by Paul G. Jutras

I would like to thank the writer of SUITABLE POSITION here on Timeless beauty for giving me my idea to do a TG story for another site and then re-work it for a robot one here.

Paul Crow was the manager of a clothes store near the beach. Though it mostly sold to women, it did have a small supply of men clothes. As a cross dresser, Paul enjoyed some times trying on some of the clothes he sold, mostly the women's ones, after hours. He was reading a book about a guy being changed into a girl by magic when there was a knock on the door.

It was a few hours before closing one might when a package showed up at the store by overnight delivery. Paul signed for it and then locked the door and took the package to the back room. He read the note attached to it.


The people who we have in development have created this special nanite controlled body suit. The suit will turn any woman into her ideal fantasy as well as having other applications. It is finally ready for a field test and we would like you to hire a young woman to wear and model it for us. If possible she can sell orders for the suit to some of your shoppers.


Mr. Edwards, C.E.O.

"Why hire someone to model it when I could use the help of a second pay check and the suit to decide if I want to become a woman fully." Paul said to himself as he stripped out of his clothes, folded them and placed them in a neat pile. When Paul first put on the suit, it felt as tight as wearing a second skin. Then the tightness had vanished as if the suit had replaced his skin with its own. When he walked up to a changing room mirror, he was shocked at the beautiful woman that stood looking back in the glass. Not an ounce of maleness reflected back at him.

"I know just what I want to try on first." Paul though. Before he had a chance to move, a tingling feel flowed over him. He watched as a pink spaghetti strapped dress with slits up the side form on the outside of his body. He felt himself elevated as three inch pink sandals formed on his bare feet. "Wow! The outfit's machine dressed me."

"What's going on?" Paul asked himself. He felt confused as he began to move, but not under his own power. He was like a puppet with someone else pulling the strings. He went straight to the door and unlocked it and began dusting some of the displays. It was something he often did in the store, he just wonder who was suddenly in control of him and why.

When some shoppers came in they were at awe at Paul's appearance. Of course they didn't know the woman they were staring at was Paul at all. When they asked who she was, Paul found himself saying his name was Janet. When they asked Janet how she got managed to look so good, she told them that about the special body suit but not who he really was inside the suit. Instead he told them that she was a model hired by Paul to try to sell the suit.

"So, we can order suit a suit and look as good as you?" One of the shoppers asked.

"That's what I'm told." Paul was unable to stop himself from saying in his new high pitch femme voice. As he moved about, the dress changed colors. It first turned into an ice blue sheath with a slit up the side and then into a green full length tunic style with a slit up the side. "The body suit can not only change the clothes I'm wearing, but my make up, hairstyle, color, and even the color of my eyes if I want to. If you buy the suit the next period you have is the last one you'll feel. You'll never get pregnant unless you wish, too."

Since Paul didn't know what his controller had in store for him, he felt some relief when he heard himself say that last statement. He just hoped as the shoppers signed an order form to have some shipped to them that they didn't end up under some mysterious controller like he was.

"Finally, if you have trouble keeping up with your kids at home," Paul said as he found the room getting bigger. He soon appeared as an eight year old girl with brown page-boy hair, a green tropical dress and white sandals. "You can enjoy the better half a second childhood." Moments later, he returned to his adult appearance.

After he showed off for a few more shoppers that came in during the final hour and made a few more order sales, Paul counted the draw and put the money in the safe. He left the store and locked up for the night. As he got into his car; however, he had a feeling he wasn't heading home.

He was right. He went to a local night club and waltzed in with all male eyes on him and a hard-on in their pants. "No, please," Paul thought to himself as he approached the bar and ordered a gin and tonic.

"Here you go," The bartender said. When Paul went into his purse to pay, the bartender stopped him. 'It's paid for. The guy at the end of the end of the bar got this one."

"There are so perks to being female." Paul thought as he found himself uncrossing his legs and sauntering over to the guy. After some pleasant conversation, she followed him back to his place and was soon naked in bed with the guy. "I don't like the idea of acting like a whorish bimbo."

The man penetrated his new vagina and she rode him like he had done it half his life. He turned around and let him suck on his vagina juices while he gave the man a blow job while making him feeling both erotic and sick at the same time. As the night went by, Paul made love in every position and way he had imaged a woman to do and some ways he didn't think was physically possible. He found it the most erotic experience. He lost track of the number of times that he let the stranger play with Janet's tits and finger Janet's vagina until he organismed repeatedly. The more times he had an orgasm, the more his memories of who he really was became blurred with those of the woman he had become.

When first rays of sunshine came into the apartment, Paul found himself going to the bathroom and showering off the sticky juices of both his own exertions and the man he was with. He watched as his naked form changed into a black top that left the left shoulder bare, a tropical skirt and white shoes with a five inch heel. He then pecked a kiss on the man's cheek before leaving and going to open the shop and start his day as manager.

Paul was starting to wonder if he would ever get control on his own body again. As he thought back to the love making of the night before, he wondered if he would want to go back to his old life if given the chance. As he thought back to all the stuff they did together in bed, he felt himself getting wet all over again. He was unable to do anything about it.

When he got into the store he walked over and stood before one of the changing room mirrors. "I look like a living Barbie doll," Paul thought to himself as he stared at the size of his breasts, the narrowness of a waist that was tinier than any corset could give, and petite feet arched to be comfortable in the high heels he had stuck on his feet.

"Look at these beach balls on my chest and this wasp waist," Paul admired himself as he wondered if his body would snap in half if he bent over to touch his toes. He was sure the nanites had total control to keep him in one piece. Though he was also sure some organ rearrangement had to be done to make his body look so hot.

Without any volition on her part, she started to run the store again. She was a passenger in her body as she took care of the costumers. Like the day before he performed his duties as both manager and model. When someone needed to talk to Paul Crow rather than Janet, he went into the back room and his face and body would morph into its old self. Except for the fact that Janet's vagina remained. When the store closed like the night before, he found himself going to the local club then to the home of some guy who was interesting in some hot sex.

"This is unbelievable." Paul thought as he woke up and checked his make up with his pocket mirror. He brushed his long hair out of his face and admired his appearance. "Am I ever going to be in control of my own body again?"

- - -

It went on like that for a while. Sometimes he was a man with a vagina managing the store and sometimes he was Janet the model, selling more body suits to women and wondering what happened to them when they put them on. It wasn't until the weekends that he returned to his apartment as Paul Crow. He only remained Paul for the front desk to see him that way. Once he was inside his apartment, he was Janet again. He'd orgasm after playing with himself until he would pass out. His feet sore from dancing, his entry holes raw from the number of times he was fucked by a man, his stomach full from the meals he had gotten some man to pay for him.

One weekend when he drove on his apartment he was surprised that he didn't go straight up to his room. Instead he went to talk to the manager of the apartment building about signing over the lease to that of Janet. He told the manager that Janet was in the lobby rest room and would sign what she need and then do the arrangement of having his personal stuff shipped.

"Guess this is it," Paul thought to himself. "I'll never look in the mirror and see my old face again. As he walked near the bathroom, he felt himself walking at a tilt. He knew his feet had morphed into heels as he moved behind cover of potted plants. He was then walking off to the desk in a white dress with a valentine theme to it. He signed the papers and then walked up to his "new" apartment.

"At least the shoes don't really give me any discomfort," Paul thought as he lay on the bed with one hand playing with his breasts and the other passing through the crotch of the hose he appeared to be wearing and caused him to rock his hips. The heels had vanished from his feet. "My legs do look beautiful," He thought as he looked at his feet. The suit could make him look like he was bare legged or had hose on. While they had the appearance of hose, the fused toe appearance of the mesh seemed appropriate for the puppet body he felt like he had.

He thought he was going to pass out from making love to himself when there was a knock at the door. Paul found himself forced out of the bed and walked over to the door. On the other side was one of the first single women he sold a suit to.

"I went by the store earlier and the person that was running it said you moved in here," said the woman. "I just wanted to tell you that I loved the suit. It made me so sexy that I've had no problem getting dates with both the men and the women I want. I just thought I'd give you a special thank you."

"What kind of thank you?" Paul wondered as she took him to the bedroom. He also had to wonder if she was under the control of the suit like he was. He only wished he could ask her. As she leaned him on his back, he watched as he climbed on top of her and her body morphed into a dildo. She quickly entered Paul's vagina. "Oh my.."

The rest of the night, Paul enjoyed being pleasured by the living dido inside of him. He watched as his hand moved on its own to slide the dildo in and out of his pussy.  As he pleasured himself, he wondered if the woman inside of him had any awareness of anything. He wondered himself what it would be like to be dildo making pleasure to some woman. After some lubrication, he used her some more even after dawn had far passed.

Finally Paul took the woman out of her and set her on the bed beside him. As the dildo morphed back into a human, there were soon two naked females on the bed instead of one. "That was the greatest experience of my life." The woman smiled. She collapsed on her back and turned to look at the woman known as Janet. "I could see myself being pushed past your labia and deep inside of you and felt you inside rubbing against every inch of my form. I was so glad I decided to look you up and thank you in such a way."

"I guess she is herself." Paul thought, but wasn't completely sure. "She doesn't seem like she's being controlled by the body suit she has on."

"How about some love 69 the old-fashioned way?" The woman asked as she played with Paul's tits and made him moan loudly. He inwardly wanted to protest as he couldn't take any more repeated orgasm. She was soon on top of Paul with her pussy in his face and began licking Paul's own.

"This is so wonderful." Paul said as he found his own body forming into a dildo and sliding into the woman's pussy.

"So you wanted to try it yourself!" The woman said before she could climax and almost crushed Paul with the walls of her pussy. "The suit is not only great for making one look terrific but it is the ultimate sex toy as well."

"This is wonderful," Paul though as inner walls touching every inch made her feel like she had multi breasts being played with all at once. He only wished that he could talk and tell the lover how it felt.

When noon ran by, Paul slid out of the woman and returned to human form himself. The two of them went to the shower and washed their body juices off each other while trying to resist the feeling of touching each other once again.

"Thanks again for the wonderful time." The woman said as her body morphed up a white pants suit and five inch heels. She kissed Paul goodbye and left for her own home or business. No sooner than she left than Paul saw his own self start to morph. He became an eight year girl in a spaghetti strap purple dress and brown slides. He went off to the park near his home and played for the rest of the afternoon with the other neighborhood kids.

Paul remembered the first time he had changed into a little girl the first night he had put on the body suit. He was scared at how large everyone and everything seemed at this height and age. This time he felt carefree and without any responsibilities in the world.  "I told the women who I sold the suit to that they could play with their kids as kids but not have the problems of dealing with the school systems again as kids," He thought to himself. "I think it would be nice to go to school again."

The next day Paul had interviews for an assistant to help him run the shop. He had no idea who directed the woman he slept with to his apartment the other night, but he knew that he hadn't hired him. He was just surprised to be using Paul Crow's face once again. Once he hired a petite young woman name Jane in her black pants suit and court shoes, Paul left and headed to the school nearest to where he lived.

Meeting with the principal of the school as Janet in a green skirt suit with taupe hose and three inch heels, he convinced the principal to let him attend the school as sixteen year old Susan Powers. He had convinced her that as put of the body suits' test, he wanted to see if an undercover cop could use the suit to poise as a teenager or kid to hand any drug or other crimes that could go done in any number of schools. Only the faculty would know that Susan was really Janet.

With all the classes signed up and taken care of on line, Paul felt him self start to morph. Things got larger, but no where near as when he was an eight year old. His hair was now red and in a pony tail while his body was wearing an orange fringed bottom dress and sandals. He said his goodbyes and headed out.

He thought he'd be heading straight for class, but took a detour into the ladies room. One girl named Robin was letting her friend Ann borrow a tampon. Ann had forgotten her period was about due and forgot to put some in her purse when she had come to school. Paul was glad that was one of the good things about his new body. He thought he was going to curl up at die when he had his first period, but after that he suit adjusted so he felt no discomfort what-so-ever. The person controlling her made sure she kept track of her time of the month since she still needed a tampon or pad herself.

"Hi there," Robin said. She and Ann stood in cheerleading uniforms whose top half had a blue with a touch of red at the shoulders and a red and white checkered skirted. "I'm Robin and this is Ann. You're new here, aren't you?"

"Yes." Paul admitted.

"Are you flexible?" Robin asked.

"One of our squad members busted her leg and we're looking for a temp replacement for her." Ann added.

"I always wanted to be a cheerleader." Paul thought at the same time as he heard his Susan identity say. This was a dream come true on more than one level for Paul. He still didn't know who was controlling him or why, but he found that he seemed to care less and less as time went by.

"Great," Robin said. "What's your first class?"

"Drama," Paul replied as he looked at his notes.

"Me and Ann too," Robin replied as she checked her watch. "We'd better get going, I didn't realize the time."

"Just let me check my make up." Paul said as he turned to the mirror.

"Would you like some of my nail polish?" Ann asked.

"Thanks," Paul said as he took the bottle and pretended to put it on while the suit turned his finger nails a nice shade of red.

In the Drama class they all performed a skit that was suppose to take place in the 1960s. Paul loved the brown dress and three inch pumps that he was given by the teacher to wear. He loved when he was sitting on the couch reading his lines, how the suit made his nylon coated legs feet again the dress and as they rubbed each other while his legs were folded on the couch with his shoes off. The tingling sensation made him reach the verge of an orgasm and glad he didn't. if he had, he would have been able to concentrate on the script. The pleasure his body felt with just the added dress fabric was already almost more than he could take to his new bodies enhance pleasure centers.

The rest of the classes went by without any real problem. Paul loved the way the uniform looked at him after school. It would have looked a lot better if it was one of his body morphs, but whoever was controlling him didn't want the kids to know about the suits abilities. They were practicing on the football field when it started raining and they escaped to the equipment shed to escape getting soaked. The wet grass had soaked through most of their shoes. Many choose to take off their shoes, some their stockings as well. Robin found a radio and played some rock music to dance to while they passed the time.

"All we need now is some boys." Ann giggled.

"A real make out scene here if we wanted," Robin agreed.

When the rain ended, Paul headed up. When he got near the apartment building he ducked into an alley and morphed back into Janet. He didn't know which he enjoyed more, being a little girl, a teenage girl or an adult woman. In a short time he had a lifetime of female memories in his head.

His school routine continued until the summer season was reached. His assistant had completely taken over his job and his paycheck as manager of the store. He then was waiting in his room one night when a knock came at the door. Paul had no idea who it was when he went to answer it. He was surprise to see it was his old boss, Mr. Edwards, on the other side.

"I see you like the suit, Janet." Mr. Edward said with a smile. "I knew your secret and that you couldn't resist putting the suit on yourself. Don't worry about the women you sold suits to. They didn't become puppets like you did."

He then took out a remote and pressed a button. A tingling sensation washed over Janet but this time he didn't morph. "What.What happened?" Paul said as he realized with surprise that he even had the ability to speak.

"You're mine," Mr. Edwards said. "The test is over. During the test; however, I found I enjoyed your entertainment too much to lose you. Instead of just being a model for the suit; however, you'll be my private little robot to clean my place and pleasure me in bed. Come now, Janet Crow."

Paul, who now thought of himself as Janet, found her legs moving on their own once more. She went out the door to his waiting car and to his place. She somehow knew the only time she'd see outside of Mr. Edward's house walls would be to sell her place. As his robot, she wouldn't need a home of her own anymore.


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