New Years' Dolls 2

by Paul G Jutras

Jessica walked to the hamper in her pink and lace trim nightgown when her older sister Pat jumped out with rubber snakes in her hands. With a scream, she dropped the clothes she wore than day and ran crying into the living.

"Pat Janet Logan and Sarah Jessica Logan!" screamed Mrs. Logan. "What is happening up here?" She stepped upstairs and looked between the laundry room Pat was peeking out of and the sound of crying that came from Sarah's bedroom.

"Pat has her rubber snakes out again," Sarah sniffed as she ran up to her mom and hid behind her. "Tell her to stop trying to scare me."

"Pat, how many times have I told you not to tease your younger sister?" Mrs. Logan asked.

"Little girls are such wimps," Pat muttered under her breath.

"Pat Janet Logan, you apologize to your sister right now." Mrs. Logan ordered as Pat climbed out of the clothes hamper.

"But mom, I was only having some fun." Pat pleaded.

"It wasn't funny to your sister." Mrs. Logan said as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"Sorry, sis." She muttered half heartedly while picking up her rubber snakes.

"Like you mean it," Mrs. Logan said in a serious tone.

"I'm Sorry," Pat repeated.

"Now get your pajamas on like your sister and meet me down stairs if you wish to watch the movie with me."

Pat soon joined his mother and sister on the couch. As the old black and white movie about a voodoo witch doctor played, Pat turned towards her sister and snickered. "I hope the movie isn't too scary for the little baby."

"Cut it out." Mrs. Logan said as she gave her daughter a soft slap against the back of her head. "Just watch the movie or I'm sending you to bed."

Pat was the first upstairs after the movie. After Mrs. Logan got Sarah a glass of milk, Sarah went upstairs to join her sister only to see her jumping on her bed with one of her mom's bras on with the breast forms her mother used to look bigger. "Ha, ha, ha, in a few years you'll be wearing one of these.

"Mother!" cried Sarah as Pat ran into her mother's room and put the bra into its drawer. She was back in her own room by the time the mother reached the top of the stairs.

"Are you teasing your sister again?" Mrs. Logan asked.

"No mom, I'm just reading the book I picked up today." Pat said innocently.

"I'll bet." Mrs. Logan said. "Go to sleep."

The next day Sarah was down at the lake shore in a white blouse and Capri pants. She was making a sand castle when Pat moved silently from underwater. Before she could react, she surfaced and splashed her with water. "Hey, you'll ruin my clothes," Sarah cried.

"You own too many outfits anyway." Pat chuckled as she came ashore and ran for the house. Sarah just had a pouting look on her face when she put her hand down on something hard.

"What's this?" Sarah said to herself as she brushed the sand aside and found a small doll beneath the sand. Sarah knew nobody with kids lived at this end of the lake and could only conclude that the doll had been buried for some time. "Looks like I've struck buried treasure."

"Too bad it's not like the voodoo doll in the movie," Sarah said to herself as she noticed Pat's swim flippers at the edge of the dune. She ripped a loose piece of the rubber flipper and tied it around the doll's neck like a necklace. "At least with this item she owns I can pretend it is like the movie."

As Sarah returned to the house with her new doll, she heard a scream coming from upstairs. She had started to move away from the stairs when a blonde woman who looked between 12 and 13 ran into the living room.

"Who are you?" Sarah blinked blankly. "What are you doing in my house?"

"Sarah, it's me you little slime ball." Pat said in a high pitch voice as she stood in a brown tank top, blue denim ankle length skirt with slits up the side and brown wedge heel sandals. Her body was shiny like rubber. "Pat."

"Mother!" cried Sarah.

"What is it dear?" Mrs. Logan asked s she walked out of the kitchen in red blouse, plaid skirt and open toe heels. She followed Sarah's eyes up the stairs to Pat. "Thanks for reminding me. I need to make an appointment for a leg wax so I can be as shiny at the beach this summer as she. We can get you your first training bra while at the mall."

"Well, Pat," Sarah giggled. "It looks like you're going to be better at giving the guys blow jobs and a new lease to start your life at it thanks to that doll."

"What doll?" Pat asked, trying to get her mind off the thought that she suddenly felt the need to make sex to men. At least she didn't have to worry about periods or pregnancy with her new plastic body.

"Wait till Kevin sees me." Pat said as she took off her top and stood before the mirror in only her bra and panties.

"I thought Kevin and you were just friends?" Mrs. Logan said as she made sure the bra wasn't too tight or loose on her daughter. "Are you thinking of asking him for a date or is there something you're not telling me?"

"I don't think so." Pat stood still while her mother fussed over him. She had a lot to learn about how things are in the new reality. The thought that he was more of a master than a boyfriend send a shiver through her. "I think we're just friends."

"I know you'd tell me if it was other wise, dear." Mrs. Logan said sweetly.

"You going to give me the doll or reverse what you did?" Pat asked when Sarah got back from her bra fitting.

"Maybe if you play tea party with me this afternoon," giggled Sarah.

"I'm not playing tea party." Pat kept on protesting until she found herself and Sarah clothed in fancy dress outfits while sipping pretend tea and eating brownies that their mom baked for them.

Before Pat could ask for the doll, their mom reminded Pat that her friends would soon be coming for the slumber party she asked to have. Pat soon found herself in shock as she came out of her bedroom in a pink baby doll nightie and helped her mom unroll the sleeping bag in the living room for the party. She felt like such a air head bimbo.

During the party she could control her urges and was soon eating some of the other girls pussy, having her nails and hair done. Most of the girls were barefoot with different types of pajamas, nightgowns and night shirts. The few that didn't want to polish their toes had some pantyhose on.

"Thought they'd never leave," thought Pat about noon the next door. After seeing the last of the girls to their mom's car, she ran upstairs in her white top with the sleeves pushed to her elbows, white jeans and sneakers. "Okay twerp, I want the doll. now!!"

"I don't have it anymore." Sarah said innocently.

"What!" Pat cried as she was unable to believe her eyes. "Where is it?"

"While you were at your party last night I found out how much that little antique doll was worth on E-Bay." Sarah said with a smile. "I think you'll learn to enjoy your new life. You'll never want for a man's attention even if your body will be a bit distracting when you start to work."

"Get it back!" Pat demanded.

"Pat, what's wrong with you?" Mrs. Logan said as she stepped into the room barefoot in a tie dyed dress. "You never yell at your sister like this."

"Sorry mom, but I need that doll she sold on E-bay." Pat said as she realized her mother wouldn't believe why.

"It's gone." Mrs. Logan declared. "Your sister found it on the lake shore and it was hers to do with as she pleased. You're too old for playing with dolls anyway. Now apologize to your sister."

"I'm sorry, Sarah," Pat said and meant it for the first time in her life. I realize for the first time how badly I've treated you. I hope you'll forgive me and we can start anew as loving sisters."

"It's okay, sis." Sarah ran over and hugged Pat. Even though Pat didn't know how much of her mind was still herself and how much was a sex crazed plastic love toy, but Pat just kissed her sister on her forehead happily. "Just as long as we keep that love as sisters and not lovers considering your new sex drive and all."


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