by Paul G. Jutras

INSPIRED FROM THE SWAMP SHOOT SAGA here at the Timeless Beauty site and the stories at the mermaid site tail of http://www.furnation.com/mermaidstail/index2.htm

Stacy was going through the want ads of the newspaper. She had been unemployed for two weeks and was getting desperate. That was when she notice a head line she would normally of passed up.





The number was so smuged from the printer’s ink that it was almost unreadable. Believing she got the number right she called it and got a young man on the phone. “Yes,

I never modeled before but if you’re I could make an appointment to meet with you.”

“My wife has the car right now, but I’ll personally come on my bike to pick you up.” The man name John said on the phone. “Make sure you have shorts or pants on when I pick you up.”

“Alright,” said Stacy. She looked at herself in the mirror. She normally wore a dress or skirt for a job interview with heels, but since John insisted she kept her jeans and sneakers on. She did change into a blouse that she though enhanced her chest and fixed her face. She was glad that she liked the look of her legs and feet in nylon so much she wore them almost 24/ 7.

Stacy was shock when the motorcycle that John drove appeared to have a living woman’s head and shoulders and boot cover legs for duel kick stands for standing support. “They must make some weird things.”

“Ready to go?” asked John.

“Guess so.” Said Stacy as she wrapped her arms around his race and they took off to a large science compound. It wasn’t long after they past the main gate that Stacy said as photo shoot of centaurs. Some being half woman and half horse while others half woman and half cow. Even the few trees in the shot seem to have human heads.

“We handle a large variety of items from furniture to erotic costumes that fetish people like to play with.” John went on as they passed an aquarium full of both normal mermaids as well as women with sea horse, starfish and squid bottoms. John then pointed to the company’s day care room. Stacy saw a plastic ball pit with a human upper body as we kid riding a human rocking horse. “As you can see, the kids enjoy the use of the staff members assigned to the employee daycare center.”

“What will I be modeling?” Stacy asked nervously as she peeked into a room of cubical workers. In each cubical a man sat in a chair with a human head and check and hands that were pleasing them as they work. The computers they sat on looked like human women too but they had monitors in their stomachs and disk drives in their breasts. Stacy thought to herself: “Those can’t be real women. That is just the type of fetish computer design that a crazy sex offender with no life would order.”

“We’re always looking for something different we can market, Stacy.” John said with a smile. “I do hope you can help us think of something your lovely body would be good to market.”

“The only fetish I really have is my love for nylons.” Stacy said with a sigh. “I can’t go into a store without buying a new pair.”

“Articles of clothing,” John hummed as he rubbed his chin. “That is a market we haven’t taped. Would you be willing to sign a contract to become our nylon goddess?”

“You mean it?” Stacy asked as she pictured herself as a lingerie model in some high profile magazine. A company magazine may be small time but she figured if John thought she had a chance, she had to get exposure somewhere.

“Indeed,” he said. “This is our standard contract. I just write in what you agree to model on this blank line and you sign your name on the other.”

“Thanks,” Stacy said as she signed the paper and they shook on the agreement. “I’ll just have to make arrangements to sub-lease my apartment since the job you’re ad was offering room and board.”

“Sir,” A man said at the office. He went in and whispered in John’s ear.

“Thanks,” John replied. “Seemed my wife has returned the car with a little special fetish treatment for my ride home. “Why don’t I give you a lift so you don’t have to take the bus back.”

“That would be wonderful,” Stacy said as they took the elevator to a underground parking garage. She followed John to a high powered blue sports car. The driver seat had a blonde woman’s head for a head rest and breasts stretching the fabric of the seat cover.

“Meet my wife, April.” John smile as the blonde turned her head and smiled. “She had my staff fix her up in our car seat costume so that she and I could have a most erotic ride home. The feelings will last even longer since we have to stop at your place first.”

“Stranger and stranger,” Stacy thought as she was taken home for a good night sleep and lots of work the following day. A day that started off with her dressing in a light blue blouse, a blue skirt with white flower print, white pantyhose and blue heels. She arranged with her manager to sub-lease her apartment and moved her personal belongings into storage while she was doing her modeling for the next ten years.

Before being picked up by John, she had taken a bath and changed into a white blouse with a black skirt and pumps along with suntan pantyhose. She was so eager to start her modeling carrier that she didn’t even notice that John’s wife was still his car seat.

“Welcome to the team,” A dark hair woman in a maid suit said with a smile. Only she wasn’t totally human like most women that Stacy saw around here. She had mechanical robot arms and a gyrostabized spiral wheel lower half.

“Thanks,” Stacy said nervously as she was taken by the maid robot to a waiting room where she was asked to strip down to her underwear and wait for the camera man to come in. Stacy had hope this wasn’t some sort of fetish scam but remembered that none of the women she had seen working in the building seem to mind.

“Hello,” John said as he walked in holding what looked more like a sci-fi movie ray gun than a camera. “Are you ready to get started?”

“I’m a bit nervous, but I guess so.” Stacy said as she was lead to a circular frame with wrist and ankle clamps. “Please get in.”

“I guess this is for your fetish shoppers, huh.” Stacy said as she allowed herself to get locked in.

“You could say that.” John said as he pointed the ray gun on her. A purple beam washed over her slowly from her feet to her head and back down again. Over and over he did it as she felt more strange by the minute. She felt like someone was making erotic love to her while at the same time feeling as light as a feather. She was suddenly snapped out of it by a strange pinching feeling. She looked down to see the fabric of her pantyhose was weaving it way in and out of her skin and it made its way up her body. She could only scream. A scream that was soon muffled to silence as her mouth and head was covered.

She became flatter and flatter and began to shrink in size. Soon she was nothing but a normal size and looking pair of sun tan pantyhose with her face barely seen on the mesh crotch of the panty.

“The formula we re-worked for you seem to have gone off like a charm.” John said as he walked up to her. “If the formula continues to work as planned you’ll never run; tear or fade in the wash during the duration of your ten year contract. “You’re new room will be the lingerie draw of you’re the jet setting business woman who bought your contract. I know you can’t talk but you’ll be able to see and most importantly feel the most erotic sensations while being worn. Right now we need to gave you packaged and shipped to your temporary owner. Enjoy your time as you model your owner’s legs.”

She could hear him chuckle as his packing her sent erotic sexual emotions through her. She knew if that felt so good that being worn must be fantastic. She could hardly wait to be put on.



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