Night of the Living Dolls (Chapters 1-10)

by Northern Chill

Author's note :  This story is based loosely on the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead with an ASFR spin to it now.  There are themes of sexuality, profanity and nudity throughout this tale so if this bothers you at all, please move onto another story or site. 
Otherwise, enjoy !

Chapter 1 -   The calm before the storm

                    The grass glistened with dew as the sun rose heralding the arrival of another day.  A nearly deserted roadside hotel stood out from the mostly wooded area with only a single car parked outside.  The road that ran in front of the highway was deserted with only the screech of black crows breaking the silence that pervaded inside.

                    However, it was far from silent inside the one room that was occupied in the hotel.  The television was showing a recently released Hollywood blockbuster while the sounds of running water emanated from the washroom.  After about ten minutes or so, a blonde woman emerged from the washroom with a towel wrapped around her waist and rubbing another one through her wet hair.  She had several visible cuts and bruises visible on her arms and legs indicating a recent struggle with someone or something.

                   After the woman finished toweling herself off, she sat on the edge of the bed and opened up a duffle bag that was sitting on top.  A silky C cup bra and panty set were the first to come out followed by a red t-shirt and blue shorts with matching socks.  After those, the woman extracted a laptop computer and, strangest of all, several long yarn needles and a couple of air pumps you might see for inflating tires.

                  The woman dressed and then stood up with her computer in her arms with a brief pause as if she was listening for something in particular.  A few seconds later, she walked over to the table by the door and set her computer on top of  it.  After plugging it into a nearby wall socket,  the woman flipped open the lid and started typing immediately after it was finished booting up.

                  " My name is Irene Bates and I'm writing this so that someone will be able to comprehend the story I tell here.  It's been about 48 hours since things went topsy turvy in my life and in the world around me.  I still find it hard to believe what happened without warning to everything and everyone.  It all started...."  Irene typed out on her keyboard before leaning back in the chair and staring up at the ceiling.  She closed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead in deep contemplation.

                  "  The start ? do I know ? seems like it happened long ago...and not just yesterday... "  Irene thought as her mind flickered back....back to ...


                 Two days ago.....

                 "  Geez, are you sure you're going to need all that, Doreen ?  You're just going on a field trip...not on a six month voyage to the jungles of Africa."  Irene said jokingly to her red haired room mate as she watched her pack up to go.  She looked out the room window and saw several other women standing around chatting with bags packed up around them.

                Doreen laughed softly as she zipped up her canvas bag and put it on the floor next to two others.  "  If I could get away with packing just one bag, Irene, I would.  Unfortunately, the archeological dig that we're going on in the nearby mountains will require several changes of clothing not to mention the notebooks and tools I have to take with me.  I just hope that the place isn't full of mosquitos or any other bugs." she said softly.

                 "  Well, my March break is going to be more than just digging up old bones and pottery.   My boyfriend Jack is coming by tomorrow to pick me up and considering the fact that this college is an all girl one, I'll be more than happy to see a man that is within ten years of my age for change.  Ha ! "   Irene said with a broad smile and chuckle.

                 Doreen stared at her room mate for a second and sighed.  "  You're so lucky !  I get to spend the next week pawing over rocks and old bones while you get to have your hands on stuff that's rock a good way.  Ha!  Ha! " she said with a laugh as the two embraced.

                  Irene walked with her friend downstairs and shortly thereafter waved good-bye as Doreen left on her bus along with her fellow spelunkers.  As the bus disappeared in the distance, Irene turned and looked up at her nearly deserted residence.  Aside from a few foreign exchange students and a couple others who like her were leaving tomorrow, the building was empty and devoid of any energy or fun.

                  " what the heck am I going to do for fun tonight ? "  Irene thought to herself as she walked up the concrete steps back to her building.  She had just reached the entrance when a blonde haired woman came running up to her from behind calling out to her.

                 Irene turned and saw it was Francine, who lived on the floor just below hers, who was heading towards her.  Known for her willingness to party and treating men like candy samples who could be disposed of on a weekly or even daily basis, the blonde's voluptuous physique and perky attitude made her very popular with the men in the town nearest the campus.

                 "  Irene !  I was just wondering if you wanted to have a little fun with me and a few others looking over the old Myers house.  I got a copy of the key to it from one of the caretakers in charge of it for the campus.  For an older man, he was quite yummy..."  Francine said mischievously while chewing on the end of one of her blonde locks

                 Irene shook her head in slight disbelief at her friend's antics "  You are one wild woman, Francine.  Well, as long as we don't get into any trouble by looking around, it sounds like a lot of fun." she said in agreement which produced a loud yelp of happiness from Francine followed by an enthusiastic hug.



                 The group of women slowly walked down the deserted campus road towards the Myers house at the end chattering and laughing as they walked.  Joining Irene and Francine was Debbie, Kylie and Mandy, who were members of the campus swim team and scheduled to leave in the morning with their team mates.  The sixth member of their little group, Gretchen, was an exchange student from Germany who had decided to stay on campus for the duration of the break.

                 The group were about three quarters of the way there when they heard the sound of a car approaching them from behind.  They stopped and and saw it was a campus security car which stopped just short of them.  After a few seconds, a woman in her early 50's dressed in the drab green security stepped out and shone a bright beam of light into the group's midst.

                  "  All right, ladies, where do you think you're heading to tonight ? "  Mildred asked the group of women while slowly panning the light from left to right.

                  "  Well, if you must know, we're heading to..ooof...."  Irene started to say before being elbowed in the ribs by Francine.

                  " As Irene was going to say, we're going into town for some fun.  We were going to go by car but it's such a great night out weather wise we decided to walk the half mile or so.  Anything else you'd like to know, officer ? "  Francine said with an obvious mocking tone to her voice.
                  Mildred frowned before switching off her flashlight.  " Well, I'll be around if you have any problems tonight.  With the campus almost deserted, I'm the only one on tonight.  Take care, ladies ! " the plump lady said before getting back in her car and turning to go back the way she came.

                  "  Old bitch.."  Francine muttered as they watched the car disappear in the distance.  She then turned to her friends and motioned them to continue walking.

                  Fifteen minutes or so later, the six women arrived at the house which stood at the top of a steep hill.  Surrounded by a black iron fence with an open gate, it was an imposing sight with its' three stories looming over the women as they walked up the concrete walkway and up its' wooden steps.  Arriving at the front door, Francine fished out the key and, with a grand gesture, opened the door up.

                   There was no visible light switches on the wall so Debbie flicked on the flashlight she brought with her.  The six took their time wandering through the main floor looking over the various odds and ends that were on display.

                  "  Guys, this stuff is boring.  Why don't we go have a look in the basement ?  I bet there's all kinds of cool stuff down there. "  Kylie said to the enthusiastic agreement of the others.  They opened the door leading to the cellar and walked down the long set of stairs to the concrete floor of the basement. The six had just started to rummage around slowly  with the flashlight providing the only light available when they heard a car motor outside.

                  "  Quick..kill the flashlight ! "  Mandy whispered and a second or so later Debbie clicked it off.  The six waited in the darkness for whoever it was to leave and let them get back to looking around. Five or so minutes later, they heard a loud rumbling which shook the floorboards above them along with  a flash of light they couldn't see from their vantage point.  After it passed, they waited in silence for roughly another thirty minutes or so to be sure the car was gone for the night.

                 Once they were reasonably certain that whoever was outside had left, the girls went back upstairs and out of the house.  The first thing they all noticed was that the night sky now had a weird pink glow to it that wasn't there before.  As they headed down the walkway, they saw the car belonging to the guard parked near the entrance.

                  Irene walked over to the driver's side of the car and saw that side's door was open.  She looked at the ground and saw what looked like the guard's uniform, undergarments and shoes lying on the ground with a flashlight and set of keys resting next to it.

                  A little perplexed and finding no sign of the guard in the car, Irene stood next to the car and looked around in all directions.  " you out there ?.." she called out several times as the other five young women gathered around the car.

                  After five or so minutes, Irene looked down and picked up the flashlight and keys.  "  Maybe we better head back to the residence now...I've got a bad feeling about tonight." she said with a note of uneasiness.  The others quickly nodded and headed back up the road much quieter than they were before as they looked around for signs of the guard while walking.

                  Ten or so minutes after they left the vicinity of the Myers house, the sound of rubber and vinyl sliding on pavement started to be heard...

                   And was growing louder...

           Chapter 2 -  Bright Sky, dark changes

            The six young women were just within eyesight of their residence and despite their constant calls and shouts, there was no sign of the campus security woman anywhere.  Puzzled by the disappearance, Irene wondered where the woman had gone and why her clothes had been left by the car.

            "  A naked old woman..wandering around the campus...not a pretty vision at all..ewwww !! "  Irene thought to herself  as the group arrived back at the residence with some looking up at the night sky that still had a pink glow to it.  The only other thing that seemed out of the ordinary was that it seemed eerily quiet with no wildlife sounds or distant sounds of cars passing by.

            "  Francine, Irene, this is really weird.  Maybe we should call the police in town and tell them about the security woman going missing."  Debbie said as she rubbed her shoulders vigorously partly from the chill in the night time air as well as general
fear of the unknown.

             Irene shook her head as she fingered the set of keys in right hand  "  We didn't actually see her disappear so what would we tell the cops ?  We think she might have gone missing ?  No, we wait until morning and if there's no sign of her by then, we call the police and tell them what we know. " she said with a firm resolve in her voice.

             "  However, to be on the safe side tonight, maybe we should all sleep here in this residence either in our regular room or borrow one for the night.  I've got the keys if anyone needs in to a room plus I'll lock up the main doors to the building before we all turn in.  Anybody who doesn't want to do that is ok with me.  "  Irene said to the other five women.

             After a few seconds of hesitation, the other women nodded in agreement with Debbie and Mandy agreeing to share a room on the ground floor with Irene going to the her usual room on the same floor.  Gretchen and Francine took a room together on the second with Kylie taking a room near the end of the hallway.  After everybody said good night to each other, Irene went to lock the residence doors for the night.  When she went to lock the back door, Irene stopped for a minute upon opening the door and hearing the sound of what sounded like wet rubber hitting the ground over and over.

             "  That's weird..."  Irene muttered as she looked out into the night air and saw what looked like many bed sheets blowing across the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill.  Rubbing her eyes, Irene figured it had been a long and strange night  with the pink sky and such.  She closed and locked the door before heading off to bed for the night hoping all this weirdness would be back to normal by the morning.

             Several hours later.....

Kylie clicked off the desk lamp and laid back on the bed for the night.  It was a warm night so Kylie only wore a thin set of white panties to bed with no top.  As the blond haired beauty laid back, she closed her eyes and imagined her boyfriend Jason, a professional hockey goaltender, being with her in the bed and the two making wild passionate love over and over......

             Kylie fell into a light sleep during which she dreamed her and Jason were kissing each other deeply with him on top of her exploring her quivering body with his huge hands.  After an unknown amount of time, she partially woke up to find someone on top of her and pressed tight against her mouth.  In her sluggish state with her eyes still closed, she thought at first it might be Jason somehow but when she fully opened her eyes, she saw to her horror the painted features of what looked like one of those blow-up sex dolls you'd find in one of those adult entertainment shops.  The doll's mouth  had formed a tight seal around her mouth and Kylie could feel its' vibrating tongue darting in and out of her open mouth.

            "  Mmmmpph..."  Kyle tried to yell out but her talking was muffled by the love doll's continued pressure on her face.  She tried to push the doll off of her but found to her horror there were two dolls on top of her !  Both dolls were heavy enough to keep her pinned to the bed and more amazingly were moving !

            "  What the hell is going on here ?....oohhh...these...these dolls...why are they alive ?..... "   Kylie thought to herself as she found herself being stimulated by the doll pressing its' hands tight against her breasts caressing and fondling her tits with its' smooth surface.  As Kylie became aroused in spite of her struggles and felt her nipples became hard and erect, she felt her panties being pulled down by the other doll followed seconds later by the doll's tongue probing her exposed pussy.   She tried once again to arch her back and shout out her feelings though this time it was a combination of trying extricate herself from the predicament she was in and express her feelings over being vigorously stimulated.

            However, the pleasure she was feeling was quickly tinged with a sense of horror as she felt her body starting to tingle in a different way.  Kylie saw through her struggles that her skin was starting to change in shape and appearance from a healthy flesh color and look to an artificial look in appearance.  She also felt a strange sense of lightness as if her body was becoming one that was filmed with warm air.

            Kylie's struggles to escape became weaker by the second as the pleasure she was feeling started to overwhelm her desire to get away from the bizarre situation she was in.  She felt the doll's mouth slide off her own and smoothly slide across her face and neck.  Soft moans of pleasure emanated from Kylie at that point instead of screams for help that she was trying to shout just a few minutes earlier.

          "  Mmmmm..feels get away...get....used...used like a good's happening ?...why am I hard to think....ooohhh.... " Kylie thought as she saw her body taking on more and more of a glossy look by the second.  Her breathing was starting to slow quite noticeably and was coming out as ragged gasps through her nose mostly.  She could feel the second doll moving from her pussy to her torso and legs with the sound of plastic rubbing against plastic becoming more and more evident.

          Kylie felt more and more relaxed even as her body started to resemble the dolls on top of it.  She felt her pussy, very moist from the doll's ministrations, slightly open as if it was inviting probing by anybody or anything.  Seam lines were becoming visible on her limbs and torso with her fingers and toes clenching tightly together.  Her ragged breathing completely halted as the change claimed her torso and chest transforming her C-cup breasts into twin mounds of soft plastic capped by bright pink circles and small nipples that were permanently erect.

         " to give pleasure...NO!!! ......must not.....want..pleasure...need to make happy.... "  Kylie thought as the thinking of a love doll became more and more prevalent.  She could no longer talk at all but she didn't want to anyway as she bathed in the pleasures she was feeling.  Her mouth slowly pulled on its' own into an O-shape with the interior becoming a soft bed of pliable rubber and latex devoid of teeth and her tongue.  She could feel her anus moving a little higher on her artificial body before it opening into the same ovular shape that her other two openings now were.

        The two dolls slithered off Kylie's body and stood by the bed as the transformation completed its' process.  Her eyes shimmered as they became just painted features on her face with her cheeks taking on a bright pink glow that matched the pink aeroloe on her chest. Her arms clenched tight to her sides with her forearms sticking up in the air at 45 degree angles to her body ready to hold and give pleasure.

        "  Need pleasure..give pleasure...must give pleasure...make others give pleasure... "  thought the doll that was a young woman named Kylie just a few minutes ago as it got off the bed and followed the other living sex toys out the door and search for someone to satisfy their desires.

        At the same moment.....

        Irene had just managed to close her eyes when she heard screams emanating from elsewhere on the floor.  She hopped out of bed and ran into the hallway where she found Debbie and Mandy screaming at the top of their lungs while gesturing at the doors to outside on either end of the corridor.  Rubbing her eyes, Irene scurried to the door on her right but when she got within a few feet, she stopped in her tracks and her mouth widened in horror and shock.

        Irene saw what appeared to be more than a few inflatable love dolls pressed tight against the door and they were moving on their own !!  Their plastic bodies were rubbing against the wood and glass in the door causing loud squeaking sounds that were unsettling to say the least.  Looking at the windows next to the door, she saw they were filled with O-shaped mouths pressed tight against the panes with painted eyes staring at her.

       If the situation was any more bizarre, Irene would have laughed hysterically at what she saw.  However, those thoughts quickly disappeared when Gretchen and Francine came tearing down the stairs in their pajamas and Gretchen brandishing a long butcher knife.

       "  These..these dolls started coming down the hallway towards us.  I tried to stop them with my knife but it didn't even stop them.  This is bad.  "  Gretchen exclaimed in broken English while glancing behind her nervously.

        Irene looked behind the two young women at the stairs leading upwards and saw three naked love dolls slowly making their way down the stairs with their rubber legs making loud squeaking noises as they walked.  The most frightening part of the sight was that one of the dolls resembled Kylie !  With her long blonde hair, painted blue eyes and exaggerated plastic tits, the doll seemed to be an eerily similar copy of the woman as a doll.

       Irene thought quickly.  "  All right, everyone, grab some clothes and whatever weapons you can find.  I'll barricade the stairs here to keep these...these living dollies back.  Don't look at the doors or the outside windows..just act perfectly normal.  If anyone has a cell phone, call the cops right away...hell, call anyone !  "  she shouted to the other screaming women who, hearing the authority in her voice, immediately hustled off to nearby rooms.

       Shaking just a little, Irene started piling chairs and garbage cans at the foot of the stairwell hoping to at least slow down the living dolls' slow advance.   She could see they were just turning the corner and moving  onto the stairs leading to where Irene and her friends were.  Now that the dolls were closer, Irene saw that the walking sex toys had imperfections that normal dolls wouldn't have like tattoos and a birth mark on the right plastic cheek of the one that resembled Kylie.

      "  Geez, could these things actually be living women that have been changed into love dolls ?  God, how many of these things are there ?....what happened to the men ?....  "  Irene wondered to herself as she watched the awkward advance of the dolls while piling more obstacles in front of them.

      Suddenly, a loud noise rung out that sounded a lot like a gunshot from back on the floor.  Dropping the chair she had in her hands, Irene rushed back into the floor hallway and down to the room where the noise emanated from.  Arriving at the room in question, she found Mandy standing in the middle of the room holding a hand gun in her right hand and a bullet hole visible in the partly opened glass window.

      "  I..I was gathering up my stuff when I saw those..those dolls outside my window trying to get in.  I grabbed the gun that my grandmother gave me for protection and fired a shot at them.   I'm not sure I got them but they're not in the window anymore.  " Mandy wailed while gesturing towards the shattered pane with her weapon.

      Irene gently plucked the gun from the shaken woman's hands and quickly went over to the window in question.  She glanced outside and saw lots of movement outside in the semi darkness but no sign the bullet hit anything in particular.  Closing the remnants of the window as best she could, Irene turned back and hastily threw some things into a gym bag such as clothes, chocolate bars and a pair of scissors.

      She dashed out into the hallway where the other four women were waiting carrying backpacks, gym bags and whatever else they could carry.  Irene was about to ask if any of them had gotten hold of the cops when she heard a noise coming from the basement entrance near where she had set up a barricade.

      "  Don't go in the basement !  "  Debbie yelled at Irene, who ignored her friend and ran over to the barricade area.  To her shock, she discovered that not only were the dolls trying to get over the barricade but there were some slowly coming up the stairs towards her from the basement.

      "  Damn !...I forgot the basement had a separate entrance to outside...these things will be all over us in a few minutes...damn..!  "  Irene thought to herself as she watched the advancing plastic horde.  With no other items to hold these things off handy, she thought up a quick course of action.

      "  All right, everybody, get up the stairs on the opposite end and go to the second floor now.  There's a walkway roof we can crawl across to the adjoining residence, which was locked down for the break.  From there, we can take the walkway to the other campus building.  Now let's go !  "  Irene yelled at the others as she rushed past them towards the stairs in question.

      "  But...but... "  Mandy started to say before there was a mighty CRASH! and the door near the barricade gave way with inflatable dolls tumbling into the hallway.  Seeing this, the women screamed seemingly as one before rushing to follow Irene up the stairs.

      Once the five women reached the second floor, Irene threw open the window in question and motioned to the other women.  " C'mon....crawl through and over to the window opposite.  Francine, you go first and open the window normally or with this hammer.  "  she said handing the dark haired German woman a large rubber hammer.

     One by one, the women scrambled out the window and across the walkway roof trying not to make too much noise to bring attention to themselves.  Luckily for them, Gretchen found the window open and the five crept inside the silent and dark building.

     As Irene closed the window behind her, she glance at the window in the residence they had just come from and saw the naked rubber form of Kylie pressed up against it with eyes staring straight at her with no look of intelligence behind them apparent.

     Irene shook her head slowly  "  What kind of hell is going on ?  Is this going to happen to all of us eventually ? " she muttered to herself before walking away from the window and talk to the other women about their next move...

     If they still had the time to plan...

        Chapter 3 - Making sense of a plastic nightmare

     The sun slowly rose illuminating the dew on the green grass that circled the silent buildings that made up the large college campus.  However, the outside was far from silent as love dolls moved back and forth around the buildings in a way that, to anyone who saw it, would be seem to be a random manner devoid of any purpose.

      For the five young women huddling together in the basement of Phi Sexus Toica, the objects shambling around outside making squeaking noises as their rubber and latex bodies made contact with each other as well as the building were all too real. Sitting in the main TV room with blankets over the windows, Irene, Gretchen and Mandy spoke quietly among themselves as to what their next move should be.  Francine was chewing on a chocolate bar in the corner rocking back and forth in an overstuffed chair with a glazed look in her eyes.  Debbie had grabbed the remote control to the television and was frantically scanning through the channels looking for one that was still on the air.

     " I don't could blow-up dolls have enough weight to break down a door ?  How would they be intelligent enough to be able to follow us ?  What did they do to Kylie to make her one of them and are we....? "  Mandy asked the other two with her voice trailing off at the end.

     " Where are all the men ?  There is no one around but us anywhere in the area.  This is not good at all..not good. "  Gretchen said in broken English .  Her face had a foggy look to it as if her mind was refusing to accept what had transpired in the last twelve hours or so.

     " Look, regardless of what we think is true, we have to go on the assumption that these love dolls are not the lightweight fuck toys that we may have caught our boyfriends with in the past.  The fact is these sex toys have surrounded us, are becoming more numerous by the minute and somehow can turn one of us into one of them.  Right now, we have to figure out a way to get from this building to a car we can all pile into and go somewhere for help."  Irene said with a note of cool determination.

     " There's no place like place like place like home..."  Francine started chanting while clicking her red bunny slippers together rapidly.  Gazing at her with a saddened look, Mandy stood up and went over to the traumatized brunette to try and get at least a small part of her mind back to reality.

      " Hey, everybody, I think I found a channel that is still working.  Take a look..."  Debbie said as an image flickered on the screen with a female voice, obviously shaky by it's tone, becoming audible.  All the women turned towards the TV save for Francine, who was still rocking back and forth in her chair.

      "......hard to say what's going on and why but here's what I can ..umm..tell you today.  Late last night, a brilliant light lit up most of the midwestern states and parts of Canada with devastating and bizarre affects..uhhh...who were in visual range or exposed to the light directly.  Children under the age of 18 have disappeared altogether with only their clothes left behind where they were before.  For adults, the light produced effects that were just as traumatic and even more bizarre to those who went unscathed.  While some people disappeared like the kids, witnesses report seeing women they knew walking around looking like naked sex dolls not speaking or giving signs of intelligence.  As for the men, we have unconfirmed reports of....if you can believe this....large quantities of inflation pumps appearing in place of them. "   the female newscaster said while flickering her eyes around in a nervous manner.

     " Numerous rumors are rampant in the area from those unaffected by the light.  One woman said it was the Lord's work and a sure sign of the apocalypse to sweep away the sinners.  Another woman said she saw Army troops moving through the woods in the back of her property though she also said it could have been a couple of deer.  A third woman had the most disturbing report as she reported that several of these living sex toys were in her home and moving towards the area she was calling from. A few seconds later, there was a sound of splintering wood and the line went dead save for the sound of rubber rubbing against carpet and muffled noises."

     " As for myself and the technicians here, we were working in the basement going over tapes for the next day's newscast when the phenomenon passed over the area.  Thankfully, there was no one else in the building at the time above us and the few people here besides myself managed to barricade the doors to prevent the entrance of these....these toys.  We've tried reaching some of towns and cities beyond the city limits but all long range communications seem to be down.  Some of the people here have tried going online but the internet itself seems to be down....maybe due to the events of last night."  

     " From what we have learned, these dolls that now roam the streets are not like the typical inflatable sex toys one might see in the local adult stores.  They seem to have strength and weight of normal women despite their appearance and have some sort of rudimentary intelligence.  We've had one unnamed person claim that there was more than one type of these dolls wandering the streets of our city though we can't quite....uh...yeah...confirm this."  the newscaster said as she twitched nervously in response to a noise she heard.

      " We've attempted to contact the local police and fire departments for assistance but no luck so far.  We want anyone out there who sees this broadcast  to call us here at this station as long as it's safe for you to use the phone.  Do not go outside no matter what you do until someone in authority tells you it's safe.  Our numb..."  the newscaster said before the screen went black.

     Debbie banged frantically on the TV " C'mon, what's the number ? What's the....EEEKK!!! " she started to say before screaming at the sound of breaking glass.  The women ran out of the room into the corridor expecting to see broken glass and lifelike love dolls slowly moving towards them.  However, all was quiet as far as they could see with no sign of anything out of the ordinary.

     Suddenly, without warning, a female figure jumped out into the middle of the corridor dressed in what looked like a grey and brown set of coveralls and wearing a full face hockey mask.  Clutched in the woman's hands were what appeared to be yarn needles that appeared to have been sharpened by the holder.  Flipping up her mask, the brown haired woman looked at the women with contempt on her face.

     " What the hell are you bimbos doing here when the world's going to hell in a hand basket ?  Or do you want to wind up a mindless sex toy like the ones pounding on the windows right now ? "  the woman growled at the intimidated women in the hallway.

     " Hold on, before we follow you anywhere, you mind telling us who you are, why you just came flying through that window and...."  Irene started to say before the woman interrupted her by taking one of the needles in her hands and sent it whizzing by her head.

     The women were shocked for a split second until they heard it strike a black haired love doll that was lurching silently behind them and sent it hurtling to the floor.  The group turned to see the doll twitch as the air rapidly escaped from the hole left by the needle laying on top of the wilting body.  Gretchen bent over to pluck the needle off the deflating dolly but found herself pushed harshly by the mystery woman.

     " Don't touch that !  Any weapons you use against these damned dolls can only come in contact with dolls one time.  After contact, the weapon takes on the same color and substance of the dolls and can produce the same transformations that you've already seen no doubt."  the woman said as she grabbed a  folded cardboard box out of her backpack and put it next to the deflated doll.  Putting on a set of work gloves, she gingerly placed the deflated doll in the box before slamming the lid shut.

     " Transformation ?  What do you mean.... ? " Mandy muttered as she looked around like the others for any other unwanted intruders.

      The woman sighed as she picked up the box and shoved it into a hallway storage closet before closing the door to it and turning to the women.  " Look, let's get this straight.  My name is Jill and I was part of a team that was exploring a mansion on the edge of town when this whole craziness hit the area.  Since then, I've spent my time running from building to building one step ahead of those zombie dolls."  she said gesturing outside.

     " But...but why....? "  Gretchen started  to say before the sound of more breaking glass filled the air and the familiar sound of latex  feet slapping on the ground.

     " I'd love to stay around and discuss life in general but if we don't get going soon, we're going to spend the rest of our existence walking around with air filled bodies.  Is there an underground tunnel or way of leaving this place without going outside where the dollies are ? "  Jill snarled as she plucked a fresh needle out of her backpack.

     " A tunnel in the basement leads directly to the Computer Science building though the entrance to it is locked at the other end  for the break.  Maybe we..."  Irene said before the sound of glass breaking interrupted her.  The young women turned and saw the now familiar sight of sex dolls piling through a shattered doorway.  As the dolls pushed their way through the opening, Irene noticed the doll's movements were much more fluid than before though still stiff.

    " Move now, talk later.  Let's get the hell to the basement ! " Jill shouted as she ran to the opposite end of the corridor with the other women right behind her.  However, Irene paused before she went down the stairs and looked back towards the TV room she and her friends were just in.

    " Wait a second.... Francine is still back in the TV room...we have to get her now ! "  Irene shouted and turned to go back to the room.  However, she was roughly grabbed by Jill around her right arm and stopped moving after just a step.

   " Don't be an idiot !  Even if your friend was still alive and hadn't been changed into a sex toy by the time you got to her, do you really think that the two of you would stand a chance against the horde of latex and rubber sex toys coming towards us ?  She's gone...let's get going before we join her ! " Jill snarled into the frantic Irene's face, who tried briefly to twist away.

   After one lingering last glance back at the TV room, Jill followed the others down to the corridor hoping to herself that Francine didn't suffer when she met her fate.....

   A few minutes later, the group of women were in the corridor and nearing the door leading into the computer hall.  The women huddled together while Irene frantically sorted the large number of keys on the guard's key chain that she picked up last night.  Jill kept looking over her shoulder at the mass of latex dolls that was moving steadily towards the women nervously twitching a razor sharp yarn needle in her right hand.

   " Irene, hurry up and find the key to the door !  The dolls are getting closer all the time and I don't want to wind up a fucking blow up sex toy for the rest of my life."  Debbie screamed as she saw the dolls getting closer by the second.

   " Yeah, hurry up !  I want to be safe from those dollies too "  Gretchen yelled in an almost hysterical voice.

   "  Get the damned key, Irene.  How fucking hard could it be to find one damned key ? "  Mandy shrieked as she heard the latex feet slapping the concrete floor...coming closer and closer.....

   " Will you guys shut the hell up ? I can't concentrate ! Nope...nope...maybe...uh-uh....shit...maybe...damn..this one ?.... YES!!!....LET'S GO, EVERYBODY !!!! "  Irene flung the door open and the other women quickly piled through just ahead of the soft rubbery hands of the zombie dolls.  After everyone was through, Irene slammed the door shut and locked it just as the dolls were starting to press up against it.  Once she had done that, Irene pulled the fire doors on the sides and secured them against the glass doors to provide a barrier of sorts against the advancing plastic horde.

    Irene then turned and flung the keys to a stunned Debbie.  " Check the other doors and make sure the fire doors are pulled shut.  Kelly, go with her and help her if any of those dolls show up !"  she yelled at the flustered Debbie.  "Mandy, you and Gretchen check to make sure the windows are secured and give a shout if you see anything ! "

    The women moved off cautiously to do the tasks asked of them when suddenly Debbie screamed and pointed at a window near the doorway.  The group moved cautiously over to the extra thick glass pane and saw a sight which chilled each of them to the bone...

    A young red haired woman in her early 20's, her clothes in tatters with her bra and panties still intact, was lying on the lawn surrounded by roughly twenty to thirty love dolls.  Every time she tried to get up and run away, she was struck to the ground from the force of several doll hands pushing her down.  The woman's eyes were wide open and she was screaming again and again for help as she desperately tried to get away from the living sex toys.  Suddenly, the redhead's arms were grabbed hold of by four or five of the dolls  while another doll leaned over and locked her mouth around the frantic woman's mouth.   Simultaneously, a second doll ( whose hands were the traditional mitten variety with no individual digits) clumsily pulled loose the woman's bra and started to fondle and caress the ample bosom of the woman.

    As Irene and her friends looked on in horror, they saw the woman's body start to shimmer right before their eyes.  Flesh and bone quickly changed to soft rubber and latex devoid of imperfections and body hair.  The woman's eyes widened in shock though that was quickly changing to one of lust and desire.  The woman's breasts were becoming glossy in look and seemed to be bobbing up and down like twin balloons as the other dolls continued to fondle them.  The transforming woman's legs slowly spread apart shredding the panties wrapped around her waists.  Muffled protests quickly faded away as the woman took on an appearance of a love doll in shape and look.  As the doll twisted sideways, the women saw the transfomation was complete with an inflation plug that grew out of the small of her back.

   Thirty seconds or so later, the evil process was done and a sex doll slowly stood where a living breathing woman once was.  Standing amidst the tatters of clothing that no longer seemed important, the doll moved stiffly in a circle as if uncertain what to do.

   " Geez, is that what happened to everybody ?  Is that what could happen to us ? "  Debbie said in a panicky voice that was rising in volume.

   Suddenly, the new doll, acting as if she could hear Debbie's question, turned and looked directly at the women in the window.  The living fucktoy raised its' right arm and pointed it in the direction of that window for several long seconds.

   SQUUUUUEEEEAAAKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  was the sound that started to be heard coming from the doll's mouth.

   " SHIT!!! "  Jill shouted in fear as the women scrambled from the window desperate to avoid the fate they had just witnessed..

   No matter what.....


Chapter 4 - Escaping a Artificial Nightmare

    The group of women that were in the building ran frantically away as the squeaking of the doll's bodies pressing against the glass windows and doors grew louder by the minute.  Sprinting upwards to the second floor, the six women stopped in a hallway and caught their breath.

    " What the hell do we do now?  They're out there and they know we're's only a matter of time before they break in and change us all into....into...what they are!!!  We've got to get away!!! "  Gretchen exclaimed as she pounded her fist angrily on a nearby wall locker.

     " Go where, Gretchen?  Before we start making a mad dash out of this place, we have to think about where to go otherwise we'll be caught by those lethal latex ladies in no time! "  Mandy said sharply as she grabbed the hysterical Gretchen by the shoulders and shook her roughly to try and calm her down.

     " Well, we sure as hell can't stay here long term.  Despite the fact that those things are made of latex and vinyl and shouldn't have any more strength than a balloon, they managed to break through a door and window earlier.  It's safe to say that there is hundreds, or even thousands, out there and they seem to be focused on us becoming what they are.  Let's figure out now where we want to go and the best way to get there, "  Irene said to the others as she walked over to a nearby window that overlooked the building's exterior.  Peering outside carefully, she saw there was what looked like forty or five dolls gathered around the area last seen with more slowly moving forward as far as she could see.

      " Oh, yeah, sure, figure it out....doesn't anyone see?  It's game over, man, game over!!!! " Gretchen wailed as she sagged to the floor and put her head in her hands.

      " Well, sorry, but I'm not ready to call it quits at this point.  Since we have power and other amenities at the present time, I suggest we use them to figure out how widespread this stuff really is and see if there's anyone out there we can connect with, "  Irene said as she gestured towards the offices that lined both sides

       Nodding reluctantly, the group set off to see what could be found out save for Jill, who stood near the stairs they had run up to keep an eye on things.  While she kept watch, the others were busy trying the pay phones, entering the offices lining the hallways and, in the case of Debbie, looting the vending machines of food and soda.  Judging by the loud CRASH!!!!, Debbie didn't have much money on her.

      " Iris, Debbie, everybody...get over here now!!! "  Irene called out from where she was just around the corner.  When the other women arrived at where she was, they found her looking down at what looked like the uniform of a janitor that was lying  on the floor next to a mop bucket.  A few of the women knew there was a janitor named Gus who worked cleaning the campus buildings and helped them out if asked.  However, there was no sign of Gus anywhere but there was a thin piece of yellow plastic sticking out where his neck would be.  Sitting on the floor next to the shirt was a pair of dark rimmed glasses that looked to be Gus' from what the young women remembered.

       Grabbing the mop out of its' bucket, Debbie used the wooden end to gently pull the plastic free from the shirt.  The group of women were surprised to see what looked like an inflation pump emerge from the garment.  With hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of love dolls beating on the doors of the building they were in, the realization that this whole transformation aspect was not just limited to women only heightened their anxiety.

        " Ok, enough gawking and standing around.  It's time we got the hell out of here before those freakish things find a way in here.  Grab all the supplies and anything else we might need in the next ten minutes and we'll meet at the end of this corridor.  There's a staff elevator we can take directly into the underground parking garage and grab a car to get us the hell out of here, "  Jill said with a commanding voice.

        " Ummmm.........and then what?  We just decided we shouldn't pile out of here willy nilly and now you just want to grab a car and drive off to somewhere else. "  Irene said as she started to stuff items into a duffle bag she had found.

        " Well, we get the hell out of this city if this stuff is everywhere and head for the suburbs.  We find someplace fairly easy to hole up in like a shopping mall and wait for the army or someone important show up.  If there isn't any mall around that looks safe, my uncle owns a summer camp out by Lake Pyrite that we can use.  No one has been there in years since the night that the caretaker, Willie something or other, died after being run over by a bus driven by escaped convicts.  That whole story was so strange....... "  Jill murmured before trailing off.

         " HEY!!!  I think those damned dolls have got into the building!  Look over here!!  "  Gretchen called out from an area near the staircase.  The young women all ran over to where she was and saw that Gretchen's proclamation was indeed true.  Although they were on the second floor, they could see that the living sex toys were slowly making their way up the stairs albeit in a more awkward way than the women had seen before.  Nevertheless, they were moving upwards leaving the women little time to debate their next step.

         " Let's get to the elevator while we still can!  Let's go now!!!!  "  Irene shouted as she grabbed a couple of bags and sprinted in the direction of the elevator.  The others quickly followed her down the hallway except for Debbie, who paused in front of one of the open office doors.  She saw a computer monitor that had been left on by the staff and judging by the images flickering on the screen, it was still connected to the internet.  However, there was something out of place with the images she saw though she couldn't quite place it.......

         " Debbie!  Get your ass in gear! "  Irene called out from around the corner.  Hearing the slapping of latex feet on tile floor growing louder by the second, Debbie quickly resumed her sprint to the elevator. 

         Once they were all in the elevator, Jill jabbed the button for the garage level and the doors slid shut.  Irene and Debbie stood in front of the door with plastic knitting needles in their right hands in case the elevator opened on the wrong floor or if any of the living love dolls awaited them in the garage area.  As the elevator slowly descended, the group were relatively silent save for the occasional whimper from Gretchen and the crackle of a candy bar wrapper as Jill took the opportunity to eat a little during the ride downwards.

         When the elevator arrived at the garage level, the car halted and the doors slid open to reveal a deserted parking area that looked relatively peaceful with no sign of the love dolls anywhere.  Making their way quickly from the elevator, the women discovered that the garage was almost completely deserted with no vehicle in sight.

          Frantically, everybody started looking for a car....any car that they could get use to get away from this nightmare.  Running quickly around the corner on the far right, Irene came across, to her relief and amazement, a Forvelet HUMVR sitting by its' lonesome in a parking spot near the back.

          " Jill, Debbie, get over here right away....I've found a car we can all use!!! "  Irene shouted as she pressed her face against the driver's window and was happy to see the doors were unlocked and there was a set of keys lying on the passenger seat.  Normally, she would have looked around for the owner but Irene was determined to get away from the insanity that was going on.

         Just as Gretchen and the other women ran over to where they heard their friend shout, they were startled by a scream of pure terror from Irene.  Pulling up just a few feet from here, they saw Irene saw pointing with a twitching right index finger towards the back of the HUMVR.  Moving a step or two closer, the women saw what Irene was frantic about and to some it was unsettling.

         Propped up against the window was a blonde woman that looked to be in her late 20's- early 30's wearing an outfit that indicated that she worked at the university.  However, she was clearly in distress and for the group of women gathered around the vehicle, it was obvious to them the reason for it.  The woman had clearly encountered at least one, if not more, living love doll and although she had managed to escaped from the clutches of the latex zombies, it hadn't been a blemish free escape.  Her clothes were torn and ripped and there was a definite glossiness evident on her bare shoulders and neck.  Her body seemed to be halfway through the transformation with her mouth formed into the familiar O shape of a sex doll though she still had teeth and a tongue.  From what Irene and the others could see, the rest of the woman's body was in a similar state of flux.

        " We haven't got time to play nurse maid with anyone.  Gretchen, toss a jacket around that woman while everybody else throws their stuff in back.  Once we drive the hell out of here and find a place to hole up or somebody who can help us, we'll help whoever this is.  LET'S GO!!!! "  Mandy snapped at the others.

         Jill quickly jumped in the driver's seat after lobbing her stuff in the car followed quickly by the others.  Gretchen and Irene wrapped their jackets around the partially transformed carefully fearing that they might come in contact with the parts that had been changed.  With the slamming of the car doors, the women were all inside and judging by the fact that the ominous sound of latex feet slapping on cement, it was not a moment too soon.

         " Let's burn rubber, ladies! "  Jill shouted as she floored the accelerator.  The HUMVR quickly sped out of its' parking spot and towards the exit.  The women gasped as they saw what looked like close to fifty dolls standing in the entrance and slowly shambling forward.

         " HANG ON!!! "  Jill shouted as she accelerated even more with the others ducking down.  Moments later, the car plowed into the dolls with a mighty THUMP!!!! and, with the sound of breaking glass, it managed to go through the latex crowd.

         " Geez, they're everywhere!!! "  Irene shrieked as she glanced out the car windows with the others.  Inflatable love dolls seemed to be clustering around every building on the campus pressed against the doorways and windows in tight formations.  As the HUMVR sped down the deserted road leading off campus, the women spotted signs that there had been other people caught up in the madness that they had seen.  To the right, there was a compact sitting halfway on the grass with the driver's door hanging open and no sign of the occupants.

          Once the women got off campus, Jill immediately turned down the road that led to the outer edges of town.  She slowed down at times to avoid colliding with a crashed vehicle or a mob of dolls but when she got onto the highway, things went much smoother.  As they drove along, the partly transformed woman started to moan in a gradually louder voice that was starting to grate on everybody's nerves.  Irene and Mandy tried to get the woman to quiet down and she did after a bit though she still moaned and writhed a bit.

          After tense driving that seemed to take forever, the women found themselves pulling into the parking lot of the Swasworth shopping mall.  The lot was mostly deserted and the group, as a whole, exhaled for a respite from the insanity they had left behind.  Pulling up closer, they saw what looked to be several pick-up trucks and larger vehicles blocking the main entrance of the mall.

          " Look!  Look at that!  There has to be someone inside who can help us!  We're saved!  "  Debbie shouted as he jumped out of the HUMVR before it had completely stopped.  The other women got out after Jill had stopped fully and gently maneuvered the partly transformed woman out of the vehicle.

          Glancing around, Gretchen spotted what looked like a security guard's uniform lying on the ground in front of the parked cars.  Bending down, she spotted a set of keys hanging from a belt loop that she immediately figured had to be for the doors to the mall.

           " Hey, guys, go take a look inside for anybody while I....uhhh...try and get these stupid keys off, "  Gretchen shouted as she started to tug on the belt for the keys while being careful not to touch the pump lying inside the uniform.

           The others quickly agreed and started to clamber over the barricade in front of the doors.  They were just about to pear through the glass doors when they heard an earth shattering scream come from Gretchen.

           " Gretchen, what's wrong......NOOOOO!!!! "  Debbie said as she turned to see what the commotion was.  When she saw the reason for the scream, she started to scream herself joined quickly by the others.......


Hovering in orbit over Earth, a silver and gold spaceship observed the events unfolding on the planet below with much interest.  Its' two occupants, a male and female humanoid, seemed to be quite pleased by what they were seeing through their view monitors.

           " Soon, Kayla, the rays we have trained on this planet will have transformed every living being into forms incapable of stopping our conquering it for the Empire, "  the man said as he rubbed his bearded chin in satisfaction.

           " Yes, Mongo, soon it will be known as the planet of the Dolls, "  the woman replied as she continued to glance through the view screen with the brightness reflecting off her shiny skin quite noticeably.......

       Chapter 5 - No Parking in the Inflated Zone

        Debbie, along with the other women clambering over the barricade, turned to see what Gretchen was screaming about and they all screamed in horror.  Gretchen was tumbling out of the vehicle they were just in with her hands wrapped around what looked like a pump for inflating love dolls.  The reason that the women were screaming was that the object was writhing as if somehow, in some strange way, it was ALIVE!!!!

         " Gretchen, what's going on? "  Iris called out as she slowly started to make her way over the parked semi in front of the mall and back towards her college friend.

         " and this....thing.....just came flying at me!!!! "  Gretchen called out as she rolled to the ground in her struggle to keep the pump from moving up and achieving whatever purpose it had.  Judging by the way it was twitching, it seemed intent to get behind her upper torso.

         " Hang on, Gretchen, we'll be there in a second!! "  Jill called out as she started to slide across the hood of a Dodge-Kymoto truck.  However, she suddenly halted halfway across the hood  and yelled for the others to stop going forward and seek shelter behind the car barricade.  

         When the women saw what Jill had spotted, they would have normally dismissed it as absurd if not for the insanity that was all around them.  The air seemed to be filled with inflation pumps of different colors and sizes but all resembling the type packaged with inflatable dolls or similar type items.  In addition to the pumps, there seemed to be an increasingly loud noise that resembled the squeezing of air in and out of the pumps.  Judging by the way that the hoses were moving back and forth in the air,  these flying devices were just as sentient as the one Gretchen was currently grappling with.

          " Help me....I........think....I can't....hold this off....any...longer.....!!!!! "  Gretchen gasped loudly before falling silent upon the nozzle entering her mouth.  Moments later, Iris and the others saw that Gretchen's struggles were dissipating rapidly as her screams for help were replaced by moans of pleasure.

          " NO!  NO!!!! "  Irene called out as she spotted what was happening to Gretchen from her vantage point behind a rusty pick-up truck.  She started to stand up and run to her friend's side but ducked back down when one of the flying pumps wrapped itself around the rear view mirror of the truck she was hiding behind and missing Irene by mere inches.  With the ends still twitching, Irene shrank back and knew her friend's fate was sealed.

          As Irene and the others watched, Gretchen's face started to take a glossy look that was all too familiar to them.  Her face started to become glossy in appearance and her screams for help quickly faded to moans of intense pleasure.

          " Hey!  Hey, you dumb broads!  Get in here now unless you want to wind up a walking love doll like all the other women in the area, "  a voice called out from the mall area.  The women crouched behind the barricade turned and saw an early 30's auburn haired woman ducking her head out of one of what they thought were locked doors.

          " We can't!  Gretchen needs our help before...... "  Jill yelled back even as she saw Gretchen's legs start to separate and form a V shape with her arms pulling tight to her sides.  It was at that moment that she, and the other women, started to hear the sinister slapping rhythm of rubber and latex feet starting to approach them from all sides.

          " Your friend is done for and so will you be if you don't get your asses in here now.  Last chance! "  the mall woman screamed upon opening the mall door once again.

           Jill, Debbie and the others looked around at the chaos that was threatening to envelop them all.  After a brief glance at Gretchen, whose eyes were already showing signs of desiring nothing but lust, the women turned silently towards the mall entrance and quickly made their way through the door where the mall woman was.  Just before the door swung closed and was locked, one final person slipped through with the others that was a surprise to everyone.....the partly transformed woman who they had found in the car back at the university.

           " Get away from the doors right away!  I have to roll a barricade in front of it otherwise those damned dollies will try and break in when they see us, "  the mall woman said as she started pushing what looked several oversized mirrors mounted on 4 or 5 trolley carts towards the mall entrance.  After a moment or two, the college women joined in and helped push the facade in front of the doors just as several latex fingers could be seen latching onto the hoods of the vehicles parked outside.

           " All right, you bimbos, let's get a few things straight.  My name is Andrea and I run this mall.  If you have any problems or concerns, talk to me or Betty.  My word is law here and if you have a problem with it, you can go back out in the parking lot with those fuck toys.  According to the info I've got, the army is going to be in this area in the next 48 hours to help deal with all the dollies and help the survivors.  All we have to sit tight and make sacrifices if we need to, "  the auburn haired woman, dressed in what looked like blue overalls and work boots, said with a commanding voice.

           " Who the hell do you think you are?  You look like some kind of ordinary janitor and not the owner of this place! "  Debbie snapped as she, and the others, noticed that there seemed to be other noises coming from inside the mall.

           " Look, sweetie, all you have to know is that I've got the keys to all the doors so if ya don't like it, you can go out to where ya came from.  The army will be here in a couple of days so until then, let's keep the questions to a minimum and we'll all get along, ok? "  Andrea snapped as she gestured behind her for emphasis.  "  I'll show you all the stores we have access to and areas to stay out of, "

           With a few glances among themselves, the group of college women silently followed Andrea as they headed down the empty hallways of the mall.  Jill noticed that, for the most part, the stores they walked by were open with more than a few showing signs of looting, struggles or both.  There were a few that were locked and dark though Debbie and the others saw a few glimpses of flattened latex and rubber which indicated that a few of the walking love dolls had been here before.

            " Yep, we were lucky, Betty and me, that we happened to be working in the mall here when everything went crazy and such.  Although, there was three of us here in all when things went haywire here in the mall and....well.......Inga...... "  Andrea said before her voice trailed off and she stopped in the middle of what looked like the mall's food court.

            " Why don't you tell them the truth, Andrea?  Inga got turned into a blow-up doll because we....were too late locking one of the entrances and some of those things in.  We tried shooting at them with guns we found in the gun shop but the bullets....sniff....the bullets just bounced off them!  They....they were everywhere!  Inga managed to get the rest of the doors locked but....sniff...the dolls were between her and us.  Andrea stabbed at one of them with a mop that had broken in two and when we saw the doll deflate on the end, we....sniff...started getting rid of the rest of them.  Just as we had finished them off, we....we.....heard....Inga!  She....she..... "  Betty said with tears rolling freely down her face as she approached the gathered women.

            " She had been turned into a sex doll like the others.  She looked like Inga but was nothing more than an air filled bag of rubber and latex.  Anyway, once we took care of the toys, we started securing the other stores and that brings us to seeing you ladies outside, " Andrea said with her voice showing none of the temporary uncertainty that was there before.

            " Look, I don't mean to be a wet blanket but have you thought about what you're going to do if the army is late getting here or doesn't arrive at all? "  Debbie asked as she looked with great interest at the food displayed to her right.  Although she considered herself a  ' picky eater', she, like the others, hadn't eaten much outside what they snared out of the vending machines.

             Andrea's face turned beet red for a second or so and she raised the broken mop handle in her right hand upon hearing Debbie's response.  " The army is coming and that's that!!  Now, if you're hungry, Betty can fix you up some food and such while I go and check a few stores at the other end of the mall, "  the woman said nodding towards the Chuck's Chicken and Bob's Beastly Burgers outlets.

              Debbie was about to say something more but was somewhat forcefully elbowed in the ribs by Jill.  With that, the women, including the semi transformed woman who was remaining silent and virtually ignored by the others, slowly took their seats while Betty started to cook up some burgers and fries.

           " Look, everyone, I know this has been a weird 48 hours or so but doesn't anybody find this place, not to mention Andrea and Betty, just a little too strange? "  Irene said quietly to the rest of the women gathered around her.

           " Hey, we've got food, comfort and the army is on the way.  What's so odd about want things to be as crazy in here as they are out there? "  Jill said as she sipped on a soda that she had grabbed from a nearby store.

           " We can't....can' "  an unfamiliar voice gasped with a very noticeable wheezing between the words heard by the gathered women.  Turning in the speaker's direction, the women saw that it was the partially transformed woman, who everybody had forgotten, that was the one talking.

           " Ummm, I don't mean to sound nasty but who the hell are you and, well, are you still, uh, you? "  Debbie snapped in the half woman/ half doll.

           " My  I was....was the Vice-President of the Minerva University for Young Women.... and was working at tidying up......some details....mmmmmm......when things went crazy.  I saw dolls streaming through....ooohhh....fuck....through the......uhhhhh........hallways away.  Two or three.....ohhhh....things......fuck me!.....grabbed me and I......I.....felt my body.....changing.  Before they finished me off, they......errrrr......they moved off and.....good dolly!......I got car, " the woman said even as she was absently rubbing her right hand against what sounded her rubberized right breast.

           The women, stunned by the first hand telling of an attack and recalling how they had left friends behind to experience such a fate, remained silent for several long seconds afterwards.  Finally, Debbie coughed slightly in preparing to ask Cathy a question but was interrupted by the arrival of Andrea and Betty with burgers and fries they had cooked up.

            With the audible sounds of latex slapping against the doors of the mall, the women managed to start eating some of the food prepared for them.  As they ate, they were surprised to see Andrea pushing what looked to be a large screen TV, connected to an extension chord, out in front of them.

            " Since all this stuff started, I've been checking this TV on the hour to see how things are going elsewhere.  The local stations are all out but the national ones still seem to be working.  Let's check it out, "  Andrea said as she made a few minor adjustments before switching the TV on.

             As Jill and the others looked on, the first number of channels yielded nothing but static as Andrea clicked the remote quickly.  Finally, after five or so seconds of fiddling, an image appeared on the screen that appeared to be the studio for one of the national networks.

              "........hard to sum up what has been going on over the last 12-18 hours but, at this point, I'll try and describe what we know.  Around midnight, a comet that seemed to appear out of nowhere roared through the night sky traveling from east to west and was visible through most of this country.  Eyewitnesses report seeing people standing outside disintegrating right before their eyes leaving only their clothes and a pile of dust.  However, these horrific sightings were only the beginning of the nightmare that has gripped our country as it was discovered that people under the age of 18 and over 50 had vanished in a similar manner.  Before people could come to grips with this, the weirdest part was just starting to happen."

             " Women were reporting seeing female neighbors transforming into what appeared to be latex love dolls that were alive and available to move.  At first, the changes appeared to happen without outside help but reports started to come in hard as it may seem to believe.....hordes of these dolls rampaging through streets and buildings.  For any unfortunate woman who were engulfed by these moving sex toys, it proved disastrous for her as these dolls would rapidly convert the woman from flesh and blood to latex and plastic in a matter of minutes.  The transformed women seemed to be just like the other dolls in terms of purpose and these hordes swelled in size very quickly, "

           " As for the men in society, as many of you are no doubt aware, many of them disappeared in a manner similar to the women leaving only their clothes behind.  There were also scattered reports of what looked like inflation pumps found in the middle of.....hold on.....I'm getting an indication that we have a report coming in from station KLZY in northern California.  We'll try to get you that report in a minute but bear with us as many of the people here are doing jobs they are unfamiliar w........ "  the studio host said before the screen faded unexpectedly to static.

            " Shit!  Let's try something else....... "  Andrea muttered as she started to click through the channels once again.

            " It's kind of a relief  to know that  the whole world hasn't gone to hell like it has around here, "  Jill whispered to the other women between mouthfuls of food.

            " Ah, here we go! "  Andrea called out as she found another channel that was still broadcasting.  From what the women could see, it appeared to be a reporter stationed in the street of an unknown city with several heavily armed women standing in the background.  Jill and the others could hear a noise growing louder by the second as well that sounded very familiar to them all.

            "......Monique Fallsworth reporting from downtown Fort Wayne where we've hooked up with a group of women belonging to the Young Urban Gun Owners Society.  I've got their leader, Angie Whitling, with me and she seems to have a strategy against these hordes of dolls that seem to be everywhere.  Angie, could I have a word with you for a second? "  the TV reporter called out to one of the armed women.

           " Hiya, Monique.  I gotta say I've liked seeing you on TV when you covered the weather.  You seemed a lot smarter than that idiot Ron guy.  Ya know, I remember...... "  the burly Angie started to say even as the sound of latex slapping on pavement grew louder by the second.

            " Well, Monique, we've got a plan that I think will take down these damned dollies.  I've got Glenda and Birdie to lay down tire puncture tracks across the streets behind us and to the west.  Rhonda is positioned in a second floor window armed with a rocket launcher that is pointed into the street directly ahead of us.  In the street behind us, we've planted several explosive charges into and around the street to use if we need to get out of here in a hurry.  The main attack on these dolls will be me and the executive to handle.  We swung by the local police station and....hear that?......ladies, it's go time! "  Angie called out to her fellow gun toting women.

            " A brave stand by the members of the Y.U.G.O.S. though whether it will work out remains to be seen.  We've gotten unconfirmed reports from Duluth and Portland that these dolls are impervious to small arms fire.  Due to the chaos that seems to be going on around the nation, we're unable to confirm or get any further details about......wait a second....Jane, I think I hear something! " the TV reporter intoned to the unnamed studio host before turning and facing the direction Angie had moved in.

            When the camera operator swiveled around to follow Monique, the women watching from inside the mall gasped upon seeing an all too familiar scene.  At the far end of the street, there looked to be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of love dolls moving steadily towards the group of women.  In addition to the sound of latex and rubber making contact with the street's surface, there was a fairly loud moaning coming from the dolls.

             " All right, Rhonda, let these fuck toys have it!!!! "  Angie yelled out to her right to the concealed woman she had stationed in her plan.  A few moments later, a powerful projectile flew out of a window and smashed into the street about 75 feet or so in front of the dolls.


             When the smoke started to clear, the gun toting women saw a fairly large hole in the street but the blast hadn't slowed the dolls in the slightest.  In fact, there were dolls walking directly into the hole caused by the rocket and they seemed to climb out of it without missing a step.

              " Connie, the reports we've been getting about these dolls being more than simple latex and rubber adult toys appear to be correct.  We're going to move back a little and see what success Angie and her friends have against this doll mob, "  Monique said with her voice noticeably wavering a little.

              Moments later, the camera focused once again on Angie and the women belonging to her gun club as they took position behind a hastily constructed barricades.  As the dangerous dollies neared the women, Angie motioned for the women around her to open fire at the count of three.

              Jill, Irene and the others inside the mall flinched and covered their ears seconds later as the sounds of gunfire blasted through the TV's speakers.  For what seemed like the longest time, the screen was full of smoke and only faint images could be seen through it.  The women watching the television sat in silence as they watched and hoped that the situation would turn out good for the women there.  However, as the sounds of gunfire became intermixed with moans that grew louder and louder, the women started to think this wouldn't be the case.

              As the camera, which was starting to become somewhat shaky, continued to focus on the battle, the smoke started to dissipate somewhat and a horrifying scene became evident.  Three of the YUGO women had been disarmed by the living latex lovelies, pinned to the ground and were in various states of being transformed themselves.  Screams of defiance were quickly being replaced by moans of pleasure as flesh and blonde became latex and rubber.  The camera, focusing on one woman, caught the transformation of one woman, a fire engine red haired woman of slender build, into a buxom love doll whose eyes were frozen in a look of eternal lust.

               " The battle is not going as well as expected for the YUGO women at all.  In fact, I may have to break off from reporting in order for me and my camera woman to get away safely.  Debbie, let's get to the van now and....oh my god.....what the hell???!!!!!...... "  Monique intoned as she glanced around in an increasingly nervous manner while gesturing towards the TV van before trailing off.  The camera swung around to see a large number of dolls emerging out of a building no more than two or three buildings away from the reporter.

               The women watching inside the mall screamed and yelled at the TV as they saw the TV camera drop to the ground abruptly.  Although the operator was moving away from it, the camera was still operating and showed the reporter and her assistant try desperately to get into the van and away from the chaos around them.  However, the advancing sea of dolls moved faster than the two women and a familiar scene played out like before.

               As the women, screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs, had their clothes ripped from their bodies and were dragged to the ground, the camera caught the approach of a new group of living sex toys: the women who used to be part of YUGO.  Their leader, Angie, was now a naked blow-up doll with painted eyes and a mouth that moaned like all the other dolls around them.  This group quickly joined the other dolls in overwhelming the TV women and the yells of defiance faded away forever.

              " Fuck!  Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! "  Andrea exclaimed as she snapped off the TV and hurled the remote to the floor.  The seated women looked on in stunned silence as Andrea and Betty quickly moved off with the latter trying to calm things down as best she could.

              " Look, I don't know about you guys but I think we should look at a way of getting out of here ASAP.  I know things outside aren't very pretty but I think that broad Andrea is getting pretty close to cracking.  Maybe we should figure out a way to get to the roof and......wait....where the hell is Cathy? "  Irene started to say before stopping and looking around for the partially transformed woman.

              Before they had a chance to go looking for the missing woman, they heard a loud CLANGG!!!! followed by the sound of several heavy objects crashing to the floor coming from the direction that Andrea and Betty went in.  Irene and the others quickly stood up as a group and moved in that direction.

              They had gotten about 3/4 of the way when a frantic and bloodied Betty ran smack into them and tumbled to the tiled floor.  " She....she's freaking out!  She started talking how there's no hope....the world is going to be overrun by these things and we're all going to be changed into these mindless latex and rubber toys.  Before I could stop her, she was taking down the barricade and....and..... "  Betty sobbed and pointed towards the entrance at the far end of the mall.

              " Oh shit........... "  Debbie said as she saw what was unfolding at the entrance in question.  Love dolls, of different sizes and appearances, were streaming through a door that had been unlocked by Andrea.  As for the self appointed ruler of the mall, Andrea was pinned to a wall of glass by at least five dolls and had part of her outfit ripped away by the latex menaces.  Oddly, the woman, already partly transformed by the latex menaces, was showing no resistance to her fate and looked almost resigned to it.

             " Let's get the hell out of here!! "  Irene shouted as the women realized their safety had been compromised.  The group quickly ran back towards the area they were in only to hear the slapping of latex feet coming from another entrance area near the food court.  Peering around the corner, they saw that another door had been opened ( though this one was courtesy of an object thrown through the glass) and the person responsible for it was none other Cathy!

             " Noo!!  It's not possible!! " Jill screamed even as she, and the others, saw that the dolls were joined not only by the fully transformed Cathy but Gretchen as well.

             " Quick!  While we still have a chance, let's get to the roof!  I have an idea!  "  Debbie exclaimed as she gestured towards a door leading to the service area of the mall.

             Having no time to plan, the women followed Debbie to a ladder that led to the roof.....

             And whatever laid beyond.......

        Chapter 6 - A shrinking circle

              The women quickly went up the ladder indicated by Betty and found themselves standing on the roof.  Looking around quickly, they saw no sign of the dolls near them though there were already a few of the dolls starting to grapple onto the bottom of the ladder with paddle hands evident on a few of them.

              " Sorry, dollies, but you're not getting up here anytime soon! "  Jill snapped as she slammed the lid shut and jammed a piece of wood into the locking mechanism.  She wasn't sure that the inflated menaces had the strength to get the hatch open but she didn't want to leave anything to chance.

              To the surprise of everyone except Betty, there was a shiny black and blue helicopter parked in the center of the roof.  As the women ran over to the chopper to look it over, Jill glanced around to see if there was any of those airborne inflation pumps they had encountered before.  Peering over the roof's edge, she saw there looked be hundreds and maybe thousands of love dolls streaming through the mall entrance nearest her.  To her great disappointment, Jill saw that among the masses of latex and rubber, she could see the dollified beings that used to be Gretchen and Cathy, who were identifiable by the thin strips of clothing clinging to their shining bodies.

              Shaking her head in sadness, Jill looked around and saw there were quite a few of the flying pumps in the air around the dolls but the pumps were making no attempt to move farther away.  If she didn't know better, she would have sworn there was a symbiotic relationship between the dolls and the pumps.

              " Hey, Jill!  Stop looking at those dolls and get your ass over here! "  Debbie called out as she and the others clustered around the chopper and peered inside it.  Sprinting over, Jill saw that the chopper looked to have more than enough room for all the women to fit in.  In her mind, however, there was one big problem with using the helicopter to escape the grasps of the lethal latex mob.

              " Yeah, yeah, nice chopper, ladies, but I think you're all forgetting one thing.  We don't have the keys to it and none of us know how to fly the damned thing! "  Jill snapped at the women gathered around the machine.

              "  Well, as it happens, I have the keys to the helicopter.  The mall manager was planning to use it as a part of a promotion to lure high profile business owners to the place with the idea they might rent space here.  However, the pilot for the chopper, a retired navy guy, isn't, ummm, available for obvious reasons so I guess Jill is right.  We're screwed, "  Betty said with a heavy sigh as she twirled a set of keys around her right index finger.

              " Ummm, I should be able to.  As long as it's fueled up and has a ten person capacity, I should be able to fly us off the roof and wherever we want go with little problems, "  Irene murmured as she ran her right hand over the plastic nose of the chopper.

              " You?  Where the hell did you learn how to fly a Bell 222 helicopter? "  Debbie snapped as Irene caught the keys tossed to her by Betty and unlocked the pilot's door to the chopper.

              " My dad was the head guy at the Air Force base I grew up on and since I was his only child, he wanted me to learn how to fly something like this in case ' those darn commies swooped in and overran America! '.  I guess he was partially right, "  Irene replied as she squinted to look at the fuel gauge and glanced at the interior for anything of use.

              " Ok, fine, you can fly the damned thing!  Before we sail off into the wild blue yonder, why don't we figure out a safe place that we can go to?  Uhhh, and while we're at it, let's make it quick and such, ok? "  Debbie said while gesturing towards the roof hatch they had closed just a few minutes earlier.  The hatch was starting to show the effects of multiple blows from the under side with a low moaning becoming audible as well.

              " We could fly to that semi private island that is located about twenty miles northeast of here.  The only way to access the island is by boat or private plane on a small airstrip in the middle of the place.  There is about ten homes located on the island altogether plus some other buildings owned by the government.  I'm not saying it'll be completely vacant but it's better than landing in an area swarming with these inflated nightmares, "  Jill exclaimed as she tossed her knapsack inside of the chopper followed by several wooden weapons the women had fashioned to use against the lethal latex dolls.

              " I guess, unless somebody has a better suggestion, that this island is the place to go.  Say, where the heck has Mandy gone? "  Debbie said before craning her neck to look for one of the group that seemed to have vanished.  Before Irene, Jill, Betty and Debbie even began to start looking for Mandy, they all saw something that froze them in their tracks.

              Walking out from behind a large air conditioner unit, a love doll started to shamble towards the helicopter and the women gathered around it.  Judging by the open briefcase it was carrying in one of its' hands, the doll may have been one of the business women the chopper was meant for. Even as the doll lurched towards the women and Debbie lined up her crossbow on the approaching menace, Betty let out a piercing scream as she, and the others, saw another figure behind that the doll that was much more familiar.

              With a look on her face that resembled Cathy before she fully transformed, Mandy slowly moved forward at a pace even slower than the doll ahead of her.  Her clothes hung in tatters around her body though, judging by the shreds hanging from her fingernails, she may have been the one tearing at her garments and not the doll in front of her.  The reason for such actions quickly became evident as the women saw part of an inflation pump bobbing in the air behind Mandy.  From the look of it, it appeared to be attached to Mandy's back.

               " Damn!  Mandy, hang on!  We'll help you in a minute or two! "  Debbie yelled out as she lined up her crossbow and fired at the advancing doll.  To her chagrin, she missed her target with the bolt whizzing by the target as well as Mandy and disappeared from sight.  While Debbie reloaded her crossbow, the other women grabbed for sharp objects to use except for Irene, who continued her pre-flight checks.

              After Betty missed the advancing doll with the snapped broom handle she was holding, Debbie finally managed to get her crossbow ready and hit the approaching doll between its latex boobs.  Even as the doll sagged to the ground, the women turned their attention to Mandy and what they could do for her.  Unfortunately, they could see that help was something that was no longer practical for their friend in distress.

              " Oooohhhh...... "  Mandy moaned as she staggered to the edge of the roof.  Her friends could see a glossy appearance becoming prevalent on her legs and face with her arms already forming into a L shape like any other love doll.  She was wobbling back and forth as her transforming body seemed to be buffeted by the breeze coming from the helicopter warming up.

              " Mandy!  Mandy, get away from the edge!  Mandy, please.....!!! "  Debbie screamed at her staggering friend and her pleas were quickly joined by the others.  Ultimately, their pleas were for naught as they saw their friend tumble off the edge of the roof and out of sight.  When the women moved to the edge to see where their friend had landed, they saw that the transformation of Mandy was much further along than they had suspected.  Instead of landing on the pavement with a thud, Mandy seemed to float to the ground and bounced a little when she landed.  The inflation pump detached from her back as the newly created doll slowly pulled itself to its feet and started to move about like all the other dolls around it.

              Before the women had a chance to fully absorb what they just saw, there was a loud CRASH!!!! followed by the sight of the roof hatch being hurled in the air by the force of a blow.  A moment or two later, several pairs of hands that were decidedly love doll in nature started to reach through the opening.

              " We gotta go now!!! "  Jill shouted from inside the helicopter to the stunned women outside.  After a moment or two, Debbie, Irene and everybody else piled inside and slammed the doors shut just as the living dolls started slap their hollow arms and hands on them.

              " We'll be in the air in just a few sec...WHOAHHHH!!!! "  Jill started to shout before she was interrupted by the sound, and sensation, of something making contact with the helicopter's rear rotor.  Irene, seated on the right side of the chopper, pressed against the glass window in the door and saw what looked to be a brown hair love doll fly through the air in multiple pieces undoubtedly from stumbling mindlessly into the blades.  As the tattered remnants rained down around them, Jill checked her gauges to make sure nothing was damaged by the impact before pulling back on the stick and putting the helicopter into the air.

             As the chopper winged its way towards the island destination, the women refrained from looking down and found their minds preoccupied by thoughts of what had happened over the last 24 hours.  From the sights they had seen to the faces of friends and coworkers left behind, the surviving women were united in their hopes of staying alive in a world turned upside down no matter what......


             Roughly twenty five minutes or so later......... 

              "......there's an airstrip just past this crop of trees that we'll be setting down on in just a few minutes.  We don't know what's going to happen once we are back on the ground so everybody should be ready for those damned dollies as soon as we land! "  Jill shouted into her headset so the others could clearly understand what she was saying.

             A few minutes later, the Bell helicopter settled down in the middle of the airstrip and the women quickly got out out when they saw the area was deserted.  As they got out, the women saw that there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary in the immediate area.  In fact, the only thing that looked out of place was an expensive sports car parked on the right side of the runway that had no occupants but all four doors were wide open on it.

             " Ok, before we start checking out the immediate area, why don't we head for the hanger to our right?  I've got an idea how we can deal with those flying pumps for now.  It might be a tad uncomfortable but the alternative isn't nice either, "  Irene shouts to the other women as she gestures towards the building in question.

             Figuring they had nothing to lose, everyone quickly followed Irene's suggestion and sprinted over to the place in question.  Finding the door to the hangar locked, Debbie wrapped her jacket around her elbow and smashed in the glass window with it.  After unlocked the door, the women walked inside the mostly empty hangar and watched Irene as she quickly located what looked like some sort of cutting torch.  Finding a coffee maker and a fairly well stocked fridge in an office, everyone except Irene indulged themselves in a cup of coffee and discussed what they should do next.

            Thirty minutes later, Irene beckoned the women out to her and showed them what she had been working on:  four sheets of metal that looked to be about two feet in length with two small holes at the top of each sheet.

            " I figure that those flying pumps are going to be a bigger problem than any of those walking dollies we might run into.  Since those pumps seem to go for a person's back, I've fixed up these metal shields that we can wear to protect ourselves from those things.  They're a bit cumbersome but they will do until we figure out something else.  I'll adjust the straps for each of you while we figure what part of the island we should go to and the best way to get there, "  Irene said as she held up one of the metal plates for the others to see.

            " We've got to assume that there are a few dollies on this island so I would suggest avoiding any part that has more than house next to each other.  Let's check that abandoned car we spotted near the runway to see if we can get it going and head for that large house I spotted south of here when we first got within eyesight of this place.  Once we get there and make sure it's safe, we'll figure out what to do next.  Does that sound good to everybody? "  Irene exclaimed to the trio around her.

            Somewhat surprised by the decisive manner Irene was now acting in, the others once again agreed to her suggestions.  Fifteen minutes later, the quartet headed outside and headed towards the car nearby with glances cast all around them for anything out of the ordinary.

            To everyone's relief, nothing attacked them during their brief walk and there was a set of car keys dangling from the ignition.  Tossing their stuff in the trunk, the four got in the car and slowly headed down the road leading away from the airfield.  Just as they reached the point where they turned south, they saw three busty love dolls shambling towards them in the middle of the road.  Debbie, who was driving the car, hesitated only a bit before she gunned the motor and drove the car straight into the midst of the menacing sex toys.  With louder than expected thumps, the dolls were sent flying in the air when they came in contact with the vehicle and tumbled into ditches on either side of the road.

            Before the dolls had a chance to pull themselves to their feet and renew their pursuit, the car screeched to a halt and the trunk popped open.  Debbie and Irene jumped out of the car and each quickly grabbed a weapon out of the trunk.  A well placed spear throw and crossbow bolt shot later, two deflating dolls sagged to the pavement and the four women continued on their way.

            A short time later, after a couple of stops to remove debris that was lying on the road, the women arrived at their destination: a two story house with a boat deck in front and several vehicles parked around the property.  As Betty and the others got out of the car, they saw the doors and windows of the house showed signs of being boarded up with planks of wood.

            " Hello?  Hello?  Is there anybody here? "  Irene called out with her hands cupped around her mouth.  She was met with a reply of silence.

            " Hello?  Look, there's none of those things out here right now.  You're safe to answer us, "  Jill shouted out as loud as she could muster and waited for a response while the others milled around to look over various things scattered about the property.

            Less than a minute later, one of the women noticed the drapes at one of the ground floor windows was pulled to the left for a moment or so before it fell back in place.  Jill and the others stood in silence for a brief period before the sounds of lumber being ripped away from walls could be heard followed by the sight of the back door slowly  swinging open.  A red haired, mid twenties women dressed in what looked like a slightly torn bikini top and blue jean shorts.  Behind her, a brunette that was roughly the same age wearing a one piece blue swimsuit that was torn across the upper chest and barely was keeping her impressive sized breasts inside it.  Both women were carrying weapons of some sort with the redhead carrying a rake that had the bottom broken off and sharpened into a point and the brunette holding what looked like some sort of water gun that had been modified to fire small wooden spikes.

            " I'm Colleen, the owner of this house, and this is my cousin Wendy.  I don't know how the bunch of y'all wound up here but you can't stay here!  The first one who takes a step towards that house with the idea of looting it is going to get the same thing as those fucking toys! "  the brunette called out while gesturing towards Irene and the others.

            " Whoah, whoah!!  Let's calm down before things get out of hand!  I think we're all in the same boat so why don't we talk things out?  I'm Jill and these are my friends.  We landed on this island a short time ago after getting away from the same type of freaks that were after you.  Is there anybody else alive in the nearby houses? "  Jill replied in a soothing voice as she tried to keep things from getting out of control.

             " I, umm, I don't think so.  Wendy and myself were sleeping in the house's basement when things started to go nuts all over the place.  We ran upstairs to find that my cousin Jane had been changed into one of those damned blow-up things and was moving towards us!  Lucky for us, we managed to get outside through a back door before we got turned into one of those dollies.  However, it was like ' out of the frying pan and into the fire ' for both of us as we saw dolls coming towards us down the road you were just on.  Wendy quickly grabbed her bow and arrows that she had been practicing with earlier and together, well, things get blurry from there, "  Colleen intoned while gesturing around the grounds.

            Seeing the remnants of several punctured and deflated dolls lying in a heap behind the house, Irene nodded in understanding.  " That's pretty much what we've been dealing with.  Have you handled any of those deflated dolls because I've heard what happens to anyone that isn't careful? "  she asked the two across from them.

            Wendy sighed as she lowered her weapon "  We were barricading the outside of the house and were about to start piling those dollies into a shed out back when Connie McAllister, a neighbor from a house on the other side of the island, came running in from somewhere.  She was practically naked and a little, well, disoriented when we saw her.  Before we could say a word to her, she started grabbing the dollies that were strewn on the lawn and started tossing them in the ditch.  It wasn't more than a minute or two later that me and Colleen saw her skin start to become shiny and heard moans coming from her mouth.  She turned and started staggering towards the two of us looking more inanimate than human in appearance.  Realizing we didn't have much of a time, I held her off with a rake while Colleen stabbed her in the right leg with one of her arrows.  As we watched her deflate, we realized that handling these things with our hands could be just as bad as a successful attack, "  she said as she gestured towards a red haired doll lying atop others in the ditch.

            " That's a good idea.  Look, why don't we sit down, have a drink and figure out what we all want to do next?  We'll tell you how we wound up here and some other stuff as well, "  Debbie said softly with a hope that the situation had calmed down now.

             After glancing over at Colleen, Wendy nodded slightly and pointed towards the house. "  There's some cold beer in the fridge on the main floor.  We got a portable generator going when everything went nuts in case the power went out suddenly.  There's no phone but its not like we have anybody to call there! "  the red haired women intoned with a decidedly forced laugh uttered at the end.

             Debbie, Irene and the others said nothing though their faces reflected clear skepticism in the sanity of their hosts.  Walking inside, the women saw there was several large cardboard boxes stacked in one corner with DOLLS! written in big letters on the sides of them.  Grabbing a six pack of what looked like an imported Canadian beer, Debbie handed one to everybody in the room before taking one for herself and putting one back in the fridge.

             " Well, what do we do now?  Do we wait until some government people show up and tell us that everything is back to normal?  Or do we try and get things set up for a long stay on this island? "  Irene asked as she gestured towards the window on her left before taking a long swig on the icy cold beverage she was holding.

             " If I can venture an opinion, I don't think waiting here for the big guys in suits is a good idea at all.  To start, I think we should go to the other houses on the island and make sure that there aren't any more dollies lurking around here.  After that, we should gather up all the food, firearms and anything else we can scrounge up.  What do you think of that? "  Wendy proclaimed as she walked into the room and got a beer for herself.

              " It sounds good, Wendy.  To be honest, hunting down those dolls is a heck of lot better than running for your life from those things.  We should rig up some padded armor for us to wear in case we run into any of those flying pumps while we're doing stuff outside.  If anyone else has ideas, let's hash 'em out after a night's sleep, "  Irene replied as she tried to stifle a yawn.

              Feeling the strain of the last 36 hours or so, everyone quickly agreed to getting some rest and after securing the doors and windows, the women collapsed onto beds, couches or whatever they found to support a few hours of rest.  Colleen and Jill volunteered to take turns keeping an eye open for anything that might show up unexpected.  Fortunately for them all, the night passed uneventfully with more than a few hours passing without a sound heard save for the snoring of a few weary women.

              When the sun rose the next morning, the women stretched and after a brief breakfast of cold coffee and stale doughnuts, they started to put together the gear they figured they would need.  Jill, who knew next to nothing about the rigging of such stuff, agreed to keep an eye open while everybody worked on the protective gear.

              After rigging up stuff for everyone to wear using everything from kitchen pans to spare car parts in the garage, Debbie ventured outside for a minute and saw Jill staring out at the river with a crossbow lying within easy reach.

              " Jill?  What's the matter?  Do you see something out on the water? "  Debbie inquired as she raised her right hand to her eyes and glanced out at the area beyond the dock.

              " Hi, Debbie.  I, uh, I don't know.  A few minutes after the sun started to rise, I thought I saw something out on the water.  I don't see it anymore so I guess it must have been my imagination, "  Jill replied as she picked up her crossbow and prepared to join the others, who were waiting in two trucks nearby.

              Debbie nodded in understanding.  " Well, if it was a boat or something like that, I'm sure they'll be back this way in the future.  Right now, I think it's time we did a little dolly hunting, don't you? "  she said with a small smile.  Jill nodded in agreement and a few minutes later, the trucks were moving down the road slowly towards the other houses on the island.

              As the women traveled, they talked about what the houses would have cost them if they were living in them and what kind of furnishings they might have and so on.  They started to quiet down when they approached the first house to check out, a two story home that looked to have been built in the last five years or so.   Slowing down at the foot of the driveway, the women stared up at the house for several minutes to see if there was any sign of people or dolls or flying pumps.  After seeing nothing, Irene unlocked the passenger door and was just about to step outside when she, and the rest of the women, were startled by a loud THWAAP!!! as a flying inflation pump smacked hard against the windshield of the truck with the long hose wedging itself tightly into the small amount of space between the door and the truck frame.

              " Stay cool, Irene!!!  I'll grab this stick and get that thing away from you as soon as possible, "  Jill shouted as she popped open her door and hopped out with the weapon she mentioned clutched in her right hand.   Moments later, Jill, with the aid of Irene and Colleen, managed to try the writhing object off the truck and pinned it to the ground.  After making sure the pump was firmly secured to the ground, the women covered the pump with several shovels of grass and dirt even as a few of them kept an eye open for any more menaces.

              Roughly ten or so minutes later, the women finished their task and started to proceed on foot towards the house at the base of the property.  Colleen was following along when she noticed that Jill  had stopped moving and was turned towards where they had left the trucks.   " Hey, Jill, you going to join us or are you looking to work on your tan out here on the lawn? " Colleen called out to Jill with a bit of whimsy to try and break some of the attention.

              Jill shook her slowly " I'm coming, I'm coming.   It's just, well, I could swear I hear the feet of those god awful dolls heading down the road we just drove on, "  she muttered as she turned and peered down the road in the direction that they came from.

              Colleen joined Jill and looked, as well as listened, for anything that sounded like the living sex toys they had to come to fear.  After a brief period of time, Colleen shook her head slightly " I think that's just the incoming tide hitting the rocks down by the island's pier.  There's no way those things can get on this island.  Let's settle back and enjoy this place of tranquility in a world that has, well, got fucked up but good! " she proclaimed as she wrapped her arm around Jill and steered her in the direction of the house.

              If the two had waited another minute or two, they would have seen figures starting to appear at the far end of the road.  Figures that were growing larger in number by the minute.......

             Less than ten minutes later.......

" Ya know, this is quite the place here.  Appliances, fully stocked fridge and freezer, portable generator to keep the lights and everything going.  Geez, if we can round up a few other things, we could stay in this place for a long, long time! "  Irene muttered as she opened up the fridge and peered inside it.

             " Yeah, they even have the complete DVD collection for shows like 48, Desperate Maids and a couple of others.  I wonder who owned this, well, mansion on a tiny island? "  Debbie muttered as she plopped herself on a nearby recliner and started to leaf through a magazine she had found.

             " If you think all that stuff is impressive, you should take a look at the boat that is tied up at the dock here.  It looks like the type that could carry all of us several  times over and with ease.  I wonder if it has....OH!....OH MY FUCKING GOD!!  EVERYONE GET OVER HERE NOW!!  WE'VE GOT BIG PROBLEMS "  Colleen said as she stared out a window facing the back of the property while using a pair of binoculars she had found.

            Hurrying over, the other women quickly saw what Colleen was shouting about and it struck them as one of the strangest, and most frightening, things they had ever seen.  From what they could see, thousands of love dolls, and probably much more than that, had formed what looked to be a bridge from the mainland to the island out of their bodies.  Advancing across this bridge was a large number of love dolls accompanied by inflation pumps that were swirling around their heads like angry mosquitos and they were are already marching up the shore towards the houses and the women.

            " LET'S GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!! "  Colleen screamed as she turned and raced towards the front door of the house.  With barely any hesitation, the rest of the women followed Colleen outside and hurried across the lawn before all of them stopped in their tracks a short distance from their vehicles.  They saw the love dolls had advanced faster onto the island than they had thought and were already swarming over the women's trucks.

            " FUCK!!!  LET'S GET BACK TO THE HOUSE AND FIGURE WHAT TO DO NEXT!!! "  Irene shrieked as she turned to head back to the house.  However, she had stopped far too close to the dolls and when Irene turned to get away from them, two of them grabbed her around the waist and partly pulled her to the ground.  By the time the other women had quickly pulled Irene away from the latex menaces and ran back to the house, it seemed to be too late for her.  As the women quickly secured the front door and windows, Irene glanced down and saw that the dolls, in their limited contact, had done much more than rip away most of her skirt and panties.  The skin around Irene's waist was turning glossy and she could see, and feel, her sex starting to change into the O shaped opening all love dolls had.

             " Hey!!  There's a boat moored to the dock at the back of the property.  If we get our ass down to it, we can get the hell off this island and.... "  Jill exclaimed before trailing off when she saw the gloss on Mandy's body.

            " Look, Irene, if, ummm, if you, uhhh, want me to stay for a few seconds and, ummm, give you... "  Debbie started to murmur before waving off by Irene.

            " NO!!  Look, you guys get the hell out of here!!  I'll hold this inflated bitches off, uhhh, as long as I, mmmm, I can.  Fuck me!! "  Irene called out even as she started to rip away her remaining clothes to reveal the glossiness spreading rapidly all over her body.  As she staggered up the stairs with the rest of the women scrambling out the back door, Irene could see seams starting to run down her arms and blemishes and freckles starting to rapidly disappear from her limbs.  Figuring it was only a matter of time before she was fully transformed, Mandy used her remaining strength to block the back door before staggering to the nearest bedroom.

           Collapsing onto the bed, Irene could see seams starting to appear on her arms and legs and her breasts were changing into two glossy spheres that were larger than normal and capped by bright pink nipples.  Out of curiosity, Mandy reached with her left hand for one of her swollen bosoms and even as she reveled in the sensations that rippled through her body, she could hear the front being broken down by the menacing dolls.

            "  How could a bunch of inflated bags of latex and rubber turn...mmmm...turn women into fuck....mmmmm.....turn into love dolls....oooohh....need to  be touched....this isn't fair!!!....I...I...I want to be touched.....held...caressed...obey the.... "  Irene thought even as her legs spread into a V shape, her eyes took on a wide eyed doll appearance and the rest of her body appeared to be nothing more an air filled of latex and rubber.  A moment or so after Irene's transformation into a living sex toy was complete, the sound of wood breaking and glass smashing could be heard echoing in otherwise silent house.

           A short time later, love dolls started to stagger into the bedroom that the woman once known as Irene though if anyone was human witnessed this, they might notice that some of the dolls looked more complex and detailed and the others.  When one or two of the dolls reached towards the dollified Irene, one of the more realistic dolls stopped them.

          " "  the doll wheezed.

        Chapter 7 - What place is a safe place?

         The five women sat silently in the boat as it sailed away from the island that had looked to be a perfect refuge just a short while ago.  However, the fact that they saw the latex menaces form a bridge from the mainland to their island was frightening and unsettling on many levels.

          " Look, I don't know about you guys but there was something seriously fucked up about that bridge those dollies came across! "  Debbie shouted as she made her way around to the back of the boat where everyone, save for Colleen, was sitting down and enjoying a cool beverage.

          " I just hope we can find a place that doesn't have any of those things.  The way they shamble towards you with that loud squeaking and.....and.....change your friends or anyone they get hold of into one of them, "  Betty slurred before she finished off what looked to be her seventh or eighth beer.

           Jill shook her head as she looked over the map she had managed to grab out of the house before they scrambled out and away from the advancing dolls.  " The best way to deal with those latex menaces is to NOT talk about them constantly and keep focused on the present.  According to this map, there should be a small village named Lorrington on the left side of this river about thirty miles ahead.  The guide I managed to grab with the map says that Lorrington normally only has a population of 3,500 and is fairly isolated with one main road in and out of the place.  It sounds like the kind of place we can go to and not worry too much about being attacked, "  she said as she traced her finger along a blue line on her map.

           " There's no place safe for any of us!  They're going to get us all sooner or later so why do we even try and be safe? "  Wendy moaned as she covered her face and started to rock back and forth in her chair.

           Colleen and the others sat and stayed silent as Wendy started to cry louder by the second.  After thirty seconds or so, Debbie walked over to the sobbing woman and pulled her hands away from her face.  Without a moment's hesitation, Debbie slapped Wendy hard across the face with her right hand and shook her shoulders roughly.

           " Look, darling, you've got to keep it together!  We're all in this until the bitter end and I'm not going to see my chance of making it out alive screwed up by one bitch who can't keep it together.  Do I make myself clear? "  Debbie exclaimed as she raised her right hand to strike the woman once again.

           Before Debbie could act, her hand was grabbed by Jill in a strong grip.  " Look, I know things at the mall and the island didn't work like any of us had hoped.  However, if we start beating on each other physically and verbally, we'll fall to those dolls in no time at all.  We're all going to have our days of being down so let's be a little more supportive of each other, "  Jill said in a soothing voice.

           "  babble bullshit...... "  Debbie thought to herself as she slowly backed away and wrestled her hand out of Jill's grip.  After a moment of two of awkward silence, Jill made her way back to the steering cabin of the boat while the others settled back into their seats or went below to try and get a little sleep.

           The next twelve hours or so proved to be relatively uneventful for the group of women on the boat.  The only thing any of them saw that was unusual occurred just after dawn of the following morning.  The women had gathered on the top part of the boat except for Debbie, who had kept watch overnight and was grabbing a nap below deck.  They were scanning both sides of the river for signs of people, dolls or something out of the ordinary when Jill shouted that she thought she could see something from her side of the boat.  Rushing over to the side Jill was on, the women saw what looked to be a motorcycle driving on a road parallel to the river.  The women, excited at seeing another living person, were going to steer the boat towards the bank nearest the biker when they saw something that was becoming all too familiar.

            When the bike moved into a section of road devoid of trees or other obstructions, the women were horrified to see hundreds of dolls clustered on the road and around it.  From what they could tell, the person driving the bike tried to go right through the menacing mob but was unsuccessful judging by the sight of the bike flipping into the air without the driver.  Moments later, the women heard what sounded like several gunshots coming from the area followed by a single shriek.  Shaking their heads, the women turned and went below partly to stay out of sight but also to try and forget what they had just seen.

             Several hours later, Debbie called out that they were approaching the dock of Lorrington and for everybody to come up topside with weapons in case there were any dolls in or around the area.  As they approached the area, they saw that there was five or six luxury boats moored at the dock but there was no sign of any people or dolls in the vicinity.

             Slowing the boat down as they drew closer to the port, Debbie motioned for Jill to get to the edge of the boat nearest the dock so she could jump onto the wooden landing and help moor the boat.  Roughly five minutes later, the women were all standing on the deck looking around for any signs of activity.

             " Heads up, everybody!  There's a couple of women coming towards us and they seemed to be driving a golf cart, "  Colleen exclaimed as she gestured towards the parking lot in front of the dock.

              When Betty, Wendy and the others looked in the indicated direction, they saw a silver and gray golf cart had come to a halt and two women were getting out.  One was a blonde haired woman wearing a dark   gray andblue business suit with a clipboard in her right hand.  The other woman, a full figured brunette dressed in skin tight lycra top and bottoms, was just behind her with what looked to be a large glass bowl that contained quite a few slips of paper.

               " Hello, ladies, and welcome to Lorrington.  My name is Patti Sanderson and I'm, well, the leader of this town now.  This is Miranda Rollins, who is my chief aide and head of the census for the town, "  the blonde haired woman said as she nodded towards the woman next to her.

               " Ummm, hi.  So what's the story with your little town?  You seem pretty calm considering what has been happening everywhere, "  Colleen said as she looked over the two woman suspiciously.

              " Oh, I can assure you that when those damned dolls started to show up here, things were extremely chaotic.  I was attending a marathon session of the town council when the comet passed overhead and things went crazy.  Lucky for me, I was one of the few councilors who was in another part of the building when things went crazy.  We lost more than a few people that night and the hours afterwards but we're a pretty resilient bunch.  I got hold of Miranda and about fifty other women and figured out a way to contain the dolls and those damned flying air pumps.  There's a nearly completed two story office building that we managed to lure of all of them into with a few of us acting as decoys.  Once they were inside, we locked the place up and blew it sky high with explosives that were on the site.  The few dolls and pumps that escaped we managed to take care of with equipment from the track and field place nearby, "  Patti intoned as she gestured towards the northern part of the town.

              Debbie nodded and was visibly impressed by what she had heard.  " It certainly seems like you people got your act together but I do have one question.  I know your town only has the one road leading out of it but there are towns and cities further inland.  Have you taken any precautions against dolls that might be coming in your direction via that road? "  she asked as she got into the front seat of the cart.

               " As you can see, we're lucky to be bordered by swamp land on the east and west sides so those dolls won't be coming through that area anytime soon.  For the main road that enters into town, we've erected a temporary barricade on either side of the road with a gate made of sheet metal across the road itself.  While we gather together the materials to make the walls more permanent, I've taken a few other steps to make sure that those dolls don't bother us for the time being.  Now, I'm going to take you ladies to the town's main hotel to stay there temporarily until we get you a more permanent address.  Be sure and give your names to Miranda before you get settled in.  One of us will be coming by tomorrow morning to give you a tour of everything that matters in Lorrington, "  Patti exclaimed as she drove into an empty parking lot that fronted what looked like a three story motel.  A minute or so later, Miranda pulled up next to her and Debbie and the others were together in a group.

               After giving the briefest of directions, Patti left and Miranda, after jotting down everyone's first and last names, departed as well with the women staring in their direction in silence for several seconds.  After that, the women trundled inside to get their room keys from a deserted front desk and headed off to separate rooms.  Before they completely split up, Colleen asked everybody to wait a minute or so.

               " Look, I don't about any of you but there's something strange going on around here.  For starters, does anybody find it odd that we were picked up in what looked like oversized golf carts?  If you don't think that's strange, ask yourselves where the hell is everybody?  Even if you can think that's ok, ask yourselves why they seem content staying in this town and aren't looking to find a safer place like we are?  If you ask me, Lorrington sounds like a place straight out of a bad horror movie! "  Colleen proclaimed while gesturing in all directions wildly.

               " Eh, take it easy, Colleen.  At the very worst, this town is a little off their rocker as a result of everything that has gone on.  After everybody had gotten a good night's sleep, we'll take a closer look at what is going on around here, "  Jill murmured in reply as she stifled a yawn and headed down the hallway.

               For everyone else, they were a little surprised by what Jill had said as they knew it was only just after 9 in the morning.  However, considering Jill's tantrum on the boat that was close to a nervous breakdown, everyone figured that she was a little overwrought and needed a few hours of rest.  After tossing some of their possessions into their respective rooms, the women separated with Colleen, Debbie and Wendy setting out to explore the town and the others settling in for a few hours of rest.

                As the trio of women started to walk down the sidewalk north of the hotel, they could see that the chaos from the advance of the living love dolls was evident on the roads and in the driveways of the houses.  There were several cars that looked to have been abandoned in a hurry by the drivers though there was no sign of overt violence around them.  However, when Wendy peered inside a blue Honda that was straddling the sidewalk the women were on, she saw there was what looked to be a tear in the driver's seat and a small piece of latex wedged into it.  Remembering the lessons learned about handling any part of the dolls, Wendy took great pains to avoid coming in contact with the material as she searched the rest of the car.  She saw that the keys were still in the ignition but the gas gauge was reading empty.  Puzzled, Wendy pulled herself out of the car and saw the reason for the gauge reading : the door to the gas tank was open and a piece of clear plastic hose was lying atop the lid to the trunk.

                " Why would someone siphon the gas and leave the car sitting here?  I know things have been a little crazy recently but that Honda looks like it's less than a year old.  Why would people do something like that? "  Debbie wondered out loud as  she looked over the car's exterior.

                " It might be that the gas stations in town ran out of gas in a hurry with people trying to get away from those damned doll menaces.  I just wish....HOLY FUCK!  LOOK OVER THERE!!! "  Colleen ventured before she paused and shouted as she spotted two love dolls staggering out from behind a bungalow across the street.

               " I'm on it ! "  Debbie said as she unslung the bag around her right shoulder and got out the crossbow she was carrying with her.  Colleen and Wendy, at the same time, maneuvered to keep the car between them and the dolls that were advancing towards them. 

               " Debbie, I don't mean to rush you but those things are getting closer so you might want to get your bow thingee working, "  Wendy called out with a voice that was quickly approaching a scream in tone.

               " Hrrrhhhh........jjjjnnnnn........join us.......usssssss......... "  the blonde haired doll, who looked to have D cup sized boobs, squeaked as it, along with a dark haired doll, advanced towards the women with a pace that seemed slightly faster than the dolls they had encountered in the past.

               "  Sorry, you fuck toys, but I don't feel like joining your air filled ranks at the present fucking time! "  Debbie snapped as she pulled the crossbow taut and shot a bolt directly into the blonde doll that was closest to her.  Even as the doll hurtled backwards and it's odd speech ended abruptly, Debbie had thrown another bolt into her crossbow and shot the other living sex toy between its buoyant bosoms.

               " What in the hell is going on?  I thought those jerks that run this place told us they had got rid of all those air filled menaces!  Sheesh! "  Colleen shouted as she stood up and walked over to where Debbie was standing.

               " Ummm, before we go back and get a few more weapons to walk around with, shouldn't we inform the people that run Lorrington know that there are inflatable dolls wandering around their streets?  I mean, for our well being as well as the people here, "  Wendy exclaimed with a voice that still had a trembling edge to it.  She, of the trio, was having the most trouble dealing with the constant movement from the latex menace that was seemingly omnipresent.

               Debbie was about to tell Wendy what she could do with her suggestion ( colorful metaphors and all ) when they heard the approach of several more golf carts.  A minute or so later, the carts stopped in front of the trio and Patti and Miranda stepped out from one of them.  The other cart, containing two women dressed in what looked to be ill fitting police uniforms, pulled up behind the women with what looked to be several cardboard boxes stored where the clubs normally sat.

               " Ladies, I would suggest you return back to the hotel as soon as possible.  It's not very safe to be walking around Lorrington at the, uh, present time.  Besides, I think, uhh, the mayor has important, ummm, important matters she wants to talk to you about, " one of the police women muttered though in a manner that indicated she wasn't quite certain what to say.  With that, she and her fellow officer took out what looked like modified mop handles and gingerly set about the cast of removing the deflated dollies.

               " Whoah, hold on here just a second.  Aren't you going to tell us how these dolls are  just wandering around town even though we were led to believe things are supposed to be relatively secure here?  Why the hell do you, and everyone else around here, want us to just go back to the hotel and sit around like good little girls? " Jill snapped at the locals that were gathered around them.

               One of the 'police women' turned and stomped towards Jill until her face was only inches away from Jill's.  " Listen up, missy.  In case you haven't noticed, the world has changed in a big way and that means I don't have to put up with pretentious, bitch oriented idiots like you any more!  Now, unless you want me and my friend Angie to use force to follow our requests, I suggest you take your pretty little legs and get the hell back to the hotel RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! "  the woman snarled with venom dripping in her last couple of words.

               Noticing that Angie had pulled out a service revolver and was holding it in a manner that suggested she knew what she was doing with it, Jill immediately changed her attitude completely.  Raising her hands upwards, she slowly backed away from the two police women.  " Uhhh, ok, I get the message.  We'll head over to the hotel and wait for the mayor or whoever she sends for us.  Uhhh, good luck with cleaning up, ummm, this mess, "  Angie said hoping to diffuse the situation.

              " Yeah, well, get your asses back to the hotel.  I'm sure you'll have a whole different attitude once the mayor explains how things operate around here now.  Well, that and the cerem....uhhh, just move your butts!!! "  the policewoman snarled at the women before returning her attention to the deflated menaces.

              As the women turned and headed back in the direction of their hotel, Colleen glanced around to make sure they were out of earshot of the police before clearing her throat.  " Is it just me or did that police chick almost let something slip that seems like a secret of some sort?  It's like there's something going on here that the twerps running this place don't want us to know about.  It sounds like a conspiracy, if you ask me! " she whispered to the others.

             " Well, Colleen, you are a bit of a conspiracy buff but I gotta agree with you.  Something is certainly wonky here and I think we should check things out before we get any kind of unwelcome surprise.  Let's slip out out a half hour before dusk and do a little private snooping, "  Debbie responded quietly and was met with silent nods by the others.

              A short time later, and after making sure no one was in the vicinity, the women crept out of their hotel room and made their way towards what look to be a gathering that was happening on the east side of town.  They were just out of the hotel's vicinity when they heard the approach of several cars heading for the hotel parking lot.  Ducking behind a pile of debris just before the cars arrive, Colleen and the others saw two women get out and head straight for the door of the room they had just vacated.  A minute or so later, the people emerged from the room and engaged in a brief but animated exchange.  Nobody in Colleen's group could hear most of what was being said except for one word that was repeated over and over - SACRIFICE.

              " We better check out this gathering as soon as possible and try to figure out a way to get away from these people if things look to be getting out of hand, "  Betty muttered softly to the others as they silently crept towards the gathering once again.

              Less than twenty minutes later, the women were quietly crouched in an RV whose owner was nowhere in sight and watched as what looked like the entire town gathered around a platform that had a dais and an odd looking metal device mounted at the back of the platform.  The crowd was abuzz with anticipation but there was no immediate sign as to who or what it was all about.  A minute or later, however, Patti and Miranda took their places on the platform flanked by two members of the local police force with another woman setting up what looked like a mike of some sort.  Thirty seconds or so later, another woman dressed like a deputy took her place on the right side of the platform accompanied by a woman with a bag over her head and her hands bound behind her.

              " Ladies, thank you for attending tonight's meeting.  I know that times have been tough since the world went insane a short time ago but we've managed to turn Lorrington into a safe and peaceful fortress with the help of of all of you.  You all know that the rules of this town are far different than the ones that existed in the time before things went to hell in a .hand basket  I think, though, that you all will agree with me that Lorrington will be regarded as a piece of heaven compared to the insanity that the rest of the world has become.  I fully expect that over next month or two, we will see things get much better in the area around us, " Patti intoned to the gathered woman, who murmured with approval as they heard her speak.

              " I'm gonna try and blend in with the crowd and find out a little more about this gathering.  Look for an opening we might need in case things get out of hand, "  Wendy whispered to her friends and moved away quickly before any of the other women could object to  her plan.

              "....tonight, we're going to show once again that stability is something that always comes at a price.  As we all are aware, I realized very early that the latex menaces mean to change all of us into latex and rubber replicas of themselves but I also knew there was some sort of intelligence going on in those things otherwise they wouldn't be moving around in such concentrated masses .  To keep them from overwhelming our small community, I decided the best way to appease them is letting them take from our community one individual every four days and they leave us alone in the interim.  This kind of arrangement in the past would have resulted in me being thrown in prison or an insane asylum with good cause but the times, they have changed.  In this new reality, self preservation and making hard choices are something we all have to make.  To that end, I did make a proviso that if a woman who is not a resident of Lorrington is discovered here, she will be the one who is chosen to be our sacrifice for peace.  However, since we do not have any newcomers, ummm, available, we will choose the individual in the manner that it was determined last time.  Lorrington's deputies will escort each of you to the stage, one by one, where you will choose a number out of the metal barrel on the left side of this stage.    Once everyone has drawn and the numbers written down by one of my staff, you will head back home where one of you will visited....Heyy!...What's going on there??!!! "  Patti said before gesturing towards a disturbance on the right side of the crowd.

              A few moments later, the crowd parted and Colleen and her friends gasped when they saw the source of the disturbance.  With two burly women pinning her arms behind her, Wendy was being dragged towards the stage and going by the relieved looks on the crowd's faces, no one was going to stop the events that looked certain to unfold in the next few minutes.

             Almost immediately, Jill and Colleen whispered to the others that they should rush over and save their friend from an unpleasant fate but Colleen pointed out that the crowd numbers meant they wouldn't get within arm's length of their friend before being caught and dragged away by the deputies to a future fate similar in nature.  " Let's get a little closer and wait for our opportunity to save Wendy and get the hell away from this crazy town. "

            As the women watched, Wendy was dragged up the stairs and onto the stage where the town's police women quickly handcuffed her arms behind her back and stuffed a gag in the struggling woman's mouth.  Once she was secured, the mayor turned her attention back to the crowd standing before her and motioned for them to be quiet. " Well, it seems we are in luck tonight as we have a stranger from outside of the area that will be tonight's sacrifice.  She even told the deputies that she'd be willing to do this but she should be bound and gagged in case she changes her mind.  I think that, with that in mind, we should get things going right away.  Laura, will you deploy the sacrifice slide?  Anna, let the dolls know that it's time for feeding, "  the town's mayor said to the deputies without a trace of compassion evident in her words.

           " We gotta do something!!  We can't wait for this to happen to our friend! "  Jill said to the women around here and  everybody agreed.   Just as they stood up, however, they saw that things were moving much faster than they anticipated.  To their horror, they saw what looked to be thousands of love dolls advancing on the town's population and judging by the screams of fear and panic growing by the second, the women were not prepared for the latex menaces fast approaching them.

           " Everybody calm down!  The dolls are probably upset that we didn't send them their sacrifice on time.  Stay clear of them until we get the sacrifice to them and I'm sure they'll leave us alone.  Deputy, release the sacrifice! "  Patti said to the frantic people even as the mayor motioned for Wendy to be shoved down the slide.

           " This ain't what I expected when I agreed to take this job!!  I'm grabbing a car and getting the hell out of this place! "  Miranda, the mayor's aide, thought to herself as she quietly edged away from the mayor and made her way down to the grassy area next to the platform.  Miranda briefly thought of jumping in a golf cart and taking it to where she had secretly hidden a fully  gassed up BMW in the event of unexpected problems but figured that would be pushing her luck.  The dark haired woman figured it was, at most, a ten minute jaunt and once in her car, a short trip to the town's dock and boarding the boat brought to the town by those outsider bitches.

           " Maybe I'll head for one of those little islands in the Caribbean and ride this craziness out while improving my tan on one of the beaches down there, "  Miranda mused silently as she ran to the left and towards the garage containing her car.  Unfortunately, at the very moment Miranda chose to go down a side alley to cut down the time needed, the love dolls were marching through the end.

           " Oh, fuck!  Can't go this way!  I better turn around head...oh, fuck! " Miranda said as she saw the approaching dolls and turned to backtrack only to find the other end was blocked by a large number of dolls as well.  Realizing she had no avenue of escape, Miranda picked up a jagged piece of wood lying on the ground and mentally swore to take down as many of these dolls as she could before they overwhelmed her.  However, Miranda's brave stand was quickly and unexpectedly interrupted by a long plastic rope wrapping around Miranda's right wrist.  The rope jerked downwards with such force that the weapon Miranda was holding dropped out of her hand and clattered to the ground.  With another rope snapping around her neck, Miranda was forced to stare into the features of an animate love doll but she was unprepared for what happened next.

           " Serve us......serve us or become a drone..... "  the dark haired love doll next to Miranda intoned with a squeaky voice and swept its hollow arm to the area behind it that was teeming with dolls that looked somewhat different than the speaker.

           Unable to process what she was seeing and hearing, Miranda's eyes fluttered and she sagged to the ground in a fainting motion.

           Back where the mayor's platform was located, complete chaos was erupting as women tried to flee the area but were engulfed by a large number of love dolls.  For the majority of women, their screams of protest were quickly drowned out by the sounds of their clothes being ripped away by the sentient sex toys and the rubbing of latex and rubber on flesh.  Faster than a person can say the word "transformation",  flesh and bone started changing to rubber and latex and the shouts of despair switched to moans of pleasure.  With every passing minute, the number of living love dolls grew larger with the amount of women decreasing correspondingly.

           As for the town's intended sacrifice, Wendy landed on the ground with a slight bump and saw the dolls as they swarmed forward through the opening in the barrier and towards the people in the town.  For the briefest of moments, Wendy thought it would be a piece of cake for her to evade the rampaging latex menaces and get back to her friends but this notion was quickly dashed when she saw a number of dolls notice her and surround her in a tight circle.  With her hands still tied behind her back, Wendy knew it was only a matter of time until one or more of the dolls would drag her to the ground and change her into one of them but she'd be damned if she didn't go down without a fight.

           Just as Wendy was mentally preparing herself for her fate, the circle parted and four dolls started advancing towards her in a measured pace with two of them holding what looked to be silver  vibrators in their mitten hands.  One other thing Wendy noticed, even as she struggled in vain to free her hands from their bonds, was the facial features on the dolls looked much more human appearance than any of the dolls Wendy had encountered earlier and looked more like animate Real Dolls or Teddy Babes than sex toys.

           " Submit to pleasure....submit and join us...join the Doll Dominion.... "  the dolls chanted as they drew closer and closer to Wendy.  Before Wendy could wrap her mind around what she was hearing, two of the dolls grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to the ground.  The other two quickly ripped away Wendy's clothing with strength that belied their hollow appearance.  A moment or so later, all four of the dolls were on Wendy with their limbs pinning her tightly and Wendy's sex and mouth covered completely.  As flesh and blood changed to shiny latex, Wendy's thoughts shifted dramatically from independent thinking to serving the dolls and the leader of them all.  As her breasts swelled into twin mounds of shiny latex, her mouth formed into a perfect round opening devoid of teeth and tongue and her limbs stiffened into tubes that already ached to be part of an erotic usage, Wendy felt one last coherent thought go through her mind before her body and mind completely succumbed to the desires a living sex toy.

          " What the fuck do they mean by the Doll Dominion? there something intelligent behind all of this...this....fuck me....fuck me...fuck me now.... " Wendy thought to herself before her self awareness and individual thinking dissipated away and was replaced by the base desires of the living inflatable dolls around her.  For Wendy, her struggles as a woman had come to an end once and for all and her focus now was much different and unspoken.

          Elsewhere at that moment......         

           " Look, we can't look for Wendy any longer!  We've got to get the hell out of here before we get overwhelmed by these inflated fuckdolls!  Damn! " Betty snapped to her friends, who seemed to be rooted to the spot firing crossbow bolts at any dolls that menaced them.

           " Yeah but where? " Debbie replied even as she fired a bolt into a doll that looked a little porn star Ponderous Peaks and reloaded for the next latex menace.

           " We can't go out by the road and I don't think we can hole up in any of these houses for very long.  Looks like our only choice is to head back to the marina!  Take that, dolly! "  Jill shouted as she drilled another doll shuffling towards with a bolt straight between its breasts.

           " Fine, all right, let's go.  I hope Wendy finds a way out of this and we'll meet again some day, " Colleen said somberly before turning and following her friends down to the marina on foot.

          With the sounds of screams in the distance, Betty and her compatriots made their quickly to the dock where they found their boat tied up and fully fueled.  Judging by the extra items they found on board, it was apparent the mayor and her cohorts were planning to use it for themselves at some point.

           " Shit!  The ignition is in pieces!  We'll have to use another boat! " Debbie shouted as she scrambled out of the boat and jumped onto a larger boat next to it followed by her companions.

          Just as they had cast off and were pulling out of the dock, the women heard a loud explosion and saw that a good chunk of Lorrington now looked to be engulfed in flames from some unknown source.

           " Let's hope that isn't a sign of what awaits us down the road, " Debbie said to the remaining women as they headed out for open water and an uncertain fate.

          Chapter 8 - Voyages to Strange New Lands

    The boat slowly pulled away from the dock and into uncharted waters as Debbie and the others looked for a few moments at the burning carnage they were leaving behind them.  Even though they were on a larger boat than the one they had previously, the women felt no safer that any other time of their hurried flight away from the latex carnage behind them.

      " Are you sure that you can steer this thing?  I know you say you watched your father pilot cruise ships all the time out of dry dock but this is still a pretty difficult thing to do, "  Debbie said nervously as she peered out at the sun that was still rising in the sky.

      " Relax.  This ship can pretty much sail on its own and if the maps I looked at are correct, we should be at our destination before sundown.  We'll drop anchor and use one of the evac boats at the stern to go ashore.  Sound good? "  Betty said firmly with a voice that was much more commanding than the others had heard previously.

      " Uhhh, yeah, I guess so.  Exactly which island are we heading to again? "  Colleen inquired as she stood next to Betty and peered out at the featureless water in front of the boat.

       " It's an island that lies sixty or so miles southwest of Cuba.  There's a native population of a couple thousand people on the island but they're mostly located on the side opposite to where we'll be landing.  At worst, we'll have to deal with twenty or so of those dollies and flying pumps when we come ashore.  Frankly, I think we all need a couple of days to relax and not worry about running for our lives from sex toys, "  Betty intoned as she used her hands to help in her explanation.

        " Yeah, well, that sounds just super but shouldn't we try and contact someone in authority at some point?  We can't just keep running from place to place for the rest of our lives! "  Jill exclaimed as she slammed her right hand hard against the side of the cabin wall in obvious frustration.

        " As much as I share your sentiment, Jill, I want to remind you of what we saw on TV when we were back in the mall.  Remember?  If the cops and those left in charge are using guns and such to take those things on, they're probably winding up just like that reporter chick....latex and rubber fuck toys!! "  Debbie snapped angrily as she took out a pocket knife and sharpened the end of the spear she was holding.

         The other women looked at Debbie and were a little surprised by the ferocity of her outburst.  However, before any of them could say anything, Jill started to cry loudly as she rocked back and forth on the deck chair.  " We're just going to run and run and keep running.  Why don't we just go pick out some nice padded cardboard boxes and accept the fact that we're just going to be part of a world filled with mindless sex dolls that wander about looking for someone to make love to us?  No more worries, no more fears, just mindless desire.... "  Jill wailed even as she buried her head in her hands.

        " Listen, Jill, I don't have time to get you sorted out mentally.  When we get the boat docked and are on the island, we can all go our separate ways to different places there.  If you want to track down the first dolly that is there and embrace an existence of latex and rubber and no thoughts other than what box you can be stored in, go for it!  Until we get there, however, could you please shut up and stop annoying the hell out of me and everybody else??!!! "   Debbie snapped with her eyes blazing and her jaw clenched.

         Just like that, Jill stopped her wailing and sat back in her chair in silence though her eyeballs were pinballing all over the place.  For Debbie and the others, they weren't sure if Jill's current state was any better to be around than the emotional one of a few minutes earlier.

          Colleen walked over to Betty and patted her gently on the right shoulder. " I have to say, the sooner we get to shore, the better for everybody concerned.  Debbie and Betty seem to be, well, getting a little loopy in their own way, if you know what I mean, "  Colleen muttered as she peered out the window at the waves that were partially visible under the moonlit sky.

         " I have to say, I'd like to spend a day or two not having to worry about things I only saw in boxes under my boyfriend's bed.  Harry never knew I was aware that he like to use love dolls before we started to go out.  In fact, I wasn't sure that he stopped playing with those things even after things got serious between the two of us, " Betty replied and managed a faint chuckle at the same time.

           Colleen smiled and nodded in understanding " Oh, I understand.  Ummm, I hate to ask but, uhhhh, when was the last time you heard from Harry before things went, well, topsy turvy? "  she asked Betty with a voice tinged in sympathy.

          " Ummm, well, Harry called me that afternoon and told me he was swinging by the downtown to look for costumes we could wear to an upcoming adult costume party being held nearby.  I think he was going to try and get me to go as a living sex dolly.  I tried calling him after things, well, went to hell in a hand basket.  All I got was a ' Hello ' and then a muffled sound before the line went dead.  I'd like to think that he, ummm, he managed to get through all of this madness still alive and perfectly normal.  Maybe, when the world gets back to normal, we can try and get back together, "  Betty replied hopefully though her voice clearly she didn't hold much hope in her own words.

          With that, the boat was silent for the next few hours as the women awaited getting to their destination and a refuge from the insanity of the past week.   After a short period of time, Betty shouted for the others to join her right away.  With everyone gathered around her, Betty motioned for them to look at the view in front of the boat.  " There's a dock coming up that we'll be able to tie up and disembark.  We should get ready for any, well, surprises and such, " she muttered to the others.

           Everyone hurried to get ready and the tension mounted as the dock grew closer to the boat.  However, there was no sign of anything or anyone in the area as the women disembarked.  Betty told the others that the scene reminded her of one of those sixties movies where the cast would find no people and spend the rest of the flick trying to find out what has happened.  A few nodded but the remark did little to alleviate the tension the permeated the group.

          Slowly moving inland, the women saw no sign of the love dolls or flying pumps on the island.   There were houses and other signs of recent habitation in the area but no people whatsoever could be found.  After a couple of hours of careful investigation, the women felt safe enough to relax and plan what to do next.  They entered a modest dwelling and took seats in the wooden chairs for a few minutes while they chatted.

          " Look, maybe this is the place we should take a stand.  I mean, we've been running from place to place and getting out by the skin of our teeth.  Once we're reasonably certain that the dollies and those flying, ummm, pump things aren't here, why don't we try and settle down and make the best of things.  The alternative is taking the boat and looking for an island or area that hasn't been or won't be overrun by those dollies.  Anyone think this is a bad idea? "  Betty said slowly but loud enough so the others heard every word she spoke clearly.

          For a minute or two, there was nothing but silence save for the  shuffling of a foot or the sound of a a distant seagull before Debbie coughed and stood up.  " Ummm, well, that sounds ok and such but in the short term, let's focus on making sure this island doesn't have anything that will give us a nasty surprise in the middle of the night.  For now, let's make sure this place is secure for the night and get some rest before we set out to check the security of everything around us and maybe find a few vehicles and other things we'll need for the forforeseeableuture.  Everybody agree with that or should we get back on the boat and head off for another island? "  Debbie stated and gestured the area where the boat was moored to punctuate her final words.

         Realizing what their choices were, the women quickly agreed to Debbie's plan of action and spent the next  couple of hours securing windows and any other openings in the house before sitting down for a light meal.  Afterwards, with two bedrooms being the only places for sleep, Jill and Betty agreed to share one bedroom with Colleen and Debbie occupying the other one.  The women had cleaned up and were just preparing to go to sleep when an urgent knocking could be heard at the front door of the house.  Debbie was first to emerge from her room and motioned for the others to keep quiet and follow her towards the door.

         " Hello?  Who's there?  What do you want? "  Debbie called out even as she pointed at her crossbow at the doorway in the event something menacing tried to break through the door.

         A moment or so later, the women heard what sounded like several women talking back and forth in English and a language none of them understood.  " Umm, hello?  We are people living in this area that want talk with you women now.  Could you please open the door so we can talk with you please? "

         Debbie looked at Colleen and the others and after everyone nodded silently, she took down the barricade placed against the door and slowly opened it with the other poised to strike against any surprises.  A few moments later, a woman that looked to be in her 50's or 60's entered followed by two younger women that looked to be in their twenties.   All three were dressed in beach wear that had seen better days with the younger two carrying what looked to be makeshift spears and the eldest woman armed with what looked to be knitting needles that had been sharpened by something crude.

         After a moment or two, the new arrivals spoke led by one of the young women.  " My name is Juanita and this is my stepmother Lola and this is, uhhh, friend Francesca.  We have lived on this island all of our lives until the night where the sky filled with light and things went crazy!  There was these things that flew through the air and we saw many, many.....what is going on?  Is the army going to be here soon?  Who are you and where did you come from? " the dark haired woman in a blue bikini muttered even as her right hand shook nervously every few seconds.

          " Oh, that's gong to be a long story.  Why don't we sit down and we can go over what we've done and how we can make things safer for us all.  Lola, why don't you sit on the couch over here?  Lola? "  Colleen said to the older woman but was met with a puzzled look on Lola's face.  Juanita tapped Lola on the shoulder and spoke to her for several seconds in the language Debbie and the others had heard earlier.  After a moment or two, Lola sat down on the dusty couch as Juanita explained to the others that her stepmother had a very limited knowledge of English and spoke Spanish mainly.  Considering how crazy their world has been recently, Colleen figured this wasn't that big of a deal.

          For the next hour or two, the women took turns telling the story of how they dealt with the world being turned upside down with Juanita translating for her stepmother.  As they neared the end of their tale, more than a few women were starting to show signs of fatigue. At this point, Colleen figured they should call it a night and suggested Juanita and Francesca take the bedroom at the far end of the house, Lola take a room with Debbie and Colleen, Jill and Betty sleep on the furniture in the living room while taking turns keeping an eye open for problems.  Too weary to argue, everyone agreed and headed off for bed.

          A short time later, Juanita and Francesca quickly divested their clothes and sat down but their eyes and bodies revealed they had something on their mind besides sleeping.  One thing the two had not mentioned to the new arrivals was the fact that they were not friends but rather lesbian lovers.  To that end, and despite the dangers that could exist outside the house they were in, Juanita and Francesca quickly gave in to their emotional urges and were soon exploring each other's bodies with their tongues and fingers caressing each other's bodies.  As their mutual passion increased with each passing minute, neither woman noticed that their bodies were becoming shiny rubber in appearance and telltale freckles and other imperfections rapidly disappearing.  Seam lines started to become visible on the women's arms and legs and the moans of pleasure coming from Juanita and  Francescawere becoming squeaky in sound and nature.  Both women's breasts were swelling into twin spheres of latex framed by the same seams that were evident on their limbs.

          Even as their eyes became nothing more than painted features and their bodies turned into inflated latex and rubber with hollow interiors, Juanita and Francesca continued to rub their artificial bodies together in response to the passion coursing through their hollow bodies.  After ten minutes, the dolls slowed down and Juanita rolled off her latex lover lover to lie on her back with her arms, bent at the elbows in a classic blow-up doll pose, jutting into the arms and her seam covered legs spread wide to invite probing of her O-shaped pussy and the latex sac inside it.  Beside her, Francesca was undergoing  similar changes with her hollow body coming to rest on her side and her left forearm brushing up against her latex lover next to her.

          After a minute or two of the latex dolls rocking back and forth on the bed, Juanita and Francesca wobbled into a sitting position where they spent around ten minutes exploring their new bodies with faint squeaking noises heard from their probings.  When the two finished their exploration, Juanita and Francesca looked at each other briefly as if they were communicating on a telepathic level.  A moment later, the two living sex toys stood up and wobbled towards the bedroom door in a manner that was similar to the dolls roaming everywhere now but different for anyone else.

          " Hey!  Hey, wake up!  I think a couple of those damned dollies got into this place!  You might want to try and let Lola know what is going on, as best you can, "  Colleen exclaimed as she pulled herself out of bed and woke up Debbie at the same time.  With a groggy Lola  bfollowingehind them, the two shuffled towards the bedroom door in a manner indicating how mentally weary they were of fighting the latex menaces intent on converting them into living sex toys.

          " Hello?  Hello?  Who's there? Jill?  Betty, is that you?  Whoever is walking around better speak up right fucking now! "  Colleen called out as she peered around with the aid of a flashlight that was less than full strength.  Unknown to Debbie and Colleen, Lola was going in the opposite direction towards the room where her niece and friend were supposed to be sleeping.

          " I really fucking hope that this turns out to be a rat or something like that!!....I don't think I can handle this endless fighting off latex dolls time after time....let it be just a rat or something like that! "  Debbie thought to herself as she clutched a sharpened mop handle in her right hand and braced for the slightest sound of the latex menaces.  However, Debbie and Colleen were unprepared for the sound of Lola talking in an excited manner and very familiar sound of latex dolls behind her.

          " What the fuck is going on here??!!! "  Colleen called as she whirled and pointed her stick in the direction of Lola.  To Debbie and Colleen's surprise, they saw the older woman facing towards them with a pleading look on her face and though her words made no sense to either of them, she seemed to be begging them not to do something.  A moment or so later, the full moon in the night sky broke through the clouds and there was enough illumination in the hallway to see things more clearly.  Debbie, Colleen and the other women joining them were shocked to see Juanita and Francesca had been transformed into living love dolls and were directly behind Lola.  The women were going to yell for Lola to get away from the two dolls but what happened next caused the words to die in their throats.

         " We.....won't " Juanita gasped with a squeaky voice as her mouth opened and closed rapidly.

         " We....want " Francesca wheezed with her right hand draped over Lola's body.  At this point, Debbie and Colleen were going to charge at the two dollified women with the intent of destroying them when they saw that Lola was unaffected by her contact with the two dolls.

         " She's not fucking changing! " Debbie called out as she motioned for the others not to attack for now.

         " Man, can this fucking world get any more fucked up? " Colleen moaned as she leaned against a nearby wall and closed her eyes.

Chapter Nine - The times, they are changing.... and so are the women...

       " This is just too fucking weird!  We've spent days, weeks trying to avoid these walking fuck toys that seem bent turning every woman on the planet into dolls like them.  We barely survived getting out of a town that was sacrificing its own people to appease those fucking things.  Now, we've got two dolls that were changed somehow overnight but they don't transform women by touch like all the other fuck toys do!  Does anybody have an idea what the hell is going on? " Betty muttered to the other women gathered around her while glancing at Juanita and Francesca.

      " Sorry, Betty, but there is nothing I can tell you that is going to make any of this seem ordinary or explainable.  The only thing I can think of is that Juanita and Francesca were, well, intimate with each other last night and triggered the change to their looks.  However, they still retain the ability to independently think as well as touch normal people without triggering changes.  Now, how they did this could be due to anything from the fact they were indulging in willing intimacy to the possibility that they've, ummm, done this before, " Debbie replied as she gazed at the living dolls in question.

      " " Juanita intoned as she stiffly raised her hollow arms to cover her newly enhanced breasts as well as her perfectly symmetrical pussy.

      " want... " Francesca said in a squeaky voice similar to Juanita and shifted her position on the couch so that the dollified woman was lying somewhat on her side with her mitten hands reaching towards Juanita.

      " Yeah, yeah, that's nice.  Could you two go back to your room for a minute so we can discuss what to do next in private, ok? " Colleen said and gestured towards the bedroom down the hall in a dismissive tone.

      Looking at each other briefly, Juanita and Francesca stood up and wobbled back down to their bedroom where the sounds of latex rubbing on latex could be heard by the women gathered in the main area.

       " Ummm, look, I don't know about any of you but I think it might be a good idea if we, well, we deflated those two dolls permanently.  Anybody else agree with me? " Betty said softly to the three other women while trying not to look at Lola in the process.

      " Whoah, whoah, whoah!  Look, I, ummm, I understand what you're saying, Betty, but I think we have to look at the big picture here.  For the first time since the whole word went upside fucking down, we might have an opportunity to, well, turn the tables on those dolls, " Debbie said softly as she saw Lola fidgeting nervously as though the woman couldn't understand what was being said, she could sense the grave tone of the talk and guess the subject matter.

      " I don't understand.  How can two living sex toys that aren't looking to change us but don't seem very bright otherwise going to help us get our lives back? " Betty responded with a tone indicating she was determined to shoot crossbow bolts into Juanita and Francesca at the first opportunity.

      " Don't you see?  We can send them in to scout out an area ahead of us that we're not sure what is there.  If it's empty, it'll be safe for us all.  If the area is full of dolls, they'll ignore Juanita and Francesca and they'll come back and tell us of what is there, " Debbie said and gestured with her hands as she spoke.

      " Ok, that sounds good but what happens if those two dolls go into an area where normal woman like us are hiding?  Won't they wind up getting, well, deflated? " Jill interjected as she cast an eye towards the nearby front door and a noise she thought she heard there.

      " Hmmph, if they flatten those two, I won't be shedding any tears, " Betty snapped with an unspoken sentiment that she wasn't convinced Juanita and Francesca were useful at all.

      " Well, we can work something out that will let any possible women hiding know that these two dolls aren't looking to change them into walking sex toys, " Debbie said even as her attention was drawn to a noise by the door as well.

      " Why don't we postpone this discussion for now and check out if we've got company right now.  Everybody quietly get your weapons ready and I'll see if our visitors are human or.... "  Colleen said softly and motioned for everybody to take appropriate positions around the door.

      " Who the hell is out there?  Identify yourself and if I hear the slightest squeaking noise, I'm going to put a crossbow bolt into whatever I see there! " Debbie called out as she stood to the left side of the door with a loaded crossbow grasped in her right hand.

      A moment or two of awkward silence passed before a woman's voice could be heard on the other side of the door.  " This is Sergeant Lucy Montgomery from the US base located on the other island.  Private Miranda Randall and civilian Conchita Fuentes is with me and we're sweeping this part of the island for any remaining dolls and pumps.  Could you step out here so we can talk for a bit? " a female voice called out.

      Motioning for the other women to be ready for anything, Debbie quietly unbarred the door and cautiously peered around the corner ready for any unwanted surprises.  She saw three women standing outside and she was amused to see that two of the people were dressed in bathing suits that looked more appropriate on a sandy beach than doll hunting.

      " Hi!  I'm Debbie.  So, what's your story?  The dolls catch you while you were out catching a tan or something? " Debbie intoned while noting the trio each carried what looked to be makeshift crossbows slung across their shoulders along with holstered guns on the waists of Lucy and Miranda.

      " No, not really.  Miranda and myself were on furlow from the army base when things went to hell in a hurry.  I have no idea how the hell it all started but all I know is that the three of us were in a basement looking over a collection of Spanish and English military weapons a wealthy man here on the island had collected over the years.  The next thing we know, cell phones start going nuts and Miranda and myself are ordered back to base ASAP.  However, before we even have had a chance to get anywhere, every street and alley was full of those dolls and we had no choice but to barricade ourselves inside and hope we could hold out for as long as we could manage.  As you ladies probably know quite well, the dolls seem to be impervious to bullets and other forms of modern warfare.  I saw an entire squad of fellow soldiers overrun by those fucking things after firing god know how many rounds and a few grenades into them.  At that point, we grabbed the stuff from the basement and, well, got lucky and managed to fight the things off, "

       " After a few days, things quieted down outside and the three of us made our way outside and towards the base.  However, when we got there, we saw no sign of anyone except for a few dolls and two or three flying pumps.  If I didn't know better, I'd say they jumped onto boats and sailed for the mainland but that's impossible, " Lucy stated and seemed to be oblivious to the looks her last few words generated with Debbie and the others.

       " Once we determined the base was cleared out, we've spent the days clearing out building and looking for other people but other than one young woman, we haven't found anyone else on the island until now.  So, what's your story? " Lucy said as she looked around for anything out of the ordinary.

       Debbie and her friends spent the next twenty minutes or so going over the various places and events they had encountered in their journey to their present situation.  However, when it came to the part about Lola and the women, they left out the events of the last few hours with a few moments of awkward silence.

      " Ok, so we're all up to date with each other. Do you ladies want to join us as we check out the northeastern part of the island and see who or what is there? " Lucy said as her two compatriots walked over to where an army jeep was parked on the edge of the street parallel to the house where Debbie and the others were located.

      " Well, we were going to spend the day here and relax a little after all the hassles over the last little while.  If you need our hand in clearing anything out, send someone back and we'll be there as quick as possible.  Ok? " Debbie said as she tried to let on how exhausted everybody was without giving away the fact they were hiding two dolls in their midst.

      " Yeah, that's ok.  We've cleared all the buildings near here so you shouldn't have any problems for now but if you do, send someone for us.  We'll set up some sort of communication set-up when things are, well, more secure, " Lucy replied as she got into the driver's side of the jeep and attached what looked to be a hand made mesh covering over the window area before driving away.

      " Odd that she didn't freak out when I mentioned the dolls forming a bridge to get at us!  Well, with our two friends inside, I doubt we can stay here for long anyway so we may as well do a little foraging and slip away when the time is right, " Debbie thought as she went back inside and indicated to the others that everything was all right.

      " I think we should take a look around the area of the island that is nearest the air we moored the boat.  We can restock the boat as well as some other items that we bring back here.  Maybe there will... " Colleen started to say before she was interrupted by the sound of the television in the corner of the room being turned on by Lola.  To the shock and surprise of everyone in the room, they didn't hear static coming from it but the sound of a squeaky voice could be heard emanating over the TV's small speakers.  A moment or so later, the women in the room were stunned and shocked to see what looked to be two of the living sex dolls seated behind a desk in what resembled a news broadcast before the world went to hell.

      " We have news today of the location of a large settlement of flesh people in the southern part of our world.  Level Four citizens were sent to pacify the situation with the assistance of a number of Pacification Flyers.  However, the fleshies rejected the offer to join our civilization and threatened to go on a rampage and destroy all of us with their weapons.  Sadly, there was no choice for our brave citizens but to assimilate the belligerents in a Drone creation sweep.  I am assured by a Level Two spokesman that these new Drones will quickly learn their new stations in our society and some will eventually serve our society in our attempts to bring love and order to rest of this world, " the red haired doll intoned as she stared at what was assumedly a teleprompter.

      " In another bit of news, debate continues with many doll citizens over the issue of deflation for a lengthy period of time with some arguing that this should not be practiced when Level Two citizens are in the same building.  For commentary on this issue, we turn now to L.... " the doll said before Jill snapped off the television.

      " What in the fuck is going on??!!!  It seems like we're in a world where the sex toys are everywhere and the women are regarded as pests!!  This is fucking unreal!  It, it's like a bad sc-fi movie and we're the survivors of a war.  How do we handle the fact that these walking dolls now seem to be able to talk and are acting like, well, like us??!!! " Jill snapped with a voice that was borderline hysterical in its tone.

      " We handle this like we've handled everything else during this trip...head on and without giving in to panic.  It's either that or we join Juanita and Francesca as members of this love doll society, " Debbie said softly and without hesitation.

      " So, we just stumble around and hope we can survive like those guys in the Ape movies?  I think we ought to get together with Lucy and her bunch and set to creating an army that will allow us to, at the very least, give us a place without fearing of being changed into one of those fucking dolls, intelligent or not! " Jill retorted as she clearly wanted no part of working things out slowly.

      " Well, there's nothing we can do for now.  I suggest we check out the houses nearby for anything we can use.  Betty, why don't you stay here with Lola and the two dolls in case Lucy and her friends come back and see something that could lead to problems right now? " Debbie replied which brought a hesitant nod from Betty.

      After a few minutes to don protective gear and arm themselves, the women set out to explore the immediate area.  Back at their temporary home, Betty secured the door and decided to relax on the couch after Lola went back to her room.  Less than twenty minutes later, Betty had fallen into a light sleep with a fair bit of snoring emanating from the room.  If she had been awake, she would have seen the dolls Juanita and Francesca emerge from their room and make their way down the hallway.  Entering the living room, the two dolls saw Betty sleeping soundly and moved towards her as quickly as they could move.
 Reaching the couch, Juanita and Francesca got on their knees and started to gently caress and massage Betty's body.

      As the two dolls continued their actions, they also removed started to remove Betty's top and shorts and aside from Betty rolling slightly from side to side, she made no attempt to stop the doll's actions.  After a minute or two, Betty was stripped down to her bra and panties with the dolls increasing the intensity of the caresses and kisses.  As they did, parts of Betty's body started to take on a plastic sheen in a change that was all too familiar to anyone who was still human at this point.

      " What...what the..mmm....I....mmmmm.... " Betty muttered as she partially woke up to the pleasant sensations of Juanita and Francesca caressing her lithe body.  The sensations only increased when Francesca pulled down Betty's panties and was lapping at Betty's pussy with her latex tongue in a vigorous manner.  Betty moaned in response to the doll's actions and opened her legs a little more to allow the doll better access to her sex.

      As the dolls continued to suck and caress, more of Betty's body reverted to the look of a latex dolly and even if Betty tried to resist at this point, the process left her with not enough strength to push Juanita and Francesca off her body and stop the change.  A very short time later, the two dolls stood up once again and were joined by the dollified Betty, who showed very little indications that she was human at all.

      Less than a minute later, Jill, Debbie and Colleen unlocked the front door and entered the house to see the situation in the living room.  " WHAT THE FUCK??!!!  YOU TWO TURNED BETTY INTO A FUCKING DOLL!!! " Debbie screamed and quickly started to reach for her makeshift weapon slung over her shoulder.

      " No....wait...she is not doll think.... " Juanita and Francesca said as they stood and took a wobbly stance in front of Betty.

      " If you think you're protecting your latest victim, you're fucking wrong!  Ughhh, once everybody lets me get my, ughhh, my weapon, you three are destined for a very flat existence from now on!! " Debbie shrieked as she struggled to get free from Jill and Colleen's desperate attempts to restrain her.

      " Don't shoot!!  I'm human!!  I'm still human!!! " Betty exclaimed as she stood up and pulled herself in front of Juanita and Francesca.  A moment or so later, the women in the room were shocked to see Betty's body shift from glossy latex back to flesh and blood in a matter of moments.

      " What the fuck....???!!! " Debbie exclaimed as her mouth hung open in shock with similar expressions visible on the other women around her.  The room was deathly quiet for several moments as everybody contemplated what they had just seen and what it meant.

      On another part of the island..........

Lucy, Miranda and Conchita arrived at the the building on the army base that they were using as a base to grab some bottles of water and a few bolts for their crossbows.  The trio had encountered several dolls staggering around the interior of what was the mansion of the wealthiest person on the island.  Judging by the clothing they had found, the dolls were formerly prostitutes that had been brought in by the male owner at some point prior to the upheaval.  He had apparently barricaded himself in some sort of safe room before escaping down a tunnel to an unknown fate.

       " I wonder how that guy managed to avoid getting turned into an air pump when every other man wound up like that, " Miranda muttered as she stuffed several bolts into a makeshift quiver before slinging it over her shoulder.

       " We don't know it was a guy who did the escaping.  Remember, there were rumors that the owner had a wife who was interested in men and women.  Maybe she was the one who locked herself and escaped on the boat that was moored at the dock.  We'll never know unless she comes back here to fill us in and I don't think that is going to be happening any time soon, " Lucy muttered as she picked up a pair of binoculars and looked out over the water lapping against the dock that was near the back of their building.   The trio had moored a schooner at the dock soon after the events of the night that led to latex dollies seemingly everywhere.  
" Doesn't matter to me as long as we don't see any more dollies like we did that first night.  When a bunch of them grabbed Rolanda and dragged her away and she was shouting "Suck my tits!...suck my tits!, I thought I was going to lose it right there, " Conchita said with a melancholy voice as she reached into the nearby fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice.

       " Yeah, that was pretty fucking weird.  I didn't...oh...oh, no....WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???!!!! " Lucy said before her voice jumped in volume and she gestured out towards the ocean.  Conchita and Miranda grabbed binoculars as well and saw what Lucy was yelling about.  Heading towards the island in what appeared to a boat typically used by the Coast Guard was a large contingent of love dolls armed with various types of weaponry.

       " I think we've got a fight coming and it might be tougher than anything we've had before.  Let's secure as many doors as we can and draw up some sort of strategy we can use against the damned dollies and, ummm, other stuff, " Lucy exclaimed as she set down her binoculars and hustled to secure the doors and windows at the far end of the building.  Conchita and Miranda followed close behind Lucy with no woman mentioning the secret pact they had agreed to in the event there was no chance of escaping from a doll attack.  Even as doors were secured and windows were closed, though, all three were silently wondering if they had the courage to do what they had vowed to do.

       Elsewhere on the island.........

      "....things are getting way out of hand!  First, those two turn Betty into one of them and before we get a chance to deal with that, she changes back to human as easy as putting a bikini on, " Debbie despaired as she sat down on a chair and looked at Betty with utter helplessness etched in her face.

      " Look, Debbie, I don't know what to tell you about the whole situation either.  I just, well, I just know that I can now change from love doll to human and back again with a little concentration, " Betty said as she looked more bewildered by what happened to her than concerned as what to do next.

      " safe now, " Juanita intoned as she stood to the far right of the gathered women.

      " She will not be those who are coming, " Francesca added standing to the left of Juanita.

      The women stared at the living love doll that was Francesca.  " What do you mean, 'those who are coming' ? " Debbie asked even as she knew what the answer was going to be.

      " The dolls are coming to clean the island of the humans so they will be able to come here and settle in the future, " Francesca said solemnly and with no trace of emotion.

      " Shit!  That means we either get fuck out of here right away or lock this place down and prepare for this dolly invasion right here, right now.  Considering what the hell happened before, I don't think.... " Debbie started to declare before noticing everyone else was moving to lock doors and windows and bar anything that couldn't be secured.  Shaking her slightly in annoyance, Debbie joined the people around her in what she suspected was a doomed action.

Chapter Ten - A fight unlike any other....

         " Well, this is certainly like old times, " Debbie called out as she peered through a set of binoculars and saw what looked to be several hundred dolls marching in what looked to be some sort of bizarre military formation. As she and the others peered out between the wooden boards nailed over the windows, they could see that some of the dolls were stopping at every house and somehow using brute force to go into the homes with locked doors. Judging by the way they were moving, the women figured it would be less than an hour until the army of dolls were upon them." Yeah, but this time we don't have a chopper we can get in and fly away from this. If those inflated bitches get in this time, it may get, well, a bit out of hand, " Jill said as she furiously sharpened the end of a piece of wood near her.

         " I just wish we didn't have to deal with all of this, " Debbie said as she turned and rubbed her forehead forlornly with her right hand.

         " Ummm, I don't want to interrupt or anything but where the heck is Juanita and Francesca? They went off with Betty a few minutes ago to secure the back half of this place and I haven't seen them since, " Jill said quietly as she set the spear she was working on and nodded in the direction she was taking about.

         " Oh, I imagine those two are trying to convince Betty all about the joys of being walking fuck toys. Oh, I guess that's not the kind of joke I should be making right about now, " Debbie responded before realizing her joke was in bad taste.

         " You got that right. Look, let's double check the doors and windows around here and then we'll see what the inflated trio are up to. Maybe we can... " Jill started to reply before they heard a commotion coming from the back of the building. Fearing that the dolls were already working to get inside and have their way with the human women inside, Debbie and Jill headed for the back and were joined by an equally concerned Colleen.

When the three women got to the back area, they were stunned to see the door was not only unlocked but slightly ajar. Approaching the door cautiously, Jill peered around it and was stunned by what she, and her friends, saw. Outside, Juanita, Francesca and Betty (who had changed back into living love dolls) were pinning three of the doll army to the ground but the actions of the other latex menaces were startling to the trio of women. Rather than advancing and overwhelming all of them, the dolls were retreating as quickly as they could manage with their hollow limbs. Although the sex dolls had no expressions to speak of on their faces, their actions seemed to reflect fear, for some reason, on their part.

As Debbie and the others looked on in amazement, the reason the living latex menaces lurched away in a hurry quickly became apparent to them. Underneath Juanita, Francesca and Betty, the writhing and wriggling dolls looked to be changing themselves as their struggles to get free lessened with every passing moment. As the women watched, latex changed back to flesh and blood before their eyes and in what seemed like no time at all, three human women were wriggling out from under the latex compatriots and sat in stunned silence.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Debbie managed to shake herself from her momentary stupor. " Ummm, are, are you three all right? Can you, ummm, tell us anything about yourselves? " she said with hesitancy evident in her voice.

         " Ummm, I ummm, I can, uhhh, talk again. I can think, ummm, think for myself, " the red haired woman stammered as she slowly touched herself with her hands as if she was making sure there was no trace of the shiny latex left on her body.

         " The, the last thing I remember was, ummm, was driving on the freeway and wondering what all the commotion was about. The next thing I know, something, ummm, something hit me in the back and things get a little hazy after that, " the dark haired woman said as she pushed Francesca off her and sat up to look around.

         " I, I remember being on a boat with a bunch of other women and the movie producer who promised me a role in his next movie if I did stuff with him. Ummm, the next thing I knew, the air was full of, ummm, flying things. I saw the producer jump overboard just before I tried to go back to my cabin. I, I remember being hit in the back by something that felt sharp. After that, I don't...." a blonde haired woman muttered as she glanced around as if she was trying to figure out where she was.

         " Ummm, look, I hate to interrupt your recollections but maybe you should come inside our place in case those fucking dolls decide to come back, " Debbie called out and gestured to the area behind the women for emphasis.

         With minimal conversation, the women, as well as their doll allies, retreated to their home to regroup and assess what they had just witnessed. After securing the doors and windows once again, the women sat down for introductions and such and Betty and the other unique living dolls retreated to a nearby bedroom.

         " Ummm, I don't understand. You're telling me that we were changed into love dolls and marched around mindlessly for the entire time.  If that isn't enough, you're saying that we're on a Caribbean island that, ummm, we tried to invade as part of some kind of fucking doll army! " the redhead, who had introduced herself as Janice Prosser, exclaimed as she stared at the floor and shook herself slightly in disbelief.

         " Considering what we have been doing apparently, I think we should be thankful that we're back to being human once again.  Ummm, I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything but just how the hell did you ladies manage to change us back?  Don't take this the wrong way but none of you look like the type that would be mainstays at a government research facility or something brainy like that, " the dark haired woman, identifying herself as Miranda MacDougall, stated as she glance around with a level of calmness in her voice even with her eyeballs pinballing around in her eye sockets.

         " Well, to be honest, I, ummm, I don't have a clue how you were changed back.  In fact, its never happened before, as far as any of us are aware, " Jill responded with an earnest tone in her voice that indicated no duplicity in her statement.

         A few seconds passed of complete silence as everybody mentally contemplated what Jill said.  " Ummm, well, I guess the next question we have is what do you ladies plan to do now?  Stay here or move on? " the blonde haired Cynthia Fielding said even as she twisted a lock of her hair in a sign of contemplation.

         " Ummmm, well, I don't mean to sound like a broken record but we don't have a plan at the moment, " Jill responded as she glanced towards a nearby window to make sure the dolls hadn't regrouped and were attacking once again.

         Silence pervaded the room for some time after that.......

         On the east coast of what was the United States...

            In the time of humans, sports stadiums were designed to be the setting of a wide range of activities ranging from music concerts to political rallies and professional sports events.  However, with sentient love dolls now dominant seemingly everywhere on the North American continent, the stadium that used to provide seating for sixty thousand or more enthusiastic spectators was now the setting for a much different crowd and form of entertainment.

          The sound of squeaking filled the stadium as thousands of living dolls fidgeted and moved around in anticipation of the night's event.  Though all of the dolls looked to be made of latex, some dolls appeared to be more articulated and realistic than others.  The dolls who looked like they came straight out of a cheaply made factory and box were seated furthest from the field and the more realistic ones were situated near to the playing surface.  Around the dolls, in a manner that simulated mosquitos that often plagued people on warm summer days in the past, large numbers of inflation pumps buzzed and swirled a few feet above the dolls as if they were daring any human females to show in the vicinity.

          Near the playing surface, a number of dolls were wearing attire that made them appear to be some sort of security personnel.  Dark blue caps and vests adorned these dolls' heads and upper bodies though their lower torsos were all bare.  In the right hand of each security doll, a long metal rod was held with an inflation pump attached to one end of the pole that twitched and writhed around like a snake.  Behind this security group, atop a number of pedestals sitting on carts, four nude human women were standing with chains binding their hands and feet to their respective stands.  All four looked like they had not bathed for some time and had odd looks on their faces as if their minds were struggling to understand what had happened to the world around them.

          After a short period of time with the dolls talking and squeaking at a level that resonated throughout the stadium, the PA system started emitting several squeaks as if it was being tested on some level.  This was followed by an anonymous voice asking the dolls to be quiet as their leader was about to speak.   Almost immediately, a hush started to fall over the entire stadium with the only sound that persisted consisting of the inflation pumps continuing to whir and buzz in the area.

          " I want to welcome all of the dolls assembled tonight to this gathering and want you to know that I, Queen Dollica, have the welfare of all the dolls that exist in the world whether they are level one or level four citizens.  We have all come a long way since the night of the bright light and the lives of being deflated and shoved under the beds of the flesh people changed forever.  The dolls now rule this world and the flesh people, whatever remains of them, will soon be as insignificant as the cardboard boxes we used to call our homes!!! " a voice exhorted over the address system.  The dolls in the stadium responded by applauding and shouting squeaky cries of support for Dollica.

          " Now, I know there are some of you who fear that the flesh units will use their dwindling numbers to attack us and try to regain the world that the great light took from them and gave us the freedom to proclaim our ownership.  I want to reassure you that this will not happen and in case some of the dolls have not heard, I want to relate that recently a portion of our newly formed doll army managed to stop an invasion of the flesh units before they were able to harm a single doll! " Dollica intoned and paused as shouts of squeaky approval echoed throughout the stadium from the assembled dolls.

          " I will also mention that as our numbers grow and our presence spreads, elements of the doll army, from level one to level four citizens, are being sent to outlying areas where the remnants of the flesh units are rumored to still exist.  These units will ensure that our borders are safe and that no flesh unit will be able to reduce us to a deflated plaything ever again!!! " Dollica exulted which was followed by louder applause and cries of her name from the living love dolls that echoed through the stadium.

          " I know all of you have journeyed here tonight to hear me speak and learn what the status is of our new world but I would be a negligent leader if I did not provide some sort of entertainment for my people.  One of the things I have done in the past week or so is to look into the history of the flesh units to see what made them and if it was responsible for their demise.  One fact that I uncovered was that in the past, they used to have games where low level fleshies would fight for a gathered crowd such as yourselves.  To that end, I have ordered the capture of a number of flesh units and for them to be brought here tonight.  With that, I order the games to commence!!!! " Dollica cried out to another round of tumultuous applause.

          And for the captured "fleshies", their wails of horror would fall on deaf ears.....

To be continued... in Chapter 11

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