin state. Especially the extra personal attention when the woman she heard being called Susie would dress them and retouch their make up. Even if anyone outside or in the store could watch. Every so often, Susie would change their angle of view and the position they were posed in. "James really out did herself this time. Nobody how I fix you, you look simply beautiful."

While Betty remained standing during the next couple of months, she noticed that Daisy and Dolly sometimes were repositioned to be sitting down. One such setting was a backyard barbecue display. Betty remained on her rod, slightly bent over a grill while Dolly sat down in a folding chair and Daisy laid in sunglasses with ankles crossed in a lounge chair. "This is the life." Daisy's thoughts said as the corner of her eye caught how miserable Betty seemed to be.

"Oh, shut up!" Betty thought back. "I should be in MIT right now, not modeling spring dresses in some store window. I just wonder what James told my family."

One day Susie undressed Betty and moved her out of the window. On a pole with a wheeled trolley she was taken to a storeroom. On her display rod, Betty saw Susie leave her limited field of sight. Shortly after hearing the sound of a door opening and closing, James appeared before her.

"Well, Betty." James smiled, "It’s time." Slipping on the cloak again, he chanted a phrase which began bringing her human self forth. Her plastic body relaxed from its mannequin form and allowed Betty to finally complete her orgasm. "I said we'd have a talk someday. I've studied your formula and love the side effect that allows you and the others speak to one another with your minds."

"I must admit that it kind of took me by surprise, myself." Betty said after releasing a moan of pleasure. She tried to stretch but found that her body preferred to move stiffly along the invisible lines of her former fiberglass self. As she noticed in a nearby mirror that even as a human her breasts didn't sag, she couldn't help but smile. "I have to admit that the idea of being young and beautiful forever appeals to me."

"I have noted that from your body language." James smiled as he knew how all the mannequins who worked for him discovered that same fountain of youth in time; along with modeling elegant clothes that was the best part of the bargain. "Though I never entered through the front door myself, I have noticed you in the window and thought about how aroused you probably were showing off to those on the sidewalk."

"That sizable dildo you placed inside of me helped in that department, too!" Betty turned her head to see Susie returning with a box of clothes. Her mannequin body reasserted itself and quickly froze into position; Betty watched helplessly while she had a pair of suntan thigh high nylons drawn up her legs and held there with a garter belt. A pair of panties were pulled up over the garter belt and then came a dress with a built-in push up bra and slits all the way up to her waist. She got a pair of heels the same color of the dress.

"This is lovely." She exclaimed, as the momentary stiffness passed.

"Before I make you inert again, I'd like you to sign this contact to allow me to use your formula." James said, as he believed into doing everything above board. Taking the pen between her long polished fingers, she gladly signed.

"Before I become a mannequin again, could you tell what happened to me to my mother?" Betty asked as she found her arms and legs automatically taking a mannequin’s pose when she didn't think about it. "She must be worried when I didn't go to MIT."

"Not to worry." James said with a smile. "I too am good faking other people's handwriting. I’ve seen to it your mother gets letters from you now and then saying how well you’re doing in your new mannequin modeling job. In fact, I think she's seen you while shopping here in this very store."

"So she thinks I'm working as a living mannequin, instead of a real mannequin?" Betty said, puzzled. "That at least makes me feel a little better."

"Least I can do, since you have a family." James said with a wicked smile on his face as he cast the spell to bring the mannequin forth again. "You'll get the last laugh on your two full mannequin friends since they have no close contacts." Betty could say nothing more as she became rigid fiberglass once more.

Betty wondered what James meant as Susie wheeled her out to the middle of formal wear. She knew the next time her clothes where changed it would be as she stood as a floor mannequin. Before Susie moved her figure into the position she wanted, she waited so that Betty's fixed eyes could see James’ workers Crissy and Sandy pushing Dolly and Daisy into the back room. "Wondering what will happen to them?" Susie whispered into Betty's plastic ear. "James has two buyers lined up for them. One will end up in some mannequin collector's basement. The other is being sold to a nearby tailor shop."

"Don't you worry." Susie said as she sensed Betty's thoughts of alarm. "James never sells those with family connections. He gives them a chance to cancel their contract and become human in time, if that's what you really want."

As Susie finished positioning Betty in her new pose, Betty couldn't think of ever wanting to be human and growing old. Not when she could wear the most fabulous clothes each year, feel constant arousal from the dildo inside her, and have movement once in awhile when James had a job for her as with Crissy, Susie and Sandy.


While Betty Jo went on to exist happily ever after, Tammy, Crystal, Dolly and Daisy got just what they deserve. Tammy, whose legs were her best feature, sold many colors of pantyhose. When James learned the truth about Crystal, he took her home for his own wife. James knew she was hell on a pair of hose and could use one that would never run. Dolly wound up in the basement of a collector. She was kept dust free, but only saw her new owner and fellow mannequins. Since they were never alive, she couldn't speak to them. As for Daisy, she made a great tailor’s dummy with the option to be sold back to James if the new owner ever didn't need her anymore.



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