Body Gallery - Next Generation 2

by Paul Jutras


    The year is 3085 and Sandy Stevens was riding in the back of her limo. Her white nylons ruffled her black dress with a triangle white collar while her black two inch pump tapped the floor. When the car arrived at the shop, the door was opened for her and she went into she shop where a parade of workers greeted her.

     As bad on lives the third world war was, it made as big a technological boost as the first two had done to countries around the world. He walked up to his front door; pressed his thumb print to a panel, and had himself scanned before the door opened automatically. "Welcome home, Mr. Tab." A feminine voice said as he collapsed on the couch and a holographic woman began to massage his shoulders.

     "Annie! Eli!" Sandy said with a smile as the three gave one another a hug and a peck on the cheek. Annie stood with short dark hair dress in a white tutu and toe shoes. Her friend Eli was wearing a spotted red bikini and matching heels. "It's been ages."

      "Thanks hon." Annie said with a smile. "Are you sure you want to spend your vacation like this?"

      "You said it was perfectly safe." Sandy said with a sweet smile. "All you models use the freeze unit to put themselves in near complete suspended animation. "They're aware of what's going on, but little else."

     "Let's get started then." An electronic voice spoke from all around them. She recognized it as her father's voice. "You'll find the body suit on the shelf in front of you. The girls know how to proceed."

     "Interesting." Sandy thought as she kicked off her heels and flexed her nylon encased toes. Due to the shortage of clothing since the war, she wondered how much or little she'd be dress, if at all. What department that would turn out to be. "I guess I'm ready whenever you are."

     "Why not." Annie thought as she went back to the hovering computer panel and picked up a suit that looked more like a transparent plastic bag.  With just them girls their, Sandy quickly undressed before them. 

   "I feel my feet being squeezed." Sandy giggled as she stepped into the suit one foot at a time. The transparency of the suit gave her toes the illusion that her toes were fused together.  "Are you sure this won't cut off the flow of blood for when I'm restored, will it?":

      "Not at all." Annie said as she slipped out of her clothes and revealed she was using a body suit like a corset so that she seemed 15 pounds thinner. With the suit on, Annie couldn't even wiggle her toes; but as she removed it, she showed it was perfectly safe."

     "Okay then." Sandy  thought as Eli slipped a dildo and butt plug with the freeze device in her cavities so that she could be posed with ease on a rod. She then finished getting dressed and noticed her new fingers and toes automatically came a bright purple  color. She also notice a serial number that registered her as a mannequin appeared on her new skin.

     Sandy then sat down beside a display of mannequins in nothing but bra and panties and slipped on some jet black pantyhose. The cool air caused her nipples to go erect for just a moment.

     "Thank you." Sandy said  as Annie helped her to her feet and allowed her to smooth out the fabric of the nylon before she struck her pose. Eli then held up a remote control and pressed a large red button. Sandy instantly felt ever piece of her being tighten up until she was no longer able to move.

      She was helpless as Annie fixed her facial expression and picked her up. She was backed up a few steps and then felt the steel rod penetrate her anus.  "Enjoy your vacation," She said as Eli giggled.


     The next day, Sandy woke and tried to move. It took only that moment of helplessness to remember what she asked her father for her holiday vacation. "Interesting." She thought as she saw Annie bring  Margaret back to life. Margaret  kicked off her six inch open toe pumps and flexed her bare feet with red nails.  "I want you to meet your replacement, Sandy. She'll do the shop well while you catch you with your family."

        Margaret looked at her replacement and smiled. She then went to the company shower to strip out of her body suit. She then took a long enjoyable hot bath and just enjoyed the ability to stretch her limbs.  

     "She is lovely," Margaret thought to herself as she left the store just before opening in a green dress that buttoned up the front with matching green pantyhose and three inch heels.

        Margaret  then went back to the bar where her body friend,  Peter was working behind the bar. After she got herself a free beer (the first thing she had to drink in months) they started to catch up on old times, and makes plans for a date when he closed.

    "They sure have you models globe hopping." Peter said with a smile as he pulled out a fashion magazine with Margaret on the cover. "You make a beautiful mannequin model in that dress. One would almost think you were the real thing."

      "One almost would." She smiled at her little secret.


      Back at the store, Sandy enjoyed the attention she got from the shoppers that told her how beautiful she was. She loved the feeling of the women running their hands along the hose she had while trying to decide to buy a pair. She especially loved how in her frozen state, her breasts removed upright without the aid of a bra or any other type of support.

      "When the end of the two weeks were over; however, Annie had gotten a letter in the mail saying she and Peter were getting marriage. She wasn't going to be returning to work.

     "Now we'll be one short." Eli said as she turned to Sandy and pressed the remote. Sandy slumped forward like a rag doll into the girls arms. "What do we do now?"

      "You know, just because my father owns the company shouldn't mean I shouldn't make it on my own." Sandy said as she closed her eyes and smiled. "I never been happier than I have these past two weeks." 

      "You're saying you want to be a mannequin model?" Annie asked.

      "I'd love to." Sandy said as she had just finished taking off the hose before her body froze up again.   She felt a slight warming feeling as Eli sliced her wrists, ankles, neck and mid section. She then realized she could now be taken apart and used as just a bra, stocking, pantyhose or other form from now on. Annie might just want to use her feet in shoe wear.

    "Don't worry dear." Annie assured her. "All part of the process of working as a living mannequin. When restored to human, you'll have painted tatoo like lines on your body but you won't die. You'll only come apart in mannequin form."


      Annie showed her but restoring her and having her dress in a white nightgown with a tear drop back and almost revealing her chest in front. She was then taking to a bedroom display and asked to sit before a vanity mirror with a hair brush in her hand before being made a mannequin again.

      As the months turned into years she found she loved being a mannequin When asked if she wanted to take a vacation she insisted that it too was spent as a mannequin. Was sometimes was rented and shipped out to other stores for a time. Of course she still spent Thanksgiving and Christmas day with the family.  Could life get any better?



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