Nightmare on Dolly Street

by Northern Chill

Author's note: Based on a source picture provided by MadBirdCZ

      Paula bounced down the stairs as she prepared to spend a night by herself at her home with a couple of DVD's, a big bag of double buttered popcorn and a pitcher of home brewed  beer light sitting on her kitchen counter.  The sandy brown haired woman, who worked as a real estate agent during the day, had finalized her divorce a few months ago and was quite satisfied with the results.  Her ex husband, Bob Pearlson, had been married to her for five years during which time the couple had amassed two houses, three cars and several bank accounts that held  sizable amounts of money.

      However, the marriage came to a screeching end when Paula came home one day to find Bob in bed with Janice Laughlin, a high school rival of Paula who was rumored to have had a desire for Bob that never went away.  After that, Paula filed for a quick divorce and got most of the property, money and other assets in the settlement.  Of course, she was smart enough to make sure that her own affair with Manuel De Le Costa, the gardener who was living in the country illegally, was not revealed.  Unfortunately for Paula, after the divorce was finalized, Manuel was deported back to his native country of Canada which meant Paula had a lot more time to spend by herself.

       After bringing her food into the living room, Paula started to look through the stack of DVDs sitting on a coffee table near the TV.  " Hmmmm, let's see, what shall I put in first?  ' Sleepless in Soo St. Marie ' ?.....Nahh, too dull.......' Magnificent Seven Lumberjacks? '.......too corny.....hmmm.....' Air Prague '.....the story of the building of the world's largest air force set against a couple's desire to have the most exotic sex life they can imagine....ooohh...sounds steamy, "  Paula said as she popped open the last DVD case and slid the disc into her home  entertainment center.

       The first promo for a movie coming soon to DVD titled ' Lord of the Rings: Golum's Twin Brother's Vengeance ' was just starting to show when Paula's cell phone started to ring.  Somewhat annoyed by the poor timing for the call, she clicked off the player and made her way back to the kitchen.

        " Hello, Paula.  What are you doing tonight? " a gravely, strange voice said when Paula clicked on her phone.

        " Hanging up on weirdos!  Bye! "  Paula snapped as she clicked off her phone and put it back on the counter.  She had contemplated changing her cell phone after her divorce had finalized to avoid any hassles with Bob but she figured he wouldn't bother her through a fairly private number.  Obviously, he had given her number to some wacko friend of his for a laugh and the fact the phone rang again before she got back to the living room irritated her even more.

         " Look, I don't know who you are but you and Bob are in a lot of trouble if you are who I think you are! "  Paula said with her voice showing her irritation.

         " Oh, Paula, I thought you were smarter than that.  No, I'm the person who's going to give you a whole new perspective on life.  This new view will prove to be quite the change for you, I think...... " the person on the other end replied.  As if this conversation was taking place as part of a  cheesy horror movie, the last word the caller uttered coincided with the lights and all other electrical devices in the house shutting down.

         " What the fuck.....? "  Paula started to say as she was startled by the darkness that descended around her.  She wanted to shout into the phone but the call had ended with no dial tone audible whatsoever.  Panic starting to grip her, Paula desperately tried to call the police with her phone but it had stopped working altogether.

         " I'm getting the fuck outta here!!! "  Paula screamed as she threw the phone on the floor and scrambled towards the front door of her home.  With tears starting to trickle down her face, she fumbled in the darkness for several seconds to unlock the door before finally achieving her goal.  She threw the door open and was confronted by a figure that appeared to be dressed in an all black outfit from head to toe and was carrying what looked to be a pink and yellow rope in his left hand.

         " Come here, sweet thing!  I'm here to make you into something I can toy with!!! "  the figure exclaimed as it reached towards Paula with its right hand.

         " NNNOOOO!!!!! "  Paula  shrieked as she staggered backwards and evaded the clutches of the menacing figure.  Letting out a piercing scream, she scrambled in the direction of the stairs to her left to run upstairs and lock herself in her bedroom.  Paula managed to make it halfway up before she felt something wrap itself around the lower part of her right leg that stopped her in her tracks.  Looking behind her, she saw that the rope she had spotted moments earlier in her attacker's hand was responsible for her arrested movement with its owner at the bottom of the stairs.

          " Sorry, my sweet little lady, but you can't run from me and your destiny.  If you look close at your leg, you'll see what I....OOOOFFFF!!!! "  the menacing figure chortled before suddenly tumbling backwards as a result of a kick to the chest originating from Paula.

          " Fuck you and your fucking destiny, you bastard!!! "  Paula screamed and turned to head back up the stairs.  However, she found that her right leg wouldn't move at all!  Looking down, she saw that the rope was still wrapped around her leg tightly but when she tried to pull it away from her leg, Paula discovered, to her horror, that one end of the rope had actually embedded itself into her and the surrounding skin seemed to be taking on an artificial appearance.

          " What's the matter, Paula?  Do you see something shiny in your future?  I could....URGGHHH!!!! "  the figure exclaimed before another kick, hitting the chin this time, sent the interloper back to the bottom of the stairs once again.

          " I said, FUCK YOU!!! "  Paula shrieked as she turned and staggered upwards even as she futilely tried to pry the rope stuck into her with her right hand.  She managed to stumble into her bedroom which luckily was the closest room to the stairway and slammed the door closed behind her.

          " This has gotta be some kind of bad fucking nightmare!  I watched too many bad horror flicks and fell asleep on the couch!  Ughh, this fucking rope won't come loose! "  Paula stammered as she locked the door and hobbled over to her bed with her right hand still trying to pull the rope stuck into her.  It was at this point that she started to feel a little weak in the knees and abruptly sat down on the edge of her bed to catch her breath.

          " Easy does it, Paula.  Just take a few deep breaths and relax.  Before you know it, you'll be waking up....FUCK OFF!! YOU'RE JUST A BAD DREAM!!...I....uhhhhh...... "  Paula said softly out loud before her voice jumped into a scream again when she heard thumps at her bedroom door that sounded like her assailant was trying to break down her door.  As she continued to scream, Paula failed to notice that her voice was dropping noticeably in volume and she was starting to sag backwards on the bed.

          A minute or so later, the pounding on Paula's door went silent though the owner of the bedroom didn't seem as concerned as she was a short time ago.  The brown haired woman was lying on her bed with her arms laying outwards from her relaxed body and her expression was now one of odd contentment and not fear.  The rope attached to her leg no longer seemed to bother her in the slightest and when the power came back on in her home, Paula made no movement to call the police about the intruder and continued to lie on the bed with an odd contented moan coming from her.

          When the bedroom light flicked on and the bedroom door slowly creaked open, Paula remained relatively still though a closer look at her face would reveal to an onlooker that something VERY strange was happening to her.  Her eyes seemed to be taking on a distant look with the pupils fixed in a staring way.  Paula's cheeks appeared to take on an artificial looking reddish color to them and there was no sign of her teeth or tongue in her mouth.  With the odd glossy look to her entire body and what looked to be seams on her arms and legs, it looked like Paula was being turned into an inanimate object.

            Looked like.......

   the same neighborhood....... 

             ".....get this straight.  The power has been out for, what, an hour or so, we can't seem to use any of our cell phones and you say you're not worried?  Are you fucking crazy, Sandra? "  the blonde haired Chrissy said with a puzzled voice as she paced back and forth on the carpeted floor of her friend's living room.

            " Relax, Chrissy.  I'm sure the power will be on in an hour or so and if it isn't, there will be some government grunt going around telling everyone what the problem is and how long until things get fixed.  If we're lucky, the guy will be some sexy guy like that carpenter that was here last week, "  Sandra replied smoothly as she sipped on a can of beer.

            " Geez, Sandra, you sound like one of those broads on TV that is always horny for sex.  Of course, sometimes I might fit that description myself, I suppose, "  Chrissy said with a smirk appearing on her face as she took a seat on one of the living room chairs and accepted a can of beer from her friend and neighbor.

            " Hehe!  Tell ya what, if the power outage lasts more than a couple of hours, I'll start up the back-up generator I have in the garage and we'll watch some home movies I taped a few years ago.  Remember that cute cable guy that helped you when you first moved to the  neighborhood a year ago?  Let's just say I knew him when he was employed in a more intimate profession, if you know what I mean, "  Sandra said as she traced the rim of her can with her right index finger.

            " What?  You mean, you...?  Honestly?  All the way? "  Chrissy gasped in mock horror as she held her right hand to her face for dramatic effect before letting out a laugh.

           " He did offer to give me free cable afterwards.  After all, he managed to spin my dials, if you know what I mean, "  Sandra murmured as she flicked a lock of auburn hair out of her face.

           " Oh, that does sound naughty.  Tell ya what, while you get that ready, maybe I'll go into your kitchen and whip us up a few salads with my favorite dressing, "  Chrissy exclaimed as she stood up and started to move towards the kitchen.  However, it was at that moment  that the two heard an odd noise that appeared to be coming from the roof.

           " You go start your salad making.  I'll take a run outside to see what the commotion is.  It's probably a bunch of raccoons or something like that, "  Sandra called out as she grabbed a small flashlight out of a nearby drawer and headed for the front door.

           " Hmmm, lemme see, where are the little critters?  Nope, not there.  C'mere, ya little...EEEWWWW!!!! "  Sandra started to say before being hit by an unexpected barrage of debris from overhead.  Sputtering in anger, she brushed away some of the stuff coating her arms and upper shoulders and noticed that it looked to be stuff from one of the neighbor's garbage bins.  Peering upwards and flashing her light into a night fog that seemed to be growing thicker by the minute, she saw no sign of where the trash came from or how it wound up all over her.

            " Geez, this stuff stinks and this couldn't happen at a worse time.  I was having both of my bathrooms redone so I can't use the shower in either one.  Hmmmm, there might be something I can about cleaning this crap up without letting Chrissy know about it, "  Sandra thought to herself before turning and quickly making her way around to the back of the house where the pool was located.

           Glancing around quickly to make sure Chrissy or a nosy neighbour hadn't seen what had happened to her, Sandra quickly ( and with not a second of hesitation) stripped off her clothes and slid into the pool.  After completely submersing herself for roughly ten seconds, Sandra came back to the surface and ran the fingers of her right hand through her hair in an effort to see if the pool water had washed away the gunk in her hair.

            " Hmmm...feels like I got most of that crap out of my hair....better get out of this pool in a minute or two before Chrissy wanders out here.....geez, this fog is weird....uhhhh......I feel so weird all of a sudden....... "  Sandra thought to herself as she slowly made her way to the nearby ladder that led out of the pool.  As she drew closer, she could swear that her arms seemed to be growing heavier and Sandra found it tough just to lift them out of the water.

            " Urrrr....what...what's going on....?....HEY!!.....TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME RIGHT.....uhhhh..... "  Sandra moaned before her voice jumped in volume as she felt someone grab her around the waist from behind.  She tried to turn around to see who was holding her but her upper body seemed unresponsive to her thoughts and desires.

            " Oh, my dear, I don't think you want me to let you go, in your heart of hearts.  In fact, I think you LIKE the fact that I'm holding you more and more by the minute, aren't you?  Aren't you, my lovely pool beauty? "  a voice intoned in a tone that seemed menacing AND soothing simultaneously to Sandra.

            " No!  Uhhh....I....I want you....ohhh....want you let around so I can see....see, ummm, see, oohhh, see what is....ummm, oohhh, hold me tighter! " Sandra gasped with a voice that grew softer by the minute and had a bizarre note of squeakiness in her last words.  Even as she protested, the auburn haired woman felt her body start to bob in the pool water as if she was as light as the pool toys that people used at the beach.  At the same time, Sandra sensed her legs were starting to separate on their own and they were unresponsive to her wishes to close.  In fact, Sandra's desire to close her legs was a fleeting thought for her and she found she wanted to keep them in a V position.

             " Oh, I think I've managed to get you change your attitude towards our little romp in the pool, my dear.  Hmmm, I have to say your breasts have a bit more bounce to them than before.  I'm sure that won't be the first time someone says that to you, will it? "  the person holding Sandra said with a low chortle mixed in at the end.

             For Sandra, who was no longer able to respond to her assailant's comments, the caressing of her breasts was very pleasant even as they swelled in size.  She could feel her waist cinching smaller by the second to the point that she could almost feel the hands of her opponent completely encircling it moments later.  If the stimulation from her boobs wasn't hard enough on Sandra's thinking, she could sense her pussy twitching and contorting on its own before opening into an O shaped opening that she could see, for some reason.  The same transformation was happening to her anus with the added sensation that it was shifting upwards by several inches.

              " This can't be happening!....I....I'm turning into a fucking doll....mmmmm....I want to be fucked and loved...make my owner happy.....ooooohhhhh...... "  Sandra thought as the simplistic thinking of a blow-up doll overwhelmed her mind even as the upper part of her body started showing more changes.  Her arms pulled into L shape positions with her hands becoming two mittens devoid of appendages that already ached to hold her user in them.  Seams,  similar to the ones ringing her breasts and running down her legs, were now visible around her wrists and spreading upwards in a rapid manner.

              A few moments later, Sandra's transformation completed its process as her eyes became nothing more than painted features that had a look of desire and lust etched in them.  Her mouth formed into an opening  similar to her other holes with her teeth and tongue melting away as the interior formed into a soft sac that felt empty.

              " I think we're about done here, Sandra.  Why don't we get out of this pool and dry off?  I think you'll be needing a little help, "  the mysterious individual said softly even as the two of them were moving towards the ladder leading out of the pool.  A few moments later, Sandra's immobile and hollow body was being propped up against the side of the house by the person responsible for her current state.  Even as her humanity faded away, Sandra tried to see who was responsible for her current state but she could only see hazy features with her painted eyes.

               Moments later, Sandra's curiousity was replaced by the sensation of her lower openings being filled with items that felt very familiar.  When her mouth opening was filled as well, the doll realized that her openings had been filled with vibrators and they felt like they had been turned to maximum settings.

              " Sorry I have to leave, my hollow honey, but your friends need my attention over the next few hours.  I think, though, that you won't miss me all that much in the interim, " the person said with a gruff chuckle before turning and disappearing into the fog that hung around the house in a very strange manner.

               " Come back!!!...dolly needs to be fucked....mmmmmmm......fuck me!!....need to please my owner....ohhhh...mmmmm......neeeeeedddddd!!!!! "  Sandra thought as her thinking had now slipped to almost completely like a blow-up sex doll.  As the vibrators hummed and triggered what would have been the first of many orgasms if Sandra was still flesh and blood, the sex toy wondered why her owner was no longer around.........

                 Inside the house........

"....the hell has Sandra gone to?  It shouldn't take her this long to check out a stray cat or whatever the hell caused that racket! "  Chrissy snapped out loud as she peered out the kitchen window to see if she could see her friend.  To her consternation, the fog that wrapped around the house showed no sign of lifting in the near future.

                After a few minutes, Chrissy stepped back from the window and stood in the middle of the kitchen to ponder her next move.  She briefly thought about venturing outside to see if Sandra was nearby and needed her assistance but decided against it.  Without a flashlight, she'd wind up confused and lost in no time, she figured.

                " If I can't go outside, let's see what I can do to brighten things inside, "  Chrissy thought as she started to rummage through the kitchen drawers for more candles besides the one on a nearby table.  Finding none, she picked up the candle and slowly made her way back to the living room area.  However, just as she got there, a sudden gust of wind came out of nowhere and snuffed out her candle.  At the same time, Chrissy fell to the floor as a result of being struck from behind by something or someone.

                Momentarily stunned, Chrissy quickly regained her bearings only to discover she was in pitch darkness.  She was even more surprised to discover that she was now  wearing only her bra and panties and there was no signs of her clothes anywhere.  For the briefest of moments, she flashed back to the time she was dating Jake Morgansky, a professional hockey player, who had a kinky side when it came to sex.  He would go to great lengths to hide her clothes while she showered and only agreed to return them to her if she allowed him to tie her up and have sex with her while she was helpless.  Even though she initially let on that she was totally opposed to the whole thing, she secretly reveled in the situation and had pushed Jake to get naughtier in the encounters they had been in since that night.

                " Maybe this is just a big game being done by Jake and a few of his hockey team mates.  I thought he was headed up north with a few of his friends to do a little ice fishing.  This whole thing might be a little thing he cooked up, " Chrissy thought to herself as she stumbled towards the patio door and what she thought was a noise coming from outside.  Reaching for the door, Chrissy pulled it opened and blinding light filled the area at that moment.  When the light dissipated, Chrissy saw that she was now standing on what looked like the hockey rink Jake played his games on but there was no sign of him or anyone else.  She saw she was still wearing just her bra and panties but she now was wearing pink skates on her feet and had a red hockey stick on the ice next to her skates.

                " I understand if you're a little confused, Chrissy.  In the past, when you've been around the rink, it's usually followed by a dive under the sheets with one of the players or coaches or owners or...." a voice called out from the opposite end of the rink.

                " Huh?  What the fuck are you talking about?  Who the fuck are you and how the fuck did I wind up in this place?  I'm getting the fuck out of here...OOOFFF!!! "  Chrissy shouted in reply and tried to skate away from the net but found some sort of invisible barrier blocking her from getting to the side boards.

                " Chrissy, Chrissy, I'm not going to let you leave before we get to play a little game here.  A game which I think you'll agree has very high stakes.  Oh, and you may as well stop screaming.  I can assure there's no one that is going to hear you no matter how long you yell, " the voice called out with the last part directed towards Chrissy screaming at the top of her lungs for help.

               After a few more seconds of screaming, Chrissy quieted down though her eyeballs were still pinballing in her sockets. " Fuck!  All right, you fucking sicko!  What the hell do you want with me?  Some sort of sick and depraved game here on the ice?  Just to let you know, I was the goalie for the women's hockey team at my high school and set a record for the most penalty minutes assessed to a female hockey player in collegiate history! " Chrissy called out defiantly.

               " Yes, yes, I know all about your history on ice such as this but this game won't be dependent on your ability to scratch and pull hair.  You see, I'm going to shoot a number of soft pucks at the net that you're standing in front of and your job will be prevent this happening.  Stop seven shots from entering the net and you'll return to where you were last with nothing different about.  Fail to stop at least seven and you'll be going back home in a slightly more  pneumatic form.  Oh, and I should mention that every time a puck gets by you and into the net, you'll see some changes to your body that will be quite surprising to you.  Shall we start? " the voice called out from the darkness.

               " What the hell? Changes?  What the fuck are you  ? talking about  I can't stop shots with just a stick!  You can't....SHIT!!!! " Chrissy called out defiantly before she saw a puck emerge out of the darkness and heading in her direction.  Despite the lack of goalie equipment, Chrissy quickly took on a typical goalie pose and managed to easily block the incoming shot.

               " That was fucking easy! I don't know why this idiot was so fucking scary with his comes another one! " Chrissy thought to herself before she spotted another puck emerging from the darkness and heading towards her net.  Quickly adopting a goalie stance, Chrissy was confident that she could block it as easy as she stopped the first one.  However, perhaps due to her overconfidence, the puck slid under her stick and into the net  behind Chrissy  A moment or so later, a loud siren echoed through the rink area followed by the number 1 appearing on the score clock above the rink surface.

               " Damn!  You got fucking lucky! Now, what's this shit about change...ohhh....uhhh.....oohhh.... "  Chrissy called out before she felt the oddest sensations ripple through her chest and stomach area.  These sensations were not unpleasant, however, and were so delightful that Chrissy would moaned out loud in pleasure normally.  However, Chrissy's mental enjoyment was  short lived as she saw freckles and blemishes start to disappear from her torso even as the skin started to change in color to a glossy pink in color that looked decidedly artificial in nature.  If this change wasn't hard enough to believe, Chrissy saw her breasts expanding outwards to the point that her bra could no longer handle strain and it ripped into several parts as it drifted to the ice surface.  Looking downwards, Chrissy saw that her breasts now resembled twin spheres of glossy plastic or something similar capped by bright pink nipples with aerolas framing them that were symmetrically perfect in appearance.  She also saw what looked to some sort of seams ringing her boobs and framing them quite nicely.

               " What...what the..?......ooohhh!!!! "  Chrissy started to shout before her mind was blanked by more sensations as the changes spread to her pussy and anus.  She saw the patch of finely trimmed pubic hair vanish completely even as her pussy twitched and contorted as if it was being stimulated by an  invisible cock or sex toy.  Looking over her shoulder, Chrissy saw her anus were shifting upwards by several inches even as it formed into an O-shaped opening like her pussy was now.

               " A little surprised by what has happened to you, Chrissy?  You thought I was just talking or using some tough sounding words to intimidate you?  No, no, I was serious when I said scoring a goal would change you.  In case you haven't figured it out, every time I score, part of your body is altered to resemble one of those delightful inflatable sex dolls that are sold in adult oriented stores or through online sellers.  The changes aren't reversible, I'm afraid to say, but try and look on the bright side of things.  If you manage to stop the rest of the shots headed towards you, whoever you hook up with for sex in the future will have quite the experience, " the voice called out from the darkness with the words punctuated by several evil sounding chuckles.

               "' won't turn me into...into one of those fucking things! "  Chrissy hissed in reply even as she noticed there was a wheeziness to her voice like a sound made by an accordion.  However, Chrissy was not given any more time to contemplate her situation as another puck emerged from the darkness and moved towards the net Chrissy was in front of at roughly the same speed as before.  Though moving with a hollow torso was a bit difficult for Chrissy, she managed to block the shot as well as the next one with relative ease.

               " Is that....that the best you can do??!!! " Chrissy called out defiantly even as another puck came towards her in the net.  Chrissy was confident that she would block this one as well but a foot or so from the net, the puck suddenly swerved to the left, hit one of the goal posts and into the net.

               " FUCK!!! "  Chrissy wailed out loud as she saw her left arm start to take on the same glossy shine as her torso with seams appearing around her wrist and running the length of her arm.  She felt the same hollowness in the arm as she sensed in her torso and watched in silent horror as the arm, on its own, bent at the elbow and her forearm jutted out in a style that  mimicked the inflatable dolls perfectly.  Chrissy tried to straighten out her arm but it seemed unresponsive to that impulse.

               " Just about halfway there, Chrissy, and I must say you're filling out quite nicely.  Before you are fully transformed into a very sexy blow-up doll, you should mention whether you prefer to remain inflated after you are, ahhh, used or deflated and stored away with the rest of your latex lovelies, " the voice called with the words dripping in sadistic delight at the words uttered.

               " Why....don't you....crawl of the darkness...and hear my person, you psychopath!! " Chrissy called out but was met with ominous silence in response.

               Moments later, another puck emerged from the darkened end of the ice and despite Chrissy's struggles with her artificial body parts, she managed to block it with the tip of her right skate.  After blocking the next shot as well, Chrissy started to visualize how she was going to handle coming out of this situation with a doll torso and left arm.  However, as before, Chrissy was given little time to visualize her future before another shot headed towards her net.  Chrissy thought she had this one easily stopped but at the last second, as if it had a mind of it own, the puck skidded to the left of Chrissy's outstretched right skate and into the net behind her.  A split second later, a siren sounded in the arena and the counter above the rink surface turned to 3 for the home team's score.

               " You cheater!  You fucking cheated!!!  You...OOHHH!!! "  Chrissy cried out before her protests were interrupted by the sensations of her right leg starting to twitch and move on its own as flesh and bone turned to glossy latex and rubber devoid of imperfections.  The leg slowly slid outwards to form part of a V shape that all love dolls seemed to have their legs posed and it failed to respond to Chrissy's mental wishes to straighten up.

               " My, you certainly have lovely looking legs, Chrissy.  I imagine you've wrapped them around more than a few lovers around the arena.  When I deflate you and put you away after, ummm, fun, I'll be sure and take care of those lovely legs, "  the voice called out with a low, mocking laugh that reverberated throughout the arena.

               " Uhhhh....why don't you....uhhh...don't you come over here and let me plant a leg right where it hurts? " Chrissy hissed though the volume in her voice was much lower than before and her body squeaked with every movement Chrissy made now.

               The voice was silent in response and a few seconds later, another puck emerged from the darkness but this one was blue in color and seemed to have a red colored trail behind it.  Even before the puck reached the net, it moved to the left and right as it sped towards the net.  Knowing she was getting close to the end of the shots as well as close to becoming an inanimate blow-up doll,  Chrissy summoned up whatever strength she had left in her body and slid across the crease to block the shot with her good leg on the ice and parallel to the net.

               " Last chance, asshole!  I stop this puck and you gotta send me back fully human as you promised! " Chrissy called out as she saw an orange puck heading towards the net.  She thought about standing up to face the shot but with every shot on the ice, she figured lying down as she currently was gave her the best opportunity to stop the shot.  Even so,  her mind continued to wonder how she could live as a half doll/half woman in the real world.

               The puck was headed directly for Chrissy's leg and she was supremely confident that she was going to stop the shot and put an end to the bizarre nightmare she was trapped in.  However, just a few feet from the net, the puck lifted into the air and went into the net several inches above Chrissy's prone body and just out of reach of her outstretched hand.

                " YOU CHEATING BASTARD!!! "  Chrissy wailed defiantly even as she saw the counter on the scoreboard change and the message GAME OVER!!!! flashed on the video screen with simulated fireworks shown in the background.  Seconds later, Chrissy felt the sensations of transformation ripple through her body once again but this time, it was the rest of her body changing as her human arm and leg took on the same look and feel as their latex opposites.  As the change swept up into her facial area and Chrissy felt her eyes becoming fixed in their position, she saw a figure shrouded in darkness came into her fixed line of sight.

                " Chrissy, Chrissy, I'm disappointed in you.  Were you really under the impression that this game was fair?  Haven't you ever heard of the expression ' Cheaters always prosper! "  the figure taunted Chrissy with a face that shifted from darkness to a mirror that Chrissy could see her face taking on the appearance of a sex doll.  Chrissy's teeth and tongue melted away as the interior of her mouth changed into a smooth sac like her other openings.  With her hair changing into nylon strands, Chrissy's transformation into an inanimate love doll was complete and the only hope Chrissy could cling to in her new inflated existence was that this was all just a horrible nightmare and she'd wake up any minute in her own bed and human like before.

                A moment or so later, a bright flash of light filled Chrissy's fixed line of sight and when it faded a short time afterwards, she found she was back in the house near the patio door once again.  However, this time, she sensed her hollow body was deflated and sitting inside a cardboard box with her painted eyes staring upwards through the plastic cover.

                " Sorry, Cutey Chrissy, this is no dream.  This is reality but don't worry your pretty hollow head too much.  You won't be alone for too long, if I have anything to say about it, "  a familiar voice called out even as Chrissy felt herself being picked up and carried away by a person whose hands seemed familiar to the doll....

               Elsewhere in the neighbourhood.......

" Weird that I can't get anybody over at Chrissy's place to answer the door.  I coulda sworn that I heard someone out in the swimming pool area but no answered when I called out, " Gina muttered as she ruffled her thick brown hair with her right hand.  Dressed in a fairly tight white T-shirt with black leather shorts that emphasized her shapely ass, Gina had lived in the neighborhood for just under four years and was well known for entertaining both men and women in her bedroom in the past.  In fact, Gina had confided to her friends that as long as she was sexually satisfied, it didn't matter who or even what was responsible for her fulfillment.

               " If I know Chrissy, she's probably trying to get the latest hockey score from a battery powered radio.  Either that or finding satisfaction from something else that is battery powered, "  Ellen replied with a trace of mockery evident in her voice.

               " Ooooh, you are a nasty one!  Tell me, how is that film company you started doing?  You were kinda vague about it for details and such, "  Gina said as she sipped on her glass of 80% proof Jamaican rum.
              " My company?  Well, I know you're not going to be shocked by this but EV Films specializes in movies geared for adult entertainment, " Ellen murmured with a clear allusion to the fact that under the name "Tanya Topps", Ellen was a popular star in the adult entertainment business for close to ten years and one of the highest paid personalities in the business before leaving for " personal reasons ".  In fact, Ellen had confided to Gina that she was weary of having hot and steamy sex with men and women that she couldn't remember who they were or even what looked like days later.

              " No, I'm not surprised in the least, to be honest.  If I can ask a favor, when you get done shooting your first movie, could you let my catering company be the hosts for the wrap party?  I enjoy meeting new people and I'm sure the people would enjoy meeting me, " Gina said with a sly wink as she glanced towards the front of the house in response to a strong gust of wind that washed across it.

              Ellen started to reply as to whether Gina was interested in catering a wrap party or an orgy when another gust of wind blasted the front of the house with  the front door flying open as a result.  Ellen and Gina both held their hands up to their respective faces as a large amount of dust and debris blew in their direction.  Seconds later, a bright light filled the room and both women wondered if a nearby power transformer has blown out as a result of the wind.

              However, when the light and wind faded away, Ellen and Gina saw that they looked to have somehow been transported to a movie set of some sort with lighting and cameras set up around what looked like a bedroom scene.  The two looked around a few seconds after they got their bearings and saw that they were the only two people in the vicinity.

              " Sorry, ladies, but for right now, you're the only two on the set.  Oh, and Ellen, you might recognize this set in particular as it was from your award winning Adult film trilogy " Queen of the G-Strings".  I watched it for the fifth or sixth time the other night and I have to admit, you look almost good as you did in that raunchy romp.  Oh, and before you two think of doing anything foolish like making a run for it, calling for help or some other thing, you should be told that there is no way out of this closed set and there is nobody who can hear your screams for help.  Oh, and if you haven't noticed by now, neither one of you women are wearing any clothing at the present.  You see, the two of you are about to take part in a very special reality based film, " a voice called out from the far end of the building that sounded like was being carried on a sound system.

              " Don't take it personally, asshole, if we decide to try and get the hell out of here anyway, "  Gina snapped and ran towards the right side of the set with Ellen racing towards the opposite side in search of an exit.  For both women, however, they only managed to get to the edges of the set before running into invisible barriers that deposited each of them on their butts with a fair amount of force.  Flummoxed, Gina and Ellen spent the next ten or so minutes yelling for help at the top of their lungs while looking around frantically for anything looking like an exit.

              " Are we all done with the histrionics and such?  Good!  I want to tell the two of you that you're going to be participating in a little game though there won't be any shooting at a net or something like that, "  the voice called out with a mysterious chuckle heard after the last few words before he continued.  " You see, this competition is going to be based on who can last the longest before coming to an orgasm and it's all going to be monitored with equipment on the other side of the set as well as those big digital clocks you see above those oversized beds behind you, "

              Gina and Ellen spun around and saw there were two beds now behind them covered in red satin bedding and oversized digital clocks mounted on the walls above them.  The two looked at each other with mutual shocked looks as they absorbed what they had just heard.

              " Are you out of your fucking mind?!!!  Do you think we're going to have sex with strangers in some sort of sick and twisted competition for your amusement?  I don't care if we are trapped her like ain't fucking happening!!! "  Ellen screamed in the direction she and Gina heard the voice come from.
              " Yeah, we're not fucking toys for you to order around and play with!  We're women that are going to be missed very soon by friends and family so you better let us go now if you know what's good for ya! "  Gina chimed in even as she wondered how their unseen abductor was going to arrange such a game.

              " Ohhhh, so you ladies aren't going to voluntarily participate in this little contest?  Are you sure you want to take this stance? "  the voice called out with not the slightest trace of annoyance at was just said evident in the voice.

              " You're fucking right!! " Gina and Ellen yelled back in unison with each woman hoping that their captor would realize the futility of keeping them any longer and let them go.

              " Well, well, I'm kinda prepared for that response so let's bring up the lights, " the voice called out and a second later, two beams of red light shone down on Gina and Ellen.  In that instant, both women felt their bodies lock into place and totally unresponsive to their thoughts and desires.

              " Hmmm, before we get you two starting in your roles, we need to do a few touch-ups on your looks.  Let's start with a nice sleek look, shall we? " the voice intoned and a moment later, twin blue beams of light focused on the area above Gina and Ellen's vaginas.  Although the women's eyes were fixed and they could not look down, each woman experienced the unsettling and oddly pleasant sensation of their pubic hair being shaven by an invisible razor.  This was followed by lights focusing on their cheeks and faces as if make-up was being applied to them by a make-up artist.

              " Very nice, ladies!  Now, let's get you set for your starring roles with poses that will be the best for what unfolds in the next little while, " the voice intoned smoothly.  A moment or so later, as if her limbs were attached to strings being pulled by a puppeteer, Gina stiffly swung around and walked over to the bed in front of her.  Gina raised her arms out in front of her and planted them firmly on the bed with the elbows locked and her fingers spread wide.  Gina slid her feet forward by an inch and outwards by several inches while raising her ass in the air at the same time.  Gina raised her head upwards until it was parallel with her arched back.  Gina's eyes widened and her mouth opened as it formed into an O shape that was more than a little  reminiscent of a woman about to perform fellatio for a man.

               " Whoever is behind this is one sick fucker!  If I ever get out of this fucking situation, I'm going to make sure that this prick pays for this and then some! "  Gina thought to herself angrily even though her face remain the same with a look of pure sexual desire etched on it.

               A few moments later, Ellen, obeying unspoken commands from an unseen captor, turned around and walked over to the bed behind her.  Ellen laid down on her back in the middle of the red satin sheets that lined the large bed.  Seconds after that, Ellen's legs lifted straight up into the air before separating into a pronounced V-shape that exposed her pussy and anus to whoever might be viewing.  With her hands clamping around her thighs to support her extended legs, Ellen's body looked to be posed for the main scene in a hot porn movie though her mind was focused on something entirely different.

               " This fucking well sucks!!!...damn, I look just like the cover for the porno I did that was called ' Beaver Ladies Volume 13 ' or some kinda bimbo in a similar fuckfest.  Whoever this asshole is, there's no fucking way he can make us cum like porn stars in this kinda situation.....can he? "  Ellen thought to herself even as she saw an oversized digital clock appear in the air above her bed in direct line with her fixed line of vision. A second or so later, Gina saw a similar type clock appear on the wall above her bed and could see what looked like Gina: O printed in dark letters above the clock digits.

               " Well, ladies, the stage has been set.  Shall we start the performances and see which one of you can come out on top? "  the voice called out and moments later, music started playing in the background that seemed to the women like Barry White or Marvin Gaye in origin.

               " Oh, geez, this sounds like the start of some cheesy 70's porn flick!  Next thing ya know, this whacko will have a disco ball shining in the area and two guys named Danny and Dirk Dinky will come in here and start fucking us like there's no tomorrow! "  Gwen thought to herself and to her shock, she saw the walls around her start to show shimmering lights in a manner similar to what she was thinking.  This was followed by the sensations of a pair of hands grabbing hold of her raised buttocks and gently kneading and caressing them in a manner geared to produce pleasure in Gina.  Despite her transfixed state and what the voice said about this being some kind of contest between her and Ellen, Gina's mind and body were quickly responding to the intimate gestures and she knew this was only the beginning.

               " Shit!!!  Sounds like things are starting here and all I can see is a ceiling of blackness!  Maybe this is just all a really bad dream or some sort of food poisoning and I'll wake up from all of this with soaked sheets and....OOOHHHH!!!! " Ellen thought to herself before she experienced the unexpected sensation of a pair of hands caressing her ankles and lower legs before moving downwards to Ellen's hands and inner thighs.  Even in her frozen state, Ellen could feel her body responding to the intimate gestures and she desperately yearned to see who was in the initial stages of fucking her.  However, all Ellen could see from her vantage point was the clock and the darkness that seemed to surround it.

              For the two women, the foreplay they were experiencing was unwanted but not a new revelation as both had participated in sex before that was outside the normal type.  However, these were unusual circumstances and Gina and Ellen's involuntary reactions to the foreplay by their unseen partners quickly came to halt.  For both women, the ceasing of foreplay was quickly followed by the insertion of what felt like a man's penis into their respective vaginas.  For both Gina and Ellen, this was an extremely pleasant feeling and they would have shrieked in pleasure but the only visible sign either woman was aware of their penetration was a noticeable changing in their breathing  patterns as well as a widening of the women's eyes.

              " Ooooohh....I can't see who this guy is but man, his cock feels good!  If it wasn't for what is going on and where I am, I could enjoy having sex with this guy for a long....ooooohhhh!!! "  Gina thought as she felt the man starting to rock back and forth with his hands holding her hips for bracing.  Ellen was undergoing a similar experience though she was trying to get through the whole thing by imagining she was participating in one of the scenes she did for a number of porn movies in the past.  However, as she felt her breasts being groped and her nipples hardened in response, Ellen couldn't mentally escape the fact that their unseen captor had something in mind beyond two women engaging in hot sex.

              After what seemed like far too short a time for both women, Gina and Ellen felt the ripple of an earth shattering orgasm ripple through their bodies as their snatches clamped onto the cocks penetrating them.  Ordinarily, this would have been accompanied from shrieks of pleasure from both women and something similar from the partners but the area was silent save for an ominous chiming sound coming from the clocks in the views of both women.

             Several moments passed after the clock ringing stopped and the room was silent as the women, coming down from the sexual frenzy they both experienced, wondered what was going to happen next.

             " Hmmm, well, that is interesting.  Very interesting, indeed.  Well, ladies, it seems I have good news and bad news for you both.  According to the clocks that are attuned to your lovely bodies, both of you attained orgasm after the same amount of time down to the hundredth of a second!  That means that you two have tied in this little competition which changes what I had planned afterwards quite a bit.  You see, I had originally planned on a winner and a loser for your little contest but I guess things have changed.  You both are going to be changed into very sexy and lifelike blow-up dolls!  Isn't that just fascinating? " the voice called out even as the male sex partners withdrew from Gina and Ellen.

             " What the fuck??!!! " Gina and Ellen both thought in response but their silent indignation and outrage was interrupted by the sensation of something cold and metallic entering their lower two openings and fluid starting to flow into their bodies from the object in question.  Within seconds of the latter happening, Gina and Ellen started to feel odd sensations centering around the lower regions of their bodies as if their physical appearance was changing like the voice said it would!

             " This can't be fucking happening!...there is no fucking way I can be turning into one of those stupid things!...this is all just a bad can't be! just can't...OOOHHH!!!! "  Gina thought to herself even as she felt her limbs growing lighter by the second and her sex and anus start to twitch as if they were reacting to invisible stimulus.  Gina could see by her reflection in the digital clock face that freckles, blemishes and other imperfections were rapidly disappearing from her face, neck and shoulders and she could see her skin was becoming glossy and reflecting the light around it.

             " I must have been given some sort of hallucinating drugs cuz there's no way this can be way!....what...what's happening to my breasts? "  Ellen thought to herself even as she saw her legs form into two hollow tubes of latex and rubber that were spreading wider into a V shape.  Even more distressing, Ellen could see that her breasts, which she liked for their modesty size and shape, were growing in size and becoming glossy in appearance.  Despite these changes, Ellen could feel a small part of her mind welcome these changes and looked forward to a future life as an inflatable fucktoy.

             " Shoot!  I should have used the clocks again to see which one of you ladies would finish changing into a blow-up doll first!  Ahh, well, there's always next time, I suppose.  I guess I could try and decide whether you two are paper or plastic.  Oh, that's just me trying to figure out what kind of boxes you future dollies should be spending your days out of bed in.  I always believe a home reflect the people who are in it and this applies to dolls such as you two are becoming.  I'm such a considerate person in so many ways, " the voice called out with a slight chuckle after speaking the last few words.

             Gina and Ellen screamed silent protests even as the transformation swept into their upper bodies and changed their breasts into taut mounds of glistening latex surrounded by seams and capped by bright pink aerolas and nipples that jutted out and seemingly begged to nibbled or suckled.  The women's faces shimmered as they took on frozen looks of lust and desire with mouths comprising of latex sacs freezing into an O position.  With an an inflation plug growing out of their backs, Gina and Ellen's transformation into incredibly lifelike sex dolls was complete and the two sex toys ceased all movement completely save for wobbles from a breeze blowing in from an unknown location.

             " Ooooh, you ladies are going to make your owners so happy.  I just gotta get you ready for your new homes now, " the voice intoned from what sounded to Gina to be a position directly behind her.  With part of her mind already craving for the person there (or anyone else, for that matter) to caress and use her, the living love doll was shocked by the sensation of her inflation plug being pulled open and her hollow body started to rapidly deflate as a result.  A few moments later, Ellen experienced the same thing and watched her arms and torso rapidly lose shape and definition.  For both transformed women, the terrifying feeling of deflation was mixed with the unexpected sensation of erotic pleasure that rippled through their consciousness as they dwindled down to mostly flattened states.

             " Very nice!  I think you two will love your new homes but if you have any problems, don't hesitate to bring them to my attention, " the voice murmured even as Gina and Ellen felt their flattened bodies being lifted up and placed into individual boxes.  As the covers closed on their respective boxes, the dollified women had a brief glimpse at the face responsible but no long enough before the cover closed and their worlds descended into darkness.

            An unknown amount of time later..........

             " Huh?  What the fuck?  I have the strangest idea that I was chased by somebody and transformed into some kind of blow-up doll.  After that, I don't remember a lot of details other than this weird voice, "  Paula muttered as she staggered to her feet and rubbed her eyes furiously with her right hand.

             " Yeah, I know what you mean.  It feels like I just swam laps in a pool and something or someone grabbed hold of me, turned me into a love doll, shoved vibrators into my fuckholes and put me into a shed, "  Sandra said as she stood behind a chair to Paula's left and rubbed against it in an agitated manner.

             " That's strange!  I swear I was playing some kind of hockey game against somebody and the same thing.... "  Chrissy intoned before trailing off as she struggled to remember the details of what happened before.

            " Maybe this is all kind of dream and we're.....hey! "  Gina muttered before glancing around at the other women standing near the front door.

            " We're all naked...well, mostly naked! " Ellen cried before a gust of wind passed through the room and all five women heard a familiar voice behind them.

            " Yep, naked...and this is not a dream! "  the voice called out and all five women flew through the air and landed on the doorstop as the love dolls they had been changed into before.

            " Manuel!....but...but you're just some gardener who worked for me! "  Paula thought to herself even as her friends were picked up and stuffed into a sack that seemed to hold a lot more than its size would project.

            " You know, it's amazing what you can do with a little knowledge of chemicals, an internet connection and some transformation recipes known only to clandestine cults living in isolated pockets of Canada.  Oh, and don't worry, ladies.  Before I agreed to undertake the treatments to give me my abilities, I arranged for new homes for you all and the people will be familiar faces to each of you.  I'd love to chat and explain more with you but I've been booked to tend to some naughty housewives in British Columbia, "  Manuel intoned as he cinched the sack tight, tossed it into a 2009 silver and black Audi and clambered inside.  Moments later, the car disappeared into the night sky.....

            And a number of houses went up for sale shortly thereafter....with sales being handled by an internet firm owned by Janice Laughlin.....

           Not that the five dolls cared much about material things any more.....


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