The New Fantasy 2

by Paul G Jutras

"Welcome to my country." King Bear said with a smile. "Our way is a mixture of the old and the new."

"You say, like that television show, you can grant any fantasy?" Paula asked as she stood before the king in a white tank top with pink shorts and white sneakers.

"Ours is a land of both magic and science," The king declared. "The outside world won't officially admit to the existence of magic."

"I understand." Paula smiled. "I know my sleeping beauty type fantasy seem a little odd."

"Not much odder than those others who believed that what we offer is real and not made- up." The king said as Paula followed the king into the royal palace. "Your fantasy will begin after you strip naked and put on just this pair of special pantyhose."

"All right," said Paula. She stepped behind a changing screen and took off all her clothes. As soon the pantyhose were pulled up, she started feeling light headed. She watched as her breasts swelled up to twice their previous size and as the waist band disappeared leaving her feet looking like they were fused together.  She suddenly could not move a muscle and so remained standing stiffly upright.

"What a lovely love doll you are!" The king said as he pulled the plug sticking out of her bellybutton. With a hissing sound, Paula's body deflated into flat rubber and latex. As she was packed in a small box and the lid was closed, all went black. "You will soon be delivered to your prince," the king said, then all was quiet also.

Paula as a doll was kept in a constant state of arousal. When the box was finally opened, the light was almost blinding. Unfortunately she couldn't move to block the sunlight from her eyes.

As a handsome young man put a hose into the air valve and began pumping, Paula had a repeating orgasm with each pump. She thought she would lose her mind before she finally got fully inflated.  She could soon see the young man who was helping her, though she remained still and could not say a word.

"As lovely as the king promised me," The naked man said as his penis penetrated Paula's open vagina and he pumped his own load of cum into her. As he slid in and out of her crevice his member squeaked against her rubber body. "Give me a kiss, beautiful," he said playfully.

As he pressed his lips to hers, her skin started to change from shiny rubber to that of normal flesh once more. Paula first felt the ability to blink her eyes. She then wrapped her arms around her man and kissed him back.

"Hello my dear," Paula smiled as she sat up and looked around. To her disappointment, she saw several other women swimming in a pool and walking about. One girl in a white veil, bra top, one inch heeled slippers and pantaloon pants knelt and began feeding the prince grapes.

"Is something wrong, Paula?" The prince asked.

"I thought I was going to have you all to myself." Paula said as a girl in a flimsy purple caftan helped Paula into a pink bra top and pants. As was her request as part of her weekend fantasy, her magic no run hose had become a part of her. The magic allowed her to have sex through the hose, go to the bathroom without trouble, have no worry about disease and alter her feet so she would either be comfortable in her stocking feet or in any size high heel.

"So did every woman here, once," the prince said with a smile. "Now they are content to be as they are."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Paula asked.

"It means your passport and all former identity has been destroyed." The prince smiled. "The magic has made your earlier life forgotten by even your own family. You see, war has made the few women who survived to become unable to have babies so we have to bring women from elsewhere to repopulate the kingdom.  Welcome."

"You can't do this to me!" Paula said in almost a panic.

"My father the king and I can," the prince said with a gleam as he pulled out an album full of pictures of lifelike mannequins. "These women wouldn't submit to being my concubines and were sent home instead. Magic has left them aware of their surroundings, but otherwise they are nothing more than plastic shells of their former selves to be displayed in stores of their homelands."

"I understand," Paula said with a tear in her eyes as she looked at the images. The prince asserted himself and once more she was taken by her man. This time she was feeling both her nylon covered pussy and his dick penetrating him. "Your nylons protect you form disease and stuff but not from either getting pregnant or giving birth. The hose will magically open up to allow the baby out of you during labor and then re seal itself after wards," he explained.

"I wonder if I'll get pregnant on my first time with him?" thought Paula. She soon looked for ways to please her sultan and what it was like to give him a blow job. "It has to be better than forever being imprisoned in plastic, right," she concluded before setting her mind to please him always.


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