Music Box Ballerina

by Dream Writer

 It was time for ballet rehersal for the "Nutcracker". Mike loved the ballet, performing it and watching. Mike is as straight as they come. Even from a early age, Mike could not get enough of looking at girls wearing tights or pantyhose. But now everybody is getting warmed up.

In comes Emily as the title character in "Sugar Plum Fairy". Emily is a librarian for the county and dances part time. She loves the ballet also. Mike has always had a soft spot for Emily and why not. She has the girl next door look, standing a petite 5'2" in bare feet, with auburn hair, brown eyes, and good facial structure. She never wore a lot of makeup off stage; she didn't need it. Emily had a good body form like a dancer should have, lithe yet well defined.

Mike has asked her out a few times, she always said no in her soft voice. Mike even sent flowers to the library where she worked. Never has she acknowledged them, so Mike has come up with a different idea.

Today, Emily has her hair tied in a trim bun, wearing a black long-sleeved low-back leotard, white tights, and a short sheer chiffon wrap skirt. You could see the waistband of her tights in her back opening; she was beautiful.

Something will happen to Emily today that will change her life forever. Mike had a plan to have Emily and was ready to set it in motion.


Mike had been working on a device and computer program for this plan, and is taking the next step. While they are dancing together, Mike places the device in the small of her back. Her leotard being cut low in the back made this easy.

Emily did not notice anything when he did this. In a few seconds the device would bury itself inside her body and attach to her spine.



Some minutes later the rehersal was done and everybody left. Emily was driving her car home and thinking about a good nights sleep. Emily would never reach home but didn't know it. Nearby, Mike was also driving in his car, he had his laptop already going with the program running. The device inside Emily's body sent a GPS signal to a mapping and navigational program on Mike's laptop. The link was established when Mike activated a signal to the device inside her. The signal commanded Emily to make several pre-planned turns, following on a route to Mike's house.

It was almost as if she had been hypnotized; Emily could do nothing to resist and could not use her cell phone to call anyone.

As they came closer to Mike's house the gates in front opened they drove in, then up the long driveway. The garaage door opened they drove in, behind them the doors closed as the cars were turned off. The gates closed as well.

Mike came around to Emily's car and opened her door, taking her hand. "Come with me, Emily," Mike told her. She could only obey him.

Together they walked into his house, then Emily asked "What have you done to me?"

"Emily, my love, you should have agreed to go out with me," he replied. As they walked, Mike brought her to stand before a large music box. It was the kind some little girls have with a tiny ballerina mounted on top that would spin to music. It had a light over it. Mike told Emily "Now you will become my Music Box Ballerina..."

A chill came over her and she said "WHAT!"

"That's what I said, Emily," Mike repeated, "I've wanted to be with you since I first gazed upon your beauty, and now you will be with me. You will be forever beautiful."






  Mike takes Emily by the arm to another room, this one looks like a lab with a small overhead crane, and asks her to please stand here under the crane. Emily does everything Mike tells her to. In a dreamy voice, Emily asks Mike how he plans to do this to her.

He answers "Well, my love, it will be a long process. Rest assured you will enjoy it. Let's begin," Mike continues, putting his laptop on the table nearby. When Mike opened it up, the screen showed the program controlling the device inside Emily. Mike held up a quarter sized disc with tiny needles on it. "I placed one of these on your back during the rehersal. In a few seconds it buried itself under your skin and attached to your spine, nerves. Thats how I made you drive to my house, then obey my commands. You never knew what was happening to you because I sent a signal to the device from my computer here," Mike points to the one on the table, "so I was controling your movements."


  "And now here we go," Mike continues as he presses a couple of buttons. "Emily, do not be scared for you are about to become stiff and cannot move. The program tells me everything about your body and the progress as we go. Emily you still have all your senses, you just cannot move as if you are now a life sized doll. I'm going lay you down now," as he lays her down on to slanted platform with her head up. "I will now insert a eye screw into the top of your head; you won't feel this."

Emily was afraid, but she could not move and found there was no feeling at all as he worked around her head.

After Mike was did that, he lowered the crane hook, raised Emily to standing position, and put the hook through the eye screw. Mike hoisted Emily up so her feet were off the floor. "See Emily, I said you will feel no pain. This will make preparing you so much easier and more pleasurable for you, too, my love. I start by undressing you," he narrates as he slides off her overcoat.

A chill comes over Emily. She says "I'm getting cold..."

"Soon you will warm up a little, but please don't speak any more," Mike tells her. Here, I'll play some music for us. Mike puts in a cd of ballet music, something very Tchaikovskyish.  As the music played, Emily felt more relaxed and her heart warmed listening to the music with visions of herself dancing in the clouds. "You won't need these shoes anymore," he continues, pulling them off and then kissing her feet, mentioning "you have such nice feet. You don't have blisters the way most women on pointe do, and they smell nice too. Emily began to feel so strange because she was still a virgin at 25 years old. Mike likes the feeling his lips recieved when kissing her toes and feet. She still had her tights on. "Emily, I know you will enjoy this. Let's take off your leotard," he suggest as Mike stands looking into her scared doe-like eyes. He kisses her lips and, opening her mouth, giving her the "tongue." All she could do was to take it all in. Her body trembles with fear and pleasure as she is powerless. Mike places his hands on her shoulders and slides the top of Emily's leotard down to a point just above her breasts. He begins kissing, caressing her skin there. Emily emits ooohhs and aaahhhhs. All while this is happening, the device is sending Emily's DNA and other bodily information to the laptop and storing it for later use.

  Mike continues to remove her leotard, sliding the sleeves off one at a time. While at her side, pulling the tight fabric over her arm, Mike rubs up against her leg and Emily can feel that his penis enlarged and hard. Mike gets an idea that since Emily will soon be nude, he might as well be now. As Mike takes his clothes off, Emily's eyes open with excitement as she never has seen a nude man before. Of course she already knows when a man has an erect penis what is on his mind.

She begins to wonder if he will penetrate her.

When her other arm is free, he kisses and strokes her hand. Mike places his hard "member" in her hand. "Well, Emily what do you think? Don't say anything! Yes, you will feel it in other places before we are done." Mike continues taking off her leotard now exposing her pert firm breasts. "My, oh my, they're perfect," he gasps as he kisses and licks her nipples. Her nipples become so erect and hard, he knows she's getting turned on. "I hope you're enjoyong this like I am," Mike said. "You can answer me now."

Emily says "I can't believe this is happening to me."

"It just keeps getting better as we go along," he tells her as he moves to her back, then slides her leotard down past her ass and down her legs. "MMMMMM," Mike says, "I do love looking at nice butts."

Emily says thank you in a detached way, almost overcome by the feelings in her still body.

Mike kisses her butt and keeps kissing her around to her pelvic region. Admiring her pretty lace panties he sees through her white tights. Mike gives a long slow lick around her crotch panel and can feel the waves of pleasure Emily is feeling now. She begins to moan in a low tone. "Why don't I take your tights and panties off at the same time?" he suggests as he slides his fingers under waistband and panty bringing them down slowly kisses her legs as he moves down to her feet. "Oh, Emily, how I waited for this moment! Emily, I must make love to you at least once before you are completed." Mike lowers Emily down and unhooks her from the crane. He brings her to a nearby bed with silk sheets and lays her down gently.

Emily knows that she will soon no longer be a virgin anymore. She says in a soft voice "Please be gentle with me, Mike."

"I wouldn't have you any other way, my love."

Once Emily was lying the bed, Mike went the computer and adjusted the setting so she wasn't so rigid. "I think you'll enjoy it more," he said to her.

  Emily sees Mike standing before her, his penis already fully erect, then he gets into bed with her. Mike starts kissing her toes and working his way upwards from there. As he come to the top of her thighs, Mike senses her pulse increasing. He begins kissing her labia and Emily starts to "oooh" and "ahhh".

  "Doesn't that feel good?" he asks.

  "I never knew this would be so wonderful," she replies, able to speak once more.

  "Yes, it is the best experience, especially the first time." Mike moves up to her breasts with their already erect nipples, and kisses, licks and sucks on them. Then moving upward, coming to caress her neck and ears. Now Mike is fully on top of Emily; her breasts are pressed into Mike's body. He kisses her doll-like wide eyed face, then says "OK, Emily, here it comes!" Mike uses his feet to spread her legs apart and arches himself up. Using his right hand, Mike spreads apart her labia and positions his member for penetration. With a quick thrust, he is inside her. Emily lets out a scream, with a little gasp of joy at the end.

  Now Mike, fully inside her, lays back down on top of Emily's body. Both of them are breathing hard, Mike opens her mouth slips her his tongue. Begins thrusting back and forth and in no time, explodes deep inside her. Emily soon gets an explosion of her own at reaching her first climax. The moment stretches out and out, finally passing into a haze of joy and warmth.

Mike lays there for a few more minutes kissing her face. Emily is now speechless, trying to catch her breath. After more minutes, Emily says "wow" in a way that sounds almost like 'more'. Mike says "Thank you and I'm sorry it had to be like this. We will get some sleep now and continue with your transformation in the morning; good night, my sweet Emily." They stay embraced until the morning.

  When the sun shines through the window and birds are chirping, they wake up. With a caress, he greets her smile. "Good morning, Emily". Emily still feels the excitement from her experience, though she remains unable to move on her own. Mike kisses her once more and gets up, looking down on her lovely figure, tracing the contours of her body with his eyes.

  She asks Mike if he still plans to make his music box ballerina; he replies "Yes, indeed. I just wanted us to have a magical night together first." She feels a sadness, partially yearning to feel that kind of pleasure again. He continues "Ok, let's get ourselves cleaned up." Turning to the computer, Mike makes Emily fully rigid again, then lifts her off the bed and puts her on the hook. Raising her back up to eye level, he activates a control and some hoses come down.

  "Emily, I'm going to clean you inside and out. I have to flush out your body. While I do that, I will give you a shower with lilac scented soap." Mike places a small dildo-like rod up her ass and one into her vagina. Both are connected to tubes Emily moans with pleasure, remembering. "Emily, I have to put a tube down to your stomach, don't be frightened." As he inserts a tube into her mouth and down to her stomach, Emily gags, but swallows the tube. With all the tubes in place and secured, Mike starts a warm water lavage to flush her. Depite all this indignity, Emily does enjoy it.

  Mike pulls over another hose and begins watering down Emily's skin and himself too. He begins to wash her auburn locks. Emily becomes quite aroused and will have multiple orgasms as she is being cleansed. He rinses her hair carefully, then lathers her face and neck, begins washing her back and ass. All the while, whatever food and body waste is being sucked out of her. Mike takes his time, making the experience last. Washing her arms and hands. Now lathering up her chest and flat stomach. After finishing off her lower body and shapely legs, he begins to rinse of Emily's body, letting the suds fall off her feet, then letting the rest of the water drip slowly down her figure. As Mike begins to brush her hair, she orgasms once more and loses track of time.

  After what seems as moments to Emily, her hair is all dry and brushed, then Mike gathers her hair back into a ballerina's bun like it was before he made love to her. A little styling gel and her hair is set. Mike finally dries her body and his also because he had washed himself too. Mike checks the status of Emily's body cleansing on the computer. "Emily, you are almost done; I think I'll go have some breakfast at the diner while you finish. See you when I get back, my dear, don't go anywhere." he jokes as he kisses her cheek. Ninety minutes pass before Mike returns and turns off the flushing machine, then removes the tube from her mouth.

  "What do you think about that? You can speak again for a time," he tells her.

  Emily gasps and says "That was great, but I would rather have you within me."

  Grinning, he removes the tube and rod from her ass and then the tube from her vagina, which is very wet even though her body has dried.

  "Emily, you are clean inside and out, now for the next step." Mike brings out a few jars of clear gel-like substance, opens one. There is a strong smell of alcohol and some exotic flower or herb. "Emily, this is the stuff that keep you soft and well preserved. I will keep your body intact. Your skin will be soft and your private parts will remain just as they are now. As I said before, you will still be able to smell, feel, see and hear everything around you. However, your monthly cycles will cease and you won't need to eat or drink anymore."

  Mike takes a handfull of the gel and smears it on to the back of Emily's neck and works it on her shoulders and arms down to her fingers. He is careful not to miss any part of her beautiful skin.

  "MMMMMM, that feels great," Emily says.

  "I'm glad you like it; you'll feel that pleasure forever. With the stabilising device in place, you will have constant orgasms. The gel helps your skin be extra sensitive," Mike comments as he works on her back and massages some in between her butt cheeks. Mike takes a thin dildo and applies some gel to it and inserts into her anus. 'OOOOhhhhh' Emily moans once more. Mike now starts on her toes and works up to the top of her thighs. Now he begins at her front torso at the top of her chest, spreading some around her breasts, onto her nipples. Working some onto her stomach, he now comes to her pevic area. "We are almost done, Emily," he says as he starts massaging a glob of gel into her pubic hair.

  Emily asks "Why aren't you wearing gloves, won't the gel affect you too?"

  Mike replies, "The device inside you has been prepping your skin and central nervous system; the gel is mostly a preservative. Since I do not have a stabliser inside me, I will not be affected by it. Mike gets some more on his hands and works it deep into her vagina. Emily moans some more but now not as loudly as before as it becomes harder for her to breathe. "All that remains is your beautiful face," he tells her. Spreading gel on her forehead, nose, ears cheeks, and around her mouth. Mike uses a airbrush to lightly spray some in her eyes, up her nose and into her ears. He spreads open her mouth and uses a dildo to coat the inside of her mouth. After Mike pulls it out, he closes her mouth. "No more talking from now on, Emily. In a few hours the gel will be fully set in and I can dress you." He sets the computer to finish the stablisation of her body.

   Mike has some lunch, returns and begins putting her clothes and posessions away in a box. Mike looks at the computer; it shows that Emily is now ready to be dressed. First, Mike begins to put a little base makeup on her face, then a little powder to matte the highlights, some blush to her cheeks and a little pink eyeshadow, not too much though. He paints a little red lipstick on her. Emily knows that she will be always beautiful, almost a living doll.

  Mike then brings in her costume in and holds it up for her to see. It is much finer than anything she has worn before, even on stage. Mike starts putting her feet through the leg openings of flesh-colored camisole leotard liner worn under costumes. He pulls it up over her body and smooths it out. The new tights are snowy white, never before worn; rolling them up, he puts her feet into them neatly and slides them up her legs one at a time. With her tights nicely fixed about her legs and up around her hips, there are no wrinkles.

  "Now for your tutu darling," Mike adds, holding it up for her to see since her eyes cannot move. It's very elegant, pink in color with clear straps and jeweled accents; part leotard, part bustier. The tailoring is very tight as the garment shapes her torso and pushes up her firm breasts. The top of the skirt has overlapping petals and under the skirt is a white lining with ruffles about the panty. As he puts her feet through and pulls it up around her body, puts her arms through, then brings the straps the straps up onto her shoulders and pulls up the zipper, Emily sighs in silence. The pink satin tutu feels wonderful to Emily and looks beautiful on her, even though she can barely breathe. All that remains are her tiara and ponite shoes.

  "Emily, I had your tutu, shoes, and tiara specially made for you from a pattern I saw long ago on a small figurine that you remind me of." Mike fixes the tiara to her head, pinning it in place gently. Her shoes, made from the finest virgin satin, were put on her feet and he laces them carefully. Her exquisite new raiment is now complete.

 Mike brings a full length mirror over for her see herself. Emily cries inside, knowing that Mike must truly love her to be going to some much trouble and effort on her appearance and well-being. Hoisting her figure higher with the crane, Mike brings her to the music box and places her onto her spot on the lid.

  He lowers her slowly so her figure will balance in place; she remains stablised, waiting at rest until commanded to perform.


  "Here, Emily, you will dance; you will never get tired of dancing. You will forever be living in a dream as fairies do. I have made this device so you will move freely about the box when you dance to the music. Are you ready, my love? Here you go..."

  Mike switches it on and Emily begins to piroutte and prance, then crouch over, arms floating to the music. After a minute or so, the music and her motions repeat exactly in an cycle until time runs out. Then the music stops and Emily freezes in position looking upwards, immobile, waiting until she may dance again

  Mike begins to cry after he kisses her hand. "Emily, I will create a clone twin of you to go into the world and she will have the ability to send us images of what sees and does. No one will be any wiser and know the difference; no one will know you are here as my Music Box Ballerina.  But for now, I will let you sleep and I will go to bed and dream of us dancing together forever.  


     The End

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