My Little Doll

by Johnsan

"Sara meet me!" he said to her. Sara was curious he'd seemed so excited when he told her to meet him here at this little shop. "It's a nice shop though!" Sara thought and grinned looking at the dolls in the window. "My Little Doll! what a great name for a shop too!" Sara thought as she saw all the beautiful dolls in the shop windows.

"Hi Sara! You getting to know your sisters!" he teased as he silently appeared beside her. She hadn't even noticed him walk up beside her, she'd been so absorbed in the dolls and her own desires.

"Oh I didn't hear you! Yes I am they have a nice place here!" Sara blushed and giggled

"Well come on in then!" he grabbed her hand and led her inside before she could even protest. Inside Sara gasped as she saw all the dolls in their boxes and all the clothing, accessories, and accoutrements that went into possessing a fashion doll. It seemed like a paradise to her.

"You're probably wondering why I wanted you here!" he began to explain "I figured it's time for you to stay here on a more permanent basis!" taking her hand again.

Sara looked at him with a start. "Did he just say I should stay here?" she asked herself a bit worried at his strange behavior. She began to look for a way out, ready to pull away and run. but a part of her didn't let her. A part that was plastic and diminutive. That part that was called Bambi and she kept her from pulling away.

He pulled on her hand and led her further inward past the displays and racks of dolls and their possessions. They appeared at a pair of red swinging doors marked employees only. In a moment they were through them and in the back. It was a large space filled with boxes Most were stored on metal racks but some were on the floor with some open their contents exposed. There were tables stacked with the contents of these large boxes. Dolls and their accessories packed into plastic cases ready to hang off the display racks or boxes ready to be placed on shelves. Sara began to feel Bambi growing in her mind. Bambi wanted to be here, she wanted to be in one of those boxes ready to be placed on a shelf.

It was then her friend smiled and spoke. "See it is time I can see it in your eyes!" he pulled out a small bottle with a cherry red liquid. he opened it and presented it to Sara. " Swallow this! But only if you want to say here from now on!" he grinned with his hand outstretched to her with the bottle.

"I don't want that!" she told herself but her feet wouldn't move. Sara couldn't turn around and walk away or tell him no. Bambi was speaking to Sara now, Bambi wanted to stay. Bambi was telling Sara how they'd both wanted this for so long. Bambi was telling Sara how this was the beginning they'd always wanted, the life they'd wanted and now wasn't the time to walk away. Bambi wouldn't let Sara stand in her way. Sara saw her arm move to take the opened bottle and watched as it was brought to her lips. The sweet syrupy cherry flavored liquid tasted good as it went down her lips tongue and throat. A shiver went through Saraís whole body. A tingling in her toes and a spreading warmth in her belly signaled that the change was happening. Her friend explained it even as it happened. It was then Sara found herself slipping away as she finally became Bambi.

Bambi realized she was now frozen and the tingling was moving up her toes to her shins. She wasn't sure but she thought she was now changing. Her legs were feeling odd not like normal flesh and blood. The warmth in her tummy was itself spreading leaving her feeling a bit hollow. It would make sense if she was indeed changing into a doll. It was then she caught her reflection in a mirror. She was stiff and unmoving and a plastic sheen was reflected in the mirror from her legs.

Bambi watched as her friend then smiled "Im afraid you have to be nude for this!" he grinned as he began removing her clothing. Bambi just giggled to herself. It didn't matter as she was now changing she told herself.

Bambi watched and felt the change, it was downright erotic the tingling having grown into an orgasmic massage of her body. She felt and saw her knees grow doll like joints. She then felt her pussy grow smooth and plastic. The orgasms from that almost made her pass out. Bambi watched as her breasts became mounds of plastic and her arms and hands turn plastic. It spread up her neck to her chin and then she felt an expression rise on her face. It was an expression of joy and contentment as her lips began to change into the plastic of a dolls. The change swept over her till her eyes were now painted on but were now lovely reflections of what she had before. In moments she found her hair changing as well becoming another kind of plastic but oh so blonde as Bambi had always been. Bambi began to feel herself tipping over, not being flesh and blood anymore she couldn't keep herself balanced on two stiff plastic legs.

Her friend caught her now plastic life sized form but he grinned as he spoke "Oh you're not done yet after all you can't be on the shelf till you're a bit smaller!" as he said that and lowered her frozen body to the floor Bambi felt another massaging erotic sensation sweep over her plastic body. In no time at all through a curtain of orgasms Bambi saw the world grow larger and larger around her. Her now giant friend stood over her plastic doll body. Bambi would have been frightened ordinarily but as a doll it just seemed to be normal. Not to mention that cloud of rather pleasant feelings was still lingering over her seemed a bit of a distraction to any feeling of panic or fear.

Bambi saw him smile as his giant hand reached over and touched her. An explosion of erotic sensations reached her mind sending her into new heights of pleasure. He lifted her doll body and brought her to a nearby table. There bambi saw a box made just for a doll and next to it was a bit of lingerie that was just her size as well. In no time at all she was dressed and restrained in her doll box.

Bambi was then carried out to the shelves and placed next to all the others. "Truly my sisters now!" Bambi giggled. "I wonder who will buy me?" the new doll wondered. It was at least three days of just being another doll offered for sale till someone's hand grabbed her box and took her to the register. "Iíve been purchased! someone owns me now!" Bambi thought with a mental grin. She couldn't see much from the bag she was in but when she was taken out she saw everything. There were large glass cases full of dolls in the room and a table filled with paint and parts of dolls. To bambi's surprise it was a woman who repainted dolls that had bought her.

In the days to come Bambi was taken apart and had the paint that made up her face carefully removed. It was then even more carefully repainted in a way that made her even lovelier than before. Her long blonde hair was washed and set in a manner to complement the strikingly lovely face she'd been given. The newly remade doll was then dressed in her purple top and jeans with a belt. She was given a purse, bracelet and sunglasses. Bambi was ready for her new life as a valuable collectible.

Bambi was then taken and packed away again. Back into a new box with a certificate authenticating her as an original one of a kind doll. Bambi found herself mailed away. She was in darkness but lost in the pleasant thoughts of her new existence. "Iím so beautiful now!" was the thought that went through her doll mind. Bambi was also

reflecting on how it felt to be repainted and fussed over. She told herself she loved every moment of it. "I feel like Iíve been made in a factory now like Iíve always been this way. Just a beautiful plastic figure of a woman!" it made her orgasm as did most of the things that had happened to her lately. Then Bambi finally arrived, she saw the light streaming into her box as it was opened. A giant hand grabbed her itself a thrilling experience for the plastic girl. It spun her around as the person, Bambi's new owner she thought, looked at her. "It's you!!" she thought to herself in surprise! Her friend from so long ago now held her in his hand. He smiled and marveled at her.

"Don't be surprised Bambi! After all how can I resist such a beautiful doll!" his fingers touching her plastic chest through her purple blouse. "Im keeping you now but then Iím sure you always thought I would!" he grinned as he put her into a locked glass cabinet on a stand made just for her. As the door clicked shut and locked a thought went through the dolls plastic head. "Just like the store says Iím your little doll!"


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