Never Play With Magic

by: Commadore


         One day a couple was out for a walk throughout the woods near the small town called Perfection, Rhode Island, when they came across this shake-style building that no one had ever seen before.  With the two of them being adventurous, they decided  to go and check it out. As they approached it, they couldn't figure out just why nobody had ever seen the place before.  To their surprise when they opened the door it moved as if it as brand new, moving very easily; as they entered the two of them was surprised again by how the interior looked.  Inside, it appeared like something out of the Dungeons and Dragons impression of how a Wizard’s workshop might look like: one side of the structure was nothing but book shelves, holding hundreds of volumes; there was a simple wooden table and chair off to the side next to the shelves; dozens of glass jars, some of which had something in them, were strewn on the table, shelves, and floor;  across the room was a single cot; there were three windows to look out or let sunlight in.   

When the pair entered, they naturally closed the door behind them.  Only a few seconds later, the door opened again and a man, based on how he looked who appeared to be in his early to late thirties and dressed like they were, glared at the two of them and stated loudly "How dare you two go barging into my place of dwelling!"  With him standing in the doorway there was no way out and he looked very upset at their presence. But after a few seconds his expression softened as he said, “You two are the first people to find my place in 478 years.”  The couple just  looked at one another and then back at him; the man asked, "How could you know how long it's been?"  The Wizard stated in a mater of fact way, "I'll be 503 next week and I remember every second of those years.  Since you’re here, why not stay a while?"

With that the man and woman both resumed their looking around; after a little  bit the Wizard offered both of them a spot of tea.  Afterwards he stated that he  was going to head out to collect some roots and herbs and for the both of them to close the door when they left.  With that, he headed out.

While the Wizard was away, the man picked up a large book and was going through it when he came across a description of a spell that would turn people into inanimate objects like stone, wood, metal, and so on.   Intrigued, he turned to his female companion, who was actually his live-in girlfriend named Ash (in truth her full name was Alisha Allison Abrams; she used the nickname Ash.  She was a statuesquely-figured woman standing about 6' 3" tall with deep hazel eyes and long light brunette hair going down to her shoulder blades) and said, "Hey Ash, come and check out what I've found here!”

With that, she walked over to where her companion Bam (really Brice Andrew McCoy, with a nickname of Bam.  He was an average male who was stronger than he looked; he had a lean frame with smooth muscles, standing 5' 11" tall with medium  brown hair, blue eyes, and better than average hearing) stood, asking, “What have you  found Bam?”

As she walked over to him he replied, “I've found a spell that would turn people into inanimate objects...”

Ash gasped “Really?” with amazement and joy, for she had often had a fantasy of being a object designed solely to look good and nothing else, something like that of a mannequin that you would see in stores.  Often, he would play a part in her fantasy too, where he would pretend that she was just an object made to look like a woman and she would hold still as he messed with her clothes and body.  She continued, “What kind of things?”

When Bam said, “Oh, all kinds of things, even those made of either plastic or fiberglass,” the biggest smile just appeared on her face.

Ash confided, “You know how I like to pretend to be an inanimate object; I think it would be fun for me to actually become one.”

All Bam said was, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

All she said was "Hell Yes!"

After that he just replied, "Okay" and they went on from there. 

The two of them talked about just what she wanted him to turn her into and after a few minutes they decided that she would be made into a realistic mannequin; one who looked absolutely life-like, that could be taken apart and assembled like the others and have changeable wigs for hair, but that one could move her body at the neck, elbows, knees, and ankles. This was a suggestion that made her even happier, if that's was possible.

“Let’s do this!” she concluded.  Ash walked out into the middle of the room and got into a mannequin pose, looking gorgeous as always and very happy.

 Bam picked up the large book and brought to where she stood; then he read out loud the spell that would turn people into inanimate objects.  When it came time in the spell to say what you're turning the person into, he boldly stated: “Realistic Display Mannequin...” Suddenly a luminous shimmer clouded the air around Ash’s figure, swirling and making it difficult to see inside; when that cleared seconds later, she had changed and become a mannequin, with stiff plastic skin and glassy eyes. Seeing that transformation, he said: “Every time you hear the words ~Alisha Display~ you will become the very form you are in right now, and you will remain this way until someone says ~Alisha Alive~; at that point you will return to your original state of being a flesh and blood woman.”  As he completed the spell, there was a flash.  When it faded, Ash had returned to her normal appearance, still holding the mannequin-like pose.

Moments passed before she relaxed and asked, “Uh, did it work?”

“I think so...”

“I don’t feel any differently, but it was fun playing mannequin.”

“Yeah, but let’s get out of here before that Wizard comes back!” he concluded, closing the book and dropping it back on the table.

They both took off from the shake house, closing the door as they left. After  a bit, they both stopped running and started to wonder just how much of all of what had happened was real, or if they were imagining things.

Ash offered, “There's one way to find out; do you remember that spell I wanted that you cast on me?”

"Yeah, of course..."

"Use it.  If I  change, then you will know it really happened," she said with a smile.

"What about you?" he asked, realizing that she didn’t remember being a mannequin before.

All she could think of as a solution was: "Take my shirt off -- if I suddenly see you with my shirt in your hand then I‘ll know that I was a mannequin, and everything that happened is just as we remembered.”

With that, he said, “Get ready.”  She planted both of her feet on the ground, took a pose and looked at him.

“Do it.”

He spoke the words, "Alisha Display".

The second he said that, there was a brief shimmer in the air as she changed instantly, stiffening into position.  On the surface you couldn't see that much of a difference, other than her skin looked slightly shinier and she just stopped moving. After a few seconds he  walked over to her and waved his hand in front of her face with no reaction at all; when he put his hand on her rigid shoulder, he could see there was a separation line where her arm could  be removed and reattached. As he moved his hands all over her body, he felt separation lines along both of her shoulders, thighs, and finally her hip; all in  all five major points of separation where someone could remove Alisha's left & right arms, left & right legs, and her hip from her legs.  But her elbow, wrist, thumb, and all of her fingers of both hands; her knees, ankles, and toes of both legs; finally her neck, head, and face were slightly flexible so he could mover her with some effort to any position and mold different expressions on her features. After he was done exploring, he removed here shirt and as he did so he could clearly see the separation lines on both shoulders; he also decided to squeeze her boobs, they felt just as firm and malleable as they were when she was alive.  After that, he stepped back to where he was before and then said: "Alisha Alive". He  watched her shoulders; within the shimmering her separation lines disappeared as she went back to being a real live woman again.

At first she didn't notice anything had happened, but after a few seconds she  felt a draft, then saw that Bam had something in his hand; then she noticed that she was  wearing only her bra covering her upper body and he was holding her shirt in his  hand. When she saw her shirt in his hand it confirmed to her that everything she had seen and experienced really did happen and was excited to find out how her  mannequin body was like from his point of view.

Ash said, "I see you  actually made me into a mannequin by the fact that you’re holding my shirt in  your hand." He smiled and nodded his head.

As he handed her shirt  back to her and she was putting it back on, Ash asked "What was I like as a  mannequin?"

He said only, “You were very life like from what I saw and  touched...”

To his surprise she seemed shocked by his answer, then she commented, “I  would have thought you would of checked me out a lot more than just that!” as she gave him a slight smile.

He smiled too, stating, "Maybe I'm just waiting until we get back home and aren’t out in the woods..."

She brushed up next to him and affirmed, "Then maybe we should make our way there now, shouldn’t we?" with another sly smile on her face.  They immediately turned, hand-n-hand, and made their way home as quickly as possible.

While all of this was going on, the Wizard was watching; as they walked  off all he did was to shake his head back and forth, thinking young people - they don't know what they are doing or the price she'll pay for this stunt and went back to collecting his roots and herbs.

When the two of them got to their place, she turned to him and stated: "Looks like the neighbors are all away, so if you want to, I’m be fine with you changing me right here and carrying my mannequin body inside; then you can check me out more thoroughly, without any nosy onlookers...”

         “Okay!” he agreed enthusiastically.

         She smiled too in anticipation, adding, “The next time you bring me back to life, you have to tell me in detail just what I’m like as a mannequin.  I can’t recall anything...”

“Sure!” he agreed.

After that they both smiled as he stepped back and she got herself into her favorite mannequin pose, which had her leaning slightly forward to  accentuate her boobs, her right arm extended out behind her with her hand almost at her waist, but  with her left out in front with her hand and fingers fanned out as if she was expecting  a ring on her left hand; her left leg and foot were out slightly from her right one; her  hazel eyes looked straight ahead and her lips were slightly parted, showing a little  bit of her pearly teeth. Holding still, she nodded slightly.

Once she was in her pose Bam incanted: "Alisha Display" and after a magical shimmer, just like that she was turned into a mannequin for the third time that day. For a little bit he simply stared at his beautifully inanimate live-in girlfriend admiring her stiffened looks, then he  walked up to her and patted Ash on her hardened butt before unlocking the door and carrying her in.  As a mannequin, she weighed a lot less than she did normally.

Once inside, he placed one hand on her breast and the other on her butt and stood  her up straight then he repositioned her head to be looking directly at him; from there he  proceeded to remove Alisha's clothing, starting with again her shirt.

As he took it  off her again, he looked into her frozen glassy eyes and said "From the moment you told me to remove your shirt, you weren’t meant to wear it long, and now you won’t be wearing it again until sometime tomorrow - at the earliest.”

Ash the mannequin had no response, but he imagined her smiling a bit more.

Then he removed her tight fitted pants; as he did he also laid her down on the carpet so he could also take off her shoes and socks leaving her with only her bra and panties on.  At this stage he could tell just how realistic she already looked, aside from the separation points along her shoulders, thighs, and hip where she could be taken  apart like a mannequin, she looked and felt like a very firm woman. When he removed her bra and saw her rosy-nippled boobs in her current state, he was amazed that not only did they feel real, they looked real too; the only difference was they remained in the position and shape they were in when she  was wearing a bra.  But when he removed her panties, he was floored: for unlike other mannequins, she still had her sex intact, just as if she was a sex toy.  From then he started to imagine from time to time changing her into a mannequin just so he could have sex with her anytime he wanted without her knowing.  He proceeded to remove her jointed arms, then her upper torso, and then finally both legs.  With Alisha lying on the floor in pieces, he fondled her body parts, kissing her frozen lips and enjoying how smooth her hardened skin felt.  Later on he carried her parts into their bedroom for safekeeping; that evening he put her back together and did what normally happens in bed.          

The next morning, he carried the Ash-mannequin downstairs and posed her so she was standing in almost her original position, but in their living room.  After placing her bra and panties back on her rigid figure, he stated: "Alisha Alive" and watched as she came back to life.

Ash suddenly realized that she was standing in their living room, where from her point of view they had been outside only an eye-blink earlier when she asked him to turn her back into a mannequin; then she recognized her lack of clothing along with a different feeling.

She looked over at him and  asked, "What was I like as a Mannequin?"

He smiled, hesitated only a moment, and then told her, “You were like a window dummy; I could take you apart and change your pose.  You didn’t weigh hardly anything,” which made her smile.

Even though she had been in that frozen state all night long, she felt rested and energetic; they went out shopping for some new clothes and other things she could wear as a mannequin.  While they were out and about, something surprisingly odd happened:  Bam had called out "Alisha" to her, but someone else had said "display" right afterward in her hearing.  When he turned to look at her, all she did was just stand there silently; he reached out to touch her and discovered she was nothing  more than an inanimate mannequin again, standing stiffly transfixed in the middle of a throng of unaware passersby. He whispered "Alisha Alive" before anyone noticed, and she came quickly back to normal as if nothing had happened.

Bam placed his arm around her waist and steered her out of the crowd, insisting only that they needed to talk now.  Once they where out of the way he told her what just happened; at first she didn't believe him, but seeing how upset he was she agreed to go back home.

While at home Bam located a set of recordings of different words being said by random people; he found the point where someone had said ‘display’ and put it on pause.  With her standing nearby, curious, he said "Alisha" and then he pressed ‘play’; the voice on speaker said "Display" and Ash froze right there, becoming nothing more than a display figure once more.  Standing next to her, he reached up and removed her light brown hair, which had become like a wig, and replaced it with a blonde wig he bought while shopping.  Once he had it looking natural, he said "Alisha Alive" and she resumed being alive, right where she had been frozen, listening to the speaker.

After a few seconds had passed, she turned to him, saying, “So what?”

“Go and look at yourself in the mirror...”

When she did so and saw that she is now a blonde, when just a few moments ago to her she had been a light brunette. she gasped, then asked, “What did you do to me?”

He explained, “I just rigged it so when I spoke your first name and a voice on the speaker right after said ‘display’ and you became a mannequin again.  That made it easy for me to change your hair; if you want, I can change it back for a price.”

With a grin, she asked “And what would that be?”

"A kiss."

She just smiled and said "I could live with that!” and grabbed him for a full-on kiss.  While this was going on and she was distracted, he pressed ‘play’ once more and she heard his voice say, "Alisha Display" –instantly she stiffened into a mannequin again, this time in the act of deeply kissing him with his tongue in her now inanimate mouth.  When he slipped out of her rigid arms, he saw her frozen with her eyes closed, looking very sexy.  He took some pictures of her trapped in that pose, first as a blonde, then with her wigged hair back as a light brunette, then he got back into her arms and pressed ‘play’ again so his recorded voice said "Alisha Alive".  With that she changed back to normal form, but from her point of view when she had started kissing him she was a blonde and now she had gone back to her original hair color.  That didn’t stop her finishing the kiss though, as well as what followed.

Later that day, after they had showered and dressed, they decided to try to find that shake house in the woods again to sort out the spell he had cast. 

The two of them retraced their steps and made it to the spot, only now the overgrown meadow looked like no one had lived there for at least a year, and no matter what they  did they couldn't find either the shake house they found the first time, or the Wizard.  Finally after looking deeper into the tall weeds and grass, the two of them found themselves standing in front of the house they found before.  This, too, looked abandoned, with dust and leaves on the walkway and dirt-smeared windows. When they pushed the door open and inside, they found a note on the dusty table that  clearly had been written only a few hours ago, which was out of place with the rest of the run-down interior.

Holding the handwritten note up, they read: 

Dear: Alisha Allison Abrams & Brice Andrew McCoy 

I am glad that you two did close the door when you two left, but I also know that you two had gone through one of my spell books and found the spell that changes anyone into whatever the person casting the spell wants, and that both of you had thought it would be quite fun to change Miss Abrams into a realistic mannequin with a phrase and then bring her back with another.

By know both of you should  know that there's a price for pulling stunts like that even with magic, and because it has been over 24 hours since you cast it, the spell is know permanent.  Meaning there's no way at all to undo it, which also means that every time Alisha hears the phrase "Alisha display" she will have no choice but to become  a MANNEQUIN and she will remain in that form until the phrase "Alisha alive" is spoken to bring her back to life again.

What you did not think about is that those words can be spoken by anyone at any time, so you cannot control when Miss Abrams is transformed or revived.

That's why there's a rule stating YOU SHOULD NEVER PLAY WITH MAGIC, for there is  always a steep price to be paid every time.  So with that, all I can do now is to wish you Miss Abrams the best of luck in your new existence, and to wish the both of you good luck together, for with Mr.McCoy being the one who cast the spell, the both of you are now connected and can never spend much time apart before something  brings the two of you back together.                                                                                                                              

Sincerly!                                                                                                         The Wizard 

After they had read that note again, the two of them just looked at each other for a moment.

Ash asked, "What do we do now?"

"I don't know, but it sounds like we’re kind of stuck with each other..." he replied, as she remained quiet.

As they walked out of the forest back to their place, she said, "At the time we started all of this, it seemed like a really great idea.  But now, I'm wishing that you hadn't cast that spell on me."

All he could think of was to say, "I know, but there is no point in crying over what's already done.  The best we can do now is learn to deal with it."

She looked at him and nodded seriously. When they got home, they sat down and talked about just how they go on from there and after a few hours they decided how they would continue .

Out of respect for their privacy, this is where this story ends, but I will say Miss Abrams still enjoys being changed into a mannequin from time to time.   

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